whale 2011 August | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 31, 2011

Early morning Osprey

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you once again on this Wednesday morning, the thirty-first day of August, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the little seaside village of Osterville, and as evidenced by the image you see above you, the Osprey’s are still in town, as they get ready to fly south, some as far south as the Amazon River in South America, where they will enjoy the fishing in a little warmer climate.  Osprey’s are, of course, the best fisherman out there, flying down from extraordinary heights, splashing directly into the water and pulling out a fish of some sort, scooping it up with their powerful talons and flying away, back to their many nests around these parts, and feeding their young, who, by now, can fly on their own.  This cycle repeats itself again next year, marking ‘time’ and the season changes that we experience here in rugged New England, a cycle that makes those seasonal changes that much more pleasurable.  With the natural disasters that have occurred all over the east coast recently, an earthquake and then a powerful hurricane that has put the states of Vermont, Connecticut, portions of western Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, not to mention North Carolina in a true state of emergency, with rivers overflowing their banks and causing massive flooding, you might think the puppets in the House of Representatives, with an ‘r’ next to their name, ‘men’ like Eric ‘you go girl’‘ Cantor (R-VA), who effectively ‘leads’ this new severe austerity philosophy, are cutting funding for FEMA, the federal emergency management administration, right when millions of Americans need that help the most.  In a statement recently, Cantor explained that ‘we’ll find the monies, however, we need to make spending cuts in order the ‘balance the budget’, or something to that effect.  This approach being taken by the republican party in general, regarding the ‘little people’ of this great nation is atrocious, and should be called out as such.  Please offer a prayer, should you wish, to the people who were impacted by these natural disasters, of those aforementioned states, for they could use all of the Divine intervention they can get–because they are surely not going to receive any help from our elected ‘leaders’ on the right, ‘leaders’ who were hired to SERVE their constituents, especially in times of trouble.  Have a wonderful day folks and remember to not accept any more of those wooden nickles that Rupert Murdoch’s henchmen over at FOX, I mean FIXED NEWS (credit Kieth Olbermann of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at 7 and 11 p.m., only on Current TV), continue to try and sell you…offering up those worthless nickles of ‘knowledge’ to the masses, promoting ignorance, fear and out right deceit.  Keep it up boys, you make our job so much more fun! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~

August 29, 2011

A New Day

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  It is great to be with you and yours on this Monday morning, the twenty-ninth day of August, 2011.  We here on the Cape are fine, if you were curious, however, my good friends in the other adopted state of mine, Vermont, are not.  The Winooski River is raging, as Hurricane Irene exited this area and traveled north, with the eye of the hurricane passing directly over Manhattan, a very large eye, that I witnessed myself, sitting at the ‘top of Hyannis Port’, a little hill that looks out over Nantucket Sound, cradled in the arms of Saint Andrew’s Church, directly next to the Hyannis Port Golf club, a golf course that President Kennedy once played with many distinguished dignitaries that, like our own current President, attempted to ‘work out their differences’.  The eye of the storm passed, with warm sunny, blue skies above, only to be taken out by the back of Mother Nature’s wrath of what we are surely doing to her being.  Call me old fashioned, call me crazy, but don’t call me late for dinner.  Doctor Jeffrey Sachs was a guest this morning on “Morning Joe”, a fun fact show that tells ‘all the people’ what’s up, and I was impressed with his stand for what global warming really IS and how ‘we’ in the media don’t really seem to get the BIG picture.  The big picture is happening RIGHT NOW and if you need to get gonged on the head to see that, well, you are in luck, for the more important story on that fabled show, previously mentioned, “Morning Joe”, brewed by Starbucks, really?, was our former Vice President, Dick Cheney’s new book, “In My Time”, a memoir where he defends everything from war criminality, to his own ego that is out of proportion with our TIME!  WE are sick and tired of the military industrial complex that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned US of in the 1950’s, and the time for PEACE is NOW. Our priorities are so far out of whack in this country for one reason and one reason only–GREED!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it, DICK!  There are some of US citizens who can still read and think for ourselves and for that, I am eternally grateful.  Men like Dr. Sachs, who actually stated on national television the TRUTH, and I paraphrase here, “if you look at the severe drought in Texas, and the increasing violence of these storms, that are getting stronger by the season, and are still in DENIAL, then either you are an Ostrich with you head in the sand, BLIND, or just plain stupid.  Or worse, an evil bastard who does not care for human lives who are not part of your country club.”  Sorry, Dr. Sachs, if I added a little vinegar to the mix, but your courage and point was well taken and appreciated.  Have a wonderful week ahead everyone, and remember to look at this image you see above you, an image that still reminds US all what is STILL RIGHT, and GOOD, about the United States of America. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~

