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March 29, 2014

“Clear Jersey Shore”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rather balmy, partly sunny, soon to be rainy island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Saturday morning, the 29th day of March, 2014, a beautiful morning here on the Cape, just getting back from Dowses Beach in Osterville, spying on the first Osprey of the season, yes, the most excellent ’sea hawk’ of the skies, coming back from as far away as the Brazilian river of Amazon, readying the nests for yet another year of endless fishing and soaring high above this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age…

Of course, ‘back on planet earth’ as my mom used to say, the world is seemingly in a whole load of trouble.  The tragedy in Washington state, in the little town of Oso, just north of Seattle, is a good example.  A community is mourning the loss of many souls, as a giant mudslide took out most of that town roughly week ago, leaving many still missing, presumably gone forever.  Our prayers are with them.

Chris Christie, however, may be on his own with this newest attack on Bridget Anne Kelly, the New Jersey Governor’s former assistant chief of staff, who was fired a few months back for infamously ordering (via email to David Wildstein, Christie’s ‘eyes and ears’ at the NY/NJ Port Authority), “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee”, to wit Wildstein replies, “Got it.”.  My, my, my, I should say so, that the Governor is on his own with this doozy of a million dollar report (paid for by NJ taxpayers) that “clears” the good Governor of any wrong doing when it came to those “lane alignments” going onto the George Washington Bridge in and around September 11th of last year.  Staging a big press conference in Trenton yesterday with brash chest pounding of old, Christie claimed that “…I don’t know what the problem is with you guys (in response to one of the reporters questions, going on to say…), is it that you aren’t listening or not taking notes?”

We are listening Governor, however, it is quite clear your scapegoat is going to tell the world the TRUTH about what really went down, leaving your bid to become this nation’s next President dead in the water.  This whole thing stinks to high Heaven and you above all people know it!  It was rather convenient that the Chairman of the Port Authority resigned yesterday, a Mr. David Sampson, the powerful partner in the now very successful law firm of Wolff & Sampson, ‘bringing you billion dollar deals (fingers crossed!) in Hoboken and possibly Fort Lee since 1972 or thereabouts’, for now it will be impossible for the New Jersey state legislature to convene and come to any conclusions about his involvement in the whole sordid affair.  And speaking of affairs, what does Bridget Kelly’s and Bill Stepien’s relationship, brief as it was, yes, what in the world does that have to do with anything anyway?  Yes, sir Governor sir, we, the people of this great land believe you had nothing to do with closing down those lanes (illegally) and that your lowly assistant took it upon herself (acting alone much like Oswald) to chirp an email to your other spy Wildstein ordering lanes closed on the busiest bridge in the world, all while your other spy, Bill Baroni, Wildstein’s boss at the Port, tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes with some dog and pony show covering up the lane ‘alignments’ with a phantom “TRAFFIC STUDY”! And you had no idea any of this was going on.  REALLY?!!  “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack…” (credit the great Charles Grodin and the incomparable Robert De Niro starring in the classic film, circa 1988, “Midnight Run”).

This nation must realize that the outside money (thanks SCOTUS for 2010’s Citizens’ United! Rock on Justice Roberts!) that a Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Perry and the like is sucking up for today in Nevada is a cancer upon our democracy.  Sheldon Adelson, a Las Vegas mogul worth almost 40 billion dollars, is one of the plutocrats like David and Charles Koch (worth at least 68 billion) who are attempting to buy this country– local, state and federal–one puppet Congressman/Senator/dog catcher at a time.  Sheldon’s pet peeve is online gambling, to wit he has now ‘convinced’ the Congress to put forth a bill restricting that practice as it may be eating into his bottom line.  Creating a path for mutual destruction is this one, for in a den of thieves there is no HONOR. This nation was built on honor, a word that used to mean something in the land of the free and home of the brave.  Today, that land is ‘of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation’ who now claim religious piety (Google ‘Hobby Lobby’ for more nauseating religious horse$hit), hoping the Supreme Court will uphold their ‘view’ that female contraception should not have to be covered under the group medical ’cause sex offends the flock y’all.  What’s next?  Will Goldman Sachs claim that they will not hire people who don’t sell their soul (like everybody else) to the Devil himself?  Of course everyone up in Heaven is laughing at the concept of Goldman Sachs claiming anything remotely referencing God or Love, not to mention peace, harmony, compassion, empathy, charity and JOY.  Not really their cup of tea I’m afraid.

