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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 29, 2014

“Whose Land?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the delightfully cool, calm and star lit morning of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on another early Monday morning, before the sun has risen, around six-thirty a.m.–‘that’s insane man…you should sleep later, it’s better on your Constitution’ (credit National Lampoon’s, written by the late, great Harold Ramis, comedy album,“That’s not funny, it’s sick”, circa 1972), this twenty-ninth day of September, 2014, the start of ’sweeps week’ over in Iraq and Syria as the bombs continue to fall…Did you pick up the kids school supplies at that new Walmart yet hon?  And keep an eye out for that tree that fell on the barn from the tornado the other day–’ member, we got them hornets!

Speaking of hornets, how ’bout all the ’stuff on the news lately huh?  I live for the Sunday talk shows, for therein lies a treasure trove of lies, innuendos, subtle exposure of corporate agendas, and the beating heart of the human ego, alive and well in our political ‘friends’ that grace the sets of “This Week” (ABC), “Meet the Press” (NBC), “Face the Nation” (CBS), not to mention our pals ‘ore at FOX, whose idea of an idea is someone else’s idea, namely, a very, very rich man’s idea, whilst he be sitting in a mansion somewhere on Nantucket right about now, telling ‘us all’ what’s up and what’s not.

Listening to the dribble emanating from John Boehner’s (Speaker of the House of Representatives, and proud NRA card carrying member of the Republican caucus) boozy lips yesterday, lookin’ fresh as always, I thought I would convey his words for posterity’s sake, you know, for the REAL history books to come…

“We have focused like a laser these past three and a half years on jobs (lobbyists, big oil/gas/coal ‘jobs’) and the economy (Wall Street ’shareholder’ profits), with over 40 bills sitting in the U.S. Senate (bills written by the conservative shadow branch of the U.S. government, A.L.E.C., the American Legislative Exchange Council,…brought to you by Koch Industries and the like, ‘manipulating and poisoning America since 1987!’–please Google), let’s get those bills passed!”

That’s right John, F the working poor.  Is that why you cry all the time?  Because your soul is screaming at you to buy it back?  You know, with some good deeds?  You like golf right?  Be more like Carl Spackler and help out by helping out some rich guys rid themselves of gophers on the golf course?  Is that really what Carl was saying here John?–”…so I jumped ship at Hong Kong, made my way to Tibet, got on as a looper, you know caddy, pro jock… Who do you think I get?  The Dahli Lama himself, you know, twelfth son of da Lama.  The Lama’s a big hitter…long” (credit Bill Murray once again and the classic 1980 film, “Caddyshack”, also starring the late, greats, Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield! Rent it at Blockbuster tonight!)–eventually gaining what we are all looking for on the earth– pure bliss, total consciousness? So you got that going for you?  Which is nice?…

But you don’t want that peace and love stuff, no sir.  So your next comment is long in the tooth only on that fine ABC Sunday news show coupled with a fine U.S. Navy commercial showing off their newest member to their ‘team’, the ironically named aircraft carrier, ‘the George H.W. Bush’, the third. It seems it needs that bit of tradition at the end of it, ’cause it just might start, God Forbid, World War III.

But, please, continue John, what’s that last thing?  “How about the Keystone Pipeline?  Broad bipartisan support (not true) in the House and Senate…”. By all means Mr. Speaker, let’s give the green light to the biggest polluters out their, who have doubled their vast chemical company wealth from 50 billion to 100 billion just in the past couple of years, literally, all due to a complete LACK of regulations (via the “Halliburton Loophole” of 2005, a Dick Cheney special!) on all of those fun chemicals in the fracking process and other stuff, killing off all kinds of living things in the Rifle, Colorado area…   Just ask the REAL residents who live there!  They’ll tell ya!

If that horrible pipeline is approved–if the fine President of the United States, Barack Obama,–allows a Canadian company to build a pipeline that goes directly across the most vital aquifer in the land, the Ogallala, pumping all of that dirty, the dirtiest form, and most dangerous, of oil across that  fertile soil belonging to us all (especially Native Americans, whose land this all really IS anyway if you think about it rationally, logically, ethically and spiritually) exposing the land to inevitable spills, it may be the worst thing to ever happen to this great land of ours, a true rip off of the American People…  For we ALL KNOW that the Lion’s share of profits coming from this shady deal will be going to said Kansas Koch Brothers, who stand to double that 100 billion if it is approved.

Of course, proponents like the Speaker of the House will tell you differently, like it will bring ‘jobs’ and all.  True estimates, hundreds, maybe. Plus, he really, really hopes it will won’t leak.  But when it does inevitably do that very thing as they all do eventually, rest assured ‘they’, Keystone XL won’t be there to help ‘clean it up’…   Just ask the folks affected in the bp oil disaster of 2010, you know, the fisherman who don’t have any fish to catch because they are all mostly non-existent or filled with oil?  Yeah, John, tell us ‘dumb American people’ all about how destroying yet more of our precious water (worth more than GOLD soon) sources is a good thing?  Just like THEY do with the FRACKING all over the country now.  Lovely spent fracking water ponds, just lovely… glow in the dark lovely.   Coming to a town near you soon, i.e. YOURS.

Let’s not kid ourselves John, you know, about who you work for and all.  The gigs up.  And WE are on to you and the agenda this 21st Century GOP, moreover, who they really work FOR.  It is not ‘the American People’, no sir.  Well, technically it is, only the number is slightly less than 333 million.  I was told there wasn’t going to be any math, let’s see, what’s .001 of that number?

You SEA folks, if that dirty, oily, tar sands/sludge pipeline project is approved–a pipeline built for the explicit purpose of exploiting U.S. lands (who take on all the risks with none of the rewards) from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico; a pipeline that will carry this highly toxic sludge from those tar sands pits of hell to the Gulf to export out to the world markets–the earth is in big trouble.  Reminding ourselves the fact that NONE of that oil remains here, ‘for the American People’, as it drifts out to it’s new home, that being the home of the HIGHEST BIDDER.  Money talks and bull$hit walks ‘ain’t that right John?  Except the Bull$hit is emanating from people who don’t give a damn about the real majority of those American people you and yours claim to love so.  So with this election coming up, save us your gravitas and fake bravado, and know that as the seas continue to rise, storms get stronger and stronger, fires rage on in the West, temperatures go up and up and up, you will know the meaning of the words coming from REAL climatologists who warn the citizens of planet earth, and I quote (regarding the unearthing of those tar sands, chalk full of carbon dioxide, via the Keytone XL Pipeline and what it will eventually do to our planet), “…will spell lights out for the environment.”

The problem is crazy people don’t understand logic, or FACTS–they just live in their own deluded minds while the weak are exploited en masse, as our children and their children’s children pay for their ignorance and greed.  Tisk, tisk, tisk Mr. Speaker, aren’t you in over your head?  How many masters do you have?  No wonder why you drink so much.  The big question is how do we secure the ‘border’ of sanity from the 21st Century GOP?  Whose hijackers are destroying democracy (with that little letter ‘d‘) from the inside out, i.e. ALEC, answering only to that WILL of the big polluting plutocrats who lust for more and more profits coming at the expense of more and more people. “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack!” (credit the classic 1988 film, starring Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin, “Midnight Run”).

