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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 31, 2011


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, a day after the “Figawi” sailboat race that has taken place now every year since 1972, with this being the 40th annual race, a race that starts in Hyannis, on Cape, and goes to the island of Nantucket, roughly 30 miles due south/southeast of Cape Cod’s main hub.  It began as a bet of sorts between three sailors who were apparently having lunch at Baxter’s Fish and Chips, a famous restaurant on Hyannis Harbor, where one sailor bet the other that he could get to ‘Nantucket faster than thee…’ Today, it is a world class regatta that attracts sailors from all over New England, not just Cape Cod and the Islands, and has also become quite the social event as well, attracting celebrities from all over, culminating in quite a party, as the Regatta Ball normally has the reputation of always bringing a “good time had by all”…  The origin of the name sounds like a mysterious Indian phrase, but alas, it was just one of the sailor’s girlfriend’s who, on the boat years ago, and not being much of a navigator, shouted out, “where the f&ck are we?”.  With the level of noise coming from the wind and water being greater than her voice, the sailor only heard, “where the figawi?”–that is how the race got it’s illustrious name.  The image you see above is a shot from Dowses Beach here in Osterville, from atop “Faith Hill”, bringing in the whole of Nantucket Sound, as the boats fly out of Hyannis, west towards a marker, then southeast towards the “far away island”, as the Indians once called what is today known as “Nantucket”, a super rich, exclusive island that is the stage for a world class novel coming out soon by yours truly, “Taking Fog to Nantucket,” already in the hands of Hollywood’s elite, who will show just how brutal an island it can be as well.  What’s that old Eagle’s song lyric say so well, “A pretty face, don’t make no pretty heart…”, something like that, or was it Robert Palmer?  We’ll just have to ask the Nantucket Police Department about that one, but make sure you bring a body guard, your lawyer, and a whole boat load of cash and/or your VISA card, ’cause the NPD don’t take any crap, and they don’t take American Express…  Well, on that note, I hope ya’ll have a great week and your summer plans all come true! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Message

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Memorial Day, the thirtieth day of May, 2011, a day in which we honor our brave men and women in uniform, both alive and dead, who have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, in order to carry out the duties their have laid down for them, superiors who should be busy keeping this country safe from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Of the roughly 310 million people living in this great land of ours today, only 1-2 percent of our population is really involved with the military in any meaningful way, and thus, as we travel down the road of a ten year long war, America’s longest, Afghanistan, we, eerily, are not really all that aware of it, save a brief mentioning on the NBC Nightly News, with anchor person Brian Williams, at the tail end of the twenty two minute broadcast.  We never see the coffins coming off the planes, per the order of then President Bush who demanded that veterans returning home for burial not be televised, as it would harm him politically.  America is at war in three different venues now, each one offering a different set of challenges and dangers.  Just this past week, nine American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, killed by some cheap IED, or “improvised Explosive device”, killed in a war that does not really mean anything any longer to most, if not all, typical Americans you might ask in the neighborhood shopping mall parking lots, from sea to shining sea…  Where would they get enough knowledge to offer up a real opinion any way?  No, where would they get the motivation to find the information, then digest the intelligence via critical thinking, thereby being in the position to render a valid opinion?  That is the overall problem.  We have a society that is told one thing on the national television idiot box, brought to you by Comcast, telling you what to think since 2010, when they took over the cable industry, as well as MSNBC, sorry Keith, yes, told US one thing regarding war and our ever present NEED for “it”, and on the other hand, could, for once tell quite another story on a day like today, “Memorial Day”, where we honor our fallen soldiers with a far off look into the unknown–thanking them for protecting our nation from harm, even if sometimes that story of the “threat” of harm was made up, it matters nonetheless, for that is the beauty of an American soldier, his care lies not with the policy makers in Washington D.C., nor in pundits who lay claim, guilty as charged, to the high road, a road we would ALL like to be on someday, no, his care lies with his brothers’ in arms, fighting for each and every LIFE of his platoon, above and beyond his own, until the bitter end, and when that bitter end does not come to fruition, that soldier is shipped “home” to a place where he once felt as though he belonged, yet somehow, today, he does not, it feels alien to him, and he feels alone, unable to communicate with his fellow man, as the assault of war carried with it a mighty blow to his soul, a soul in need of some tender loving care, for it is in the grip of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an invisible “dis” ease that keeps one in a constant state of alertness, a hyper-vigilance, having, as one radio show host, Jordan Rich of WBZ in Boston, put it, “having the volume on the ‘fight or flight’ response mechanism in the human brain turned all the way up.”  That is what many soldiers are facing on this Memorial Day, a day to remember what their brother’s are still going through, including them, as they struggle with the “memory” of that horrible day, every day, as if it were that day, over and over again. Please say a little prayer today for that veteran who suffers from this invisible debilitating disease called PTSD, and hope that more will seek treatment and receive it. Have a wonderful day folks.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 29, 2011

