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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 21, 2019

A frosty, well lit winter’s night…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the frigid, wind blown, light flurried, frosty lit island of Nantucket! Great to be with you at this 6:30 p.m. EDT hour, The Twenty-First Day of January, 2019, a Monday according stellar anchor David Muir of ABC’s “World News Tonight”, to wit is playing LIVE right now should you or yours get bored with what this simple ‘message in a bottle’ (devoid of corporate tentacles);

may, or may not, have to offer!

Indeed, temperatures dropped fifty degrees in a few hours last night, creating flash freeze conditions across the region, creating havoc and chaos, with order restored once again in the image the powers that be wish to establish…

Let NOT that nonsense bring you down!

35 Wild Turkeys just walked through my lightly dusky, snow dusted heavily fortified forest deep in these sacred woods of North Eastham, WOW!

A poetic place perhaps last on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by “The Last Great Ice Age”, one   still wild and untamed. These noble birds glided by gracefully they did, just as they most likely softly treaded on through an un-fenced wilderness, a ‘property’ like our First U.S. President General George Washington’s Mount Vernon;

so many, many moons ago…

Perhaps lit up like last night’s full Wolf Moon, blood in color, super in size, partially eclipsed, yet brought back to that pale lunar glow, filling one with hope and angelic harps playing a soft, soul filled song  on this frosty well lit winter’s night…

Man’s continued ‘progress’, via technology, handed down from other dimensions, mostly demonic in nature, his endless need for conquest and profit at the expense of people, the animal, plant and spiritual Kingdoms, his inability to release, repent and relinquish his old ways via a battered, bloody boulevard lined with Satan’s seven deadly sins…,

IS being brought to LIGHT,

exposed for the darkness it is…

“On the turning away from the pale and downtrodden, and the words they say which we won’t understand…”

(credit: Roger Waters, leader of the epic, incomparable British Rock Band “Pink Floyd”)

Indeed turning from this needless poverty, despair and culture of death, rather embracing, empathizing and hearing the crying out of innocence in the form of families who need this country and her blessings just as much as those immigrants from Europe needed it 250 years ago, lo,

hope filled, hungry, pioneering forefather’s of those now titans and corporate “KINGS” of today’s ‘modern’ 21st Century corporate cubicles stacked symbolically in the form of a pyramid…


What more is there to say?

One cannot shame those who have no shame.

  • Nor convince them that true salvation comes in giving from the heart, all you have if need be, giving it gladly, without remorse or doubt.  It most certainly is not in receiving, nor the lust for gold, power and control, dealt out with a “kinder, gentler” machine gun hand in it’s many forms of exploitation, depravity, cruelness and criminality.
  • Remember this dear brothers and sisters…
  • YOU control your own destiny, thoughts, feelings, body and SOUL!
  • It is is in forgiving, mostly one’s so called ‘enemies’, that one is forgiven and set free. For those ‘enemies’ are merely messengers; a mirror of your deepest, darkest demons within you.  It is not EVER a hardening of thine’s own sacred heart. It’s the great letting go, opening it all up, surrendering ‘it’ to the light, along with your mind, to clear that fog from your true being, never again obscuring one’s true sight and thus true compass within a loving heart YOU were born with. And although beat up and ‘broken’, perhaps deeply scared by past hurts, resentments, fears, traumas, phobias, addictions and apathy, yet renewed like a Phoenix rising from the ashes and being born anew, better, stronger and freer than ever before.  In loving instead of hating.  Championing above all compassion and empathy, of real eye zing another person is a miracle presented as a present in front of you, indeed, it is you, a mirror of your own internal struggle between light and dark, wrong and right, good and evil.

A great poet, priest, philosopher once said to someone he was talking to,

“…you’re all I’ve got.”

That, I am convinced, he meant that with all his heart. For he lived, indeed LIVES, in the NOW. Today is the gift, and those souls we share this precious life with is truly all we have, for we are not guaranteed anything but that, the present moment. Being there, fully CONSCIOUS and AWAKE to what is reality, you and me, the eternal WE.  Marveling always in awe and reverence, humility and gratitude God’s green Earth, Ancient Fire, Sky, wild Wind and Water, the animals and plants we share it with and of course, that aforementioned ‘WE’ that is who you really ARE;

you know “WE”, the Royal “WE”, the editorial.

Yesterday is HISTORY;



Ride the raging river, roll with the punches, give until it hurts, SEA the natural world once again if as if you were a child…

Because you still are, and always will be.

A son, or daughter, a reborn child of the great Father, Mother, Creator, Spirit, Eternally Light filled Universe that is called LOVE.

The only ‘thing’ that’s REAL!

You are never alone.

Have a powerful, prosperous, pioneering week ahead folks,

and if no one told you they LOVED you today,

I just did!




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