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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 31, 2022

“The Rockford Files”

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Greetings and misty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that foggy, balmy, dreary, delightful, delicious island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday, a little past Noon, The Thirty-First Day of March 2022, just back from a brisk walk ‘about town’ in ye ‘ole Centerville, past ancient trees with promise of budding spring to come, drifting by old New England White Steeple churches, elegant magical evergreen forests of White Pine and Norwegian Spruce, nestled next to “Our Lady of Victory”, wherein suddenly the bells began to ring all the way home, crescendo Ing with those hallowed bells playing “Ave Maria“, for the whole world to hear, moreover, feel.


I sure as heck fire hope your week is going well, thank you for tuning into this simple ‘message in a bottle’, no longer of rum, dissecting the wheat from the tares as the ‘Best Show on Earth” goes ‘found and round’, and rummy tum tum!

“What part of the circle of trust don’t you understand GREG?”

(Credit: Robert DeNiro in the classic 2000 film, “Meet the Parents”).

Indeed, where the hell is the trust these DAZE? It sure as hell ain’t in the mainstream hog wash media most attain their ‘knowledge’ and “news” from; brought to you buy Pfizer!


100% JESUS baby!

That’s the only ‘way out’, is through, and in this case, through the living God as you walk His talk. It sure ain’t through picking sides of a made-up false flag war (again!), architected by ‘the Elites’ so as to usher in some crazy conspiracy ‘theory’ called “The New World Order”, per “The Great Reset”.

It’s tyranny for everybody folks!

“You ‘vill own nussing and und like it!  Seig Heil!”

(Credit: WEF founder and Davos, Switzerland’s “Man about Town”, Herr Klaus Schwab!)

Let’s upload our minds so we can live forever in Matt Zuckerberg’s “Meta” world! And just like the Roach Motel, once you check in, you can’t check out! I think it says that in the Bible somewhere, that men will long for death, but it will not come to them. So, keep on getting them boosters’ baby, black goo graphene oxide surprise! Packed and packaged with the Devil’s lies.

“Welcome to Canada!”

Where supporting another country’s freedom (Ukraine), makes you ‘virtuous’.

Yet supporting your own makes you a racist, misogynistic and a fringe minority, not to mention a domestic terrorist!

@The Bradford file, not be confused with “The Rockford Files”, made this profound observation recently, “The President of the United States has a crack smoking son who was laundering him cash from Ukraine while still VP under Obama, and the FBI knew about it before the (s)election. Now America is sending the same corrupt mafia state of Satan billions. How is this real?”

Russia can at least boast it has not started wars in Syria, Somalia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Yugoslavia, Laos, Libya, Cambodia and now it’s own people, why is Russia so aggressive?

Here are the sacred ‘Ten Commandments of War Propaganda”:

1. We don’t want war
2. The opposite party alone is guilty of war
3. The enemy is the face of the devil
4. We defend a noble cause, not our own interests
5. The enemy systematically commits cruelties, our mishaps are involuntary
6.The enemy uses forbidden weapons
7. We suffer small loses, those of the enemy are enormous
8. Intellectuals and artists back our ’cause’
9. Our ’cause’ is sacred
10. All W.H.O. doubt our propaganda are traitors.

~Arthur Ponsonby

Have a super rest of the day folks, joyfully holding the LIGHT and keeping the FAITH!


March 29, 2022

God is watching!

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that golden sun risen, azure sky led, chilly, calm, incalculable island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you LIVE here in quiet, quaint, quintessential Centerville, Massachusetts, a glorious Tuesday according to Reuters, The Twenty-Ninth Day of March 2022.  Sipping some coffee and enjoying the bird show outside of this ‘little cottage in the wood’, wherein one might just forget about the horrible image of two scum bags you SEA ‘above deck’ at this present moment in ‘time’…


That’s right, the evil monster on the left is of course Herr Klaus Schwab, ‘zee leader of the ‘Vorld Rconomic Forum’, und zee author of several Stephen King-like novels.  This creature from the ‘Black Goo’ lagoon is an all-round Nazi posing as Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town”!

Seig Heil Mother Fucker!

On his left is that faggot known as Justine Trudeau W.H.O. is the most hated man/woman in Canada, or should we call it what it really is, ‘The People’s Republic of Rainbows and Unicorns’, reflecting the reach the aforementioned arch criminal has politically from SEA to shining SEA!