Bay State

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the twenty-ninth day of May, 2011, another foggy one, as we keep on getting one foggy day here on Cape and certainly the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket after another–where the fog forms often and sometimes is not made up of water droplets at all, rather deep corruption and lies provided by the Nantucket Police Department, as in the tale, and true story, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, that will be available in book stores very soon…stay tuned, same bat time, same bat station.  It is, of course, Sunday morning and that means it is time for our favorite Sunday morning talk shows–“This Week, with Christiane Amanpour”, and “Meet the Press, with David Gregory”, being the best in the business, both on in the a.m., check your local listings, and airing on ABC and NBC respectively.  I have no idea who will be on the shows this morning, but safe to say I think we will be hearing quite a lot about the victory by the democrats in the 26th district of New York, where they held a special election for the position that became available after the newly elected congressman decided to join the “Craig’s List” walk of shame and pose with his shirt off.  The results were not only astonishing, considering the fact that a democrat has not won in those parts since the mid 19th century, but, moreover, believed, by many, representing an omen of things to come. The republican party has overstepped its’ bounds (their recent attempt at the life of Medicare and Medicaid, via Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco!”, Ryan’s bill “Pathway to Poverty”, I mean Prosperity) and thus, will pay a heavy political price.  There is no doubt that the likes of Governors such as Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio and Rick Synder of Michigan represent the very worst that the republican party can be, i.e. fascists, therefore, they will be the first to go, along with perhaps up to 25 members of the House, turning power back over to the democrats in not only 2012, but 2014 as well.  The American voter is beginning to see the LIGHT regarding the horrible nature of who these puppets in both houses of congress really are, who they work for and where they wish to take this truly hurting nation.  We have been, collectively, in the grips of corporate special interests for upwards of three decades now, and the gig is up.  As our environment continues to go downhill, and our children look at us as if we have lost our minds on so many different issues and levels, from gay marriage to the crazies on the side of creationism, we all know this country cannot maintain it’s ignorance, intolerance and inhumanity much longer.  Something has got to give, and it will be the runaway corporate greed that has bankrupted this nation and sent it into a knee jerk reaction life centered around fear, hate and paranoia.   So, today, as we mark the day before we mark another important Memorial Day for a nation that has been at war seemingly forever, let us remember why we fight wars to begin with…  Is it for the profit margins of big oil companies?  Or is it for our grandparents, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our children, our friends, our fellow man who cannot fight for himself, fighting against naked aggression that comes in many forms now “a days”, and must be called out regardless of what soil it is discovered upon?  Let us please, above all, keep THAT in mind.  GOD’S SPEED to the recovery and comfort of the people of Joplin, Missouri today, as President Barack Obama visits that tornado torn city, that lost upwards of 132 people in one of the most violent tornado outbreaks this nation has seen in recent memory, may you find peace today and always… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 26, 2011

