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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 1, 2009

50 Knots

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Summer time is always a time for boating, whether you prefer the grace and serenity of sailing or the exhilaration and excitement of offshore racing, perhaps a happy medium somewhere in between, there is nothing like being on a boat–temperatures in the lower 80’s, calm seas and pure blue sunshine to lighten up almost any one’s day…yes, it what Cape Cod and the Islands are all about.  Something happens when you are out on the water, at one with the elements, feeling the power of the sea and Mother Nature herself as you are tossed about like a feather in the wind.  Humility and awe come to mind and with that, a new found gratitude for every living creature on this, our “home” planet earth.  For as you are one with the nature that surrounds you, you realize the folly in hurting anything, especially the most vulnerable and weak.  Those are the ones who should be the most cherished and protected.  Have a nice Saturday.  Peace M

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