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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 30, 2021

Fox nation…

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Greetings and saturated salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soon to be rain driven, wind blown, cool, raw, rowdy, raucous island of Nantucket! It is a gloomy Sunday morning, The Thirtieth Day of May, 2021, broadcasting LIVE from lovely Bass River, where the many Cherry, Dog Woods, Apples, and all the other incredible annual flowing trees are still in high bloom, brilliant colors of pink, purple, gold, amber, red, and every color under our very limited VISION as humans, only SEA=ing  tiny fraction of the wide spectrum of LIGHT, or the reality all around US…, yet if we take ‘the time‘ to turn off the bloody man made satanic propaganda devises aimed at our and nature’s destruction, perhaps we will come to realize that it is GOD that is ultimately in CHARGE,

Not the other way around…

Take heart, and believe, stay close to your heart and away from the evil intent of wicked men;

for there will be a GREAT Reckoning…

Stay true to His Word, Jesus said to love our ‘enemies’, so do it, and don’t give in to the HATE!

Stay with LOVE.

Just ask my fox pups I tracked for a week while I was on ’sabbatical’ on Nantucket’s great Sound,

they’ll tell ya!

It truly is a ‘FOX’ ‘nation’, at least “GUTFELD!” (only on ‘FOX’ at 11 p.m. Eastern), believes that, because “Animals are Great!”, credit said talk show host with the most that truly gets’ it! Well done on Friday’s show! Dan B. coupled  with that fiery red head Degan Macdowell, “The Five” at Five that is, followed up by that intrepid professional Bret Baier at six p.m., the best in the business as when compares him to say ABC’s ‘David, “Count von Count”, Mule, I mean Muir, of said other network’s “World” “News” Tonight, again, a bit off pudding even for you Mule!

So, I give high marks to real philosophers, writers, TV hosts like Greg Gutfeld for at least attempting to say the WHOLE TRUTH, and skirting that fine line of what it is still “allowed” on the monstrous, brains washing corporate mega phones of zee Vorld!

Ya, WWII propaganda Nazi Josef Goebbels would be in AWE of.

Indeed, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, just to name of few of said “FOX NATION”, some of the journalists out there in “TV” MK Ultra land who still have the balls to actually report on some of what is really going on in the world today…

Kudos to YOU for standing up for this Republic.

Begging the question, riddle me this bat man, if these wonderful creatures of the great wilderness can live free in peace, love and harmony by the SEA, why can’t WE?

“I put it to you Greg!”

(credit: National Lampoon’s film “Animal House”, circa 1978, starring the late, great John Belushi)

One must have FAITH in the GOOD that still exists and will even after this dark Cabal/borg has made it’s exit.

The lethal injections DESIGNED to CULL MAN are well under way and being pushed by every WHORE under the dimming sun…

From all the sick, twisted, Satan worshiping ‘celebrities’, i.e.,”God”, or Morgan Freeman to Elton John, even a once hero, John Cleese, shame on you sir!

You all know W.H.O. you are, and so do WE!

WE are billions, you are a few warped, depraved, child molesting/killing (Adrenochrome). psychopaths’ that WILL, by God,


Nuremberg 2.0 baby!

Have a nice Sunday folks, and if anyone didn’t tell you that they love you today, seacapecod.net just did!


May 18, 2021

‘message in a bottle’ 4.0

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Greetings and high flying salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gorgeous once again, sun drenched, mild, low cloud tempted, raucous, tenuous, wind ripped, tattle tail sounding island of Nantucket! Indeed on this Eighteenth Day of May, 2021, this early, quaint, quiet Tuesday morning in lovely Bass River, where this ‘humble’ ‘reporter’ just witnessed another life changing sun rise, golden hot solar fire upon the rocks clashing with Nantucket’s Sound, yes, on this day where our minds, bodies and souls are still intact, perhaps we should take the extra ‘time’ to ask a simple question;

…someone W.H.O. tattles, is really tattling on themselves, isn’t that right Mr. Moser?

And no one likes a tattle TALE, except of course, ME!

W.H.O. are you going to trust with you and yours’ lives?

Tony Fauci?

He’s a criminal wanted for high crimes against humanity!