So on this Saturday at the tail end of March, after yet another blizzard on Cape Cod and the Islands (March came in like a Lion and is going out like a Lion), I bid you and yours a wonderful Spring, a rebirth of who you and what you really are.  For as the song says, “Just sing, sing a song, sing it loud, sing it strong. Don’t worry if it’s not good enough, for anyone else to hear…just sing, sing a song.” And to Bridget Kelly and everyone else out there who has been thrown under some kind of a bus, your time to shine has arrived–Rock & Roll! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 22, 2014

Water Watcher(s)…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, crispy cool, silent island of Nantucket! Great to be with you yours early on this Saturday morning, the twenty-second day of March, 2014.  Yet another beautiful spring day, yes, SPRING DAY, hello there!, here on the mainland of this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  This past winter has certainly felt as if it may be returning, but alas, it is but an illusion…I have taken in the power of this most sacred of places, Cape Cod and the Islands, come visit this summer!, by simply walking the paths of our forefathers, namely in the light and footsteps of the Kennedy legacy, strolling past the Compound in peace and silence, with no one anywhere to be seen, only the occasional Cardinal, Great Blue Heron, Blue Jay or  common seagull.  They keep the secret that is little known–real power comes from within...you are a whole lot more powerful than ‘they’ would have you think.

Here WE all are.  No matter where you might be at this particular moment in ‘time’.  Be it Ukraine, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Harlem, Florida, or at the ends of the earth searching for souls who should have come home long ago.  The sad fate of Malaysian flight 370 remains a mystery for all the world, as the fated plane never made it’s destination of Beijing, vanishing somewhere, presumably, 1500 miles off the Australian coast.  This is unprecedented in aviation history, at least of this magnitude, and the reporters’ thoughts and prayers are now with those lost and those mourning, may they find closure and some sense of peace.

Of course, this story is a sideline to what has happened in the country of Ukraine.  Crimea is no more, becoming part of “Mother Russia” only a few days ago, begging the question with tens of thousands of Russian troops amassed on the border with a country that is torn between the old and the new, “what is the former KGB’s end game?”.  Many have piped in on this one, including our neocon friends here in this nation, opting for more war and less sanction.  President Obama has few options, and one of them is NOT war.  Eventually “the Putin” will take his medicine and realize that isolation is not pleasant (e.g. North Korea), for the world has long ago let go of Czars and Kings...or have they? Here in this country, David and Charles Koch, of the giant Koch Industries (shamelessly polluting the earth since their daddy gave them their fortunes), look to Vlad as inspiration.  Hell, if they can buy Congress and maybe even a President to hopefully not be named later, why not buy an army and take over the U.S. altogether?  That is really what’s going on with the voting day restrictions, voter ID laws and voter intimidation, not to mention the 24/7 voter psychological warfare, as these ‘titans’ of industry, real heroes, flood the airwaves with millions upon millions (Koch related Ads via fake grass roots outlets like ‘Americans for Prosperity’, or as the kids call it today, “AFP”, spent over $400 million in the 2012 election alone, wait until November and 2016…) of dollars aimed at swaying uneducated voters, mostly white males and their mates, to vote against their own best interests, making sure they work for non-living wages in the very near future, competing for jobs against workers in foreign lands such as Vietnam and dare I say Malaysia (vote NO on the “TPP”).