“A River Runs Through It”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning here in Osterville, a day with quite a lot of moisture in the air, as the hills and dales, beaches and bogs are covered in a thick foggy grip, obscuring vision and creating that ghostly look that one can only really get on Cape Cod, with “the old world shadows hanging heavy in the air…”  I wonder what Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and George Washington would have thought about the special election that occurred Tuesday night in the state of New York, where Kathy Hochul, a long shot democrat, took out the long standing republican reign and as such, acted as a real referendum on Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco”, Ryan’s plan to destroy medicare by turning it into a measly voucher program, where you give our “greatest generation”, 15,000 dollars worth of vouchers to go out into the wolves den that IS private FOR PROFIT insurance companies that make up a monopoly on health care delivery in this nation, rationing care while demanding more and more premium, to pay for the over bloated salaries of it’s CEO’s, most of which do not deserve more than eight dollars an hour, yes, “empowering”, as Paul put it, seniors to go out there and purchase junk insurance policies that will deny coverage and act as a death panel to every senior out there who were all safe and sound with the system that was put in place by the late, great President Lyndon B. Johnson, who, in 1965 put pen to paper and made Medicare the law of the land, stating, “that no longer will seniors be left out in the cold,” which is exactly what the draconian Ryan bill would have done.  Nice try congressman, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool the real American people, especially seniors who once changed your diapers. Where’s the LOVE congressman?  Where’s the honor in dehumanizing grandma and grandpa?  You are a disgrace for crying out to the only “media” you’ve got, FOX, or fixed news, that WE, the liberal media, “demagogued” medicare, “by scaring seniors”, what, with the add of you, Paul Ryan, taking little old grandma for a ride in a wheel chair, up the mountain, only to push her out of her chair and into the abyss, effectively ending her life, is that what disturbed you congressman?  If you are that dim, I feel sorry for you, however, I have the sneaking suspicion that you are not, and therefore, I ask where is your heart, where is your intention, where is your soul in relation to the shadow you carry around with you?  Who is winning the battle?  I can assure you that Adams, Washington, and Franklin, not to mention Jefferson, Paine, and Lafayette, would look you dead in the eyes and tell you that you and your greedy brethren are wrong and are sell outs of the highest order.  You are selling the real America (Democracy–of “WE the people”, not “we” the corporations) and it’s people, not to mention it’s environment, down the river, a river you have allowed your buddies to pollute to the point of no return.  This latest bait and switch with the “American people”, this “pathway to poverty”, I mean “prosperity”, you just lost in the Senate by a 57-40 vote, is a disgrace and you know it… I mean come on, enough with all the bull$hit rhetoric about the “American people” that you claim to know and love so much, always assume to speak for and somehow know, intuitively I guess, know exactly what they need, want, demand, thereby putting you in the unique position of helping them, helping them–especially the ones’ who demand our highest respect and adoration, our senior citizens (a respect that native American Indians still give their elders)–off a cliff, sending them into an abyss that could be a fate worse than death, all by taking away their safety net of Medicare, a program that they don’t have to worry about, nor should future seniors have to worry about either.  It is bad enough we still have private insurance in this country, a country that would do a whole lot better with Medicare for all, as they have in just about every progressive, industrialized nation on planet earth, countries that are passing us by, educationally, technologically, and economically.   A program that they don’t have to suffer through the Madison Avenue fun house, premiering the most recent corrupt smoke and mirror show, geared, by the insurance industry, a den of thieves on par with the oil and gas industry, to confuse seniors, who are so vulnerable, thus, making HUGE PROFITS while offering nothing in the way of real HEALTH CARE.  This is the GOD’S honest TRUTH.  This idea of killing medicare is insane and will not stand.  The 26th district of New York proved that Tuesday beyond a shadow of a doubt, and will be the marking of the turning of the tide, once again, this time, back towards the TRUTH, which will bring forth new growth and prosperity, as the river carries out the garbage and cleanses itself back to it’s original form.  Have a nice day folks and don’t take any more of those gosh darn wooden nickles you may be tempted to glean from the likes of FOX NEWS, like a chalupa from Taco Bell, it sounds like a good idea at the time, but a half hour later, you feel as though you want to die.  Please say a little prayer, should you wish, to the people of the heart land, especially those folks in Joplin, Missouri, the heart break is so deep, GOD be with them.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 25, 2011

