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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 21, 2014

Summer Soltice a Simmerin…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the breezy, brisk, sunny and soon to be star lit island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday evening, the 21st day of June, 2014, that’s right, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, as the sun stays awake a little longer according to the creationists out there, so come on down and worship the sun god, for it is right and it is good.  I believe that kind of crap was going on over at the GOP prayer fest this past week in Washington D.C., praying for Obama to be a one term president and that Jesus would return soon.  ‘God dammit, I told you idiots that the year is 2014 and those freakin’ liberals like Rachel Maddow or Ari Melber over at the communist cable TV station MSNBC, might come a lookin’ for ya!  Duck and cover while you still got the chance!

Of course, seacapecod.net must give credit to where credit is due and that credit is due one FOX NEWS commentator Megan Kelly, of “The Kelly File”.  I never watched the show, OK maybe once.  Yes, Ms. Kelly actually gave it to former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, a sad man who opted in once again on the whole millennium plus long religious war over in the country he invaded, for God knows why, oh yeah, OIL, yes, creating a YOU TUBE video with his daughter scolding our fine President Obama on the job he’s doing overseas, crying foul in his handling of the recent unrest.  Actually having the gaul to offer his opinion and disfavor regarding that war and country while he once claimed ‘we would not only be greeted as liberators, but that the war would essentially pay for itself’ (CBO estimates it could cost as much as 4 TRILLION).  You know, Iraqi billionaires giving away free cash to mom and pop tax payer back in the sticks, I mean states.  Yeah, no backlash when we prop up a Shiite bully who hate rival ‘gang’ Sunnis, no backlash at all Dick!  You created this monster and old Megan called you out on it.  Good for her, and may I say, perhaps some of the folks over at Rupert, “arrrrgggghhh matie”, Murdoch’s right wing echo chamber are beginning to SEA the light, for they too have children getting older, wondering out loud to themselves, “…why does daddy go to work and lie to all the people watching in America on the TV, why mommy why?”  Or something to that effect.  Going on to say, “…why is the couch floating out in the yard?

The World is not that interested in Dick Cheney’s attempt (and success I might add, ’cause Dick, being from Colorado and all, I was mighty impressed by that Stetson, and with that Orvis vest, you look all an outdoors man like myself could ask for, well done sir, well done) to outshine Cliven Bundy’s cowboy hat.  No sir, that world is glued to its’ respected flat screen TV sets, billions of them, screaming for England, the USA, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, Germany, or even, dare I say, the United States?  With the U.S. beating Ghana 2-1 the other night, you just never really know.  I pray it is a great World Cup, may it be safe and may it be the best team’s to win.  We all know FIFA won’t really give a rat’s behind, the glory of the game always got in the way with all the dark and dirty goings on in one of the most notorious organizations on the face of planet earth.  ISIS has nothing on FIFA, in fact, maybe they could learn a thing or two about the finer points regarding pure cruelty to people.  Tell all of the slums, and more directly, the living, breathing human beings who live there, and now don’t because you and the Brazilian government kicked them out, yes, perhaps one day, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later, you can tell them, all of them, exactly what they are getting out of the whole thing, you know, when everyone has packed up and gone back home?

But who cares right?  Football is a religion and like the Sunnis and Shiites far away across the big blue SEA, the fight for who is ‘best’ will continue.  So why should we bomb Iran, I mean Iraq again?  And who exactly are we going to bomb Senator?  Enough, it is time to take your toy rifle and go play nice with the men in the white suits.  Insanity seems to be going around in that republican party, with John McCain leading the way.  President Obama has it under control John, so take your medication.  Kudos as well to the President for creating a national underwater sea sanctuary out in the Pacific ocean, set about some remote islands rich with SEA life, yes, Kudos indeed sir, leading this ‘year of ACTION’ with some very good stuff, “…top notch, top notch!” (credit the classic 1978 film Caddyshack, starring the late, great Ted Knight, written, of course, by the late, great Harold Ramis). Forcing corporations to cut Carbon emissions from coal plants and other major polluting entities, cutting 30 percent by 2030.  A great mandate and good start, by any stroke of luck, we will begin to lead in healing the planet, rather than follow, guiding other nations to do the same.  For although Global Warming will be cataclysmic and cause significant alterations to human experiences during our lifetimes, it remains our duty to leave a better world for future generations. To stop the madness of using our air as on open sewer, not to mention our waters and soils, mostly by massive corporate carbon polluters.  A monumental folly that is quickly cooking the planet.  All for PROFIT. Theirs, not yours…