A powerful dark force has seemingly taken over the airwaves, as predicted by the Bible which has been widely ‘cancelled’, like most free speech that our new parasitic resident from England, Prince Harry, calls “bonkers”…

Go back to London you ‘royal’ douche bag!

Not long now until all them Zombie “Apocalypse!” movies that have dotted our digital past are painfully, predictably, coming home to roost, thanks to this pathogen delivery envelope containing not only high tech nano AI cloud based compatible robots, but lethal payloads to kill most of most of the U.S. and World populations, indeed, once and for bloody all, ridding the World of these ‘viral’,  disgusting, germ filled, loving, breathing, honestly innocent, human beings…

All by design.

“Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 In Perpetual Balance With Nature.”

(credit? “The Georgia Guidestones”, in Elbert County, Georgia, est., 1980),


Deagel.com report, wherein one can look up the future U.S. Population forecasts predicting that by the year 2025, this once hearty and well fed, non-GMO U.S. population will decrease by 90 percent, going from roughly 327 million down to 100 million or less…


The Rockefeller Foundation white paper, circa 2010, “Lockstep”, a dystopian nightmare that is being played out as this message in a bottle is being created, via a fake smokescreen called certificate of vaccination ID, or ‘COVID’, yep, all by design for you to take the patent number, owned by Bill Gates, 060606…


Have a great week ahead folks!

Turn towards the innate goodness you and yours already ARE!


May 14, 2021

“She’s a Witch!”

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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the aforementioned golden sun drenched, mild, still, serene, sexy island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you, broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global’ headquarters here in lovely Bass River, in the town of Yarmouth, on The Fourteenth Day of May, 2021, a lovely Friday morning as one can SEA ‘above deck’..

‘The Cape Within Reach’, indeed, you got it all here folks! Mini golf, DQ, water parks, more mini golf, by gum, from pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, salt air to breathe in and out, as nature intended…


It’s a sprint to the finish, as the globalists march forward with their diabolical, well documented (via predictive programming, i.e. movies, books, music), plan to ‘reset’ humanity by turning it into a Newt.

Unlike Michael Palins’ character in that 1975 British Film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, where he plays, in one skit, a poor peasant, a dope, just taking in the latest witch hunt and murder, where he claims that the woman bond and about to be burned at the stake for ‘having opinions’ that differ from ‘The King’, hence her need to be burned at said stake, yes, as Michael’s serf loudly, and falsely yelled out in a crowded mob, “…she turned me into a Newt”. Indeed, again, claiming that she, the lady on the flammable twig pile, actually turned him into said Newt…

To wit he added, “I got better”, a fate 21st Century Man may not utter in zee New World Order!

Seig Heil?

Instead of a ‘Great Reset” how about ‘culling’ it what it really is;

a ‘globe’ al emena?

Again, look for a July U.S. cyber attack, already hinted arrogantly by and accounted for by none other than Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town”, give it up for Herr Klaus Schwab of the WEF! ‘Vatt a guy! After the cyber attack, your ‘new, new normal’ will be followed by zee new internet that will adhere to strict AGI protocols I am sure…

No more free speech for you peasant!


“She’s a Witch!”

Have a great week end yawl!

Make sure to tune in to “FOX” for “GUTFELD!” at 11 p.m., after taking in “The Five” at Five!  Wednesday’s heated exchange between Juan Williams and Greg Gutfeld was worth the price of big pharma’s nauseating anally anointed, advertisement admission.  If your going to live in the Matrix, you may as well enjoy the ride, just ask Bret Baier of that :Special Report’ at six;

he’ll tell ya!

(disclaimer: this was not a paid Ad)


May 10, 2021

“Count von Count”!!!

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Greetings and soggy salutations form the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misty, foggy, mild, mysterious, magical, magnificent island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on a damp Monday mid morning, The Tenth Day of May, 2021, gratefully accepting the Spring rains that keep all of nature’s promise alive, loved, like the SEA foxes and Cherry Trees,


well fed…


“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing man that he didn’t exist.

And like that’


He was gone…”

The magnitude of what Mankind is facing is beyond most comprehensions, conflate that with real misinformation coming from the “Black Mirror” in your living room, ‘guiding’ your life, safely of course, and offering a ’solution’ to your new found ‘problem’ of a pandemic that never was…

I was never isolated in a lab, only in your head!

As you, yourself, the only one ISOLATED!

