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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 31, 2014

Arrrggghhhh sir!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, star lit and spooky island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Halloween morning, the 31st of October, 2014.  Kids on the Cape and Islands, kids of all ages, getting ready for the trick-or-treats coming in all kinds of forms this year.  But for the pumpkin head crew aboard this mighty vessel you see above, braving the stormy seas of South Main Street in Centerville...’there be no problems ahead matie! ‘Nor will there be, for we own the concept of FEAR aboard the FOX vessel of misinformation at best.  Blatant brainwashing and manipulation coupled with unhealthy lies preying on people’s fears for your overlord’s corporate profit, I mean benefit, at its worst… 24/7.

My, my, my…

That’s right folks it’s Halloween across this great land of ours, from sea to shining sea.  On this great holiday, I think back to all of the places I have lived in this country.  And none could top the great state of New Jersey when I was in sixth grade.  Let’s go the video tape! “…we’re the ones doing the ‘work’ regarding Super Storm Sandy, so when you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to that work, we can have a discussion, yeah, anytime buddy, but, hey listen I’m talking here, but until then, sit down and shut up!”

Chris Christie, the larger than life (D+ tops) New Jersey Governor–a Republican–gave that to the world over the week end, humiliating a former town councilman who was simply asking some touchy questions of the Governor at a rally for “whatever” and other like items on the agenda.  Such as Christie’s bid to become this nation’s 45th U.S. President.  He certainly did not seem to be interested in speaking to the families devastated by 2011 Super Storm Sandy that hit little sea side homes and businesses all along the Jersey shore around Halloween.  Avoiding questions like, “…where’s the other 80 percent Governor?”

A man can dream can he not?  I was talking about the guy who was told to shut the “f” up.  His dream was to see the Governor, a lighter shade of grey if you will, take care of the over 5000 families that are still displaced (two years since Sandy hit the Jersey Shore).  It’s now a FACT that Christie has been sitting on over 800 million bucks, or roughly 80 percent of the 1.1 billion Congress allocated to the region after that devastating storm.  The man dreaming of his community becoming whole again, (who did roll up his sleeves, unlike Christie, for a month that he took of from work to help with clean up efforts), by asking a reasonable question of the bully (Chris Christie a bully?), ran into a microphone and an bad attitude that is not needed in this day and age.  Christie looking more like a tough union boss from the movie “On the Waterfront”, starring Marlon Brando, circa 1954, than a viable presidential candidate.

Nothing to SEA here folks, except the rising level of the oceans and more storms on the way.  Let’s put someone in charge who takes the money from the Federal government, sent to help the victims of the storm, and keeps most of it.  You know, for a rainy day.  “I’m Chris Christie and I approve this Ad”.

“…Oh, and by the way, if any of you have any last minute thoughts on a Halloween costume, why not go as the missing money sent by the FEDS for the poor schmuck who interrupted my news conference, the little prick.  Don’t these people have homes?  Oh, yeah.  Hey, that’s not my fault, that money is meant for the slush fund and since David Sampson left the Port Authority, I don’t know where my next pay off is going to come from.  I mean, 7 billion dollars in the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York is a whole boat load of cash.  I could do a lot with that money, you know–for the people of New Jersey. Say, I could build a new tunnel from our fine state into Manhattan, and…oh yeah.   Hey honey, do you know where my Ellen DeGeneres costume is?  The boys down at the lodge are waiting for me.  Oh, and if anyone else gets that Ebola virus, quarantine them immediately, this time with a lock and key, ’cause I don’t want that a$$hole Governor LePage of Maine calling me here at home anymore.  That f’ing nurse is his problem now.”

Have a nice week end folks, stay safe and watch out for the ghosts and goblins of Jim Crow.  That voter suppression hor$e%hit going on all across the United States this week end, with only four days to go until the pivotal 2014 U.S. Midterm elections…  Ever remembering that if you don’t vote, it’s a vote for the plutocrats who wish ill on the working poor, the elderly, students, minorities and anyone who is not part of ‘the donor class’.


VOTE DEMOCRAT on November the 4th!


October 30, 2014

Dorothy & the Scarecrow…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, sunny and spooky island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Halloween Eve, a Thursday here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port, the thirtieth day of October, 2014, a quiet morning to be sure on Cape, with yesterday being perhaps the last day of ‘Indian Summer’ for yet another season…

Of course, what would Halloween be without the great film “The Wizard of Oz”, starring Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and of course, the Scarecrow, happily flying along that ‘yellow brick road’ with love and optimism on their side; skipping on down a rather lonely road to find what it was they were looking for in this life.   Dorothy just wanting to get ‘home’, the Tin Man in need of a heart, the Cowardly Lion lacking courage and wanting to ‘find it’, and that “crazy” Scarecrow in search of a brain.

After much strife and struggle–none so bad as the flying monkey’s and other horrors thrown at them by a mean old witch, “the Wicked Witch of the East’– they made their way to “The Emerald City” (NSA headquarters? in Maryland?), to wit they were greeted with blind, cold hostility, hurting their feelings as the FEAR level is pushed to ‘high’… the Wizard attempting to ‘get them off his lawn’ via the intimidating loud noises, flashing lights, yelling, abuse of authority, (little man with a little power syndrome’) and rampant confusion, all done to rid the ‘man behind the curtain’ of those pesky little ’subjects’ once and for all.  Those sad little (working poor) “American people” who want something from him.

His attempts to scare the little girl and her mates failed, his ‘curtain’ pulled back by her Toto, exposing every inch of his very fragile human frame, indeed proving to all the world he was nothing more than an opportunist, a charlatan, some even say, a dreaded ’snake oil salesman’, the very worst kind of salesman–

Save that of a “natural gas” (Methane) sales person…

Lo, if it were not for the great determination of Dorothy and her best pal the Scarecrow, well then, that Wizard would still be behind the curtain, abusing his power, i.e., not helping when he should be helping. Thus proving the old adage, ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’.  For Dorothy it was an epiphany, for she finally saw things with REAL eyes.  Namely the fact she had the power all along to ‘go home’, it simply had to be pointed out to her by someone who honestly cared…

Someone with no ‘Angle‘– nothing to sell, or profit from, helping only with kindness and compassion.

Someone like her friend the Scarecrow and Glenda, the good witch.

This nation is in the same boat as our friends from Oz. What we have in Washington D.C. is a few powerful plutocrats, the ‘men behind the curtain’ who are gunning for the ultimate prize of all three branches of government by 2016, starting with gaining control of the U.S. Senate, five days from today.

Hence control of the nation and thus the end of said nation as we know it now…

If these clowns are elected into power, rest assured the next two years will be spent listening to reasons we should impeach our very fine, brave and compassionate 44th U.S. President, Barack Obama, who has done more for this country than any president in recent memory, history books will show, least of which was getting the Affordable Care Act passed into LAW.  A feat his predecessors could not accomplish in the seventy plus years of ‘trying’…  Trying is lying my friends!

So get out the VOTE AMERICA!  And vote Democrat, so as to keep OUR democracy with that little letterd’ in tact! The liars in lobbies, the power in politics, the red in republicans!  Who needs Goblins and Ghosts? We got all the scary we need in this ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ hell bent on turning this country into a gas station just like Mother Russia;  the upcoming battle of International Oligarchs beginning in earnest, pulling five times more carbon out of MOTHER EARTH than her atmosphere can handle–effectively cooking the planet (if carbon emissions continue unabated) by centuries end.  Since 1970 half the species of the earth’s beautiful and irreplaceable animals have become extinct.  If that does not scare you Senator then perhaps we should check for a pulse–BOO!

What the hell are we doing?

Have a nice day everybody, have fun out in my old home town of Denver, Colorado, LoDo to be specific, Rachel Maddow (TRMS, weeknights on MSNBC, not a paid advertisement…)! And please remember not to take any of those wooden nickles from FOX “news”–side effects still include, but are not limited to, blurred vision, a lack of clarity, irritable bowels, ‘numb lips and finger nail sensitivity’ (credit the classic film, circa 1991 “What About Bob“, starring the greats Bill Murray, Julie Hagerty and Richard Dreyfuss)!


October 29, 2014

Autumn bliss

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, mild and scary island of Nantucket! Boo! It’s Thursday, the 29th day of October, 2014 and it’s almost Halloween, a non-partisan holiday if there ever was one.  Although don’t tell that to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, he’ll tell you that New Jersey has a lock on ‘the scary’, quarantining anyone who has even thought the word Ebola, setting up tents at Newark Airport now, complete with basic cable access so as to not miss any of the fine midterm election coverage on the fact based ‘fair and balanced’ FOX “news channelcoast to coast in these last six days before voting begins on November the 4th…the U.S. Senate and all of that POWER hanging in the balance.  Yikes!

Ebola, Ebola, Ebola, is the new Benghazi, the perfect cover for the real frightening stuff of this corporate take no prisoners Republican party, that, if elected into power, will take aim at what is left of this great land–namely the land itself.

But, alas, with so much outrage on the media plate, it is hard to get real messages of any worth to the American (voter suppression soaked, with blessings from this 2014 SCOTUS, who will go down as the worst Supreme Court in our history as a country) electorate.  Although it is quite clear the MESSAGE is getting out to the general public that their voices are slowly fading into obscurity, as are the VITAL humane and environmental issues of our day...

All while the Native American man looking down at the garbage in the 1970’s, an iconic AD for the ages, sheds one more tear for the Polar Bear.

