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January 31, 2015

Class Act

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again snowy, cold and somewhat blustery island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the 31st day of January, 2015, just finishing up my cartoons at this early hour–a baby whiteout once again at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s)–thank alien technology for DVR?   Did I say cartoons?  I mean “REAL TIME, with Bill Maher”, exclusively airing on HBO Friday nights, LIVE, ten p.m. pacific, seven p.m. eastern, where he had the great Mel Brooks on to make US all smile!  Thanks for the genius of all your work sir!  You too Bill! p.s. I used to love watching cartoons as a kid on Saturday mornings, and now your show has replaced that glaring gap in my life in a big way; seeing you have Wile E. Coyote (any tea party candidate or politician in the U.S. presently), on every now and again, telling US all what a ’super genius’ he is, all while simultaneously a giant freight train (climate change) is about to run him over; feebly closing the little pull curtain (as the massive train hurtles towards him at increasing speeds), denying it’s presence, all happening in the cartoon board room he is presently trapped in, a room going nowhere (21st Century, “not your grandfather’s GOP), save away from common sense, compassion, and REALITY!

Well, it’s Super Bowl week end and everybody is getting in on the act, including our pal Mitt Romney, who broke the news that topped ‘Deflate-gate’ for a day, news regarding the fact he has decided to drop out of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race.  A shocker to many, stating he could win the nomination, but, well, he knew it would have been an uphill battle.

Personally, I actually like the man and wish him well, although I don’t agree with that whole “corporations are people too, my friend…”, comment a while back.  Especially considering they, the corporation, get all the benefits of ‘being a real person’, while avoiding any of the liabilities.  Just ask the Koch Brother’s, they’ll tell ya!  You Betcha they will!  WE, as a collective consciousness of democratically ‘ruled’ people in the U.S., must wake up to the fact that democracy is under threat by a financial coup-d-tat, thanks to SCOTUS 2010 “Citizens United” decision and many other GOP tricks used and cleverly disguised to literally BUY the Executive come 2016!

WE, the lucky few, who actually KNOW a thing or two of what is really going on in this “too big to fail” economic society enslaving people daily, have an obligation to educate the masses as to what is actually happening with our outrageous campaign finance laws, laws that will prove to be the undoing of OUR 238 year old democracy with that little letter ‘d’ many have died preserving!  A warped GOP mentality of ‘hell no you can’t!’ (credit Speaker John Boehner), when it comes to helping out the struggling middle and lower classes, all while keeping healthy the status quo of a rigged banking, tax, social, educational, well, you name it, system that rewards primarily only those at the very top, leaving the vast majority of the U.S. population living from pay check to pay check, twisting in the ever increasing winds of our time…

And that is just the middle class.  Like Bill Maher said on his show last night, the aging middle class of the 1950’s and 1960’s is really an anomaly in this vicious 21st Century game of cut throat capitalism.  Whose modus operandi is simply PROFIT over people; a maniacal system of reasoning that will decay said country from the inside out, and knowing there is no honor among thieves (multinational corporations who pay no U.S. taxes via the many loopholes one could drive a Mack truck right through the middle of), well then, you got your self a problem Houston!

Having said all of that, I applaud Mitt for his recent statements about the middle class, moreover the plight of the poor, hopefully recognizing what Jesus himself said so many moons ago, “…what you do to the least of me, you do unto me.” So may your days in Utah, California, Boston, New Hampshire and points unknown be good to your and yours Mitt!  Perhaps this evolution towards addressing the needs of ALL our citizens will (a thriving middle class boosts overall GDP, top 1 percent gain$ even more in healthy, safe economy), be some kind of counterweight to the nearly 900 million being poured into 2016 via Koch Industries, where two brothers wish to BUY the WHITE HOUSE via dark money–501(c)(4)’s–that no one knows about.  Adding a parting zinger of a FACT that these ‘entities’ don’t pay any taxes!  The whole thing is tax free because of it’s ‘non-profit’ status!   WOW!

But enough about that Star Wars future episode for the moment. Sea Cape Cod would like to offer you, Mitt Romney, and the world at large, a poem of sorts, a Sea Cape Cod original, entitled, “An Ode to Mitt”. So without further adieu, I give you said poem and may I also say to any and all who may have suffered reading this out there, may you have a great day and an even more pleasant tomorrow!

An Ode to Mitt

There once was a man named Mitt,

whose foreign/domestic policies just didn’t fit.

Try as he may, the hard right wing did say,

“…his ‘16 presidential bid would never, ever carry the day!

In good times and bad, Mitt’s corporation ‘Bain’; was always set out on the right side of the rain…

Fired workers, quite mad, at the fact they’d been had.

The Bay State was covered,

thanks to a Heritage Foundation remarkably quite unencumbered…

A fate that proved quite bane,

at least for that (’16) potential president’s car port weather vane!

And so ‘Happy Trails’ to Mitt and his kin,

may your days be ever filled with the JOY, that comes from within!

“Park City’s hills are alive with the sound of music”,

when you no longer hear,

that sad, sad song sung on FOX,

year, after year, after year…

So alas we must part,

but before we do go,

please educate dear readers on some insights they should know?

Such as, “…how does that Mormon Temple glow?”.


January 30, 2015

S.1, Keystone XL? Nein!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, claustrophobic, cold island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the thirtieth day of January, 2015, two days before Super Bowl XLIX! Everyone ’round these here parts of Hyannis/Hyannis Port, as well as the the rest of New England, feeling rather ‘inflated’ about Sunday’s game, despite the rouge efforts of one ball boy who is being played by prominent South Boston actors in TV spoofs claiming that it was ‘they’ who deflated them footballs in this ‘Deflate-gate’ distraction, acting alone as it were in yet another example of the Greatest Show on Earth (American culture), ‘proudly’ demonstrating why we are the envy of every other advanced nation on the planet; the reasons why that is so are as diverse as the people who make up this United States of America!  Go Patriots!

Back in Washington, D.C. however, there is a dark side to that equation, namely the hijacking of the once proud, independent and robust Republican party.  Sadly no longer your grandfather’s GOP that is now made up of shadowy 501(c)(4)’s, or dark monied interests (Koch Industries backed group planning on spending nearly 900 million dollars into said local/state/presidential race in 2016), that wish to place a dummy in the White House come January 2017.   A puppet like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker who would make a nice book end to all the other wooden boys on the hill, men who can’t wipe their butts without Charles Koch’s permission.  And this is only the dark money, as the RNC plans to spend at least a half a billion as well.

All of this of course having nothing to do with the landmark FOLLY of SCOTUS’ 2010 “Citizens United” decision that opened up the flood gates for special interests to run rough shod over OUR democracy with that little letter ‘d’.  A narrow minded decision that will be overturned years from now, hopefully before it causes too much damage to an already fragile and seemingly coming apart at the seams democracy (please Google ‘voter suppression in 2016′; and recent gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., crystallized into LAW by the late, great 36th U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson).

Instead of looking to real solutions for the mass majority of ‘the American people’, the Republican party is only interested in this new 21st Century version of ‘ear marks’–earmarks for Oligarchs as it were.  Passing the ‘lights out for the environment’ Keystone XL Pipeline (a pipeline wealthy industrialists in Canada and America want built from Alberta to the U.S. Gulf, running right over the VITAL Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska and South Dakota, claiming it is ’safe’–all while five separate pipelines burst or blew up this in the U.S. this past week alone!  The caveat-ed carrot being it will “create jobs” and “establish independence from foreign oil”).  When in reality it will only create 35 jobs full time while it destroys our world.  A goal they could accomplish without creating the horrible pipeline, as there are plenty of other ‘jobs’ out there that are, as of this moment, not filled!  Moreover, this pipeline (encouraging industrialists to continue unearthing fossil fuel laden materials that are chocking the life out of our atmosphere), will according to most if not ALL credible scientist from every advanced nation on planet EARTH, “…spell lights out for the environment”. Such as the beautiful Great Whooping Crane’s environment and eventually OURS too.  For it won’t be long until that 2.5 degree Fahrenheit temperature threshold is reached (warming temperatures), where every country around the globe agrees cannot climb above; a statement of FACT that the earth can only take so much more warming before not only does the Polar Bear go, but so does man.


400 parts per million is the number one should pay attention to, not the number of ’sacred’ oil and gas jobs (35), being ‘created’ by the puppets on Capitol Hill for the Koch Brother’s ‘100 billion dollar nest egg’! (political plutocrats who have their eye on the Executive mansion, already mentioned, standing to double their money if the pipeline is built).  A 21st Century ‘capitalism gone wild’ Interstate system that uses American land, air and water (not to mention her people), to run a bloody, dirty, horrible pipeline through the heartland in order to get all that sludge (tar sands crude)–chalk full of of deadly chemicals imbedded within the dirtiest form of oil known to man–to the already ravaged Gulf and ship it out to the highest bidder; having absolutely NOTHING to do with the exploited, lied to, manipulated and abused “American People”…

So Mr. President. what say you?  Sea Cape Cod says NEIN! Nein, Nein, Nein! Enough is enough with the lies and shell game these clowns are playing with here.

