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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 31, 2020

Trees and Stars…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, breezy, comfortable, casual, cutting edge island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this last day of August, 2020, a busy Monday mid morning here on famous Ocean Street, in Historic Hyannis/Hyannis Port, just back from swimming the Sound, after a long bike ride down quiet country roads;


Hope your day is going swimmingly as well.

As the summer winds down for another year, lo, a season unlike any other, this “humble” reporter looks forward to the coming Fall.  Cooler nights and days, changing colors on the countless variety of trees and other plants, migrating birds, whales and people, all going back to their normal home away from home.  We shall miss them, SEA you next year!

Whales and all wildlife, of course, not required to social distance, wear masks, or take vaccinations.

It is an honor and privilege to send out this ‘message in a bottle’ most every day for well over a decade now, especially with mass censorship taking down truth tellers on most communist based social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Google and the rest.  It seems as though the dark is winning.

However, don’t lose FAITH.

LOVE, Light and FROGS will prevail in the end.

Harden not your hearts, swim with those whales, fly with the Osprey, sing with a Cardinal, sit with a woodchuck, play with a bunny, touch a snapping turtle, wonder at nesting Terns and Piping Plovers, run with the coyotes, marvel in awe at a Fisher Cat, dream with the seagull…

It’s your life.

LIVE it the way YOU choose.

Throw away your electronic collars, turn off your ‘TV’, read a book, paint a picture, walk the EARTH.

Enjoy this moment in ‘time’…

You are nothing less than the trees or stars;

you have a RIGHT to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you,

the Universe is unfolding as it should,


be at peace with God;

…whomever you perceive Him to be;

Strive to be HAPPY!

Have a wonderful, powerful, pioneering, prosperous week ahead folks!


August 28, 2020

Problem, reaction, SOLUTION!!!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly sunny, warm, muggy, slightly breeze led island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on a sultry Friday late morning, The Twenty-Eighth Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global’ headquarters here on famous Ocean Street in lovely Historic Hyannis. Humbly awaiting the ‘news’ of the day, such as where is the woodchuck and bunny?

And why are humans so incredibly ignorant, compliant, complacent, cowardly;

…so incredibly stupid?


Never before in the history of the world has such an evil plot, a monolithic conspiracy, blanketed and hoodwinked such a large swath of roughly 7.7 billion souls.  So many published documents/whitepapers/military top secret plans, i.e. “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, prove everything Sea Cape Cod.net has covered in great detail (SEA archives on the right hand of the screen), over the past decade and a half, thus, it seems repetitive and disheartening when falling on the deaf, dumb and blind masses, most of whom never bothered to read anything outside the blissful like bubble of “The National Enquirer” or any number of corporate slop being offered daily in this BEAST system.  A matrix of millimeter, microwaved, manipulation to our once cherished reality, as ‘they’ impose draconian restrictions and ‘rules’, lo, the very elimination of our God given rights and freedoms;

Indeed, shredding the U.S. Constitution itself;

A fairy tale told to children in FEMA camps.

The months of September, October and November of 2020 are going to reveal the true nature of this sick, twisted, psychopathic group of Elite, greedy cannibalistic men, yes, that’s right the Cabal’s overall goals; It’s Agenda (21/30). In fact, it’s already beginning to happen in ‘far’ away places such as Melbourne, Australia, Singapore and France.

Soon to be in a town, city or rural setting near YOU soon!

The U.S. ’selection’ will be impacted by not only the courts trying to make sense of the controversy of ‘tainted’ mail in ballots, but by the coming false flags that will reek havoc of New York akin to the deliberate taking down of the World Trade Center in 2001.

These coming FORCED, compulsory (by the U.S. military, UN ‘blue hats’, and Russian and Chinese soldiers), killer vaccines is just the beginning of what the good book describes as the Tribulation period.  5G and ‘Skynet’ will provide the accelerant, causing more deaths, while turning surviving, once regular humans into zombies.

And as the nation devolves into mass chaos, ‘reaction’ to the ‘problem’ of say, “CON” (cover) VID-19(84), hyperinflation, the destruction of the dollar, food and water shortages, mass rioting and burning of cities and towns, uncontrollable violence, and the like, the real powers that be, those faceless, nameless lizards behind the curtain, will offer up the FINAL SOLUTION.

More lockdowns, quarantines, testing, tracking and ultimately under the skin electronic tattoos, followed by ID2020 in the form of RFID microchips in your hand or forehead, just as the Bible predicted so many centuries ago…

The goal is to cull the population;

…in case you didn’t get the memo.

U.S. and World corporate media is nothing more than MK Ultra brainwashing, designed to keep said masses in the dark, instill blackened FEAR, while demanding complete compliance and submission to the new “gods” of our era, namely, ‘the experts’, ‘the “scientists”, “technology”.  That’s right, these terrible, tyrannical, authoritative dictators will round up dissidents, agitators, rebels, ‘terrorists’ and either stick them in a FEMA prison camp, or simply kill them on the spot.

Why did the U.S. government purchase 30,000 guillotines?

From China and the blades from Mexico?

NO paper trail.

All powerful nation states are under the spell of this coming “New World Order”. An ‘order’ where ALL of your previous God given rights and freedoms will be taken away. Where your thoughts, actions and dreams are no longer your own.  Group Think, or Bee Hive mentality. Destroying natural human DNA with an ungodly mix of satanic RNA, baby cells, and a whole laundry list of what can only be described as a nasty, nefarious, evil, hideous witches brew, designed by sick, depraved lunatics such as Bill, “baby killer” Gates and his horrible wife “Malevolent, Murderous Melinda”, Anthony “Fast Eddy” Fauci, and Co., as they steer the for profit, horrific CDC (Center for “Disease Control” & “Design”), to tell you what to think, do and feel.  World “Health” Organization providing the script to be followed by every ‘journalist’ from Washington to Wuhan, as the patents for ‘CON’ VID-19 come home to roost, and make creatures like ‘dat rat Fauci a mint.

Man made weaponized weather, or ‘natural’ disasters, i.e. hurricane “Laura” in the Gulf, or ‘wild fires’ in many Western states, created by direct energy weapons, or D.E.W., in the sky the ‘media’ calls “natural dry lightening strikes”, help in weakening the citizenry further, as that 99 percent begs for a SOLUTION to all of these ‘problems’ created out of whole cloth by some powerful, evil monsters who truly wish to not only take complete control over every man, woman, child;

…but to end their lives before their ‘time’.

Not a pretty picture is it?

The ‘time’ is NOW!


Wake up!

REAL eyes what is going down!

Prepare your hearts, minds and souls for what is to come, do not take this most EVIL crown vaccine, for a plandemic. Please, stock up on food, water, medicine and keep your wits about you.

Do NOT comply, compromise or capitulate.

Most ‘believe’ in Satan or the Devil,

…why is that so few still believe in a Divine Deity most call God?

Of which WE were ALL created in the image of?

Or a man who walked this Earth over 2 millennia ago who gave his life for Man’s sin?

And his simple message of LOVE?

Have FAITH and be STRONG!


August 26, 2020

The Crown

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brilliantly golden lit, breezy, clear, cool, calm, causal island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on this Twenty-Sixth Day of August, 2020, a gorgeous Wednesday morning here on famous Ocean Street, nestled in Historic Hyannis, hoping you and yours are weathering the storm of madness and mayhem all around this beautiful country we once called our;

…home of the brave and land of the free.