Have a great day and week ahead folks and be kind to the little things, those who need protection. The true blessing of POWER. For we are really all the same and we are not alone.  The Light shines through the darkness.  Always… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 26, 2014

“The ARC”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again soggy soon to be sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this very early Friday morning, six a.m. eastern time, the twenty-sixth day of September, 2014, as be bid the much needed rains goodbye for now…expecting sun and seventies this week end–“…did you want to talk about the weather or just chit chat?” (credit the classic Bill Murray film, circa 1993, “Groundhog Day”).

Well, the weather for outgoing (retiring) U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder just got a whole lot better.  “F you House Republicans, especially you Louis Gomert pile of you know what, good luck with that asparagus and good riddance to you too!” I can only imagine might have been the words coming out of Eric’s mouth after his press conference concluded yesterday afternoon in our nation’s Capitol.  His good friend President Barack Obama sending that friend off in style, lavishing him with praise for a job well done, serving that office with distinction and courage in the face of stark stupidity and savagery from the right, going on to say, “…Eric was America’s lawyer.”

For many of those African-Americans Eric Holder was and still IS. Like another former U.S. Attorney General, the late, great Senator from this wonderful state of Massachusetts, Bobby Kennedy, Holder took it upon himself to bolster the 1965 Voters Rights Act, even as the U.S. Supreme Court tore at it’s fabric, standing firm to the FACT that there is an insidious effort a foot to block the minority vote en masse in United States of America… as well as suppressing the VOTE for the poor, the elderly, students and anyone who might not look and vote the way ‘they’ do…

Holder was confirmed by the Senate in 2009 and immediately chastised for his comments on race in this country and the fact that the reason race relations are not what they should be is due to an overwhelming abundance of cowardice in this nation when dealing with the FACT ‘we got a problem Houston!’, prompting a witch hunt infamously known as “Fast & Furious” (a program Holder ENDED, started by the Bush Administration).  Another Darrell Issa (R-CA) red herring gun caper down on the Southwestern borderland that may have involved at most a hundred guns and a ’scandal’ that never really existed in the first place.  Really Congressman Issa?

His critics on both sides of the aisle also point to the fact his Justice Department never went after the big executives at the ‘too big to fail U.S. “banks”‘ who plunged this nation into it’s worse recession since the Great Depression with their casino like approach to 200 million people’s 401(k)’s, with many average Americans taking the hit while the big banks came back like gang busters due to the FED’S free monies…  Taking in some fines, really slaps on the wrists to these guys, leaving a message that is loud and quite clear– “…if you are a white guy, working in a big bank, have a corner office, make campaign donations and kiss some butt on occasion, well sir, you can rip off grandma and grandpa all you want! Let’s go to Vegas!”

No one went to jail for almost plunging the world into financial calamity, but that is not really his fault.  The ‘too big to fail banks’ are too big to be arrested as well.  White collar crime continues unabated BECAUSE of the sick relationship between lobbyists and members of Congress, and to that end, Eric’s hands were tied.  But that road block did not stop him even after being held in “contempt” of Congress (isn’t that a cliche?), a symbolic blow to Holder.  After the whole ‘gun running’ joke blew up, he went on to be a champion for the LGBT community, challenging states to recognize same sex marriages and allow for the same rights afforded to their heterosexual counterparts to be given them, changing the ‘issue’ forever in this country.

But perhaps his greatest legacy will be his work reducing sentences for people jailed for minor drug offenses, pointing out the unfair disparity of blacks being arrested at much higher rates for the same crime as whites, while attempting to reduce those out of whack sentences for crack cocaine v. the ‘whiter’ powder coke that most Hollywood execs–as well as those Wall Street types–prefer. He also looked into the tragedy unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed black boy was gunned down in cold blood by a trigger happy cop.  Stay tuned for that fiasco when the grand jury in that case indicts the police office who shot Michael Brown with a much lesser charge than he should have gotten.  You thought the riots in L.A. were bad.  Maybe that’s why he retired…

I find it quite ironic this country is so concerned with a 1400 year old rift between two ancient religious sects, yet WE can’t seem to come to grips with our own race relations at home.  Sunni and Shiite, Black and White, Republican and Democrat, “…cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria!” (credit Bill Murray in the film, we all know and love, “Ghostbusters!”, circa 1984).  If you stop and think about it for a moment, there is a whole lot more we have in common than you might think.  Starting with the FACT we are all human beings, equal under the LAW.  Not just man made laws (that are by definition, because they were made by man, flawed), but the laws of the universe–LAWS governed by the LIGHT. Maybe we should all stop ‘thinking’ for a while.  At least stop thinking with the broken brains we have in Washington D.C. right now.  Although all of those geniuses are back at home, speaking with fork-ed tongue.  The swamp water has drained into the American landscape, as we all get the popcorn out and watch the greatest show on earth–the run-up to the 2014 U.S. Midterm Election! Where our fledgling democracy with that little letter ‘d‘ hangs in the balance like one of those hanging ‘chads’, circa 2000…Vote AMERICA!  PLEASE VOTE!

Have a great week end folks and keep off the sauce, we have to keep our composure and take in all the pundits have to offer on the upcoming Sunday talk shows. “I await your next syllable with great eagerness…” (credit the very funny and sweet film, “Arthur”, circa 1981, starring the late, greats, Sir John Gielgud & Dudley Moore).  Tell me all about what know one really knows. For there are only a handful–at best–of reporters in the region and as David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain jumps on board with some Royal Air power, be it known that you will be told what you need to hear on a ‘need to know basis’, is that clear?  That is to say, ‘you don’t really need to know now do you?’

But tell it to me anyways Peggy Noonan! Magnificent wind sock of the Wall Street Journal You’re the BEST! Please give Rupert, ‘arrrggghhh matie’ Murdoch as kiss on the cheek for us won’t you?  I find your appearances and your insightful input on ABC’S “This Week” or NBC’s “Meet the Press” so uplifting and inspiring I just wanted to thank you.

Keepin’ it real, that’s what you do Peggy!  Silver spoon?  What silver spoon?  You mean the one up you a$$?  Don’t mind that, the viewers can’t SEA it!

The Arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards JUSTICE!” MLK


September 25, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soggy, gloomy and raw island of Nantucket! It’s great to be with you on this Thursday afternoon, the 25th day of September. A wet Thursday here at the Hyannis Waterfront, a nice day, as ‘they’ say, to be a duck.  I never really understood that old cliche, as it seems ducks are always wet…oh, I get it.

