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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 31, 2012

The Easter Bunny Cometh…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, a soggy one on Cape, this 31st day of March, 2012, looking out to the lone blue boat moored in Cotuit Bay, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, drifting about as the tides and wind move it gently back and forth, as if waiting for a warm spring day that will be coming soon… Today I turned on the television set, a 1950’s throwback, black and white of course–  wishing to go “Back to the Future”, yes, to travel back in ‘time’ to the same decade as the rest of the republican ‘powers that be’ ARE, at present, you know, drumming up my rage against the poor, women and their “rights”, minorities in general and the loser work force out there who obviously doesn’t have a clue about what is really going on, laughing at their right to vote, because, let’s be honest, their vote won’t really count in the end, ’cause we got the Supreme Court, rather the fake grass roots tea party’s Supreme Court, a court that will make sure the plutocratic interests of destroying the U.S.’ 236 year old democracy one brick at a time will come into fruition, until there is nothing left but those horrible pain reliever advertisements aimed at an aging baby boom demographic who is easily spooked–a well known fact by republican talking point architects like Karl Rove of Crossroads/GPS, or a clown like Frank Luntz, who spins words into said talking points that are regurgitated by puppet politicians en masse and then handed down ‘from on high’ (played back to the masses via the corporate owned airwaves), awash with that hor$e$hit 24/7–cable news and information outlets that act as an echo chamber to those whose positions are already set in stone. What, too soon?  This fact could not be more evident than in what is happening down in the voter suppression state of Florida, also the birthplace of NRA’s brainchild, the “stand your ground law”, that, like a cancer, has spread to twenty other states around the nation, not because there was some calamity that called for ALL to ‘bear arms’, but because the gun lobby in this country is quite INSANE.  Look at all of the needless violence taking place not only in that state of Florida, but in every town, city and hamlet in this fair country, as heartbreaking story after heartbreaking story emerges regarding our ‘civility’ and overall sense of JUSTICE in this here ‘home of the brave, land of the free…’ Meanwhile, back at the ranch…, you would think by now at least some republicans in Washington D.C., might just have a touch of shame regarding their overall VIEW and actions affecting the plight of the real AMERICAN PEOPLE, as they have fought tooth and nail to kill a health care LAW that is designed to HELP the vast majority of citizens in this here US of A, while bringing down health care costs for everyone, taking away this rather obvious insurance monopoly from the FOR PROFIT insurance industry, of which this reporter was an executive within for over 17 years.  What is so WRONG about that Senator? The “American People” (once again, please credit and give it up for–please don’t forget to tip your waitresses!–the fine upstart late night comic sensation, Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell, a fine republican ‘Senator’ from the great state of Kentucky!!), are eventually GOING to WAKE UP to all of this NONSENSE and when they do, they will ALL chant in unison echoed in the immortal words of “Ricky Ricardo”, played by the late, great Desi Arnaz, Jr., from the “I Love Lucy” show, also starring, of course, Lucille Ball“Lucy…you’ve got some ‘esplanin’ to do…!!!”, check your local listings for times and dates. God’s continued blessings for peace and closure in the Trayvon Martin case, a horrible crime that needs to be brought to JUSTICE. Author’s note:  If you are reading this Keith, God’s speed brother, God’s speed! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 30, 2012

Cotuit Town Dock

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, sunny, fair clouded island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the 30th day of March, 2012, a gorgeous start to the day with clear skies on Cape, as you look up at Cotuit’s town dock, bereft of boats for the moment, save one or two lone tough guys who braved winter’s wrath, soon to be filled with boats of all shapes and sizes, as this quaint off the beaten track, old Cape town, a town ‘where the ocean meets the wood’ in earnest, begins to get ready for yet another summer season of fun in the sun!  So come on down, we will, as always, ‘leave the light on for ya…!’. Last night, at six sharp on MSNBC, the host of “Politics Nation”, an appropriately named show if I have ever heard one, the incomparable Reverand Al Sharpton, gave this nation some of his best work to date on that must sea television news hour, bringing the REAL to what is truly happening on the ground in this here US of A.  Especially as the man deals with this tragic killing of one Trayvon Martin, who will, in the coming days, months and even years to come, become a shining light on a hill, as well as a stark warning to US ALL of the growing HATE in this country, a hate directed towards minorities, women to a certain degree, gays, and anyone who does not think inside a box of dark shadows like many do in this country, promoted by loose lipped puppet politicians and propaganda merchants who are losing an opportunity to once again be on the right side of history.  The video tapes that surfaced yesterday, according to prosecutors and other professionals, such as police captains and detectives, those with eyes to see that is, have all concluded that George Zimmerman is full of you know what.  The murderer of Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012, claims ’self defense’ and ‘that the boy who weighed 100 less than he’, armed with Skittles and an iced tea, was the aggressor (who bloodied Zimmerman’s nose, bashed the back of his head REPEATEDLY onto the concrete, etcetera).  Zimmerman claims it was actually he, Trayvon, who attacked him, therefore, had no other recourse but to pull out his nine millimeter handgun and put a bullet in his chest, killing him instantly.  The damning video tapes the surveillance camera caught 35 minutes AFTER the shooting, shows a calm, cool and collected rather large, buffed man inside the police barracks, his red shirt unruffled, looking like he just got out of a nightclub, with no visible blood anywhere to be seen on the crystal clear video provided, and as the police made one police procedure blunder after another (such as why did they search a man who just shot another man in the police barracks?  Is it not proper police procedure to frisk the man on the streets?  Further, proper police procedure would NOT have been to move a man who had just suffered ‘life threatening injuries’–injuries allegedly sustained to his head, and possibly neck, demanding an MD’s care in hospital–to jail straight away.  Going back to the video tape, we watch that same man, who would have, visibly, demonstrated great stress, via his body language, if he had been in such a life or death struggle, believe me, casually stroll through the police building as if he knew that place very, very well, with no police within three feet of him, a dangerous killer, are you kidding me?…this, perhaps, being the most glaring police blunder of them all!  But, the biggest glaring hole in Zimmerman’s argument is the FACT that a Sanford Police homicide detective, the responding officer to the shooting told the world, “Zimmerman’s story just didn’t add up”.  This officer wanted to keep Zimmerman in custody, charged with manslaughter.  The brass at the Sanford Police Department thought otherwise, a BIG mistake, as well as the local prosecuting attorney, while the body of Trayvon Martin lay in a morgue, after it was tested for drugs and alcohol, something never demanded of Zimmerman, without his parent’s notification for three whole DAYS!  They decided–like in so many other heartbreaking cases of involving countless poor, young, African-American males all over this nation in which various police departments come in daily contact–to BACK UP the man who gunned down “just another black kid”, gunning him down in cold blood, just sweep this under the rug like so much dirt.  For in their small minds no one is going to care about some 17 year old African-American in 2012 America, are they?  Think again geniuses, think again!  The nation, at least those with two eyes and a heart, are mad as hell about this and for good reason.  I can tell you from experience, police cover ups are for EVERYBODY.  In 2003 I was wrongfully arrested on the fair island of Nantucket by a mentally unstable cop who bashed my head into the sidewalk, causing severe physical and psychological damage, by way of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, and after an uphill, almost impossible legal battle, won a very small, but to me very powerful lawsuit against that super rich island of Nantucket, a place I summered and even wintered one year!  What this reporter would consider yet another example of police brutality, police, I might add, that seem to answer to NO ONE–transforming downtown Nantucket into a POLICE STATE, where a little man with a little power’ felt he could wrongfully arrest a man (seen by two witnesses at the time on Nantucket in a little cafe only twenty feet away on August 2, 2003), handcuff his hands behind his back and then, according to said witnesses, deliberately trip him and “slam dunk” his face into the cobblestones below–with all fading to black.  “Taking Fog to Nantucket” is a book revolving about that incident, acting as the catalyst, while it speaks to the larger issue central to the Trayvon Martin case, for that WAS me on Nantucket those many years ago, and I am still struggling with the after effects of the trauma I live with day in and day out.  Although it is getting better with time, therapy and a whole lot of TLC.  I am one of the lucky ones, and I have no illusions about that.  I also have a unique vantage point on this one, because had that not happened to me, I could not have understood what being HUNTED, or ‘marked’, really felt like, thus, my whole life’s perspective has changed forever.  My heart goes out to the parent’s of Trayvon, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who are not only dealing with their son’s death, something no parent should have to endure in this ‘day and age’, but moreover, the sick, degenerative counter attacks by some on the far right limb who are ravaging a dead boy’s past, bringing up innocent teenage antics that any one of our children could have produced any day of the week in every town America today…  I have no sympathy for police officers who take the law into their own hands and I certainly have no room for a$$hole wanna be cop vigilante’s who couldn’t cut the mustard on the force, taking all of their hate, rage and prejudice out on some poor innocent child who was obviously a light in the lives of the people who knew him and will mourn and miss him until they see him in a place FAR better than where we ALL are today.  May you have a nice weekend, and please, please, say a prayer for those aforementioned grieving parent’s, because I am here to tell you, if you don’t think something like this, or what happened to me on Nantucket, can’t happen to you, THINK AGAIN!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 29, 2012

Flight from reality?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the balmy, drizzly, expensive island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the 29th day of March, 2012, another yo-yo weather day on Cape, with the temperatures shooting back up overnight.  With any luck, the flowers will all bounce back from the frigidity of yesterday’s frosty offering.  The good thing about global warming is the fact you can utilize your entire wardrobe of clothing every week, never knowing if some ‘cold front’ might push on through unexpectedly, of course, it is far more likely to be a warm mass of air that grips the country in stifling heat, but what the hell, as long as the oil and gas companies make their PROFIT! Stunning news overnight regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting case in Sanford, Florida.   New video tapes surfaced, via ABC NEWS, visually showing an under arrest George Zimmerman being brought into the station of the Sanford Police Department, accompanied by four or five officers, directly after the shooting death of Zimmerman’s victim, Trayvon, who was being moved to the county morgue (his parents not notified for days, while his body was tested for drugs and alcohol).  OUR eyes can clearly see Zimmerman’s demeanor, which was very calm, cool and collected, not to mention his clothing, not a tear or even a ruffle.  His face appeared unscathed, well kept…not a scratch on him, as WE all watch the closed caption television monitored tape of Zimmerman being led away in handcuffs and into the police barracks. Subsequently being released only minutes later, highly SUSPECT and unheard of in a possible homicide case, RELEASED, with his GUN! and clothing that was part of the evidence needed in solving the case.  This of course goes contrary to what both Zimmerman and the Sanford Police have been saying all along about ‘what happened’ on February 26th of this year, apparently sticking by their bull$hit story of how Zimmerman, who outweighed Trayvon by 100 pounds, was ‘attacked’ by the victim, and, in his–via the barbaric, in the state of Florida and twenty some other states, “stand your ground law”–defense, claims he shot the boy in said ’self defense’.  A nice story but no one is believing it Mr. Zimmerman.  You took it upon yourself to hunt this boy down and corner him as he pleaded for his life and then–YOU SHOT HIM! ‘Let JUSTICE roll down like a waters and righteousness like a mighty stream! MLK Kudos to the republican party for a heck of a job putting ‘the American people’ (credit late night comic and Senator from the great state of Kentucky, give it up for Mr. Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell, who is always up for giving a heart felt speech about his favorite republican talking point, good ‘ole #33, those pesky, poor, ‘American People’, God Bless ‘em!), first once again as your ‘court’ gets ready to deny 50 million of those ‘American People’ the right to health care without going through your corporate ‘insurance’ monopolies that are, in actuality, only profit centers for investors on Wall Street.  Not to mention the fact that you and your cohort puppets will now make the people suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous ‘preexisting conditions’ set by those insurance carriers, while taking your kids off “the parent’s plan”, a plan that they could have shared in for years, yes sir, if your court did not strike down this new humane law for ALL AMERICANS, those kids could have stayed on said plan until they were 26 years of age.  Well done sir, would you like to come up and visit Cape Cod and destroy some wildlife while you’re at it!  Stay out of my district you hill billy!  You and the snakes dressed up in 5000 suits, ‘there are some who call me Koch’, are well on your way to owning the Executive as well as the Senate, what with the voter rights suppression going on in this same state of Florida we speak of right here, right NOW, as well as 34 other states.  Who cares if ‘ole Mitt is liked by 30 percent of the public?, “if we suppress the vote for enough blacks, Hispanics, gays, poor elderly and students, we might just get away with it!  Is America a great country or what?”… What kind of a Sunday school would have  taught “ya’ll” that cheating, stealing and LYING is the best way to go through life?  “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack!” (credit Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro in the classic 1988 film, “Midnight Run”, telling one everything one needs to know about how it “all works out in the end…”. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 28, 2012

