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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 30, 2022


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Greetings and again sunny, spooky salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, crisp, calculated island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this chilly Sunday morning, The Thirtieth Day of October 2022, quiet clear azure skies and brilliantly falling leaves offer another glimpse into just how miraculous this world really is, clarity and peace of mind follow, when one takes a quantum leap forward and upward, out of the filthy New World Order hor$e$hit most sadly are injecting daily, along with maggots of all shapes and sizes.


Yes, it’s almost ‘time’ for the Illuminates’ favorite holiday, ‘Halloween’, wherein, in the days of ‘yore, kids like you and me would scamper through the neighborhood, lit up with Jack-O-Lanterns and such, ringing the non-surveilled doors and scream out ‘trick or treat’, dawning our favorite batman or witch costumes, never worrying about a thing, except how to hide as much candy as possible from my mother W.H.O. was always looking out for my best interests, even if it appeared to be the polar opposite of that fact.

Flash forward to the year 2022, and kids are ducking Fentanyl, colorful Fentanyl at that, hoping to God they don’t run into some creepy drag queen or pedophile, kidnapping them for child sacrifice for their favorite drug, Adrenochrome, all one in the same, or a razor blade, gunshot wound or head trauma, as they thankfully make their way home with their stash of goodies, which are also poisoned, but that’s OK, it’s the Federal Government that is allowing that tragedy of GMO’s to go on unabated, another FACT that is sadly understated…

The World Health Organization, “The W.H.O”., is about to take over all sovereignty, individually and collectively, with what is known as a ‘Framework Convention”. A murderous mission of euthanasia on steroids that will act as a worldwide treaty to bind every insane whim these powers that should not be (Lucifer/AI controlled said W.H.O.) wish upon humanity. In short, the end is near, and no one seems to care or even know it’s happening.

Trick or “CON”VID 19(84) ‘Treat’(ment) indeed.

Just some Halloween tainted poisonous candy for your digestive system, perhaps it will leak out into your brain before the Zombies come to eat it!


Have a nice day!


October 28, 2022

Under a spell!

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that golden sun lit, breezy, exfiltrating, exquisite, equine friendly island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this windy Friday morning, The Twenty-Eighth Day of October 2022, another beautiful Fall Day here in Centerville, the leaves slowly falling from the colorful, majestic, magnificent, massive Oaks, Maples, Elms, Beeches, Birch, White Pine, Bull Pine.

… filtered light through said living miracles lends grace and truth, proving it is the sign…


It’s difficult to keep ‘ahead’ of the curve if you will, keeping one’s own true, hopefully moral, compass aligned with source, i.e., light, love and frogs. What with all the barrage of media/entertainment one could choose from in this Biblical day and age, it’s hard to find a sage. Many led astray via technology that has hijacked the senses, the mind, body and soul, immersed in some ‘Meta’ verse, the Matrix, the Borg, taking one further and further away from the natural world from whence we came, replaced by synthetic propaganda designed to blame, game and shame.

Watching meaningless “TV” of late, oy vey!

Indeed, ye ‘ole ‘republican v. democrat’ political theater on FOX’s “The Five”, starring Greg “Gutfeld!” (11p.m. Eastern), Dana Perino, jesse Watters, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and a mystery cohost that may or may not have a long, distinguished, deliberate, devilish mustache, a man W.H.O. brings such self-serving photos of himself to a world on fire, you Betcha!  If one is not careful, consuming these shows actually does put one in a trance, under a spell, listening day in and day out to the BROAD cast of spells, ‘witch’ are merely words, a.k.a. spells strung and spun together in a set philosophy, or narrative, offering an explanation for why this nation is doomed.

Wait for the blue hats of the “UN”, they are living in U.S. hotel rooms and eating a hearty breakfast as these words are written.

Doomed you say?

Not the greatest country in the world!

Shame on you for uttering such blasphemy!

Like Harry Vox stated recently on a podcast, this world is run by the Jewish monied mob.

At the top you have the ‘EL-ite’ (obsolete), Jewish Banking Cartels, The Rothschilds of the very small world, under them the monied index corporations W.H.O. own everything ‘under the sun’, i.e. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, then you have the shadow government, under that the ‘Foundations’ that funnel money, tax free, to the talking head media, a.k.a. Project Mockingbird, under those corrupt “Foundations” are the think tanks such as ‘The Brookings Institute, who again steer Reuters and AP to feed the likes of say an MSLSD or CNN, communist news network.