Every last one of these sick politicians are in his filthy maggot filled pocket!

Dr.’s Carrey Madej, Sherri Tenpenny, among many others are sounding the alarm bells daily regarding these lethal, democidal mRNA murder weapons they call ‘jabs’, synthetic programmable operating systems filled with black goo, i.e. graphene oxide, and all kinds of other Frankenstein potions that are killing and maiming millions as most sit by and just watch the flock die.

It is HIGH time for some serious prayers, love and rebirth of our God given SOVEREIGN rights!  For real men and women alike to stand up to this horrible tyranny, murder and mayhem and put them all away to rot in some jail cell far from anyone they could ever harm again.

It’s not too late, stand up and fight for the LIGHT!

It’s your bloody right mate!

And your obligation to humanity!

God, whatever you wish to call Him, is most definitely watching and taking notes for the upcoming Nuremberg 2.0!

It will be quite the SHOW!

SEA you tomorrow, same bat ‘time’, same bat station!~


March 23, 2022


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Greetings dear serfs, slaves, peons, useless carbon consumers/eaters, dupes, dopes dip$hits and UN-informed dummies, ’tis “I”, William Montague, III, country gentleman, once again broadcasting LIVE on a glorious Wednesday, The 23rd day of March, 2022, way up high, listening to some Johan Sebastian Bach in my Gulf Stream Four, the bigger 747 luxury liner was being used by the real ‘president’ of the “United States of America, Inc.”, indeed, flying high above one of my many mansions, this ‘time’ on a beautiful golden sun lit, azure sky day, flying at 35,00 feet or there about, dreaming that I’ll soon be back on my precious Nantucket Island, a dear ‘far away isle’, a perfect place in mine heart, for it was there I got my start!


(AHOY! A nauseating euphemism that dreadful so-called writer Mike Mosier might say in one of his obsolescent, obnoxious, misinformation laden, terrorist ‘blogs’ that fail to wake up even a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of the overall global sheep, the dumbed down, brainwashed, paranoid, paralyzed with fear, poisoned public, as we rape, murder and kill for the fun of it!)

Below and above deck, you will notice our poster boy for the New World Order, Herr Klaus Schwab, W.H.O., adorated. adored, adorned and attired his finest 1960’s Star Trek gear (they, wardrobe, wants back by the way!), happens to be on board and would like to say a few words to ‘ya’ll!

Till next time, loves and kisses! Bill. And please, ease, for the sake of the ‘children’, ’stay safe, stay insane, stay sanitized!

For the next ‘variant’, and the next ‘booster’ will kill ya!

Indeed, it will be a doozy!

‘Ssank you William for ‘zat kind introduction, of course most of you know me as the ‘evil’ puppet playing God on ‘TV’, leader and founder of the World Economic Forum, author of ‘COVID-19 and ‘Zee Great Reset’, “The Fourth Reich, I mean Industrial Revolution” and several other titillating, kinky, depraved, illustrated/photographed naughty pedophile porn most in Washington DC and around zee globe are into these days, paying big bucks for eating the drinking their blood, a drug and cult they are hopelessly addicted to, especially that Adrenochrome! Wow!

And I sought crack was bad!  Jeez! Most of your senile, sick, satanic politicisms are subscribed to and visit me on my special Epstein Island via private and now public planes such as the Lolitta Express, good times! Oh, ‘zat Nancy, what does Mosier say? “90″ proof Pelosi Boy oh, boy does she like, I mean really likes her boy blood and flood of illegal insider trading stock deals.

stuttering, staggering and then slipping on a decomposing banana peel!

I speak to you today to warn of the coming Cyber Polygon, which we already rehearsed like “Event 201″ in zee 2019 role playing of the “CON”VID-19(84) theater, or plandemic. A worldwide blackout of the internet and other things which will cripple the world’s economy much worse than the fake, I mean very real ‘pandemic’ WE created!

I meant to say from some bad bat soup.

Oh, vell, you shall SEA ‘zat resistance is futile!

As AI, AGI, Super AGI fully rules OVER those appointed puppet/stooges/useful idiots, ‘OUR” so called leaders dictating all of their decisions and insane mandates/bogus anti-human laws, as WE merge man with machine! Singularity, as 95 percent of humans are wiped from Earth by the year 2025!