“Vee vill give you back you freedom if you do ‘vat ‘vee say every day! Now don’t go out and play, you ‘vill never get your way!”

Resistance is Futile!

Seig Heil!”

(credit: Herr Klaus Schwab, Chairman of The World Economic Forum, indeed, Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town!” and author of two must reads, “The Fourth Reich, I mean Industrial Revolution” and zee “COVID-19: The Great Reset”, great summer beach reads!, available only Amazon baby!)

Indeed, as you witness ABC’s “World’ “news” Tonight, a bit off pudding don’t you think?, with David, “Count von Count”-vun vaccine, two vaccine, sreee’ vaccine! Ha! Ha! Ha!--Muir’s performances, you have to sit back and be just a little impressed…

What, with all that lightening and thunder booming? All that ominous heart stopping music in the background?  It must be important!  Yep, you got your hypnotized, brainwashed, MK Ultra mind controlled audience of sheep presented with a slick, spinning, super shiny, giant, huge, sterilized, scrubbed, disinfected, oversized desk a family of four fresh in from, via Biden’s new open border policy, Russia could live under for a decade or more!

Rent free baby!

Indeed, an unnaturally neon red glowing devilish desk where,

a mule spews his wicked spells…

Mule’s nauseating propaganda script from on high’, pushing the Devil’s Agenda 21/30, i.e. the rush to inject an experimental medical procedure into as many American arms as possible before the masses figure out it’s an UN-prese a-dented genocidal attack on humanity itself!  The “JAB”, containing, but not limited too, a tiny, tiny, tiny Hydrogel pathogen delivery envelope, filled with AI driven/cloud compatible nanobots, filled with mRNA ‘recipe’s’ (”programs”), that will turn you into a generically modified organism…

“Ore”, what the kids call today a GMO baby!

“She turned me into a Newt!”

(credit: The very much alive and great Michael Palin from the classic 1975 British film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, also starring the late, great Graham Chapman)

Patented (U.S. patent number 060606, you can look it up!), therefore owned, by none other than Bill Gates himself.

W.H.O. is doing a hell of a job as $atan’s number one pharmaceutical rep, sorry Father Fauci, close only ‘Counts’ in hor$e $hoes and hand grenades’, and, of course,

Nuclear war fair?

These lab created, D.A.R.P.A. level high tech, higher dimensional, demonic devices are meant to turn your body into a spike protein factory, hence the new concern over ’shedding’, wherein the more accurate way of describing it would be to say that your own body, your immune system, begins attacking these ‘anti-bodies’ that look just like the CGI images on ‘ole Mule’s decorated show, fake computer generated images pumped into your subconscious now for well over a year, think about it folks!  This crap has presented to you and yours for well over 15 months now, presenting a fake movie for yawl to be in FEAR of.;

“Just two weeks to flatten the curve…”

Fuck you Fauci!

Tell that to all W.H.O. have died because of this very real CONSPIRACY?

So, the immune system, when confronted with a wild corona virus or the cold/flu, after being injected with this virus, I mean ‘vaccine’, during the typical flu season of the Fall and Winter months, it will look for these real spike proteins throughout the body and when it discovers them in all the cells, via ‘the jab’, well, it begins to work against itself, while your ’shedding’, for lack of a better word, begins to infect others around you…

All by design.

“One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.”

“They call me Verbal.”

(credit: “The Usual Suspects”, circa 1995)

Have a nice week ahead folks, don’t take any wooden nickels!


May 9, 2021


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Greetings and sunny salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brilliantly golden sun lit, deep azure sky presented, gentle zephyr breeze led, flowering, singing, bird flying high island of Nantucket!


Great to be with you on this Ninth Day of May, 2021, Sunday, or better yet, “Mother’s Day” here in the U.S., wherein, seacapecod.net hereto forth, sends this little ‘message in a bottle’ over these ’series of tubes’ (credit: late Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens), called, ‘the Internet, wishing ALL Moms out there world wide, a joyful, peaceful, content, propaganda free, safe, loving, hugging, kissing, flower laden day, filled with a power far more powerful than any secretive, monstrous, evil, criminal cabal;


God Bless you for all you do!

Have a super day!