August 26, 2011

‘There’s a storm across the valley…’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, the twenty-sixth day of August, 2011, a sunny, calm day here on Cape as well as the islands of MV and Nantucket, while we await the arrival of Hurricane Irene, whose massive outreach of tropical storm force winds dwarfs the size of the whole state of Florida, and is expected to make land fall somewhere in the outer banks of North Carolina, then heading directly north, impacting the major metropolitan areas of Philadelphia, New York and Boston, as well as metro New Jersey, including the Avon-by-the sea, where good friend of mine, Mark Sclar, a notable actor lives…be safe out there my brother, as well as Donna and Tim who are also fellow thespians whom I was honored to meet on Adam Sandler’s new “Happy Madison Production” film recently shot here in Osterville, “I Hate You Dad!”…please be safe and take precautions now to avoid the storm surge that is, after all, the biggest killer affiliated with a hurricane of this magnitude.  We here on Cape Cod will see significant rain and tropical storm like winds, but will be spared much of the agony that millions of people up and down the east coast will most likely be feeling over the course of the next 48-56 hours.  God Speed to ALL my friends in New York!  You know who you are.  It is, of course, ironic, that in these ’states of emergencies’, politics is left aside, as WE all come together to help our neighbors and friends, not to mention families, in need, proving once again, that human beings are at their very best when things are at their worst.  Perhaps, prompting hope that these all to often ‘natural disasters’ are bringing US all closer to the TRUTH about what is really going on with our planet earth, we all share, and how our ACTIVITY is destroying it for not only this generation, but for many generations to come.  Take the ‘tar sands’ of Canada for an example–a giant deposit of gritty oil, mixed with sand (two Saudi Arabia deposits of this gritty oil), being dug up, much akin to tearing down the mountains of West Virginia for coal, prompting an outcry from notable environmentalists, climatologists, and anyone who has a REAL PhD next to their name, stating very clearly that should this new pipe line, running from the Canadian oil shale fields all the way to Houston, will not only affect our aquifers, our DRINKING WATER, but will increase the level of Carbon Dioxide in the next ten years to levels that this planet will not be able to sustain (with one NASA environmentalist stating, should this go through, ‘game over for the environment’), thus, prompting hotter summers, colder winters, more intense storms, as evidenced by Irene, and Katrina in 2005, not to mention severe droughts and wild fires all over the world, such as in Somalia, where 12 million people are suffering needlessly as they escape that drought that has pushed an entire people to the edge, and in some cases beyond–a real humanitarian crisis of monumental proportions, in a word, FAMINE. These severe weather occurrences will continue to happen and we should not fool ourselves with lies prompted by ‘ole Governor Rick Perry, who claims, like my buddy from Oklahoma, who famously stated that, “…global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American People”… That was, of course, the maniac ‘pilot’ Senator James, “she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes,” Inhofe (R-OK) who set the bar so high for the rest of the conservative crowd to fall in lock step with that ignorance, that it is hard for any of them to walk away from the ‘pledge(s) of ignorance and greed’ many of them have signed, a deal with the Devil if you will, and all of this stinks to high Heaven, much like every other misnomer uttered from the mouths of the corporate owned tea party, consisting of a small, yet powerful, group of small ‘men’ who are hell bent on continuing to give more to those who don’t need it, and take from those who don’t have it to give.  “I hope it’s a beautiful coffee shop Jack…” (credit the classic film, “Midnight Run”, starring the incomparable Robert Dinero and Charles Grodin).  So, on this Friday morning, I bid you all a fair and fine week end ahead, as it is unclear what this storm will do to little old Cape Cod, not to mention the rest of the eastern seaboard.  Batten down the hatches! Stay safe and may the ‘force’ be with you and yours.  As a side note, please consider the refugees that are in dire need of help, millions of your brothers and sisters on the Somalian/Kenyan border, who are living on nothing, yet still finding a way to make it through yet another day.  If you would like to donate, please visit Oxfam, Google it, or donate to savethechildren.org, or care.org, all wonderful organizations that are literally saving millions of lives--God Speed to them ALL. Have a nice week end, again, and stay safe, hurricanes are no joke, as I weathered one in 1997 on a 78 foot yacht just outside of Edgartown, Massachusetts, on that fair island of Martha’s Vineyard, where our 44th President of the United States of America, still has a few days left of R&R…, enjoy Mr. President!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~

August 24, 2011

God’s Green Earth

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-fourth day of August, 2011, a beauty on Cape as well as on the Vineyard, where our 44th President of the United States of America is vacationing as we speak, hopefully not working too hard.  Barack Obama, regardless of your political affiliation, has done more in his one term as the President of this complicated land than most people will do in their entire lifetimes, and although the weather is about to change for the worse–with Hurricane Irene chugging up the eastern seaboard, expecting to make land fall in either South or North Carolina within the next 35 hours or so, extending all the way up to OUR ‘neck of the woods’ here in New England–the blazing heat that arises from the blatant LIES oozing out of the republican ‘wanna be’ leader’s collective mouths will be much worse for said ‘representatives’ than our fine President, as they face their constituents ire regarding JOBS, JOBS, and oh yeah, JOBS!  Jobs Republicorp of America sent overseas many years ago.  The “do nothing congress” is about to be re-hauled, but good, in this upcoming fall season of innuendo and blame, for the “American People” are tired, hungry and huddled in their collective masses of underwater homes, wondering, ‘who’s side are these guys on anyway?’ In case you were wondering what side ‘God’ is on, consider this for a moment…the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Virginia yesterday was centered in congressman Eric, ‘you go girl’, Cantor’s, a republican, district, sending a clear message from the Almighty that not only does he think their overall policy of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE is a joke and criminal, but will not stand in the end.  For you can, as Abraham Lincoln put it so eloquently many moons ago--’you can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but, you cannot FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!’ Food for thought on this late summer day, as you look at some images of one of the most magical places on planet earth–Martha’s Vineyard. Have a great one and should you feel generous today, think of New Orleans, and the aftermath of another Hurricane that hit that city only a few short years ago, Katrina, a hurricane that left millions of people homeless and without proper medical care.  A free clinic is being set up once again in that region for the many who still suffer, needlessly.  To help, please visit FREECLINICS.US, for more information.  You will feel a whole lot better for doing so.  Again, Have a nice day! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 23, 2011

MV Ahoy 2.0!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the twenty-third day of August, 2011, a calm, quite day here in Osterville, with no storms on the horizon as of yet, however, by this upcoming labor day week end, we here on the east coast of the United States will be feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene, as it edges closer to the American south coast, with computer models suggesting it may hit either northern Florida, South Carolina, or North Carolina as it steams up the eastern seaboard with torrential downpours, heavy winds and, well, you know the rest.  I am assured, however, by the likes of Presidential hopeful Rick Perry that not only is global warming a hoax produced by those factual science ‘guys’, but that Texas does not take a likin’ to them tree huggin liberal elites and treats ‘em real bad down in the Lone Star state, you know, takin’ behind the woodshed and all, presumably to discuss graphs and changing ocean currents, rising levels of carbon dioxide, the melting of almost every glacier on planet earth, along the the melting of both polar ice caps and Greenland itself, causing more water to be in the atmosphere and creating stronger and stronger storms that are not only reeking havoc on farming, with the subsequent droughts that go hand in hand with extreme weather pattern shifts, but literally displacing millions of people in places where the water levels are taking over entire villages…yes, ‘ole Rick might just want to ask GOD what his real thoughts are on this one, for if he is going to be his ‘representative’ and ‘lead’ his people into the ‘promised land’, he better get on board with REALITY, but quick, because he will be laughed out of this race as quickly as a Michelle Bachmann most assuredly will.  As our current, the 44th President of the United States continues vacationing on MV, the crisis in Libya is winding down at this hour, with the whereabouts of Moammar Ghadafy still unknown, and, by the looks of things, will see the Capital city of Tripoli, the center of power for the 42 year long terrorist/dictatorship, fall into the hands of the rebels who were helped by OUR President’s extraordinary international leadership, despite what sour republican Senators Graham and McCain said yesterday, along with the help of our N.A.T.O. partners, France, Italy and the U.K., and thus, may be able to completely take over that country forever.  What that means, of course, is a whole other matter, as Shell Oil, Bp, amongst others, scramble to gain a foothold into Libya’s vast oil supplies, holding 2 percent of the world’s oil reserves.  Hmmmm, what was that mission anyway?  Regardless of the REAL answer, at least the blind killing of innocent civilians by a ruthless dictator is over for now, and may just spill over into Syria that opens up a whole other can of worms.  If I were Obama today, I would go for a swim at South Beach in Edgartown, the town where the film “Jaws” was shot, (movie’s town called “Amityville”), where the beaches are golden, white sand and offer nothing in the way of danger that is expressed by the sharks in D.C. who are gathering their strength to come up with more hor$eshit to make sure that Obama is a one term President, a Presidency that he inherited from a very LOST decade indeed, a decade of greed, war, fear, intimidation and rampant criminality on the part of our highest financial institutions.  Yes, I would say those sharks, coming in the form of the ‘Brother’s KOCH’, Halliburton, and other big polluters who wish to abolish the EPA for their own PROFIT model, are far more dangerous than the Great Whites that frequent our Cape Cod waters from time to time.  Have a wonderful Tuesday folks and remember to not take any wooden nickles that were made in China, nickles offered up by Rupert Murdoch’s (aarrrrrgghhhhh matie!) FOX NEWS here in the U.S., they were never meant for human consumption or consideration.  Also, again, please donate, if you can, to the women and children of Somalia, those 3.5 million refugees, pouring into Kenya from the north, as they face yet another day of no water, no food, no medical and seemingly no hope.  To donate please visit savethechildren.org or care.org. Thank you!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 22, 2011