Pray tell US Governor Christie, if elected into the highest office in the land, will you be turnin’ the rest of this beautiful country into a mirror image of the lovely land surrounding the New Jersey Turnpike?  The swamp of rancid chemicals and base filth?  You know the road I speak of sir, the one the feeds onto the George Washington Bridge, a bridge named after a man who ‘could not tell a lie’ (e.g. the fabled story of George Washington as a boy when he damaged a cherry tree on his family farm, confessing to the deed later).

Ironic no?

Have a nice Thursday everybody and make sure to tune in all week end for the love fest that IS this outstanding 2014 U.S. Midterm elections.  If you make less than 10 million a year, vote Democrat.  If not, good luck to you and I will SEA you on that fabled island of Nantucket, we’ll have a ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ baby!  The richest zip code in these here United States of America and damn proud of it! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 28, 2014

Kansas Gold

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, cool and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the 28th day of October, 2014, expecting yet another glorious Fall day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront. Bright yellow, orange and red leaves adorn the narrow streets of this historic hamlet; temperatures in the low sixties with an abundance of blue skied sunshine…so come on down!  We will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for ya!

7 days to go until we get a handle on Ebola in the U.S. (thank the Lord above for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, really, sir, first Sandy relief and now mandatory Ebola quarantines?  You are a rock star sir! don’t let anyone tell you any different. And by the way, the press conference was top notch stuff Governor, top notch!  If that is not leadership, geez, I don’t know what is, the whole country owes you a debt of gratitude, you truly are a GOD send sir!), I mean until the 2014 midterm elections that has everyone running around the country in a mad rush to interview all of the “qualified”, lo, amazing candidates who have ‘the best interests of the American people’ in mind.

No where is this more evident than in the great state of Kansas where incumbent Senator Pat Roberts is in a dead heat with Independent Greg Orman who has not promised to caucus with either party–at least for now.  The reason Orman may win in such a red state is due to Robert’s (moreover, Governor Brownback, the Republican who just can’t say no to tax cuts, no sir Mr. Koch!) and his string problem.

You see in Kansas there is an experiment going on.  Koch Industries, based in my grandma’s home state of Kansas, are, as we all know by now, very interested in politics these days.  Mostly due to the fact they and others like them, want to do away with any form of regulation on their very profitable chemical company, dabbling in oil and gas.  They also want to reduce taxes so they can, “shrink government down to the size where they could drown it in a bathtub” (credit Grover Norquist, spokesman/henchmen for the “Heritage Foundation”)–thereby subtly (legally and quietly) turning it from a democracy into a plutocracy (rule by the wealthy).

If you lower taxes too much, like they have in Kansas to a large degree, then you also eliminate revenue for things like education, roads, bridges, hospitals, well, you get the idea.  The Koch Brothers have all but bought this one Kansas Governor plus the incumbent Senator, but have plans to buy so much more.  Thus, the gold in Kansas (each brother worth 41 billion at least) should give US all pause when we go to the voting booth on November the 4th.  Asking ourselves the question, if we happened to live in Kansas or any of the other six states that are make or break for the Democrats bid to hold on to the U.S. Senate this year, “…do we want puppets for plutocrats or do we want to elect people who will fight for OUR collective WILL–not the will of a few greedy people who wish to destroy our very democracy with that little letter ‘d’?”.

It really is that simple folks, and no matter what ‘ole Mitt, “corporations are people too my friend”, Romney said on the stump this week in Kansas, bad mouthing what history books will say was one of our finest U.S. Presidents, our 44th, Barack Obama, corporations do not have a soul, but people do.  That’s why we voted for Barack Obama in the first place.  His success based and documented on all sorts of factors.  Written down in REAL history books written by REAL historians.

Yes, no matter what that old boy has to say this week, take it with a huge grain of salt.  For in the end, at ‘the end of the day’, remember that this new corporate model of the once proud brand called the GOP is not out for the common man, no sir. This new fake ‘grass roots’ corporate sponsored by Viagra–a Republican group of very organized men in dark suits–is out to take over the country in many ugly ways.  Attempting to privatize Social Security, eliminating the minimum wage, suppressing the vote further, attempting to destroy the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, as well as taking out all of the safety measures put in place by the Clean Water and the Clean Air Acts of the 1970’s, plus gutting the EPA–all spelling doom for the environment, as they continue to rake in record profits that trickle up, not down, to the top .001 percent who will eventually turn this country back into the colony it once was.

Only this time, the ‘King’ will reside in an industrial office park located somewhere in the heart of the great state of Kansas.  A state where my roots are deep, as well as many others in this great land.  A state of mind where GOLD resides not in the Grand Caymans, but in the heart of the common man or woman who only wants the best for their kids and their grand kids.  A clean world with less violence, less greed, less insanity…

Have a nice day folks and remember to get your friends and family, along with yourself, to the voting booth a week from today.   The coming American Oligarchy does not have to happen, VOTE!


October 27, 2014

“the American People”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brilliantly blue skied, sun drenched and ever kind island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this early Monday morning, the 27th day of October, 2014, and as you can SEA above, the “Iyanough”–a fast ferry run by ‘the Steamship Authority’ from Hyannis to Nantucket and back–is just getting ready for take off, as it stealthily moves along in the dark from the inner to the outer harbor, whereupon she fires up her engines and the ‘ole cat takes off like a jet, powerfully and surprisingly smoothly cutting through Nantucket’s Sound, only to arrive at the Steamship Authority docks in less than fifty minutes…not bad for a 27 mile jaunt out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Why not come on over for a Nantucket Christmas Stroll America?  There is nothing in this world like hundreds of hand decorated (by the community) Christmas trees lining the gas lamp lit cobblestone streets of the beautiful island of Nantucket in December.  Walking among the brightly lit trees at night, snow gently falling on your face, carols of yesteryear hanging in the air like so many memories that flood in with you saying to yourself, “…hey Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”  A place that time truly forgot…

‘…Back here on planet earth however, what’s your name?  Yes, Dorothy, please keep in mind that we are middle of the 2014 U.S. Midterm Elections, and baby don’t you forget it!  Who do you think is paying your salary?  Now get on that new Ebola outrage and get me something on that other new threat FOX is squawking about.  We are getting our butts handed to us in the ratings by those knuckleheads and even though you hate that ‘hog farmer’ from the great state of Iowa, the crowds just love her, so try and get some interview set up, tell her your with CNN, she won’t know the difference.’

8 days to go until this country finds out what kind of Oligarchical changes will be thrust upon the “American People”.  A new mandate set forth by .001 percent of “The American People”.

For when the Senate turns red, the pressure will be on to change the nation via a now rather obvious activist U.S. Supreme Court.  With the majority’s main goal (as evidenced in their gutting of the Voting Rights Act of 1965) in 2015 and beyond to continue efforts (by this newly ‘elected’ corporate sponsored ‘not your grandfather’s GOP)’ to suppress the vote.  Stifle it until minorities, the elderly, the working poor, students and other ‘ner de wells are eliminated from the roll call altogether, never being a ‘problem’ again.

Permanently cementing a plutocratic takeover of OUR democracy, with that little letter ‘d‘, a democracy, I might add, that hundreds of thousands of men died preserving. “This isn’t Russia Danny.  Is this Russia?” (credit Chevy Chase in the classic 1978 film “Caddyshack”, also starring the late, greats, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield).

Don’t take any wooden nickles from FOX this week folks, although I can’t wait to go upstairs, get some coffee and turn the TV machine on to FOX & Friends! There is nothing better than eating a balanced breakfast of ‘Coco Puffs and get kooky watching Steve Ducey do his thing, oh yeah.  Filling my brain with all of that mindless nonsense, a constant blind chatter with just a hint of passive aggressive brainwashing–messages, not real facts for the most part, some of that dribble bordering on the psychopathic.

All while enjoying a bowl full of fun, a GMO that is not only very colorful, but acts as chemically delicious ‘food product’ designed to fool one into believing his body is fueled with real nutrients.  That combination of a bowl of ‘cereal’ and the ‘a.m. news’ program are poor substitutes for FACTS and real sustenance–the basic building blocks of a healthy life and is the right stuff our so called leaders, or wanna be leaders, SHOULD be talking about ’round this time of year.  But, of course, this kind of common sense care regarding the massive majority of ‘the American People’ has nothing to do with profit, polls, pundits, priests or those politicians hollering’ at us over the airwaves 24/7…

Now does it?


October 26, 2014

Morning Miracle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sun drenched, beautifully cool and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this amazing Sunday morning, the twenty-sixth day of October, 2014, a day that you say, if you happen to live on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, “…God (Infinite Creative Universe if you prefer, at least something a little bigger than ‘me’), it’s good to be alive.”

p.s., thank you for this wonderful planet, I hope we don’t muck it up any more than we have already!”

I woke early as usual this morning, to a day that is one for the record books as it were.  For as I was capturing an image above Hyannis Harbor around eight a.m., I met a fellow photographer who happened to be a Massachusetts State Policeman, a veteran of 35 years with a summer home in Dennis, a great town just north of the hub Hyannis.  As we spoke, it occurred to me that I really enjoyed this man’s company, in fact, we had a lot in common.  We both liked taking picture of sunrises on beaches all over this incredible ‘place in time’–timeless rather, a much better word to describe such a magical place…

We are all one in reality, and we live as one people on one planet.  A tough road to hoe for many.  The fact this little sand bar and the gorgeous islands that act as accessories may look far different than they do now (in say 100 years), leaves little time to fuss and fight my friends.  Eventually putting aside our many differences, petty in comparison to the gravity of LOVE we all have for places such as the Cape Cod National Seashore. In those green, green marsh lands lies the answer to all of man’s ills.  In peace still live the Great Blue Heron, the Snowy Egret, the Marsh Hawk, the Cardinal, the Greater Black Back, the Kingfisher, and the sea crow…all needing that shelter as much as man needs a bed to lay his head.  In the hopes he will SEA yet another morning miracle of a new day on this little blue rock called planet Earth.