Quiet Morning

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-fifth day of May, 2011, a bright, sunny one here in Osterville, as you take a look out onto my world above.  I hope this message in a bottle finds you and yours warm and safe wherever you may be in this great big world we all share.  The vicious tornadoes that hit Joplin, Missouri yesterday, killing one hundred and eleven people, with many still missing, is just another example of why we need the best severe weather predicting tools available to ALL, and that, of course, means NOT cutting the budgets for the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration and National Weather Service, as the republicans wish to do, as well as abolish Medicare and Medicaid, while they take tax increases for the wealthy, “off the table”, effectively attempting to throw grandma and grandpa out into the cold, saying, “here are some coupons, why don’t you see that we are “empowering” you (as congressman Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco!” Ryan (R-WI) recently said when describing his pathetic plan to solve our growing national debt), to just go on out there and purchase some private health insurance from an industry that will be more than happy to give rather than take, as has been their policy from the inception of health insurance in this great nation of ours for decades and decades now, yes, a truly altruistic industry.  How is it “empowering” to take away guaranteed coverage, while raising the estimated out of pocket expense paid by those seniors (by the congressional budget committee) by 8000 dollars!?  F you Ryan, “Bronco”, or whatever you real name is–how about A#$hole!  Instead of putting the tax code right, by increasing the taxes back to their pre-Bush tax levels (tax decreases for the rich that were meant to be temporary) of 39 percent, a far cry from where they once were during say, World War II, 91 percent, we would save, as a country, 4.1 trillion dollars over the course of the next ten years, not to mention actually bringing REVENUE back into the system, for that is where the problem really lies, not with spending, rather with revenue, or the lack therein, as corporations and rich folks fly under the radar, moving their “world headquarters” to places like Zug, Switzerland and taking all of their cold cash and placing it in off shore accounts in, for example, the Grand Cayman Islands, where they pay nothing in the way of federal income taxes, leaving that burden as they always do–to the poor, the elderly, and the shrinking middle class.  Let’s just face it–Republicorp of America is anti-American, exposing the obvious FACT that they are racist fascists, who would throw their own mother under a bus just to grab that quarter they spied on the street.  The good news today, however, is the FACT that the 26th district of the great state of New York, in a special election held yesterday, a real red meat republican district historically, went to Kathy Hochul, a democrat that surprised everybody, especially REPUBLICORP, by defeating a blond, blue eyed liar who said in desperation, regarding the Ryan bill that 80 percent of people in the United States are AGAINST, “I’m not married to it…”  Sorry lady, too little too late, and even that pathetic last word from you ever in the public eye, is also a LIE–congratulations, at least you are consistent.  This is historic and a referendum on the over reach of the republican party in general, that will continue as more and more people LEARN about who and what these “young guns” are really all about–opportunists who are sticking it to the poor, while continuing to lavish the rich, the top one tenth of the top one percent, the people who are creating the laws in Washington D.C. now, for their lobbyists own most of the puppets in the House of Representatives, the republican wing any way, and many, if not all, of the republican members of the Senate, as well as some democrats like the Knucklehead Nelson from Nebraska, and as they continue to buy and sell more puppets down the road, the true American people will see that they are not interested in the average, well to use their words, “American people”, no, they are only interested in the brother’s KOCH, or the like, and thus, will stab the “American people” in the back, like they did in Wisconsin (Governor Scott Walker), as they “frack” their way out of office, one poisonous “natural gas” well head at a time–chalk full of those 596 deadly chemicals that are killing people, animals and rivers all over this country, for the bottom line of David and Charles Koch, who call themselves Americans, but are really, in reality, scumbag snake oil salesmen, who will go down in history as the worst polluters this country has, and will, ever see, yes, for those “brother’s KOCH”, their bottom line, modus operandi, their method of operation will always be PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, words that will be chiseled onto their grave stones.  Have a nice day folks and may GOD be with the good people of Missouri, Joplin in particular, today–there are no words other than we are with you in spirit… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 23, 2011