Not a penny for social programs that help the people who really need help (I guess the Evangelicals never got the Jesus memo on ‘the least of these’), no, not a penny to clean up the messes they caused (bp and the Gulf of Mexico).  No, not a penny to create SOLUTIONS to a very real problem that will effect everyone on this little blue rock we all call home for the moment.  No, not a penny. That shiny object will remain in their pocket as long as the status quo in Washington remains the same.  Have a great evening and rest of the week end.  SEA you next week.   Until then, Dick Cheney, ‘don’t you go changin’, just to please me’. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

June 15, 2014

A Day for Dad…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cool, perfect island of Nantucket! Perfect truly does describe the weather today, and Happy Father’s Day, on this Sunday morning, the 15th day of June, 2014–a great one to all the Dad’s out there, including mine out in Palm Springs, California!  Nay you have a peaceful one without any commercial interruptions.   Quite a lot has happened since we last spoke, lets’ SEA, those oceans are still rising, the drought in the western U.S. is deepening, the Midwest and some of the east coast is still getting battered by strong storms, golf ball and even softball size hail at least falling from the sky. The Russians are shooting planes from the Ukrainian sky, killing 44 just the other day, with the intent of one Vladimir Putin still up for anyone’s debate, debate regarding an end game to this chess match that could turn even deadlier, ah, what else, the corporate fake grass roots tea party got another shot in the arm as one of the most conservative and the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, Eric Cantor, a congressman from the great state of Virginia, lost in a primary, causing the whole of the Washington beltway to lose their collective minds, media and politician alike, with every pundit out there explaining what it all means. Who cares?  The whole system is RIGGED not to mention broken and needs an enema.  Sgt. Bergdahl is still “America’s Most Wanted” or at least that former POW is to the clowns over at the Goerbell’s like propaganda noise outlet known as FOX “NEWS”, not to mention all the other a$$hole haters out there on talk radio, may a big bus hit you soon, just kidding.  And last but not least, Iraq!

That’s right Dads of America, today you can just sit back and watch ABC’s “This Week”, or CBS’s “Face the Nation”, or NBC’s “Meet the Press”, or, oh yeah, fu$k FOX, yes, you can DVR the whole shooting match or just watch it LIVE, reliving all the fun WE all had this past eleven years or so, going back down a rabbit hole that no one on the right seems to have crawled out of yet.  You have the bordering on dementia John McCain spouting off again about Obama being ‘weak’ and ‘indecisive’, you might be right John, I can’t decide.  Everything you said about the Iraq war from the get go has been WRONG, that’s right, wrong, the opposite of RIGHT.  The Sunni and the Shiites have, will and always will be fighting amongst themselves, there is nothing to bomb, including Iran, who, if you begin an assault on this newly formed ISIS, ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’, yes, if you bomb them you better make sure we don’t kill a bunch of civilians, because that will make it even worse than the whole bloody FORMER IRAQ WAR has already been for this nation.  4486 American lives were lost (along with well over a hundred fifty thousand Iraqi soldiers and civilian people, that’s right John, real live people) with over 32,000 U.S. soldiers injured, many with injuries that are invisible so they are not helped or loved when they return.  Turning to booze and drugs, many ending up homeless with jackasses like McCain doing NOTHING to help them. Shut the hell up republicans, you have no legs to stand on, like many of the Vets who were shot up in YOUR bloody, illegal and insane war!

Shame on those who start wars and then wish to continue the insanity with more of the same insanity.  Clearly defining the truism, and the definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over again (in this case war), expecting different results.  May Divine Intelligence be with our leaders now, now more than ever.