May 7, 2021

Gargoyles for sale!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard from the glorious sun setting island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on that ‘trip’ “Back to the Future!”, WHERE, perhaps, you and yours may SEA the TRUTH behind the LIES the gargoyle hides in via “Biden”;

the last remaining crumbs of America’s demise?

“I meet you at Dragon LIght, at Midnight, after I build 19 more coal fire power plants in your “Gaia’s” name!…

“Me so sorry, me so sorry…”



God Bless and Happy Friday, The Seventh Day of May, 2021!


Take me to your ‘leader’!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misting, mild, mysterious, magnificent, magnanimous island of Nantucket!  Great to be broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street here in historic, quiet, quaint Hyannis, where there is plenty of room for ’social distancing’ save a few seagulls here or there…


It is The Fifteenth Day of February, 2021, Monday by all accounts, and if you didn’t SEA it, a few days ago on ‘TV’, our fearless, ancient alien ‘leader’, sitting there with presumably a real mask on, for this ‘humble’ reporter has yet to see an almost 80 year old man with no wrinkles, black eyes and said face mask that doesn’t fit too good.  Yes, it seems ‘ole slow, sleepy, sad, pedo Joe and his wife are big fans of the “Lunar New Year”, ‘The Chinese New Year’, so they dedicated this sweet, simple fireside feel good moment in ‘time’ to let U

May 5, 2021

Monty Python…

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Greetings and high flying salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the damp, dreary, depressing, dumb downed, daffodil laden island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this dark Thursday morning, Fifth Day of May 2021, broadcasting LIVE from Bass River on another good day for ducks, with intermitted showers expected, genteelly, gracefully and gratefully accepted by the many blooming plants, flowers, trees, grasses, shrubs, thickets, where Chickadees and Cardinals, Blue Jays, White Swans, Herring Gulls, Greater Black Backs, and the mighty Osprey grace and breed, completing that natural cycle of life, one that is sacred and beyond the reach of man…


“And now, for something completely different and quite insane!” (credit: British ‘69- 70′ TV show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”)

But the bromides, euphemisms, lies, and Messianic Boomerism’s from those days should be all too familiar…

Biden, “ORE” the creature from the Black Lives Matter Lagoon, stated recently of those Americans W.H.O. don’t want a lethal injection of an experimental known genocidal pathogen delivery envelope, a Trojan Horse designed to “…turn you into a Newt”, again thanks Monty Python, yes, a ‘vaccine’ created by the Devil himself, yes, our ‘commander-in-depends briefs’, has proclaimed himself to be God, as he lays his judgement upon thee, excuse me, I gotta pee;

Come on Man!

Indeed, this fit, agile ‘authorized’ alien has stated, under no uncertain “terms and/or conditions”, he plans to wipe out them ‘domestic, violent extremists’, you know, half the country?  People like your neighbors, friends, colleagues, old school mates, old lovers, family, some any way, yes, you too are on this ‘no fly, I mean no live list!’, that living part makes YOU are domestic terrorist and a threat(?) to their global plan to depopulate 90 percent of the human population by 2025…


“…you can look it up!”

(credit: Susan Sarandon from the classic 1988 film, “Bull Durham”, also starring Kevin Costner)

He calls YOU and YOURS–assuming you fit the bill aforementioned above deck–for NOT wanting this horror movie killer mRNA experimental biological/synthetic/AI/cloud compatible software system of self replicating spike protein robots hijacking all cells in THEIR collective/individual body, literally hallowing you out like the GMO patented/owned product you will soon be…, yes, he claims it is YOU and YOURS W.H.O will cause others to DIE!

Fuck you JOE!

“Hello, McFly is this this on?”

(credit: 1985 film “Back to the Future!”, starring Michael J. FOX)

Paging Doctor Freud, can someone say and define the word and psychological term “PROJECTION”!



Calling Castle Rock Studios, your body double is telling the people he’s already killing with this ‘vaccine’ that those W.H.O. will not line up for The Fourth Reich’s ‘Final Solution’ will be shot on sight, cancel cultured, and mocked for all eternity, perhaps even syndicated with all royalties going to BLM or Antifa, that doesn’t exist, it’s an idea, a ‘big idea’ like the New World Order, got it Comrade?