Saint Andrew’s of Hyannis Port

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be back with you on this Monday morning, the twenty-second day of August, 2011, a calm, warm start to the day here in Osterville, the tiny, tiny seaside village only a mere football toss away from Hyannis Port, as seen above, home to OUR thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Mr. Jack Kennedy, along with his beautiful wife Jackie and the rest of that extraordinary family that showed US all the way in putting their fellow man first, above, in many ways, their own personal needs.  I was on the fabled island of Martha’s Vineyard for the past few days, visiting one of my favorite places on planet earth at the same time our current President, Barack Obama was, and still is for the next week or so, vacationing with his family–a well deserved vacation that every leader deserves to recharge his or her batteries…  The trip included a stop in Edgartown, on the eastern shore of that amazing island, a place I called home for a summer after graduating from the University of Vermont. The weather was spectacular, as were the fireworks that lit up the night sky on Friday night in the little town of Oak Bluffs, with the famous ‘gingerbread’ houses all a glow in the mid-summer night air.  As the President deals with the nation’s ills, perhaps WE can all take a step back and look at our problems in the country as mostly of our own making, therefore, can be solved through our collective cooperation and attention to what is RIGHT and what is most clearly wrong.  I think we all know what that means.  And as the nation of Libya, at this early morning hour, begins to retake it’s country back from the brutal dictatorship that was Moammar Ghadafy, perhaps we too can look to our own plight as a country and realize just how important it is to take care of our own people once again, for there are millions of our fellow citizens right here in the U.S. now well under the poverty line, with one in five children falling victim to a system they had nothing to do in setting up.  There is plenty of money, it’s just how WE spend it that really matters in the end.  I pray you have a good week and please, should you so desire, say a little prayer for the 3.5 million refugees still pouring over the Kenyan border from Somalia, where a devastating drought has caused wide spread famine, creating one of the greatest humanitarian crisis’ in modern day history.  Should you wish to help, please dial into savethechildren.org or care.org and donate what you can to a very worthy cause.  Thank you. See you tomorrow, same bat ‘time’, same bat station.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 18, 2011

Welcome to the Vineyard Mr. President!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you and yours on this beautiful Thursday morning here in Osterville, a town that sits only a few short miles, via 8 nautical miles south, from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, where the President will be vacationing with his family for the next 18 days or so.  Having lived on the Vineyard, the summer after graduating from the University of Vermont in 1987, I can speak from experience that it is truly a remarkable place to not only live, but to visit, abundant in everything from great seafood, great bars, and great entertainment, as well as giving one that ‘feel’ of being back in ‘time’, so to speak, perhaps reflecting on the beauty that one cannot help but notice, as well as the laid back atmosphere that allows one to take in a bike ride, or go fishing, or go body bordering, or go sailing, or just sitting on one of the many beaches MV has to offer and reading a good book in peace.  Hopefully, one might consider losing the Blackberry for a week or so, putting down the other electronic devices that are made to distract, rather than create, all while trying to sell you something, and become ONE with nature, just for a second, thus, breaking one’s addiction to chaos the world now embraces with such ferocity and consistency.  Regardless of what you may think of President Obama and his handling of the recent fiscal crisis’ and his lack of fight, for the moment, against the philosophy of the plutocratic agenda, an agenda that is being more exposed by the day by some of the best in the business, people like Keith Olbermann (Current TV’s, Countdown, with Keith Olbermann)–airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EDT, and 7 a.m. the next morning should that be past your bed time–who have been in the business for decades now fighting the good fight that always involves exposing the TRUTH, yes, whatever you may think of him either personally or professionally, WE must remember, this fight is far from over and as more and more of the American People begin comprehending what they are truly hungry for–namely, that TRUTH, there will be a seismic shift in this country that only rewards the few and punishes the poor.  For the TRUTH is not a box, it does not have sides, nor does it need defending.  The spin doctors, such as Frank Luntz, a republican strategist, would have you believe something different all together, as they fill the majority of Americans heads with lies, innuendo, and misinformation, all wrapped up on a FOX NEWS channel, that, compared with the old CBS news with Walter Cronkite, seems to be not only on crack, but steroids as well–using intimidation and FEAR to promote the smoke and mirror show it presents to “The American People” on a daily basis.  So, Mr. President, I say enjoy all of those aforementioned pleasures of staying on the Vineyard and don’t listen to the robotic messages that come directly from the offices of ‘the Brother’s Koch”, not to be confused with “The Brother’s Grim”, who wrote scary bed time fairy tales many moons ago.  However, the careful watch on the Koch Brother’s activities WILL be a book in and of itself, perhaps much scarier that even the Brother’s Grim could have conceived of at the time. The Humpack Whale greets you, Mr. President, your beautiful wife Michelle, and your two wonderful daughters, and we, at least here at seacapecod.net and the rest of the Cape and Islands in general, are proud you are here once again, to celebrate LIFE, the very reason we work so hard in the first place.  Have a great vacation family! On a slightly more somber note, the humanitarian crisis going on the Somalian/Kenyan border, where millions of people are fleeing to find food and water in the worst conditions known to man, is still at critical mass.  Should you wish to help, please dial into savethechildren.org, or care.org, two organizations I would highly recommend and support myself.  Thanks for listening as always and have a great Thursday folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 16, 2011