But the Koch’s are not alone in poisoning OUR waters with their frack, frack, fracking fantasy pitted in an ideological insanity, no sir, they are joined by ExxonMobil and the majority of oil/gas/coal corporations, none so glaringly as of late than Duke Energy whose cozy relationship with North Carolina’s environmental agency is a joke and under the ‘leadership’ of that great state’s governor, Pat McCrory, a republican of course.  It’s just another great example of big corporate puppetry, as the 50 billion dollar company, Duke, drains one more coal ash pond into another river.  This time, it was caught on tape, with a helicopter taking a nice 3×5 glossy of the man pumping that dirty, poisonous waste water into the Cape Fear River, a water source for many just a few miles downstream.  There have been 23 subpoenas targeted to the Governor’s administration, who have turned a blind eye to this outrageous practice by the bloody coal industry, a real cancer, literally, on this nation, an industry that put their former employee of 29 years in charge of letting them destroy one of the most beautiful states in this country, destroying yet another clean water source all in the name of buck.  Shame on our elected leaders who are not going after these bums.  Time will tell the tale when the clean water we enjoy now is not available to our beautiful grand kids and great grand kids.  Shame on them ALL.

Please take this week end to step out and greet the new Spring.  We as a species have a lot of big changes about to happen and if your soul is not in sync with nature, your life is out of balance.  Like the environment we have all allowed big corporations to decimate, perhaps forever, all in the name of that almighty dollar (as they profess to KNOW the WILL of God–HA!), we as a people have become UN balanced.  We are so engrossed in the glowing light of the I pad, I phone and soon the Google glass that we miss out on LIFE itself, REAL LIFE!  The ultimate reality ‘TV’ show.  Just ask the gulls you SEA above, I’m not kidding, just ask them!  Like Jesus said of the Lillie’s in the field, stating emphatically, ‘they do not spin, nor do they toil’, going on to say, if God loves them so, imagine how he, or she, must Love you.  Believe me people, God and Love are one, and it is a small number of men, like the misguided, pray for them, billionaire Koch brothers and many just like them who are spoiling our little world for their little gain.  I say little because you cannot take material gain with you after you pass this earthly plane, no.  It is only the LOVE you make that you take my friend and poisoning your brothers and sisters, and their babies, all for lining your mortal pockets does not measure up to God’s WILL and his greatest gift to human beings–Love.   Have a nice rest of the week end and remember that walk in whatever natural setting you can find, it may just catch on.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 17, 2014

Irish Eyes

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, frigid, happy and drunken island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Monday, the 17th day of March, 2014–St. Patrick’s Day!  And a happy one to you and yours too, as the nation rallies around the green beer, green plastic hats, green rivers, green four leaf clovers, and the fact we are all Irish today, celebrating that patron saint’s efforts in driving the snakes out of Ireland…bottoms’ up!  Although for the folks celebrating in South Boston today, the weather will be a bit on the chilly side, temperatures only in the low 20’s with plenty of sun, whereas in the nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., another blast of snow left our beautiful politicians with yet another ‘day off’, keeping them sadly from doing what they do best–NOTHING.  No soup (or beer) for you!

The mystery of Malaysian Air flight 370 is still gripping the nation and indeed the world, dominating the headlines as it is still unclear why the plane took that sharp left turn and then most likely south into the deep Indian Ocean far away from any land or radar detection.  The pilots are now under the microscope and it seems even more foggy when looking at possible motives for such an act of sabotage.  God be with them all.

Of course, God has nothing to do with the acts of one Vladamir Putin, who is poised to take Ukraine by force, with thousands upon thousands of troops now amassed on the border of that beleaguered state, now partially annexed by the former Soviet power house, as in the Crimean peninsula, now completely under Russian control.  Over the week end, the ‘referendum’ on whether Crimea should be part of Ukraine or under the spell of the Kremlin was ‘decided’ with a 97 percent ‘da’ vote (although the question read, vote “yes” or “da”, not offering a “neeyet” option, gee, I hope I spelled that right Vlad ‘ole buddy!), going so far as to change the currency back to the Russian Ruble.  To quote our pal Harrison Ford from the recent Oscars, “…(groan. gurgle. groan…) Buckle up folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

