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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 11, 2021

90 percent

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brilliantly sunny, cobalt blue skied, bouncy, bodacious, beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on an electric Thursday morning, The Eleventh Day of March, 2021, a mild Spring like day here on little old Cape Cod, looking forward to said Spring’s eternal promise of hope, rebirth, love, light, frogs and and a healthy, robust renewal…

Hope Springs’ ETERNAL.


has ‘cancel culture cancelled that too?

“Cancel Culture” is a CABAL CREATION intended to rid Earth of any evidence “Man” ever existed, save real time evidence of his eternal enslavement…

But people are too busy ‘feeling sorry for their captors’ to realize these facts they cannot SEA, i.e. ‘The Royals’, classic Stockholm Syndrome, while David Mule of ABC’s ‘World’ “NEWS” Tonight keeps pushing the lethal injection to wit he and many other Josef Goebbels look a alike;

…will EVENTUALLY have to explain.

Is there an AP for that?

Just like every other individual W.H.O. has either knowingly, or CHOSE to be willfully ignorant of the FACT these mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes were DESIGNED to KILL.

Just ask Bill Gates,

he’ll tell ya!

Indeed, while America is all caught up with Spring Break fever, a new bioweapon will be launched, and, if I may quote the great ‘philanthropist’, Bill Gates himself, “…they might not have paid attention to the first one (“CON”VID-19(84), but, (looking into his/her lovely wife/husband’s EYE, “Cull”linda, the malevolent one!, states, “but, with the next one, ah, I think they will pay attention to that one.” (both turn to the camera with wide $hit eating grins…). Yes, while Royal distractions, man made weather warfare, the powers that should not be, and won’t be for long, will bide their ‘time’, waiting for that ‘vaccine’ herd immunity, or death level, bringing forth DEAGEL.COM (U.S. Military future population forecasts), grim prediction for the U.S. population, which will drop from it’s peak perhaps in 2019 of 328 million by 228 million.

90 percent.

In other words, by the year 2025, the “United” States of America, Inc., (bankrupt/insolvent), there will only be roughly, maybe 100 million people left in what was once ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave.’

New World (“Abbey Normal”) Order’s;

Land of the Lost, Home of the Slave.

“Cancel Culture”=Cancel Mankind

It is a cancer that is spreading faster than a fake pandemic, faster than “WARP SPEED”’s deadly deed, indeed, Pepe’s fate out of his hands without a plead…

So, there you have it folks, another good reason to toss that S.M.A.R.T. (strategic, military, analysis, reporting technology), phone into Nantucket Sound, blub, blub, blub, for what they really want is to cut you off from your source, GOD, which is not found in a building, rather right outside your door!

Hence, the lockdowns, the bull$hit quarantines, the social distancing, the bogus PCR ‘tests’ that are actually putting nanochips/viruses/collecting DNA/tracking/tracing devices in you and breaking the blood brain barrier, leaving you even more vulnerable.

Indeed, they want you to be left alone, with ‘them’, on your giant plasma ‘TV’, lying to you all, telling you ‘that it’s going to be OK’,

(encouraging people to get the “Kill” Gates jab!)

it’s NOT!

But go out and buy FOX’ NEWS Dana Perino’s new book, a good one, “Everything will be Okay!”, anyway! Because, God only KNOWS, I hope Dana is right!

(And this over the top, flamboyant writer/photographer/part time juggler/joker has been WRONG on many, many different things on many, many different occasions, just ask any of my ex girlfriends/wives, they’ll tell ya!)

As these words of spilled ink onto dead trees are written, people are dying right now of these Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, ‘take whatever they give you and be gratefully dead’, Frankenstein Concoctions LITERALLY from;


Sorry to tell you folks, but Deagel.com is no joke.

It’s U.S. military grade A and it’s real, 90% of the U.S. gone, that’s the deal.

Numbers, unlike corrupt politicians, the press (MSLSD), bankers, lawyers, mobsters, oligarchs, doctors, ’scientists’, ‘officials’, police, even your own friends, don’t lie.

2025 is a blink of an all SEA-ing Illuminate EYE!

So put on your Merrell’s and go out into the wide, wacky, wild world of Mother Nature, without your CIA tracking device for God’s sakes man!

Before they attempt to kill that off too!


Good Luck to FOX’ News’ Greg Gutfeld!

He is one of “The Last of the Mohicans”, meaning one of the last real, sovereign, critically thinking human beings left on the bloody “TV”! Indeed, a real gentleman, a true animal lover, hilarious, intelligent cohost of “THE FIVE” at five p.m. eastern, (followed up with ‘Special Report’, at six, good alternative to ABC’s ‘David Mule”, with Brett Bair), W.H.O. has a brand new late night show to compete with the fabulous 11 p.m. local news that I never miss.


Greg, you go get ‘em Tiger!

Have a great one!


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