In fifty years, the question will not be ‘why didn’t we build the XL Pipeline?’, rather, “…why didn’t we listen to those dire warnings about Global Warming when we had the chance?”.  Or, “…why did we let these oil and gas tycoons–combined with the dirty coal industry–get away with polluting our air, water and soil for free for so long?”. Oh, and answering our daughter’s present and final question regarding this whole matter, “…why is the couch floating down the street daddy?”….

The pen is mightier than the sword and the VETO pen is the mightiest of them all! Well, almost.

Have a nice week end folks and stay warm Nantucket!


January 29, 2015

A Nantucket’s beating…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, snow covered, cold and battered island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday morning, the 29th day of January, 2015, still digging out from the twenty-four plus inches of snow that hit the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s); Hudson claiming the big Massachusetts town snow jackpot of 35.5 inches, hell let’s just call it THREE f’ing FEET!  Boston’s Logan airport officially breaking the single snow day record (24.5), as well as New England’s second largest city, Worchester (33). Many along the coast getting a visit from the SEA, Marshfield residents on Ocean Street taking that hit directly on the chin, literally, as one man’s nose and face was broken by the waves crashing into his living room…

But perhaps this winter hurricane saved it’s best statement for the rich island of Nantucket, an island very near and dear to the reporters heart.  Watching a passing parade of what appeared to be an army of utility trucks streaming down South Street here in Hyannis yesterday around this ‘time’ of day, presumably on their way to the Steamship Authority’s “Nantucket”, a giant car ferry that only allowed those emergency vehicles on to said ferry as the whole of the island was still without power, well into late last night.

Water was also a factor, along with 78 miles per hour gusts that lasted for over two days, battering that fabled island 27 miles nautically south/southeast of Hyannis, the hub of Cape Cod proper.  Seven feet of water destroyed businesses from India Street to Water Street; much of downtown Nantucket looking like a ‘river was running through it, the Atlantic Ocean making it’s home in expensive boutiques, restaurants, bars and bait shops, you name it!  The ocean did not discriminate, no sir, taking 0 prisoners as it took a big bite out of Surfside Beach to the South, out towards Great Point Light and Sconset, to the East, where many a Nantucket native have there homes, having lived there for generations…

So on this day after what was ‘The Blizzard of 2015′, a blockbuster storm here in Massachusetts, sorry New York, I plan to take some images of all that snow piled up along Hyannis’s Main Street, so please, for the love of God, alert the media won’t you?  Taking in a surreal look for what most around the country and world consider to be a summer destination!  Have a warm, cozy day everybody and stay safe, we are expecting some more snow later on this week end!


January 27, 2015

A Wonderful, winter whiteout (plus thundersnow!)…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the blinding white blizzard conditioned island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this rather blustery morning, a Tuesday, January 27th, 2015 (losing power earlier, gladly rejoining the ‘broadcast’; coming to you LIVE at eight twenty-eight, from the snow and wind blasted Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), as you peruse “Pleasant Street Park” above and the white out conditions therein.  No boats going in or out of Hyannis Harbor anytime soon, going nowhere as you can clearly SEA, or not, as this little sand bar is being pounded this very moment with heavy snows, whipping up a frenzy with hurricane force winds.  At five a.m., before light, I witnessed lightening flashing in the distance as this epic storm makes land fall in a big way all up and down the rugged New England seaboard…

New York City dodged a bullet, as did Philadelphia, Hartford, with Fifth Avenue looking like a set from a future science fiction movie, or a past one, for that city has been shut down completely, including the New York Stock Exchange, major airports like JFK, Laguardia; essentially the whole of the New York metro area, a surreal scene much like the one in Atlanta only a few years back..

Moving north into Massachusetts, we have Boston’s Logan closed and the combination of over 6000 plus flights cancelled in these major metro areas is proving to be a travel nightmare for many all around the country; the flight cancellations causing ripple effects that can be felt as far as Europe and California, with the city expecting at least two feet before this thing wraps up sometime later on tonight.  At last report by NSTAR, 29,000 Massachusetts residents are now without power now, due mostly to the high winds all around the Bay State, with Nantucket clocking in at 78 m.p.h., although outside of my office window I would say the howl of that north wind may be clocking even higher as that storm intensifies for a few more hours, dumping up to 30 inches in the Worcester hills and towns like Milton, just south of Boston.

The mere fact that Mother Nature can grind a city like New York to a virtual halt is impressive, even if the forecast was off by a few hundred miles.  But erring on the side of caution is better than the converse of that statement.  Just ask the 1969 Mayor of New York, “…dat Lindsay guy, yeah, what an a$$hole! He’ll tell ya!” So we here at Sea Cape Cod applaud Mayor Bill De Blasio of New York for closing down the subway, Park Avenue and Wall Street, because you know that it is all your fault anyway, this misdiagnosis in the weather department!   And that goes for you too, Bill Karins of MSNBC! Your forecast has made people sit and read a book for a moment, unplug from their electronic device (don’t panic!), or take a walk in the five inches of snow and perhaps reflect on the FACT the earth IS getting warmer, even though that is counter-intuitive during a blizzard. We are with you Bill, be well!

A single weather event is much like a piece of clothing in one’s wardrobe; whereas the ‘climate’ is the whole wardrobe, as well as the house, the land and the planet it rest upon…

This recent exercise in caution when it comes to dangerous weather is only a warm up of what is to come. So it was a ‘good thing’ emergency crews are gaining experience with these storms of the century becoming more the norm than the exception.  So all you weather man haters out there–give Bill K. and his crew, as well as meteorologists everywhere, a break.  They are doing a bang up job and if only we gave them a little more funding, we might get that “European model” we always wanted, maybe for Christmas?

Have a pleasant day and if you had any plans to come to the Cape and Islands, I might put those off for at least the next 24 hours or so.  Especially Nantucket, who as of 10:11 a.m., has lost complete power and Water Street has plenty of just that in said street!…


January 26, 2015

Blizzard 2015! check…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, soon to be windy, snowy and down right awful island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the twenty-sixth day of January, 2015, a quiet morning here on little old Cape Cod, that ‘calm before the storm’ as it were, for by midnight tonight, the winds will be a howlin’ and the snow will be a flyin’, with over 29 million people being affected by a massive storm passing through the Ohio River valley on it’s way to the Atlantic where Mother Nature will put on quite a show as the bottom of the barometric pressure drops out, exploding the storm as it heads up the Atlantic seaboard; snow totals expected to be anywhere from 18-22 inches in the big metropolitan areas such as New York and Boston, with higher totals in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and portions of Connecticut, where they could see up to three feet of the white stuff before system exits the region sometime late on Wednesday, leaving many with cabin fever, stuck in their houses according to “Morning Joe”, “Good Morning America”, “The Today Show”, who will, assuming they have power, be held hostage to the constant updates revolving around this ongoing weather event. Even Al Jazeera’s “Good morning Vietnam” getting in on the action, although said programming does not contain much in the way of weather related data per say; opting rather to bring you front and center, directly to the front lines of constant war.  Keeping one up to date on the most recent terror threats around the world 24/7/365…

Yes, it’s panic time folks!  Time for the checklist, let’s see, do I have everything I need to get through this perhaps two feet of snow and some high winds and surf, perhaps causing minor coastal flooding in and around the Hyannis/Hyannis Port area?   Flashlights? check. Water? check. Left over chicken? check. Ice Cream? check. Cat food? will pick up today, check. Candles? check. Life preserver? check. Yacht secure in Harbor? check. Hatches down and battened?  check. Wheels up? check. Trim?  Check. Sanity? check? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Not checked, must locate today by paying even more attention to hype on TV machine, realizing that taking proper measures is one thing, but ‘inflating’ it to another level by using words like “monster storm” and “historic” are rather passe don’t you think?  These weather events are going to be the norm so we all better get used to it.  “Did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?” (credit the film, “Groundhog Day”, starring Mitt Romney, I mean Bill Murray, circa 1993).

Ah, I remember 1993 like it was yesterday, because it was… Yes, it was the year I separated from my ex wife, moving from Newburyport, Massachusetts to Boston proper–Beacon Hill.  For it was on that very day, March 14, 1993, that “No Name Storm” (billed as ‘the storm of the century), hit the region. The first of many ‘historic’ storms of the century.  We all know that the weather has changed dramatically since then and it is only getting more intense.

