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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 31, 2012

The Easter Bunny Cometh…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, a soggy one on Cape, this 31st day of March, 2012, looking out to the lone blue boat moored in Cotuit Bay, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, drifting about as the tides and wind move it gently back and forth, as if waiting for a warm spring day that will be coming soon… Today I turned on the television set, a 1950’s throwback, black and white of course–  wishing to go “Back to the Future”, yes, to travel back in ‘time’ to the same decade as the rest of the republican ‘powers that be’ ARE, at present, you know, drumming up my rage against the poor, women and their “rights”, minorities in general and the loser work force out there who obviously doesn’t have a clue about what is really going on, laughing at their right to vote, because, let’s be honest, their vote won’t really count in the end, ’cause we got the Supreme Court, rather the fake grass roots tea party’s Supreme Court, a court that will make sure the plutocratic interests of destroying the U.S.’ 236 year old democracy one brick at a time will come into fruition, until there is nothing left but those horrible pain reliever advertisements aimed at an aging baby boom demographic who is easily spooked–a well known fact by republican talking point architects like Karl Rove of Crossroads/GPS, or a clown like Frank Luntz, who spins words into said talking points that are regurgitated by puppet politicians en masse and then handed down ‘from on high’ (played back to the masses via the corporate owned airwaves), awash with that hor$e$hit 24/7–cable news and information outlets that act as an echo chamber to those whose positions are already set in stone. What, too soon?  This fact could not be more evident than in what is happening down in the voter suppression state of Florida, also the birthplace of NRA’s brainchild, the “stand your ground law”, that, like a cancer, has spread to twenty other states around the nation, not because there was some calamity that called for ALL to ‘bear arms’, but because the gun lobby in this country is quite INSANE.  Look at all of the needless violence taking place not only in that state of Florida, but in every town, city and hamlet in this fair country, as heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story emerges regarding our ‘civility’ and overall sense of JUSTICE in this here ‘home of the brave, land of the free…’ Meanwhile, back at the ranch…, you would think by now at least some republicans in Washington D.C., might just have a touch of shame regarding their overall VIEW and actions affecting the plight of the real AMERICAN PEOPLE, as they have fought tooth and nail to kill a health care LAW that is designed to HELP the vast majority of citizens in this here US of A, while bringing down health care costs for everyone, taking away this rather obvious insurance monopoly from the FOR PROFIT insurance industry, of which this reporter was an executive within for over 17 years.  What is so WRONG about that Senator? The “American People” (once again, please credit and give it up for–please don’t forget to tip your waitresses!–the fine upstart late night comic sensation, Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell, a fine republican ‘Senator’ from the great state of Kentucky!!), are eventually GOING to WAKE UP to all of this NONSENSE and when they do, they will ALL chant in unison echoed in the immortal words of “Ricky Ricardo”, played by the late, great Desi Arnaz, Jr., from the “I Love Lucy” show, also starring, of course, Lucille Ball“Lucy…you’ve got some ‘esplanin’ to do…!!!”, check your local listings for times and dates. God’s continued blessings for peace and closure in the Trayvon Martin case, a horrible crime that needs to be brought to JUSTICE. Author’s note:  If you are reading this Keith, God’s speed brother, God’s speed! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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