Have a great morning everybody and a even better tomorrow!


October 24, 2014

Colorado Cow Pies

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark and stormy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this raw and rowdy morning, a bit of a gale on the waterfront maties, as I just be returning from a swim at Kalmus Beach, where the waves are angry and the whales are heading south, to warmer and calmer seas…

Arrrggghhh! It’s almost time to vote in these United States of America once again!  With those horrible fear/falsehood Ads a flyin’ and the hor$e$hit knee deep.  Especially in my home state of Colorado, where Republican tea party candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Gardner is slingin’ it but good.

The U.S. Senate, or the control of said body, is up for grabs, with the blog ‘538′ giving ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ a 66 percent chance of winning on November the 4th, and thus giving the plutocrats one more step in their quest for the Holy Grail, yes, a lock on corporate control of our government, allowing big polluters to run rough shod over national parks and grandma’s back yard, fracking their way into the record books of profit over people, as the rivers, lakes, brooks, more rivers, bays, streams, estuaries, reservoirs, aquifers and the seven seas are all poisoned beyond the pale for generations to come…

Senator Mark Udall needs your help Colorado!  Get out the vote before you let this buffoon, challenger Gardner hoodwink yet another state with the help of big oil and gas.  Standing next to a wind farm, Gardner fools the people via the dark monied Ads sprinkled like so many fracking well heads saturating the state with that boozy smell of Methane, yes, telling Colorado he is for clean energy.  FOLLOW THE MONEY AMERICA!

Gardner is in bed with big oil and big gas, caring little to nothing for Colorado’s environment, seeing green only in his bank account, as he reads another bed time story to the dumbed down voters of Colorado, a book written by the ‘Brothers Koch’ (and their pals). Scary fairy tales (not to be confused with “The Brothers’ Grimm”; frightening stories involving all kinds of witches, ghosts and goblins of another place and another time… Lo, future words coming from men in hazmat suits, explaining to the good residents of Rifle, Colorado”…no folks, nothing to see here folks, it ‘ain’t Ebola, it’s some kind of chemical the EPA doesn’t even know about.  Course, after Gardner was elected, and that new, rather insane 114th U.S. Congress turned all nuts with anti-regulation bills on every known official in this here US of A, effectively killing the EPA’s ability to really keep the public safe from these monstrous corporate polluters… Well since all of that, we just are kind of playing catch up with all the various leaks in the fracking natural gas pipelines–not to mention all that run off from the millions of gallons of TOXIC fracking pools seeping into the drinking water wells–now crisscrossing what was once such a beautiful and ‘Colorful’ state of Colorado…

Let’s not let that happen folks, for gosh sakes, wake up and smell the roses! Or the coffee, whatever your metaphorical desire may happen to be this wet and wild Friday morning, the 24th day of October, 2014.  Corey Gardner is the poster boy for big oil and gas puppet wanna be.  He actually thinks people will believe he is for the environment when he takes millions from the oil and gas interests?  Corey Gardner, corporate stooge or environmentalist?  Who are you really?

May you all have a wonderful week end, hopefully getting out in nature a bit.  Perhaps even reflecting on just how amazing this world really is if you just slow down long enough and smell those roses on occasion!  (The reason we all work so hard to begin with; am I right or am I right?)

Are we just going to let all of OUR natural beauty, i.e. the great wilderness, be taken over by a few special interests? Spoiling it for future generations, i.e. your kids? To line THEIR pockets?!

Monies that a great majority of plutocratic organizations have parked (vast sums of monies) in the Grand Cayman Islands?  Caring nothing for this country as a whole, the U.S.  Just some slices of it, the exploitable slices my friends, the exploitable slices…

All because of some slick Madison Avenue wizards in New York City, who throw out the shiniest objects designed to fool as many of ‘the American people’ as possible, with many waking up twenty years from now asking–

“…What happened to America?”


October 23, 2014

Pier One ‘o One

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again mild, windy and sun splashed, island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the twenty-third day of October, 2014, drying out a bit from the heavy downpours overnight here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port–soaking the region with upwards of seven inches in some parts of Maine in the past 24 hours or so.  Sun is expected for the week end however, if you should be passing by this way.  I’m lookin’ at you Scott Brown! Take a break from your hor$e$hit campaign stylings of fear and exclusion in New Hampshire and come on down!  For love of sweet Jesus, please stop by and say hi!  We’re always open your philosophical edification, leaving the proverbial LIGHT on for ya!

It seems in this digital age, with information at our collective fingertips, most of that knowledge is passed down from ‘on high’, decimated through various ‘channels’ and spread throughout the Universe of our 7 billion plus human race, at least those with an Internet access point, with very little in the way of interpretation…

We all witnessed, as if we were really there, yesterday’s new terror attack on Western soil, this time in Ottawa, a quaint little city in the middle of a very large (land mass) country north of the United States, Canada.  Eh?

At high noon on Wednesday, a disengaged young man, only 32, opened fire on another young man, only 24  (a Ceremonial Guard at the “War Memorial”, only meters away from “Parliament Hill”, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the building where the gunman was eventually shot to death), killing him because some insane Islamic radical group in Syria/Iraq known as ISIL told him it might be a good idea.  Apparently being radicalized in Quebec only a few days earlier, near the time frame of another terror attack which took the life of another man.  This time the terrorist used a car to make his point.

This unholy act against perhaps the cutest little town in all of North America is horrible and roundly condemned by all good citizens world wide.  The 64,000 dollar question is however, what are we going to do to stop this growing trend of terrorism?  Terror being fueled by a slick group of low tech thugs who now know they can shut down an entire North American city at will.

Members of the Canadian Parliament were in session yesterday, with an iconic image passed around ‘the Twitter’ of that group barricaded inside one of the meeting rooms, a scene right out of the movie “The Blues Brothers” (circa 1980) as John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, the “Blues Brothers”, similarly tried to stave off the Illinois State Police in their successful attempts to get “the Penguin’s money” (the nun who brought them up), roughly 5000 bucks she owes to the Board of Education via back taxes, payable in full (by Monday) to the Cook County assessor’s office so they don’t shut down the Nun’s work with the poor inner city kids  on the South Side of Chicago.  As “Jake” (John Belushi) states whenever he can to whoever may be listening– “…we’re on a mission from God”.

The answer to that expensive question poised a few moments ago may lie within the question.  If society wants to throw away kids, and not give them hope, opportunity and LOVE, what do they think will happen?

We need to embrace all of our youth, not shun them away.  Bringing people TOGETHER, not apart, IS the answer to that question.  It’s not sexy, nor will it sell a bunch of ‘Ad space’ over on FOX, but inclusion will eventually solve all problems over time. 

Generational change is what is needed, not more bombs and guns.  Understanding that it is a POLITICAL and DIPLOMATIC effort, over the course of decades, with constant patience and a common purpose, a common goal, is what is most required ‘at this juncture’ (credit, again, George H.W. Bush) that is needed.  With “all boots on the ground” so to speak, diplomatic boots.

We are all diplomats if we choose to be…

Our ‘friends’ (my friends? maybe former U.S. President George H.W. Bush’s friends at one “juncture”) in the Middle East, e.g., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Emirates, Kuwait, and others in the (ally/middle east=oil), need to put some skin in the game here.  For if they want to live in a world that does not have terror, we need to understand how these terrorists come about to begin with and why killing them all won’t solve the problem.

We need more compassion and kindness in the regions, expanding out ideas of peace and prosperity, a feeling of INCLUSION. A 180 degree turn from what we have now, namely a world that is increasingly EXCLUSIVE, the gated community world we now live in…

Keeping young people out of the loop, such as what we have going on in Hong Kong. China taking away what students are learning right as we speak at the University of Hong Kong, you know, the birth of democracy with that little letter ‘d‘, the thoughts and actions of men like Thomas Jefferson in History class 101…

Chinese officials surprised at the unrest and vowing to ‘crack down even harder’ on protestors who are simply trying to have their voices heard like their friends in America they just “Tweeted” after watching an episode of “Veep” on HBO. It seems social media and the old world order are coming to a head.

Combating this radical, criminal, horrible group known as ISIL must take brute force I am sure.  Finding the leader of this group is a start, but fundamentally, the world, for it truly is a WORLD problem, like climate change, must begin to embrace it’s young people and not alienate them, as well as the poor at large.

Take America for example.  Ferguson, Missouri in particular.  Those protestors are not radical, they simply want Justice for an unholy act on their streets by an ‘officer of the law’ named Darren Wilson, who by all counts now, looks like he is going to get away with killing an unarmed black teenager in broad daylight.

Much like the shooting of that Canadian ceremonial guard yesterday in Ottawa.  It did not make a whole lot of sense then, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense NOW!

Instead of treating our youths as terrorists, especially the African-American males under the age of 30 in the United States, perhaps we should embrace them, lo, celebrate them, for is that not what you Mitt Romney and your religion cherish so, this thing called LIFE?

The unborn are protected in this country, but are the BORN?