SEA ya!

Dark days have descended upon America, lo, the U.S. Constitution shredded as city after city, acre after forested acre begins and continues to burn. Case in point, the First Amendment, or in two words, free speech. Social media platforms, owned and operated by a corrupt, communist leaning government (mind control), posing as private giant tech companies, i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, have all but taken away citizens ability to ‘do their own research’ as to the horrible, evil, satanic behind the curtain GENOCIDE perpetrated by said U.S. power brokers not only in this nation, but across the ‘globe’, leaving them with government issued cheese, doled out by CIA planted ‘anchors’ and ‘journalists’ who invade your living room every night and day.  Spewing the script these pedophile monsters, these sick, depraved psychopathic Zionist bankers want you to believe.

Brian, whose channels on YouTube (owned by Google), “High Impact Flix/Vlogs”, was the most recent victim of this purge.  He offered simple, yet insightful, comprehendible, intelligent videos and commentary that reflected what is actually going down world wide, focusing mostly on this tattered flag called the “United States of America” (Inc.). His work uncovering FACTS of what this UN steered “New World Order” has in store for each man, woman and child in the coming months, culminating with Agenda 21/30 rearing it’s ugly, digital, disgusting, deadly head.  “The dark winter”, where many more souls will leave this plane of existence, a land it seems God himself has forsaken.

Good Luck Brian and God’s Speed!

Like the gentle bunny above and below deck, the poor, ignorant, good people of America are unaware, unconscious and uncaring about who, why, how, where and WHAT is causing all of this insanity.  Unlike our long eared pal, most lack the skills to hide from hawks high above, ready to swoop down and kill.  No, the majority of folks from coast to coast will sit back and allow this criminality against the human race to continue without even the thought of a FIGHT!

Content to sit back, eat GMO poison “foods”, be hypnotized/brainwashed by the $hit they SEA on TV, dismiss chem trails as conspiracy theories, along with all of the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, i.e. direct energy weapons, or D.E.W. (lightening lasers from space burning Western states to force people from their land, all part of the ‘Wild Lands Project’, Agenda 21), 5G military grade weaponry designed to destroy humans, poisoned drinking water with deadly fluoride and many other toxins, psychological operations, i.e. “CON” VID-19, killer vaccines introducing foreign DNA, Nano chips, and all kinds of other horrible stuff, designed to alter what it is to be human, forcing these vaccines to be compulsory, FEMA camps, quarantines, isolation, dehumanizing masks, face shields, gloves, goggles, hazmat suits, social distancing, barbarian ‘laws’ banning gatherings of more than two people, weather warfare–creating man made droughts, hurricanes, floods, straight line derecho winds destroying crops, MK Ultra programming 24/7 masking as ‘entertainment, and ‘news’;

,,,the list goes on and on and on.

The Agenda of these maniacal, perverted, powerful psychopaths’ is quite simple.

They wish you to stop breathing.

This is not a conspiracy “theory”,

this is REALITY.

Google “Georgia Guidestones” for confirmation.

By mandating the masses to socially distance, wear dehumanizing, deoxygenating, despicable masks, indeed promoting them as ‘fashionable’ and ‘patriotic’, shaming all into dawning the ducked taped muzzle, real purpose the silencing and cover up of Man, creating mass iron clad censorship and invoking FEAR of an unknown, never isolated man made (CIA), ‘virus’ with less than a 1% mortality rate, forcing those ‘infected’ (mostly with false positive results from a flawed RT PCR CON VID 19(84) test for this planned, scam demic), to isolate, be vaccinated with a Bill, “I love to kill people”, Gates vaccine, over and over again, tracking them 24.7 (mass surveillance), yes, by doing all of these things and more, offering no real resistance whatsoever;

…it would seem this very real conspiracy is off to a terrific start!

Kudos Illuminate and Co.!

If only 5% of this nation’s wonderful mix of colors, creeds, men and women would open their hearts and minds long enough to read these important words being written in this late hour, the pendulum would wildly swing back, wiping away the corruption, filth, greed, lust, control, perversion, murder and evil monetary system forever.

Powerful propaganda blasted endlessly by TV, radio, films, periodicals and of course a devil owned and operated dark Internet, now “scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected” (credit:  late, great Ted Knight from the classic 1980 film, “Caddyshack”, also starring Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase, among many others, including the harmless rabbit, friendly squirrel and the plastic explosive gopher), of any truth, has hijacked most of the souls who still dwell on this once sacred soil.  Unaware of anything going on ‘behind the curtain’, as we inch towards the pivotal months of September and November of this year, 2020, when the proverbial $hit will hit the FAN!

Bow down to the Crown!

(corona Latin for said golden NWO crown!)

Stock up on food and water, candles, batteries, and defenses, love one another, pray and do not fear.

Even if the end is near.

Get right with people, the Earth, and GOD!

Have a super Wednesday folks!


August 23, 2020

Absolute Power!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, warm, muggy, magical, magnificent island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on an early Sunday morning, The Twenty-Third Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street, in Hyannis/Hyannis Port, formerly our 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s campaign headquarters for the 1960 election, a football toss to the Kennedy Compound nestled on the shores of Nantucket Sound…


Steam rolling down “Mt. Doom” (credit: J.R.R. Tolkien and the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”), as a tattered, tired, and tearful nation limps towards ‘the final solution’ coming in forms of a rigged presidential selection, mandatory vaccines, compulsory mask wearing (or the ‘muzzling’ and dehumanizing of society world wide), the coming planned ’second wave’ of “CON” VID-19, 5G, man made manufactured weather warfare, UN ‘peace’ keeping forces invading the U.S., GMO poisonous ‘food’ stuffs, poisonous fluoridated and God knows what else is in the water, lockdowns, immorality, Satanism, tracking, tracing, destruction of privacy, quarantines, “Lockstep” (whitepaper penned by David Rockefeller, circa 2010), chemtrails, mass censorship, coming ID2020 RFID microchips, the New World Order,

yeah, we got it all America!

This rollout of a bogus, never isolated flu like virus has been the greatest coverup in modern human history.

WE have been duped by the current ‘powers that be’, far above “The Donald” J. Trump’s pay grade, indeed, the whole of the world now under the spell of Sauron, or the Devil himself. Make no mistake about it folks, this is a spiritual WAR, with few conscious enough to SEA the reality v. it’s FAKE, illusory mirage, coming in the form of virtual OCULUS transhumanism, a group ‘think’ bee hive citizenry (slave class).  Because of this rather easy hostile takeover of every aspect of this former Republic, now a corporation, i.e. masks, masks, masks!, the table is set for the complete enslavement of Mankind.

Many look to predictive programming movies from the past fifty or so years to catch a glimpse of what is to come.  What has been planned by those powers that BE.  Planting it in the subconscious of Man, as “Hunger Games” becomes the ‘new, new normal’.  The once ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’, has devolved into a cesspool of zombies who do whatever the tube tells them to do.  If even 5% of the U.S. population stood up and demanded JUSTICE for all of the crimes against humanity the Illuminate have perpetrated on this great land over the past two centuries plus, the pendulum would swing wildly back towards the LIGHT, thus eliminating this evil darkness forever.