“It’s OK to dream…” JFK

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, placid, partly cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the 28th day of March, 2012, a quite day in Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, looking out onto Cotuit Bay and the lone blue boat drifting about on a giant liquid plate glass vision, beckoning one back to warm days in the sun… sailing, surfing, biking, golfing or just walking the miles and miles of open beaches that stretch seemingly to infinity–a place for ALL to visit, not just the ‘chosen’ few… And so it was yesterday on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, with at least four out of the nine Justices who embody said court ganging up on the Solicitor General, President Barack Obama’s point man on the Affordable Health Care LAW that is being sued by twenty six states, claiming that the law, because of the individual mandate (a concept that first saw the light of day via the conservative ‘think tank’ The Heritage Foundation in 1992), is unConstitutional.  Justice Scalia and Roberts led the charge against the government, citing logic (in their minds) that if the government can force you to buy health insurance, then they can also make you buy broccoli, a cell phone, a car, or a burial plot.  Several of the Justices who are part of ‘the real world’, such as Elena Kagan, made the argument that health care is not the same animal as other ‘commerce’ items, thus, congress does have the power under that Commerce clause to ‘create’ new markets, markets that, like the old Pennzoil commercial of yesteryear, ‘you can pay me a little now, or a whole lot later’, will make insurance, under our ‘for profit private insurance’ model here in the states, more available to the 311 million people living in this country today, 50 million without health insurance at all, creating large risk pools and eventually lowering health care premiums for everyone.  Today’s system of health care delivery is flawed and is the most expensive in the world, riddled with waste, unnecessary tests and a bureaucracy that does not promote preventative care, thus lowering overall costs, rather, encourages knee jerk reaction medicine, the most costly of all, inviting that waste, fraud and abuse to continue driving health care costs to the outer limits of our imagination.  Hence the Emergency room, the most expensive medical treatment of all.  Most poor citizens here in the U.S. today use their local Emergency room as their ‘primary physician’, and therefore the cost of their care, for whatever the procedure, is exponentially passed on to the American who does buy into the system, i.e. those with insurance today, in the form of higher insurance premiums that are only on the rise (four times the rate of inflation), feeding this vicious downward cycle of ‘health care’ that serves to enrich the insurance monopoly and their investors, while shouting out on Capitol Hill, ‘to hell with those 50 million Americans without insurance, especially the children and the elderly, not to mention the poorest of the poor, for that is the new Jesus, who embrace the notion of TOUGH LOVE.   That’s right, the insurance companies are just as bad as the oil and gas companies, with their ’saving grace’ being that they don’t pollute the air, water and land 24/7/365 with no consequences.  On day three of this legal marathon, most analysts would agree it all comes down to that pivotal fifth vote, another 5-4 decision, ‘can you say Al Gore?  I knew that you could…’, by this very conservative legislative body, and Justice Kennedy represents that vote in the coming days, weeks and months.  I suppose it is ironic that the surname of that aforementioned Justice is the same as the MAN who championed “the RIGHT of health care for every American”–”The Last Lion of the Senate”, the much missed, Mr. Teddy Kennedy, hailing from, of course, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.  Here was a man who fought tooth and nail for ALL Americans to gain access to health care, citing ‘it’ as a right, just as much a right as free speech or the right to ‘bear arms’.  For if we are to sweep our poor, our hungry, our huddled masses into massive debt because they can’t afford the ‘health insurance’ these grifters who pose as ‘insurance companies’ offer them, leaving them ‘to fend for themselves’ against a Fortune 100 corporation who does not care a lick about you, your grandma, your son or your mother, well, I believe that this country is on a big backslide, taking the majority of her people with her.  Justice Kennedy made remarks yesterday, akin to an old E.F. Hutton ad, everyone hanging on every syllable, implying ‘the burden’ of the relationship between the individual and the government would be “too heavy”, should government force Americans to purchase some kind of health insurance, therefore considering the law ‘unconstitutional’.  However, he may be persuaded that, per Justice Ginsberg’s participation yesterday, that this is indeed a completely different concept all together. Because we are all in the same boat, paying into the system any which way you have it, “tomatoes”, tomato’s, if you will, only benefits the greater whole, thus improving our society in general–creating a more robust, healthy and energetic country, that translates into financial rewards for US ALL!  We ought to just grow up and let this well drafted START to reforming the health care delivery system in the United States of America once and for all just BE… anything less will prove to be FOLLY! The baby boom generation will begin to retire in earnest in four years, pushing Medicare liabilities through the roof, and if we don’t allow the individual mandate to thrive, forcing insurance carriers to realign with REALITY on the ground of every city, town and oasis in America, we WILL see tens of thousands of men, women and children go without proper medical care, pushing them to that Emergency Room where they will be seen for perhaps fifteen minutes and sent on their way…an inhumane way to treat a dog, not to mention a HUMAN BEING.  Our priorities in this country have been hijacked by a BOUGHT congress, a soon to be BOUGHT Senate, and, God FORBID, a BOUGHT Executive, where this once fine, proud and truly FREE nation is ripped apart at the seems, and in the new rigged system of “Judicial PRUDENCE”, in a 5-4 decision of course, the “American People”(credit our pal, and nite club comic, Senator Mitch McConnell, R-KY), will get the shaft once again, proving that something quite disgusting is filling the air with a stench that must have inspired playwright William Shakespeare to proclaim over 500 years ago that,“…something stinks in Denmark!”. Stay tuned, the infinite wisdom and decision of Justice Kennedy will be revealed in June, hoping it is truly wise, a decision, I might add, that will DEFINE his legacy in that highest court in the land.  Have a nice day, as you keep on dodging ‘ole Rupert, “aaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh matie!” Murdoch’s wooden nickles offered up on FOX “NEWS”!   Side effects include, but are not limited to, blurred tunnel vision, manic behavior, heavy drinking, hallucinations, delusions of grandeur, increased use of streets drugs, and an overwhelming feeling of DOOM, creating insomnia, sleep walking and trouble concentrating on simple tasks in life, such as tying one’s own shoe.  May God’s continued grace be upon Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, the parent’s of that slain innocent, Floridian boy, Trayvon Martin, as that family continues to deal with inhuman character assassinations by the haters of the world, hurled at the grave of their dead son, gunned down in cold blood by a man who still walks the streets, George Zimmerman, close ‘pal’ of the Sanford Police Department, a department where one homicide detective, initially, as was just reported yesterday, wanted Zimmerman brought up on manslaughter charges, but was released because of a local prosecutor’s dropping of the ball. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools…” Martin Luther King, Jr.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 27, 2012

Polar Bear Hug

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gorgeous, blue skied, cool, fabled island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday morning, the 27th day of March, 2012, a day to be remembered if you live on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, a period in ‘the real world’, where massive glaciers covered all of New England, a place where Giant Woolly Mammoths roamed free and mankind was just in it’s infancy, growing ever towards what most refer to as ‘civilization’, hopefully with a little more CIVIL inferred within the description of what WE all aspire to live and prosper within.  During this period the Polar Bear also thrived, and as you can sea above, the Centerville Polar Bear is out once again, a sure sign of Spring, as he sits at this gift shop on the way to Osterville all summer long, and if it is a sunny day like today, he might even dawn some Foster Grants, sending out a polar bear hug to passers by on foot, bike or Porsche.  So come on down to the Cape and Islands for a visit, we will ‘leave the light on for ya!’… I’m sure all of the thousands of protesters on the lawn outside the Supreme Court could use a hug right about now, at this nine a.m. hour, as the highest court in the land rules on whether or not the “individual mandate”, for all Americans to purchase health insurance, is Constitutional.  The benefits of the individual mandate include, but are not limited to, creating a much larger ‘risk pool’, bringing DOWN health care insurance premiums for everyone (something I can ‘assure’ you, being an ex-Marsh exec, the insurance lobby does not want to sea happen), a concept initially championed by ALL republicans in power in the early 90’s–I’m lookin’ at you, pick a republican Senator from that era, pick a card, any card, and I’ll pull a rabbit out of my hat!, but now that the radical secret Kenyan Muslim cleric President Barack Obama (an actual citizen, Christian by faith, of this ‘here United States of America), has upset the apple cart by sticking his nose in something as antiquated as ‘health care’ insurance companies in the U.S. (a.k.a., PROFIT CENTERS, with physicians truly acting as EMPLOYEES of said insurance carrier, with insurance bureaucrats making medical decisions for said HMO docs), spreading his socialism way too far by asking the sacred cows, i.e. U.S. carriers, to adhere to the new law, the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE LAW, and not cancel people’s policies when they get sick, or not accept them at all based on a pre-existing condition. Further, allowing children up to the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s health plan (most young people today would say ‘that is a good thing’, because ‘I’ can’t buy a f$%cking job!), will keep our youth from going even deeper into debt, what with their massive student loan weight already.  It is not only the right thing to do, it is, ‘at this juncture’ the shrewd POLITICAL move as well.  So today, we can all rejoice that Justice, and frequent guest of Aspen’s finest night clubs, Clarence Thomas, and his wife ‘Ginny’ (the tea party activist who is paid heavily by the ‘destroy “Obamacare” at any cost crew’, a powerful Washington based lobby), will declare victory over Obama, or will they?  To wit–in accordance with the principals of the LAW and common sense, and to anyone who is familiar with said U.S. law, or interested in the law–WE should all take note and SEE that Justice Thomas should most definitely have recused himself from this pivotal case, crying out in a chorus of confused melody, “are you kidding me?  Is this some kind of a joke?  What ever happened to the concept of CONFLICT OF INTEREST?  I know that lady Justice is blind, but hey, WE are not!  Yes sir, those two crazy kids will be partying up tonight, perhaps, as the John Robert’s 5-4 court wins another HALLOW victory ‘over the American people?’, striking down the only thing that makes the plan work in the first place–namely the freaking individual mandate!!! The republican party is so concerned with ‘the American tax payer’ (republican talking point #33) and ‘cost savings’, and saving those tax payers from ‘big government’ health care and ‘regulations’ that ‘are stifling business’, that they don’t sea the forest for the trees.. In reality, this is just a shell game of shifting the cost back to ‘the American people’, via condemning the 50 million or so Americans who don’t have insurance (a moral issue I would think if you are a practicing CHRISTIAN, could someone please get me a definition of said word ‘Christian’, for God’s sake man!) to the Emergency Room should they need medical care of any kind, a lose-lose proposition, for not only do they only get perhaps a few moments with a medical professional, but have no follow up by a regular doctor, thus, shifting all of the burden back onto the, again (just to drive the point home), you guessed it, drum roll please, “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”...(credit, as always, Senator, and late night comic, Mitch McConnell, hailing from the  great state of Kentucky!).  The truth is, the republican party wishes to do away with Medicare, slash Medicaid (health care for poor Americans), keep the Bush tax cuts for the top two percent, destroy any and all regulations, especially financial, educational and environmental, and take that libertarian message to heart when it comes to 99 percent of living breathing people in this country, telling them in so many words, ‘you are on your own’–except, of course, when it comes to your love life, your reproductive rights and your right to VOTE, oh, but here is a slave wage “greeters” job at Walmart, part time of course…did you think we were going to offer you a benefits package?  God’s continued speed for JUSTICE in the Trayvon Martin shooting case in Sanford, Florida.  May that grace of GOD be with his parents’ today, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, who are still grieving over what could be said may be the tip of a rather ugly iceberg of racial intolerance in this nation, a scourge that must be met head on. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 26, 2012