Ducks aside, there is plenty of war to talk about gosh darn-nit!  The General Assembly of the UN wraps up (in New York) it’s annual meeting soon regarding a myriad of subjects–war, terrorism, war, more war, Ebola, ISIL, Global Warming. But even with the A players in the game yesterday (UN Security Council), very little was accomplished.  Much like the increased ‘awareness’ of domestic violence after the NFL’s dropping of the ball (excuse the pun) by it’s corporate model spokesman, holding the title of ‘NFL Commissioner’, Roger Goodell, the whole thing is pretty much a big waste of everyone’s time.  Goodell overheard saying to an ESPN reporter a wicked facetiously line from the classic Tom Hanks film “Bachelor Party”, circa 1984, when he stated in his best straight man voice and mannerism, to his soon to be very wealthy father in law after a tennis match up at the mansion, “…that’s quite a list Mr. Banks and I know that if I truly apply myself I could be a completely different person by the time we finished lunch…”.

The only path to change is the absence of ANY resistance to it.  Acceptance is the answer to all of my problems today…  The dividing line between reason and insanity all over the world right now should give one pause and take note.  You can’t reason with a crazy person (or groups like ISIL), but you can isolate them and do what the Obama administration is doing with air strikes presently, namely taking out their source of income–OIL.

One commentator/pundit on the “Rachel Maddow Show” last night (airing week nights at 9 p.m. sharp, only on MSNBC--not a paid advertisement) put it this way, and I only slightly paraphrase here--”…there will always be a risk with terrorists attacking us individually here in ‘the homeland’, but there is that risk everywhere in this country, just take a look at the schools and shootings in the inner cities.” I would add to that being black in America today.  As in another shooting that took place a few months back in the great state of Ohio, where yet another young African-American male was shot to death in a Walmart store, while the officer walked away from the Grand Jury without a scratch.

It seems someone, ’saw a black man with a gun’ and called  911, to wit an officer shot him without a thought, seeing the error of his ways a few moments later, when it was revealed the man was just looking at a toy BB gun in the store selling them!  That’s right folks, shot dead once again in America for being BLACK.

Yes, by all means let us rid the world of the evil that IS ISIL.  However, let us not once again blind ourselves via those awesome, bright flashing lights emanating from some lonely battleship… Tomahawk Cruise Missals launched in the deep, dark, depths of night, from vessels anchored somewhere in the Persian Gulf, taking out targets that take our minds off of the “HOMELAND” problems for now.  How are we on that Benghazi thing?  Oh, that’s for 2016?  I forgot, sorry…  Yes, the old “homeland” all us German folks love so.  Love enough to fight this enemy over seas once again…

We have plenty of work to do right here at home.  Do not allow for these terrorists to take over your dinner table with be-headings and threats of ‘world domination’.  Big oil runs the show and don’t forget it.  If you want to know who is really running the world, look no further than Saudi Arabia.  Like a crack addict, America is hopelessly addicted to that three letter word, hence all of the constant attention to the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia treats it’s women citizens like crap and beheads people at will all the time.  Is that not what we are fighting against here?  Yet old King Abdullah will get those poor American soldiers fighting his fight because they are cowards and we are all hopeless addicts who can’t take a hint from Mother Nature.

ISIL is not Hitler’s Third Reich and it never will be.  Obama’s attack on the Al Qaeda affiliate “Khorasan” in Syria the past two nights is more important than trying to take out killers embedded within the the Syrian/Iraqi population, whose bootlegged oil and ransom monies, along with cash from rich oil barons in the region, will keep them hidden and well protected from the drones and F-22’s hovering overhead.  Hopefully quarantined like the poor victims of the Ebola virus in Africa.

Khorasan is a vicious terrorist group made up of tough, seasoned fighters from the good old days of Osama Bin Laden in and around the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  After that area was occupied by the Americans in the not years of this 21st Century, these jihadists made there way West, neatly fitting in that vacuum opened up by the bloody Syrian Civil War that has taken over 200,000 lives thus far.  Moreover, filling in a dispossessed Sunni region left as the Iraq War raged from 2003 to the end of 2011.  Reopening old wounds, when this country thought it had seen the end of that desert landscape forever. However, once again, remember these killers, out to destroy passenger jets bound for the U.S., are few in number and  Obama’s clear and proven successful track record of thwarting terrorism is just a tad better than the Bush Administration.  What say you ‘ore at FOX NEWS Matie?   Not enough ‘terror’ to run out of the house screaming “…the sky is falling! the sky is falling…”.

Chicken Little indeed.

So cheer up everybody.  This is still a beautiful world. AND WORTH SAVING! A world filled with ducks and swans, Great Blue Herons and Cardinals.  And who doesn’t love that?  I know I do!

What’s that?  This just in from FOX “NEWS”…  It seems that the television talk show blowhard on that same horrible channel of propaganda hor$e$hit, Bill O’Reilly, has been seen streaking at the corner of 42nd and 7th Avenue near the Port Authority Terminal in midtown New York City.  Yes, tragic story this, reports have emerged that “Billo the Clown” (as my pal Keith Olbermann, former host of the great TV show “Countdown” always referred to him as when he read his famous ‘Worst Person in the World” award every night on his very funny news hour. An award that often went lovingly to our misguided, dry drunk and angry Irishman, a so called “pundit” on FOX, yes sir give it up for the ‘factor’ himself, Mr. Bill O’Reilly) purchased some white ‘crack like’ substance at said Port Authority and became quite animated after taking some ‘puffs’ from a small glass pipe.  Video cameras proved all later and upon ’smoking it’, went on a ‘journalistic jiahad’ of his own, screaming at passers by about the coming doom Rupert Murdoch is going to lay on the viewers of that fine network, promising Ted Cruz(R), the fabulous Senator from the great state of Texas, would win the presidential election in 2016, ushering in the new and improved “Morning in America”, where we all bow down to the mighty multinational corporate polluters, i.e. ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, Monsanto, Walmart, Massey, Duke, Chevron, Shell, bp, you know, the usual suspects who make money hand over fist with 0 investment in the future of the country they are raping.   It seems at the end of his manic episode, Billo crawled back into his limo, screaming at his driver to “Fuck it, will do it LIVE! And for God Sakes, get me to an AA meeting!”. Sad.

Have a good rest of this day everybody and please take a step back from the whole crazy world (just for a moment) and have a good laugh at our own absurdity at some juncture today.  For it is said in some sacred book somewhere on a mountain of some kind that  “Lo, …Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they will be constantly amused.” I feel very blessed indeed.  SEA you next time right here–same bat time, same bat channel!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 24, 2014

“Some Like It Hot”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, partly cloudy and rather windy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you all on this Wednesday morning, the 24th day of September, 2014, that’s right it’s another wonderful day to be living on Cape Cod, as I just am returning from a morning at Kalmus Beach, at the end of Ocean Street in Hyannis, famous for it’s windsurfing and incredible views of Nantucket Sound.  I was happy to find a horseshoe crab exoskeleton that will probably be worth money someday, or perhaps be placed in some museum for children to look at as the guide says perhaps only a few hundred years from right NOW–

“…these beautiful sea creature once were plentiful on the shores Cape Cod and the Islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, but alas, man in his folly, greed, cowardice and willful ignorance chose to ignore empirical science and bowed to the WILL of the multinational corporate oil, gas and coal conglomerates, who controlled most of the U.S. Congress at the time, but moreover controlled vast international markets, while exploiting the masses with vicious tactics–amassing more wealth than the world had ever seen…

As the greenhouse gases of Carbon Dioxide and (the increasing 87 times more potent than carbon) Methane (via the melting of arctic tundra, due to global warming of air and water temperatures, thus a vicious cycle) continued unabated for the first half of that critical 21st century, the world’s population had to play catch up in the latter part of that century and many species such as this one began to vanish from the face of the earth–kept in perpetuity by science, educators, environmentalists, spiritual leaders and others, via high tech animal habitats.