Take this storm seriously to be sure, for even 22 years ago it snowed a couple of feet, then rained a couple of inches and then the whole of Beacon Hill and the rest of Boston froze, encasing the entire town in ice an inch thick, paralyzing the city for at least two days.  Fortunately for me, 7’s Pub was right down the street on Charles so the gift of the snow went down as smooth as the many Guinness’s that followed…

Meanwhile, a half a world a way, U.S. President Barack Obama is attending (as we speak), a massive celebration of the world’s largest democracy; India marching it’s way into another “Republic Day”. A day set aside in India to mark the historic signing of it’s Constitution, and like ours is sacred to a people who were also once ruled by the English.  The visit hopefully gaining a foothold in nuclear, trade, global warming and national security (terrorism) issues, as India’s newly elected Prime Minister Modi is presented with a golden opportunity to work with a very eager partner in the United States of America. The President cutting his trip short in India tomorrow, as he wings his way to Saudi Arabia, paying his respects after the funeral this past week end of King Abdullah; meeting with the new King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, and other dignitaries arriving who came from every corner of the globe, attending that state ceremony.  Proving once again what a fine U.S. President we actually have, especially when compared to presidential hopefuls at ‘the Freedom Summit’ held in Iowa this week end, a stage quickly evolving for the 2016 free for all (GOP presidential nomination process) to have the honor of losing to Hillary Clinton come early November of that year.

If the “60 Minutes” piece on GOP ‘leaders’ John Boehner and Mitch McConnell tells you anything about the mind set of this grand old party, it is this:  Republicans are betting the farm on “Citizens United” and the recent gutting by SCOTUS of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, along with the wicked voter suppression going on in twenty plus states; not to mention the lack of an appetite among young people to get involved in what most consider a lost cause (politicians/congress/Washington D.C. in general), betting it all that that apathy and lack of action via voting behaviors will lead to another George W. Bush victory for that now corporately owned “not your grandfather’s GOP”.

If that happens, God forbid, you can bet YOUR bottom dollar that ’storms of the century’–like the one the east coast will be feeling in hours–will only get stronger and stronger (while the earth gets warmer and warmer).  Add to that the FACT the rich will get richer and richer and the American worker will continue to be exploited, along with our land, air and water, as the race to the bottom for this crop of plutocrats in this early part of the 21st Century, “American Style”, will continue in earnest; rivaling and mirroring Russian Premier Vladimir Putin behavior towards both his people and his neighbors, destroying his country’s legacy–a gas station run by a kleptocrat (a plutocrat who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar).  A man who gained all–while most if not all of the people he now rules over lost, big time!  Food for thought via this snowy forecast provided by Sea Cape Cod!   So come on back, we will, assuming we have power, leave the LIGHT on for ya!


January 25, 2015

Blurred GOP Vision 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, windy and seasonal island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the 25th day of January, 2015, in between storms if you will here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), and considering that I am a filthy, liberal tree huggin’ scum bag who tells the truth on the Internet via this ‘message in a bottle’ every so often, I might as well wait until after I watch the Sunday morning talk shows that will be sure to outrage me and Lewis Black even more than we already are, outraged that I put myself through all of that slimy political negativity once again, coming out the other side smelly, angry, deflated (go Patriots!) and depressed.  The only upside being a shower that washes all of that slime off but good;  a good walk making “it” all that less ‘demanding’ on one’s attention, or at least I delude myself into thinking thusly.

Would I make a good Republican Mr. O’Reilly?

Watching “Real Time” with Bill Maher–Friday nights LIVE on HBO, ten p.m. eastern–around five a.m. this morning I almost threw up my pine cone breakfast as I listened to “James Fallows”, bow wow, go on and on about what he does NOT know about the coming world wide CATACLYSM called GLOBAL WARMING.  A position that proved to bury the ‘author’s’ Ostrich shaped head in the proverbial sand, positions of such ludicrous denial shot down (one by one without saying a word), as Bill told of a recent study, regarding 2014 being the hottest year ever recorded by humans, that out of the roughly 10,555 peer reviewed international/independent climate reports–studied, conducted and written by REAL climatologists, physicists, and other SCIENTISTS, who make a living studying empirical FACTS–only 2 disputed the ‘facts’ that man is solely responsible for the earth’s exponential warming; dooming this little blue rock we all call ‘home’ for the moment if we don’t do anything about it SOON!  All due to the continued INSANE spewing of green house gasses (Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and others), into our one and only atmosphere, creating this man made hell on earth… All while big oil, gas (and coal) international conglomerates, giant faceless corporations, make money hand over fist at the world’s peril, proving the adage of PROFIT over people big time.  A FACT that is beyond any dispute, or any illogical conclusion thrown together by some prostitute posing as a politician or scientist; professor or bureaucrat.

“Hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack!” (credit the classic film “Midnight Run”, starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin, circa 1988).

This of course leads us down the primrose path of the parallel Republican universe controlled by KOCH INDUSTRIES. Yes, it’s the dark monied “the Brother’s Koch”, not to be confused with “The Brother’s Grimm”, who scared little children in the 19th Century with tales of witches hiding out in gingerbread houses, armed with an EZ bake oven designed for said children, lo, do not be fooled by those scary fairy tales any longer!  For these new 21st Century tales told in Palm Springs this week end are far scarier and far grander in scale. For the finale of the Koch brother’s retreat wraps up this week end, probably having a Bloody Mary as we speak, reviewing their well laid plans to take over the government en masse in a few years, as they attempt to woo either Romney or Bush, a Walker or a Christie (who knows?), into being their Executive puppet– taking this country from a democracy with that little letter ‘d’ to a thinly veiled plutocracy–or rule by the wealthy–a system rigged completely in favor of the status quo; a continuation and acceleration of what we have now–80 people owning what 3.5 billion people do.

A world so far out of whack it would take an act of God to change the way things are presently…

Meanwhile, the hillbillies are all meeting again today in Iowa where racist U.S. Congressman King is holding the annual ‘Freedom Summit’. A hate fest where everyone who ever thought of running for president shows up with their best stuff, oohing and awing the crowd of extra stupid people in attendance.  I just feel sorry for reporters like Kasie Hunt of MSNBC who have to cover all this hor$e$hit.  I mean come on!  I have heard of Brady Bunch reruns but this is ridiculous.  I hope they pay you well Kasie!

We got Mike Huckawho? Huckchuckles! (credit Chris Mathews of “Hardball”, only on MSNBC, weeknights, seven sharp!).  We also got that Chris, “the dirty snowman”, Christie, not to mention the oldies but goodies, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, did I see Donald Trump? Don’t forget bat $hit crazy Ben Carson, Rand Paul, extra crazy eyes Ted Cruz, Scott Walker (already mentioned Koch puppet), and even Sarah, ‘whatever’, Palin, who will be pleased to know Paul Revere will also be in attendance at the RNC’s convention in Cleveland come the summer of 2016.  Although he will be careful crossing the many bridges falling down all ’round that beautiful state!  Great Job Mr. Speaker with your top shelf scotch, I mean priorities for ‘them American people’ you talk on behalf of so often.  Along with the rest of your ilk; the party of the plutocrats–clearly ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’…

You are a national treasure sir, now go upstairs and get that sour puss of your face!

So grab a latte or a shot of tequila while observing the whole absurd show about nothing.  At least “Seinfeld” was honest about that FACT.  The Republican party should not be allowed to use the words “American” or “people” any longer, nor should they ever combine the two.  For like in movie “Ghost Busters” (circa 1984), WE can not be duped by these dopes on the right any longer (future generations can’t afford to), when it comes to OUR planet’s health.  Wake up America! A paramount point tailor made for this 21st Century America, echoing across eternity by the late great Harold Ramis, enlightening Bill Murray’s character (when he was alive), that if ‘they crossed the streams (continue to warm the planet with green house gasses), all life on earth would cease to exist’– hinting, that would be ‘bad’.

Prompting “Peter Venkman” to respond, “…great safety tip Egon, thanks”.

To be continued.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday folks and have a great week ahead!


January 23, 2015

“Pro Jock”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on another glorious winter day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), lots going on all across this great country we all live in.  Never a dull moment, just ask Tom Brady of the New England Patriotshe’ll tell ya!

That’s right, all we need is another ‘blogger’ to weigh in on this deflated football controversy between the Superbowl bound, the XLIX, New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, who were trounced by the much better coached team in that AFC Championship game this past Sunday night.  The disturbance, yet another one for the beleaguered NFL, has the whole country talking on this twenty-third day of January, 2015, a Friday to be sure, taking a long needed breather if you will from the constant talk about the Presidential race of 2016, ‘the Mitt & Jeb show’, as well as terrorism in general.