And finally today, I just wanted to say that Ireland is a magical place, for the Irish are magic. The reason why, of course, God invented whiskey was so that those Irish would not rule the world.  Being 90 percent Irish myself, I must say that is accurate.  I have been to my fair share of St. Patty’s Day ‘excursions’, not only here in Boston, but New York, Detroit, Denver, San Francisco, Orange County, California, Los Angeles, Portland, Maine and Chicago.  And after drinking all of that alcohol, I am glad I can still SEA my computer screen and actually write something of value everyday, really, read my book “Taking Fog to Nantucket” and you will get the idea.  When I bike, run, drive up to my favorite church anywhere on Cape Cod or the Islands, St. Andrews by the Sea, here in Hyannis Port, home of the great 35th President of these wonderful United States of America, Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife, Jackie, not to mention the rest of that extraordinary family, I am grateful everyday just to be here.  Life is a very precious and fragile thing, something not to be taken lightly, and my prayer goes out today to all those affected by this vanishing act in the south Pacific, as well as the people of Ukraine, whose lives should be free to be whatever they want those lives to be.  Hey Vlad, ‘the war’s over, Wormer dropped the big one’…“…Over?  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”  “Germans?”  “Forget it, he’s rolling…”  “Well, it’s not over now, who’s with me?” (credit the great writing of Harold Ramis, God REST his soul, and the classic film, circa 1978, “National Lampoon’s Animal House”, starring the late great John Belushi and the beautiful Karen Allen). Vlad, the world is not with you, only your EGO is.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody and be safe out there amongst the English!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS!  Peace~M

March 14, 2014

Koch Addicts!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soon to be dark, dreamy, star lit and bitterly cold island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you all on this Friday night, well, six thirty three p.m. hour on the 14th day of March, 2014…just a few days before ye may tip a pint or two ‘laddy, or ‘las as the case may be (they’re always after me lucky charms!…).  It has been quite a few crazy days since we last spoke–by the way, thank you all out there in seacapecod.net land, all around the world, for your wonderful comments (I’m working on having many translated soon!)–for a Malaysian Air Boeing 777 has vanished into thin air (day 7 thus far), Russia seems to be poised to invade the Ukraine (Putin laughing while he takes the Crimean peninsula), the Keystone XL pipeline debate has hit a fever pitch (vote NO Mr. President on that dirtiest PROFIT only pipeline brought to you by TransCanada, bringing Canadians blood cancer for a few years now…wait ’till they see what happens to the Ogallala aquifer–THE vital LIFE=WATER source for U.S agriculture, local farmers and ranchers in Nebraska and beyond–when just an inch crack could destroy that most precious piece of America’s natural water supply forever, and for what?  So some rich a$$hole CEO named Russ Girling and the rest of his investors can make bank while America takes all the risk…the oil just passes through the heart of this great land and out to sea, for sale to the highest bidder, my laddy~) and finally the Congress (I’m looking at you Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch “Jon Stewart’s new go to guy for getting in a good mood after ingesting too much FOX “NEWS”, the fine ‘journalists’ over there drinkin’ the Ronald Reagan Kool Aid, that trickle down voodoo economic horse$hit, yes, speaking badly of the poor in this nation, belittling them as they claw their way to perhaps one nutritious meal per week…SHAME Murdoch and Ailes! Your network is a cancer on television!”, McConnell), is continuing to make it easier for billionaire plutocrats like David and Charles Koch (please Google KOCH INDUSTRIES and witness with your own eyes and heart just how far their oil and gas industrialized complex reach really extends–not to mention their political and environmental intentions for this nation…here’s a hint, it does not involve a democracy–rather a plutocracy, or “rule by the wealthy” while ally propaganda networks like the aforementioned FOX spin lie after lie, convincing viewers, millions of them, to vote and act against their own best interests while they poison you and your family with 596 deadly chemicals in the fracking process of attaining ‘natural gas’…or is that ExxonMobil?  It’s both and many just like them!), to effectively cook the planet with that drilling, fracking and POLLUTING and they want more with the Keystone XL pipeline, locking this nation into a dirty carbon future, one generations from now will shake their heads at…  A modus operandi that is perfectly clear for anyone with eyes to see–PROFIT over PEOPLE–TRUST ME!   As more roadblocks to this message are bulldozed down (Google IRS code 501 (c)(4) and you will understand Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s position on these jokers), putting more money in the mix to buy politicians (thanks Citizens United decision by SCOTUS in 2010!), fitting them with strings attached to their arms and legs, dangling them in and out of the floors of both the House and Senate, voting yes or no on the legislation they put together without them, not them but with the help of the Machiavellian organization created forty years ago when this whole bull$hit inequality gap began, a group called ALEC‘the American Legislative Exchange Council’.  Mainly a force made up of politicians, mostly ex, lobbyists and special interest big wigs who write bills and hold a gun to the head of now owned politicians, mostly tea party types, dumb/deaf/blind of FACTS… easily corrupted, not to mention possessing an ideology that is quite dangerous to OUR democracy, forcing them to push the corporate agenda forward, oh, and p.s. FU to the poor, the downtrodden and the sick…as a great Congressman from Florida once described what defined the ‘republican health care plan alternative to Obamacare’–and I quote the great Mr. Alan Grayson, “If you get sick, die quickly!”.