Joe Biden is “…the gift that keeps on giving all year long Clark”, credit “Eddy” from 1989’s “Christmas Vacation”, starring Chevy Chase, I wonder if he got ‘the jab’?, indeed, projection of what this evil plot of death cult 4.0 is up to by blaming it on those with EYES to SEA, well, it’s just pathetic and most will SEA right through the hor$e$hit Joe, if that’s your real name!

Here’s an ACTUAL,


V.A.E.R.S. (vaccine adverse event reporting system), has these numbers for deaths by vaccine for the first quarters of 2018-2021.

Keeping in mind that numbers, unlike scum bag Zionist banking mad men, don’t LIE.

Plus, only 1-10% of real cases actually get to that reporting system mostly due to red tape and hospital criminality…

Deaths by Vaccines in U.S.

1st Quarter of 2018- 12

1st Quarter of 2019- 18

1st Quarter of 2020- 23

1st Quarter of 2021-2917

That is a 12,000 percent increase ladies and gentlemen!

“Houston, we got a problem!” We never landed on the moon and people are beginning to figure out we are trying to kill them!”

Just 6 cases of rare blood clots in the Johnson and Johnson “CON”VID-19(84) shot right David, “Count von Count”, Mule of ABC’s ‘World’ “News” Tonight?

You dirty little vampire you!

Have a groovy day yawl! Get out there and touch a seagull;

hug a writer!


May 4, 2021

Rise and Shine!

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Greetings and soggy salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, clammy, wet, misting, foggy, frolicking island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you, wrestling back control of sovereign being from principalities, dark forces on high, indeed, taking back my own voice from my Bilderberg buddy Lord William Montague,

za sird!

Rise and Shine Comrades of America Land!

Gratefully, broadcasting LIVE from the lovely, gentle rain blessed Bass River, where, if ever wandering this way, please make sure you stop in for some great SEA food at “Jerry’s Seafood” on Route 28, best Cod on the Cape!  And if you want some cool street threads to enjoy this summer outside, visit our friends at potentcouture.com for some great fashion during ‘these difficult’ man made ‘times’…

It is a Tuesday, The Fourth Day of May, for those counting, and what can one say but, whoa man!  Can I take a breather?  This truly global eugenics (point guard Bill Gates, soon to be free ladies!), plan created by forces beyond this dimension, i.e. ‘artificial’ intelligence, AGI, is now in full gear and has been planned for well over forty years, most would say for well over 140 years, hence all the spotlight on ‘The Civil War’…, as proved by another Bilderberg friend who wrote a book on the subject, indeed, a real menace to society, a man my father once knew, I just made that up!

Isn’t fiction wonderful?

Just ask the Biden Regime,

…they’ll tell ya!

Seig Heil!

This however, is fact, exemplifying that it ’tis true what ‘they’ say:

Fact, more often than not, is much stranger than fiction.

Hence all the censorship, peasant media hound dog comrade, may I call you that Mika B. of MSLSD?

I came across the quote I was looking for from “Down Undah”, via a great human being who goes by Max Egan and his website, “The Crow House”, ’surviving the Matrix’, highly recommend view, Jaques, “It’s not Attila the Hun, it’s just plain old,” Attalli, allowing anyone curious to look inside the mind of an Elite member of zee club…

Enjoy, and have a great week ahead folks, remember to be kind to the little things, fight for them!

“The future will be about a way to reduce the population… Of course, we would not be able to execute people or build camps (this book written in 1981), we get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…

We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and asked to be treated…

We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution…

Then, the selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself and they go straight to the slaughterhouse alone.”

(credit: Jacques Attila, I mean Attali, W.H.O. predicted 2021 in 1981 in ‘above deck’ work entitled, ironically, ‘The Future of Life…”)


May 2, 2021

Fog Island Cafe

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and sexy salutations from the sands, suns and serfs of our ‘time’, indeed, ’tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague III, country gentleman, beaming some yet to be released 6G energy your way, on this lovely Sunday, The Second Day of May, 2021, won’t you stay?