Although to be fair to real important goings on ’round the world, the news conference Tom Brady (quarterback for the Patriots), and Bill Belichick provided for the media/sports fan’s pleasure yesterday overshadowed (Yemen needs no more shadow), events going on in the Middle East, namely in war torn Yemen.  A country just to the south of Saudi Arabia where King Abdullah just passed at the age of ninety.  (may you rest in peace and may your successor, your brother, reconsider the fate of the blogger who was given ‘a thousand lashes’ for speaking out against what many would call an outdated and hypocritical regime when it comes to basic human rights, something our politicians ignore at their own peril in the future).

Yemen’s ’stable’ government fell yesterday in a coup to ‘the Houtis’, another extremist group that has and WILL give a safe haven to more terrorist groups like AQAP, (Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula), whose name was written all over the Charlie Hebdo killings a few weeks back in Paris.  The reality of this news has fallen on deaf ears because WE as a country are not interested in small details like that, although it is clear that there is little WE as a collective of 330 million “Americans” can really do, save ‘asking Congress’ to unleash the military industrial complex for yet another go at solving a conflict 1400 years old!

Unlike ISIL taking over vast areas in Iraq and Syria this past year or so to eek out territory, creating a ‘caliphate’ of some kind if you will–beheadings and other atrocities taking center stage in all of our collective consciousnesses, restringing the fears of old regarding that use of the word ‘terror’, harkening back to the old days of Bush WMD’s and mushroom clouds sparked by the fear and actions of a philosophy of one who spent lots of ‘time’ with Saudi princes before making a home in Afghanistan–this new territory will be a safe haven for terrorists to plot more spectacular attacks against the West.  And for what really?  What is the end game for these radical, soul less, murdering jackals?  To kill all of civilization until we bow down to their perverted form of Islam?  Not likely…

In time, may that violent hate/warped ideology burn out and vanish forever. All hate does eventually.

Thank God someone let the air out of those footballs at last week’s AFC Championship game, giving US all a break from these horrible questions and perceived threats looming over our relatively peaceful co-existence on this beautiful earth we all share for the moment!  Why not make it a good one? Go Patriots! If Paul Revere were on the team he would have not made such a big deal out of the affair, he simply would have said, “…if the referee was touching the footballs every down and did not notice any real difference, what difference could it possibly make?  Especially considering the score was so lopsided, a blowout by forty some odd points! Roger Goodell is making billions every year for the NFL, don’t you think they could hire someone to ‘watch over those golden, sacred golden balls’?  I know the owners are cheap, but come on!  What are your thoughts on the subject Sarah P.?”

Have a nice week end!


January 21, 2015

Turned page…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the starry, cold and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you very early on a Wednesday morning, the 21st day of January, 2015, stars still shining here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront. A good day to be alive on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by “The Last Great Ice Age”…

“At every step, we were told our goals are misguided, or too ambitious.  That we would crush jobs and explode deficits.  Instead, we have seen the fastest economic growth in a decade, our deficits cut by two thirds, a stock market that has doubled, and health care inflation at it’s lowest rate in 50 years.  This in good news people.  So the verdict is clear, middle class economics works.”

U.S. President Barack Obama

“State of the Union”,    January 20th, 2015

The Capitol Building

Washington, D.C.


Our very fine 44th United States President Barack Obama delivered what many considered to be a speech that turned the page on the past, forever.  Wars, stock market/U.S. economic collapse, and the general unease after 9/11; all events that are finally over.  The ‘theory’, or voodoo economic potion of ‘trickle down’ economics has failed to fool everyone, as Abraham Lincoln once said, and by failing to do so has exposed ‘it’ for the crock of horse-hockey it really is–a vehicle to widen that Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have-nots. The joke, I mean trickle from these so called ‘job creators’ results in more money for those fortunate enough to have made it to the top, but does it really?  Most economist would argue conversely that trickle down economics and stagnant wages is unhealthy when looking at the big picture, you know, the long haul.

Proving that ‘trickle down’, outdated Reaganomics of the 1980’s failed miserably and creates less wealth overall, all while making a society that is more unstable.  Therefore life in said country not richer, but poorer in both gold and spirit alike.  The President outlined ways to accomplish this new goal for any politician who wishes a future in such an industry as it were, for the future of American politics will not be so much about how we can continue short changing the mass majority of ‘the American people’, rather finding avenues to support and nurture that middle class, protecting the poorest among us, recreating what was once the back bone and glory of this great land. The proud, independent and middle of the road American citizenry, who will, if armed with intelligent, fact based information, come to the correct conclusions when it comes to critical issues WE all will face in the future–issues such as global warming.

The President will propose, over the next few weeks, some ideas….. First, he plans to lower taxes on working families, second, create better child care.  Third, improved sick leave. Four, closing gender gap in wages. Five, free community college.  Six, national minimum wage increase.

To do all of that, he will ask the Congress to boost the capital gains rate from 24 to 28 percent, while closing the ‘trust fund’ loophole on inheritance taxes, as well as charging fees to big banks (those with more than 50 billion in assets under management), creating a middle class stimulus of roughly 320 billion dollars, monies that will improve the lives of millions from sea to shining sea.  We tend to forget in this nation, remembering it for only a brief moment around this time of year, just how big and how many people are actually living here and depending upon OUR elected officials to do the right thing.  Stop playing political football and actually get something DONE for that vast majority of mostly faceless, nameless souls whose voices are never really heard.  Hard to hear them over all the noise created by pundits, bloggers, cable news talk shows (MSNBC excluded of course, not a paid Ad by the way!), and politicians counting their money from the countless lobbyists going through those revolving doors of Congress and K street. Whose goals could not be more juxtaposed to one another; never jiving with said, ad naseum, ‘the American People’.

Only with the plutocrats who hired them in the dark.  No, that game is over and well it should be so.  Exposure therapy Bob! It’s a guaranteed cure!

“…if Congress refuses to raise the minimum wage, I say this.  If you truly believe you can work full time and raise a family on less than 15,000 dollars a year, try it!  If not, vote to give a raise to the hardest working people in America!”

The GOP response to the State of the Union–and the Tea Party response, and the “Ted Cruz” response? (only in email I am told), not to mention a Rand Paul response? (and a Spanish translator, male, giving the sad GOP story of Joni and the pigs, kinda creepy if you ask me…)–was given by newly elected U.S. Senator & hog castration expert Joni Ernst of Iowa, who told US all ’bout her times on the hog farm!  Telling US all kinds of folksy stuff that sounded real good and all, but lacked any credible details, providing US a clue as to what the hell she is talking about.

Translation?  The GOP lacks any vision for this new, dynamic and multicultural, rapidly changing demographic called the United States of America.  A land where it is sewn into our collective DNA that if we work hard, study harder and do the right things, we can and WILL get ahead.  That would stand to reason, and would be true if we did not live in a society that is rigged to help those at the top, while laughing at this naive and gentle push towards a brighter future for all in a land that deserves to be brave and free.

We have turned the page Mr. Speaker, have you?

Have a nice day everybody!  Thank you Mr. President!  Thanks for that ray of sunshine!

May the Force be with You!


January 20, 2015

Oh “no go” you didn’t!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, cool and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday morning, seven a.m. on the eastern coast of America, January the twentieth, 2015.  I am sure anyone in the news/political/lobbying/pundit/writing/movie and/or photography business is already up and at ‘em this morning, readying themselves for yet another U.S. Presidential “State of the Union” address to the nation, airing LIVE tonight only on MSNBC.  Admittedly, they will also be airing it on FOX, but be warned ‘ye fellow Englishman! Reason, logic, compassion–as well as a clear and true VISION for the future of ALL American citizen–is not this 21st Century GOP mouth piece’s strong suit.  In fact, it is usually a “no go zone” for that motley crew.  Opting for fiction via Sharia enriched “no go zones” that don’t actually exist in reality–only in the mind of that fiesty scallywag from down under!  Arrgghh matey!

“The richest 1% will own half of the world’s wealth by 2016.”

Quite a statement made by a number of credible economists across the planet as of late and could not come at a better time for President Obama’s speech tonight at 8 p.m. eastern.  Income inequality will be the hot topic of the night (a glaringly stark Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have nots as the stock market surges, corporate profitability way up, top .1 percent gaining 278 percent increase in ‘earnings’, while bottom 90 percent wages remain stagnant), with the President announcing plans to raise taxes on that 1 percent by increasing the capital gains tax from 25 to 28 percent (rate it was when former President Ronald Reagan was in office), while closing the loophole on inheritance taxes (trust funds).  The Obama administration will also introduce the concept of charging a fee to big banks (those with more than 50 billion in assets under management), who have been borrowing all that free money from the FED for years now.

