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January 10, 2021

90 Proof Pelosi

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool, casual, causal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on a cozy Sunday morning, The Tenth Day of January, 2021, broadcasting LIVE here on famous Ocean Street in lovely Hyannis; more people here this winter than usual, refugees no doubt from communist states such as California and New York! Welcome, and remember to socially distance from all wildlife, ever dawning a sanctioned, ’state’ approved Hazmat suit when conversing with, say, the Great Blue Heron who lives in the giant salt marsh behind this ‘humble’ reporters’ home by the SEA!


Nazi, “90 proof”, Pelosi, and her drinking/drugging buddy, New York demon rat Senator Chuck, “I’d sell my own country out for a nickel”, Schumer, along with every other said demon rat representative in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, plan to introduce Articles of Impeachment against U.S. President Donald J. Trump for the second time on Monday, if they don’t enact the 25th Ammendment stating Trump is unfit for office…

Why the rush Nazi? Just like the ‘vaccines’?

Got something to hide you crazy old bat?

Indeed, with only ten days left until the appropriately Chinese owned Zoom/virtual reality, unlikely, inauguration and swearing in of a compromised, fraudulent, senile, pedophile, a communist criminal, propelling him/her to the highest office on Earth, a ghostly old white man who does not even know where he is half the time, saddled up with his unlovable, scary sidekick, give it up for VP ‘candidate’ Kamala, “feedom isn’t fee”, Harris, (both politicians exercising their God given right to plagiarize at will),


W.H.O. would ever want to meet that woman in a dark alley?

Jesus, don’t you think this “cancel culture” thing has gone just a little too far?

The hypocrisy of the politically communist leaning left–now the only “politically correct” party for ‘our’ beloved U.S.A. Inc., akin to the CCP–is astonishing.

BLM /Antifa fiery ’peaceful’ “protests” this summer, destroying small businesses and fracturing communities, all by design, orchestrated/financed by sicko billionaire NWO hack George Soros, whom the corporate media won’t touch because he signs their checks, fuck you!  Indeed, all that burning. looting and murdering, oh my! How refreshing to SEA all blight!

Let alone this mad rush to oust Trump from the White House. Nazi Pelosi running around this Sunday morning on another cocaine/booze/Xanax binge, up for 72 hours straight now, with a depraved, warped, twisted, wild, bat $hit crazy look in those blood shot eyes, wide eyed and black, widely looking about, tossing and sloshing her drink about, spilling most on the expensive damaged carpet; a bloody, child like tantrum, an unholy rampage littered with explicative echoing from her tattered, tawdry, coof coof treated office…

Still quite upset about her stolen laptop–at this moment she’s blind drunk again, half in the bag at this 8:24 a.m hour.–chalk full of conversations with the CCP;

Chinese Communist Party.

“God dammit Chuck, where the hell did you put that crack pipe?  Now I’ve got to call Juan Williams again from FOX * Friends to hoof it on down to the hood here in DC to score at least an ounce of rock, because we know how you get all crazy and jones out for this crap if we run out…

I told myself, Nazi, if Trump goes, then the crack goes too, that’s right Chuck ‘ole pal of mine, this is the week I’m gonna kick this habit, while also putting down the Martinis, the wine, the vodka and the scotch, not the sherry though, or the Tequila, just on week ends?  It’s not my fault I’m such a lush and so vain! Those reporters are so mean to me!  I need some serious help from a mental health care person, Betty Ford clearly didn’t work because they banned me from bringing in my Xanax, my near beer and all my perfumes, can you believe that one?

So, because of the coof coof, I can’t get to my AA meetings and, oh to hell with it, let’s get fucked up!  The American people are so stupid they wouldn’t know if this country is already a communist satellite of the real powers that shouldn’t be!  Not only did they buy into the pandemic that never was, but they are actually lining up to take this ‘vaccine’ that will kill them,


Some sooner, some later, it doesn’t matter, because by 2025 there will be 80-90 percent less of these ‘constituents’ to appease, yes? Indeed, we will own them due to the our saviors “Kill” and “Cull”inda (the malevolent one), Gates patents and the fact this mRNA Luciferian, transhumanism, AI connected to cloud, virus delivery system, coupled with the hydrogel, quantum tattoos, nanobots, dead baby fetal cells, jelly fish cells, oh my Chucky, it’s quite the Frankenstein concoction!  Give them plenty of bread and circuses so we can keep “the frog” (the masses), in that slow boiling pot of water, turning up the heat gradually so that the frog won’t know he’s cooked until, say it with me Chucky baby,’

…he’s cooked!

(both break out in an evil, maniacally, murderous cackle that could be heard deep in the rural woods of  Virginia)

If the people only knew what we have done to them and plan to do to them, there would not be a place on Earth to hide from their;


Thank God for our American, corporate WHORE media, our lizard overlords, the Tech guys, and the Devil himself, for we both know Chuck we couldn’t have made it without them and for selling our souls in the process.

I’ll deal with my eternally damned choice in due ‘time’…”

Love and Kisses!

Nazi, “90 proof“, Pelosi

(boozy speaker of ‘the house’!)


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