Dog Whistle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the sixteenth day of August, 2011, a coolish, cloudy start to the day on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  We received a heavy dose of rain yesterday, as I took the day off from politics and the mind numbing television machine, trying to digest some of the horse hockey that was offered up at the Iowa straw poll over the week end.  A media circus that provided US all with the fried butter sticks, a fair like atmosphere and the candidates of the republican party who used every dog whistle they possessed in their arsenal to whip up support for the cause of the plutocratic mission–’to insure that Barack Obama is a one term President’…  Worthy news coming from Ames, home to the great Iowa State University, was ‘T paw’, former Governor Tim Pawlenty, dropping out of the race, while Michelle, “I’m not a homophobe”, Bachmann, gaining some momentum.  However, the big news came not from Iowa, rather, from South Carolina, where Texas Governor Rick Perry made his announcement that he is indeed throwing his hat into the ring for the position of 45th President of the United States of America.  God help him, and GOD help US, for Rick Perry is the teavangelical/plutocrat’s (Republicorp of America) wet dream, as he has proven that he alone can take that Christian based core of the tea party, combine it with Republicorp’s ‘business’ values and run with crazy all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  I don’t say it often folks, or perhaps I don’t say it often enough… “Hee-Yuck!  Don’t touch!” Can someone say Texas Tea?  Can someone give me an Amen?  Can someone say it’s just another Christmas Day Texas Miracle?  You bet you can, ’cause ‘ole Rick is on the job!  For who can argue that Rick has put together more jobs in that state than any other in the country?  Well, to be fair to every credible economist and political pundit worth his or her salt, I can.  Those jobs represent what Rick and his soon to be puppet masters wanted all along, more and more minimum wage positions that put this country on track to become a third world, slave wage economy, where only the ‘people’, like corporations, and the top one percent make any hay out of a very bad situation that was handed over to US by another former Texas governor, our former ‘commander in chief’, Mr. George W. Bush, who rode this economy and country into a ditch via two unpaid for wars, a trillion dollar sweetheart deal for big pharma and the two GIANT tax breaks of 2001 and 2003, resulting in, combined with the lack of regulation on Wall Street and the housing market, the greatest recession this country has seen since the Great Depression over eighty years ago.  Most of the ‘jobs’ old Rick is speaking of came as a result of geographic luck, and don’t really amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things, moreover, his record on children without health insurance, with 22 percent of Texas youths being without any medical at all, due to his dismantling of the C.H.I.P. program and ‘privatizing it’, you know, ’cause the free market knows all, ya’ll, shows just what kind of a ‘compassionate conservative’ he really IS, and would be as President.  Rick Perry may have attended Texas A&M, rather than Yale, but he is still an elitist puppet of big corporate interests, hell bent on destroying what is left of the original, and still the best, U.S. of A…  Rick, you are not a representative of GOD.  You sir, are a representative of Walmart, and should be called out as such.  As we get nearer to the election, to quote the great Howard Dean of Vermont, via “The Lucille Ball Show”, Rick Perry will have ‘a lot of ‘esplainin to do…, for we no longer live in a world where the wool is so easily pulled over our collective eyes, and we no longer live in a world where bigotry and racism still are considered HUMAN.  Perhaps you should read the real words of Jesus, Rick, take them in, ‘pray about it’, and get back to US, because we all know what a WOLF in sheep’s clothing looks like.  Have a nice day folks and keep on staying away from Rupert Murdoch’s wooden nickles, coming in the form of the ‘beautiful people’ over at FOX NEWS, who could not be more in the dark about REALITY than they CURRENT(tv)-ly are.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 14, 2011

Osterville Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the fourteenth day of August, 2011, a cloudy one out on the dunes of this tiny seaside village named after the Oysters that are still harvested to this day, as you look out upon Dowses Beach in the early morning Light…  I took my own advice on Saturday morning, the true day of rest, and watched a good movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, by far the preeminent feature film about the level of greed and corruption that existed then, back in the latter half of the 1930’s, as it does now, in the year 2011.  And as we patiently listen to our friends, and I mean that in all sincerity, on the right side of the aisle of our political system here in the good ‘ole US of A, yes, we may look to that 1939 movie, that should have won an Oscar, and see truisms that transcend the ‘arc of time’, sending US ‘back to the future’ in a muddled mess of hypocrisy, denial and outright deceit, bordering on an uncomfortable level of betrayal to what the founding father’s of this nation truly wanted for ALL it’s people, not just the lucky few, namely the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…  I give to you the last words spoken in that movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, by the late, great Jimmy Stewart, who gave, perhaps, the performance of his career, whose goal seemed to be raising the level of consciousness of ‘the American People’, via HOPE, FAITH, and above all CHARITY, attempting to convince our brothers and sisters to come together once again as one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.  Take it away 1939 CBS correspondent!  “Senator Smith has now talked for over 23 hours and sixteen minutes, what he lacked in experience, he has more than made up for in FIGHT.”  Jimmy Stewart’s ‘Senator Smith’: “Just get up off the ground, that’s all I ask, get up there with that Lady, that is up on this Capitol dome, that Lady that stands for Liberty.  Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something… And you won’t just see scenery, you’ll see the whole parade of what man has carved out for himself, after centuries of fighting…  I guess this is just another lost cause Mr. Payne.  All you people know about lost causes. Mr. Payne does, he said they are the only causes worth fighting for, and he fought for them once, for the only reason why any man fights for them, because of just one plain and simple rule–LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. And in this world today, filled with hatred, a man who knows that one rule, has a Great Trust. You know that rule, Mr. Payne, and I loved you for it, just like my father did, and you know that you fight for lost causes harder than any others.  Yes, you even die for them.  Like a man, we both know Mr. Payne…  You think I’m licked?  Well, I’m not licked!  And I’m going to stay right here and fight for this lost cause.  Even if this room gets filled with lies, these (holding up fraudulent papers sent to destroy Smith), and all the “Taylor’s” come marching in with all their armies, somebody is going to listen to me.  Somebody is going to listen to me… Somebody is going to listen to me.” WE hear you loud and clear Mr. James Stewart, and WE, at least here at seacapecod.net, salute you and thank you for bringing US full circle at this late hour of 2011.  Have a wonderful Sunday folks and keep the FAITH, tomorrow is just a day ‘a way’.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 12, 2011