Plant a tree!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Monday morning, the 26th day of March, 2012, a cool start to the day on Cape, as the region dove back to more seasonable temperatures yesterday and overnight, with those temperatures only expected to elevate into the lower 40’s, a far cry from only 48 hours ago, when most of the eastern half of the country saw highs extending to almost ninety degrees Fahrenheit, in MARCH!  But, hey, who cares right?  And why on God’s green earth would you listen to a long haired, liberal, tree huggin’ scumbag like me, who writes this blog every day PRO BONO, hoping against hope someone, anyone, might listen…perhaps plant a tree? Of course, that might be just too much to ask in a world that has gone quite insane, evidenced by our priorities in this great democracy, an experiment created 235 years ago, when men like Jefferson, Paine, Adams, Washington, Franklin and many others drafted what is known as the Declaration of Independence, followed, of course, by the Constitution of the United States of America. There were many snags to work out way back then, such as the abolition of slavery, women’s rights, African-American rights, and all of the other rights we have ‘evolved’ into in present day 2012 America. One of those rights should also include the right to health care, hence, President Obama’s landmark accomplishment at the onset of his extraordinary Presidency, promoting a national focus on this very important subject for ALL Americans.  However, the republican party, in it’s infinite wisdom, wishes, once again, to punish the ‘American People’ by bringing the Affordable Health Care LAW under the microscope of the John Roberts’ conservative Supreme Court. The caveat, and “problem”, being a mandate (the reason it will work), forcing all Americans to purchase some kind of health insurance, as state after foolish state buys into false argument that it is “un-Constitutional”.  What most Americans do not understand, along with the specifics of a very good deal for most Americans today in the new Affordable Health Care LAW (e.g., insurance companies can no longer deny coverage based on a ‘pre-existing condition, part and parcel inherent within the slimy and sleazy operations of the insurance monopolies operating in the United States presently), is the FACT that these monopolies that control health care in this nation, like the investment banks and the big polluters (big oil, gas and chemical companies), are only interested in MAKING MONEY, thus, have no vested interest in creating a FAIR health care system that serves all Americans (especially the poor, minorities and elderly) not just those who work for corporations.  The fact is 50 million Americans do not currently have health coverage at all, as most rely on the Emergency room for their ‘primary care physician’, thereby receiving nothing in the way of preventative care, no gym memberships, no follow up, no love.  This does not seem to bother ‘Christians’ like a Santorum or a Mitt Romney who, ironically, created the blue print for the Affordable Health Care LAW today in this great state of Massachusetts.  As a result of the vacuum, U.S. FREE HEALTH CLINICS, please Google, have sprung up during certain times of the year all over the country, struggling to bridge that gap between those with a safety net and those who are walking the wire all alone and in the dark.  The question of a mandate simply increases the ‘risk pool’ for insurers, who are going to make out anyway you slice it, thank God!, and opens up the whole system to that giant swath of the population that, again, was left out in the cold.  We mandate car insurance (who can’t, like me, get enough of those Amica, Progressive, and ‘the General’ Insurance Ads?), so it begs the question, why is it so ’socialistic’ that we make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to keeping ALL U.S. citizens healthy?  It is a WIN-WIN in the long run.  Trust me, I was an executive in the health care group insurance world for way too long, over a decade and a half or so…  This debate should not even be raging, for almost every other progressive, civilized nation on planet earth (Sweden, France, Belgium, England, Germany, Finland, Canada, the list goes on and on), has a single payer system, buying into the philosophy that health care is a right, moreover, a moral imperative that lies on the shoulders of our Federal government to offer an economically sound, efficient medical delivery system, one that serves the greater good, not just those who have United Healthcare and make over a million dollars a year.  Keep an eye on John Robert’s Supreme Court over the next three days, as the debate rages on in our nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C.–knowing that this is LAW is not so much about being ‘un-Constitutional’ as it is about the ‘not your grandpa’s GOP’s’ never ending quest to STICK it to ‘the American People’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY), for the PLUTOCRATS (.001 percent of the population, or about 400 people) gain and the AMERICANS PEOPLES’ (311 million strong) loss.  Have a day and an even nicer week ahead folks and may God’s infinite grace continue to be with those still fighting for JUSTICE in the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Florida one month ago today…may God’s speed be with his parents’ today and always… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 25, 2012

Eagle Pond

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misty, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the 25th day of March, 2012, a beautiful cool, cloudy morning on Cape, Cotuit to be precise, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, and it is a good day to be alive.  Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating by watching my favorite week end news show, “UP, with Chris Hayes”, 7-9 a.m., Saturday and Sunday, only on MSNBC, speaking volumes to religion and the public sphere, ‘God and Global Warming’, as it were, with Richard Dawkins of Oxford University adding his Darwinian voice to the very skilled and talented panel, a panel that very few of our pals on the ‘right’ are likely to SEA this fine morning in the US of A… As Mr. Dawkins pointed out, regarding the newest ‘war on science’ in this fair country, per the new Tennessee bill that wishes to ‘teach’ the ‘controversy’ regarding evolution (akin to teaching the ‘controversy’ between basic biological human reproductive scientific FACT and the ’stork theory’) and the FACT that 40 percent of Americans believe the earth is only 10,000 years old.  That would be a neat trick, for Cape Cod and the Islands would not actually exist, according to that theory, for SCIENCE can easily PROVE that the Last Great Ice Age, which HAPPENED 11,500 years ago, CREATED this beautiful part of what is now known as the United States of America today…  The panel and Dawkins brought up a good point, regarding the empirical scientific FACTS regarding climate change, and I paraphrase only slightly, “every time I look at the predictions of climatologists worth their SALT, they are always RIGHT…, scientists have earned OUR trust on global warming and it’s coming consequences, and WE should LISTEN!”.  I’m pushing the envelope a bit, but hey, it’s only our temporary home for the moment, a home WE are all decimating with our activities, none so much as the multinational corporations, like KOCH INDUSTRIES, who are pillaging mother earth for all her resources, pocketing the profits (over the people I might add) and then, in a Machiavellian kind of way, manipulating puppet politicians to use religion, i.e. the book of Genesis, to dictate to ‘the American People’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY) that ‘man has dominion over the birds of the air and the beasts in the fields’, therefore, has every right via, I presume, the will of god, to poison the air, water and land in the never ending pursuit of who the REAL religion bows down to…THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!   I wonder why they don’t take a look at the Book of Revelation? The 64,000 dollar question is, “who are you going to TRUST?”.  Politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouth depending on who is writing the next campaign contribution in the form of the rather large check?  Or, a group of men whose ‘religion’ is to look at empirical physical evidence, that leads to a logic conclusion?  The choice is yours, for the moment that is, but, I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief, for if there are still people like Professor Steven Pinker, Harvard University, Jemila Bey, a blogger from the Washington Post and Professor Richard Dawkins from this author’s favorite fancy book learnin’ institution, Oxford University, in the United Kingdom, the TRUE evolution of man will continue towards a more secular, human society, where the whole world is beginning to WAKE UP to what is RIGHT and what is most clearly WRONG, for how can a shadow affect the sun?  Have a nice day folks, steering clear of the wooden nickles thrown about by the likes of FOX “NEWS”, side effects, as always, include blurred vision, constipation, uncontrolled passing of gas, paranoia, manic behavior, delusions of grandeur, tunnel vision, vertigo and a general disdain for the empirical elements of what is inside US ALL–namely, Joy, Love, and Peace.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace, as always~M