Again, to all the men who have sacrificed, loved, laughed and cried with their sons, to those men all over this world, may you have a good day, hopefully getting outside and smelling those roses, for the very Ragosa Roses you see pictured above (image taken at Kalmus Beach, world famous windsurfing spot in Hyannis, Massachusetts only a few moments ago) is simply a reminder to gather them while ye may, for today is just the future, yesterday…  Have a great one! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

June 6, 2014

D-Day; 70 years hence…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, breezy, ‘don’t hate me because I’m beautiful’ island of Nantucket! Great to be with you–a glorious day on Cape and the aforementioned Islands, really a great Friday to begin your vacation week I’ll tell ya, beginning it on this sixth day of June, 2014, and what a week it has been here on Cape, with ‘Best Buddies’ bike and 5K road race from Boston to Hyannis, raising 4.5 million for special needs kids all over the world, inspired, of course, by the Kennedy family, namely, Eunice Shriver Kennedy, who passed away a few years back, leaving the leg work to Anthony Shriver and Maria who make a difference for the people who live in this country, like the rest of that family did, everyday.

Of course it seems like seventy years ago this nation was a little closer and a little kinder.  If you take a moment today, really reflecting on the sacrifice those brave American, British, French and other troops made in releasing the world from an EVIL incarnate, beginning, of course, with the famous “D-DAY” amphibious invasion by the Allies seventy years ago today, an attack all the way from Britain and onto the shores of Normandy, France, where the night before over 24,000 troops had parachuted into occupied France, ducking the heavy friendly fire coming in, and then, at 6:30 local time, the invasion of a fifty mile stretch of  beaches and cliffs–”Operation Neptune” on the shores of Normandy began in earnest, with five of those beaches, all code named, Omaha, Neptune and Gold getting most recognition, with over 4400 killed by heavy fire coming from bunkers and land mines, Germans killing many Allies, but alas, could not hold back the power of GOOD that eventually gave the Republic of France back to her people, and it was not much longer before the U.S. and the Allies (along with some real help from the former Soviet Union), took Nazi Germany and it’s leader, Adolph Hitler out forever, yes, if you reflect on all of THAT, you might just shed a tear and be grateful…

What was it that we were fighting against again?  Blind, vicious tyranny and genocide, that’s right.  We were also fighting for the ideals that still are the United States of America, God Dammit!   I am sick and tired of these jacka$$ republican blowhards speaking about a soldier, and a father, as if they know anything about them.  These idiots KNOW NOTHING but the nonsense they spew everyday.  Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC, ought to keep his big, fat yapper shut! He has no right to question the LOVE a father has for his son, who will be, thankfully, by a brave President Barack Obama, brought home.  As the President said, “period, full stop.  And I have no regrets…”.  Good for you.

The bigger question we should be asking is who is going to stop the next enemy to the U.S. democracy?   Namely, who will stand up to the free market gone wild in the form of multinational corporations, e.g. Koch Industries and ExxonMobil?  For the way these boys are going, there won’t be much of a “land of the brave” to fight for.  The water and air will be so poisoned by fracking fossil fuels and the like, it may not be able to sustain LIFE, leaving our planet melt as I write these words, fueling the stronger stronger storms, deeper and more devastating droughts, fiercer and more abundant wild fires and the eventual dying of the oceans, due mostly to acidity levels ever rising as the water continues to warm.  We can do something, but we ALL need to be on board, even those who don’t believe in the concept of THE REAL and TRUE AMERICA, “Of the People, By the People and FOR the People.  For if this planet truly is toast, and will be if things don’t change, I wonder who the majority of the human population on this planet will eventually blame?  Is that the America those brave Veterans from World War II fought and died to protect? Protect with a violent police state, ever guarding your f’ing PROFIT and personal IDEOLOGY?  I didn’t think so!  Have a great week end folks, ever steering clear of the poisonous wooden nickles thrown about by FOX “NEWS”, much like WWII’s “Gerbils”, it is full of lies, innuendos, falsehoods and brainwashing tactics designed to keep you in the Stockholm Syndrome forever!  Please Google that term my friends, especially when you notice the corporate media’ trying to make you feel sorry for your captors, i.e., big oil, big pharma, big coal, big natural gas, big GMO’s, big Ag, big timber, big oil, big gas, big coal, big, well, you get the idea.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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