The problem was, the world could not seem to get a solid consensus on ‘whether not it, Global Warming, was real and what “it” would do next, etc., (hence a real WILL), thereby allowing the big polluters out there, mostly oil and gas companies, to run rough shod over the world’s citizens, such as in the horrible practice of fracking for natural gas, emitting much of that ‘natural gas’ METHANE into said atmosphere, thus exponentially adding to the overall soon to by cataclysmic event known as global warming.

In short, cooking the planet.  If our ancestors would have collectively KNOWN about the practices of said oil and gas giants of the time, making “profit over people” their Gospel, their modus operandi, yes, if they would have known this (along with the SCOTUS 2010 Citizens United case, allowing those big corporations, mostly the polluters, to buy elected officials, thereby writing the laws they wanted to see written into fruition, effectively writing the Environmental Protection Agency at the time out of the loop completely.  In fact, in the case of U.S. fracking, the EPA was in bed with them all along.  Sorry about that kids, please don’t tell your parents I told you this, but in reality most of this cozy corporate/regulatory agency nonsense is really X rated smut, hotel rooms filled with the drug Cocaine, but again, please don’t tell your parents that one either…

In conclusion, this little horseshoe crab is one of a kind, for as Cape Cod and those famous islands began to ‘take on water’, very few of them survived in tact, as the mad rush to find higher ground was on in full stride by the turn of that century, a century I bet they wish they could have back if they just would have listened to Al Gore.  A man who should have won the White House in 2000.  But who knows, international treaties with those other “competing” countries–such as China, Brazil, India, Germany and others—may have worked if the humans would have just had a little bit of vision, not much, just a tad.  For all of the newly industrialized nations on earth began using carbon much like the U.S. did at the turn of the century prior, with the U.S. and other rich nations not lending a hand to the poorer developing countries, via renewable energy source technology, never seeing that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.   And it all happened the next year at the conference in Paris, in the “City of Lightswhere much of the world’s fate was decided that week…”. Or something like that.

Have a super day folks and beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, no offense to real wolves anywhere in the world, we love ya here at Sea Cape Cod! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 23, 2014

Capitalism vs. the Environment

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the stylishly cool, rather crisp and sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this first day of Fall, the twenty-third day of September 2014, a day that is fit for a King–at least here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port where the leaves are beginning to turn that golden hue that brings warmth and anticipation for the holidays yet to come…

But not in Syria.  Last night U.S. and Arab Allies bombed the living b’Jesus out of ISIL (a group of radical thugs whose aim is global domination?) and apparently did not take any prisoners.  “Alli Babba that hurt! American infidels!  You bastardoes just took out my satellite, what am I going to tell the dudes over at DISH TV? They are going to be pissed I tell you!” Talk to Dr. Evil a$$holes, ’cause Uncle Sam and his pals are going to take you out but good!

All jeering aside, if we have to truly go into war for NOW for real, clearly what last night’s air strikes in Syria indicate, along with promised coming strikes–coupled with ‘advisers on the ground, just them, no boots of any kind mind you’, be careful of that one–is is evolving into, then WE should applaud our very fine U.S. President, Barack Obama–regardless of what side of the aisle you are on–for being THOUGHTFUL (as opposed to thought-LESS) about this real threat to the civilized world at large, calmly directing a seasoned and skilled diplomat in chief, Secretary of State John Kerry, to broker deals with 5 other Arab states whose goal to help our Commander-in-Chief only behooves them in the end.

For a radical ‘caliphate’ like this one is a joke to most if not almost ALL Muslims globally and our over reaction as a nation will temper a bit when it should be clear by now the only way to ‘destroy’ an ideology like the insane and Med evil behavior of a group like ISIL is through isolation and snuffing out the hate before it reaches the multitudes of dispossessed and desperate youth, who see no future for themselves or their families, if they even have any, thus, leaving them prey to cut throats and thieves that define this so called caliphate known as ISIL.

This ultimate goal of some kind of ‘utopian world peace’ every living human being, animal and plant wants right now more than anything can not be done through bombs and threats, spears or bullets.  No, only through a reasoned collective enlightenment–sparked by a change of heart, mind and soul–will this constant threat of war be eliminated permanently.  But it will not be war that does this deed no, it will be Mother Nature herself.  Thus, the fueling a joint Global Effort of WILL to survive what will surely be headed our way if we don’t act soon to curb emissions of carbon dioxide, Methane and other greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere–A GLOBAL WARMING CATACLYSM (are you listening China and India; ExxonMobil and Koch Industries?).

And then all of this talk and action of killing one another will be moot.  We real eyes one day soon I hope, that one is only as sick as the resentments one hold in one’s heart.  Those who seek power for their own vain personal glory will never find it whence they seek…  That Power is hidden and kept far from their greedy grasp.  Reserved and protected in the LIGHT that always destroys the dark.

Just by its’ basic definition of FACT.  As soon as it is introduced–the darkness is gone.

I don’t know what’s worse, the coverage of ISIL or the NFL. Both equally disturbing and I am an ex-football player, not professionally of course, but have always loved the NFL…  I never thought I would utter those two organizations in the same breath, but there you have it folks.  Michael Jackson wrote a song a long time ago called, “Man in the Mirror:”  Perhaps we could all do a little more of that.  What do you say “Supreme and Almighty Leader” of this vicious group of murderous animals big, bad, bag daddy ‘ole buddy?  Got any mirrors around Syria right about now?

America do not be tempted to jump into that horrible energy after 9/11.  That is exactly what a terrorist organization’s philosophical outcome demands–American outrage and action. A slow and steady race wins the race every time.  Just ask our friend Henry the turtle, my old pet from twenty years ago, who I let go in Walden Woods in Concord, Massachusetts when I worked in the John Hancock Tower in Boston.  He might, if he could talk, ask you to remember our own ‘American’ battle for Independence began where Henry I imagine still lives, in the fields that surround that now famous part of living history.  Perhaps we should leave most of this fight to the people whose fight it is to fight, in a part of the world we really would have no interest in unless they had OIL.