Cowards of all former nations crying out in pain, while most will say, “why didn’t we stop them when we had the chance?”


Did you think we meant 95 percent safe and effective for you and yours? ‘Preventing hospitalizations and Death’?


Haven’t you been watching all your Hollywood predictive programming movies, music, magazines and books you don’t read anymore?

AI and “I” are out to murder you idiots!  The brilliant satanic mRNA software/AI death shot is more than 95 percent effective in either killing you and your loved ones’ or turning you into a bloody programable newt! As Davos, Switzerland’s “man about town”, I have many responsivities, plus many important responsibilities, none so much as creating the ‘Young New ‘Vorld Leaders’, cockroaches all, such as that cocksucker Justine Trudeau and his ilk.  But my finest catch of course, your actor-in-chief, in the good ‘ole US of A, played by perhaps Jim Carey, Kevin Spacey or some brilliant unknown, is slow, pedo Joe Biden, W.H.O. takes my orders up the a$$ whenever I tell him to.

Make no mistake about it, ‘Vee are in charge!

You stupid, soon to be slaughtered sheep better get your 4th booster or you won’t be able to have a bank account, buy groceries, go to a movie, bar, restaurant, hell, you won’t be even able to open your S.M.A.R.T. fridge without it ratting on you! No more internet access either as we freeze you out of ‘decent’ society’ forever!

You pure bloods are a menace and must be rounded up and eliminated!

Seig Heil!

Best Regards doomed humans!

Bon Chance!


(Satan’s little helper, Herr Klaus Schwab!)

‘Ore “Captain Cue Ball” by his pals in the Kazarian Mafia”)

March 21, 2022

Happy Spring!

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, breezy, blue skied, beautiful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this first full day of a new season, Happy Spring! A gorgeous Monday High Noon to usher her in, on The Twenty-First Day of March 2022, just back from a brisk walk to the oceans and all about town, past ancient churches and towering trees in a place that ‘time’ forgot…


Most W.H.O. read/listen to this ‘message in a bottle’ know the score of the Illuminate whore, so I will, on this day of rebirth, spare you any details, save this. Just because the ‘narrative’ has shifted, don’t be fooled, i.e. ‘The Ukraine’ Nazis and Co., or the Khazarian Mafia Russia is rooting out.  All one must do is step outside of your black mirror device, outside your boob tube and just look to China for what they have in store for US next.  Millions on new restrictions and lockdowns, thousands of little white vans to take you to some quarantine camp as the culling of the human race continues with ‘ner a whimper from a docile, dumbed down citizenry, W.H.O. have mostly drank the Jim Jones Kool Aid, taken the ‘jab’ and are just hoping they got the saline instead of the real killer mRNA death shot. Indeed, most are are just happy they can go out and get drunk with their buddies at the pub without a mask or a ‘health passport’.

However, mark these words, the dollar is about to crash and an AI driven digital cash/social score “AP’s” are on their way, along with the 4th booster of graphene oxide designed to kill off the rest of the elderly, while 5G mega radiation death towers takes care of the rest….

So, go outside and BE with the birds, the whales, the dolphins, the foxes, dance, sing, drink and be merry! Don’t let the bastards get you down;

Illegitimi Carborudum!

Anybody tell you that they love you today?  I just did.

Have a fantastic, marvelous, magical week ahead folks!  Fuck Fauci, Gates, soros and Co.! ! Keep strong, positive and in the light of the eternal spirit of LOVE, for ‘at the end of the day’, ‘it’ will win.


March 17, 2022

Armor of God!

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Greetings and high-flying salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the lovely, lucky, lavish, luxurious, lamp old world whale oil laden lit island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday morning here in quaint, quiet, quintessential village of Centerville, The Seventeenth Day of March 2022.

Kiss me, I’m Irish!  And a mighty, Happy St. Patick’s Day!

Especially you, Speaker of the House, Nazi, “90 proof”, hic, Pelosi! You old booze hound/whore you! We all thank you for your endless drunken speeches, BLM Goerge Soros ritual kneeling’s, and overall presence in this satanic dominated world! You have made comedians, writers, late night comics happy from Boston to Baton Rouge, keep up the great work you crazy, filthy rich witch!


