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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 24, 2012

Cape Dusting

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the snowy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the twenty-fourth day of February, 2012, a wintry one on Cape, as the wet stuff came out of nowhere to remind US all winter is still here, even though yesterday the crocus’ were popping out of the earth, with temperatures soaring into the upper 50’s, feeling like April rather than the month of February that it most assuredly still IS.  But, by all means, let US build the XL Keystone pipeline from hell, figuratively speaking of course, as Alberta, Canada is a fine Province of a very fine country.  Let us throw caution and common sense to the wind, shunning the 99 percent of the scientists worth their salt around the world who have exclaimed regarding this Keystone, ironic to be sure, XL pipeline, “…if the pipeline goes through, it will spell lights out for the environment”.  Yet people still don’t get the bottom line here–the earth’s atmosphere cannot withstand the weight of the carbon dioxide that will be produced if tar sand, excavated for the oil within the sand itself, is thrown into the mix, especially if we build a pipeline, FOR THE OIL COMPANIES, not ‘the American people’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY), from the source of the problem, Alberta, down through the United States all the way to Texas, destroying precious aquifers in Nebraska for example along the way, yes, if we build this monstrosity, again, for the enrichment of a few, that raw oil, will bypass refineries in the Midwest and be shipped out to the highest bidder on the international market, doing NOTHING for the people of this country and our ‘energy independence’, for if WE were truly concerned with that, we would follow along Sweden’s line, vowing to be fossil free by the year 2020.  As gas prices continue to rise due to SPECULATORS (Goldman Sachs, hedge funds, basically the ‘investment banking community’) mainly, profiteers who are worried about tensions in the Persian Gulf, namely Iran, with the critical shipping route of the Strait of Hormuz in question, President Barack Obama has made it clear that we cannot drill, baby drill our way out of this problem.  We must employ all of our resources, including solar and wind, ‘god damn dirty, liberal, hippy scumbag!’, responsible use of natural gas, without all of the poisonous chemicals used in the FRACKING process of cheaply attaining that gas, again, the problem of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE rearing it’s ugly head, responsible drilling without faulty blowout preventers, conservation, for real, and reasonable reexamination of an honest to goodness cap and trade policy… if we are going to get ANYWHERE!   For if we continue act as a bunch of junior high ’scholars’ on television, making fun of people who DO care about our kids and grand kids futures, hoping against hope that they too can see a Polar Bear in the wild, then WE, collectively as a country and citizens of the world will have to stop following the real “phony theology” of the never ending lust for the “Almighty ” gold coin, for old Rick and even perhaps Mitt might well be served to remember that you cannot serve two masters, remembering who said that to begin with, the man whom they confess to worship, Jesus Christ himself!  You can’t have it both ways, for as that bridge to nowhere (empty lies told by men who serve that rigged system that is failing our nation) falls into the ever rising seas of empty rhetoric serving to solve NO problem (such as our real bridges, roads and rails rusting and falling apart), leaving more and more of our fellow man in the dark, fear NOT, there will be an answer. Even though recently the majority of our fellow citizens bought into the hype of Madison Avenue wizards, in a recent poll of Americans in favor (63%) of that horrible pipeline going through, adding more carbon to the mix that is warming this planet exponentially, it is really no surprise, for they are like many before them, believing in everything the hear, see and read–a job F.O.X. (foul, obnoxious, xenophobia) “News” does all too well, pulling that wool over the American people’s eyes 24/7/365!  “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack!” (credit the classic film “Midnight Run”, starring the incomparable Charles Grodin and immortal Robert De Niro). PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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