Yes, all of that and a few other bells and whistles will amount to around 320 billion that will be directly, or indirectly as it were, pumped into Main Street, into the middle class.  Infused into the already jumping and ever growing, robust (5 percent GDP), economy (5.6 percent unemployment), that has not even seen it’s better day yet.  Why? Because so many people out there on Main Street have not FELT the recovery as of this moment, for most of the gains have gone to that top .001 percent, perhaps ‘trickling down’ to the lowly top 2 percent, but not that much farther down the food chain.  You know, to the ‘little people’ the Republicans’ call “The American People”…

The shift is on, as this ‘State of the Union’ will prove.  The days of Republicans pulling the proverbial wool over the eyes of an unsuspecting and rather naive American electorate are coming to an close.  For with the age of powerful politicians like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren fighting the GOOD fight for said American people–with no hidden agenda behind her, draped in the woolen suit cloth of a thousand lobbyists in Washington D.C.–we are going to see a giant AWAKENING of those 330 million or so people.  Waking up to realities on the ground in our nations’ Capitol such as all of that dirty, dark money in our political process (2010 “Citizens United”/and other tragic SCOTUS decisions), so much so that the concept of ‘one man/woman equaling one vote’ has become a punch line for late night comics world wide.  Couple that with the gutting of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, championed by the man we just celebrated yesterday, and I would say you might just have a problem Houston!  At least if you are a Republican in this increasingly plutocrat driven horse race culminating once again in the year 2016.

The state of OUR union–namely the United States of America–is a whole lot better than it was in 2008 when the last Republican president was leaving office.  The sky was falling back in those dark days surrounding Wall Street and it was this current U.S. President, Barack Obama, who brought this country not only back from the edge of a cliff, but inspired it to begin the climb to the summit once again, with record setting job growth, millions with health insurance and a relatively peaceful U.S. on the world’s increasingly dangerous stage.  Only getting better by the day as we continue to strengthen our economy, i.e. bringing college to kids that need it, increase infrastructure spending and get a grip on this little phenomenon called GLOBAL WARMING.  Yes, things are getting better because of the man in the White House and for that, this reporter is ever grateful.

So take heart America!  “No go zones?” Nonsense!  You can go anywhere you desire, the ‘hell no’ Congress of yesteryear has seen it’s better day, for they can no longer use ‘Obama’ and the word ‘care’ as an excuse for not getting anything done in Washington.  They have been elected into office by the American people to govern, not to bitch and whine.  To bring equality back into the realm of possibility on a global stage where MONEY is the only thing that seems to matter anymore.  Money equaling speech does not equal democracy with a small letter ‘d’ the way our founding fathers intended.  The right to vote in this country is just as important as the right to free speech and that fundamental cornerstone of this 238 year old experiment called “The United States of America” should not be toyed with– no matter how much money one of these plutocrats is flashing at you!  I’m looking at you Scott Walker of Wisconsin!  The Koch fortune does not trickle down to lowly governors from the great state of Wisconsin.  At least not down to your constituents who simply want “a fair shake”…

Good Luck Mr. President and Good Luck America, this Union is worth saving!


January 19, 2015

“…free at last”.

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, delightfully cool island of Nantucket. Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the 19th day of January, 2015.  MLK Day here in the U.S., as the nation celebrates the remarkable life and times of Martin Luther King, Jr.. A man who seemingly (single handed), took this nation (back in the early 1960’s), from a country where blacks were considered second class citizens--peoples who were marginalized and oppressed, beaten and bloodied for far too long–forward even in death, to a nation that even though still has a long way to go, is much more tolerant and kind to the racial diversity all around him or her, seeing with real eyes that color is only skin deep, having nothing to do with ‘the content of one’s character.

Yes, it was really this man, and this man alone, who sparked something deep within US all, prompting even great men like Bobby Kennedy into even greater deeds all the way until he was also shot by an assassins bullet.  Former U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson was the catalyst in creating the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and should be celebrated as such,carrying on the traditions that began with the heroic efforts of one African-American preacher who believed that a better life awaits all; as we attend to our better Angels…

Combined with the spirit of millions who marched with him on Selma and Washington D.C., so many moons ago, culminating in the ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ march where people of color were run down by those whose hearts could not open and whose eyes could not see…

The error of OUR collective past as a sovereign nation of immigrants and upstarts from far away lands cannot be swept under the rug, thus WE have a duty to remember the struggles of the past, so that they will not repeat themselves in the future, truly creating “that more perfect union” our former leaders spoke of so often.  The polar opposite of doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results (the very definition of insanity).  Hence, a national day of remembrance of a great man who took US all to that mountain top.  May have well have been “El Capitan” in Yosemite National Park, a four hour ride from SFO, where two brothers climbed a 3000 foot granite face in the hopes of reaching the summit.  Without ropes, with just their feet and their hands, against all odds, a feat never done before, done this past week for the first time, reached that summit.  Enduring those lonely nights on that cold, rock face, armed with only their  FAITH and guts to reach that monumental perch–a space high above the pettiness and ‘things’ of man; a space where not only Eagles fly, but also those who dare follow them.

Full in Knowledge, hence comprehension of what the word freedom actually feels like.  Where that dream of little black boys holding hands with little white girls is actually fulfilled.  A metaphor for all mankind as this ‘terror’ alert vies for our ever growing attention, something people hell bent on destruction tend to demand.  Reverend King did not bow to that brand of hate then, nor should we now.  He laughed at it and defied it with Love, forgiveness, understanding, and above all peaceful demonstrations against it’s continued presence.  Keeping in mind the gift of SERVICE to your fellow man.  Who may just turn out to be your savior, as you give that sandwich or blanket to a homeless man of the streets, never really knowing who that man really is…

A magnificent humanization of Divine Will within the moral universe.  An arc that is long, ever bending towards JUSTICE!

Have a great MLK DAY and week ahead!


January 16, 2015

Frozen Assets 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, frigid and rather calm island of Nantucket! So good to be with you on this Friday morning, the 16th day of January, 2015, a beautiful one out on the waters of this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago, one that will probably not be repeated in any of our lifetimes, but who knows?  With the new Republican leadership in place regarding U.S. policy on climate, at least from the Legislative branch, anything could happen, including hell freezing over…

It has been quite a week for this world and all the inhabitants living in it, so give yourself a pat on the back and smile!  Remembering our centering thought for the day, “…the world makes me smile and laugh.” Namaste.

Right now the only thing that makes me laugh when I turn the TV on is the upcoming fight for the 2016 GOP nomination to become the next president? of this here United States of America.  Who needs those horrible reality shows when you can have the real thing with 20 eligible bachelors?

The high drama of Mitt Romney entering the wide open race only less than two years away right NOW, my God, what are we waiting for?  Get on it man!

High atop ‘…the hills are alive with music’, in lovely Park City, Utah, we listened to ‘ole Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney go on and on on the Sunday morning talk shows all last summer, spouting nonsense that, “…oh, no, not me, I’m not running, that’s not for me anymore, let someone else have a go at it, not me, but I will offer some of my calculus and reasoning when it comes to current policy on XYZ problem and so forth, are these store bought cookies?  God dammit, I told you a$$holes not to bring me anymore “Little Debbie” chocolate frosted thins and go to Auntie Mabel’s house and make her, well, pay her to bake us the real thing!  We have, oh, again?  No David (where in the world is David Gregory?), I am not going to run because we have so many other talented, honest, forthright, upstanding, unassuming, creative, intelligent, caring, insightful, compassionate, courageous and humble visionary like candidates that could and would do a much better job at U.S. President than I ever could.  I mean come on, how could I ever shake that whole Bain Capital thing?  You know, my former job of taking companies apart, laying off workers, and taking all of the profits, you know, good ‘ole fashioned CAPITALISM that is slowly killing our country, ‘money for nothing’, my favorite song the Federal Reserve sings my friend.  Don’t you just love the smell of Napalm in the morning?  Smells like victory…(credit the film, “Apocalypse Now”, starring Michael Sheen and of course, Robert Duvall, circa 1979).

So whether or not you take his word for it, him running or not running for president and all, one thing Mitt does not flip flop on is his right to do just that.  Amazing in his execution of and abuse of the action verb; a reality of FLIP and the same could be said for the other word FLOP. Words that should ring true for Mitt, as we all wait in great anticipation for his next move…

The last thing this country needs is another vulture capitalist running the wagon back into a ditch just like the last Republican did because Wall Street and Dick Cheney deceived him, what too soon?  Go back and check the score, revisit the financial crisis of 2008 and really understand what transpired therein.  A crisis that was born of GREED via fellas like Mitt, whose main and only goal was and is to MAKE as much MONEY as they possibly can–mocking that 47 percent all the way to their bank.  Passing people, laid off workers all over the land, many on the street who are out of work because of Mitt’s company, or one just like Bain Capital. Slick and smart businessmen who bought and sold their company for scrap as it were, making enough to build 100 car elevators, leaving that American worker(s) twisting in the ever increasing winds of our time.