March 24, 2012

Tulip 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Saturday morning, the twenty-fourth day of March, 2012, a bit more seasonable this a.m. on Cape, Cotuit to be precise, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, waking up to birds a singin’ and flowers a bloomin’, as evidenced by this yellow tulip sticking it’s head out of the earth screaming, ‘hey, wake up! it’s a beautiful day! why not spread the LOVE?’…   According to Thompson-Reuters, the New York City Police Department has other ideas.  It seems our country, after 2003, has become a nation of voyeurs, especially when it comes to spying on our fellow citizens.  Since that aforementioned date, the NYPD has expanded it’s covert spying operations well outside the jurisdiction of the city that never sleeps, with the NYPD taking that colloquialism quite literally, as the little King, Mayor Bloomberg and his right hand man, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, are now pouncing on OCCUPY protesters before they even get going, brutally taking them down one by one, as they foolishly attempt to quash FREE SPEECH in a country that was founded upon said PRINCIPAL. One hundred years from now, this reporter will not be here, and neither will the leaders of the NYPD or the City of New York.  But ‘time’ does march on, and our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on, looking back upon this tumultuous ‘time’ in America, WILL scratch their collective heads, asking the same simple question… ‘what was that all about?’. Rampant paranoia always goes hand in hand with power, just look back at our history as a nation.  In the 1960’s, after J. Edgar Hoover’s death, former FBI strongman for over forty-five years, the nation saw it’s first public glimpse into this phenomenon with President Nixon’s failed break in at the Watergate Hotel, bringing this paranoia and an insatiable hunger for ‘more power’ on behalf of powerful politicians to light, begging the question in 2012 America today, just how far are we going to let the NSA and Homeland Security, and the dozens of agencies under that rather large umbrella, just how far are WE, as a collective nation of individuals living under the auspices of a true democracy, yes, just how far are we going to let this out of control domestic spying go?  A FAIR question I think, especially when we see what is going on in Sanford, Florida at this hour.  This classic microcosm–the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin, gunned down in cold blood on February 26th, 2012, by a neighborhood watch DOG (self appointed captain) who couldn’t cut the mustard on the force, claiming ’self defense’ under the now notorious 2005 ’stand your ground law’, a law on the books in over twenty states in the U.S. presently, as a seventeen year old CHILD passed on to a better world…–of the macrocosm, a much bigger problem plaguing our splintered, paranoid, ARMED, and fearful nation, drives the nail home, hitting a real nerve not only in this country, but around the world, for, as President Obama said so profoundly yesterday, a universal statement of TRUTH if I have ever heard one, “if I had a son, he would have looked like Trayvon…”. This ‘man’ was well known and protected from the get go by a corrupt police force, the Sanford, Florida police department, who saw one of their own police officer’s sons, recently, beat a HOMELESS black man to death, caught on video tape, and, as such, is a metaphor for a much bigger problem that exists BIG TIME today–namely, “a really, really, really BIG GOVERNMENT” (something I thought the republican establishment was against on PRINCIPAL, right Grover Norquist, you knucklehead!), a point that was articulated so well by our friend Rachel Maddow, of the great “Rachel Maddow Show”, only on MSNBC, weeknights at 9 p.m., eastern…  Many, many moons ago, right after the attacks of 911, our President, way back then, George W. Bush told a shell shocked nation, “…just go about your business and don’t be afraid, for if you are afraid, the terrorists win.”  Hmmmm, it seems to me sir, you and your administration, especially Dick, kept this country in a state of fear, panic and paranoia for close to a decade, so much so it took US to the point where ‘it’ allowed you and your ‘team’ to wage a war that was based on a LIE you told to ‘the American People’, killing over 4400 American soldiers, with countless wounded, many with PTSD, undiagnosed because they are afraid of the ’system’, and thus do not want to be put in a box with the ’stigma’ of a mental disorder that can be easily treated, therefore, suffering needlessly, not to mention 100,000 plus real life Iraqi civilians, mothers, fathers, children, wiped from the face of the earth as, I assume, ‘collateral damage’.  The majority of those lives spared being worse off (such as the electricity problem in say Baghdad), than when the Americans went in to ‘liberate’ that sovereign nation, posing NO threat at all to the U.S., from a brutal, ‘dangerous’ dictator who was supposedly holding all sorts of caches of ‘weapons of mass destruction’.   We showed them huh George!  The blank check that was given to the Bush administration, promoting this new ‘war on terror’, established the new gigantic Homeland Security ‘top secret America’, a spider web of dark ops in new super secret, ‘no trespassing’ office parks, mostly unknown to the public, that spy on said public 24/7/365, with no warrants needed, bringing George Orwell’s chilling book and movie, “1984″ full circle once again and hurdling it back into the timeless light it most certainly deserves.  For if our country, that was founded on the RIGHT to peaceably assemble, speak it’s mind, and evoke change by the WILL of the PEOPLE (now under the said spying authority of say, the NYPD, whose reach can extend all the way to Cape Cod), then who is to say you are safe, or a Keith Olbermann is safe, or someone who looks just like Trayvon Martin is safe?  When a few people get their hands on ALL of the power, given to them by a rather lackadaisical and blissfully ignorant public, due in part to the constant noise pollution offered up by a FOX NEWS for example, horrible brainwashing propaganda that serves the overall consensus (the .001 percent) of a plutocratic ‘mission statement’ (credit Tom Cruise and the classic film, circa 1996, “Jerry Maguire”) PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, especially when history has shown US ALL that absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY, then I think WE all can agree, assuming YOU still want a democracy, ‘Houston, we have a problem…”. God’s speed to all the folks who will rally in Sanford, Florida for the arrest of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin, especially his parents.  This case, as Reverend Al Sharpton said on Friday night’s, “Politics Nation” (again, only on MSNBC, weeknights, six sharp), “I will not stop until JUSTICE is served to Zimmerman in a courtroom.” Have a nice day. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 23, 2012

Saint Francis of Assisi

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, warm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this FRIDAY morning, the real Friday (deepest apologies to my readers for pushing the envelop on the whole daylight savings thing by mistakenly thinking yesterday was actually Friday), the 23rd of March, 2012, another grey start to the day, no fog however, on this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago, creating not only the Cape, but also those amazing islands of Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Long Island’s exclusive summer get away, namely, the Hamptons, and all of the other small islands dotting the rugged coast line of New England, from Bar Harbor, Maine to the Big Apple, proving once again that we are all connected, geographically, geologically as well as spiritually.  Many people feel rather uncomfortable speaking to that notion, spirit, to wit we all are a part of. This FACT was witnessed yesterday in Sanford, Florida, where Reverend Al Sharpton, who lost his own mother just the night before, led a crowd of at least 30,000 people, who rallied in that small town of 55,000, in a very, very loud cry for JUSTICE in the tragic shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a young, promising, wonderful teenager who was gunned down in cold blood by a vigilante who could not cut the mustard as a real cop, thereby dawning the self imposed title of ‘Captain’ of an ill willed neighborhood ‘watch’ group, obviously promoted by the Sanford Police Department, who has yet to make an arrest of the man known as George Zimmerman, the confirmed, by chilling 911 calls, killer of Trayvon Martin on February 26th, 2012.  This story has swept the nation like a wild fire, bringing to light the fact there is NO distinction between this African-American seventeen year old and a similarly aged youth who happens to be from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, attending Brother Rice, a prep school in that wealthy Detroit suburb, who, before he was about to go on to Harvard, was gunned down by a ‘black man’ who roamed those ‘mean streets’ of Bloomfield Hills, ‘making sure the streets were safe’, and noticed this boy walking around and decided that ‘he didn’t look right’, and thus, proceeded to follow him, right after he dialed his buddies at ‘dispatch’ (the 911 operator) and told them of his tail on the ‘perp’.  After said dispatch tells him “we don’t need you to do that”, he ignores the order and continues to follow the boy, who was armed with Skittles and an iced tea.   When the boy notices the ‘black man’ following him, he panics and begins to run away, causing the pursuer to speed up the hunt, telling the dispatcher, “he’s running…”, culminating in a stand off in some dark alley, presumably the only dark alley in Bloomfield Hills, and after some bone chilling screams for “HELP!”, a lone gun shot breaks the silence of that night, ending in the tragic death of our fictional character and overall scenario, proving this is about ALL of OUR children and that JUSTICE MUST prevail to preserve US ALL. The ‘temporary’ resignation of Bill Lee, Jr., the ‘chief of police’ no more, of the now infamous Sanford Police Department, did little to quell the pain of Trayvon’s courageous mother, Sybrina Fulton, and his equally loving father, Terry Martin, who have spoken out to the world in broken tears, begging for someone to help them heal the hole left in her heart, and thus bring some kind of closure to what is most definitely a heart breaking state of affairs for any parent who must bury their own child…  A special prosecutor has been appointed to replace the previous local prosecutor, appointed by Governor Rick Scott, a good move on his part, as the FBI and the Justice Department begin to look at this case in earnest.  A grand jury will convene on April the tenth to go over this case with a fine tooth comb, and with any luck, “Justice brought to George Zimmerman in a courtroom”– words spoken yesterday by Reverend Al Sharpton at that massive, inspiring rally, also stating this: “my mother would have wanted me to stand with these mommies and daddies on this day, she would have been ashamed of me if I didn’t, and I will not rest until Justice is brought to George Zimmerman in a courtroom!!”. You can’t have it both ways–Justice is blind to personalities, it only serves principals, thus, the laws apply equally to ALL, and when those LAWS begin to get fuzzy around the edges, when little men with a little power begin to abuse and cover up the abuse of that power, well, then, Houston, we’ve got a big old problem now don’t we?  Absolute power CORRUPTS absolutely.  That is precisely why the authors of the Constitution of the United States of America provided US with series of checks and balances, insuring that monopolies of power and influence don’t poison our streams of Liberty with the greedy intentions of others–you KNOW who you ARE!  Have a wonderful weekend folks, and do yourself a favor, get out, wherever you live and ENJOY nature, unplug that Blackberry and just BE, you will be surprised at the revelations you just might find via the deafening   ’sounds of silence.’ PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 22, 2012

Sea Barn

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again warm, foggy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, the 22nd day of March, 2012, another grey start to the day with thick fog shrouding Cotuit Bay at this eight a.m. hour, a fog that will burn off quickly in the now strong, early spring sun, quickly rising in the east, as temperatures once again soar into the 70’s and 80’s here in New England announcing spring with an exclamation point–   like Chicago, where yesterday the thermometer topped out at 87 degrees Fahrenheit …I wonder what the temperatures will be like in August?  August being the ‘time’ of year where the republican base will all gather together to ‘cheer’ on Mitt Romney, yeah!?, as the nominee to become President? of the United States of America?, I mean America!  Home of the brave and land of the free, you betcha! Pivoting quickly to more important issues, the shooting death of a teenage boy, Trayvon Martin, in Florida on February 26, 2012, armed with his favorite candy and drink, Skittles and an iced tea, has prompted a nation wide outcry demanding JUSTICE be served.  Many questions have been raised about the intention of the shooter, George Zimmerman, a self appointed Dirty Harry wanna be, with the most pressing being, ‘why the hell is this guy still walking the streets and still in the possession of that nine millimeter hand gun used in the murder of Trayvon Martin?  Further, why is the ‘chief of police’, Bill Lee still employed?  This clown of the highest order, Mr. Lee, put out a statement yesterday to the press that read in part, “…I’m sure Trayvon wished he had gone down a different road that night too.”.  The Sanford Police Department, according to the head of the NAACP, a great man, Mr. Ben Jealous, tells a much darker side to this fine, upstanding institution, citing case after case of racial bias in the department and cruel and perhaps criminal behavior on the part of it’s overall management ’style’ of what an officer of the law is SUPPOSED to be, i.e., a sworn oath to ‘protect and serve’ the citizens of this great land, bringing to light other heartbreaking stories of the abusive treatment African-American males have endured over the years living in that community, those with a home or not.  Only a few months ago, a black homeless man was beaten to death, another COVER UP that would have gone under the radar just like the tragic death of Trayvon would have, save his mother and father and all their supports none so big as the heroic efforts a great American like Reverend Al Sharpton, who has taken this case under his giant wing, culminating tonight at a rally for the parent’s of Trayvon (7 sharp in Sanford, Florida at the First Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church), with thousands in attendance, as we all take a good hard look at how the JUSTICE system in this nation serves, or DOES NOT SERVE, it’s people, ALL of it’s people.  For we truly do now live in an America where large segments of our population fall beneath the cracks, to be swept under the rug like so much trash, a FACT so glaring one only need look no further than the way that Sanford Police Department treated this tragic, vicious killing of Trayvon Martin.  After he was killed, murdered by George Zimmerman, murdered in cold blood, the body was taken in for drug and alcohol testing, while the shooter was let go scott free, no testing required.  Apparently the Sanford Police do not believe in the letter of the law, ignoring proper police procedure, procedures any cadet would know from basic police academy training, and even though the young man had a cell phone on him, that he was using prior to his tragic death to call his girlfriend, hurrying back to watch the second half of the NBA all-star game, that ‘police’ department chose to leave his body in the morgue for three days before contacting his beautiful mother and father, who appeared on “Politics Nation” just last night, along with their attorney, an interview I would highly recommend ‘Googling’, for it will, assuming you possess one, BREAK YOUR HEART.  The irony of this case is the new 2005 Florida ’stand your ground law’, giving citizens who feel ‘threatened’ (a big brush stroke) in any way the right to use deadly force as a self defense.  For the application of that dangerous law is the defense George Zimmerman is using at this moment to keep his sorry a$$ out of jail, but the 911 tapes refute that supposition, as Zimmerman told the dispatcher, whom he had called 46 times since January of this year, and after that dispatcher at 911 explicitly told him regarding his pursuit of ‘this suspect’, “we don’t need you to do that”, Zimmerman stated loud and clear so the whole world could hear, “he’s running…”–translation, it was actually Zimmerman who was the aggressor, and if anyone was in the clear to employ that new horrible law, it was the victim, Trayvon, who was heard, blood chillingly screaming, on the 911 tapes, during the last moments of his life...’Help!’, and then he was no more.  What kind of monsters are we dealing with here?  This is a question for ALL Americans, for in the end, we are really all one, a point that eludes some morons ‘in power’, such as that little man, BILL LEE, with a little power, yes, that’s right, Bill Lee, the ‘chief of police’ in Sanford, Florida.  Don’t worry chief, the FBI will be looking into your department real soon, don’t you fret!  On a personal note, seacapecod.net wishes to extend our heartfelt and most profound sympathies to Reverend Al Sharpton, who lost his mother overnight.  Ada Sharpton, hailing from Dothan, Alabama, was 87 years old, suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, and was, in the words of the great man, “my all’. God’s most powerful speed to her and to Al. Yet on this day, the good Reverend will be at the side of the mother and the father of Trayvon, at that aforementioned Baptist church in Florida, where they will lay to rest a young man whose life was cut down by the hate that seems to permeate our great country today, hate that translates into over one thousand hate groups that have sprung up in the United States as we ’speak’.  Hate has no place in the human heart and must be called out into the LIGHT, for it is only disinfectant of that sunlight that ‘it’ is cleansed out of the system forever, just as it was in Germany after what could be considered the greatest example of runaway hate in modern day history.  May the grace of GOD himself be with you today Reverend, you are an example to US all what true leadership, compassion and indeed FREEDOM looks like, and, moreover, acts like.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 21, 2012