May Brilliance

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Monday morning, the twenty third day of May, 2011, an overcast day here in Osterville, while we look up at an image taken in Provincetown only a few days ago, a good example of the beauty that exists all over Cape Cod and the Islands, 24/7/365.  So come on down and visit, “we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!”  Quite a week end, no?  The violent weather has struck the nation’s heartland once again, with a barrage of tornado activity all over the Midwest, and we, here at seacapecod.net, send out our deepest prayers for the victims of one tornado that took 89 lives in Missouri, a massive tornado that few details are available at present.  Global warming has shown it’s ugly side once again.  Other than the announcement of Mitch Daniels, the Governor of the great state of Indiana, who said in a very dramatic midnight hour press conference, that he would not be seeking the nomination of his party for the office of President of the United States, as Laura Bush herself was pushing from Dallas, and therefore, as a result, bringing the party of hell no to a smaller pool of possibilities for the attempted unseating of our current 44th President, Barack Obama, who is doing a pretty good job, considering the FACT that Washington D.C. is a cesspool of deceit, corruption and LIES, with no real character left, as all of the country’s elected officials are somehow, not all, entangled by the corporate lobbying machines that are becoming more and more powerful, therein, creating the Plutocracy that the right wing has been dreaming about for over 30 years now.  Do you get the feeling, however, that there will be a HUGE shake up soon?  When the people, the real American people, are starving and homeless, a good portion of them, while the big oil companies continue getting billions of dollars in tax payer subsidies, while raking in record profits, something severe and game changing is about to happen.  The republican party, rather, Republicorp itself, psychotically believes that the majority of these American will not see through the thin veil of deceit, especially in this age of information, they are sorely mistaken, for I will not rest until changes have been made in Washington and I will continue to expose Republicorp, and the dirty, old men who make up that organization, “men” like David and Charles Koch, who care NOTHING for the well being of the single mother in Detroit, or the working college student in Topeka, as they continue to rape and pillage our lands with their “fracking” process of attaining “natural gas”, poisoning our rivers and streams, reservoirs and tributaries with 596 chemicals that have found their way in via this horrible environmental crime, a crime that is now occurring in 37 states, soon to be all 50, turning this once beautiful land into a cesspool of waste, fraud and death.  KOCH Industries is synonymous with death.  Have a nice day folks and please say a prayer for our brethren in the Midwest, they need all the help they can get.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 22, 2011

Nantucket Sound’s Solace

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the twenty second day of May, 2011, a fine one on Cape, as we all are, apparently, still here, as are the explanations to why that is… Could it be that we live in an insane right wing Christian based country that owns all of the airwaves?  That is not really even that “Christian” at all, if you look towards someone’s actions as opposed to their rhetoric as a true barometer of character, living in this world of illusion, where bat shit ideas are more important than feeding our poor, clothing our poor, and treating our poor as we would ourselves–the basis of what Jesus Christ was talking about, however you wish to run away from that central argument–and thus, if you have any more crack pot ideas regarding anything other than “who’s more of a moron than a fifth grader, in Japan”, then how about a big cup of shut the f#ck up, because WE, the majority of the American people are just sick and tired of all of the vitriol, the hate, the fake fear mongering, the LIES, and the bullying, because believe you me, the days are indeed nigh for rapists of all shapes and sizes, for they don’t have to only be from the International Monetary Fund, they can be billionaires right here in America, who pour 596 chemicals into the ground in 37 states now, effectively destroying our clean drinking water for generations to come… Perhaps it is not news today, but, mark my words, it will be soon, as millions of people come to understand what the word “fracking” really means.  Have a wonderful Sunday folks and I would like to offer a special prayer for the people of the Fukishima area in Japan, the farmers who have lost their precious farms forever, it would seem. Lush, beautiful farms that are now tainted forever with radioactive particles that have turned the once thriving valley into a ghost town of dead leaves, may you find some solace somehow. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 21, 2011