Small, Powerful LIGHT

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket~!  Great to be with you on this twelfth day of August, 2011, a beauty on tap here in Osterville, the tiny, tiny seaside village on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, a town that is only a mere football toss from Hyannis Port, former home to the thirty-fifth President of the United States of America…a country that seems to be looking much different than it once did when Jack Kennedy held the highest office in the land.  WE live, now, in a world that believes in the illusion of separation, when all we have to ‘real eyes’, is this, and this only–this world holds the ‘God of sickness’ closer than the real world where we are truly ALL one, as the weapons of fear, deceit and that degenerative lust for power and treasure rule the day.  Misery loves company, no?  WE are not stupid, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and as more of the truth is introduced to the light of day, more and more of our brother’s and sister’s will breathe a little easier, for when one understands what is going on, on every level, in not only this country, but indeed the world, one loses that FEAR that is so closely held as the weapon of choice to control the minds, hearts and souls of those ‘American people’–voting, blindly, against their own best interests.  Looking up at Brandt Point Lighthouse on the fabled island of Nantucket, a small, powerful LIGHT that carried many a ship from the dark, cold, stormy seas of the Atlantic, home to the safety of the harbor on that ‘far away island’, we, too, in the year of our LORD 2011, WILL remember that ‘the truth shall set you free’… In every instance, in every ‘time’, in every sense of those words written over 500 years ago by one William Shakespeare… History repeats itself because no one bothered listening in the first place.   Have a wonderful week end folks and may the spirit that IS Holy, always be with you and yours, not only this day, but for many, many years to come…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 10, 2011

Movie Magic…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Wednesday morning, the tenth day of August, 2011, as you peruse the image above of a movie set shot on Dowses Beach here in Osterville only a few short years ago…  The movie, “The Lightkeepers”, a story about Light House keepers during the 19th century, starring the incomparable Richard Dreyfuss, was not a big blockbuster, such as the usual Hollywood cliched ‘brand name’ series like ‘Pirates of the Carribean’, or ‘Transformers 5′, yet drew in some real life history of our nation by way of the LIGHT that navigated so many of our ships over the decades, navigating them to safer shores and more prosperous harbors.  Most of life’s riddles are answered in the movies, or in books that no one reads anymore, and we can look to the state of Wisconsin for more of a clear view of that mystical relationship and truism represented in the simple question regarding our fading democracy, “if we are not going to be a democracy, then what the hell are we doing, to what goal are we trying to reach?”… In the state of Wisconsin yesterday, there was a recall vote of six state republicans that make up part of the Wisconsin state legislature.  As of midnight last night, two of those formerly held republican seats were retaken by democrats, with only one remaining, in Waukesha County, the eighth district, yes, only one remaining for the people of Wisconsin to take back their state from a corporate owned puppet, in the form of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, who has stripped union rights, and hence the vote, from the very good people of a very good state.  Sandy Pasch, the democrat in that race, was losing at that midnight hour, and now lost at the eight o’clock hour, to veteran republican Ms. ‘Darling’, a darling of Citizens United, who most now conclude won due to the corrupt vote counting practices of country clerk Kathy Nichols who has been in hot water before, such as in during the state’s recent Supreme Court voting, thus, leaving many in the state of Wisconsin wondering, “do we still live in a democracy?”…  Wisconsin is the microcosm for the rest of the nation, for as union membership goes, and it’s fairness and overall prosperity for all, so does the middle class in this nation, a nation that is being had by the coming, or the attempted coming of a real Plutocracy, ruled by the likes of ‘the brother’s KOCH’–polluting your rivers and streams, estuaries and lakes with their deadly, and secret, cocktail of 596 chemicals that are used in the process of “fracking” for ‘natural gas’, a profit driven scheme that will eventually, if nothing is done to STOP them, destroy most of our sources of clean drinking water in this country forever–a small, very small, group of people who are hell bent on taking whatever they want from this land at the expense of the majority of her people, while simultaneously destroying what our founding father’s and creative intelligence set up over 237 years ago…namely democracy with a small ‘d’.   Which is just fine with David and Charles, for their water is of the bottled variety and is abundant in nature, as opposed to the water that is being sought for in Somalia, where millions of people are dying of thirst and hunger due to a devastating drought caused by carbon dioxide being carelessly emitted into our precious atmosphere, an atmosphere that is warming by the day…  Thanks Exxon-Mobile, Koch Industries and Halliburton! I hope you boys can sleep well at night, for your days of secrecy are almost OVER!  Have a nice day folks and remember to not take any more of those poisonous wooden nickles from the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, so aptly named, for FOX NEWS is not selling any alibis and does not take American Express for the release of it’s viewing prisoner-ship!  arrrrgghhhhh matie! Please donate, if you can, to the efforts going on in Somalia, where literally millions of women and children need your help–to donate please visit savethechildren.org, or care.org…Thank you…     PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 9, 2011