Simply Spring

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the warm, foggy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the 21st day of March, 2012, a misty, ground cloud kind a day on Cape, as I turn my head slightly to the left, looking out the window and seeing deep fog obscuring Cotuit Bay, with temperatures already in the lower sixties.  All of New England, with the exception of the coast, will sea temperatures well into the eighties today.   Chicago, for example yesterday, hit an all time record of 85 degrees…in MARCH!  But hey, this warm weather doesn’t mean global warming is real does it?  Naaaa! As we all know by now, ever ‘front runner’ Mitt Romney, a republican candidate for the President of the United States of America, took a big step forward yesterday with an overwhelming victory in yet another republican primary held in the delegate rich state of Illinois, pushing the high financier that much closer to a ‘one on one’ against the very fine President WE already have in Barack Obama, and after such a pitiful republican slog fest posing as a primary, my money is on Barack, for he can take it hard to the basket and Mitt’s outside shot leaves little doubt he just can’t ‘go to the left’, or handle the Harvard Law grad in a debate that does not involve private equity, pancakes, tree height or the many cars old Mitt drove around Michigan during his formative years.  ‘Time’ will tell.  A far more important issue is on the table of public discussion today however, the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by a so called “Neighborhood Watch Captain”, self appointed, who gunned the innocent boy down in cold blood twenty four days ago, on February 26th of this year.  The story has caused national OUTRAGE, at least those with a SOUL still intact, with more and more facts coming out everyday…  For example, let US take a good, hard look at the Sanford, Florida police department, who took the body of the murdered boy, armed with a box of Skittles and an iced tea, to a morgue and left it there for three days, even though he had a cell phone on him and proper police procedure would have dictated a call to the last number dialed on said phone, alerting his loved ones of his demise.  Second, the police, in their infinite wisdom and obvious racial bias, drug and alcohol tested the dead body, while they never even considered drug testing the shooter, George Zimmerman, a wanna be cop who has dialed 911 46 times since January.  The police have not even considered arresting Zimmerman, knowing nothing would stick anyway, a crime within a crime, something that just would not have happened if the races were reversed.  Say, a white boy living in that same gated community, gunned down by a black ‘neighborhood watchman’…do you think that same black man would be walking around with his nine millimeter still in his possession, ready to take the new ‘make my day’ law in Florida, the new ’stand your ground law’ that allows anyone who feels threatened by anyone to pull out a firearm or any other weapon and ‘take him out’, to a brand new height?  Of course not, that man would have been arrested on the spot, taken in, drug tested and most likely charged with manslaughter or worse.  This INJUSTICE and obvious cover up by the Sanford Police Department taps into a much larger issue in this nation, a nation where some cops and their ‘minions’ like Zimmerman, literally become the judge, jury and executioner of legal citizens who must ‘bow down’ to their ‘AUTHORITY’ (authority given by the people they are sworn ‘to protect and serve’)–especially when it comes to African-American males in their latter teenage years.  A tragic and sad state of affairs in 2012 America. Isn’t growing up in this 2012 America hard enough for youths who will never have the same privileges as our pal Mitt Romney, or you, or me?  The governor of Florida, Rick Scott, should jump on this while he can and the FBI must review this Sanford ‘police’ force, investigating this matter to the full extent of the LAW–something stinks in Denmark and the citizens of this nation deserve answers to where that horrible stench is emanating from–ALL of OUR children DESERVE better!  Tomorrow evening, at the First Shilo Missionary Baptist Church in Sanford, Florida, Reverend Al Sharpton will, at seven sharp, hold a prayer vigil for that young man, Trayvon Martin, who could be ANY one our children, as thousands rally in the efforts to bring this man, George Zimmerman, to JUSTICE, with law students from all over the state of Florida raising their voices in Sanford all this week, demanding this cover up be UNCOVERED. This nation’s police forces have more secrets than a soap opera and the general public will simply not stand for it any longer.  Again, this boy was shot by a vigilante who couldn’t make that ‘force’, and thus, took his racial hatred and whatever other motives he may have had into that dark alley and killed an innocent boy who had nothing but hope and promise ahead of him, gunned him down like a dog, as he cried out, chillingly on the 911 tapes for the world to hear, “help, help, help”, and then boom!, he was gone.  God’s speed Reverend, with the same speed going out to the family of that 17 year old, our hearts, prayers and thoughts go out to you. When you give a little man a little power…  Have a nice day folks and may we all keep in mind just how precious LIFE, ALL LIFE, IS, and may we begin to revere and protect it as such.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 20, 2012

The Grey Lady

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the warm, sunny island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the 20th day of March, 2012, another post card kind of day here in the early a.m. on Cape, as you peruse the ship above named ‘The Grey Lady’, watching her steam out of Hyannis Harbor for the fifty minute, thirty mile ride south/southeast, taking one all the way to Nantucket, the fabled island where anything can happen.  This week, again, God willing, seacapecod.net and it’s author, Michael Mosier will finally be putting “Taking Fog to Nantucket” on ye ‘ole sight, a book that centers around a horrific incident that took place on that super rich island way back in the dark years of 2003.  It is an intriguing story for it seemed to have foreshadowed events to come, events taking place front and center in today’s US of A. Police brutality, imprisonment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD and that spectacular fall from grace when finally departing from the corporate milieu, experiencing that stark reality that IS homelessness, or what it feels like, despair and hopelessness. It seems the two America’s I elude to in this book, on many different levels, could not be more apparent than it is NOW in today’s 2012 America.  With the mighty battle for domination and ultimate control of our ‘democracy’ waging on all the way until November, when WE will finally find out if this country is going to take a big step forward or hurtle ourselves off the cliff for good, accepting we are going to live in a 19th century feudalistic society.  This all taking place, largely under the radar, for most Americans are not paying attention because a) they don’t have the time, or, b) have already cast there lot in with the ideologues, or zealots, who own the air with thousands of radio and television stations all over the country, and intend to use those to keep a good portion of the voters brainwashed, i.e. believing that global warming is a hoax, as WE all, 311 million strong, slowly, painfully recover from the abuses done to real American people by Wall Street banking institutions, who, as we all know by now, are still ‘too big to fail’. Couple all of that with the fact Dodd-Frank (the new ‘rules’ of the road for Wall Street and other financial institutions, put in place to stop future meltdowns that require U.S. tax payers to bail them out; not to mention a new consumer protection agency staving off predatory lenders like “Payday Loans”, Ich!), has fallen short in implementing over 70 percent of the new rules for that dark street called ‘wall’, as well as the equally disturbing reality that Glass-Steagall (1930’s legislation put in place by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt designed to separate investment banks from commercial banks–putting an end to the abuses that led to the Great Depression) is still dead, leaving the Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase’s of the world free and clear to continue betting against it’s own clients, while it buys every politician in Washington it can, playing craps with OUR money, for WHEN another bubble bursts, perhaps ten years or less if new laws are not enacted, the even poorer 99 percent of ‘The American People’ (credit again, our pal, the turtle, Mitch McConnell, R-KY), as they slave away at jobs that have no way of pulling them out of the now ‘new middle class’, a group of people that are living hand to mouth, while the .001 per-centers out there like Mitt Romney get on their high horse and tell us all about it…yeah, right–those same Americans will be called upon once again to bail them out, with that metaphoric gun held to their collective heads, screaming out words like Armageddon and the like, as they get their way once again. My greatest prayer is this…–save from JUSTICE being served in the state of Florida where a young black male, only 17, walking back from the corner grocery store with a bag of Skittles and a soda in his hand, was harassed by some vigilante wanna be cop, a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ thug with nothing better to do, yes, this thug stalked that young man to a back alley, and as the youth cried out for help (we all could hear the 911 tape in the background) with many witnesses explaining what they were hearing but at the same time stating, “I’m not going to go out and help him”, eerily echoing those last words by an innocent member of OUR society, and then, BANG!, a loud crack sounded out, as another witness stated to the authorities, “…he’s dead”.  That young man’s name is 17 year old Trayvon Martin, and he could be anyone one of our children, for if this country is all about the abuse of power, via the sword that comes in the form of way too many handguns flooding this nation, as well as an eternal push for a plutocratic society, it will eventually fall, such as it did in England in the year of our Lord 1688, during the Glorious Revolution, where King James the II was deposed and replaced by King, William III of ‘Orange’, along with Mary II, as they were ushered in under the auspices of a new, morally sound, social agreement suitable for the majority of it’s PEOPLE, A BILL of RIGHTS, thereby assuring another dictator would not take out the baby with the bath water. Absolute power CORRUPTS absolutely, history has proven that over and over and over again, and the United States of America is no exception.  The more rights you try and take away from people, even when you speak in doublespeak to the concepts of ‘freedom’ and ‘the pursuit of happiness’, the more they will rebel, as in OCCUPY!, even with the vicious attacks prevailing on that noble and peaceful group last night at the hands of the NYPD, bashing faces into glass buildings and so forth, creating that battle line in the sand of what is truly right and just in the eyes of any casual observer, and what is horribly wrong with our society in general, where you have those generals of ‘policy’ breaking heads in the name of ‘law and order’. Where in that code of police conduct does pepper spraying innocent student protesters, peaceably assembled to exercise their First Amendment rights, lay? Yes sir, by the virtue of the Document YOU all swore to defend and uphold, the Constitution of the United States of America, where in God’s green earth, or rather how does that give you the right to purposely HURT innocent civilians?  Where in your by laws of ‘ethics’ does bashing a man’s head into the cobblestones equate to your so called motto of, “To protect and serve”? Two America’s indeed Reverend Al, two America’s indeed– and good luck in Florida, as that great man and host of MSNBC’s “Politics Nation”, airing every week night at six sharp, takes up this horrific case of the departed, may peace be upon him, Trayvon Martin in Seminole City, Florida, along with thousands of others, demanding JUSTICE, while we ALL take a long, hard look at this new law in Florida that allows a person to ‘open fire’ on someone else if they feel threatened in any way…yes sir, that is one law that should be taken to task!  Have a nice day and God Bless US everyone! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 19, 2012

