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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 7, 2019


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Greetings peasants!  ‘Tis I, William Montague III, chiming in once again on a dreary Thursday afternoon, I overlooking the Atlantic Ocean here at my mansion on the magical island of Nantucket.  Cheers! Lo, it most certainly is a raw, grey, misty Thursday, The Seventh Day of February, 2019. Yet a ray of light beckons! Having successfully hijacked that dreadful ‘Sea Cape Cod’, drowning out the smug, over the top, conspiracy ‘theory’ goofball, you know the guy, opinionated, know it all Mike Mosier, ha!  Although, I must admit, his perseverance, revelations and humor is a breath of fresh air once in a blue moon.  He will probably be back on line tomorrow, so I’ll get right to the point…

Myself and my bretheren, members of the Illuminate class if you please, although it is much deeper and darker than that I can assure you, yes, members of the El-ite who rule over you peasants, always broadcast what we plan to do before it occurs. Take “9/11″ for instance and the 1985 film “Back to the Future”. “Twin Pines Mall”, then “Lone Pine Mall” in the same movie, come on!  Not to mention OUR explanation of the inside job/false flag that brought us so much joy as we catapulted the nation into war once again with a bogey man who was not playing ball with US;

…and you bought the whole dog and pony show hook, line and sinker!

Warren Commission Report=9/11 Commission Report


You SEA, that’s how the magic works!  So, without further adieu, here are the nine tenants of OUR Agenda 21.  Keeping in mind two key components that make this all work.  Agenda 21 paves the way for extraordinary UN control.  Moreover, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally, by organizations of the UN system, governments and major groups in every area in which human impact the environment.

1. Get citizens off private land and into urban housing.

2. create vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores.

3. eliminate cars and create ‘walkable cities’.

4. support chosen private businesses with public funds for “sustainable development”.

5. make policy decisions that favor ‘the greater good’ over individuals.

6. drastically reduce the use of power, water, and everything else that creates “carbon pollution”.

7.use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of democratic processes.

8. increase taxes, fees and regulations.

9.  implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population.

And there you have it,

more medley!

Please SEA “Georgia Guidestones” for more specifics, or just read “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. Although short, it is not likely to put one to sleep.

How are WE going to do this one may ask?  5G for starters!  You peasants are so hooked on your tech most of you would sell your soul for a new I-phone.  Here are nine reasons you should be afraid, be very afraid, of this new frequency, i.e. 60-95 gigahertz, millimeter waves, military weaponized microwaves created by DARPA that will boil most of your like the proverbial frog in a slow boiling pot of water. Kermit in ‘luxurious convenience’ of ‘wicked fast download speeds baby!’ as he slowly ‘croaks’ due to the fact he has been boiled alive…

1.  “IT”, i.e. 5G technology, scares pigs.  In North Korea, it has been used to scatter and steer wild Tiger Boars, a harbinger of things to come for John and Jane Q citizen.

2. Harms plants.  Kills them really, many studies proving this fact.  And considering your DNA is almost identical to a tree, well, I’m sure I don’t have to remind you to do your own math and research.

3. BIG MONEY! This is top down UN $hit my fellow Americans and world citizens!  56 Billion is being pumped in by the U.S. alone to get this baby up and running ahead of schedule.  Make no mistake about it, is will come to pass.

4.  cell towers.  You bet, every 800 feet, with the oxygen molecules is every woman, man or child, spinning on their axis, lining up with the 60 ghz frequencies, causing oxygen depletion, preventing hemoglobin from binding, and major health issues, oh yeah, you will see zombies coming to life. Creating a new ‘pandemic’, disease ‘X’, where the final nail in the coffin will come in the form of FORCED VACCINATIONS…  You know it’s for your own good now, don’t you?

5.  miscarriages, due to these frequencies also causing most cases of Autism today, rampant as it is now.

6.  directed energy weapons, oh yeah, these are very real indeed, just ask California and whistle blowers, they’ll tell ya!

7.  Skynet. The complete and utter surveillance blanket of all time.  WE will know where YOU are at all times, what you are doing and where you most likely will be GOING!

8.  Declining sperm counts world wide.  Down by a whopping 60% in the past forty years.


9.  Killer FREQUENCIES.  Such as ‘white light’ shining and surveillance from every street light on the corner, yes, mimics full moon light, where one’s sleep is disturbed, while slowly cooking you alive in this convenient, ‘internet of things’ “easy bake oven”, yes dear reader, you read it right,

WE have no use for you.

Have a nice day!


William Montague III

(country gentleman)


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