Dowses Dawn

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, the twenty first day of May, 2011, apparently the last day on planet earth, according to one religious nut job that is worth over 70 million dollars, as he coaxes more morons out of their hard earned buck via his misuse of the Bible, a redundant statement I am well aware, as he somehow decided that May 21, 2011 was, indeed, the very last day for all on planet earth, apparently not wanting to be upstaged by those savage Mayan Indians who have predicted that the end of the world as we know it today will come on December 21, 2012.  He did this back in 1994 when he also claimed that the world was coming to an end, yes, apparently it did not come to an end, although at the time, hhhmmmm, maybe this guy has something here…  My favorite part of this whole thing has been the billboards that carry this message of FEAR–where, in a stamp shape, similar to a stamp one would see on a notarized letter, in gold no less, the words shine out in warning, “The Bible guarantees it!” Evoking the images of Peter, Paul, Thomas, Luke, Simon, and all the Apostles as they gather to watch the end of the world begin in the great state of California, where, at 6 pm PST, there will be a great earthquake, thus, ushering in the apocalypse, and why not, have not many scholars said that Los Angeles is the on ramp to the Armageddon?  So, if the Bible is to be believed, in all of it’s writings, today is the last day for US all, here on little old planet earth.  Have you prepared yourself for the eternal journey to come?  Hold not to your resentments, in fact, forgive them all and let them go, for they are not yours to carry, and don’t forget to LOVE, for you are who you LOVE, not who loves you back.  Remember that your savior is in your brother and sister. Have a great day folks and if it turns out to not be the end of the world, at least you will be a lighter and more fun human being.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 20, 2011


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this beautiful, foggy morning here in Osterville, looking up at this oak tree, I notice, that it sits next to a scrub pine, the most common tree on the Cape and Islands, a small, sturdy, well footed tree that thrives on the mostly sandy clay soil of this region, perhaps only reaching at top height 30 feet, where whole forests of these evergreens are scattered across this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age…  You can also make out a seagull who is flying on the constant shifting winds that make the Cape what it is, a weather phenomenon, with the lighting changing as often, painting a new perspective every day, especially around this time of year, from a scenic standpoint, as every new flowering plant or tree is in full bloom or about to be, giving the whole of the Cape a spectacular show of color, not matched in any other part of the world…  Not some radical right wing social engineering, no sir, this is something that crap can’t touch.  Hallelujah, brother, hallelujah. With the little republican congressman, the freshman puppet brigade of Republicorp of America, making a blood oath to their masters that they will vote for a bill that essentially destroys medicare as we now know it, a move that 80 percent of the “American People” do not want to happen EVER, brings us full circle to what one pundit of reason said recently about this republican party, especially after the Newt message of TRUTH on “Meet the Press” this past Sunday, great job Mr. Gregory, where Newt admitted that the republicans are attempting to pull a fast one on the real American people, by LYING to them, the old bait and switch used by sleazy used car dealers, and undo legislation that is older than I am, or as old, for it was passed into Law in 1965, namely medicare and medicaid, that is the only thing between civilization and abject poverty for millions of seniors, who will lose everything if the Ryan, “I told you to call me Bronco!” (credit Bill Murray and the classic film, “Groundhog Day”) bill passes the Senate, which of course, it won’t–yes, bringing us full circle to what one pundit said, “it’s like when the crazies take over the basically already kind of criminal insane asylum…”  But don’t you just love the fact that the republican party is being taken over by the crazies, the rabid anti-abortion crowd, the NRA nuts, the really big, big intrusive government being introduced by Governors like Walker and Snyder, of Wisconsin and Michigan respectively, who both speak of “smaller government with reduced spending and have begun this via the process of destroying the middle class, while in Michigan, literally taking over control of cities that can’t pay their bills, turning it into an real life Plutocracy on the micro level, thankfully, at present, and, god willing, will remain as such.  The republican party, in this 112th congress, has proposed nothing regarding jobs, and has been, in the very distant now past, the common sense arm of a once proud and good party of real values, but has now been hijacked by a radicalized far-off-the-cliff right wing agenda (some would say bordering on fascist), that has nothing to do with improving the standard of living for 98 percent of the real American People, rather, it has an agenda that is going backwards, as it attempts to strong arm women and their RIGHT to choose what goes on with their own bodies, as it goes after gay people who simply want to live a life without the hassle of enduring someone’s insane “take” on the Bible (as they sit in smug judgement), much of which has been badly translated, twisting and manipulating the words of Jesus Christ himself to meet the needs or power at the time it was “re-written”, and thus, by the the mid-16th century, all hell broke loose and you had the birth of the Protestant Faith–I think that’s right, I might be off by a century, what do you want, I was a MODERN European major in college–which caused more DEATHS in the name of that most HOLY of men, than it saved.  The lights are on, but nobody is at home in the republican kitchen of the MIND, and as they all sit around that kitchen table, the one they always pine about, I’m sure the only thing this grouping of mice, I mean men, are looking for is a way out of the hole that they have just climbed into, or limb if you prefer falling scenarios.  For as soon as the next election roles around, they will be caught in a catch 22, where they are damned by the tea party, the corporate sponsored and thus, very powerful ‘tea party’ group, hi Karl, Dave, Charles, or and, and perhaps much worse, doubly damned by the republican electorate, and America as a whole, who will have their heads if they try and dissolve medicare or medicaid, two programs only a year and a half ago they were all too proud to yell out in response to “Obama care”, “keep your damn hands off of my medicare!”   Good luck boys, you are so stupid.  It is fun to watch though, and I want to personally thank Newt for coming out into the LIGHT and telling the truth, as if sanctified in the immortal words of the classic film, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, when talking about witches, with one of the crew yelling in response to evidence of this woman being a witch, “She turned me into a Newt,” then quickly added, “well, I got better…” No one really likes the TRUTH, accept me perhaps, and some other good people I know, and little weasels who dabble in politics certainly don’t.  When a$$holes are thinking about taking away medicare and medicaid from the elderly and the poor, while you voted down, only yesterday, a bill to stop paying tax payer subsidies to oil companies that, combined, pulled in over a trillion dollars of profit just last year alone, a record in the history of MAN himself, or herself as the case may be, the public must be made aware of it–because the corporate owned airwaves, save MSNBC, PBS, BBC World News America, and some others, are just not going to go there, why would they, they are part of the problem!  Do yourself a favor folks and read up before it is too late, i.e., The Nation magazine, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, the New York Times and the Washington Post are all good places to start.  The spin doctors have people working around the clock to feed you lies, ask yourself, “Don’t I, my family and our nation as a whole deserve better than this Stockholm Syndrome–haven’t WE had enough bull$hit?”  Have a nice day and God’s continued speed to the good folks in Louisiana, we are all pulling for you. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 19, 2011