I think it’s time for a limerick, ‘…there once was a man from Nantucket, W.,H.O. had a…”, I’m sorry, not appropriate for this audience, shame on those filthy Irishman for writing such a foul offering, taking away the good name of, no, I’m not drinking, that spirit hasn’t been here since 1969, and I have never felt so fine!

However, in this day and age, why would you? God knows what they put in that bottle now a DAZE! Graphene Oxide baby! That’s what! In fact, it’s in everything as the sick, depraved maniacs, psychopaths W.H.O. are ‘running the show’ will get that ‘vaccine’ in you one way or another, and with the conflation of 5G 60 gigahertz radiation bouncing off millions of cell towers around town, penetrating your walls and you and your bodies, it won’t be long until all of their predictive programming movies about a zombie apocalypse comes into full fruition.

This Russian/Ukraine theater is a simple distraction for what comes next in the Illuminate card game of life here in this early part of the 21st Century.

Hang on to your hats!

We were created in the image of God. Satan wishes to replace God’s temple (rebuilding the Third Temple), YOU, and insert himself there.

Glowing with Lucifer’s race; or Luciferace, it’s all in the knowing.

Revelation 14 9:11

Ask yourself, W.H.O. else could be behind the erasing of God’s name in your DNA scroll?

My people perish for lack of knowledge.


Indeed, if there were a little more knowing, there would be a hell of a lot more NO!!!-ing!

Seek truth, love truth,


The truth shall set you free!

Throw your S.M.A.R.T. phone into the Nantucket Sound, blub, blub, blub, and listen to that still, quiet voice when one looks inward. The one that is kind and sweet, gentle, loving and compassionate, unconditional, non-judgmental, patient and courageous, the one that does not speak first in your mind, heart and soul.

Put on the full Armor of God!


March 14, 2022

Blackwater (2.0)

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Greetings and salty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool, characterized island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Monday morning, The Fourteenth Day of March 2022, a quiet one here in beautiful Centerville, no pro NWO mercenary, I mean Ukraine rallies round these here parts, but give it ‘time’…


As ‘The World Turns’, HA!, our collective water cooler jibber jabber has moved from the dreaded ‘CON’VID-19(84) hor$e$hit to another topic designed to confuse the masses, pull at their heart strings and not look at the FACT these mRNA killer death ‘jabs’ are just the beginning of an evil, intentional culling of the human race, 90 percent by year 2025 if they have their way.

Don’t look to our open southern border where Middle Eastern fighting men are being put on busses and then dropped off in some town way out in nowhere land, put up at a hotel and told to sit tight until the signal’s right. Sleeper cells throughout the land as the WHO, NWO, WEF expand. It would not take much to cripple this nations’ defenses, nor much time, hours really needed to bring the good ‘ole US oi A to it’s collective knees, ushering in a communist state where Herr Klaus Schwab’s prediction of ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ comes to fruition?

But keep on watching the Zionist Jewish news, take sides and stay in Plato’s cave. Take your ‘vaccines’ and eat you GMO food, and never be rude or act like a prude, while we prance about with pedophile flags, destroying morals while elevating fags.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead folks! May it be filled with adventure, love and happiness!

Keeping in mind the words of William Shakespeare some 500 years ago,

“…all the world’s a stage and we are merely players.”

Mainstream Corporate Media=NWO Propaganda!


March 10, 2022

“The narrative”

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Greetings and misty salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, clammy, cool, confused island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on a grey Thursday, The Tenth Day of March, 2022, only seven days till we all be Irish, indeed, cruising right on through this winter and into the spring, wherein hopefully a few more beautiful human beings will wake up to the absurdity, the criminality, the brutality of this self-appointed ruling class, W.H.O. uses technology and the old well-rehearsed false flags, the well-used tools of propaganda and fear to herd the masses into whatever box they wish to place them in before they slaughter most,

in spite of the host!

The actor, ‘the Biden’, playing said sleepy, creepy Joe must get an Oscar for his mumbling, stumbling, bumbling, by design, performance, deflecting simple facts like this ‘Republic’ in name only has been a bloody corporation since 1871!  Lo, living in a ‘time’ where one should not drink the water in fear that the new “CoV2″ ‘variant’ will raise his ugly head, pushing the ‘vax’ narrative forward with impunity, indemnity and insanity.