Have a nice day folks, steering clear of the insane hysteria produced daily by the corporate media hounds, none so loud and obnoxious as FOX “NEWS”. Side effects still include, but as always are not limited to, that nasty blurred vision, those severe cramps, and all of that horrible nausea, diarrhea, convulsions, hallucinations, heart palpitations, and the overwhelming desire to bake Bill O’Reilly a cake.  A nice carrot cake for bringing us such a wonderful show on that old scallywag station of Fox . Give it up for “The FACTOR”, truly a must SEA television event, moreover, for the dry drunk himself, you know, for being such an all round great guy!  Hey Bill, you’re a writer, you pin head, put this in your talking points memo–

‘…we’re all on this Pier together, better get used to it.’


October 22, 2014

POWER of the pen…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wet and wild island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this very rainy Wednesday morning–the 22nd day of October, 2014–coming to you LIVE from the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront, a good day, as ‘they’ say, to be a duck.

The ‘they’ may as well have been the late, great Ben Bradlee, former long time Editor of the Washington Post, a charismatic, larger-than-life figure in a town that came to ‘know his name’…

For here was a man, much like his friend Jack Kennedy (whom he met when Kennedy was a mere congressman), who truly had the human touch.  A magnetic person, lighting up a room when entering it. Considered a ‘Boston Brahmin’, thus could easily fit in with the upper crust of any society, really leaving them in the dust as he exposed several scandals in the 1970’s that rocked the nation even to this day.

In 1971, the famous “Pentagon Papers” came out, words leaked that embarrassed the Nixon Administration as to how badly the very unpopular Vietnam War was going.  His paper forged ahead the following year with a story broke by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward–made famous in a film starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, “All the President’s Men”, the now infamous Watergate Hotel break in of the then Democratic headquarters, and the subsequent cover up that eventually brought down an American Commander-in-Chief, Richard M. Nixon.

Speaking to his reporters it has been told, in the midst of that all encompassing crisis in 1972, Bradlee barked out, “…you fellas better be right about this one, because the First Amendment is at stake here–Freedom of the Press, hell, the whole country could be…”.

Bradlee hated the LYING rampant in today’s modern corporate press (as well as in politics), ever searching out the TRUTH. His major passion, being that truth above all else, along with giving his reporters room to find their own voice, their own writing style, thus giving that paper a leg up on it’s competition, those stuffy old, stogy reads that would put Fox “news”’s George Will into a deep coma.

Bradlee was recently awarded the “Medal of Freedom”, the highest award bestowed upon a U.S. civilian–the award presented to Bradlee this past November by President Barack Obama.

Freedom–a word thrown loosely about by our friends on the right side of the aisle in this country so deeply divided now–is found in the TRUTH. For when you know something is broken, i.e. Washington D.C. via the corrupting influence of MONEY in a system not designed for such practices, well then, that “TRUTH–as Shakespeare howled so many moons ago–shall set you FREE.”

With Mr. Bradlee possibly screaming from the Heavens right about now, “…how about a new Constitutional Amendment?   Overturning “Citizens United” for starters and banning infinite corporate monies altogether in the future!  I mean come on folks, this dark money is killing OUR democracy, the one I fought for in WWII, you know the one with that little letter ‘d’?”

Perhaps that is why Ben Bradlee walked with such grace, confidence and magnitude.  Doesn’t everybody want that kind of FREEDOM? This country needs more guys like Ben Bradlee.. God’s speed Sir! Send us down some Love Ben!

We, the real American people, could sure use some about right now!


October 21, 2014

The Hen House

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soon to be rain swept island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the 21st day of October, 2014, and as you may surmise from the ominous picture you SEA above (image taken 10/21), no apology on the pun as it is my only Ad by as it were, the aforementioned islands and the Cape expect a drenching rain event as we speak, along with New York City and Downeast Maine, a sign that winter weather may soon be on the way…

Never you mind though fans of political high theater, as this nation gets ready to vote in 14 days, voting in what looks like the first wave of a hostile plutocratic takeover.  But who cares right?  By the time the oil and gas industry pull out five times more carbon than the earth can handle, what’s one Divinely inspired democracy anyhow?

Leave to our ‘friends’ at FOX though, ’cause here in the good ‘ole US of A, we like to stay super ignorant and full of fear, anger, jealousy, rage, regret, anger, hopelessness, and self-pity, leaving our viewers looking for the proverbial cliff to jump off of.  For what else is their option?  I speak of the FOX viewer here.  The commentators and ‘pundits’ (on that fine example of a 1933 WWII Joseph Goebbels like brainwashing rerun) are too far gone to save–to pull back into reality.

Take our buddy George Will, who recently went on FOX Sunday (a regular sell out) and spouted his “knowledge” of the Ebola virus to the world.  Explaining what infectious disease experts have abjectly refuted, namely the ‘fact’ Ebola is now an ‘air born’ disease (apparently mutating in the FOX ‘news’ room overnight, complete with sworn testimony from ‘experts’ at the University of Minnesota that do not seem to exist, as the University told reporters they never said anything of the sort).

It warms my heart to know that the so called right wing ‘intellectual’, on the right side of the business of punditry, has everyone’s ‘best’ interests in mind.  Just like he deeply cares for the ‘American People’. His people rather, those who receive that top notch, world class medical care and don’t have to worry about nothin’ because they have all of the money, opportunity, policies and politics, oh, and a seat at the coming plutocracy

Stick to baseball George, at least you know a thing or two about that.  Although Keith Olbermann, now on ESPN, could probably kick your a$$ in that one too!

The metaphor of a FOX for what they, Rupert, ‘arrrggghhhh matie’, Murdoch and the extensions of his massive EGO (don’t you go changin’ just to please me Rupert, you OLD scallywag!) call a news/opinion organization is perfect.  For like a real FOX you SEA below, an image taken by this reporter a few days ago in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, you may think twice about hiring him to watch over your hen house.

The sad viewers who take in all of this nonsense being spewed (like the billions of tons of Carbon and Methane poured into our atmosphere every day by the big corporate, subsidized polluters) by the toxic ‘hosts’ (parasites rather), Bill O’Reilly, Steve Ducey, you get the picture, are the victims of the terrible metaphorical game of being held hostage by someone who obviously does NOT have your best interests in mind, no sir!  The overwhelming Stockholm Syndrome, where the captors feel sorry for it’s captors, namely, the plutocrat of the day…

These ‘men and women’ working for the corporate ‘communication’ agenda de jour care nothing for the trials and tribulations of everyday American people.  The VAST majority of US!!

They only care about ratings, thus the only thing they really care about is MONEY. Bottom line.

Advertisements pay the light bill and the overinflated salaries of a grouping of wild parrots who repeat whatever comes out of the mouth of some lunatic who bugs the phone of the Prince and Wales and his mate.  Give US a break Rupert, and wake up America!  FOX news’ is a joke and like the big pharma it peddles on TV, side effects include, but are not limited to, brain damage, a loss of one’s soul, trouble urinating, irritable bowels, fever, and the overwhelming notion that you are turning into the fabled Chicken Little, as the proverbial FOX whispers into your hen house door, ‘…the sky is falling, the sky is falling, the sky is falling….”.

Have a great day!


October 20, 2014

Any way the wind blows?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the clear, cold and star lit (with a crescent moon) island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a chilly Monday morning, very early as the stars are still out, as I bid you and yours a fair and fine adieu.  “…this is beautiful, what is this velvet?”. (credit Mel Brooks in the classic film written and costarred by Brooks, “Blazing Saddles”, circa 1974).

As close as we can get here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront, settling in for what should be a contentious week of snarling, back biting, anger and lots of pop corn watching TV, with only 15 days left until the 2014 Midterm elections that the American corporate media darling Nate Silver (statistician and betting man from the blog “538″), predicting that the Republican party will regain control of the U.S. Senate come November 4th, backing it with a statistical probability of 62 percent.

And why not?  You got your new, GOP manufactured strict voter ID laws in Texas, you got your voter suppression in North Carolina, heck fire, we got that going on in 26 states at least now!  Shoot, these are same ‘dang states we got them abortion laws, you know for life and all, ’cause like that guy out in Colorado, we believe in the new crazy ‘personhood’ idea, where the baby is a baby when we just think about it, that is, if we could think, but we all know once them youngins’ get up on into the age of say 15 or so, and being of a particular skin color and all, well sir, them boys are gonna be prime pickins’ for the local cops, ‘especially if they be in New York, Boston, Ferguson, well you get the idea, that’s why another pipeline we be buildin’ is that school to prison pipeline, ’cause as soon as they get past two, they are for the authorities to deal with, not us white folk in this here St. Louis gated community, …Margaret, fetch me another Jack and Coke, now where was I?  Oh, yeah, the Midterms, you see Bob, can I call you Bob?”