Silent Pink

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, the nineteenth day of May, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the shores of Osterville, where many flowering trees are now in full bloom, as evidenced by this image captured just the other day with my Nikon D 200 camera, all you really need to catch the beauty that truly IS Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and that super duper island of Nantucket, an island that will be getting a lot of press soon, as “Taking Fog to Nantucket,” a book by Michael Mosier will be coming out this summer, GOD WILLING.  Speaking of torture, Rick Santorum, who kind of reminds me of the Nantucket Police Department, Sargent Chretian in particular, told the press recently that John McCain should not be talking about water boarding (TORTURE), as the knows nothing of the subject, which, of course is interesting, considering the pilot spent quite a few moons in a Vietnamese Prison camp, where he experienced torture first hand, leaving the former Senator from Pennsylvania alone to fight his critics over what most have said coming, “from one dumbest men I have ever met,” Rick Santorum, who, like Newt Gingrich, is not making any friends, nor influencing them either, unless you consider getting people to hate you, “influencing” them.  Seriously, this entire republican grouping is pretty pathetic you have to admit, as we look forward to Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty battling it out, for, think about it, for a whole year and a half, a year and a half, help me Jesus, listening to them go on an on about who is screwing the American public worse, a country that better wake up soon, and realize that the reality of the Bush era tax cuts and the two unpaid for wars, along with the sweetheart deal to big pharma, IS the culprit for our massive debt, and although we need to clean up medicare of the waste, fraud and abuse inherent therein, we do not need to blow it up, giving out measly vouchers that only act as premium boons for the insurance industry, no, we need to do nothing, to simply let the BUSH era tax cuts EXPIRE, therein, saving the American tax payers from borrowing another 4.1 trillion dollars from China or the equivalent, over the course of the next ten years to pay for someone you never met and their brand new pool.  Because, after all, you paid for it!  The reality of this shell game and continuing brain washing is simply a horrible thing to watch, listen to and participate in–writing about it daily.  The constant hor$eshit that one is asked to endure just on the FOX NEWS channel alone seems worse than water boarding, for at least when the water boarding is over, it is over, whereas, with FOX NEWS, the voices of Greta, Sean, Bill (o), Sarah, the Huckster, and the crazies over at FOX and FRIENDS stay with you all day, like a bad tuna fish sandwich, thereby causing internal injury via all of the acid that has built up in the body–oh, the humanity.  It is amazing to me, although quite endearing if you think about it, the naivete of the American People, so trusting, so patriotic, so easily duped.  For that is what Republicorp is counting on, the five minute attention span of the “American People” and their tendency towards fear and, in some instances, hate and bigotry, that keeps paranoia alive and well, keeping the “herd” in line with what the republican puppet masters wish you to think, say and most importantly, VOTE for and against. This is the rub, this is the money, this is the key to it all–the brain washing of America via the Stockholm Syndrome, bringing you captivity and anti-free thinking since the days of “Morning in America”, circa 1981, the year of our LORD in which the grand, the great, his eminence, Ronald Reagan, was inaugurated as our Fortieth President of the United States, a great day for Patriotism, the flag, and the bottom line for Fortune 100 companies all over this glorious world of ours–Hallelujah, and praise be God, for he, with his trickle down voo doo economic plan, via Donald Regan, his boss and former CEO of Merrill Lynch, not to mention Reagan’s Treasury Secretary, has created this Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have nots, and like the Colorado River, he planted the seed of the destruction of not only the welfare state, but of a social conscience at large, stoking racism and creating a non-regulatory environment, branding any government as “bad”, while championing the “private sector” inherently “good”, as this “free market” would solve all of our ails.  How droll, how shrewd, how genius.  The game that we are seeing come to it’s final conclusion started long ago, thirty years ago, on the money, to be exact, and thus, like all cycles, will have to play out it’s hand to the end.  But what end that will be is not up to just the clowns who dawn puppet costumes every day on Capitol Hill.  No, this country’s fate is up to more than just the lucky few who have a VOICE in this ever increasingly country of conformity, where a good new idea is equated with a good new “reality television show in anywhere USA”, and the canary in the coal mine is quickly snuffed out, as in the case with Newt’s comments on “Meet the Press” just this past Sunday, a rare glimpse of the TRUTH sneaking out of the mouth of one of the former members of the brain trust of the brain washers themselves…beautiful. This country’s fate is up to the people who are the descendants of our parent’s, their parent’s, their parent’s and their parent’s…we are the leading edge of thought, this generation, those who are awake enough to grasp it, therefore, those are the people who have a responsibility to not only this generation, but to the next, to fight for what this country was based upon, the WILL of the PEOPLE, not the will of the corporations, who are only out for a quick buck, the quicker the better, and who don’t, and I really mean DON’T, give a $hit about you and they don’t give a $hit about me.  This is all about their modus operandi, “don’t take it personally as we slam dunk your face into the sidewalk, where you cannot break your fall with your hands, for they have been handcuffed behind your back, and when you wake, not being able to see anything out of your left eye that is completely swollen shut, with the right eye not much better, you will “feel” as though you have been captured by their ideology, wondering how long you had been out in a coma.  This ever chanting mantra of ” PROFIT OVER PEOPLE”, where we can all see greed, the worst of all human traits, is being exploited for our benefit, as the roads of America tumble into the sea, and the people cry out, “why did we not see this coming?”  Food for thought.  Have a nice day folks and please don’t take any wooden nickles from the clowns over at FOX NEWS, they don’t play well with others.   GOD’S Speed to the people in Louisiana, may your nightmare be over soon. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 18, 2011