Food for thought, please feel free to LAUGH at the absurdity, for that is what it truly IS.  But please, ENJOY the 2016 plutocratic presidential horse race that has begin in earnest. Truth be told, Jeb Bush is really not looking all that bad–if only he voted Democrat.

Have a nice week end everybody!


January 15, 2015

Engine of Prosperity=SCIENCE!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, rainy, raw island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this 15th day of January, 2015, another soggy one here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), a good day for ducks as they say… I know we all look forward to another day of beautiful political TALK in Washington D.C., everything from Bush v. Romney to what the hell are we going to do about terror threats all ’round the world…

But if you want terror, look no further than Texas’ crazy man, give it up for Senator Ted Cruz, who, as a loyal Republican, lo, one of the few proud plutocratic mules de jour, believes that “…the climate changes everyday,” hence does not buy into all of that ‘nonsense’ regarding GLOBAL WARMING.  A moronic philosophy/policy position that WILL prove to be exponentially scarier to millions more people across the globe than localized radical, militant Islamic terrorism.  Having said that I must say it warms the heart to know Cruz will be the next chair–sitting right next to another famous Republican climate change denier and head on the U.S. Senate’s Committee on the “Environment and Public Works”, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), who has classically painted himself into a corner with his numb skull statement of “…global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people”–of that body’s committee on “Space, Science and Competitiveness”.

Translation?  Cruz will be in charge of the NASA budget, solely responsible for keeping an eye on the sky, while explaining to US stupid humans just how much of that ice is really melting and how cataclysmic is it really going to be!   Stuff like that.  In fact, most experts say that NASA’s days could be numbered as Cruz and the rest of the knuckleheads, exclusively plutocrat boot licking Republicans who have their collective heads up their you know whats’, continue cutting off their collective noses despite their collective faces.  Going way past that Ostrich merely using the sand as a cover from reality, for it will not be long until the curtain is pulled all the way back and it is revealed just how much damage mankind has done to his only environment, one on which he depends to live LIFE!

Taking away NASA’s satellites will take away DATA, thus making it near impossible for climatologists to do their job, working for NASA to guide the world as the climate continues to warm.

“Data should guide policy, not ideology.”

On “The ED SHOW” (MSNBC five p.m. eastern) yesterday, Michio Kaku, a CUNY Professor of Physics, put the whole Ted Cruz “Defender of the Galaxy” in perspective, moreover, the Republicans (big oil and gas corporations rather), hell bent effort to keep the masses in the dark about the dangers that are on the horizon because the earth is warming at an alarming speed, as they fret about their sacred PROFITS while the rest of US are left twisting in the wind!

‘Point of Parliamentary Procedure!’ I yield the floor to the kind professor of PHYSICS, sir!

“…we need an instantaneous snap shot (NASA satellites) of the earth.  So that we can use computer projections into the future.  That’s how we do it.  WE don’t put our finger into the wind (like GOP politicians) and guess what the weather is going to be tomorrow.  We have satellites giving us instantaneous readouts of air temperature, water temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide content on the planet Earth.  If the budget is cut, we will be going BLIND! (just like the GOP).  We’re not going to know which way the atmosphere is going and then it’s strictly a question of political football as to how the presidential candidates are going to align on this question.  We have to have data, that’s the bottom line. Data is the key to the future.  Data is the key to our prosperity.  DATA is the key to the next generation of Americans and if we cut it, we’re just going to have chicken bones (referring to the FOX guarding the hen house).”

Again, NASA satellites provide critical data about what’s happening on our planet today and provide scientists with “real life observations” they use to hone their predictions.

What could be more terrorizing than an increasingly warming planet and the world’s only super power without the political and moral WILL to keep their EYES in the SKY to keep ‘the American people’ safe from the CATACLYSM that is GLOBAL WARMING?

I know some in this not your grandfather’s GOP, at least not mine, have completely lost their minds.  Or are simply what we all know them to be–boot lickin’ plutocratic puppets who care nothing for said American people evidenced in their actions and/or in-actions. NOT in that empty self serving rhetoric, hollow words that hold no iron.

Have a nice day everybody!


January 13, 2015

Ancient Civility?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, snowy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this 13th day of January, 2015, another chilly one out on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by that ‘Last Great Ice Age’. An ancient history ‘ner told, nevertheless one of monumental evolution in the human experience, as this was also around the same ‘time’ period when Paka Punka (perhaps the world’s oldest known civilization, dating back to this era) and Atlantis disappeared from the face of the earth in what many call ‘The Great Flood’... Evoking the Bible’s Noah and the Ark and all of those pesky animals/plants he may have saved…

Who knows?  Who cares?  Am I right?  We are all still talking about the Golden Globes and Bill Cosby, ‘with the pills and the people’.. I mean come on, why would anyone care to ponder on the origin of the human condition and how it came to be that way?  I mean the past?  That is so 1984.

Who would care to be remarking on what worked and what most clearly did not?  Right Mitt Romney?  We have had many die in the name of religion over the years, with some in this 21st Century United States multicultural media calling out what this radical form of “Islam” boils down to–nonsense of the highest order!

The killings of the cartoonists and the 3.7 million people in France alone who marched in solidarity with “Je Suis CharlieHebdo’s weekly periodical, satirical in nature, along with many more millions around the world, woke up many to what this fairly gentle ‘roasting’ represents, a line in that proverbial sand no one is willing cross over.  It is black and white, good and evil, oil and water.  Both sides at fever pitch calling for war.

The problem of international terrorism is not going away any time soon.  However, if we are to eradicate it from OUR now global civilization if you will, with a McDonald’s on every corner of that globe, along with an Arby’s if you are into masochism, we must all play by the rules.  And that includes our friends from Saudi Arabia.

It seems a blogger was given “A thousand lashes” for speaking out against a priest? or something to that effect in the Kingdom, thus was given those lashes, 20 at a time, and given them publicly.  Moreover, the fact be-headings and other atrocities occur regularly in that oil rich nation, with stark and most would say questionable human rights’ policies, especially when it comes to women, begs the question of our own hypocrisy when it comes to our judgement of ‘who is a bad guy’ and ‘who is an ally?’.  Ever forcing US into the compromising role of a seemingly random and fluid arbitrator (cosmic cowboy justice?), when it comes to this horrible phenomenon of terrorizing and attacking those soft targets, creating havoc and chaos around the world 24/7.

There is little doubt this new brand of terror and manipulation of OUR time and resources, really one and the same, has cast a shadow on many of our affairs.  From going to the grocery store to going to a football game, people are beginning to question our so called safety on a planet that is always on edge, a kind of permanent PTSD condition if you will, with everyone living in the amygdala (what most psychologists describe as the “fight or flight” cave man part of the noggin, an almond size ‘basement of the physical human brain’, some call the ‘lizard brain’; or any number of FOX “news” commenters) of the world brain, with so many calling for the sky to fall at any moment; ‘Chicken Little’ now an endless feature on Rupert, ‘arrgghh matey!’, Murdoch’s media empire down under!

Like sex, violence sells and thus we have the human condition of fear that plays so well into the anarchists plans of caliphate, destruction and death.  But my God, let US all take a step back from the precipice and real eyes that this kind of behavior on the part of humans is not new.  In fact, most would argue that the rate of violence as a whole around the world is actually decreasing, with pockets of horror in Nigeria (e.g. Boko Haram militant terrorists who recently murdered 2000 innocent tribes people indigenous to that area), Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and other ‘hot spots’ the CIA and other international intelligence operations are all keeping a close eye on.

Again, one’s chances of being killed by a terrorist are as likely as one being struck by lightening.  So go out and take a walk today if you please… Clear your head of all the images of Alkali whatever his name is.  The world, especially the U.S., is exponentially safer against existential threats than it was on that crystal clear 2001 morning in New York.  Healing for more than a decade after an attack where 3000 plus Americans died at that hands of radical Islamic extremists.

Many of those ‘radicalized’ ideologies have come from clerics in Saudi Arabia (whose behavior at home via their own beheading of people that don’t agree with them, along the spreading of radical prose in prisons around the world to young, disenfranchised, poor and desperate men, mostly of Muslim background but not all by any stretch of the imagination, should be noted), and like the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him), are above any kind of criticism, ridicule or mild speculation.

“Charlie Hebdo” has been reborn if you will, serving up a new edition this week with that aforementioned Prophet stating on the front cover–printing 3 million copies, up from it’s normal 60,000–”All is forgiven”.

A pretty good sentiment in my book, one would hope these five-year-old terrorists could embrace (although that seems like a bridge too far as noted before).   Breaking free from this evil, radical hate; insane/barbaric violence/death that looks just like it did in the early 1940′. Only this time–instead of an ugly mustache and bad haircut coupled with the genocidal appetite that horrified an entire planet–the terrorists cower behind a mask that only should be worn by groups like “Anonymous” who have vowed to fight fire with fire, hacking into the very heart of the terror-de-jour’s best weapon, ‘the Internet’.