“You just did…”

“Good, now see, look-y here, you’re one of them liberal elite journalists who probably drinks latte’s and drives a BMW.  Well, let me tell you somethin’ about the real deal going on with this election.  By suppressing the vote, gerrymandering the districts and creating FEAR via FOX and other hate outlets (radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh and the like), we have made sure the Republican faithful will come out to vote in droves. And with all of the “Citizens United Corporate Free Speech, now that “corporations are people too my friend”, God I love that Mitt Romney… Yes, any-hoo, with all of that nonsense being spewed (like the Methane leaking FRACKING well heads from SEA to shining SEA!) into the “American People’s” (faint laugh track in the background) collective living rooms, you can see that it should be a big win for our party!  I mean, come on Bob, may I still call you that?, with guys like carpet bagger Scott Walker in the New Hampshire race for Senate and countless other Puppets, I mean candidates just like “it”, who’s to say what this next fine 114th U.S. Congress can ‘accomplish’, making the AMERICAN PEOPLE proud once again!  Our ‘plan’ is to completely eliminate the EPA for starters, put boots on the ground in the Middle East once again, keeping that whole ‘Military Industrial Complex’ (Former great U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned U.S. of in 1960), yes sir, after that ’social shock’ is completed, only then we can begin impeachment hearings on the Kenyan socialist posing as a U.S. President, yes sir, we can do that and what was that third thing?  Ah, yes, get ourselves a lobotomy!  You see, you silly tree huggin’ liberal scum bag, we are always one step ahead of you.  For we think, and always will think, that government should be small enough where we could, like one of our ‘Brut Squad’ (credit the 1987 film “The Princess Bride”, starring Robin Wright) commando’s, and all ’round great guy, Grover Norquist said so well, so many moons ago– “…drag it into the bathroom and drown it in a tub.” (issues! “…Warning Will Robinson, Warning!!!” credit the classic 1960’s TV series from 1965-1968 “Lost in Space”).

“We also believe that we are puppets for the uber wealthy, the plutocrats, and we will, as ‘elected’ officials, ‘bring down the deficit’ by slashing social programs for the poor, gut the new health care law created by that Kenyan “King Obama”, yes in deedy, you mark my words laddy, we plan to put all kinds of nonsense out there, burn the village by golly, by putting all kinds of non starter bills on Obama’s desk, forcing him, extortion?, to sign bills into law he does not want to, such as the Keystone XL pipeline, that will boost my boss’s (Koch Industries) bottom line worth (now at 100 billion) by the number 2, as in two times that much money.  That’s right “200 BILLION DOLLARS” (credit ‘Dr. Evil’ and Michael Myers in the very funny film “Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery”, circa 1997), will be the new net worth of this new Russian Oligarchy, I mean American Oligarchy, as we make sure the planet is completely uninhabitable for any living creatures (save the cock roach or rat), by centuries’ end, perhaps creating a space ship for said plutocratic overlords, who will be comfortable in their collective and very PRIVATE cocoons, as the rest of the world twists in the ever growing wind and ever rising SEAS!”

That sounds like a great plan sir and good luck with it.  From all of us here at Sea Cape Cod, I bid you a great day and week ahead, steering clear of FOX “Noise”–opting instead for some soothing Burt Backarack or something of that nature, really, ‘anything at this juncture’…


October 17, 2014

Seasonal Color

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, soggy and sultry island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Friday morning, earlier than yesterday, ’round six a.m., the 17th day of October, 2014, drying out from a 24 hour deluge from the Heavens…

Happy Friday to all and what a week it has been in this country put together by some ‘crazy’ visionaries only 238 years ago, an experiment called democracy, with that little letter ‘d’, calling into play the concepts of ‘All men are created equal’, and ‘Justice for all’, with nothing higher than the creation of ‘One man (or woman), equals One vote’…a notion that took another century or so to be fulfilled for women and African-Americans…

So in this final stretch leading up to the 2014 U.S. Midterm elections, may we all reflect–”I’m looking at you North Carolina” and other states whose puppets in power think they can circumvent that wish of our Founding Fathers by suppressing the vote–on just how many people died to make our American vote in a real democracy a reality.  As their (21st Century ‘not your grandpa’s GOP) policies and ‘vision’ finally begin to SEA the LIGHT of day, come into fruition if you will, you might think that some well educated and powerful people would stand up to these charlatans, these ‘titans of industry’… and you would be RIGHT!

Right as rain, hopefully opening up a dialogue for the majority of this country’s citizens to stand up and say, finally say–enough is enough! No more plutocratic puppets!!–little puppet politicians who do not have the average voter’s best interests’ in mind.

Making statements like Kentucky Senator Rand Paul did the other day, “…I don’t believe in a minimum wage.” I am sure you don’t Doctor, I’m sure you don’t… Putting a big spotlight on what our brothers and sisters on the right side of the aisle are really up too and ask the ‘fair and impartial?’ 2014 U.S. Supreme Court to STOP elections from being stolen out from under OUR collective WILL!!!

We all remember 2000 and Al Gore v. George W. Bush, with the hanging chads and all.  It seems to me, old boy, that your game is rigged and becoming more rigged by the hour.  Are all of the Justices on the take or just you John Roberts?  All of the decisions recently out of the ‘non-activist’ SCOTUS have favored the Koch, I mean, the Republican party and it’s vision to turn this country into a gas station just like Russia, and then turn it into a parking lot.  Destroying God’s green earth with one fracking well head at a time.

Spewing Methane, en masse, into the earth’s fragile and only atmosphere (Methane gas, ‘natural gas’, is 87 times more potent than the already daunting problem of Carbon Dioxide being released into said atmosphere; both gasses are considered the greenhouse gassesthe chief cause of Global Warming, that some say, if it all this remains unchecked, will spell doom for our earth by centuries end.

But hey, who cares?  Am I right?  As long as the coal companies, oil companies, gas companies and other large polluters make the ‘bottom line’ for their all important ’stock holders’, all will be right with the world!  That’s right the all important short sighted investors who will be hard pressed to find ANY investments in the year 2100…

Perhaps their might be money in pumps, i.e. pumps designed to pump out the contents of the ever rising seas we continue to ignore, at our own collective peril… But making a hell of a lot of money process and is that not what “America” is all about anyway?


So by all means, vote against your own best interests FOX viewers who happen to live here in the United States of America. The ‘friends’ you watch every morning on that must SEA TV, “FOX & Friends”, are NOT your friends, no sir.  You see, these are men and women hired by an old scallywag of the sea, Rupert, ‘arrgghhh matie’, Murdoch, of Australia.

A good old fashioned news man who knows that the best way to dumb down a country, i.e. Great Britain and now America, is to offer up as much fear and ‘manipulated knowledge’ to the masses, making them ‘feel’ informed, in a ’shiny object’ kind of way. With the desired result coming to fruition once again as 55 percent of ‘the American People’ simply stopped THINKING for themselves.  That’s right, brainwash them to the point where they vote for the person least likely to help them or their families get ahead in what is really becoming the United States of ExxonMobil.

I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would have thought of Koch Industries and their legislative arm of government “The Heritage Foundation”?  Where politicians are bought and sold like so many heads of cattle.

Have a great week end folks, and please, for the love of Jiminy Cricket, register to vote in an election that is only 19 days away from today.   Control of the U.S. Senate is at stake.  Moreover, OUR democracy.  For this voter suppression sickness is an act of sabotage on all of US.  STAND UP and FIGHT IT!


October 16, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the stormy, thunderous and very wet island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, around 7 a.m. eastern, the 16th day of October, 2014, as we here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port are expecting torrential downpours today that much of the nation has already felt–excess moisture in the atmosphere has got to go somewhere you know, the LAW of gravity and all…

“…But us Republicans, hell, we don’t believe in any of that namby, pamby global warming nonsense now do we?  Just ask outgoing Republican Senator Pat Roberts from the great state of Kansas, he’ll tell ya!” That  may as well be the rallying cry of this anti-logic ‘party’ that has no one’s interests in mind save someone who thinks, ‘leads’ and most importantly ACTS like a Mitt Romney, who was in Massachusetts recently, one of his home states, at the Lenox Hotel in Boston, heading up a fund raiser/rally for the Republican candidate for Governor of this great state, Charlie Baker.

A joke just like Romney, but a joke that has gained a whole lot of power in the past few decades, as the overriding ‘vision’ of this ‘not your grandpa’s GOP‘ (creating a plutocracy, while the Republican puppets working for Charles Koch and the rest of those interested in world domination, ’shrink government down to the size where one could drown it in a bathtub’–credit Grover Norquist, tax henchmen for said plutocratic order), takes out one more social safeguard, like the NIH or the CDC, in the U.S. government arsenal to fight say terrorists or a deadly infectious virus.  Do they just hate people? 

Or just poor people…?

President Obama (doing an infinitely better job than “Mitt” would be doing ‘at this juncture’–credit George H. W. Bush) addressed the nation at the White House yesterday regarding this Ebola scare here in the States, calming fears about the contagious reality (very, very low), while stating that he would make sure a “S.W.A.T.” team of health professionals would descend upon any hospital that sees a potential patient who is exhibiting signs of the disease.  All while explaining to the international community that this is ALL of our responsibility, and we as a human race need to tackle this problem at it’s source, namely in the country of Liberia where the Ebola virus has taken 4000 plus lives, one here in the U.S., with two new cases confirmed at the hospital treating the late Mr. Duncan of Liberia. The nurses who were infected were not wearing proper gear, with one nurse coming on “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell” (MSNBC, weeknights at ten p.m. sharp) explaining what we all know to be true–PROFIT over PEOPLE once again…(the definition of a vote for the 2014 GOP), for it seems that not only are poor people expendable in 2014, but so are nurses, who are, as the spokesperson states, “…thrown and sacrificed on the alter of profit”, using base medical tape to cover their exposed skin to the deadly virus…

This is a perfect example of WHY one should not vote against one owns best interests this coming November 4th, these very important 2014 Midterm elections, i.e. voting for anyone with an ‘R’ next to their name.

And as one goes further, into 2016 elections and beyond, as we are all forced to do if one subscribes to any kind of cable or satellite, yes, if one is inclined to read those tea leaves, one could conclude that ‘ole Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney and Hillary Clinton will be the respective nominees come November of that far off year.  Both being in the same state on Wednesday, campaigning for either the Democrat or the Republican, may be an omen, either good or bad, depending upon your viewpoint, as the office of the President of the United States becomes that lightening rod that brings change this country needs so desperately.