“The narrative” screen culture indeed.


Sorry to take you away from the 24/7 corporate media coverage of ‘the’ Ukrainian war’, i.e., in your face genocide of Russian speaking peoples in said country by say mercenaries such as “Blackwater”, funded by “Black Rock”, pushing the Americans into a war mode mentality, via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media hub for the hopeless meet, greet and occupy a solitary confinement cube comfort zone of delusional echo chambers reelecting and reflexing one’s personal views and ‘beliefs’, thus releasing the all-important dopamine fix that makes ‘everything ok’.

For we all are addicted to something, most to their devices they could not live without. For it, the ’smart’ phone, is more addictive than crack or heroine. When taken away, the victim is miserable and morose, mad and morbid.  Reflecting how most feel inside, the polar opposite of their best day on Facebook or Instagram.

The word ‘addiction’ comes from the Latin word ‘to enslave’. Technology reflects the Elite’s expression, which is clearly power, money, greed, lust, sedition, murder and control. Thus, technology is not neutral, it is a weapon when in the wrong hands.

Unquestioned beliefs are the real authorities in any culture, just look to the “CON”VID-19(84) fraud, Fauci style baby!

It’s hard to make a man understand something if his job (or their addiction), depends on him not understanding it.

So, sit back and stare into the light my pretties, the society of spectacle!

Captive populations glued to screens.

Engineered with ever increasing precision and insight.

Blinding one from the true inner right.

Conform differently to the creeping normalcy of everyday life in this crazy, mixed-up world early in the 21st Century.  Ever armed with 24/7 surveillance, the shadow’s chill from the killer cell towers wears off and just like that, Shazamm!, the New World Order’s ‘new normal’ of singularity and super AGI rule over the lamb.

The first casualty of war is the truth.


March 7, 2022

Plato’s cave

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, cloudy, calm, collected island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Seventh Day of March, 2022, a mopey Monday by all accounts as the official narrative at the ‘water cooler’, pub, or beauty shop has shifted from ‘CON’VID-19(84), to Khazaria, I mean ‘The’ Ukraine. Why? Because some white hat at Pfizer, foggy on the details of this hero, released a top secret internal document from the Frankenstein Pfizer Corporation that was nine pages long, listing ALL of the ADR’s, adverse drug reactions’, this ‘COVID-19′ ‘vaccination’ has to offer ya!  You know the killer mRNA pathogen delivery system, the evil, Ingenius, gene editing Frankenstein stew, boiling over with spiders and tainted dew, yes, 1291 severe, fatal, shockingly horrible consequences come from taking ‘the jab’, 95 percent safe and effective, for most W.H.O. have been fooled, duped, bribed to do so are walking, talking, ticking time bombs, as spike protein after spike protein is created by design to destroy said body and mind.

Indeed, this new narrative reaches all, for the propaganda machine of the big six communication corporations are powerful and loud, not to mention proud.  Paid billions to keep the ‘Rona narrative positive and ‘true’, indeed, simple pawns in a much bigger chess game than they may be aware, achoo!

The play must go on! And so it does, creating a brain fog in most, those not able to rise above the mire, never creating a novel, original post.

When the light gets brighter, shadows disappear, and just like that ‘COVID-19′ becomes a distant memory, save many a fallen tear.

D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Research!

D.entralized, R.adical, A.utonomous, S.earch, T.eam, I.vestigating, C.ovid-19.

Please continue to fund ‘vaccine police.com’, and Anderson White at 76fest.com, real live people W.H.O. have been, and will continue to be said BEACON the dark comprehended not…

Have a grand week ahead folks, keep out to trouble you crazy kids and until next ‘time’ say a prayer for all people of all walks of life, that they too may wake and walk out of Plato’s cave!


March 4, 2022

Khazaria! Khan!

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Greetings and once again sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, azure sky led, nippy, nostalgic, narcisstic island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on The Fourth Day of March, 2022, a cool Friday here in quiet, quaint, quintessential Centerville, seemingly far away from the madness the world is witnessing today. The Fourth of March is also Patty Marsan’s, of ‘Fine Art America’’s birthday!

Happy Birthday!

And many more!