The republicans do not have a vision for this nation, save to keep the top one percent happy and pampered, attending to their every need and desire while they take a big dump on most of their constituents, not to mention the country at large.  The now gerrymandered districts are a joke and will most likely assure they take the House and possibly the Senate this Fall, leaving the country in more of a deadlock than it already is.  The addiction to KOCH money is as clear as the Nantucket night sky, which is ironically the richest zip code in America today…02584, hell, it might as well be a police state with all of those officers over there…and why are they there?  To protect the wealthy from the rags that might not fit the mold, hey wait a moment, didn’t I write a book about that?  “Taking Fog to Nantucket” is a great summer thriller, a true story about this reporter and it may just shed some light on what the rich are really capable of.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Koch brothers are no exception.  No one has stood up, until now, thanks again Senator Reid of Searchlight, Nevada!, to these multibillionaire wanna be kings.  They feel as though they are above the law, even the laws that they are now manipulating in Washington D.C. and if we as a nation don’t wake up soon to what is going on in the states, i.e. voter ID laws, voting time restrictions, environmental criminality, women’s reproductive rights’ infringement, union busting, food stamp cuts, the list goes on infinitum, WE might just lose this precious democracy and even more precious earth WE all share.  Think about it America and go out and VOTE this Fall.  Your future may just depend upon it.  Stay away from Koch people and keep a stiff upper lip and remember the Latin phrase ‘illegitimi non carborundum, “don’t let the bastards get you down”… Have a great week end and we will SEA you on Saint Patrick’s Day or perhaps even before!  Cheers!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 6, 2014


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the wonderfully sunny, brisk and blue island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this sixth day of March, 2014, another cold day on Cape Cod, Hyannis/Hyannis Port to be specific, watching the “Grey Lady” steam out of the harbor to a destination ~27 nautical miles, south/southeast of where I write these very words every day.  Yes, the famous island of Nantucket, an island one must visit to believe, where a lone light house stands, guarding the gates of another harbor, a LIGHT that has been blown down nine times, only to be rebuilt after each devastating storm, a lighthouse with nine lives…

And so it goes with this crazy world we live in right now, the dawning of a new one at the beginning of this 21st century, a world ripe with challenges as many hold on to old ideas that have already seen their ‘day’.  Take the Cold War for example, you know the one where citizens of this country, the U.S., were taught to ‘duck and cover’, an exercise in futility forced upon the masses so as to keep them calm in case calamity found it’s way into their collective lives.  Of course the days of President Ronald Reagan and that frigid standoff with the then Soviet Union is long gone.  Or is it?  Russian President Vladimir Putin does not seem to think so, as unmarked Russian troops poured over the border with Ukraine this past week end, taking over military bases in Crimea, a peninsula on the Black Sea that was ‘given’ to Ukraine in the 1950’s by then President of the U.S.S.R., Khrushchev.  The big question the world is asking is, “…what is Vlad’s end game?  Will he take this tact with other former Soviet satellites such as Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia?”.  Secretary of State John Kerry has met with Ukrainian leaders in Kiev as well as Paris and as of yet, there is no real answer to that 64,000 dollar question.  Stay tuned.