We have, as the hot wild fires continue raging in California, my heart goes out to all the people battling that King Fire, in and around the Lake Tahoe region, our own problems to conquer.  Namely saving this 238 year old democracy from the wolves at the door, i.e., the Citizens United decision by SCOTUS in 2010, opening up the flood gates of corruption.  For we all know that BIG CORPORATE MONEY=FREE SPEECH=A PLUTOCRACY.  Or rule by the wealthy.

“Hello, McFly! Is thing thing on, hello!, think McFly, think…” (credit the classic film, circa 1985 “Back to the Future”, starring Michael J. Fox)

And our democracy (with a little letter ‘d’), like our Global Climate is in jeopardy of dying at the hands this run away “free market”, who, like a shark, must continue to move/feed or ‘it’ will die.  Bottom line folks, it’s Capitalism vs. the ENVIRONMENT!

Have a great day everybody and steer clear of those wooden nickles thrown about by Steve Ducey and the ‘team’ over at Rupert, ‘arrrggghh matie’, Murdoch’s early morning brainwashing factory called FOX & Friends. Let me fill some of you voting against your own best interests–i.e. “Fracking Fields of Death” (coming to a small rural town theater near you soon!)–in on a little secret~ they are not your friends! Nor are their masters’ friends of the earth. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 22, 2014

A change in the weather…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the seasonably cool, sunny and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on a Monday morning, a very early six a.m. 22nd day of September, 2014 kind of ‘morn, as the world wakes up to Bon Ke Moon’s (General Secretary of the United Nations) global summit initiative on the world’s most pressing looming cataclysm–GLOBAL WARMING or what the Ostrich’s (Republicans) like to refer to as some ‘mysterious yet natural’ occurrence of this so called “climate change” in New York all this week.

With global protests, rallies, marches and education seminars going on across the planet this past  week end, it is very unclear whether or not Moon will wake up enough of the world’s leaders to make much of a difference, because as we all know, the major oil and gas corporations–those with the gold make the rules kind of corporations–could care less…pity that.  Future generations will remember these days that remain still fertile and green, at least in some parts of this little blue rock we all call home for the moment…

For even though our very fine U.S. President Barack Obama, keen on the devastating effects of global warming, will be in attendance, the U.S.’s other two major contributors, the world’s biggest, of green house gases, China and India, will sadly not be present.

The earth is not an open sewer for big oil, big gas, big coal, big fill in the blank corporation, to use for their personal garbage can while raking in billions upon billions in profit every year while the majority of people on the planet suffer.  There will be a reckoning and it is coming soon.  Have a nice day folks and please tune in to seacapecod.net all this week for the latest news on this summit of PARAMOUNT importance taking place in New York City this week–as well as in every corner of this fragile environment we all share.


September 15, 2014

California Burning

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, sunny, tranquil island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the 15th day of September, 2014–a very nice week to be on this little sand bar created by that Last Great Ice Age 11,500 years ago…with all of that golden sun, seasonable temperatures and open beaches, bars and restaurants, not to mention all of the other stuff you can do in this magical kingdom is free for the taking, so come on down and visit us anytime of year!  We will, as always, leave the LIGHT on for ya!

At this seven a.m. hour, I imagine many of the professional lobbyists/politicians/media folks in Washington D.C. are getting the cobwebs out of their collective heads and heading out the door to face another ‘Morning in America’, attempting to wrap their heads around problems ‘too big to solve’, at least for this bunch in Congress right about now.  Of course, the problems of everyday man, let alone regular citizens of this country are of little or no concern to those puppets now ‘running’ the ’show’ and as we get closer to this pivotal 2014 Midterm election, where the fate of the U.S. Senate hangs in the balance and possibly our democracy at large with that little letter ‘d‘, thanks to Citizens United and all the billionaires out there, the hor$e$hit is really beginning to fly.

Because you see, if the Republicans hold the House and gain the Senate, the people who are really calling the shots, or want to in the worst way, ‘men’ like the KOCH BROTHERS, the new Robber Barons of our time, will demand that safeguards like the EPA be eliminated from our reality, paving the way for big polluters like they ARE to run rough shod across the entirety of this great land.  DESTROYING it for future generations to come.  “…Why does the water glow in the dark mommy?”, “…and why does it smell funny and light on fire?”.

The media storm over ISIL–an extreme form of evil that must be eradicated by a COALITION of real force– mostly through diplomatic and political channels–has been fueled, on purpose, by the third beheading of a Western journalist, this time a British man.  Of course these tragic and barbaric acts should be condemned by any person with a soul, but let this not lead us into an all out jump from the frying pan into the FIRE.  For that fire is Syria and like Vietnam, this ‘advisory position’ our troops are taking could balloon, again, like Vietnam, into an all out involvement leading to a very dark place we don’t want to go again…

It’s funny to watch our old war hawks on the right side of the aisle, appear en masse on the various U.S. Sunday talk shows, speak as if they were ten feet tall and bullet proof.  Are they going to do the fighting against ISIL? Are their sons’ or daughters’?   NO.  We will leave that fighting up to the poor military “the best trained in the world” who, like the poor new born babies in the country, we send off to do our dirty business, and yet when they return, or are BORN, we suddenly say, “…thanks for your service, but could you move your sleeping bag out of my way?  You are blocking the sidewalk, oh, and no, I don’t have a dime to spare…”. Why don’t you go out and get a job you, oh, wait, didn’t I just say to that man thank you for your service?  Whose side am I on anyway?  Why am I talking to myself?

That’s right, keep thinking those thoughts Senator, and to all of you hard working journalists out there, especially the good folks at MSNBC, you know who you are–have a great week ahead.  Although it may seem like a cold and uncaring world, below all of the hullabaloo and hollering, there still beats a heart in the American body, one that can rally together around what is wrong in this nation and ELECT people to FIX it and to ultimately LEAD it, like a Teddy Roosevelt or a Jack Kennedy.  One more interested in the PEOPLE not his own POCKET.  Not to get rich off of the system that put them their to begin with, i.e. LOBBYISTS like our old pal Eric Cantor, or “Mr. Sell Out” of the week…

If we had more shows like “REAL TIME, with Bill Maher” on TV, great show on Friday by the way with one of Bill’s guests’ Jerry Seinfeld asking, “…are there any Italian ISIS’?”, perhaps the country might begin to WAKE UP and real EYES most of these politicians are puppets to a very big corporate agenda, an agenda that is killing democracy, democracy with that little letter ‘d‘.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people of my old home state, California today, battling wildfires that are biblical in proportion now a days…  With the drought so bad, many parts of the ‘bread basket of the world’ looking more like the surface of the moon than the lush fertile valley it once was…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 12, 2014

A Peacable Marsh

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the delightfully cool, sunny and all around gorgeous island of Nantucket! On a day like today, September 12th, 2014 (Happy Birthday to both my parents, Jan and David!), you cannot help but smile.  It is a perfect Fall like day at this nine a.m. hour in Hyannis/Hyannis Port, very comfortable temperatures out there, with crisp azure sky above…  So, if you picked a weekend to be on that fabled isle of Nantucket, you’re a winner!  You picked a good one…enjoy!