However, it has been written, e.g. The HOLY Bible, this tribulation will come to pass.  It’s ironic that so many have fallen from FAITH, or placed it in the wrong hands, for to head blindly into the trap, without the full Armor of God, is far more deadly than any planned demic could ever be. Choices made now are eternal in nature, leaving many in a state of paralysis, living in FEAR, stripped, so they are told, of their God given rights and freedoms, prepared to comply, capitulate, cower, lay down and give up, letting these bastards get the best of them and their families they no doubt love more than anything else on this temporary plane of existence.

And so it goes, the Sunday corporate MK Ultra mind controlling talk shows, full of political scripts, Agendas (21/30), angels and asses, will ‘tell you what you should think, feel and do, depending upon what side of the political coin you find yourself on in this ‘new normal’, NWO COVID Country, ever buying into the right v. left paradigm, never fully comprehending these so called leaders are nothing more than puppets on a string;

Sauron alone doing ALL the pulling.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, therefore, Trump will win come November, and with the victory, the ungluing of the United States of America.  Civil war will replace the delicate peace we have all enjoyed since the end of Vietnam and Iraq. Brothers will fight brothers, sisters against sisters, neighbor against neighbor;

“…the ringing of the division bell has begun.”

(credit: English Rock Band “Pink Floyd”)

Which one’s Pink?

The months of September and November are going to be intense, by design, a coming chaos that will have people begging for ‘the solution’ to ‘the problem’ and ‘the reaction’, just what the NWO ‘doctor’ ordered;

just ask “Fast Eddy” Anthony Fauci.

He’ll tell ya!

Have a wonderful day folks, please get out and walk/connect with the Earth,

…one never knows what one might find!

The ring of POWER?


August 21, 2020

Kung Flu!! God Bless you!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, comfortable, calm, calculating island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Friday morning, broadcasting as always from our ‘global headquarters’ here on famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, The Twenty-First Day of August, 2020… Taking in another day of paradise on a little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by ‘The Last Great Ice Age’;


In this strange and unprecedented year of medical marshal law madness, Joe Biden, democrat offering for the highest office in the land, accepted said democrat nomination for the U.S. presidency this past evening on a virtual OCULUS realty stage, and as that democrat convention came to an end last night, with ‘Sleepy Joe’ speaking of LIGHT versus darkness, hope v. FEAR and compassion/love instead of hate, most of the main stream corporate media, pundits, priests, poets, politicians and prophets all stood up and cheered, perhaps with a tear in their collective transgendered EYE!

All Hail Satan!

It seems our pal, Donald J. Trump, has something against natural sharks and enjoys watching the barbaric and criminal ‘Shark Week’ on his “TV”. With ‘dat in mind, one queries his real thoughts on Steve Bannon, just another of the many shady characters that darkened the White House over the course of the past four years;

akin to a badly scripted movie about the mob in this fine year of 2020.

According to this reporters’ own father, who knows him well, Steve Bannon is a monster of the highest order. Fitting he was on a 140′ foot plus, 28 million dollar yacht, floating about Long Island Sound for the past few months, keeping ’safe’ from “CON” VID-19 and all while drinking like a fish and doing lots of coke, yes, this fat land shark was plucked from the SEA via a helicopter, landing upon the deck of the vessel, owned by a dubious Chinese Billionaire, yesterday, posting a 5 million dollar bail as he awaits trial for hood winking millions of dollars via a bogus fund raiser to fool people, regular people with little money, into handing their hard earned dollars to build ‘The Wall’ between the U.S. and Mexico.

With Mexico paying for it?

It was never really built,

but Bannon pocketed the cash.

Trump will no doubt go dark this next week, attacking Biden on many different fronts, culminating with a fireworks show at the Washington Monument, adding in private just this morning, speaking to some staff members and press in the Oval Office;

and I quote,

“…is ‘dis ‘ting on? Yeah, ‘dat sleepy bastard is not going to get the best of me!  I will win come November, can’t you SEA? Don’t the American people know ‘dis government is run by lizards?  Archon World anyone?  Hello!! Witches, satanic masses, upside down crosses, pedophilia, slush funds, LGBT insanity, trolls, trainees, child sacrifice, UN sanctioned and directed communist Agenda (21/30), da defunding of police, da insertion, world wide, of unelected officials, bureaucrats, technocrats, taking over local and state governments under ‘da banner of ’sustainability and ‘resiliency’, code for austerity, scarcity and control.  Not to mention ‘da coming ‘real ID2020, a micro chip in your hand ‘dat will effectively take away your sovereign self! Yeah, you got da looting, rioting, and the breakdown of society as we know it today…

Dis, I say ‘dis,

dis is what yous’ will get with ‘dat sleepy, creepy Joe Biden character, a man who looks like a stiff wind could blow him right over…  I mean a man whose a$$ I could kick in a New York nano chipped second.  So yeah, bring it on!  We will go to the ends of the Earth to get dirt of ‘dis guy,

eh ohhhhhh!

We’re gonna filet him like a Blue Fin Tuna!  We are going to ‘Make America Great Again’ by somehow stopping this ‘global’ Zionist banking coup that plans on continuing to ‘Lockstep’ (credit: David Rockefeller, circa 2010 whitepaper), in lui of ‘the virus that never was’, destroying the global economy in order to bring about the final solution to the ‘problem and reaction’ in the form of a dirty, deadly, devilish needle, eradicating a  man made “Kung Flu” with less than a 1% mortality rate.

A rate that will go substantially up when those forced vaccinations take place, dovetailed with more lockdowns, quarantines, contract TRACKING, and deep, dark, despairing FEAR. Eugenics is their ultimate aim, depopulation, via vaccines, viruses, and violence, with some Soylent Green thrown in for good measure.  Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘dat pedo Bill Gates and his pal “Fast Eddy” Fauci, they’ll tell ‘yous!  Or look to ‘dose “Georgia Guidestones” ‘dese so called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ keep talkin’ about, eh?  It says in eight different languages, on giant slabs of astrologically aligned granite, all ‘dese “new normal” Moses like commandments from on high, some very scary ‘tings I tell ‘yous… The first reading, “Maintain human population at 500 million or less, in perpetual balance and harmony with nature.”  Sounds good, until you realize we got over 7.7 billion people, real people, living on ‘dis so called ‘planet’ that has been completely hijacked by the BEAST system.  Can you believe ‘dat da speed of the ‘globe’s’ orbit around ‘da sun is 66,600 m.p.h.?  Dat da curvature in one square mile is 666 feet?  Dat Earth’s so called ’tilt’ is 66.6 degrees?  Earth’s axis of rotation and it’s plane of ‘orbit around ‘da sun’ is 66.6 degrees as well?  Coincidence?  I don’t ‘tink so!  Let’s face it folks, ‘da Anti-Christ is alive and well, coming to a UN sectioned, sanctioned and imprisoned town near you soon.   Da real powers ‘dat be have used ‘dis ‘CON’ vid cover to usher in ‘da 5G ‘dat, combined with all ‘dem Space X satellites being placed way up in ‘da sky, will kill more people than I care to admit.  These powerful ‘global’ dark forces will take away the remaining freedoms you once held so dear, and believe you me ‘day will!  Sleepy Joe will not tell yous dat, no sir!  No, Sleepy Joe won’t even know what day it is.  It’s Judgement day you senile old fool!  Go back to Delaware you bozo!  You ‘ain’t ready for prime time!