Change from a rigged system that pays out for the crooks (Wall Street CEO’s), and leaves the rest of US twisting in the wind! (literally and figuratively).

Don’t take any more wooden nickels from FOX folks and keep that ever watchful eye to the sky.  And if you really want to know what is going on, read Naomi Klein’s new book, “This Changes Everything”, a nice bookend to her other light coffee table book, “The Shock Doctrine”–an in depth look at Capitalism, Chicago and Chile and how creating cataclysms (the mother of all being GLOBAL WARMING) is, to quote Martha Stewart, “…A good thing” for the shareholders of ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell or anyone who profits over people in general…

Make no mistake about it.  These people are not stupid.  Most, like Mitt, believe that some kind of global ‘warming’ is going on out there in the real physical world we all share and live in, but, like our pal Mitch McConnell (R-KY) put it in his debate with the very good Allison Lundergren-Grimes (candidate for U.S. Senate) the other night in Kentucky, when pressed about global warming–”…I’m not a scientist”– going on to say, “…I also do not possess a heart.  Like the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz”.  So I quit the race and I’m off to SEA the wizard, for the crocodile tears I cry only serve to rust my outer core…”.

Did they buy that?

Ask the man behind the curtain in November Mitch, ’cause if ya’ll get your wish, and God Forbid you do… If ‘ya’ll gain control of the U.S. Senate come this November the 4th, just remember that it IS a hollow victory. For eventually the history books, the REAL ones, will prove you are all full of hot air, matching the air outside of your office.  As this nation and indeed the world at large WAKES UP to the reality on the ground.  In Ferguson, Missouri, at the Texas Health Presbyterian, and in everyday America where the nation’s fabric looks more like a brightly flashing corporate neon sign by the side of a lonely Interstate highway than “Little House on the Prairie”.   Little in the way of real LOVE, but heavy on the profit over people (A Wharton Business School modus operandi!), as fracking fluid continues dripping, via an ever present IV, into the veins of the America we once knew…

On November 4th, 2014–VOTE!


October 15, 2014

Spooky sunrise 2.0…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the pleasantly sunny, cool and very breezy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a bright, crisp Wednesday morning, the 15th day of October, 2014, and while all of the pundits, politicians, TV personalities, priest, poets and preachers, yes, as all the teachers, prognosticators, pampered plutocrats, prophets and most of all working poor, wake this early a.m., getting ready for yet another day on planet earth, or wherever some of them may be from, they will all be somewhat impacted by… what’s this?  Just in from Reuters?  There is an election in 20 days?  An election that may turn the tide in this country one way or the other?  That little letter ‘d‘ in the word and nations’ definition–democracy–hanging in the balance?  Along with control of the U.S. Senate…?  Do tell US more won’t you?

Voter suppression efforts by ‘not your grandpa’s GOP’ have failed in the states of Texas and Wisconsin recently, thus allowing for those targeted (African-Americans, students, the elderly, poor working people, really anyone not invited to the KOCH BROTHERS get together this past summer in Dana Point, California, you know, at “The MONARCH”) to have their collective voices heard on November the fourth, as I pray yours will be as well.  For if Kansas and South Dakota, more about that later in the week, elect Independents, like Senator Angus King of the great state of Maine, instead of the puppets with an ‘R’ next to their name, it is quite possible that we could see independent thinking and action in that higher of the two houses of Congress, thus giving US all what we most desperately need right now in a country being devoured by special interests, i.e. BIG OIL and GAS–perhaps a move away from partisan gridlock, a movement TOWARDS Global solutions that help ALL of the people of this great land, not just those living in a bubble with a big gate keeping the ‘little people’ out, along with that unusual weather…

Keep an eye to the sky this next few hours or so if you are anywhere in that firing line of extreme weather  that has become the norm of the corporate owned media outlets, heck, David Muir of ABC, doing a bang up job by the way, might as well have ‘Ginger Zee’ (weather personality-in-chief on ABC’s “World News Tonight”, with said David Muir) join him for the full broadcast, for that IS going to be the news for many years to come…

But, ’till then, keep on avoiding the real news of today, such as the “social unrest’ in Ferguson, Missouri, whose city, along with most of St. Louis and the surrounding area, stood in solidarity, demanding JUSTICE  for the killing of Michael Brown this past week end in what was called ‘a week end of resistance’. Tens of thousands protesting in what is now called “Ferguson October”, perhaps a prelude to what may happen next if Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson, is acquitted (as it is widely expected by most law scholars) of any and all charges of brutally firing at least 10 bullets into an unarmed teenager, killing him on the spot…

That’s right ABC, why not look at the real people of that town and many like it here in the United States of America in this late year of 2014…??

Where there is still no JUSTICE for a young black man, only 18, unarmed with his hands in the air, gunned down in a seemingly cold blooded way by a cop who a majority of white people in St. Louis believe was justified in executing this innocent soul.

Exactly how are we defining terrorism these days?  It seems to me, the African-American community of Ferguson is steeped in more FEAR by the FPD then by ISIL ‘crossing’ the Mexican border’ with some of that Ebola stuff’…(a real quote from a real U.S. congressman whose name is not worth the ink to spill on paper). Have a nice rest of the week folks and steer clear of the fear, nonsense, ignorance and hate that IS FOX “NEWS”…  Their brainwashing products have many side effects, but none so dire as the loss of one’s mind, moreover--the ability to think for oneself–thus making informed, wise and prudent decisions when entering the voting booth…


October 11, 2014

Nobel Peace

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soggy, foggy, grey and rather raw island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this rainy Saturday morning, the 11th day of October, 2014, and instead of getting into the whole Ebola/ISIL/2014 U.S. Midterm elections/ground zero “Ferguson” for police brutality/the ‘wild weather we’re having ’round these here, fill in the blank, parts’ due to global warming, I mean, gee, some ‘weird and wild stuff’ (credit the late, great Johnny Carson, host of “The Tonight Show”)/or the various topics you may catch on “UP, with Steve Kornacki“, Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8, followed by “MHP” at ten, only on MSNBC (not a paid Ad!), yes sir, instead of all that fun, I thought I might just offer up the winners of the coveted Nobel Peace Prize, the final prize given out by the good Nobel people of Norway.

A country I am proud to say my grandfather is from, and a place visited by this reporter back in 1994 for the Winter Olympics (just a spectator) held in that beautiful little hamlet of Lillehammer, Norway. Ah, Norway and it’s eternal beauty, a home away from home.   I stayed there for a month and was awe inspired by the people, traditions and Love that emanates from that great Scandinavian countryside, so great, it created the NOBEL PEACEa prize given out to people interested in that concept, so much so, it changes the world forever…

Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi were those big winners yesterday, with many women around the world celebrating Malala especially.  As she, only 17 and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner ever!  Malala has been a staunch advocate for girls around the world, but especially in war torn Pakistan, her native home.  Several years ago, she was brutally attacked by Taliban thugs, who actually shot her in the head, with the bullet magically missing her brain altogether, due to a magic bone? Instead of the Taliban dissuading Malala, it only made her resolve that much stronger, addressing the U.N. General Assembly in New York recently, putting grown women in a position of using more Kleenex than normal at that sacred hall of sanity (sometimes).  Malala has appeared on the venerable and hilarious the Daily Show“, with Jon Stewart, who was, like most people, blown away by the presence and LIGHT of an old soul, whose youth deceives her would be enemies…  She is doing a great job of waking up girls around the world to the importance of a good education, and how that education can open doors never known to exist before, sending those girls to heights they never dreamed of achieving, and beyond even those…

God speed Malala, God’s speed!   Or, “may the force be with you”, whatever floats your boat, it’s your day by golly!    Enjoy it!

Coupled with the other winner Kailash Satyarthi, an Indian man who has saved an estimated 1000 plus children from slavery in that growing country, both of these gifted souls are interested in saving the future–via saving, nourishing, protecting and educating our children…and like Malala, he has inspired and woken up people to the savage practices of the convenient “Sharia Law” (4th century and backwards) in India and other countries, where they take children and put a chain around their potential.  This man took them back from the Devil and gave them their childhood BACK. If you believe in God, or if you don’t, I have to believe that whatever force of good that is truly running the show in the overall Universe will have a special place, call it Heaven, for both of these extraordinary people.

So when that song on the radio sings out the lyrics, “Where did all the good people go?”, “…I look for them on the ‘TV show…where did all the good people go?”… Look no further than this award.  Your answer is a brave 17 year old girl who could kick most of the ‘men’ on Capitol Hill’s collective butts.  Maybe we can all take a little something from this, buck up a little yes?

NO? Who said that?


October 10, 2014

Golden Rule

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again star studded, moon lit, all round gorgeous island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday, very early in the morning, the 10th day of October, 2014.  Just another day at the beach as you can SEA above, one of my many furry, four legged pals here on Cape.  “Gibson” is a Golden Retriever, of which I have had three thus far, and he is a good boy.  He is kind, he is loving, he is gentle.  He asks for little and gives a whole lot more back.  Bringing Joy and Love that only man’s best friend could, an embodiment of nature as a whole if you will, the real world–that is all around us. Look quick, for it may just vanish before your very eyes if we don’t start taking better care of that world, you know, the one we are going to leave our kids and grand kids…

I suppose we all know what is going on with the wars that seem to be never ending (and unless you are living under a rock, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, RT, AJ, PBS…won’t let you forget the name ISIL!), along with all of the diseases that invade our very conscience daily, none so ‘dangerous’ here in the U.S. as Ebola…  None of that matters much if there ‘ain’t no earth no more… There is little doubt that what we are doing to planet earth is directly affecting us, the ‘all powerful human being’, top of the food chain.  Powerful, wealthy industrialists who can bend the will of the wind while turning the seas red with filth from yesterday’s fun.  When will we wake up?  When will we understand?  When is enough, enough?