The mood in Washington D.C. this early hour however, is not so much sunshine and lollipops, no sir, this is a day that will live in infamy!  Oh, wrong line? Sorry.  But it does seem our great land is being put back on another war footing, fighting yet another group that vows to ‘destroy Israel’ and chants en masse, “death to America”…  Yes, we have seen this all before.  Not taking into account this ‘disagreement’ is centuries old, an eon and a half old for God’s sakes, President Obama is doing what he can to walk a very fine line between military genius and insanity, for how can we, the little old USA, 238 years old, make this age old whole rift between Sunni and Shiite better?

Besides the four steps laid out in the President’s speech Wednesday evening, there are a few other things we might want to consider.  First, we must ask our Saudi friends to stop funding ISIL (and cutting their own people’s heads off), the vicious band of outlaws from mostly Syria and Iraq (now recruiting in slick social media avenues) who vow to kill and terrorize the West.  These ‘men’ do not belong to any real religion based in kindness and Love, no, they are hell bent on evil and the carrying out of a maniacal plan that has no basis in reason or humanity, let alone civilization.  It is a few wealthy individuals and countries who are keeping this whole thing going.  Air strikes alone will not solve the problem.  But boots on the ground is FOLLY beyond the meaning of the word.

We have been playing in this sand box for more than six plus decades now, going back to our ‘friend’ and puppet, the Shah and Iran, what was that 1951?  The threat existed then as it exists now and to truly believe that destroying ISIL with military hardware is going to solve this cancer is obviously not the way to go.  Our ‘allies’ in the region, allies BECAUSE they have oil (otherwise we would treat them like we treat South Sudan), MUST step up to the plate and offer the WILL to defeat that WILL of ISIL, one whose ‘goal’ must be offered up to the region for what it is–establishing 4th century religion (Sharia law) that demeans women, most men, children and God himself, a so called caliphate that has no place on this Earth.  THAT is the only solution. To make ALL in the area know what is at stake–World Peace as opposed to World War!  It seems the whole approach of bombing and occupying vast desert areas is a colossal waste of everyone’s time.

Blood and treasure–4400 plus U.S. troops dead plus a cool 4.1 TRILLION when it is all said and done (cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of 2001& 2003).  Is this new war, for that is what it IS, is it going to be worth it?  If I were a young black man living in Ferguson, Missouri right now, in this year of ‘our Lord’ 2014, I would be a hell of a lot more scared of my own police department than I was of some random terrorist out there, one that is being tracked almost as good as you are I on this peaceable sunny morning here on lovely Cape Cod...isn’t that right my brothers’ listening in at the NSA? I’m just kidding, I’m sure you have better things to do than read this blog, am I right or am I right?

Have a great week end folks and steer clear of those wooden nickles thrown about by ‘ole Rupert, “arrghh matie!”, Murdoch’s FOX “NEWS”–side effects still include internal bleeding, dizziness, trouble urinating, irritable bowels, cramps, nausea, vomiting, projectile vomiting and the overwhelming feeling that you are becoming Donny Osmond, ’cause like Donny, you are just a little bit ‘Rock & Roll”, especially you Steve Ducey!  Are you really my friend?

Instead of putting yourself through all of that, why not tune into “REAL TIME, with Bill Maher”, on HBO tonight at 9 p.m. sharp (as opposed to his normal ‘hours’ of Friday nights LIVE at ten p.m., eastern), as Bill is doing a LIVE show in Washington D.C..  He plans on doing an hour stand up after the regular show–both in front of LIVE audiences here on the east coast for a change.  You might learn something Megan!  Have a great show Bill, let ‘em know what you really think!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 10, 2014

“Morning in America…?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, calm and cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be aboard with you today, this 10th day of September, 2014, another ‘Morning in America’ as former President Ronald Reagan uttered so famously some thirty-five odd years ago.  It’s eight a.m. here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port.  What time is it in Washington D.C.?  Or better yet, on the streets and rural roads of this great land WE ALL claim to love so…?

That matters little on this Autumn like ‘morn, for almost half of this nations’ populace now want (47%) the U.S. to become more involved in a fight against yet another terrorist organization–ISIL. Born out of the Syrian drought that began in earnest in 2010, this band of roughly 10,000 vicious fighters is well financed by oil rich individuals in the area, upset about this or that, nothing to do with the United States whatsoever, except ‘our interests’ of course.  Therefore, the corporate owned TV and radio stations all across the land are beating the drum of war once more.  Bringing into fruition, again, what another former President, Dwight D. Eisenhower said way back in the year 1960, “…we have to guard against the growing threat of the Industrial Military Complex”.

Indeed a complex that now extends to our local police forces who are now armed to the teeth to take on those hoodlums (the poor, minorities, the young, women, gays, the elderly) that are getting in ‘their way’…  You know who THEY are don’t you?  They are the same people, the corrupt ‘powers that be’–can someone say Citizens United? Sure, I knew that you could!–that want to restrict the vote come November. Why?  Because anyone armed with KNOWLEDGE about what people like the Koch Brothers are up to (the rising tide of plutocrats who are buying OUR democracy), and therefore their ‘representatives in Washington’, would not vote for them even if it were snowing in HELL!  Knowledge coming in the form of new INFORMATION (by way of two NEW witnesses, unattached construction workers who saw the whole thing–that horrible police officer’s decision to gun down a young black teen in broad daylight). Not in Syria, but in places like Ferguson, Missouri that will be suppressed as yet another ‘peace officer’ kill is overlooked. Who is the enemy? Where is the enemy?   Why is their an enemy?

President Barack Obama will address the nation tonight at 9 p.m., eastern and it will be a real fun time for all to be sure.  This new self proclaimed ‘Islamic State’, as they like to be called, is going to be almost impossible to ferret out unless there is a coalition of forces who have the same WILL as does ISIL. Of course most Republicans, back from their well deserved vacations, claim that ‘we’ have to cut off the head of the snake, Mr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi , the so called “Prince” of yet another crazy Muslim Caliphate ordered ‘by God’ to convert the world to whatever people like that do through terror, while launching slick social media enticements aimed at the recruitment of disillusioned and dispossessed young men all over the world, including in Senator Al Franken’s Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Leaving many scratching their heads and wondering out loud, “…wasn’t that the aim with Bin Laden?”, or better yet,  “…did we learn anything from the insanity of 11 years ago?”. Dick Cheney IS insane and anyone who listens to him or Donald Rumsfeld or any of the other ugly actors in that FOLLY should get their head examined along with our former Vice President. Do not kid yourselves folks, there are plenty of covert operations going on in Iraq as we speak and thus, keeping a pretty good lid on what these killers are up to.  President Obama is RIGHT when he states tonight on national TV that not only do we need a coalition of willing partners on this one, but we MUST consult Congress for not only a review of Bush’s initial authorization to use force in Iraq (still valid), but also to tread carefully when authorizing new money and actions, i.e. 500 million to arm the Kurds in northern Iraq, making sure those monies and men are not ‘lost’, e.g., like with our ‘pal’, you know the old curmudgeon  Dick Cheney and his private ATM, Halliburton Corporation, who raked in billions in that horrible illegal war that killed over 4400 Americans and well over 100,000 Iraqis, many civilians…stay tuned folks, or, conversely, you can close your eyes, and more importantly your ears–seacapecod.net will fill you in later if you please…