God Bless you ALL!

Eh ohhhhh!  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses!!! Trump out!”


August 18, 2020

Blurred Bunny

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the now sunny, comfortable, casual, causal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Eighteenth Day of August, 2020, a quiet Tuesday morning, broadcasting LIVE from our ‘global’ headquarters here on famous Ocean Street, in lovely, historic Hyannis, lo, a destination for many who have now returned back ‘home’;

wherever that might be…


Yes, this bleak country is setting records daily for sinking lower than ancient frog $hit, tragic, as it was once a strong, independent and proud Republic. Now bending to the will of the almighty Beast System, which is about to implement it’s “Agenda 21/30″ diabolical plan full throttle, with ‘ner a soul knowing it’s full implications upon humanity.

Anthony “Fast Eddy” Fauci, Deborah, “they say I’m a doctor?”‘, Birx and our old pal, Bill, “I love Eugenics”, Gates, the head puppets in this grim depopulation plan, are hard at work in their attempts to convince the masses the importance of all of these dehumanizing dictates, i.e. masks, social distancing, quarantines, lockdowns, gloves, gowns, face shields, gloves, and soon to be a forced vaccine, that these measures to keep US “safe” ‘are here to stay’;

... most sheep going along with the gestapo like plan without question.

Therein lies the rub.

These monsters should be locked away forever.

The damage this planned ‘CON’ job has already done to our youth is criminal, but the overall goal they have in store is evil beyond words.

Make no mistake about it folks, “CON” VID-19 has less than a .01 percent mortality rate, if that, less than many common flus in just the past decade.  The numbers are fake, padded, for in this year, 2020, anyone, I mean just about anyone will be tested for CON vid, even post mortem.  The man died of a heart attack?  But he tested positive for COVID?  COVID death.  It matters not if it were a motorcycle accident or you were hit by a bus, if you died recently;

‘it gotta be,

COVID baby!

Yet, we have allowed the Beast to take over our common sense, for it owns the airwaves;

…it’s reach is far and wide.

By allowing this false narrative to continue, an evil plot against humanity, WE have opened the door for this Elite group of psychopaths’ to roll out the 5G nationwide, ushering in that dreaded second wave that most likely will create another lockstep lockdown from coast to coast, creating more division, deception and death.

5G military grade, millimeter wave weapons technology has proven itself to be an efficient killer, especially to those vulnerable, such as children and the elderly.  Like a perfect storm, all of these evil components meld together to create mass hysteria, with a blind call for everyone, I mean everyone, to get a series of vaccines that will introduce new DNA into the body, activated remotely outside.  The effects of 5G combined with this horrible vaccine for the scam demic, will be the real deal, taking out many lives in the process.  Martial law will be declared throughout the land, as they attempt to coral and shame people into submission, via fear and intimidation.  Total compliance in accepting this nasty mired mix into their blood stream, changing them and their DNA forever.

So, as the country is distracted with ’sports’ coming back, stupid morning talk shows and binge watching on Netflix, the ‘powers that be presently’ will make darn sure you and yours are safe.  Safe in the knowledge that you are about to become a cyborg, one step closer to singularity and “retirement”.  Where your thoughts are not your own, belonging now to a bee hive mentality, where your privacy is stripped bare, where your First Amendment Rights are squashed like a bug, along with all the other rights and freedoms we once shared, took for granted and held sacred.

Our grandparents sacrificing their lives for a Constitution long dead.

Indeed, while the good ‘ole U.S. of A. is mesmerized with “Black Lives Matter” propaganda hor$e$hit, thugs running loose on the streets of Portland and all across this country, where recently a man was beaten almost to death because he was white, the dirty, secret work of the Devil continues. All designed and orchestrated from above, as it plays out below. Paid for by creatures like George Soros and Co., keeping the masses distracted with the coming SELECTION process, and caught up in the fable of “CON-VID 19″. Powerful dark forces hard at work with the aforementioned Agendas (21/30);

…waiting on our collective doorsteps.

Think back to a few years ago, when YouTube viewers witnessed trains carrying enormous amounts of military hardware all across this country, same YouTubers video taping these massive movements of tanks, jeeps, guns, on the rails, wondering out loud, are we at war?

Not yet!

These military convoys came in all kinds of different colors, indicating this coming  civil war will be on many fronts in many different topographical situations.  Closed Walmarts from California to Maine soon to be turned into prisons, or FEMA camps, instituting a World War II like scenario, as America goes from the home of the brave to the home of the Fourth Reich.

Everything has changed.

From the UN and it’s man made, H.A.A.R.P., climate change ’sustainable development’, i.e. UN’s communist takeover, to this planned demic, e.g. “Lockstep”, penned by David Rockefeller, circa 2010 (please Google), GMO soylent green, killer vaccines, medical marshal law, poisoned fluoridated drinking water, chem trails, tracking, tracing, surveillance 24/7, coming false flags, war, famine, RFID micro chips and the eventual phasing out of Man, it’s hard to keep a smile on ones face.

So turn that frown upside down, just like the illuminate!  So what if everything is backwards, black is white, good is evil and evil good?

Keep in mind it’s just a Blurred Bunny…

Rise above, help others SEA the LIGHT!

No matter what happens in the future, at least you can say you put up a FIGHT!


August 14, 2020

‘real’ EYES!

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Greetings and salutations from the humid, murky, very warm milk sun skied island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this fine Friday High Noon, The Fourteenth Day of August, 2020.  Indeed, quite hot if in the sun for too long a period of ‘time’, still awaiting rain from the Heavens…


How’s “CON” vid-19 nation doing today?

No doubt in fear, paranoid, confused, challenged, changing, hopefully clarifying,

for please keep this in mind;

This was all planned.

It is ‘time’ to wake up and real EYES what is about to transpire;

or not.

In fact, it was written down in some form of a ‘white paper’, via the Rockefeller Foundation, penned by David Rockefeller himself, entitled, “Lockstep”, circa 2010, wherein, the illuminate front men envisioned a world covered, blanketed, soaked, stewed, boiled and sealed in a world wide viral pandemic, with no vaccinations ready at onset.  In this ’science’ fiction thriller, the following words or concepts would be common place, such as a global currency reset, RFID microchips, isolation, New World Order, singularity, quarantine, goggles, masks, face shields, social distancing, gloves, gowns, hazmat suits, quarantine again, and again and again, social distancing, touch, feel, breath, hugs, sex, and real honest human connection is headed off at the pass;


In this New World Order “normal”, peasants, I mean people would get used to the idea of waiting in line outside to buy groceries, or anything else in a store that may or may not be open for business, get used to wearing oxygen depleting, immunity lowering, dehumanizing masks permanently!  Insanity right out of the movie “Batman”.  A return of some evil villain, who takes over the city wearing, wait for it, in a bloody MASK!

You can’t make this $hit up!

“Go back to Jersey you moron!”

(credit: ghost taxi cab driver in the classic Christmas film about redemption, “Scrooged!”, starring Bill Murray, beautiful Karen Allen, Bobcat Goldthwait, circa 1988, among other greats).