Like the book “James and the Giant Peach”, our earth is slowly being destroyed by consumption, brought to it’s knees by greed and now fought over until there is nothing left to fight over, but will find a way to fight over it anyway, and then fight some more…  If you gander at a ‘time’ table of the Industrial Revolution, that spawned the spewing of carbon dioxide, methane and other green house gases into earth’s fragile atmosphere, creating that green house effect of trapping heat near the surface of the planet, thus causing the temperatures to rise, thereby causing ice to melt exponentially and seas and storms to rise and become more powerful, yes, if you look at that ‘time’ table, you will notice that it is not very much ‘time’ at all, in fact, this is all happening as I write these words, as more and more devastating droughts bring famine and more potent wildfires, biblical in proportion…

This vicious cycle has continued unabated for a good 150 years or so and it looks like it will continue until the mean temperature goes up by 7 degrees Fahrenheit, and that, coupled with all of the GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) out there destroying the soil, could spell the end for mankind.  As we, like the 40 percent of animal species that have become extinct already, look to that fate, the fate of the Polar Bear, once the King of the Arctic–until our greedy, blind egos destroyed that icy wilderness.

We could be looking at some food shortages, as well as mass migrations due to uninhabitable island nations or vanishing lands due to those rising sea levels, spelling out big problems for those pushing for more coal plants in Kentucky.  Clean coal, right Mitch?

Gotta love those Ostriches!  And good luck to you Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, in one of those all important U.S. Senate races coming up soon, with Allison Lundergren–Grimes, a fine independent democrat winning in the end.  Mitch, I’m sure you have all those ‘hillbilly’s’ in the bag, as you have hoodwinked them, and ‘the American People’ for over thirty years now…  But, hold on, aren’t you down by two points?  And with 7 percent undecided, and 25 days left until the November 4th Midterms, perhaps people from Kentucky are not as stupid as you have made them out to be these past thirty years, so why not just bow out of the race now, save yourself a whole lot of humiliation, or is this whole thing rigged (voter suppression, gerrymandered districts, Citizens United, etc.) just like the Senate will be if the Republicans take over that distinguished government body?  I think Allison was right the other day at that fancy Kentucky outdoor ‘roast’ when she said to ‘ole Mitch McConnell, and I quote, “…well isn’t this nice, everybody has come out to say thanks for a job well done here at your retirement party, isn’t that sweet!”

Have a nice day and week end folks and don’t take any wooden nickles from FOX. The information gleaned from that ‘news’ station is as toxic as the Ebola virus they are ‘covering’…using FEAR as the weapon of choice.  Since 1996 by golly!

If you are going to cover something, look no further than Ferguson, Missouri, as this is the ‘week end of resistance’.  And as Rachel Maddow (TRMS on MSNBC weeknights at 9 p.m., eastern) puts it so often on her venerable show that contains nothing but TRUTH–regarding this whole sordid affair of a Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson, gunning down (with a barrage of 10 bullets at a target with his hands in the air) an innocent and unarmed black kid, Michael Brown, in broad daylight and most would say in cold blood–”…watch this space”.


October 9, 2014

A safe harbor?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again still star and moon lit island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this very early Thursday morning, the ninth day of October, 2014, still dark on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  Although on the waters, the light of the full moon will lead one’s vessel to shore.  Assuming you have the right blood line, the correct charts, a boat load of cash and the right connections/experience to get you to the safety of say of Nantucket’s quaint harbor, perhaps the wealthiest harbor in all the world…

Money. That’s what makes the world go round right?  With the 2014 Midterm elections now only 26 days away, control of the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance, as well as our democracy with that little letter ‘d’, not to mention the environment, let’s hope it is more than just money making this blue rock called earth spin on it’s infinite journey around the sun, with perhaps just a little LOVE entering that equation?

We all love our families, we all love our friends, we all love our animals, we all love our lovers, we all love our children, we all love our country and indeed I believe most of us love this beautiful world we all share.  But somewhere along the line, in this late year of 2014, most of the world’s leaders have missed that point altogether.  The ongoing critical mass of death via violent Saudi Arabia style be-headings goes on unabated in the war torn countries of Syria and Iraq, as this cancerous group of radical killers (known as ISIL), with no real agenda save some crazy ‘god’ dressed up in a black robe, is about to take another city on the border with Turkey.  Combine this with the first death in the U.S. of this Ebola virus, as well as all of the insane political Ads saturating the airwaves and it surprising more people are not going to the ER with panic attacks, ulcers and chest pains.  All while screaming out the fearful delusions planted in their minds by ‘men’ like Bill O’Reilly– “author” of ‘Killing Chicken Little?‘–from FOX, blasting out to America“…the sky is falling, the sky is falling, for Christ’s sake’s can’t you see?  The sky is falling!”.

FOX “NEWS” preys on this kind of hysteria, selling a whole lot more Viagra and the like, yes sir, this is sweeps week God dammit!  Most people who watch FOX are older folks, mostly of the conservative ilk, and would not be interested in what I have to say about this matter even if it may save a few years on their Golden Years to come.  Using the tactic of FEAR ushers out any hope of LOVE, thus proving the old adage that there are only those two emotions, two states of being if you will.  Love being real; fear being an illusion.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself…“     Our visionary and courageous 32nd U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

When fear is used as a tactic, mostly to manipulate the weak and ignorant to do the powerful plutocrats’ bidding, it can blind the subject, making ‘threats’ (as if they are really credible threats right here, right now) seem bigger and badder than they really are.  Sending people into that rash, ‘the sky is falling!’, kind of hysteria, leading to more bad decisions such as voting in more Republicans who do not have the average American’s best interests in mind.  Although, Joe six pack wouldn’t know that because he watches FOX & Friends, begging SEA CAPE COD to ask once again, quite seriously, “…are you my friend Steve Ducey?”

…are you really?

A fair question any FREE American adult should ask himself, or herself, these days before another important U.S free and ‘fair’ election.  For believe you me, these clowns dressed up like credible news anchors (not worthy enough to carry Walter Cronkite’s jock strap), appearing on FOX, as they attempt to pull the wool over the collective ‘American people’s’ eyes once again, will have you believe anything BIG corporate interests want you to believe.  Leading you down ‘the primrose path’, down Congressman Paul Ryan’s ‘the pathway to prosperity’ that leads to the ‘pathway to slave wages’, leading to ‘a pathway of eliminating healthcare in the U.S.‘, to ‘the pathway to increased morbidity rates among the working poor’…

This all leading to the “pathway of the PLUTOCRATS“, with of one or two wealthy families, like the Koch’s, the Walton’s, essentially calling the shots, as we all get used to drinking fracking fluid and shopping at Walmart for every basic human need.  Now with convenient banking as well, charging criminal late fees to those who can’t buy a job, but can open up a bank account that will, like “Pay Day Loans” (criminal loan sharks, legal, charging upwards of 440 percent interest rates to keep those working poor enslaved to it’s corporate masters), keep him prisoner in a world of debt that never ends.

Make no mistake about it folks, this hijacked, and ‘not your grandpa’s GOP, is not up to ANY good.  Please implore yourself and your friends, neighbors, children, lovers, husbands, wives, and even your coworkers to get out the vote this November 4th!  This little experiment called the United STATES, a little divinely inspired democracy, only 238 years old, is at stake.  So stop texting and driving you Millennials, and wake up to the country you were born into!  Do something other than complain!

The I-phone will be there when you get back to earth and educate yourself and your loved ones as to what is really going on here.  To make it simple, ask yourself one basic, common denominator kind of question–”…do I really want my country run by someone who does not believe in the very basic science of GLOBAL WARMING?”.   “Who denies it outright?”  “Does that really work out for me and MY family?”…

Food for thought folks, have a great rest of this Thursday and keep on avoiding those wooden nickels thrown about by the likes of a Bill O’Reilly. Whose “talking points” on “The Factor” may as well be written outside the gates of hell, ’cause that’s where he and the Republican party want to take this country.  One fracking fluid pond at a time… 

“How ’bout a nice cool drink Varmint?” But be careful Gopher, there are 596 deadly chemicals in that drink of ground water.  Chemicals that are all secret by the way, secret from even the EPA who is in bed with the Methane industry.  As the frackers tell the Gopher and his woodland pals, “…you’re the lowest member of the food chain, you will probably be replaced by the rat…”. (credit the classic film, circa 1980, “Caddyshack”, starring the late, greats’ Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield, plus Bill Murray as “Carl Spackler”, Assistant Greens-keeper at Bushwood Country Club).