Norwegian Wood

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again, sunny, spectacular, serene and mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the 19th day of March, 2012, a stunningly beautiful one on Cape, a good day to be alive I can tell you that, as the east coast and the Midwest will once again sea temperatures WAY above the ‘norms’ for this time of year, with hundreds of records being broken all over the country yesterday.  Fahrenheit readings soared into the eighties as far north as Canada, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that ‘this man made global warming stuff’ really is a hoax after all.  Well done Mr. James Inhofe, R-OK! (you maniac pilot!).  Like your counterpart Grover Norquist (who has somehow convinced ALL republican law makers, via leg breaking mobsters posing as ‘lobbyists’, that raising taxes, or reforming our UNFAIR tax code is somehow contrary to the overall health of this U.S. economy, not to mention the lives of 99 percent of the real American people living in said country), you and the republican candidates for President of the United States of America, via the insane hold oil and gas companies have on said, ad nauseum, ‘the American People’ (credit, as always, Mitch McConnell, R-KY), have done quite a job pulling the wool over our fellow countrymen and women’s eyes, yes sir, congratulations indeed!   You and your handlers have convinced at least half of the “adults” in this great nation that even though the temperature in Chicago today might hit 120 degrees (a real possibility in the not too far off future), it has nothing to do with this filthy, hippy, liberal theory on the world’s climate and all of OUR futures that are tied up with said climate–convincing a great many of our fellow citizens that “…hell, we might just be having some really nice weather for a change, did ya ever think of that, you fancy book learnin’, latte sippin’, subway-a-ridin’, northeastern elite media type?! Watching old Rick Santorum on ye ‘ole “Morning Joe”, the fine 6-9 a.m. talk show only on MSNBC, only a few moments ago, speak to this subject only added more fuel to the FACT these gentlemen are so far out on a limb I don’t think anyone or anything can convince them otherwise.  Save Jesus Christ coming down from on high explaining how this ’science stuff’ works, tutoring old Rick as to what IS and what is only a fantasy, a fantasy residing privately in his own head.  I believe the ‘not your grandpa’s GOP’ ought to consider changing it’s mascot from an Elephant to an Ostrich, for an Elephant, according to Dr. Seuss, “never forgets and is faithful one hundred and ten percent”, while the Ostrich, when confronted with REALITY, sticks his or her head in the sand, thus, effectively avoiding said confrontation or problems ‘head on’, while it presumably blames that jackass on the left for all it’s woes.   You know, “the one who keeps writing these F$%cking blogs about our once proud and truly conservative party, a party that was not always in BED with the slimy oil and gas companies who are USING this country as their own personal piggy bank, emphasis on the PIGGY.   The dreadful decision by then President Bill Clinton to do away with Glass-Steagall in November of 1999 is coming home to rear it’s ugly head in an indirect, but very powerful way.  Glass-Steagall, of course, being the historic legislation put in place by one of our greatest President’s of all time, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after the Great Depression struck in the 1930’s.  It served to divide banks into commercial and risky venture propositions (’investment banking’), keeping the casino like credit default swaps of the day (700 trillion dollars worth, all virtually UNREGULATED and in the shadows, today), out of the public backyard so to speak, thereby taking said AMERICAN PEOPLE off the hook forever–no longer caring, or manipulated into thinking it must care, about whether or not a Citibank, JPMorgan Chase or Goldman Sachs goes out of business because they are “too big to fail”. John Reed, former CEO of Citibank, resigning in 2009, appeared on the venerable new Bill Moyers AAA rated show, “Moyers & Company” (please Google PBS and your local listings, assuming, and this is a big assumption, you and your family still get PBS), over the week end, a real life banking executive who spoke this TRUTH, what has just been written, stating, “…we made a big mistake regarding the repeal of Glass-Steagall, we made lots of mistakes…”. This begs the question–as the Dodd-Frank bill, a watered down version of what was really needed (BIG kudos to Barney Frank anyway, hope you are enjoying the fine Massachusetts spring weather!), however, with the toxicity in congress, perhaps the best they could do at the ‘time’–when will the next bubble burst?  Ten years or so is the common line most analysts would agree on.  For this bill continues to be barraged by the 10-1 ratio of high powered lobbyists in Washington D.C. to the frightened puppet politicians on that constantly barraged (by special interests) Hill, who don’t have time to think of higher ideals as most of that time is spent raising money for their reelection campaigns, leaving little or none of that ‘time’ to actually govern or enact laws that might change things for the better for that majority of American people, American people that were duped into voting for said clown(s) via the constant brainwashing of negative ads given to US by Justice John Robert’s Supreme Court, ultimately voting against their own best interests.  It is estimated that between David and Charles Koch, Karl Rove’s Crossroads/GPS, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and American Future Fund, among others (all thanks to that 2010 Citizens United, a ruling that now allows big multinational red flag corporations to act as human beings, unshackled to give UNLIMITED monies to the candidate of their choice, a puppet who will do their bidding, just another example how big special interests are destroying our democracy, perhaps forever…), will spend upwards of 440 million (correction from the aforementioned ‘billion’, my deepest apologies to the Obama administration) dollars on this attempted ‘republican’ coup of our democracy come November 2 of this year, leaving the nation saturated, knee deep in political horse$hit that serves no one except the winner, who will be able to do what he chooses, choosing either to bring this country forward and continue on with the recovery, or go backwards and allow corporate raiders like Mitt Romney and his buddies on Wall Street to gut all regulations, be they environmental, banking, health care… and, if you like clean drinking water, don’t forget FRACKING! (the natural gas industry’s flagship profit over people model), attacking social issues that were put to bed decades ago, all in an attempt to CONTROL this country for the .001 percent–leaving the rest of US twisting in the wind, a wind that will only get stronger as the earth’s surface temperatures rise exponentially, up, up and up, yes sir, quite out of control…  “Hope it’s a wonderful coffee shop Jack” (credit once again the great, Charles Grodin as well as the indubitable Robert De Niro, in the classic 1988 film, “Midnight Run”).  Hope y’all have an awesome day, keeping in mind that time heals all wounds and wounds all heals…credit the late, great John Lennon. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 18, 2012

‘where the ocean meets the wood 2.0′

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the gorgeous, sunny, mild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the 18th day of March, 2012, a spectacular day on Cape, Cotuit to be precise, where the title to this ‘message in a bottle’ today, can be visualized from high atop Bluff Point Drive, overlooking Sampson’s Island, a long stretch of true ocean wilderness about a few hundred yards across and three miles long, stretching all the way from ‘imposterville’ (who are you really?) to Cotuit.  I meant to say Osterville, the mini Palm Beach of New England, a place I still call home, as well as the hidden jewel of the Cape, this old Indian town with that funny name of Cotuit, where one would be hard pressed not to truly sea all of the amazing bounty nature affords US, if we only took the ‘time’ to look around and get lost in ‘it’…  In the immortal words of ‘Ferris Bueller’, played by the great Mathew Broderick in the classic 1986 film, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and take a look around every once in a while, you just might miss it…”–good words to heed in this insane day and age of constantly wired five second attention spans, unlocking all of the useless information ‘out there’, yet blinding one to what is the beauty inside, reflected, of course, on the ‘outside’ in the world of nature, for what does one ’see’ when observing a Great Blue Heron? Do we tend to categorize it, analyze it, and label it?  All judgements that, again, blind us to what ‘it’ really is– a miracle of life taking flight right before our eyes.  Call me crazy, call my kooky, call me madcap, or call me zany (or what some on the ‘other side of the aisle’ are really thinking, words not suitable for this G rated commentary), just don’t call me late for dinner, or Shirley for that matter.  So, instead of turning on ‘ye ole’ boob tube this morn’, catching up on all the re-fried jibber jabber on the Sunday morning talk shows, telling you all you need to know about let’s see, Iran, Syria, Sudan (hats off to George Clooney, by the way, for taking a stand on the horror that is going on in that country of Sudan as we speak, your prayers are most welcome!), the European debt crisis, Israel, Palestine and the settlements, the plutocratic republican horse race in Illinois and the remaining states left to cast a vote in that ongoing train wreck called the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ presidential bid 2012, Afghanistan and soldiers suffering from PTSD, and the ever continuing war being waged on this country’s women, who are fighting an uphill battle to retain their rights to their own bodies?, hearts and minds, not to mention the ongoing disenfranchising of African-Americans, poor elderly, students and the poorest of the poor, as evil state legislators all over the country, at the behest of the overlord masters who go by the name of ‘the brother’s KOCH’, scheme behind closed doors to shave off as many points as they can from the overall electorate (echoes of Gore v. Bush 2000, hi there Justice Roberts!), hoping against hope to put one of their own back into the Executive–ready on day one to dismantle the EPA, spelling DOOM for OUR environment, while taking out other regulatory agencies one by one, so much so that our democracy will finally be bought and sold to that highest bidder in the .001 percent, who cares NOT for the welfare of this great and proud nation’s majority of living, breathing and feeling people, rather, cares only for the ‘bottom line’ of it’s never ending mantra and RELIGION of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE. Yeah, you could watch all of that, or, you could pick up you tennis racket and hit some balls, go for a walk on a beach somewhere, or pick up a good book and get away from all the flashing lights, the constant noise and the never ending blast of negative news that serves no one in the end, save the sponsors–the multinational’s bank accounts.   Have a great Sunday folks and God Bless US ALL! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 17, 2012