Back here in the good ‘ole US of A, our congress has proved once again just how far away from civility it has strayed. Seacapecod.net’s pal Congressman (R-CA) Darrel Issa has really gone over the top this time.  As the leader of witch hunts in the embattled congress and beyond, Issa has tried to pin one “scandal” after another on President Barack Obama, his administration and his allies in D.C. and around the country.  It all stems from Benghazi, but could also stem from ‘Fast and Furious’, or, it could have all started from Acorn.  Logical, but what about the IRS?  FOX “NEWS” and the rest of the scoundrels over on that propaganda television station, much like Russian’s “RT”, are all fired up over the latest debacle that took place yesterday in one of these infamous Issa hearings (witch hunts); this time regarding the so called scandal of the IRS’ use of the 501(c)(4) law allegedly targeting certain republican entities all under the watchful eye of our very fine commander-in-chief.  The problem with today’s hearing was Congressman Elijah Cummings, who, after listening to his counterpart drone on and one, simply had a five minute statement to make, to wit ‘ole Darrel turned off the microphone of the esteemed democrat, leaving the man to talk over that mike, letting the world know what an a$$hole Mr. Issa really is.

Many have said, including Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, “…Vladimir Putin is living in another world”, with some saying he has ‘lost his mind…’.  I agree, but so are the republicans in this fair land, the land of the free and the brave right?  Wrong.  This land has become “the land of the corporation” and the reason our democracy is falling by the way side Bill O’Reilly, is due to the FACT republicans have become turn coats.  They have chosen to jump in bed with ExxonMobil, Koch Industries, McDonald’s, Monsanto, Walmart, Duke Energy, well, frankly the list goes on infinitum.  Gone are the days of one man or woman equaling one vote, as the republicans all across the nation attempt to quell that vote by restricting it by way of their gerrymandered districts, creating a fail safe power source that will, if not contested, spell out the doom of our democracy as one more Gulf, one more stream, one more aquifer–”I’m lookin’ at you Ogallala!  God’s speed Nebraskans! We are with you!”–is destroyed by mankind’s folly.

The public debate about the Keystone XL pipeline, perhaps the best thing to happen to environmentalism in this country in a long time, is almost over.  And as the CEO of “Transcanada”, one powerful corporation, claimed yesterday, “…the pipeline will be built” (shipping millions of barrels a day down through the heart of America, all for exportation, not for domestic consumption), making this reporter cringe just a tad, for we shall finally witness just how corporately controlled the U.S. government has become…yes sir, done all in the name of fu#k$ng profit over people!!  All of this nonsense done on the backs of those good people who do most of the living, loving, eating, drinking and eventually dying in this fair and God Blessed land.  It will only be a matter of time before the inevitable happens–an oil spill that will destroy the most valuable underground source of water in this nation, not to mention setting off what many, including this one, climatologists say will “…be lights out for the environment.”  ‘Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack’ (credit the 1988 film “Midnight Run”, starring the incomparable Charles Grodin and of course, Robert De Niro).

How much is enough a$$hole?  How much more does ExxonMobil need?  How much does David and Charles Koch want before they kill every source of clean drinking water in this country, a country now chanting once again, insanely, ‘drill, baby, drill’, incorrectly thinking that this pipeline (1% of the world’s oil) will somehow offer US more security?  How does this happen? By allowing a few to get rich off of the God given bounty of our public lands, frack, frack, fracking away with wells soon to be in the multimillions.  Yes, all perfectly legally allowed by our bought and sold politicians–giving the American people’s heritage away like it was theirs to give.  A move that is not only unconscionable, it is irrevocably fatal.  Our kid’s, kid’s, kids will attest to our collective folly in years to come, wondering aloud as the seas rise, the storms get stronger, famine is ripe due to severe droughts worldwide, wildfires burn and the water and air is poisoned by so many chemicals yet to be named by the EPA without any teeth–why did they not put ego aside and SAVE the planet? WHY? Vote NO, Mr. President, on the Keystone XL pipeline– it’s transparent greed is only eclipsed by it’s overwhelming arrogance.  The powers that be that want it, are no friends of the earth or your descendants my friend.  Have a great day and tune out FOX “NEWS”, it, like war, is not good for children or any living thing.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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