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October 4, 2011

A Distant LIGHT 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday morning, the fourth day of October, 2011, a cool, spectacularly beautiful one out on Cape, as I just meandered back up my path from my backyard, Cotuit Bay, to write this ‘message in a bottle’, hoping to hit on some key points in our topsy turvy world we currently are living in.  As evidenced by the increasing attention being RIGHTLY bestowed upon the protesters, now well into their third week, who have descended upon New York’s financial district in droves, yes, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement–perhaps offering seeds of a revolution of the mind in this nation, bringing the ship about so as to give the common man or woman a fair shake in this ‘land of the free and home of the brave’–has now officially gone viral, as big city after big city follows suit, with many scheduled events planned for this week, again, if you will pardon the jingoistic metaphor, ‘from sea to shining sea…’ The protesters, the majority thus far, have been the disillusioned youth in this fair land, where many have fallen on hard times before they have reached their twenty-first birthday, burdened by huge student loans as they look for jobs that just are not there, with many other citizens, from all walks of life, joining their ranks, yes, even some of the baby boomers, who have either lost their job or can’t keep up with the mortgage payments that may have ballooned in the predatory sub-prime mortgage fiasco, via the new Wall Street casino, or, dare I say, gangster like ‘business’ practices, where a few wealthy investment bankers made out big, such as Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, who actually encouraged his own investors to put their money in ‘AAA’ rated bundled, and re-bundled some more, mortgage backed securities that went belly up when the house of cards fell to the floor, while he had already jumped ship with his hedge fund buddies from Greenwich, Connecticut.  These complicated financial devices, ‘derivatives’, or ‘credit default swaps’ are akin to the bp oil that sits, all 500 million barrels of it, at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, effectively killing the basic building blocks of our food chain, for it creates ‘dead zones’, that are bereft of oxygen, and thus, do not promote life, yes, like that nasty oil that is ‘out of sight, out of mind’, the world wide financial systems still have, within their ’systems’, these poisonous assets, by the way of 600 trillion worth of credit default slick, that will, eventually, come home to roost and when it does, will cause more in the way of turmoil for the common investor, let alone the general world economy as a whole, and thus, will put more pressure on the people that are at the ‘tip of the spear’ in this very real, and very credible culture war that has been brewing for the past thirty, some would say fifty, years or more, a culture war started by the top tenth of the top one percent in this nation that is crying out for JUSTICE.  There is no way out for most American citizens, and it is HIGH TIME the people of this nation begin exercising their God given right to not only start to THINK for themselves, via credible ‘fact checked’ FACTS, but to have avenues to express this very authentic ANGER at politicians, crooked CEO’s, and villainous plutocrats who have hoodwinked the “American People” (credit Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY)) into believing their empty horse$hit rhetoric.  Brainwashing propaganda machines like Rupert, arrrrrghhhh matie!, Murdoch’s FOX NEWS offers the perfect example of what I am talking about, as Hank Williams Jr. goes on the fun fact broadcast ‘FOX & FRIENDS’ yesterday and equates our President to Adolph Hitler…’are ya ready for some unemployment Hank, well, are ya?!’  Heeyuck! (credit Keith Olbermann of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night LIVE at 8 p.m., EDT, only on Current TV).  As these protests continue, spawned, in part, by the protests in Scott, “I only have eyes for David Koch”, Walker’s great state of Wisconsin, as teachers, firemen, policemen, and other union members fought back in January of this year, prompting a national outcry against big business and their puppet politicians that are destroying the lives of so many people, so many people at once.  For is that not what this whole thing is about anyhow?  How many lives these a$$holes have f*cked with? Excuse the foul language, but sometimes that noun, verb, adjective or adverb is just too perfect NOT to use.  How much is enough, one could ask some of these, as the great Michael Moore points out, “kleptomaniacs”, or, real life plutocrats with an eye on global domination?  For that answer seems to always be MORE, a demand that a two year old or any good addict might also parrot.  The concept of ‘conservation’ or ‘preservation’ never enters their thick skulls, and thus, their grandchildren will never see a glacier up close and personal, for the tar sands pipeline project from Canada will spell the doom of the earth’s future, or at least holding onto the CURRENT environment we have at present.  “Occupy Wall Street” has no leaders, for it is driven by creative intelligence, something the ‘grand old party’, with an emphasis on OLD, could not, to save their lives, wrap their collective heads around.  Everything with this plutocratic push involves one thing in common–short sightedness. If the American people were, God Forbid, to elect “Mitt”, ‘corporations are people too’, Romney, all bets are off, for there goes regulations of any kind, thus, the increasingly steady decline of our precious environment.  Banks and global corporate conglomerations will only get bigger and the tax code will continue to favor the rich, as social programs, designed to, per the words of one of our GREATEST Presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ‘keep seniors out of the cold’, are slashed and burned, like so many acres of rain forest, creating an even greater ‘Grand Canyon’ divide between the haves and the have nots.  President Barack Obama has done quite a lot, history scholars will detail, with the hand he was dealt, a hand dealt by fate, and WE should not forget that this game is not over, for the more the corporate owned airwaves open up to the TRUTH as to what is REALLY going on, and they will have to, as ratings demand it, more and more individuals will FEEL that light bulb go on in their heads, and instinctively KNOW who they should and should not TRUST in these critical upcoming elections–for every man, woman and child has a stake in it, and WE need to begin to real eyes who has been stealing our collective wallets and ‘helping’ US look for them, while charging a nominal ‘processing fee’ and cramming some upcoming negative campaign ads down our collective throats.  Don’t believe what you see on television, especially if the ad ends with, “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve of this ad…”. Have a wonderful day and remember to follow this reporter on Twitter, should you so desire, @mosier.michael…  So much to write, so little ‘time’! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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