Have a nice Tuesday and stay tuned, same bat station, same bat channel!


January 11, 2015

Viva La France!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, frigid, calm and endless blue skied island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this cold January 11th day, a quiet Sunday morning to be sure, as the little Harbor of Hyannis lies in wait for a warmer day.  Indeed, the only critter out on a day like this may be the Bufflehead Duck who makes his appearance ’round this time of the year, keeping ‘time’ with the occasional harbor seal and flying seagull ‘ore head…

Things are just a little more active in Paris, France at this moment however–eight a.m. eastern, two p.m. “European time”– as millions of people are and will be attending the various rallies “for peace, unity, freedom and the END to VIOLENCE!” in and around the prominent “City of Lights” squares, with 40 world leaders expected to be in attendance, from Germany’s Andrea Merkel to Great Britain’s David Cameron. The calm, peaceful march will evoke much emotion from this fragile country, who is having a tough time ‘absorbing’ it’s ever growing Muslim population.

The United States does not have quite the same problem they have in France, mainly because we have integrated Muslims with Jews along with Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists and other faiths that fit nicely together with our clear separation of church and state.  Although some would argue that with this new 114th U.S. Senate being 92 percent Christian there could be some biases, but let’s not get side tracked shall we?

France has over 5 million Muslims living in the country today, with many not feeling part of the community, (living like many African-Americans do today in the U.S.), living on the margins of a society that in many cases hates them.  It is a fact that can not be disputed, nor can it be swept under the rug.  It must be addressed in overall policies and real changes in how we treat the vast majority of OUR minorities, hence the peace being restored.  It is really that simple.  The horrible killings of those simple, sweet cartoonists at the weekly French satirical periodical “Charlie Hebdo”, culminating in another attack at “Hyper Cached” by a fellow Jihadist, ultimately taking 17 innocent lives in the process, was unspeakable and does not need any more press.

However, this march of Unity today, seen around the world by billions, will hopefully show these terrorists that their brand of hate/terror/evil is not going to win.  It will–like the horrible Nazi party that hijacked Germany leading up to and concluding with World War II–be stamped out and forgotten as just another evil wind that swept over the world for a brief spell, only to be disinfected and ultimately extinguished by the sunlight of the spirit–lo, by the very men and women, steeped in philosophical/political/religious satire, that you thought you killed the other day.

For let it be known that you cannot kill laughter, nor can you kill freedom of expression. And though it may dawn on some creators to tone down the rhetoric that offends–i.e. slurs of African-Americans or antisemitism or insulting the Prophet Mohammed that is at the core of Islam–to others in this callous world it will not

Violence in any form is abhorrent and must be addressed by the greater good–steadfast in it’s Knowledge that ‘it’ IS Universal and Infinite.  I think that is what everyone in Paris is reflecting on today, keeping in mind that word inclusiveness.  Taking a step back and making the society work for that ‘greater good’ seems to have better results for all involved. Rich or poor…

HAVE A NICE DAY! (and week ahead!).


January 8, 2015

Je Suis Charlie!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, frigid, calm island of Nantucket! A pleasure being with you on this Thursday morning, the eighth day of January, 2015; a frozen day here on this little sand bar as noted by a winter image of one of our fast ferries, ‘the Grey Lady’, seen above speeding it’s passengers back to the mainland from the sparsely populated rock of Nantucket (this time of year), a lonely, isolated, cold place and separated by 30 miles of Nantucket Sound…

That physical separation of seeming civilization was perceived in another way yesterday, across another body of water, the Atlantic, where heavily armed (presumably Jihadis from either Al Qaida or ISIL, or acting out on behalf and per direction of said organizations), militia men (three), opened fire in Paris, France at the offices of the satirical newspaper–a popular and sometimes controversial periodical–“Charlie Hebdo”, a paper founded in the 60’s.   Always on the cutting edge of that dangerous political/religious/social satirical line, crossed often offending many millions, none so much as the Muslim population upset recently of how the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon his name), has been depicted over the years, mocking the very core of the Islamic faith.

Paris officials have identified three men, all wearing black and heavily armed in video, ‘the Kouachi brothers’ along with an unidentified 18 year old man, and as of seven fifty a.m., eastern time, the suspects remain on the loose.  The victims were many, as one man described the scene as one out of a horror movie, and in the end, 12 lie dead, among them beloved journalist and senior editor for the paper Stephane “Charb” Charbonnier, who, as one of the cartoonists, was well known by his enemies who had already marked him for death, famously stating after a fire bombing of the building in 2011, “…our job is not to defend freedom, but without freedom of speech, we are all dead.  I prefer to die than live like a rat.”

Other victims include Cartoonists‘ Jean “Cabu” Cabut 76, Bernard “Tignous” Verlhae, 57, Georges Wolinski 80, Philippe Honore, 73 and economist/columnist, a French favorite, “Uncle Bernard” to his readers, along with four others attending the editorial meeting that fateful Wednesday high noon day, not forgetting the two policemen, one of whom was Charbonnier’s personal bodyguard.

The French people are observing a “Day of Mourning” today as this was France’s worst terrorist attack since 1961, during the height of a war with Algeria.  Suffice to say, many in this country are on alert, but most admit this is not likely to happen in the U.S., not at this moment anyway.  However, France and Europe in general do not have that luxury and remain on high alert as this has become somewhat of a trend, although not as crude as the lone ‘wolf’ attacks in Australia and Canada of late, but not holding the sophistication of a 9/11 type of barbarity, an act that packs more of a global punch, economically, socially, physically, etctera.

It goes without saying that “We are Charlie”–as the above headline reads in French–and freedom of speech is the most important freedom WE, as a world society, have and WE must defend it from savages who have no moral compass, lo, only a bloody machine gun with no soul.  Or a maniacal soul that has been sold to the highest bidder to gun down innocents and those who rail against your radical agenda dictates.  Whatever you choose to believe in, or not believe in matters not, for God, Allah, Jesus, Mohammed, all the greats, made it pretty clear how that greatness is shown.  He is great in his mercy and kindness, not in his endless ‘revenge’ and blind blood lust.

Have a nice day everybody, keeping in mind that there is a greater chance of you being hit by lightening than you do of ever being inconvenienced by some deranged terrorist emanating from the sands of Syria, Yemen or Sudan.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people today and with the families of those slain by these EVIL men.  May your pens continue to flow with impunity and your periodical continue to flourish and make people laugh!


January 7, 2015

‘…and taking names’.

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the bitterly cold and cloudy, soon to be snowy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this chilly January sixth morning, a Tuesday to be sure, catching up with some must watch TV–in the form of “All IN” and “TRMS”, both on MSNBC (not a paid AD!), weeknights at eight and nine p.m. eastern respectively–shows that sift through much of the malarkey one must digest on much of cable ‘news’ these days, especially the morning talk shows, wow, bringing one full circle as it were, more along the line of reason, logic and clarity…true journalism at it’s best.  Stuff that the late, great “60 Minutes” correspondent Mike Wallace would have been proud of, as the stories are full and full of nutrients, like a good meal, leaving the viewer richer for the experience.  A very rare trait in today’s horrible cornering of the ‘idiot market’, not a hard market to corner though…

Case in point Steve Scalise, the new now Republican majority whip, third in command of this ‘not your grand father’s GOP’, and the white washing of his speaking at a David Duke ‘fundraiser?’ back in 2002, claiming ignorance and saying out loud, “…what me, a racist pig?  I hate, I mean hate, really f’ing hate, hate groups man! ‘Cause deep down I am just David Duke without the baggage, oops, did I just say that?”

  • Back in the 90’s you could not, not notice the former Grand Wizard of the KKK and still HATE based anti-Semite whose website confirms my liberal tree huggin’ “biases”… Look up that word in the dictionary a$$hole and you will see your picture right above it, for to enter this new (as of today), 114th U.S. Congress with that guy (Scalise)–number three man–is just asking for trouble, for there is no way you can absolve yourself from a Nazi like Duke, an event the hotel hosting it condemned, distancing itself from the event in 2002, all while Duke is threatening to release of list of names he claims to have that are tied somehow to his organization, effectively blackmailing the now Republican clear cut majority in both houses of that 114 Congress.  Stating very loudly on CNN that if they remove Scalise from power, those names “he be taking” over the course of a few decades will suddenly see the light of day; exposing a whole host of possible Republican and Democrat mud puppies under the log, shining that white hot sunlight on the whole messy affair.