It gets deeper and deeper, down this here 2020 and beyond Brair’ Rabbit hole! With plenty of tar in the tar pit!

Sadly, where most people’s heads, guts and hearts are these ‘Covid’ days…

Covid days?


Hook, line and sinker, and to those who are not awake yet?

I feel for you,

I truly do.

However, I do not suffer fools, there are too many reasons to stay hopeful and spread the light, love and forgiveness.  Although, one could argue that what is really going on with this coup of humanity, and the culling therein, yes, as my friend from Montreal, Quebec, ehhh?, Canada, stated in one of his great YouTube station channel, “Jeff Censored”,

“God, please give these monsters the cosmic, divine KARMA they most truly deserve!”


“WE”, as a collective, of mostly civil, loving creatures created in the image of GOD, lo, a community with a large majority of semi-conscious beings, yes, living on Earth for a short period of what is truly a man made construct, what you call ‘time’….

“There’s no TIME!”

(credit: Ireland’s favorite son, former late night comic, and, I assume, ‘actor’, give it up for Mr. Giggles, Mr. Liam Neeson!, he’ll set you straight!),

yes, we live here to give love, sadly it seems somewhere down the line, many never comprehended the memo.  Or never were introduced to ‘it’ in the first place.

Love is the answer, starting with yourself.

The past is gone, but, can be recreated in your head as much as you allow it to.

Move forward;

…staying conscious, positive, powerful, pioneering, prosperous and pampering.

Never turn your back on one who needs help.

It could be you one fine day!


August 13, 2020

“Bow down to Zod!”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, still humid, warm, wishful thinking island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a Thursday afternoon, a rare one for Sea Cape Cod.net, however, on this Thirteenth Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from ‘planet’ earth, North American Continent, Country of the United States of America, state of Massachusetts, county of Barnstable, city of Hyannis (credit YouTubes’ “Jeff Censored” for that beauty when it comes to the insanity of this whole “CON”-VID-19 horse$hit),

I bid you and yours a fine adieu…

AHOY Matey!


Indeed, these days it feels as though we have ALL been hijacked by a bunch of psychopathic, deranged, lunatics, who wish to cull the human population with the upcoming vaccines, take away more of our GOD given rights/freedoms, under the religion of bogus ’science’, dehumanization by way of FEAR, intimidation, covering up humanity with gloves, goggles, masks, face shields, bunny rabbit ears.  All via powerful intimidating propaganda and deep deception, all under the bloody banner of “CON’ vid-19, yes,

“…bow down to ZOD!”

(credit: fine film, circa ‘Superman II’, starring Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman, released way, way back in 1981, remember where you were then? When you were a sovereign human being, was free and had a life!)

Don’t tell me you don’t miss it.

In case you missed it, like I did, because gosh darnit’, that good ‘ole mule and professional puppeteer, ABC anchor David Muir only speaks of this country, or an interview with Bill Gates business partner “Fast Eddy” Fauci, throwing those smokin’ ace fast balls right down the middle, all done so well with the hand movements and music, all done in an extremely obtuse fashion, thus, ‘world and news’ is a bit off pudding,

…wouldn’t you say David?

In case you missed it, our friend from Montreal, via his fabulous Youtube station “Jeff Censored”, brought Melbourne, Australia to this ‘humble’ reporter’s attention.  It seems Premier Daniel Andrews, Australian city of Melbourne, and some hopping Kangaroos ner’ buy!  Yes, this son of Satan’s brother in law has taken it upon himself to turn that city into a virtual police state, complete Rockefeller LOCKSTEP, complete and utter control over the entire populations’ movements–economically, physically, mentally, spiritually–indeed,  medical marshal law prohibiting people from traveling anywhere to do anything, save permission slip type allowances for weekly grocery trips, and the like, even exercise is limited to one hour a day and within 5 kilometers.  Moreover, they must produce ‘papers”, ‘ver have I heard zis before?’, ‘ver are your papers!’

“Hogan,  Hogan!”

“I see nussingggg, I see nussingggg!”

(credit:  1960’s TV show, “Hogan’s Heroes”)

Sieg Heil!


August 12, 2020

GOLD standard…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, muggy, warm, breezy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday, The Twelfth Day of August, 2020, another soupy day here on famous Ocean Street in lovely Historic Hyannis, the only relief coming in the form of jumping into the Sound, or a comfortable air conditioned living room watching “Netflix” newest predictive programming excrement…


A Bulgarian MD, via the Bulgarian Pathology Association, stated recently (re: RT-PCR testing kits for ‘CON’ Vid-19), “…this indicated that the belief in the validity of the “PCR” tests is so strong, it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction”.

The Johns Hopkins University “CON” VID death/new case fear porn charts, the gold standard for the Beast corporate media mind control machine these days, instilling the fear and paranoia into the masses, putting not only masks on their faces, but blinders on their eyes, yes, these constant reminders of just how many people have died from this planned demic keeps said slaves, I mean citizens in check, ready to comply with the next step to keep US all safe!

This Bulgarian MD goes on to say, “…it is well known that religions (faux/fraudulent ’science’), are based on faith and not scientific fact.  Where we all think alike and no one thinks too much.”

Kary Mullis, R.I.P., a renown biochemist, regarded the PCR test as inappropriate to detect viral infection…

How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article,

“Faith in quick test leads to epidemic that was not.”

Thus, it would seem, we have a real world wide conspiracy on our hands that does not have  the word “theory” attached to it.

JFK was right.

“We are surrounded by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that rules the world…”

(speech by U.S. President John F. Kennedy, regarding “Secret Societies”, circa April 27th, 1961, given to American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Walforf Astoria Hotel in New York City).

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the PCR tests used to identify so called ‘COVID-19′ patients presumably infected by what is called Sars-COV 2, do not have a valid GOLD standard to compare to and with.  This is the fundamental point, tests need to be evaluated to determine their preciseness, strictly speaking, their ’sensitivity’ and ’specificity’, by comparison with a gold standard, meaning most accurate available.

The mandatory, tyrannical nature of mask wearing (dehumanizing/isolating/deoxygenating), I’m lookin’ at you “Fast Eddy” Fauci, you quack, you little weasel you, is just part of the ‘Agenda’ (21/30 and beyond), to CONROL you and yours’ lives 100 percent, priming you for what is about to happen next.  Because, believe you me, some heavy $hit is about to hit the proverbial fan.  Take a peak at some of the predictive programming movies, TV series, books, etc., that have come out in the past few decades, going back to “Soylent Green”, circa 1973, starring the late, great Charlton Heston, a film that is taking place in the year 2022, hmmm, where food is scarce and said Soylent Green is people.

Coming to a dystopian future near you soon!

Or, the ’science fiction’ film, circa 1971, “THX-1138″, starring Robert Duvall, where humans are to live underground and are controlled by robotic cops, given heavy does of drugs to suppress natural human emotion and induce complete and utter submission, yes, in this fine film, the writing has most definitively been left on the wall for all to SEA! A high recommend, for it shows the masks, the goggles, and the helmet we are witnessing right now in present 2020, a movie made almost fifty years ago, predictably predicting our future as a species, as the human being is slowly but surely killed off, via GMO’s, 5G, chemical trails, weather warfare, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, you name it.

