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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 20, 2021

“A Corporate Moment…”

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All three audio books will be available soon, please be patient!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gloriously sunny, warm, calm, collected, calculating, 24 karat glad island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, The Twentieth Day of June, 2021, expecting quite the summer’s day here in lovely Bass River, so come on down!  ‘We will throw some shrimp on the ‘barbie’ for ya mate!”, especially you Max Egan, of “The Crow House”, one on the fine digital warriors of Humanity out in cyberspace from ‘down undah’….

Hope you and your Peacocks are doing just fine!


As promised, ‘above deck’, you will find three audio installments of my new book, “A Corporate Moment”, just completed this a.m., so if you can wander back down memory lane, in man constructed ‘time’, when we did not real EYES the ‘powers that be’ want US all dead, a “Final Solution” jab with a gun at your head, well, you might just remember that their plans may not turn out they way they say….

So wake up and pray!

Only you and yours can save the DAY!

But then again, I am just a humble writer W.H.O. loves his fellow Man.

Sue me!

Have a great rest of your Sunday folks!

“Love thine ‘enemies’”



June 18, 2021


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Greetings and high flying sun shining salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun setting, blue skied, balmy, zephyr blown winds of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this rare Friday might broadcast, The Eighteenth Day of June, 2021, coming ‘at ‘cha LIVE like a Jelly Fish a flashin’ from Bass River, ding ding ding, right before “FOX” NEWS “THE FIVE”, starring Greg “GUTFELD!” (weeknights at 11 p.m., eastern), Jesse, “I saved the world”, Watters, Dana, always classy Colorado, Perino and of course, my personal favorite, that fiery red head Degan MacDowell, W.H.O. may just NOW begin to SEA the LIGHT, just kidding!


‘the man behind the curtain…”



‘OZ’? out!

God Bless ALL police officers in the United States of America!

Especially my professional police friend, who I bless for real, on Nantucket, may you be safe sir,

I mean that!

p.s. look for the audio book of “A Corporate Moment”, by some jack ass blogger named Michael Mosier, real soon!

Have a great week end!


June 16, 2021

“A corporate moment…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of a star lit, balmy, beautiful Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that magical island of Nantucket!  A tale from Nantucket itself is seems, as this ‘humble’ reporter, ‘writer’, ’social idiot’ has one left trick up his so called sleeve….

I offer you my next book,

“A Corporate Moment”



God Bless!




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Greetings serfs, peasants, slaves of this “Brave New World Order”! ‘Tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague, III, country gentleman, chiming in from my lovely estate here on ‘the far away island’ of Nantucket!  On this Sixteenth Day of June, 2021, looking above at one of “The Five”, literally baby foxes W.H.O. live on my property, rent free of course, one can SEA it is a splendid summer’s morning on an island that must be experienced by one’s lonesome to really comprehend it’s deeper meaning, but I digress, I pray you are enjoying all of your new found freedoms as ‘ya’ll’ ACQUIESCE to our endless, insane ‘laws’, mandates, dictates to either make you break or make you comply, or die, whichever may come first…

I have compiled a little musical score below deck for your entertainment, have a wonderful summer and be kind to the wildlife, or else!

The little ditty is called;


(credit: ‘Five Times August’)


Ta! Ta!

Love and kisses,


A one, and a two, and a three…

“Oh my, heavy times, everybody’s angry living lies, and you broke, joke, ‘woke’ folk think you’re gonna save the day?  You’re outtayerminde kids, nobody cares about what you say!

So you scream more please, look at me!  Living through an I-phone, TikTok, dream!

Rate me, date me, grade me, pay me!

Beggin’ for attention, BOO W.H.O.!

You’ve gone out of your minds kids, no one cares what you do!

Wanna play the victim, wanna be the hero?  Lookin’ like a miserable, confused punk a$$ weirdo!

Think you’ve got it figured out for everyone else when you don’t even KNOW yourself!

All your selfies ain’t no revolution, they are just a slowin’ down EVOLUTION.

I ’spose I need to apologize, and if I don’t you’ll hope and wish I’d die.

Oh, another rule!  Made up by a teenage rebel W.H.O. loves big tech, big pharma, big gov, big laws;

gonna talk all about it on me new BLOG!

You’re OUTTAYERDAMINDE kid, nobody cares about what you want!

No, you cry, not true! I’ll ‘fact check’ you!

Getting your opinion approved by some desperate, faceless, nameless, brainless, intern ‘writer’ for the FAKE NEWS!


Nobody cares about what they say!

Think you gotta voice?  Think you gotta choice?  Think you’re something special in the corporate WHITE NOISE?