Have a great Thursday folks, remembering that all of this war talk and FEAR mongering, constant it seems in the media, must be BALANCED with more of the things we go to war for in the first place–stuff like walking in the Wilderness, laughing with a friend, or holding on a little longer to a loved one.  For ‘at the end of the day’ that is what this whole experience of LIVING is all about–LOVE.    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 6, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, sultry and always quaint island of Nantucket!  Great as always to be with you, hey David Muir of ABC News, quit using my line!, nine a.m. on a lazy Saturday morning, the sixth day of September, 2014.  Having already been up since five, it seems my day is already half over.  But sometimes that is what it takes to get those images of wildlife here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, so please remember to come on down, we will leave a LIGHT on for ya!

“Power is no blessing in itself, unless it is used to help the innocent… Jonathan Swift

This past Wednesday evening, around ten p.m. eastern, on that radical, marxist, ‘fornicators’ kind of hippy, tree huggin’ nonesense show… I saw something good for a change!  Pray thee knoweth of what station I speak of hence forth!  Pray tell again laddy what station but MSNBC! Where real journalist anchors like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes, Reverand Al Sharpton and Alex Wagner tell us all of them pesky FACTS–YEP!  You Betcha!   They always be ‘esplenin all kinds of bad stuff happening right here in the good ‘ole US of A, yammering on and on… Saying stuff like ” plutocrats buying elections” and “plutocrats keeping the poor man down, always be pullin’ the wool over the gullible masses collective eyes, eyes that never SEA the light of the TRUTH…  Yes, telling that TRUTH about what is really going on in our environment, our political landscape, our social policies, indeed the deterioration of our very democracy itself.  Usually, especially in light of the recent string of police brutality cases being brought forth in the U.S., cities from sea to shining sea, chickens coming home to roost if you will,the stories are quite depressing I must admit.  However, I was pleased to witness a good story for a change, that I thought I might share on this foggy Saturday morning, a little break from the FOX cartoons if you will.  It is the story of two men–who just happened to be Seattle police officers–and what their KINDNESS did for two little girls in that fair ‘Emerald City’…

On “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” (MSNBC–weeknights, save Friday, at 10 p.m. eastern) this past Wednesday evening, officers Ryan Gallagher and Jeremy Wade of the Seattle Police Department founded what is know today as “beds for kids” (to donate Google Seattle Police Foundation–“beds for kids”, thank you), a foundation dedicated to helping Seattle’s poorest of the poor buy beds for children sleeping on the floor with dirty blankets and little hope.  It seems these two good souls stumbled upon two little ones one night on a routine call, who were doing what I just described.  Having children of their own these guys could not turn a blind eye to the OBVIOUS NEED therein, thus beginning what will hopefully be a successful campaign to begin helping our most vulnerable right here at home.

Stop worrying so much about future threats when we have crisis-es that need our direct moral attention/action, lest we stop calling ourselves “the greatest nation on earth”.  What’s that?  Does that hurt the political ego of a tea party puppet?  TOUGH! Because talk is cheap, and it is the ACTION that counts “at the end of the day.” (if HBO’s “Real Time”, with Bill Maher had a new rule for September it should be this, “…every time a reporter, pundit, politician or lay person utters the aforementioned catch phrase at the end of their very boring summation of this or that, they have to put a buck in a jar, like the swear jar, and ‘at the end of the day’, a year from now, it will be full and go to pay for some new roads and bridges that are beginning to fall down, at least by the ‘end of the day’”).

So kudos to those two brave cops for actually showing what real POWER IS.  When you act with mercy and kindness, giving to those who need it the most, you are truly doing what a God would do.  Whatever that may mean to you.  Have a great week end folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 5, 2014

Can we talk?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the breezy, sunny, warm and humid island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday, the fifth day of September, 2014–high noon at the OK Coral as it were, at least gearing up that way in D.C, Syria, Ukraine, Ferguson, Somalia, Iraq…  Although because it is such a nice one outside, it seems ‘ole Wyatt took the day off from his political commentary, knowing that thoughts and words of that nature can wait for another day…

No, on this day, seacapecod.net would like to simply remember Joan Rivers, 1933-2014, comedian extraordinaire, who passed away this week at the age of 81 of an apparent cardiac arrest. She has lit up the stage since 1965, starting with her television debut, pregnant no less, and became a household name to even children today, although they would remember her for the red carpet evolution than her late night TV show on FOX.  She was the permanent guest host on “The Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson” and brought laughs to millions with her wry and in your face humor, wit that stung like a bee when she wanted it too, just ask Gwyneth Paltrow!

Nothing was handed this funny lady and her work ethic was something–regardless of what you thought of her–you HAD to admire.  Always topical and relevant, she was seen by the public right up until her death only yesterday in Manhattan, appearing August 14th on “Late Night, with Seth Myers”, who broke out in fits of laughter when Joan commented on the previously mentioned actress…

So at this stage in ‘time’, Joan is long past the sorrowful goodbyes, quite possibly looking down from on high and wondering why we are not laughing a little more at all of the absurdity around us, exposing it for what ‘it’ is and moving on with what really matters in this LIFE we all share while we are all here…allowing others lives BREATHE a little easier, promoting that all important medicine to be released–the most powerful drug of all–LAUGHTER.

To quote Joan Rivers, “…if you are not doing what you want to do in this life, you are a FOOL.” Safe flight Joan and send some humor down here to earth, we sure could use some right about NOW.  Have a nice week end everybody and “…be safe out there amongst the English!” (a line borrowed from the film, “Witness”, circa 1985).  SEA you here next week–same bat time, same bat channel! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 4, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again sunny, warm, still summer like island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this September the Fourth, in the year 2014, another gorgeous day in Hyannis/Hyannis Port, with a nice stretch of beautiful late summer weather coming our way.  That’s right folks, September and October offer a completely different view of this amazing landscape with fewer crowds, great weather and good deals, thus giving your person more room to maneuver around the sand bars, whales and ice cream stands…

Of course, not all the world is sunshine and lollipops is it Mr. President?  President Barack Obama knows that all too well.  Our great 44th President, one whom history books (including this one), will judge him with great affection (at least those with a heart), is in the United Kingdom as we speak, Cardiff, Wales to be specific, meeting with N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) leaders to discuss the hot spots affecting not only our various nations’ concerns, but the world’s as a whole.  ISIL continues to reign supreme in the horror department, beheading yet another American journalist whose Mother did the best she could to plead for his life, yet, tragically, to no avail… Yes, this and the threat Mother Russia continues to covertly wield against it’s brother Ukraine is palpable, with Russian troops now engaged in the fight in the eastern half of that country boarding Russia. Vladamir Putin, Russia’s defacto “Oligarch in charge for the decade”, continues to evade technology–the TRUTH that is as plane as the satellite images taken just today, proving his deceipt as he quips to an RT newsperson on the payroll, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, “..vat Russian tank?  You crazy Americans, always making stuff up, ya?  Vat are your thoughts Andrea Merkel?  Do you still want to have a cozy winter?  Do you still vant all of dat gas we provide?  Then drink!  Skol!”. Wasn’t it just a few months ago we were complaining about wolves in Sochi?