For it won’t be long until you won’t have a say…

Indeed sit a spell as I pray, for I have once again successfully hijacked that so called ‘writer’, ‘reporter’, “Holier than Thou” human being? Michael Mosier once again and his dreadful misinformation ‘message in a bottle’ called seacapecod.net, where he exposes all of my dear friends of say, The Club of Rome, or The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Bill, Melinda, Tony, Bojo, Herr Klaus Schwabby, Nazi, ‘90 proof’ Pelosi, CCP, I mean AOC, and all hired guns, pretty little TV, political puppets, high priests, politicians, poets, bankers, and Lucifer lovers of all stripes galore gather, to plot, to conspire baby!  At say a Bilderberg meeting or said WEF in the stunning Alps, a quaint little Swiss town of Davos, Switzerland face to face, without diapers of course! Yes indeed, it is on these little trips where our best plans for your future are hatched!

W.H.O.’s with me?

After checking on the help’s progress at my estate on that ‘far away island’ of Nantucket, literal Wampanoag translation of said word, yes, after strolling the lush grounds, fertile SEA grass, taking in that wonderful sunshine filled with vitamin D, deep, clean breaths of fresh Mighty Atlantic SEA air, with the many Ancient Cedars, White Pines, Apple, Elms, Birch, Beach, Oak, Ponderosa Pine, Dog Wood, Cherry, Maples, Sugar and Japanese, gratefully all of it adorning my land, you name it we we got it on this property, perfect pitch and perch for the numerous Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jays, Gold Finches, just to name a few, and the views of the Atlantic from the third floor, oh my!

Yes, after doing all that, having some brunch at the Fog Island Cafe and then shooting off to ACK, Nantucket’s small, exclusive airport, we are now high above Bermuda on our way back to Switzerland where we plan an emergency meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss this ‘vaccine’ hesitancy and how we must find a way to blame those UN-vaccinated for these ‘variants’ being spread, not, of course on what the ‘vaccine’ itself is doing to that useless eater’s body.

The JAB, clearly, being the real culprit for those W.H.O. will be getting ill and dying by design due to our, this well planned eugenics depop shot, an experimental mRNA synthetic, highly UN-ethical, untested on humans, all the animals died in previous studies thou, so we got that going for US, “which is nice…” (credit: my friend Bill Murray from the fabulous 1980 National Lampoon film, “Caddyshack”, but I digress…), lethal injection, I mean biological weapon that will allow ‘the patient’s’ own body to do OUR dirty work for US!

How wickedly delightful!

Plus, we have omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent global propaganda, i.e. all the corporate whore press, (save “The Five” on Fox at five, followed up by Brett Bair Report at 6, plus “GUTFELD!” at eleven p.m. eastern, five at five of course!), not to mention we plan plenty a false flag, a coming World War III, massive inflation, white genocide, and of course, a new host of ‘variants’ that we somehow isolated from a virus that never was, hence that pandemic itself, pure fiction that the stupid sheep of this world bought hook, line and sinker!


global dominance is complete.

Resistance is futile!

Seig Heil!

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go and break up a fight between two of our finest actors in this play…,


Tony, “Fast Eddy”, Fauci and Bojo the Clown, as it seems they are fighting over W.H.O. is the more skilled LIAR in our club, moreover, who is more famous and loved, when we all know, it’s Montague baby!


Enjoy your servitude dopes of America, not to mention your bad decision in trusting us, your fatal mistake, your “Fatal Attraction”, yes? Because of your stupidity, cowardice, sloth, ignorance, you bought our great LIE about a virus that never was and cried out in the wilderness for a SOLUTION, never knowing it would be of the FINAL sort…

Pity that.

You tell that big LIE over and over again, eventually, like one of my heroes once said, Hitler I believe it was, and eventually, it becomes ‘the truth’…

So many sheep, so little time, all lining up for the jab, to conclude a mostly pointless life with a steady, sometimes quick, sometimes slow demise…

‘Velcome to zee new Vorld Order peasant!

For you only ‘think’ you live in a free and fair Republic, those days have passed you by my friend, because when the CCP demon rat puppets in DC finally finish looting the till for good, leaving you all to rot, remember the man who gave you this information, and don’t ever say you were not WARNED!

Have a pleasant Sunday folks, please, don’t feed the animals, the unclean, vaccinated zombie masses!

And for the love of God, to quote my dear friend Melinda Gates, some horrible ‘bloggers’ call, with great honor, ‘the malevolent one‘,

“…just get your God Damned Vaccine!!!!”

She’s so wonderfully evil!

Ta Ta!

Bon Chance!

Socially distanced hugs and virtual kisses!


Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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