Spooky Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this beautiful day here in Osterville, not as scary as the sunrise you see above you, an image taken from “Faith Hill”, at Dowses Beach, here in that tiny, tiny seaside village… an image of our star after a hurricane missed the area only a few short months ago.  I use this image to represent, of course, the picture corporate owned and operated Standard and Poor’s, the rating agency that recently downgraded U.S. Treasury bonds from a AAA rating to a AA plus, wants the “American People” to see…a move that was partially to blame for yesterday’s Dow Jones Industrial sell off of over 634 points, wiping out all of the gains for the year and then some, yes, this is the spooky picture that that quasi government institution wants you to see.  We must take the S&P with a big grain of salt, however, for they are the same rating agency that gave all of those junk, sub-prime derivatives/credit default swaps a AAA rating, along with giving Lehman brothers, the giant, now gone, investment bank, that same rating days before the crash of 2008.  Credibility is not synonymous with S&P.  These ‘men’, John Chambers and the guy from London, who head up this once prestigious company, claim that political brinkmanship and the lack of fiscal ‘progress’ in Washington was the real reason for the downgrade…really?  It seems to US all that you folks are the ones who are playing with fuzzy math (2 trillion dollar error in the S&P calculations) and playing political football with the nation’s and indeed world’s economies.  The fact is, Republicorp of America is using this firm as a platform for more spending cuts in November that will hurt the most vulnerable among us, herding more cash to the top one tenth of the top one percent, you know, those 400 people that own half of the wealth in this nation, or that equal to 150 million people–those 400 people that are going to ‘create jobs’ in this country, ’cause gosh darn-it, they just love the good ‘ole US of A too much to let anything happen to her or her people… Heeuuck! It is a political game reeking of a true to life Stockholm Syndrome, where the captors, the hostage takers, not only steal all of the gold via extortion, but while still threatening their captors (”the American People”), they sadistically instill more FEAR in them, so much so, that the abused captives will resort to anything to appease their abusers, their jailers, their masters… Common behaviors include appeasement of their endless and insane demands, ultimately feeling sorry for them, as many rape victims do, or those who have suffered a trauma as the result of a vicious assault, or live military action.  Rupert Murdoch’s boys know this, as do the boys over at the Heritage Foundation, believe me, I KNOW, and thus, will continue these tactics until they finally get what they wanted all along–a Plutocracy that keeps the poor, huddled masses in their place, while continuing to rape and pillage OUR lands for the short term profits that will mark their gravestones.  Please continue to say a prayer for those brother’s and sister’s suffering in the greatest Humanitarian crisis of our lifetimes– going on right NOW in the horn of Africa, Somalia to be exact, where millions of refugees are fleeing that drought stricken country in search of food and water, with many women and children dying along the way.  If you wish to help, as AID is really getting in to Kenya and the other refugee camps, please visit, savethechildren.org or care.org…  Thank you.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 8, 2011

Heron, Great Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good Monday morning to you and yours, on this soggy, humid start to the day here in Osterville, the eighth day of August, 2011, a morning where the U.S. awaits it’s fate in the domestic and international markets as futures in the Dow Jones Industrial were marked down significantly after the ratings agency of Standard and Poor’s downgraded U.S. Treasury bonds from the AAA rating it has always maintained, to a AA plus, on par with Belgium, with most in the KNOW expecting significant turbulence today on Wall Street…  The Dow was down by over 235 points in those futures, with Asian markets down significantly as well, foreshadowing more economic woes ahead for individuals, as well as small businesses, who are swimming upstream in a market that is still held hostage by the radical right in this country, held by hostage takers called the ‘tea party’, a manufactured group of individuals who act upon talking points handed down from ‘on high’ by their corporate overlord puppet masters, a FACT no one is really willing to go on record defending or disputing, nor is any political ‘leader’ willing to explain to average American citizen the REAL reason there are no jobs in this country–a strategy that was put in place by the rising oligarchy or plutocracy that cares not for the 98 percent of Americans who make under 250,000 dollars a year, rather, cares only about short term PROFITS, that do not mix well with our social safety nets, safety nets that were put in place by leaders much greater than they, to protect OUR people from the likes of the ‘brother’s KOCH’, or Halliburton, who will continue to poison our lakes, streams, estuaries and rivers, with their corrupt cocktail of 596 deadly chemicals used in the ‘fracking process’ of attaining ‘natural gas’–not to mention our Gulfs, our bays and our most pristine wildlife refuges, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, that are under constant threat by big oil to ‘drill, baby drill’, an exercise that does not ‘help out the American consumer’, rather, helps companies like the monster corporation Exxon-Mobile to gain access to cheap oil so as to sell out on the open market, as it continues raking in record profit at the expense of US all.  The ‘American People’ have been lied to for so long by media outlets, all corporate owned for the most part, yes, LIED to for so long, they have no clue as to what the real TRUTH is anymore, thus, have no platform upon which to base their judgement on.  This systematic dismantling of our democratic DNA has left this country without leaders who truly represent the PEOPLE’S best interest, the whole point to our DEMOCRACY, opting for loyalty to special interests that come in the form of lobbyists in our nation’s capitol, busy at work right now in D.C., even as the rest of congress is in on a month long break from duty.  The markets will tell the tale in the end, and we will see how big business reigns supreme over common sense, as more and more Americans go to bed hungry, asking themselves how they can BUY a job.   On yet another very serious note, Cape Cod, Barnstable in particular, lost a hero over the week end, as a Chinook helicopter carrying 30 American soldiers, including twenty-two elite soldiers, went down in Afghanistan, most coming from the great J.S.O.C.’s Navy Seal team Six, the same group of special op soldiers who took out Osama Bin Laden.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who were affected by this tragedy, a tragedy that should never have happened as we all try and make sense of why we are in Afghanistan to begin with…asking the question, a very legitimate question, “what is our end game?”….. May you have a wonderful week ahead, and please, should you wish, please send a prayer out to those suffering the greatest humanitarian crisis in modern day Africa, as millions of refugees from the country of Somalia flee to Kenya, searching for food and water in the one of the worst droughts to ever strike that region of the world.  Mostly woman and children are dying, at least 3.5 million of them, who are not only faced with the drought and famine itself, but also the armed guerrillas that are blocking AID from reaching it’s goal.  Two organizations are doing an outstanding job, however, of getting food in where it is most needed, savethechildren.org and care.org, so should you choose to donate to either of these worthy causes, you too, could make a HUGE difference in the life of someone who is trying to survive another day.  Thank you. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 7, 2011

Dragon’s Breath

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on this Sunday morning, the seventh day of August, 2011, a rainy one on Cape, as Osterville is being drenched at this hour in a late summer downpour…  I was planning on taking the week end off, however, as the news came on Friday night, that the once highly regarded Standard and Poor’s, an international credit rating agency, downgraded the U.S. Treasury notes from a AAA rating to a AA plus, a move that some in the KNOW would call another underhanded move by the republicans to continue ’starving the beast’ (the U.S. government that is built upon the principal of taking care of it’s people, ALL of it’s people), per the orders of the snake Grover Norquist, and his puppet masters the corporate plutocracy, insuring that the ‘blame’ go to a President whose hands are tied, via the corruption of a rigged system, and thus, insuring the ushering in of Republicorp’s nominee for the next “leader” of this great nation, well, I just had to say something.  Comment on this great nation that has seemed to have lost it’s way… For who is for this VOODOO economics of Milton Friedman? Who is Milton Friedman?  Google the ‘Chilean experiment’ and get back to me.  One only need look back to the 1950’s, not a whole lot of ‘time’ in the grand scheme of things, to get the answers one is searching for…  More to come, but, until then, I ask you to think of this and this only… was it only a few months ago that Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced the concept of a voucher system for senior citizens on Medicare? (a voucher that would pay for perhaps two or three days in the hospital, leaving them without any more benefits).  Who do you think these guys really care about?  It is not your grandma or your grandpa I can assure you.  Plutocrats are interested in one thing and one thing only–increasing their stranglehold on the American people’s collective necks…  Have a wonderful Sunday folks and remember to not take any wooden nickles from the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s FOX NEWS, those nickles were never meant for human consumption.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 5, 2011