Well, those wolves are on the move in Eastern Ukraine and it is for that reason, and the ISIL threat to both the U.K. and the U.S., that these men and women are gathered today in the great country of Wales, perhaps the most pristine portion of the United Kingdom.  The escalation of more weapons and possible ‘rapid response teams’ via NATO forces, especially protecting the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Poland and Moldavia add to the growing risk in Putin’s game of “Stratego”, albeit this board game is for real.  As real people are being killed and displaced by the tens of thousands, all while the brainwashed  people of Russia (FOX=RT?) begin to feel the effects of the stronger sanctions being implemented against this former Soviet Union KGB colonel.  We shall see what takes place today, and with the world watching the 64,000 dollar question is, “…what is Putin’s end game here; what does he want?”.

Have a great week end folks, and if you are ever up this way, give us a shout, we would love to hear from you.  There is never a dull moment on Cape Cod, for everywhere you look is peace and serenity, something this world could use a whole lot more of as the Great Humpback Whales that live here in the summer, swim back to the Caribbean to mate, only to return again next summer to feast on nature’s bounty in the Stellwagon Bank, just off of the coast of Massachusetts.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

September 1, 2014

Meet the Press?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sultry, sunny, warm and windy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday afternoon, Labor Day here in the U.S., and it is the first day of September, 2014, all over the world as well as right here in Hyannis/Hyannis Port, the hub of Cape Cod and the Islands, who will once again bid a fond and fine farewell for yet another season, as we bid this summer of 2014 goodbye and thank all of those who visited our fair shores and remind them that even though they had to go back home to wherever that is, a little piece of this sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age remains with you all year long–’till next year, when you and yours can return again like the Osprey and enjoy all this hamlet has to offer--RESPITE from a mad world…

Speaking of madness, I am sure you can wait another day for that, as the networks all try and outdo themselves regarding the ‘imminent threat’ of ISIL.  Really, in the grand scheme of things, just another group of people who want to kill Americans, Europeans and westerners in general.  The beheading of journalist James Foley was horrible and should be condemned by all.  However, the broad based media effort in this country and in England over saturated this one giving ISIL what they wanted, more media coverage and the hawks an excuse for beating the military industrial complex war drums (please excuse the mixed metaphor–apologies to Jonathan Swift especially).  Go John McCain, go Lindsey Graham, go Steve King–you go girls!  All while authorities in one of our allies’, the uber wealthy oil nation of Saudi Arabia, behead people they don’t like at will, killing many just this year–with almost O reporting on the subject.  Thanks Aljazeera’s “The Listening Post”!   p.s. What  was the 4 million bucks you guys over at NBC paid out to former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory for?  Inquiring minds would like to know… Good Luck David!

This same limited view reporting is going on in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, thankfully now a truce situation, with the corporate U.S. media, ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX all covering it, but acting and reporting like the fight was a real one, underestimating the REAL story of Israeli bombs hitting U.N. schools, with some paid stooge going on all the networks on behalf of Israel, muddying the waters so the masses would ‘know’ who the ‘enemy’ is.

The ‘enemy’ is anyone the national corporately minded media giants SAY they are, and anyone questioning that say in Russia or Syria, Mexico or sometimes here in the United States of America, is labeled a ‘radical’ or outside of the ‘mainstream’ and are many times kidnapped or killed for their heroic efforts to shed light on the dark corners of our world, along with the actors who are not doing it any favors…  It is very interesting what we consider ‘the main stream’ these days, is it not? For who really knows what is in that stream?  The EPA is mostly in bed with the oil and gas industry now, so they sure as hell won’t tell ya (at least the fracking polluters).  But I can assure you of this, the 596 deadly chemicals used in that fracking process (which is now going to explode with ‘dirty growth’ as liquid natural gas, or LNG, has it’s first shipping station for export all set up, so watch out America!) is legally secret and off limits to our ‘brave’ EPA, due to the “Halliburton Loophole” of 2005, a Dick Cheney special, allowing these fracking wells to go up on public lands (with that dangerous drilling practice not under the auspices of the Clean Water Act of 1972 or the Clean Air Act of 1970, both signed into law by former President Richard M. Nixon, a Republican!!) with the public being completely in the dark about what kind of deadly chemicals are going into their drinking water and in and about the air they and their children breathe.  Not to mention what it is doing to the soil.

Your drinking water, your air and your soil is under attack (as well as your democracy folks, please vote this fall).  Not from a foreign terrorist group, but from the ‘legitimate’ oil and gas industry.  You know, the nice folks at bp, Shell, Chevron, Koch Industries and of course ExxonMobil, who are all (please, for the Love of God, Google “The Heartland Institute”, an ironic name if I have ever heard one) running for the United States Senate this November.  Energy corporate monsters who are systematically taking control of the entire country, very quietly, and very ‘legally’, all for said corporate profit model, serving the wealthiest among us, while the country’s environment pays the ultimate price–for generations to come.

“…Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack.” (credit the classic 1988 film, “Midnight Run”, starring Charles Grodin and a young man, new to the Hollywood scene, that’s right that little known and rising star, Robert De Niro).  This election on November 4th of this year will be pivotal for ALL in this nation.   As our very cool headed, intelligent, thoughtful and very fine President Barack Obama carefully counsels the crazies on the right not to put that cart in front of the horse (reason) and blindly go back into the definition of insanity–boots back on the ground in the Middle East, most know would be FOLLY, the media continues to attack a GREAT U.S. President (history books will show years from now), mostly because they have nothing better to offer.  Regardless of what a FOX “NEWS” ‘man’ or woman would say, or anyone who watches that Joseph Goebbels like show, the TRUTH is the TRUTH and to most leaders in America, that is as dirty a word as welfare.

It would be just as foolish to allow the Koch brothers to add another 100 billion dollars to their bottom line by approving the Keystone XL pipeline, just another great metaphor for billionaires using America (in this case holding the Ogallala aquifer as ransom) for their OWN greedy profit motives, while leaving the rest of US twisting in the wind–a vicious, wicked and wild wind–man made–that WILL blow hard and cold this coming winter–right in the face of these tea party knuckleheads that continue to act like Ostriches, sticking their collective heads in the proverbial sand on just about everything from climate change to the poisoning of the earth’s vital resources for their master’s PROFIT. Food for thought in this upcoming week ahead folks–have a good and safe one–as we look to REAL leaders to bring US back to prominence, not back to days of the pilgrims… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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