You could also look to the 1983 film, “Demolition Man”, starring Sylvestor Stallone and Sandra Bullock, wherein, again, a futuristic Orwellian state, where people don’t touch, and the “Oculus”, virtual reality helmets are on display, keeping in mind, all of these movies were made via the Beast system, and in accordance with ancient black magic, they must advertise what they are attempting to pull off in order for it to come into fruition.  “Back to the Future!” and 9/11 ring any bells?  A film released in 1985 where the young Michael J. Fox finds himself in the same Mall parking lot twice;

first time the Mall was called ‘Twin Pines Mall’, now,

‘Lone Pine Mall’…

Do the math.

Returning to the all important ‘mask’ (for control of the human), the FOR PROFIT CDC, Center for Disease Control, out of Atlanta, made these statements, “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCT’s (randomized controlled trials), that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published between 1946 and July 27, 2018.  In pooled analysis, we found NO significant reduction is influenza transmission with the use of face masks.”

Go on!

“Disposable masks (also known as surgical masks), are lose fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids.”

Tell me more!

“There is limited evidence for their effectiveness, in preventing influenza viral transmission, either when worn by the infected person for source control, or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure.  Our systemic review found NO significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

What say you “Fast Eddy” Fauci?

…you little rat you!

“in this review, we did not find evidence to support a protective effect of personal protective measures or environmental measures in reducing influenza transmission.”

“We did not find evidence that surgical-type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control), or, by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility.”

This all from a CDC study called “Non pharmaceutical measures for pandemic Influenza in non-health care settings–personal protective and environmental measures.”

“Seek and ye shall find.”


Have a powerful day y’all!

Thanks for reading and please arm you and yours with KNOWLEDGE;

‘…don’t drink the Kool Aid!’

or take the coming forced vaccination!

Like ‘Soylent Green’, you don’t really know what’s in it!


August 11, 2020


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the hot, hazy, humid, humbling island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Eleventh Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, on a sultry Tuesday morning where we find ourselves in the third day of the third heat wave here in the great state of Massachusetts this summer, one in need of rain big time…


U.S. President Donald J. Trump leaked this recent exchange with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Scarborough, wherein, ‘The Donald’, speaks candidly to his old friend about several issues spoken about on said morning talk show of late, his favorite by the way, for as we all know, that particular show gives more attention to the president than any other network, even if it is negative attention. And as most children know, even bad press is better than no press at all…

Enjoy and have a super day!

President Donald J. Trump: “Yeah, Joe, how yous’ doin?”

Joe Scarborough: “Pretty good Mr. President, we really appreciate you tuning in and boosting our ratings, I think we do a pretty good job, what are your thoughts Hobson?”

“Did you just call me Hobson?  Listen, Joe, I’m not ‘dat butler from ‘dat 1981 film “Arthur”, although I love Sir John Gielgud and Dudley Moore, I’m da Commander-in-Chief God Dammit!  Yeah, so ‘yous gotta understand Joe, I’m walking a tightrope here, eh oooh!  Nobody likes to hear all ‘dis negativity coming from you and Mika every day on your politically corrective shoes show!  You callin’ me a liar?  When have I ever lied?  When Joe, when?  You say I’m not doing enough to help da people of ‘dis country during ‘dis ‘Kung Flu’ ‘ting, really?  I am working here Joe, real hard, and ‘dos rats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can lick my snake skin cowboy boots!  It’s dem Joe, dem, who can’t get a deal made with da Republicans ‘dats hurting all ‘dese good folks who are dealing with ‘dese massive manufactured changes in their lives due to again, ‘dis CHINA virus.”

“That’s all well and good Mr. President, but what about Russia?  What about payroll tax deferrals that don’t help the common man, woman and child in this country?  What about this fiasco with the post office and your desperate attempt to undermine the coming election?”

“Vladimir Putin and me, we get it Joe, do yous?  Listen, if Russia wants to help get me reelected, who am I to decline ‘dat most generous offer from one of my favorite authoritarian figures in history?  I just love ‘dat guy, he reminds me of a clean shaven shorter version of Joseph Stalin, he’s got chops! Unlike ‘dese weak democrats who, as always, whine and moan about kids going back to school safely, their mental health, not to mention the parents mental stability… ‘Dey bitch about people being out of work and not getting ‘dere unemployment benefits, give me a break!  ‘Dere are plenty of jobs out ‘dere to be had, like ditch diggers! Take my fine golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey for example.  Why, I was just walking by the bar ‘dis past week end and glanced up at one ‘dem bulletin boards where ‘yous can pin your business card up on, or pin up does signs with your telephone number on it, on tiny pieces of paper, yeah, you know, people lookin’ for work, and so forth… Yeah, so, ‘der was dis one ‘ting up ‘dere dat caught my eye, and I ‘tink it will be very helpful to da overall economy, mark my words.  It simply read, “Homemade hazmat suits, real cheap, made in America, Making America Great Again”, please call Laura at…”, well, I won’t give out da number, but you SEA where I am going with ‘dis. It brought a tear to my EYE. It’s da new normal New World Order Joe! You gotta get creative and roll with ‘dis planned demic ‘ting, you know? Don’t let it get you down… I have not a clue what is going on and neither do you!  It’s out of my hands, after all, I am just the devil’s apprentice, you know?”

“Mr. President, have you been drinking bleach?  Injecting bright light sources into your body? That did not even make any sense.  This country is in dire straits and you are handing out anchors to save drowning men.”

“I take offense at ‘dat Joe, I thought ‘yous were better than ‘dat.  Hey, I get it, I’m the bad guy, I’m ‘da boogie man!  Da one ‘does lousy democrats want out of office, but you have to admit, it’s been one hell of a ride so far hasn’t it?  Never a dull moment, you won’t get ‘dat from sleepy Joe Biden, ‘dat I can tell yous! You never know what I am going to do, and ‘dat is what makes it so much fun for me, hey, I care about people, sure, members of my golf club for example, and to quote the late, great Ted Knight from ‘dat crazy funny movie “Caddyshack”, circa 1980, “I can guarantee you’ll never be a member here!” I’m just kidding, you can be my caddy any day Joe, maybe Mika can make drinks behind the bar and we can talk turkey over a couple of Cubans?  Listen, Joe, I gotta run, keep up ‘da great work, I know a lot of people call your MSNBC network MSLSD, and I gotta admit, sometimes, when I wake up early in the morning after about three hours of sleep, I tune in to SEA you and Mika, Mike and Willie, and all ‘da rest of ‘dem, and I feel as ‘doe I am on an acid trip—’let’s go to Vegas!’  Yet you guys make me feel less alone and loved, even if ‘dat love is disguised as hate.  Don’t count me out Joe, I surprised the country once, and I am confident, with Russia’s help and ‘dat ‘ting with the post office, and ‘dat odder ‘ting, ‘dat I will prevail come November.  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses, eh oooh!  Trump out!”


August 10, 2020

“Alliance for ’science’…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the overcast, humid, soupy, sultry, warm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on a Monday morning, The Tenth Day of August, 2020, another hot one on tap for the state of Massachusetts, with heat indexes reaching well into the hundreds today and tomorrow, with no rain in sight, continuing a drought that has made this summer that much more miserable to bear, what with all the “CON” VID-19 and all,

Jesus, help US!