October 7, 2014

Nantucket’s grey & white

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the still star lit and mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this early Tuesday morning, the 7th day of October, 2014, expecting some rain today with temperatures seasonal–as the moon slowly sets in the West…

Not much has changed in this ‘new thirty year the war on terror?’, upgraded to HD now with a chic ‘new look’, lots of images thrown out of big aircraft carriers and such.  The threat of savage terror brought upon innocence coupled with the grim color of black on a flag, designed to bring fear to it’s potential victims, hidden behind masks (like all cowards do, save the Lone Ranger), brings not only ISIL more prominence, but boosts those all important TV ratings for the big corporate owned airwaves as well.  Being able to sell more Viagra and the like…

American forces will continue secret bombing campaigns (one could ponder) forever now, thanks to that September 14, 2001–the “AUMF”, which was essentially a blank check given by Congress, an “authorization to use military force” against malicious terror groups, very broadly written out after the 9/11 bombings in New York. Again, giving the Executive authorization to go after anything related to Al Qaeda or their affiliates.  Anywhere, now, in the world it seems (six hot spots globally).  Although we might be thankful our fine President Barack Obama has been wise and prudent thus far, refusing to allow boots on the ground, at least en masse. But even with all the fire power on display, that fear may just become old news (like Yemen?) and has fallen on deaf ears (by the masses) here in the United States.  Like a flea, the corporate owned networks are jumping on a new FEAR threat, the Ebola virus, with it’s first case in the U.S. striking the great state of Texas.

Fear sells better than sex.

Besides the heroic work of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (taking it upon himself to find a home to the people whom were in contact with Mr. Duncan, this first U.S. Ebola case, many siting, ‘no room at the inn’ bit in loo of all the media saturation, so much so that we all need a shower after watching the evening news, as well as an air sickness bag), it seems we don’t care all that much for people who don’t have any money when it comes containing this deadly disease.  Armed with high tech cleaning trucks and a hose (equipment one might see at a Wyoming rodeo clean up in back of the bull pen) in a low rent area outside Dallas, the boys down at “Hazmat-r-us” and a fairly new (1979) state-of-the -art utility van, dawning new rims and custom paint job, showed those guys with the fancy plane a thing or two by golly!  Who needs all that high tech bubble boy stuff when Duct tape (like Hamburger Helper) does just fine by itself–what do you think Clark?   “Oh, you’re the gourmet around here Ed…” (credit the classic film, circa 1983, “National Lampoon’s Vacation”, starring Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid…Directed by the late, great Harold Ramis).  Going on to say, “Real tomato ketchup Eddie?”

“Nothin’ but the best…”.

As the nation heats up these next 28 days before the very important 2014 U.S. Midterm elections, with the fate of the United States Senate hanging in the balance, it is fair, I believe, to point out the reality of the situation.  The Republican party has been hijacked by special interests groups who work for very wealthy industrialists who do NOT have your best interests (the “American People”) in mind.

How can I make such an outlandish statement?  My friends in Greenwich, Connecticut might ask?

Simple.  It is the TRUTH and the more people real eyes our democracy, with that little letter ‘d‘, is in jeopardy, as well as the fate of the planet, the better off we all will be.  For in the end, at ‘the end of the day’ as the kids on cable news like to say, kids from 2 to 92 by the way, we are all in this together.  We may as well make it a good journey, yes?

Yes, at the conclusion of our broadcast this very early morning, on this very old sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, including that little “far away island” (literal Indian translation of the word Nantucket) way out in the Atlantic Ocean, the grey and white clap board lined rock famously known round the world as the destination of Nantucket–we must ALL come together and work for common solutions.  For our collective good and the security and wholeness of future generations.  This world and her natural resources should not to be plundered by a few powerful interests for their own personal gains. The world’s fate should not hang in the balance of someone’s stock portfolio!

WE should not knowingly elect people whose goal it is to do the complete opposite of that sentiment.  Doing the will of not some divine creator, but a will of themselves, putting the world’s temperature at a critical mass–a threat level that supersedes the threat levels of Bush’s orange, yellow and red.  An era that has seen it’s ‘better’ day.

Have a great week ahead folks and remember that it is still a beautiful world–strive to be happy. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 4, 2014

“pass the peace”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again cool, cloudy and partly misty island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this gray Saturday afternoon, the fourth day of October, 2014, and I thought with all the bad news out there, and the lack of coverage for ‘it’ on Saturdays, perhaps this story might cheer you up a bit…

Russell Wilson, star quarterback of the NFL pro football team the Seattle Seahawks, has chosen to ‘take the road less traveled’ and “pass the peace” this season (not just with laser precision spirals), with a new foundation set up to help disadvantaged mostly African-American youth in the Seattle region, while also addressing this issue of domestic abuse head on.  All by stepping it up with the new initiative of addressing that growing issue of domestic violence in this country, offering up the iconic PEACE sign (made world famous by the late, great Beatle and humanitarian, John Lennon) instead of a fist~  Perhaps finally getting some people open enough to break through that barrier.  An invisible wall that seems real enough.  A man made construction that keeps us from one another, locking people in an isolation tank of sorts, never knowing it IS an illusion. For there really is no separation at all, hence the mirage. ‘Cause at the “end of the day”, there is only LOVE and fear.  Fear being the illusion.

LOVE is the only thing that is real.

Wilson wrote an article in former New York Yankee shortstop’s (good luck Derek!) magazine “The Players Tribune”. I caught a glimpse of the content on “All in”, with Chris Hayes (airing weeknights on MSNBC, 8 p.m. eastern), who was interviewing Wilson, with statements reading in part, “…many of you readers probably think I have been a Goody two-shoes my whole life.  But honestly, I was a bully growing up.  In elementary and middle school,  I threw kids against the wall.  I rubbed their heads in dirt at recess.  I bit them.  I even knocked teeth out.” Wilson goes on to write how he saw the error in his ways and came out the other side a better man for it.  Pushing the concept to NFL colleagues– “leave the aggression on the field.”

He began the “Why not you?” foundation from a sentiment his Dad told him long ago when he was just a boy.  He would say to Russell, “…why not you be a Superbowl winning quarterback?,  Why not you get your education and a college degree in three years?” Russell also spoke to what he was thinking about when Mr. Jeter approached him to write a piece for his magazine.  “…I thought about peace, Love and respect“, by getting kids to focus on them, on the ‘YOU’, and thus, “…one person at a time, we could change the world”.

I don’t know about you, but I think I might take in a Seattle Seahawks football game this week end.  Keep passing the PEACE all October (#wnypassthepeace) and thank you Russell Wilson, for that breath of fresh air!  Have a great rest of the week end everybody, SEA you next week, same bat time, same bat station… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 3, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misty, still dark and cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on another very early Hyannis/Hyannis Port a.m.–the third day of October, 2014–top of the morning to you and yours, as we all wake up to yet another day on this little blue rock we all call ‘home’ for the moment.  Some of us not getting the memo that we are all in this together…some closer than you think.

Ah well, what are you going to do?  This just in from Reuters, it seems the good people at either the KOCH Brothers’ “Americans for Prosperity” or “The Heritage Foundation“, coupled with the nice folks down at “Families First” all got together recently in Dana Point, California, to discuss ways in which they could not only dumb down America even further than it is already–i.e. FOX “News”, cutting more funding (or eliminating the Department of Education altogether) for schools, and all of the right wing talk hate radio out there–poisoning minds before they have a chance to gain a foot hold in the enlightening world of KNOWLEDGE, hence POWER–but moreover, REWRITE history as we know it today.  You know, reshaping this nation’s cultural past, good or bad, by simply eliminating many important facts (from all AP history in Jefferson Country, Colorado books) from your child’s eyes ma’am…

Jefferson County, Colorado is that experiment.  Although, the people at “AP” who put the curriculum together, stated that if school districts take out said FACTS from text books, the ‘AP’ status of that course would not be legitimized by most college admissions offices…

The high schools in the area rather and the advanced placement courses they offer students, readying them for college courses to come.  Conservatives want to take out the truly inspirational free thinking message of real democracy hidden (in the text) and steeped deep within the words of a Madison, Jefferson, or Washington, our Founding Fathers.  These ‘new insane historians’ wish to abolish slavery as if it never happened in the South.  In short, these people want to whitewash our TRUE American experience, all of it, as if it never happened, thus opening the door for it to happen again.

If we have learned nothing from our ancestors, if we have not looked at the  depths within our own personal souls and reflected on said history of this nation and then dared ask ourselves, again, personally, “…would I have done that?  Would we have stood idly by and let the civil rights of other human beings be bashed and beaten without doing anything to stop it?  Would I?”…

Most never ask that question, and those people are the one’s writing this bogus history that is now being fed to a new generation, pity that...

Students rallied in that Denver community yesterday and all this past week and have protested loudly, chanting, “…our school, our voice, our school, our voice.” A sentiment I pray is visited by the people of this country on November 4th, the citizens of this country.  That they raise their collective voices too, voting out people who would love to rewrite history and bring this nation BACKWARDS, back to the mid-19th Century, where women could not vote and enlightenment was ‘not much tolerated round these here parts.’

Perhaps we may even go back to the days of King George III, who ruled his people with an iron fist, so much so that it caused some of the best and brightest of ‘those people’US–to rebel and form their own ‘more perfect union’, an advanced placement if you will of how mankind should live, so that history and the course it charts, never, EVER, repeats itself.  WW II, the ‘war to end all wars’ must not be revised in any way, shape or form, lest that horrible evil repeat itself on these shores, shores that are blessed, not cursed.

Have a great week end folks and steer clear of those wooden nickles thrown about by ‘ye ‘ole scallywag, Rupert, ‘arrrgghh matie’, Murdoch’s FOX & Friends… Side effects still include, but are not limited to, brain damage, blurred vision, trouble making decisions on one’s own (needing ‘approval’ from an ‘authority figure’, e.g. Bill O’Reilly), irritable bowels, cramps and the overwhelming notion that you are becoming the late, great Ethel Merman, “…you’ll be swell, you’ll be GREAT! Gonna have the whole world on a plate…  Startin’ here, startin’ now–honey, everything’s coming up roses!” PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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