Smiliin’ Irish Eyes

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, grey, misty island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the 17th day of March, 2012, a nice day to be a duck, as the cool ocean waters keep this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice age naturally air conditioned, while the rest of the country, with exception of the west coast, experiences almost summer like temperatures today, with some parts of the Midwest hitting the eighty degree mark, forty degrees above the normal temperatures normally seen during the celebration of a real life Saint from the old country, Ireland, Saint Patrick, whose day in the sun (every year) is shared by millions upon millions of wanna be Irish, attending parades, like the New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade at noon.  If you are up in New England, be sure to check out the drunken parade in “Southie”, or South Boston, one of the largest Irish-American populations, concentrated, in the world next to Dublin.  I do recall being there in 2004 as well as well as one St. Patty’s day romp in the Big Apple in 1989, when I worked at 5 Penn Plaza across from Madison Square Garden in the late ’80’s, enjoying ‘a few’ pints of green beer pouring out of midtown’s many fine restaurants and bars, experiences I would highly recommend.  Boston, as well as the Cape and Islands have quite a history with Ireland, and one need not wait until St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy the mark of that lucky country, not when you have Faneuil Hall, on Boston’s Harbor, combined with Quincy Market, bringing one back, right back to the days of ‘yore, with pubs like ‘The Green Dragon’, ‘Patty O’s’ and ‘The Salty Dog’, where you can still feel Revolution in the air… always welcoming one with song, authentic Irish music, every day of the year.   So, if you don’t make it to midtown Manhattan today, why not come on up to where it really happens, BOSTON, a great town with rich historical significance and civic pride, a great walking city, where one never knows who one might run into… One can almost hear Paul Revere as he reloads ‘ye ole’ musket, while a ridin’ on his pony, shooting those ‘warning shots to the British?’ (credit reality TV star Sarah, “damn radical liberals”, Palin, a real sport about being completely irrelevant and all), shouting out to all who can hear, “It’s free rib night at Friday’s on Newbury Street! Plus, ten cent drafts!  Come one, come all, but, for the love of God, don’t tell Mitt Romney–compared to him, everybody has a drinking problem…!!!”.  Have a great week end folks, from the shores of Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, and all of the woodland creatures, our friends in the sea, and leprechauns who share this world with US, I bid you and yours a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!, be safe, be merry, and above all, just BE! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 16, 2012

‘Where Eagles Dare’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the 17th day of March, 2012, coming to you LIVE at this seven a.m. hour from the shores of Cotuit on Cape, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, as you look up at the mighty ‘Eagle’, a Steamship authority vessel that takes one to the fabled island of Nantucket, a mere thirty miles south/southeast of Hyannis Harbor, a place steeped in rich history as well as the richest zip code in the United States today, overtaking Beverly Hills ‘90210′ as top dog for the rich and famous every summer…with this upcoming summer being one to remember with an uptick in the economy for the first time in four or five years, hinting that boom times are back for the .001 percent and some who are lucky enough to have it “trickle down” to them.  Of course, not all Americans are feeling that 13,000 plus on the Dow Jones Industrial scale, a fact not lost on President Barack Obama yesterday as his bid to become this nation’s 45th President kicks off this 2012 Presidential campaign with gusto, bringing the big guns by way of Vice President Joe Biden, who brought up the glaring point that front runner Mitt Romney stated during the ‘08 financial meltdown, with GM about to go under water, taking the rest of Detroit with it, “…let GM go bankrupt”, begging the question, ‘if Mitt envisioned that folly, what else would he decide if he, God Forbid, were elected to the highest office in the land?’, or, even better, ‘what other people would he leave out in the cold?’…  Reasonable questions to begin asking the candidate, even if it makes him uncomfortable, for this is not a board room, this is not a Fortune 100 company, this is not one of Bain Capital’s chop shop specials, this is the United States of America, a country that has seen herself put a man on the moon, end fascism in Europe and the Pacific, head off nuclear war, create social safety nets that serve our very worthy elderly populations, all while offering true leadership in civil rights, such as the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to defend oneself and the right of all people to be practice their religious faiths, regardless of what those faiths may be.  It seems to most pundits, intellectuals, scientists, teachers, and even those rare honest politicians, that a handful of ‘visionaries’ wish to take this country backwards, taking away women’s rights to their own bodies?, and down the road of ‘free market capitalism’, a market that has DEvolved into a casino parlor of shady speculators, true vultures, fashioning themselves as players, buying and selling political operatives who call themselves congressman and Senators, creating false bubbles, jacked up oil prices/food prices/you name it, as the rigged monopolies go on unabated and undetected by an ignorant, mostly not their fault, public, who is brainwashed 24/7/365 by the likes of a Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity…  Rob Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison yesterday, charged with corruption, again, begging the query, ‘what about the rest of them up on Capitol Hill, and all of the banking executives on Wall Street who almost took this country down, all while labeling it’s investors and 99 percent of Americans as Muppets?’.  To quote the Dean of Journalism Mr. Keith Olbermann, host of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, only on Current TV, airing every week night at 8 eastern, and I only slightly paraphrase here, “…if the republicans are looking for an exit, good luck in finding one…”. You cannot have it both ways, you cannot ignore FACTS even if they contradict your position, no matter how much you try and pull the wool over the ‘American People’s’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY) eyes. Case in point, our good friend Senator James Inhofe from the great state of Oklahoma.  In addition to his fine flying skills, the Senator has a unique talent of selling ice to Eskimos, what ice is still left, telling a national audience on the ‘Rachel Maddow Show’, week nights at 9, only on MSNBC, just last night, his whole ‘theory’ on ‘the hoax’ that is global warming.  I was so happy to see the Senator–who also told Rachel the ‘hippy, left wingers’ who watch and support your show, you know who you are, have ‘way more money’ in this ‘global warming hoax thing’, putting all sorts of cash, you know from the mighty coffers of Greenpeace and the like by way of lying advertisements claiming the burning of fossil fuels is not increasing earth’s overall temperature, compared to the global oil conglomerates who will spend, with Koch Brothers/GPS-Crossroads/U.S. Chamber of Commerce/America Futures, etc., over 1.6 BILLION on the Presidential, I mean hijack attempt of our democracy on November 2nd of this year, monies invested so as to decimate ANY regulations on the CAUSE of the EFFECT called GLOBAL WARMING, you moron!–as  I just wrote about him yesterday and was so pleased that he has stubbornly held on to his position that the melting of the ice all over the world is not only ‘not happening’ (apparently Satellite images SHOWING that ice melting right before our eyes is an illusion as well), but the 97 percent of climatologists on the planet, alive and well today, don’t exist either, stating that far more scientists, who apparently live with James and his imaginary friend, the giant rabbit named “Harvey”, ‘don’t buy into this liberal, long haired hippy, tree huggin, filthy, latte sippin’, fancy book learnin’, subway ridin’, east coast media elite scumbag theory that the earth is warming due to mankind’s continued overuse and abuse of fossil fuels, spewing millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere everyday, creating a giant greenhouse effect that traps the sun’s solar rays in said atmosphere,  warming the earth’s surface temperatures, especially in the polar regions, causing giant ice sheets, millenniums old, along with glaciers, the North Pole and Antarctica to vanish right before our very eyes, causing, of course, the seas to rise exponentially.  The added energy in our atmosphere, as well as the added water, creates stronger and stronger storms, as evidenced by the tornadoes across the Midwest and South a week or so ago, not to mention creating more severe droughts, wild fires, and the TRAGIC EXTINCTION of thousands of species of plants and animals (how far back can man be?) and upsetting the natural order of life on the planet as we once knew it–all for the ‘glory’ of the oil and gas industry, an industry that is treated more like royalty than all the Kings and Queens in the history of civilized man combined.  We are proud of you James, please come on down to seacapecod.net and grant US an interview, for the more you open your mouth, the more ammunition WE have to shoot your feeble, ridiculous, warped arguments down.  WE WILL bring some LIGHT to the situation before it is too late.  Have a nice day and week end folks, steering clear of those horrible wooden nickles thrown about by FOX NEWS…being ever mindful that viewing any portion of say ‘Fox & Friends’ may cause nose bleeds, headaches, blindness, nausea, hallucinations, paranoia, dementia, vertigo, and grandiosity–as it and ‘Clear Channel’ attempt to brainwash many of the good folks in this country that the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and the Heritage Foundation are real and in the last example, ‘there’ for the average ‘Fox’ viewer.  Viewers who never will be part of that elite .001 percent, only used by them to keep electing plutocratic puppets and polluters into office, perpetually voting against their own best interests…   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 15, 2012

Maine Coon Cry

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the party cloudy, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, the 15th day of March, 2012, a nice cool March day in New England, seasonable, temperatures in Boston expected to reach only into the forties, while only a few miles south on I-95 in the nation’s Capitol, Washington D.C., the thermometer will soar to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.  Seacapecod.net crunched the numbers for ‘ya and the ‘math’ tells US that there is indeed a difference of forty degrees, proving once again what a value this obvious non-profit commentary on this humble website truly offers our kids and grand kids, who will one day look back at our reckless activity as humans living on this little blue rock that gives us ALL the miracle of LIFE every day, and say to themselves as the seas rise beyond our ability to do a damn thing about it, ‘what the hell were they thinking?’. Of course, I could be wrong, fall prey to the comic musings of Senator James, ’she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes’, Inhofe (R-OK, and maniac pilot extraordinaire! ‘get the hell out of my way!’), who famously once stated, along with the rest of the ignorant chorus of global warming deniers, ‘global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the ‘American people’‘, as if it just affected the red, white and blue.  The astounding lack of vision on behalf of a once proud and solid brand, leaves many, like our aforementioned science fiction, or is it, example above, scratching their heads and wondering silently to themselves, ‘is this really the best we can do?  Mitt Romney?  A guy who has plenty of friends in the fine ‘investment bank’ Goldman Sachs, whose reputation was recently smeared via an op-ed in the New York Times by a high ranking Senior Executive, Greg Smith, who stated in the article, among many other things, “…that the atmosphere at the firm had become ‘toxic’, and that investors were mocked, abused, ‘ripped-off’ regularly, and referred to as ‘Muppets’.”  I don’t know ’bout you, but I think I will put my money somewhere else, somewhere they don’t refer to me as what the members of congress have most clearly become, life-less puppets who move their lips, arms and feet to the tune of the symphony of a seemingly collective, sinister greed, a cancer that has invaded our democracy by way of Citizens United, the impalement of Glass-Steagall, the joke that is commercial banking and their 700 trillion dollars worth of over the counter derivatives, many highly toxic, with no regulations of any kind (setting up another financial crisis like ‘08), as Dodd-Frank regulatory law responding to said crisis misses the mark due to 70 percent of deadlines being missed already, i.e. regulators without any choppers.  This does not even take into account the private insurance monopolies attempting to hijack the Affordable Care Law, a law that will give 30 million Americans health insurance that currently don’t have any, all while it SAVES money, the gutting of public education, public welfare programs, Planned Parenthood (to which Romney recently said he would ‘do away with’), and finally destroying the EPA, opening the flood gates for big polluters like KOCH INDUSTRIES, to continue decimating our clean water and clean air (to the point of NO RETURN!).  Mark these words, as this will become the central most important resource(s) on the planet, especially water, becoming more valuable than GOLD.  I hope that cheered ya’ll up, I know it did me.  The choice is clear, for it comes down to your values and what your heart tells you to do.  Do you truly believe a guy who used to buy companies to strip them, like a chop shop in Costa Mesa, California, chop them up so as to sell of the assets and turn a profit only once seen by God himself, has 99 percent of ‘The American People’s’ (credit Mitch McConnell, R-KY) best interests in mind?   Yes, do you believe that man will have you and your families backs in the future years on this planet he is in favor of decimating for the plutocratic vision of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE?  A planet that needs a REAL LEADER if it has a chance of surviving?  The answer should be as clear as the water you sea below you.  Have a wonderful day and keep on keepin’ on, this is not a dress rehearsal, this thing called LIFE, and it is just as much yours as is is ‘theirs’.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 14, 2012