A little known FACT of note vanilla extract nightly news shows never offered up to “the American People”, the fact that former GOP House Whip Eric Cantor (recently thrown under the bus by his red meat base, as well as the fact he was the only Jewish person in power, real power in Washington, at least anyone who has an “R” next to their name), was replaced by a guy who might as well still be carrying a burning cross for David Duke.

I mean come on!  We already have David and Charles Koch making big time decisions, or trying to (Good Luck with the Keystone Pipeline bid fellas!), in our nation’s Capitol via lobbying groups like Heritage Action, breaking knee caps to ‘get things done’ in Washington. ‘Things’ like introducing legislation via A.L.E.C. (please Google the Machiavellian ‘American Legislative Exchange Council’; hard at work for some American plutocrats, creating ‘helpful’ pre-written bills GOP puppets simply have to put their little John Hancock on!

Why can’t the ‘new GOP’ just leave the Nazi out of the equation?

Curious minds would like to know.  The reality of this new Congress getting anything done is already an updated laugh track on one of the many intelligence insulting network ‘comedy’ shows polluting television today.  Although it will appear they are making sure the ‘medical tax device’ controversy is put to bed for the said (ad naseum) “American People”, as well as sending up a bill to the President to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature bill.  Along with an assortment of other acts of futility that will only end up on the cutting room floor, the new Congress will waste more of the People’s time and money, sending up bill after bill and with the stroke of that mighty American made VETO pen, the U.S. President–the historically great President Barack Obama–will just sit back and truly get things done for a vast majority of the American people, striking down insane notions only a few want, but most do not.

Hopefully mending our infrastructure and letting people know this country has a very bright future indeed.  Telling the land that if Mitt Romney would have won, this all might not have happened, the economic boom to come and that is making it’s way into Main Street more everyday.  Today’s U.S. economic news is the fruition of his very predictions.The only difference is Obama won and he will get that historic credit, going down as one of the U.S. greats at that position…

So sit back and relax, get out the popcorn and watch the madness unfold.  For in this passing political parade the only thing that survives is TRUTH, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, COMPASSION and ACTION.

The rest is just background noise…

Have a nice Tuesday, won’t you?


January 4, 2015

Good Morning America; 2015!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, mild, misty island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning–the 4th day of January, 2015–a rather balmy one out at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront, with temperatures reaching 60 degrees Fahrenheit by mid day…

The thaw will not last however, nor will it in Washington D.C. come tomorrow morning, as this 114th U.S. Congress “get’s to work”, solving all of the plutocrats woes as it gives the old heave hoe to the working stiffs in this great land of OURS.  A land we have allowed big oil and gas to run rough shod over for FAR too long my friends.

Consider this when you wake tomorrow; turning on the confusing and loud (lots of shiny objects!) ABC’s “Good Morning America”, or the NBC mind numbing “Today Show”, asking yourself why?  Discovering that you have suddenly stopped fighting and allowed the corporate brainwash to begin with out your consent or knowledge.  Keeping the masses as dumb and clue less as possible.  For the network executive (who makes his/her money from Madison Avenue wizards’ bosses), that offers up the most crap for the viewer on a consistent basis wins the coveted ratings prize that is ongoing.  Case in point, the fight over this horrible Keystone XL Pipeline project–the perfect symbol of the epic battle between the people of EARTH and greedy oil and gas tycoons who could care less if OUR children and their children actually have a planet that can sustain LIFE.  And the very oligarchs that control what you and yours view on Comcast for example, NBC News’ parent company.  This just in: full disclosure, you know–

Global Warming is quickly becoming synonymous with the word CATACLYSMIC!

So when you turn on your TV today or tomorrow, or ’smart phone’ or tablet, wherever you ‘get your news from’, most likely all of that “news” will be revolving around the central questions of “…what are the Republicans going to do?” “Are they going to work with Obama?” “Do they KNOW that continued unearthing of more Carbon based sources of energy will eventually doom our planet forever? i.e. tar sands in Alberta, Canada?

When will the madness end?  Who cares about what these puppets ‘plan’ at their coming secret meetings with the Koch Brothers and other interested big time plutocratic polluters?  Their ‘plan’ WILL be exposed for what it is and WHO it benefits.  And seeing WE still live in a democratic society, for now, the voices of those who CARE about this planets’ health and well being WILL be heard, from every roof top in America!  PROFIT over people is NOT what the founding fathers had in mind roughly 238 years ago and don’t let the idiots on the morning talk shows tell you any different.  Including the so called pundits on TV today (although many are quite good, just watch out for those who speak with fork-ed tongue!), those making their appearances on the coveted elite Sunday talk shows…

In 1984, the late, great Governor from the great state of New York, Mario Cuomo, gave a speech out in San Francisco that is still recalled today.  His passing only days ago (may he rest in peace), reminded US of those powerful words all these many decades later, words that still ring true today. A demoralized Democrat party hung on those words as if they were a life preserver, hoping that someday his vision of a more just, equal and fair society would eventually emerge, one that had more than just the wealthy few in mind…

A nation is only as strong as it’s weakest link and like a fence, can be repaired if it has seen too many cold, white days on the high Wyoming plains during a punishing winter.  Mending it (like the U.S. infrastructure system) will take time and money; but most would argue that is what a government is FOR.  It is not meant to be a boon to business at the expense of the people it was created to serve. One cannot serve two masters, now can one?

You are either a servant to the people or you are a servant to a plutocrat…

Have a great week ahead folks and make it GREAT YEAR!


January 1, 2015

Happy Nantucket New Year!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the frigid, clear blue skied and quite windy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this first day of January, 2015, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I Hope everyone made it home safely from their various New Year’s Eve events, the writing/photography crew at Sea Cape Cod (in case you were worried or wondering), was in bed by eight.  Up early enough to capture images of soft morning light on the lighthouses gracing our fine shores upon this quite magical little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age ‘ore 11,500 years ago matey, a long time to be sure… But not really in the grand scheme of things, the earth only 4.6 billion years old I think. I’ll have to get back to you on that however, ’cause here at Sea Cape Cod we don’t want to pick no fights no more, nor sir, especially with them creationists, by gosh, by golly!  ‘God’ creating them just like he wanted to I guess, real ignorant and stupid…

Hey, that’s not nice!  That’s one of my New Year’s resolutions this year, to by a little nicer in my demeanor, not that I am not normally nice, it’s just that I could be a little nicer.  Now that we are on topic, ‘”…what are you stupid?’” (credit Chris Christie, Governor of the great state of New Jersey), here are a few more thoughts I had to make this a better year for not only myself, but the world at large, because I am well aware of just how important “I” am in this whole equation of life, American politics, the environment and the weather–not all that important.

So, why not have a good time while we are here, am I right?  That’s number two.  Three, smile more at people.  Four, meditate at least twice a day.  Five, go see more movies at the theater.  Six, keep walking and biking and swimming in the natural world. Seven, ask more questions about how ‘authority’ goes about coming to their ‘conclusions’ about various topics, geopolitical/corporate/regulatory…oh, was that out loud?  Sorry, ah, eight, “made a list of all persons I have harmed and became willing to make amends to them all”, oops that was ’step eight’ in the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Not that any of you out there have a problem, but if you do, there is a solution…

Nine?  NEIN! Stop giving advice like I just gave on number eight.  Ten, forgive more, condemn less.  Eleven, ask more of my being, knowing that FEAR is just that, an illusion that does not exist (we ALL have more power than we know). Knowing that courage is not the absence of fear, rather how you handle it.  Twelve, find a way to save as many Polar Bears as I humanely can.  Thirteen, make a million bucks, hotdog! Fourteen, play more golf this year.  Fifteen, Take even more pictures!  Sixteen, real eyes that each moment–if one allows it– IS a miracle`for that is what life truly is.

KNOWING this puts aside that gnawing, anxious fear based ‘reality’ most of US live in here in the West, and perhaps now all over the world because of American Capitalism ‘gone wild’–USA! USA! USA!–fake corporate jingoism if I have ever heard it, via the many Madison Avenue Wizards that are everywhere these days, quite nauseating is it not?

I don’t know about you, but I think the last ‘resolution’ will be watching less TV, or perhaps watching it with a bit more intelligence, turning ON stations like MSNBC–providing TRUE content as opposed to what  nemesis FOX ‘news’ mostly secretes… An organization that goes out of it’s way to create fear, anxiety, thus producing“Abby normal something” thinking and/or behavior (credit the 1971 film, “Young Frankenstein”, starring the great Gene Wilder), among their adult viewership, many voting along “the Factor” talking points memo.  My God, wake up man!

So there you have it. I hope, pray, whatever gets the job done, that you ALL have a Wonderful New Year!  With many good things in store for you and yours, not only this year, but for many years to come!  God’s speed and thank you for tuning into Sea Cape Cod! We will, as always, leave the light on for ya!

Best of Luck and CHEERS to 2015!


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