The reality of this chaotic calamity is power.

Power over the people.

Power exists in many subtle forms, notably, as of January 2020, “CON” VID-19, which has done it’s job in ushering in mass FEAR, media manipulation, destruction of legitimate economies and democracies the world over.

The ultimate goal is CONTROL of ALL.

A New World Order.


“The new normal…”

Cornell University’s “Alliance for Science” is a highly recommended read, for within the lines, in which the study attempts to debunk “CON” VID conspiracy ‘theories’ one by one, going down a long laundry list of all of these so called ‘theories’, explaining, ineffectively, why one should regard anyone who questions the scripted mission as a nut job;

who is only writing the TRUTH because he is just in it ‘for the money’.

Let US follow that money shall we?

Take the C.A.R.E.S. Act, wherein, only a few months ago, President Trump signed into law Congress’s passage of said bill, within the first stimulus package in response to the current ‘health care crisis’, yes, it seems that hospitals are reimbursed, compensated, big time, if a patient dies with a “COVID” positive test result, even if it is clear the death had to do with something quite different, such as a motorcycle accident.  This is done to pad the numbers, the laughable fear porn via the John Hopkins University charts that instill FEAR, take away freedoms–like getting together with friends and family at a cook out this summer for example–mandating masks and ’social distancing’ or ‘isolation’ therapy, where many a folk will watch the tube and do what it tells them to do.

Or else!

Or else what?

So as Trump throws a monkey wrench into the U.S. Postal Service, in the middle of a PLANNED demic, indeed a virus that has never been isolated, with a mortality rate of .01 percent, per “Fast Eddy” Fauci as of March 2020, many will heed the warnings of their mind controlling STATE and mail them ballots in November, instead of going to the polls in person, indeed, a perfect storm, for you know every vote does not count any longer in a Republic that has sold it’s soul to the devil.

A quick shout out to YouTube’s “High Impact Vlog”, thanking it’s creator for posting said title above for all the world to SEA!


Have a wonderful, positive, peaceful, powerful, prosperous, pioneering week ahead folks, and remember,

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

(credit: fantastic film, circa 1938, “The Wizard of OZ”.)


August 9, 2020

High Heaven!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, blue skied, dry, warm and quite wonderful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a Sunday morning, The Ninth Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, witnessing a golden sun rise moments ago, with a setting white moon to the West, all while a giant hawk flying ‘ore head, carrying it’s prey;

or breakfast.

ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, offered up a perfect summation of the distance between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to creating a real relief bill, at least 2 Trillion. For there is much misery in the land, via a planned demic, “COVID” is destroying the economic life blood of the nation, and ‘they really don’t give a $hit’… Republicans and the Trump Administration have effectively walked away from the ‘negotiation’ table, leaving millions of Americans to ‘go it alone’, amidst the backdrop of a completely chaotic chain reaction meltdown of the mind. Stinking to High Heaven, former U.S. President Herbert Hoover like behavior during a similar crisis in the Great Depression roughly ninety years ago…

New York Senator Chuck Schumer was up first in this reality TV show, speaking sense to the nonsense of late night comic, give it up for Larry, “…what an asshole”, Kudlow, the crack ‘economic director’ of this corrupt, crooked, criminal Executive, whose leader is perfect for his job, for after all, who is the devil’s true apprentice anyhow?

You hold that Bible upside down?

For a photo op?


Trump is in bed with Russia, who is actively attempting to steer this con artist back into power.  There is no doubt this election will be a real $hit show, making the 2000 ‘hanging chad’ Bush win, via fraud in Florida, pale in comparison.

Stay tuned…

Keeping one’s faith alive is never more important than right NOW!

Keep Love, honor, hope, light, patience, empathy, encouragement and humor in your heart.

Meditate, moderate, mellow out!

p.s., check out Netflix’ “Trump, an American Dream”, or nightmare, where one can follow the bread crumbs of this ‘con artist’ from his early years as a playboy, right up until present, polluted, political day. The great David Cay Johnston, author, professor, journalist, and exposer of the TRUTH, adds much depth and historical relevance, interviewing the man many moons ago when he entered into the casino business in New Jersey’s Atlantic City;

making the individual, Donald J. Trump, that much more fascinating.


Enjoy your Sunday folks, and God Bless you ALL!


August 7, 2020

Right Tern

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, comfortable, casual, causal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on this 7th day of August, 2020, a much cooler Friday morning we have had in quite some ‘time’, with dew points down in the upper fifties, or so ‘they’ say…


The U.S. Congress is a failure as we are all aware, with no deal in sight to assist the millions of desperate Americans they would just as well SEA twisting in an evil southern wind.  Indeed, because of this man made genocide, ‘wait ’till the vaccine comes out’, the world will never be the same again.  Businesses going out of business forever, people being evicted from their homes, foreclosures abound, deep hunger issues, domestic violence issues, manipulated media issues, yes, the ’round table’ of psychopaths who truly run this horror show called ‘globalization’ have done a stellar job and will continue to do so, for this citizenry has bought “COVID” hook, line and sinker, killing business as planned, yet ironically, the stock market rebounding quite well.

Follow the money.

Anyway, hope you all have a super week end, what day is this?


“…stay on the road, avoid the moors”

(credit: the fine film circa 1981, “An American Werewolf in London”)

August 5, 2020

“Little Red Riding Hood”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the white hot sun lit, balmy, blue skied, with an occasional ocean low, pink and purple cloud, gracing the beauty of touching the very reason Nantucket is such a special place, to live, visit or own a home. It is the Fifth Day of August, 2020, an Wednesday early humid afternoon, thus, the day is still young to jump in that shark infested water and try your luck.  I’m just kidding, the lifeguards on Cape and Islands are top notch and have sophisticated methods of sighting any large 25 foot fish that might have you for breakfast, lunch or dinner someday…

“We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

(credit:Roy Scheider “Chief of Police”, filmed in Martha’s Vineyard, i.e. Edgartown, in the classic 1975 film, “Jaws”, the very first PG film, or was it an ‘R’, this young reporter witnessed alone in a dark theater, ripe old age of 10. My father dropped me off because he knew I could take the ‘bait’…, also starring, the great Richard Dreyfus, whom I consider a friend, as he shot a film here in Osterville entitled,

“The Light Keepers”…)

On the note of sharks, many swim on land, with big, white, razor sharp teeth!

“My you have such big teeth!”

“…the better to eat you with my dear;”

(credit: 10th Century fairy tale, by Charles Perrault, “Little Red Riding Hood” and her encounter with the big, bad WOLF!)

or flop around the best way they know how, trying to take away the last of your God given freedoms!

Take our ‘fearless’, feckless, old worn out losers, I mean “leaders” in Washington D.C., democrats’ republican’, what’s the fucking difference? Flip side of the same coin.  What a shame these folks never experienced being homeless, having three children to feed while working a slave wage job at “Wendy’s” for $11.57 an hour, with no benefits;

…because they work less than forty hours per week.

Living in a slum lord’s profit center…

Not to mention the domestics violence, unreported, mass food shortages nationwide, the scourge of illegal drugs sent by our fine CIA folk, who, like they did in the eighties with Crack, brought down entire communities, locking up fathers who were just following the real men in power’;

The mob

(new and improved, legit, you knows what I means?, capiche?”)