Saint Andrew’s by-the-sea

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, warming island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Wednesday morning, the fourteenth day of March, 2012, a grey, abnormally mild morning, as the whole of the country, with the exception of the Northwest, experiences temperatures more akin to the month of June than March…still want to embrace that pipeline Bill? But really, who cares about global warming when we have so many other more important things to talk about, such as the surprising win by Rick Santorum over presumptive front runner Mitt Romney in yesterday’s republican primary showdown in the South, with Santorum taking both Mississippi and Alabama, casting a shadow of doubt on this republican field as they scrap to embrace a candidate who can “defeat” President Barack Obama in the fall.  Watch for this new catch phrase from Romney in the coming days, taken, of course, from Mitch McConnell’s rather large collection of golden oldies coming by way of time tested Miltonean talking points, or dog whistles, that serve to misinform the electorate to the point he or she is voting against his or her own best interests.  Case in point the ‘economic’ plan put forth by these guys as they continue to widen that GRAND CANYON gap between the haves and the have nots, all while they pull the wool over your eyes telling ya’ll about trickle down economics, rather VOODOO economics.  Or, even more frightening, if you were afraid of these sock puppets (credit Keith Olbermann of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at eight p.m., EDT, only on Current TV), is the 19th century war being waged on women and their bodies, not to mention what they wear, what they think and how they act.  “…this isn’t Russia Danny.  Is this Russia?   No, no, no, this isn’t Russia…” (credit Chevy Chase and the epic 1980 film, “Caddyshack”, also starring the late, greats Ted Knight and Rodney Dangerfield, not to mention “Carl Spakler”, played by the incomparable Bill Murray, who stated so eloquently after being abused by his boss the Scottish ‘head greens keeper’, “when I have been pushed. I think it’s about time we pump about 15,000 gallons of water down there to teach you a little bit of a lesson, is that it?’  I ‘tink it is…!!!).  It will be very interesting to see (as Rodney pointed out in that aforementioned cult classic, “now I see why tigers eat their young”) who turns on who first, as this race to the bottom takes the country all the way to Tampa, sight of the republican convention in August, where a bunch of hot, sweaty old white guys battle it out to see who is more to the right of Jesus Christ himself, ‘oh, wait just one moment, I don’t believe Jesus would have been interested in political gatherings, plus, he has long hair, a beard, sleeps outside, was born in a barn, um, Houston we may have a problem, it seems this man we all have been following, trying to hail him on Twitter all day with no response, may actually be on the side of Occupy and all of those filthy, liberal, hippy, tree huggin’, latte sippin’, fancy book learnin’, environmental scumbags we hate so, plus, he may not be too keen on the whole voter ID disenfranchising going down in 34 states, the Citizens United ruling, the rape and pillage of mother earth, as well as this war on women, well, really all wars in general, global warming, ah… Have a nice day everybody and keep on keeping on, and if you are listening Mr. Olbermann, your words regarding your father were worthy and held iron–you sir, have an extraordinary day!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 13, 2012

Cotuit Skylight

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the warm, cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the thirteenth day of March, 2012, a mild one expected on Cape today, with temperatures ’round these here parts expected to reach into the upper sixties when it is all said and done, or, if you prefer, ‘at the end of the day’… Speaking to that notion, the beat goes on in the always entertaining republican primary fight between Gingrich, Santorum and front runner, now a cliche, Mitt, “get those effing grits away from me”, Romney who will be happy to get the hell out of Alabama and Mississippi soon with a good portion of the delegates offered up by those fine southern states, whose populations apparently still believe that our current President, Barack Obama, is a Muslim.  That’s right, 52 percent of residents polled recently in Mississippi alone state that without reservation, with another 25 percent stating, “I don’t know”, raising the bar once again on the old saying ignorance is bliss. Mitt has been doing a decent job of pandering to the white voters in the south, white knuckling it if you will, as the corporate gravy train just keeps on barreling down the tracks, throwing out empty promises and deeply flawed policies that would–should he, God Forbid, be elected into the highest office in the land–gut regulations and programs that stand as the last barrier between this country remaining a true democracy and it being turned over to the plutocratic vision that goes contrary to what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he envisioned what that true democracy would look like, and, moreover, ACT like towards it’s people, the very reason for it’s existence in the first place.  It is so obvious what has been going down over the past thirty years, economically, environmentally, militarily, and most importantly, socially, that 5 year old could nail it, as that gap between the two America’s grows ever wider, creating an impossible GRAND CANYON between the two, making it all that much more difficult for say a poor African-American lad or lass to survive the hell that IS the inner city public education (a department the republicans would do away with!) system for kids, gain access to a good four year college, without going into soul crushing debt, graduate said university with a decent GPA and then secure gainful employment, all without the aid of ‘connections’ and a ‘network’ used by affluent boys and girls who come from the ‘right side of the tracks’.  Kids like myself many moons ago who did not have to struggle to find work, as it was already set up FOR THEM, thus, continuing the cycle of unfairness inherent within a society that rewards pedigree over pencil power.  Eventually something has got to give, and as this nation grows browner, in more ways than one, the voting blocks that were once overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon, such as the suburban rich white guy and gal vote presently, will take a hard left, due to those changing demographics, and thus, will begin to realize this dog and pony show the republicans are presenting now all over the country, blasted 24/7 on the corporate owned airwaves (can you say Clear Channel? Sure, I knew that you could…), via the national media and Citizens United advertisements, created by Madison Avenue wizards, is only interested in keeping the status quo afloat, perhaps even adding a little more to their plate, thereby rejecting the party in the long run,  bringing this country back in line with what OUR Founders intended 238 years ago.  At least one would assume that, but hey, history has shown us just how vicious mankind can be to one another–just take a good hard look back at the 20th century, or go back even further, when in this fine state of Massachusetts, ‘Puritans’ burned women at the stake in Salem, claiming they were witches.  Despite all of the horrific things we all hear on the news everyday, from around the world, thanks to social media, the world is actually becoming MORE peaceful, ever shifting away from the false echoes of ego and into the oneness that represents every one’s best interests, not just those whose homes have a skylight that takes in the whole of the Big Dipper! Have a wonderful day folks, steering clear of the wooden nickles offered up by FOX NEWS, they are not worth anything and side effects of viewing say, Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly, can range from blurred tunnel vision, nausea, body aches, diarrhea, bloating, hives, nightmares, night sweats, sleep walking, and an overwhelming belief you are becoming Ethel Merman‘you’ll be swell, you’ll be great! gonna have the whole world on a plate! startin’ here, startin’ now–Honey, Everything’s Comin’ up Roses! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

March 12, 2012

Faith Hill 2.0

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, mild, calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the 12th day of March, 2012, a calm, sparkling start to this eight o’clock hour in the fair town of Cotuit, ‘where the ocean meets the wood’, a place that must be visited to truly appreciate, so come on down, ‘we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!’.  Some pretty bleak news coming out of the eleven year long war going on in Afghanistan, worlds away from the peace WE all enjoy in our own nation’s backyard (one percent of US go and fight wars to keep US all safe), as we all voice an ‘opinion’ on whether or not that war should be going down in the first place.  Until we have politicians who have put some real skin in the game, i.e. real veterans who have seen combat up close and personal, I think they should ALL just gain access to a big cup of shut the f up. This humble reporter does not know enough about the ground situation in that historically never before ‘defeated’ country, in many respects a fourth century nation, as we try and introduce democracy to it’s core, however, most Americans feel it may be time to pull those troops out of harms way, especially after the horrible incident over the week end, where a 38 year old U.S. soldier left his post, presumably walked to the nearest town and opened fire, killing men, women and most tragically, children.  This latest U.S. military meltdown, adding to the accidental Koran burnings and the defecation of the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers, has brought danger and disgrace to the military brass and all those under them, bravely continuing to fight the war against the Taliban and the war at home screaming for peace in the region.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real problem in the U.S. military today, very, very few in the national media are addressing it.  Soldiers, some on their fifth, sixth, seventh tours of duty, are playing hurt, psychologically that is, and the army, in it’s infinite wisdom, is putting these boys who have PTSD back on the front, heavily medicated with selected serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI’s), such as Prozac or Lexipro, as well as tranquilizers such as Ambien, a powerful sleep ‘aid’.  The labels on these medications clearly state ‘this product should not be used if performing any hazardous occupations’… Isn’t combat a ‘hazordous’ occupation?  Hello, McFly, is this effing thing ON?!!  To add insult to injury, when these soldiers return to the U.S., many times to broken families, yes, when they return ‘home’, because they represent the ‘other 1 percent’, they are largely ignored, with a great FEAR of seeking counseling for constant nightmares, constant vigilance and hypersensitivity, thoughts of suicide, homicide and other horrible memories of war, filling their heads, thus, bringing no closure or peace, something you and I take for granted every day.  Many returning Veterans turn to street drugs and booze to relieve the constant, nagging, some times intolerable anxiety, only adding to the problem that needs to be healed via the care offered up by a loving counsellor or mental health professional, working through their fears together, ‘two heads are better than one’, especially if one head is giving you the wrong signals, bringing them out of the FOG OF WAR, and into the LIGHT of day, a tough journey, but well worth the ‘fight’, believe me, I have been there.  Another problem many of these brave men and women face is saving ‘face’, fearing the STIGMA of being labeled as a ‘mental case’, and so, thousands upon thousands of wounded warriors fall below the cracks of society, falling prey to homelessness, despair and death, a tragic end to the service they provided this nation, a nation that is so caught up in the insanity of plutocratic horse racing, they have lost sight of what really matters.  Peace begins with you and it begins with me.  I ran across this quote, from an ‘unknown’ author, and I thought you might find it comforting.  Have a wonderful day and week ahead folks and keep in mind one thing and one thing only, well, you can keep as many things in mind as you like, but perhaps, remember this someday…we are all in this together. ‘Faith is the opposite of fear, as much a part of love as fear is of attack.  Faith is the acknowledgement of union.  It is the gracious acknowledgement of everyone as a Son of your most loving Father, loved by Him like you, and therefore loved by you as yourself.  It is His love that joins you and your brother, and for His love you would keep no one separate from yours.  Each one appears just as he is perceived in the holy instant, united in your purpose to be released from your guilt.  You see the Christ in him, and his is healed because you look on what makes faith forever justified in everyone.’ PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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