Khazaria? Nazis? “The Russians?”

(Credit: the 2006 film, “Burn after Reading”, starring the Farmers Insurance salesman and apparent head of the CIA; and of course, George Clooney and John Malkovich).


Indeed, queries demanding answers knowing full well 90% of the American audience will just keep breast feeding via the New World Order’s propaganda piercing motherland’s milk, ‘zee mainstream media’s tainted baby formula, never fully comprehending that Ukraine’s government is as corrupt as Hillary Clintons’ broom as she flies about casting her spells on unsuspecting children being rescued in D.U.M.B.’s (deep underground military bases), worldwide, lo, never comprehending that Ukraine is a hub for the evil being perpetrated globally, ever exposed as we speak.

What about them Canadian truckers though huh?

Great awe-inspiring work, well done, WE have not forgotten you!

They what?

They are being pursued now by this same Cabal, the WEF’s Herr Klaus Schwab and Co., “Justine” Trudeau being just another one of Satan Klaus’s puppets. All happening at the same time while Australia is being weather war fared upon via floods of Biblical proportion, as the corrupt government there stands still doing nothing to help the people W.H.O. could die on roof tops, akin to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Another example, like the mRNA death ‘jabs’, of a “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” WEF/UN ‘Agenda 2030.

It must be tough for me pals at FOX NEWS, wherein ‘The Five’, indeed “GUTFELD!” himself are now relegated to speaking only of this class act false flag diversion by the deep state, desperately clinging to power that is eroding quickly, for it won’t be long until ALL IS REVEALED, and the World at large is set right, taking out one ‘dummy’ at a ‘time’…


Have a super-duper weekend folks, especially you Greg! May your heart be filled with genuine hope, love, compassion, empathy, courage and power!


March 2, 2022

“Dumpster on Fire!” #SOTU

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brightly sun risen, blue skied, milder, magnificent, marvelous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on a much warmer Wednesday morning here in Centerville, The Second Day of March, 2022, indeed, just finishing up with ‘Louder with Crowder’, just ‘Google’ it, offering a great rerun of last nights’ ‘State of the Union’ speech from a fine actor with a mask on, flanked on either side by either Nancy, “90 proof”, Pelosi, ‘Speaker of the House the CCP” built’, and his, your, ‘VP”, the scary, kackling Kamala Harris, W.H.O. was confused about ‘ole Joe’s comment about ‘funding the police’?  “Shut your fool white mouth Joe, don’t make Kamala get angry…”, when she has clearly spoken loudly about ‘defunding’ said police in a ‘time’ when crime in America has never been so bad, at least going back to the 1960’s race riots and such.  Ah, yes, a joyful speech by sleepy Joe’s action hero, with contradiction, i.e. the pharmaceutical industry, after contradiction, most Americans being unaware that these giant depopulation corporations CANNOT be sued by anyone W.H.O. is injected with their ‘Pfizer’ and the “Usual Suspects” ‘jabs’, designed to destroy humanity.

Lo, the masses will just be happy to hear that the minimum wage will be 15 bucks an hour while the cost of daily living, i.e. inflation, has increased by ten times the amount of that raise of Minimum wage percentage. Indeed, most Americans do not real eyes they are under attack as well as Ukraine’s false flag well-dressed play going on right now, hinting that if NATO is breached, we would send in troops?


Here’s a fun little drinking game, #Biden fact check #SOTU, that’s right folks, you can drink like you are partying with Nancy and AOC!  Oh yeah baby, so here’s to the “….Iranian people Joe!”, and congratulations on successfully meeting our low bar for this “Dumpster on Fire!” #SOTU address!


“What is that shiny thing on her lap, is that a flask?”

(credit: late njght stand up, hilarious writer, comedian Dave Landau)

Drinking game rules: one must drink when Biden does,

...”a Russian Rugle?”...I mean Ruble!

1. Biden has a moment (gaffe, studder, forget) 2. Biden blames Russia for… 3. promotes ‘infrastructure’, or ‘green energy’. 4. Encourages the ‘vaccine’. 5. Mentions racism or ‘White Supremacy”.

So, look, folks, please stop resisting and just play along!  Fore’ can’t you SEA? We are all fucked in this so-called democracy!

Thanks Nancy!

God Help US ALL!


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