Tweet this, post that, ‘gram this, Tok that, swipe left, and make sure to give a like if you like my new hat…

You ‘think’ they’re on your side?

They only share what they wish you to ‘decide’…

Your’e just part of the corporate corruption, that’s peddling CRAP for MASS consumption…

Oh Geez!  You labeled me! Your tolerance is so extreme!  Which should I be? W.H.O. do I get to be?

A fascist? A bigot? A Nazi?

You’re OUTTAYERDANMINDE kid, ’cause I don’t care about what you think?

Oh my, heavy times, everybody’s angry, livin’ lies!

And you broke, joke, ‘woke’ folk thinkin’ you’re gonna save the day?

You’re OUTTAYERDAMINDE kids, because NOBODY cares about what you have to say!

You have gone out of your mind kid, nobody cares about you or the ‘time’ of day, let alone anything you have to SAY!

Have a nice day!”


June 14, 2021

Blackstone Baby!

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the aforementioned golden sun risen, mild, calm, serene, magical, mystical, magnificent island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on The Fourteenth Day of June, 2021, a gorgeous early Monday morning, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Bass River, nestled amongst the deep green Swan filled glacial ponds, deep forests, stunning beaches, wildlife galore, indeed, here at Bass River, one can truly ‘get away from it all’!

Caveat, if and only if you wake up and know you are being played, indeed, by virtue of taking one’s ‘S.M.A.R.T’ (strategic tracking aerial residential technology/tactic)’, you wake up and real eyes YOU and YOURS are the “Target”! Wherein, you, my dear reader, would be well behooved to throw said devilish device, D.A.R.P.A. created, into that beautiful Nantucket Sound one SEAS ‘above deck’…

Blub, blub, blub…


Taking a break from the NON-sense of the NWO ‘Agenda 21/30′ and the UN’s “17 Sustainable Development Goals’, (via the bought an sold SHILL media whores world wide; pure WWII propaganda 101), along with ‘ole cue ball Herr Klaus Schwabby of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, it’s nice to just sit back and feed my Cardinals and Blue Jay’s, Chickadees and Goldfinches… Taking a break from all this hor$e$hit no one is paying ATTENTION to, indeed, ignoring a lunatic where he still commands that esteemed title of “Davos Switzerland’s Man About Town’-that boy can that throw the booze down like a fish, yep, we got it all with that and more when you are HYPONOTIZED by this whore CCP ‘press’ that continues to push this once great Republic into not only a Third World Country, but to take it over from the inside, i.e. you and yours…

What they like to call a ‘VACCINE’…

(in name only)

After all, the DEVIL is in the DETAILS!

Follow the MONEY!

Like the white rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”, ‘zat rabbit hole is deep!

“Can you say pathogen delivery envelope? Can you say systematic, cloud compatible, magnetic mRNA, can you say Hydrogel? Can you say tiny little bubbles, no? How about tiny robots, tiny, tiny little robots making all sorts of Frankenstein fuck ups in your God given body…?

Sure, I knew that you could!”

(credit: late, great Fred Rogers of “Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood”, you know, the International firm know as’ “Blackstone”, buying up all private property, as those are investments “it” already OWNS!)

“You ‘vill own nusssing und like it!’

(credit: “Hogan’s Heroes” “Colonel Klink, a throw back from the 60’s, Cue Ball and full time actor on the new Star Trek TV series in Switzerland, again, zee Chairman of zee ‘Vorld Economic Forum, Herr Klaus Schwab!!!!)

Seig Heil!

Blackstone baby, you can look it up!

Right “Father” Anthony, “Doctor”, ‘Fast Eddy’ Fauci?

You little RAT YOU!

You, like all the other criminals wanted for high crimes against humanity, like Bill Gates and his handlers, i.e. the, ‘the men’ W.H.O. are cowardly ‘lions’ behind the curtain of the Occult, pretending to be the all powerful OZ, the wizard of a man made kill shot designed to wipe 90 percent of humanity off the Face of the Earth.  Indeed, offering up a long planned, twisted, Satan worshipping sick vision of our beautiful world, yes, these ‘men’ are in deep and dark violations of the long list of no no’s in that post WWII 1947 Nuremberg Code, which carries the death penalty with no exceptions

WE shall SEA;

won’t WE?

Have a nice day folks and Bon Chance for the beautiful summer week ahead, don’t take the “JAB”, it will only make them rich and you and yours dead;

do your own research, use your head!


June 11, 2021

The fox and the sound….

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(click “above deck” to LISTEN!)