With one at the top;


Yeah, by all means, vote this November, but remember, this ’selection’ has already been signed, sealed, and delivered…

Just like Pontius Pilot, he washed his hands and sealed his FATE!

A Roman power broker, governor of that era, who did the same some 2000 years ago.

Have a nice day folks!

Keep smiling, swimming, boating, loving, giving, forgiving and freeing your mind, heart and soul from this very real darkness that has taken over this former Republic by way of AI.


August 4, 2020

“Who wants to be a billionaire?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wonderful, humid, yet ‘air’ E island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on a hot, hazy, humid, grey Fourth Day of August, 2020, broadcasting LIVE from famous Ocean Street in lovely, historic Hyannis, where perhaps one of the greatest statues stands on Main Street, our 35th U.S President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, walking with purpose of step and dignified look on his handsome face, strolling as if without a care in the world amongst the tall sea grass indigenous to these here parts, walking alone as if deep in thought of what will most likely come to pass many years after he has left this gem some call Terra.

If only he knew then his words written, perhaps inspired by the wisdom in a 1961 “Orwellian” like speech, (that many say ended not only his career, moreover his extra ordinary life as well), yes, if only he knew then what these real powers that be presently have up their collective, lizard scaled skin, shape shifting as they speak of real Justice, racially, economically, socially, and sovereignty.

For that, folks, is what this ’selection’ is all about;

“…taking away your God given sovereignty as a complete and free human being with rights not made of man;’

but of GOD.”

We live in this manufactured, corporately sponsored by Buick ‘new normal’ where up is down, science is the new normal ‘god’, speaking truth to power and noncompliance is a criminal act, lo, a terrorist threat to tyrannical, militarized “Law and Order” of a “Federal” Government that is hell bent on getting ALL ‘citizens’ tagged with micro “ID” chips, vaccinated with evil poison, ‘under quarantine’, wearing dehumanizing harmful masks, complying with every insane dictate coming from this up and coming future dictatorship, an authoritarian STATE that has already destroyed the First Amendment;


“Vee control what you think, say, feel, act, love, hate and aspire to…, we have all control now.’


Let’s repeat that for there will be a pop quiz, virtually of course, later on next week regarding this paramount subject matter that AFFECTS you ALL, ‘weather’ you are AWARE of “IT” or not.

The very word ‘government’ means ‘to control your mind’.

The actual definition of said word “Government’ means mind control.

Same thing!

Etymologically, originated from the ancient Latin language.

It splits into two words 1) “GUVERNARE”, meaning “to control”, and 2) “MENS” or “MENTIS”, meaning “mind”.

Keep that under your hats though, your friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, coworkers or the man about town might think you one of ‘dem “Conspiracy Theorists” nut jobs we keep hearing ‘about on CNN!

Happy Trails!

What someone else thinks of me is none of my business!

Just ask “Fast Eddy” Fauci, “COVID”’s poster boy, on the new “Ellen” show coming up, or is it that newest of new throw backs,

“Who wants to be a billionaire?

“I am confident we will have a maliciously tainted, micro chipped, mind controlling killer vaccine by the end of the year, perhaps early 21, we’ll SEA!”

(credit: “Doctor Frankenstein, I mean, ‘Doctor’, “Fast Eddy” Fauci, circa July 2020)

“Hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack!”

(credit: Charles Grodin and Robert

DeNiro in the classic, ‘timeless’ film, “Midnight Run”, circa 1988)

(p.s. God’s speed Regis Philbin, God’s speed!)

You will be missed!

Have a safe, disinfected, scrubbed, deeply sterilized, destabilizing, double masking Tuesday High Noon y’all!


August 2, 2020

“Do you SEA the LIGHT”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun risen, comfortable, clear, 24 karat island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you and yours on this Second Day of August, 2020, indeed, a gorgeous Sunday six am with ‘ner a cloud in sight, save that white Michelle Pheiffer white gold shimming in a mid summer start to yet another day in paradise….


If one watches the corporate sponsored media 24/7 like most do these days, it’s always akin to a predictive programming horror movie from either the 80′.’ 90’s. or all this dark energy emanating from the devils playground, Los Gatos, California, where most of this excrement is created.

“COVID” cases are surging, and now, we have an election that will go down in history as one that may have dire consequences for this former Republic, one that used to stand for decency, real law and order and unity.  Hence it’s name, ‘The United States of America”…

Like everything else in the world, those days are gone.


“New World Order”, this so called “NEW NORMAL” is emerging faster than the blink of a young girls EYE.

Accepted blindly by the sad sheep who have bought this whole LIE hook, line and sinker!

Since when did ’science’, such as “Fast Eddy” Fauci and “Bill Nye the Science Guy” become the new religion?  Don’t believe the horseshit you SEA on TV daily, it is there to meld one’s mind, to strip all that is left of the goodness of Mankind;

…moreover, to make one a slave of ‘their’ directives, or face fines, jails time or worse, FEMA camps…

Create a PROBLEM;

i.e. a global pandemic that will cover the ‘globe’, planned 10 years ago by David Rockefeller, for the express purpose of bringing down that world economy, USHER IN A NEW world CURRENCY, RELIGION AND THOUGHT POLICE. None so much than here in the United States.  Unemployment benefits expiring on Friday for millions whose jobs will most likely never return, leaving many people hungry, a complete lack of testing for a virus that was made in a lab in Wuhan, or exposed there initially, so Trump and others would have a scape goat, that all leads to this most recent drop of 33% of the GDP;

largest fall in U.S. history.

The U.S. Senate is in a stalemate over how to ‘help’, when it is abundantly CLEAR that they care not for their fellow citizenry, no sir! They care, like Trump, about their own skin AND SICK POLITICAL FUTURES.

Thus we have a REACTION, albeit, mostly manufactured in various ‘protests’ and civil unrest.

It’s all about CONTROL over the masses via MK Ultra on steroids and this ‘new normal’ virtual reality that has nothing to do with the DIVINE.

Holding on to their so called POWER as an ‘elected’ official for ‘the people’ they claim to serve.

This nation has been hijacked by Russia, China and the real powers that be presently, those men behind the curtain, who believe in reducing that human race down to under 500 million from 7.7 Billion, it the ultimate goal.

Please Google Georgia Guidestones...

“Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop jack”.

(credit: Charles Grodin and Robert DeNiro in the classic 1988 film, “Midnight Run”)

How are they going to do that?

Read a white paper written by our pal in 2010, via ‘The Economist’, or the Devil’s favorite periodical, and 1/1000 percentile psychopath David Rockefeller, entitled, ‘Lockstep”. If you do, it will spell out the spell so there is no doubt as to what the so called “Elite” have in mind for everyday, loving, kind, beautiful people, plants and animals from SEA to shining SEAS!

A diabolical plan indeed!

“Agenda 21/30″ and beyond….

Or the UN’s final SOLUTION, coming in the form of a satanic vaccine that will be forced along with real ID RFID tracking microchips!

Have a super Sunday folks and hug a tree, it may just hug you back!

“Do you see the light Elwood, do you SEA the light?”

(credit: the late, great John Belushi from the classic 1982 film, “The Blues Brothers”),

band and review…


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