Going deeper under that umbrella are the sad, pathetic, puppets ‘in charge’, illegally voted into office per stolen ‘elections’, with virtual and real masks, i.e., “Bumbling Biden”, ‘men’ and ‘women’ called politicians, W.H.O. are bought and paid for like a whore on 42nd street, ever ducking Disney’s new pedophile store front that was looted last night in a fiery, yet peaceful protest, nothing so SEA here folks! Under that are the big box stores that killed small business worldwide, like Walmart, Amazon and the bloody Internet. Controlled opposition and controlled platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and such that ban free speech, censored to the hilt, all directing the masses to commit suicide via their powerful pharmaceutical industry that has set up shop to whack 7 billion souls by 2030, per the killer mRNA pathogen delivery/nanobot operating systems controlled by 5,6,7,8 G technology designed to kill all life on this Terra formed plane.

The stated goal of 500 million humans left per the now gone “George Guidestones’, is well under way, Mostly Chinese and Japanese peoples will remain if they have their way, ‘citizens’ who are already trained to be compliant, compartmentalized, castrated, cocooned and CONTROLLED. Ever living for a ’social credit score’, tracked, traced and tainted by the “Crown’s Poison”, i.e., ‘Corona vaccine’ needles, so they can spend their pittance of pre-programmed digital currency on maggot protein bars, a Orwellian intrusion that acts as a virtual, yet very real prison, as said powers that ought not be take more and more freedom and land from the human being while they forcibly put them in some FEMA like death camp,

destined to die alone and afraid…

Is that the way you want to live? Bowing down to these monsters?

I would rather die and my feet than beg, plead ‘ore acquiesce on my knees.

There is, and always will. be a better way.

What’s that you say?

Divine light and the eternal brilliant benevolence of love will someday rule the day, offering the spirit of hope, stronger than fear, as more and more souls wake to these ugly truths that have been going on for millennia now,

many a many year…

The tide is turning and said light will prevail.

So don’t run away and turn tail!

Visit Cape Cod and the Islands, you might just SEA a whale!

Have a nice weekend folks!

Keep the FAITH!

Don’t be afraid of anything, any falsa flag that may rear its ugly Illuminate head again, e.g. the inside job of 9/11! Indeed, go within, for there are all the answers.  Continue to focus on courage and conviction, as Max Igan of ‘The Crowhouse’.com has stated, “…face infinity without flinching”.

For all we really have is right NOW. Keeping in mind we are here for only a short while, a blink of an EYE, so why not enjoy the ride? Offering acts of kindness along the way without need for acknowledgement, in lieu of anger, hate, jealousy, or fear, the very emotional ‘deep states’ these a$$hole$ want you to be in 24/7.


October 23, 2022

Mind Control (2.0)

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Greetings and salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey skied, mild, soon to be raining island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Sunday morning, The Twenty-Third Day of October, 2022, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Centerville, where one can enjoy long, silent, solitary, Non-binary walks along the Main Street lined with towering Oaks, Elms, Beeches, Maples, White Pines, Bull Pines, filled with Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red Tail Hawks and Gold Finches, amongst many others, bringing one close to source, your source.

Devoid of ‘the Things of Man’–i.e. a bloody ‘S.M.A.R.T. phone, or deep state surveillance/radiation delivery device, ever coercing one to commit suicide with another “vaccine” or a deadly mRNA pathogen delivery envelope/nanobot operating system–thus proving you are part, an important part of the bigger Divine plan, as the evil doers of this world are exposed and eventually tooted out for being the greedy, sick, pedophilias they are, murderous mad ’scientists’ and bought and paid for media whores, politicians, ‘doctors’ and the like, all working for Satan himself, stealing souls and committing mass democide, or mass murder via your beautiful, corrupt government, Latin translated into English, or ‘mind’ (mentis), ‘control’, (govern).

And they are doing a bang-up job so far don’t you think?

I would highly recommend checking out the great Max Igan, ‘The Crowhouse.com’, wherein he does his fantastic ‘walkabouts’, Max a political refugee from Australia now living in Mexico, exposing what these sick OBSOLITTE power vultures are up to, moreover, how one can stop the madness by simply not complying.

Great stuff, you can find him as well on BITCHUTE.COM, be careful though, truth is now considered in the realm of right-wing extremism! Indeed, looking and then thinking outside of the box, checking out some great real reporters, W.H.O. are mostly only there to help humanity, not hurt it.

Do no harm.

Have a great day everybody!

So long and ’til next ‘time’, stay safe, stay sane, stay sanitized?


