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July 3, 2010

A Father’s Flag

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Happy July 4th week end, as Osterville, on Cape, prepares to do just that.  There are several big fireworks displays on Cape that are pretty spectacular, one being the fireworks in Oyster Harbors, an exclusive gated island, with Willowbend Country Club firing off a few explosions of their own–all in celebration of our country’s bid to become free of the tyrannical ways of King George in England, a fact that apparently a quarter of the population is unaware of… explaining a lot.  In fact it has been noted that some in this country believe that we gained our independence from Japan, China, France and Mexico–have they been enrolled as students in the newly formed “Beck University”?  Gee, I hope not, for I do not believe that history, you know, real history is taught at any of the fine far right wing institutions of “higher learning”, in fact, I’m quite sure that the words “learning” and “knowledge” are banned from the curriculum, leaving a very wide avenue for Glenn to work his magic on the blackboard, confusing the already confused citizens of this country into believing anything the p.o.h.n. tells them.  The eternal struggle to define who the republican party is and who and what they stand for goes on unabated, even on this week end where the country should be celebrating the 235 years we have maintained and protected this divinely inspired document called “The Constitution of the United States of America.”  Of course, 235 years ago, common sense and a clear direction towards the future ruled the day.  Now, it has become clear that the Constitution has been replaced by the corporate mission statement and now has an equal voice, under the “law”, as any one of us–therefore, legislating from the bench will become the norm, moreover, lobbyists will move the pen (for members of the p.o.h.n.), or better yet, like the oil executives, use that “number two” pencil and have the “congressman” and “senators” trace over that graphite mark with an indelible ink, creating the plutocracy that is emerging in this land even as I write these words.  Our friend John, “billy bob”, Boehner (R-OH) was in the news again yesterday, with more contradictory statements about his previous contradictory statements.  You might think that, considering the “talking points” are available 24/7 (handed out the Senators at the beginning of the week, consisting of very simple concepts in easy English and uncomplicated terminology) they might actually read them and keep them straight in their heads.  Not billy bob, he wants the world to see just how stupid and ignorant a “party” can be.  He went on a “friendly” show, FOX NEWS, recently where he claimed that the stimulus, “has not created an environment where employers are beginning to move and hire.”  He went on to say, “WE have not said that the stimulus bill never created one single job.”  “WE” being the key word in his soliloquy, for it encompasses the entire scope of the “talking points” handed down from on high.  Let us review that statement and see if it has any holes.  Scott Brown, from here in Massachusetts, a newly elected “front man” for the p.o.h.n., and current Senator from the Bay State, said this on February 4th of this year regarding the stimulus designed to take us out of the ditch that Wall Street and the Bush administration put us in to begin with, (all while stealing 17 trillion dollars from American citizens, mostly older, outsourcing all of our manufacturing, flat lining salaries, creating a casino like atmosphere on Wall Street, destroying our environment for the ever present goal of oil, creating two unfunded wars, providing great tax breaks for the wealthy that were also unfunded and creating an atmosphere of fear), yes, with all of this being true, Mr. Scott Brown decided to take the talking point regarding the stimulus package and this past February, run with it, “…A monumental failure that hasn’t created a single job…”  Brown is not the only one who has made this claim, in radio interviews you can hear the nonsensical words coming right out of Boehner’s mouth with, “You know, the trillion dollar stimulus bill that didn’t create any jobs…”  It has been said that over 1.7 million people, rising to 2 million will lose their unemployment benefits this week end, all due to the p.o.h.n.’s desire to “pretend” they are fiscal conservatives, when in actuality they are really high stakes gamblers who use the public’s money to fund what they want, not what the American people need.  Extending unemployment benefits to people who (contradictory to what Sharron “Angle” says with glee, “that our citizenry has become spoiled due to unemployment benefits.”) desperately need them to feed their families, amounts to less than one percent of the deficit, when the war in Iraq alone has cost the American tax payer over 3 trillion dollars–you do the math and the logic, my head hurts.  This does not even mention the sweetheart deals the Bush administration made for the pharmaceutical industry (unfunded), the huge corporate welfare deals made to Goldman Sachs when the federal government under Bush bailed out the shady AIG, creating vast profits for the investment banks who have rallied the stock market back “in black” thus, creating wealth for the few, while the rest of the country lives in fear of where they are going to get their next meal.  Is this what you meant when you said the stimulus has not created one job Mr. Boehner?  Every economist knows that the unemployment benefits actually stimulate spending and thus, stimulate the economy, creating jobs that would not exist if there were no stimulus money–for we all know what a sham the “trickle down” theory of Ronald Reagan was–just another pipe dream offered by the republican party to the weary masses.  The real truth behind the p.o.h.n. is this–they don’t want the economy to improve, for purely the most cynical of political reasons–power over the people.  Power over the people means profit can go on unabated in this “grab bag” of “opportunities”, creating a whole new economy, where the mighty corporation wins and the “citizen” loses–all coming down from on high, from the “man behind the curtain.”  King George would be proud.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, and all of the good men and women there, along with the sea creatures, dolphins, whales, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may you have a better day soon. Again, Happy 4th of July to everybody else, be safe!  Peace~M

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