Greetings and sun setting salutations, so to speak, God Willing, from the glorious, azure, star stealing sky of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the again, once in a life time experience island of Nantucket! A rare Friday night seacapecod.net shout out to some heroes in the still free speech world called “America!”


One of them is Greg Gutfeld, only on “FOX”, notably, moreover, of “GUTFELD!”, tonight at 11 p.m., sharp!

Eastern! whom I know not, yet know more than he may ever so, perhaps meeting in a life time a long, long, ‘time’ ago……

To that, I am grateful, for seeing the cat’s behind the poison therein…

I hope you know where I go so don’t spin.

God Speed from Bass River my friends, and have a great week end!


June 7, 2021

Stay Foxy!

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sunny salutations from the golden blessed, solar blasted shores of Bass River, here on little old Cape Cod… Broadcasting LIVE from the foxes den, witnessing yet another sun rise this humble reporter wishes ALL to experience one day….

Somewhere on the beautiful, bouncy, blessed, and loved island of Nantucket!


For on this Seventh Day of June, 2021, Monday according to Reuters, the power, the REAL POWER is in all of you…

That’s what ‘they’ don’t want you to know…

Just keep on listening/MK Ultra brain washing, to the corporate CCP dictates to direct your mind, body and soul.

Right off a bloody cliff mate!

Hope the Krispy Kreme heart stopping donut was worth it Comrade!

Save “FOX”, indeed, looking forward to tuning in to my favorite ‘escape’ from the machine AI led electronic madness, realizing it’s all a horror movie anyhow.  Greg Gutfeld, cohost of “The Five” at five eastern, p.m. is worth the price of the Big Pharma advertisement admission, that goes for all of them, especially Degan MacDowell, that fiery red head, Dana Perino, sweet Colorado and of course Juan Williams, whose sweet demeanor outweighs his woeful ignorance, followed by a stand up anchor, Bret Baier, “Special Report” who brings a little light to an otherwise darkening world…

That’s why Jesse Watters book, “Jesse Saves the World” is all you really need.

(disclaimer: this is not a paid Ad, although it most bloody well should be!)

Don’t forget to tune into “GUTFELD!”, with an exclamation point God Dammit!  At eleven p.m. eastern too, I have to take a nap to attempt that, my how ‘times’ have changed…

I once stayed up for days on end…

All the Best of God’ Grace and Luck to all them FOXES out there in the Wild;

both literally and figuratively!

Have a great week ahead folks!”

“The BEST is yet to come!”

(credit: singer/ musician extraordinaire; the legend, Mr. Tony Bennett)

Stay Foxy!


June 2, 2021

UN-holy bread

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soft sun let risen, mild, calm, serene, tranquil island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you after “Memorial Day” here in the good ‘ole USS of A, things looking really good on the whole New World Order takedown of humanity, indeed, on this Second Day of June, 2021, we can all take heart that our ‘govern’ (control) ‘mens’ (mind) is doing a bang up jog of killing as many people as possible with a Frankenstein shot from the pits of hell.


I’m sure Tony Fauci will be all set in his new pad in Peru…

The World depopulation plan, via Herr Klaus Schwab’s; Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland’s, “Man About Town”, “COVID-19:The Great Reset” and his other notable novel, “The Fourth Reich”, I mean, regime, i mean “Industrial Revolution?”, is fast tracked and traced to become a reality for you and yours real soon.

Yes sir, it’s all coming in the form of ‘zat ‘Final Solution’ of ‘zee JAB, (the magnetic spike protein mark of the beast (Bill Gates U.S patent number 060606), where it will literally take over your own thoughts and actions…., that’s why all them magnets are sticking to folks, get it Comrade?  Indeed, all while that same ‘vaccine’, irony never ran so thick, indeed, this jab will be the real virus that will cull 90 percent of the ‘globe’s populace by the year 2025….

But be blamed on those who rejected this mass ‘global’ genocide, indeed, not wanting nothing to do with this sick, warped mRNA pathogen delivery device DESIGNED to kill you and yours!

This is all well documented and widely available to the public, they are not even trying to hide their intentions any longer…, one can find these FACTS, not ‘conspiracy theories’, in countless white papers, CFR/Bileberberg minutes, Club of Rome dictates, you name it, so do your own bloody research, it may just save your life dummy!

And let US not forget to mention the men W.H.O. will be brought up on charges stemming from the post WWII Nuremberg Code, where this satanic, evil $hit was never supposed to happen again!

They are well aware of W.H.O. and WHAT they ARE!

And where their proverbial UN-holy bread is buttered!


Have a groovy, animal filled, music playing, loving. laughing, light day!


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