Chatham Sand

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Friday, high noon, the fifth day of August, 2011, a beautiful one on Cape, as you look above at the sand of Chatham, a town much like Osterville, 30 miles due east, on the elbow, if you will, of this little sand bar created over 11,500 year ago by the Last Great Ice Age…  It is a quite day here as well as in Washington, as we all try and recover from the manufactured crisis surrounding the raising of this nation’s debt ceiling, a feat that has been done 78 times in the past thirty years.  “We” are all very concerned about the debt of course, because it is all connected, and those in the most fear are those whose money is in the markets, that took a nose dive yesterday, as the Dow Jones Industrial fell over 500 points.  The real problem in this country, however, is not how much the rich lost today, rather, it is the lack of good jobs and the slow disintegration of the middle class, the very backbone of America as we once knew it.  The ‘Grand Canyon’ between the haves and the have nots is growing by the hour, and yet we are blinded to that fact by way of poisonous airwaves that now have real ‘drones’ (News Corporation’s Rupert Murdoch), insuring that gullible minds follow under the spell of the Stockholm Syndrome that has put most Americans in a prison that they are convinced was made for their own good.  Oh, Republicorp, is there nothing you can’t do?  Stay tuned for more in November, as Dracula takes another big bite out of proven social programs designed to care for the most vulnerable among US.  Meanwhile, I pray that you and yours have a nice week end… I will be returning to you LIVE next Wednesday, so, until then, consider turning the television news stations off and, as a change, watching a good movie, or, better yet, reading a book–perhaps “True Compass”, by the late, great Last LION of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy, who asked one simple question just before he passed on into a better plane, “…when does the greed stop?” PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 4, 2011

Chatham Thumbs UP~!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be back with you on this Thursday morning here in Osterville, the fourth day of August, 2011, a spectacular day at that, as the Cape and Islands have been blessed with some beautiful weather over the past two weeks or so, with only one or two days being unbearable if working out of doors.  The reason for my absence here at little old seacapecod.net, was due to the fact that I was privileged enough to work on the Adam Sandler film “I Hate You Dad”, a hilarious take on the secrets that human beings tend to carry around and come out at the most inappropriate times.  Suffice to say, it is a movie that you will want to go and see, bringing the fun E with Will Forte (the brother’s Solomon), Rachel Dratch, “Dante” and other members of Saturday Night Live, not to mention the great humanitarian and humorist himself, Mr. Adam Sandler, (power in part by his great production company–’Happy Madison Production’), along with Columbia Pictures, who literally lit up this sleepy little town of Osterville, a mere football toss away from Hyannis Port, former home to the late, great thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Mr. Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie. It was an honor and, as I mentioned before, a privilege to work with such a fine group of human beings… from the principal actors, such as the wonderful Tony Orlando, Leighton Meester, Andy Sandberg, Vanilla Ice and James Caan, to the guys working the California based Gala catering, not to mention “Kraft services”, who kept all of ‘background’ hydrated and happy.  Last, but certainly not least, I would like to mention all of the great people I met on the set–professional actors from New York, hello!, Massachusetts, Los Angeles and everywhere in between, as well as the non-union locals, real life ‘regular life’ New England people of the highest class, ranging from systems analysts to entrepreneurs, firemen to nurses, who did such a great job as extras I sometimes felt like the day was over before it began…and of whom many I will consider friends for life.  I wish you all the very BEST and please stay in touch!  And, once again, to Adam Sandler, may you always remember Cape Cod, Osterville in particular, and know that you brought a whole boat load of JOY into ALL of our ‘Don’t hassle me I’m a local’ (s) lives…(credit the tee-shirt worn on Lake Winapasake by another SNL great, Bill Murray in the classic film, “What About Bob?”) Thank you, and may God Bless you and your family. Moving on to Washington D.C., and the never ending mud fight that is getting this country of ours NOWHERE, perhaps we should all shift gears and tune in to the great state of Texas, on August 6, 2011, or better yet, fly on down to Houston, in order to attend an all day and night prayer rally?  Sound good?  You bet it does!  A prayer rally for the ‘nation’ where Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, current governor of Texas, is planning a big old pray fest, designed, I presume, to solve all of this nation’s very real and very painful problems.  Yes, on Saturday, at Reliance stadium, good ‘ole boy Rick Perry will be holding a 7 hour long prayer session that will hope to seek that moral and economic guidance from the big cowboy hat in the sky… Gives ‘YA goosebumps don’t it?  Take it away Rick!  “With the economy in trouble, communities in crisis and people adrift in a sea of moral relativism, we need God’s help (define GOD governor!)…that’s why I’m calling on Americans to pray and fast, just like Jesus did, and as God called on the Israelites in the book of Joel (are for real?), I sincerely hope you’ll join me in Houston on August 6th and take your place in Reliance Stadium (go…! ah, who plays there?, oh, product placement plays there, that’s right), with praying people asking ‘God’s forgiveness’”. (asking forgiveness for the minimum wage and food pantries?)  Thank YOU Rick, for that, just one question, does God endorse Reliance product placement in your quest to forgive the masses for being poor?  Perry finishes by saying, “Make plans to be part of something even bigger than Texas…” “You’re a funny guy Mr. Perry, are sure you want to be a night club comic?  Where’s the rest of this Moose?” (credit the classic film, circa 1981, Arthur and the late, great Dudley Moore).  As Keith Olbermann, of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every week night at 8,11 p.m., EDT, only on Current TV, put it so well on last night’s show, “…that is a bigger number than the number of attendees disguised as empty seats…”, adding, “…the majority of invited speakers and politicians have declined, and only 8000 have registered for the free event, which leaves about 63,000 empty seats in the stadium that housed the 2004 Superbowl.  I would say to Governor Rick Perry that he speaks and prays to the ‘God of Sickness’, for Jesus did walk for forty days and forty nights in the desert, tempted by the snake that is Satan, yet his mission was one of Compassion, LOVE, Forgiveness, HOPE, and mostly JOY, for the good news is that Rick Perry has no more idea of what Jesus said, did and MEANT than did Pontius Pilate who ordered his death, nor did the Holy order that ruled Jerusalem at the time.  The Son of God would more likely say–should Jesus ever be asked to appear in a football stadium named after some corporate product–something like this.  “And now I tell you again, A TRUTH of great importance.  God is one.  God is God.  God has not been split asunder, Cannot be, and never shall be.  The nature of God is the very nature of existence, And the nature of Life Itself.  And were God to be split asunder, Existence, as existence, would cease to be.  And such cannot happen.” Moreover, “If you design to see your brother as ignorant of the truth, If you design to see your brother as being in need of salvation, If you design to see your brother as being in need of your guidance and your wisdom, You are but seeing littleness in your brother, and proving to yourself that you believe that same littleness yet abides in you.” The reason false prophets win over so many minds is through that littleness offered to them, as if to say, “You, my brother, are not worthy, so sacrifice some more, so that ‘we’, can, once again, determine if you are worthy, you know, down the road, or whenever ‘we’ get around to it…but please keep on buying those Doritos…!”  Doesn’t sound like the words of Jesus to me Rick!   Have a nice day folks and may creative intelligence, or anything bigger than the ego of Rick Perry and his ilk please look upon this nation with kindness as well as looking down upon the millions of refugees on the Somalian/Kenyan border, who are facing a real time FAMINE and could use all of the prayers and donations WE can offer.  Should you care to donate, please do so at savethechildren.org or care.org. Thank you.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