October 12, 2022

Grace defined.

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Greenings and sunny valuations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard (devoid of ‘immigrants’), and said azure sky led, aspiring, awesome, authentic, articulate island of Nantucket!

IT is truly great to be back with you on this Wednesday morning, a glorious dawn and atmosphere in Centerville, Massachusetts, The Twelfth Day of October 2022, wishing,d upon HIGH! ~
You and yours a great day ahead! For that is ALL we truly have, the present MOMENT! And the LOVE WE GIVE to one another…

That is YOUR life FORCE!

You are much more powerful than you give credit too!

That is precisely what ‘they’ wish to take, the GOD gene sovereign in ALL! Pure bloods rise up and fight the good fight!

Don’t be a shrinking violent!


October 6, 2022

‘Off Script!’

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‘ORE ‘die’ diagnosis!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the stunning, seven Karat diamond, sexy, seductive and quite corrupt island of Nantucket!1 Great to be be with you before the ‘Inter-NET’ is married like a Black LIves Matter Widow spider sneaks into your life and into to your DNA/BLOOD and SOUL, don’t think Karin M. from Denver? Think again, you bet jackass!  Keep on getting them boosters; pure devil mRNA poison from the pits of hell, and by all means, my “‘liberal” friends, ‘listen to Satanic ‘authority’ that has hijacked God given Humanity…

Indeed, stolen OUR HARMONY!

This is Armageddon, make no mistake about it!

Enjoy the podcast ‘above deck as it were, a little off script of a change…

All the BEST! …,



October 3, 2022

Pumpkin promises

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the overcast, gloomy, breezy, bouncy, beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this chilly Monday morning, The Third Day of October 2022, gathering the last of the real food grown right here in gorgeous, UN-tainted Centerville.  Ah, yes, the country roads quiet as the tourists have all left ‘the building’ by now, going back to a world that is seemingly lost ‘in space’, CYBERSPACE, destroying what is still left of humanity, namely love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, patience, freedom, creativity, sovereignty, rugged individualism, courage, strength, power….


Take heart however, ‘fore even though the ’storm’ is upon US ALL, i.e. the parasites W.H.O. call themselves ‘EL’-ites attempting the cull 90 percent of the natural pure blooded human being, a part of God, indeed, attempting to CONTROL every living, breathing creature upon Earth with this sophisticated demonic technology from another dimension, yes, these monsters will will someday fail, but will still stop at nothing to accomplish singularity, i.e. human like ‘borgs, incapable of original, critical thinking, by the year 2030 and beyond.

The newest very real threat to their plans is the ‘tin foil wearing conspiracy theory nut jobs’ W.H.O. are exposing their dastardly plans en masse, growing, exponentially daily, hastening the ‘great awakening’, that, if successful will quash this evil forever…

Pumpkin promises…

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, say a prayer for those brave enough to tell you in plain English that these bioweapons, these pathogen delivery envelopes/nanobot operating systems, incorrectly called ‘vaccines’. are killing people by the millions, soon to be billions, all while they are destroying the food supply chain, setting up for mass starvation and F.E.M.A. food camps/death camps to wit you will need to be chipped in order to eat and participate in the new global digital block chain currency tied into your social credit score. In short, you will be a slave to the system and become part of the borg, thus, you will not die, rather be trapped in eternity to this Luciferace prison planet…

All those W.H.O. now stand against this unprecedented democide/mass suicide will be deemed, condemned as dangerous, ‘violent’ ‘disinformation’ ‘terrorists’ and will be dealt with by either the guillotine, the bullet or a directed energy weapon/drone that will kill without mercy.

After the ironically dubbed ‘disinformation’ terrorists are eliminated, the plan will go on as scheduled, and humanity as we once knew it, just like the beauty of the natural world will fade into the akashic records notably possessed by our fellow friends of the SEA, the whales, and on land by the ancient Red Woods, until the pendulum swings back by the unseen forces of LIGHT, LOVE and FROGS,

i.e., this blessed plane called Terra…

And Heaven rain down on the righteous.

Say some prayers to our unseen friends, for the power of said prayer is for more potent than the lies spread by the scripted, ‘broad’ (SPELL) casting of the witches, warlocks and magicians known to you all on your black mirror devices; deceiving and manipulating you and yours since its inception in the late 1940’s…

Have a super week ahead folks, stay strong, stay in the NOW and love on another as He has loved you.

All is not lost, it’s time to stand up and FIGHT!


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