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December 21, 2017

A Christmas Card…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold, calm, seven karat island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Twenty-First Day of December, 2017; gorgeous, golden lit morning out on the serene waters of Nantucket Sound right NOW–it’s enough to take your breath away.
“I can SEA Nantucket from my house.” (partial credit: former U.S. VP nominee Sarah Palin). Well, not really, however this broadcast does originate LIVE from the shores of Craigville Beach here on ‘The Mainland’, 27 nautical miles north/northwest of that most fabled, fabulous, festive Atlantic destination delicacy known world wide as Nantucket, or ‘the far away island’, as the indigenous peoples who once labored, lived, laughed, loved, danced and died once called it…

This humble reporter of sorts is constantly reminded of just how lucky he is to actually be here writing this ‘post card from the edge’… Lo, it has been quite a journey, as has all of ours. It seems as though it is becoming more difficult to judge another, not being in his/her shoes and all. For we all know by now this thing called “Life” is truly only lived in the here and now, and the cherished memories or moments in ‘time’ (man made construct), serve only as beacons or guides to remind us that hope is only a smile, a glance, a touch away, ushering in the LOVE that we thought we once lost.

I love the island of Nantucket for many reasons, and one of them is a little radio station, call letters of the famous airport, ACK “FM”, DOWNLOAD IT TODAY @ ACK.FM.com! “Won’t you?” (credit: morning ROCK star DJ on 97.7 ACK.FM Chris Reiser). One actually feels a part of that great community when ‘tuning in’ to said station. Indeed, one can smell the clam chowder in the salty winter air, as one imagines 19th Century oil lamps lining the cobble stoned streets, decorated with Christmas trees and wreathes as the snow gently falls on the busy holiday shoppers who call the island home year round. May you all sleep well and may Santa be extra good to you folks especially.

Thanks Chris and all the folks at 97.7 ACK.FM! Real people who make Nantucket talk and sing, play and smile;  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, for the good of us ALL!


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