August 2, 2011

Lone Nantucket Sail

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the second day of August, 2011, a warm and humid one on Cape, as we all look to relief from the oppressive weather this nation is experiencing, in ‘far away’ locals such as the one you see above, a lone sailboat racing with the wind across on the waters just off shore of the fabled island of Nantucket, an island that sits 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts… Things in Washington D.C. will most likely cool down as well today, as an historic debt ceiling catastrophe was averted yesterday, late in the afternoon, with the House of Representatives passing a bill that will extend the debt ceiling until after the elections of 2012, along with a 912 billion dollar spending cut on ‘discretionary’ spending, over the course of the next ten years, and a 1.2-1.5 trillion dollar spending cut package whose chief architects will be a ’super congressional bi-partisan committee’ that will, beginning in November, make the tough decisions on where to cut next.  The bill, passing with a 269-161 vote comes with no tax revenues of ANY kind, as taxes, as a percentage of the GDP, are at 50 year lows, coming at a time when we need revenue as a balanced approach to solving our overall national debt of 14.3 trillion.  Putting that in some kind of historical perspective, one need only review a pie chart Chris Hayes of the Nation Magazine put together–revealing that balance, or compromise, that was reflected in the congressional debt ceiling increases in the past.  In 1984, then President Ronald Reagan, passed an increase in the debt ceiling that included 82 percent tax INCREASES with 18 percent in spending cuts.  In 1990, President George H. Bush, passed one with a ratio of 62 percent tax increases and 38 percent spending cuts, and, in 1993, President Bill Clinton raised that very same debt ceiling with 62 percent coming in the form of spending cuts and 38 percent tax increases.  Fast forward to only a few weeks ago, when President Obama was toying with a 75 percent spending cut to 25 percent tax increase ratio, with republicans of the 112th congress looking more at an 85/15 split.  The bill, that will be signed into LAW at noon today, has 100 percent spending cuts, with more to come (defense being the big loser), as republicans successfully managed to keep revenues completely off the table, even though medicare, may be ‘on the table’ in the form of reducing payments to providers, although details are unknown, as the ’super committee’ has yet to be formed.  There will be a ‘trigger’ of sorts should congress fail to act, or find the appropriate cuts, when that committee meets in November, cutting spending across the board for all government programs, including defense, where one out of every two dollars cut will come from that corner of the government.  The problem is still, however, the economy, as most economists worth their salt would conclude that what was needed initially when this country was on it’s knees in 2008, was a stimulus package it never got.  Namely one that was big enough to truly jump start the fragility of an economy on life support, while tabling the long term debt until the out years of 2015-2020, proving that this ‘crisis’ was manufactured so that one side could get most, if not all, of what they wanted, while the other side, gave and gave and gave.  Lest we forget that only eleven short years ago, this country was sitting on a surplus, with no crisis looming in the far off distance.  Two unpaid for wars later, along with a GIANT tax payer subsidy (corporate welfare) for pharmaceutical companies, and the 4.1 trillion dollar tax breaks offered by George W. Bush in 2001 and 2003, not to mention the collapse itself that came on the heals of a LACK of oversight on Wall Street’s interesting, morally bankrupt, ‘derivatives’ market, we, as a country are where we are, and President Obama was forced, via the hand he was dealt, to agree to a plan that will keep this country in the black, yet offers that by way of the Stockholm Syndrome that has kept this country hostage for the better part of this year.  Not a way to govern by any stretch of the imagination, for it is very clear now that the republican agenda is not so much about getting people back to work, as it is about reducing the ’size of government so that one could drown it in a bath tub…’ (quote from Grover, “the man with the no tax plan”, Norquist).  This divided government, or dysfunctional government, has made the rift, the gap, the distance between the haves and the have nots that much greater, as it dissolves the middle class into a massive working poor, that needs to keep plugging away until their collective last breathe, working two or three jobs just to keep afloat, while a rigged system keeps tax rates for those who can afford fancy tax lawyers at 15 percent or so, while the rest of “the American People”, pay 30 percent.  I pray that WE can see the ‘facts through the forest’… I hope that WE begin to see charity as a virtue and gift we offer to others, and simultaneously ourselves, and mostly, as naive as this may sound, I pray that WE see that UNITED WE RIDE, divided we fall, and by focusing a little more on that “WE”, we shed some of that ‘me’, allowing for the real LIGHT to shine on through.  May God bless this country once again. Another big shout out to the cast and crew of “I Hate You Dad”, an Adam Sandler film, that I have been privileged to work on for the past week and a half of so, it has been an honor and a privilege, we’ll see YA on Wednesday!  Thank you for bringing Hollywood to Osterville! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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