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December 26, 2020

“33 club”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cold, celebrated island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on an early Saturday, “Boxing Day” (UK), seven a.m. hour, The Twenty-Sixth Day of December, 2020, hoping that your socially distanced, mask wearing, Christmas dinner outside in a snowstorm wasn’t too hard on ole’ grannie, no worries, if the ‘coof ‘coof, doesn’t get her, the sub zero temperatures will by gum,

“…we gotta get our carbon emissions down to zero or we’re all gonna die!”

(credit: “Kill” Gates, high financier/front man for virus payload delivery systems globally)

A Christmas morning bombing in Nashville, Tennessee, has many questioning timing of all this, pointing to false flag number one.  The most important element in eugenics is efficacy, I’m just kidding, it’s ‘timing’. Propagandized, weaponized, corporate ‘journ-o-terrorism’s job is to distract, deceive, divide so as to eventually,

conquer and control.

Lots of questions swirling about the efficacy and safety of these mRNA messenger robot injections/virus payload delivery systems from hell and damn well there should be!  My God!

Good Lord!

Here we have our brave newly selected ‘leaders’ (i.e. “U.S. president elect”, sleepy, pedo, super slow Joe Biden and face of ‘The Rona, Father, playing an immunologist on “TV”, give it up for his holiness, his grace, his magnificence, his eminence, and his monstrous, Josef Mengele like UN-holy trinity of hor$e$hit science, politics and the devil himself, that’s right folks, step aside for the real “Time” man of the year, make some noise for the best in the business, Dr.”Fast Eddy” Fauci! Thank God for that great man of infectious diseases! 


A brave little virus guy who went on the horrible NBC, nothing but crap, “Today Show”, recently, truly a show where one would rather eat sand, than listen to any more drivel. The dear, beloved, long con Father went on yesterday to talk it over with another “Karen”, glowing with pride and prejudice, and when asked about his ‘vaccination’ (saline solution), yesterday to much pomp and photo op romp, he widely grinned that patented evil little gremlin grin, patted his right arm, the ‘wrong arm’ for his ‘vaccination’ actually went in the other arm, not the one he was indicating, and said with his additionally patented raspy, mob like voice,

“…yeah, I had a nice ribeye, had a scotch, watched some MSLSD, went to bed, got a good night’s sleep. To be honest Savannah, I did have some bad nightmares about what I’ve actually done with the ‘efficacy’ of ’safety’ of such a monstrous plot against humanity, ah, what was the question dear?  Oh, yeah, my left, ah, right, ah, left arm is a little sore, but no big deal…”

There was a small hiccup three days ago, when Tiffany Dover, a nurse from Alabama, only thirty years old, survived by Michael Pontis, was given the vaccination, except this time it was not saline or a B vitamin shot, this was the real deal.  In that photo op for big pharma, she began to feel faint, fainted and died 10 hours later.  After she was coerced into telling the world ’she was happy she took the virus,

I meant to say vaccine…

AI will take care of most of the ADR’s, adverse drug reactions, hide them from any public consumption. However, it’s up to Nazi like thugs, the “brownshirts”, the Sturmabteilung or the ‘Karens’ of the world, to completely pull this whole conspiracy off. This new ‘cult of the coof coof (COVID-19), where people who once had no purpose in their sad lives have one now, many recruited via social media and Soros like billionaire activists.

As nefariously evil as this whole scam is, a planned (please Google “Event 201″, tabletop exercise of world wide pandemic, October, 2019, viral outbreak to vaccinate the world’s entire population), 99.9% recovery rate ‘viral pandemic?’ it still needs the public to acquiesce, to comply, to bloody go along with it to work! A new little power to shame people into doing their masters’ bidding is growing, and growing fast, and will continue to do so with the bloody, useless, dangerous bacteria/mold colony building, bacterial pneumonia creating masks, along with newly restrictive, never ending lock downs and quarantines, making you a prisoner in your own home, while they continue to shame them into taking a evil viral payload into their veins that will begin this whole ‘COVID’ vaccination schedule that will not end until you are six feet below Earth.

The gloves are off people, yet most will continue to fall victim to the coming chaos designed to keep the masses in the dark, literally and figuratively.  All while Agenda 21/30, the UN’s sustainable development goals, and Za World Economic Forum’s, WEF, celebrating 50 years!, authored by Herr Klaus Schwab, ‘Davos, Switzerland’s ‘man about town’, plans conflate, ushering in a civilization most people, if they knew what these fuckers were up to, would not want, for themselves and most certainly not for their children!

God’s speed Tiffany, God’s speed!


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