Cape Social Engineering

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the eighteenth day of May, 2011, a wet one, again, here on Cape, as we have had a cool and wet spring thus far–I am not complaining, as I will take that natural air conditioning any day of the week.  I know that “ya’ll” have heard me “swaukin’” about Republicorp recently, the attempted coming plutocracy, that is, once again, attempting, please remember that word, to turn the United States of America into a plutocratic state, or rule by the wealthy, where the gap between the haves and the have nots is as wide as the Grand Canyon itself, ever growing, with the constant rantings of insane political puppets who call themselves, “young guns”, such as congressman Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco”, Ryan (R-WI) who keep on putting forth bills that are designed to slash the U.S. debt by 4 trillion dollars, via $hit canning medicare and medicaid, established in 1965 by President Lyndon B. Johnson, who stated many moons ago, “that no longer will seniors be left out in the cold when it comes to health care…”, turning that most popular and effective government program into a boon for private health care insurance companies via the “voucher” system, a real JOKE, or what “men” like Ryan call, “premium enhancement programs…”, enhancement of premiums, hence revenues for private insurance companies, that will, or would have, devastated seniors in this nation, who are already hurting, in a big way.  Meanwhile, the poor would have taken a big hit as well, for Ryan’s (the collective corporations’ favorite puppet) plan would decimate this vital program for our most vulnerable citizens, by turning it into a state-by-state ‘grant’, whereby the federal government, presumably, in the insane minds of republican activists, a republican, god forbid, Executive, would allocate monies to corrupt state coffers, such as Florida, where newly elected con-man and Governor of the sunshine state, Rick Scott, who is a FRAUD, (google his actions in that state regarding medicare) will take that money and I am sure he will be more than happy to NOT give any to the poor in Lantana or Fort Walton Beach, who are on their last legs… Make no mistake about it, this well organized grouping of corporate interests--PROFIT OVER PEOPLE–is being played out on the fields of every aspect of your life in America today, whether you are aware of it or not.  Meet A.L.E.C., an acronym for the “American Legislative Exchange Council”, where members include just about every brand name corporation you could think of, or piece together a connection to, from KOCH INDUSTRIES (go ‘frack’ yourself brother’s KOCH!) to AT&T, who are both board members of ALEC along with the likes of Kraft, Walmart, Johnson and Johnson, Shell Oil, Texaco, do I need to go on?  Haven’t I had enough already?!  The democrats were not prepared for the corporate tsunami that washed out a state’s right to unionize it’s public employees, not only for fair wages and safe working conditions, but also to create a gathering place, to maintain an organizational platform, where a VOICE of reason and grace can rise above this constant drum beat of profits and wars, of doom and destruction, that is not based in reality, rather based in the minds of a sick few, who see corporations as not only people, but a higher class of people than the real live human beings that make up our citizenry and promote our good will, for our families and our friends, ever moving forward to create a more perfect union of ideals, peoples and the environment at large.  That will, in the end, parenthetically, win and win BIG.  This tsunami that wasted people’s rights in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana, not to mention Florida and New Jersey, and of course, Arizona, where S.B. 1070 came into being a little under a year ago, the famous “paper’s please” bill, or, in German, “Ver are your papers?!!” (screaming) bill that passed, yet is not fully implemented due to those pesky “laws”, is coming home to roost… do you see where I am going with this?  It is already having effects as we see diminishing campaign finance reform (Citizens United also helped destroy that), rolling back environmental protection LAWS, as well as consumer protection, Wall Street reform legislation on the books, the “affordable health care LAW”, and really, essentially, any program that HELPS that 98 percent of real Americans that do most of the living and dying in this great country, you know, the people you know and LOVE… Yeah, if only THOSE people could be marginalized, and perhaps even a little de-humanized, the profits would continue to mount northward, while “radicalized right wing social engineering” (credit Newt, “no longer a newt”, Gingrich) would finally come to full fruition, yes, then and only then would a couple of REAL AS$HOLES like David and his brother Charles Koch be satisfied, as they, and their equivalents, continue to bleed this country dry and villainize any stray republican mind, such as Newt Gingrich’s, who is making headway into the LIGHT, for questioning the Plutocrat’s very sick, narcissistic, paranoid and sadistic delusions of grandeur, for the only “grand” thing about the republican agenda, handed down to them from on “high” by Republicorp, and/or the members of ALEC, is the SCOPE in which they are destroying this country, be it from the land, the sea or the air, yes, they are systematically, from every “Angle” imaginable, in a very orderly and “legal” fashion, ripping this country apart at the seams, taking on the very glue that holds us all together, spitting on it, and it’s people, while it takes it’s massive amount of profits and reinvests those profits in themselves, their friends or other countries, and away from the principals established by our forefathers over two and a half centuries ago, before this country was even a realistic “thought”.  This all being done in the underhanded way of a scoundrel, of a  coward, of the likes a Charles Koch, who uses fear mongering, hate, racism and paranoia, via the media and airwaves he controls, as well as ALEC at large, to meet his objectives for that particular quarter–for his vision is only of the short term profit variety, a TRUISM that will be reflected on his grave stone.  His victims are, of course, the elderly, the poor, the weak, the under educated, the disenfranchised, the disheartened, and indeed, the disillusioned, whom he captured long ago with his “Americans for prosperity”, that goes hand in hand with the equally nauseating Paul Ryan’s republican, Republicorp’s plan for America, called, “America’s Plan for Poverty”, I mean, “America’s Plan for Prosperity,” whose plan we are still doing the number crunching on.  Madison Avenue wizards will turn whatever turd Republicorp puts out there, by way of a republican candidate for President, into a shining turd on a hill, what too soon?, and thus, the election of 2012, brought to you by the corrupt Supreme Court decision of 2009, “Citizens United”, will turn out to be one interesting carnival ride indeed.  Although, I would, as in any county fair, ask to review the county’s latest safety inspection reports, for you don’t want to be high atop the Ferris Wheel of rhetorical bull$hit, when you suddenly realize the “operator” of said ride forgot to put the lug nuts back in, as the “wheel” begins to fall away, as it is now clearly unhinged and you and the rest of your fellow riders go for a whole new experience of a free wheelin’ Ferris wheel ride across the plains and mountains of America, from sea to shining sea.  ALEC is an extreme right wing organization comprised of state legislators and powerful multinational corporations, including the corrections corporation of America.  Private prisons in the state of Arizona is big business, and ALEC is the most active lobbying group in Washington D.C., and you can see it all for yourself by logging onto www.immigrantsforsale.org, while you are becoming aware of these radical neo Nazi groups, whom law makers have very close ties to, in a big way, and make big money off of retaining ‘illegal aliens’, to the tune of $200 dollars a day per prisoner, $6,000 dollars a month, and $72,000 per year.  Can someone get me a copy of George Orwell’s “1984″?  This Arizona “law” or the abomination pretending to be a law, is being copied in the states of Florida, Utah, Ohio, Tennessee, Iowa, and I’m sure some other states not on the radar yet, and represents the perfect money making machine.  This group, ALEC, has been around, surprisingly, since 1973 and has over 300 members, such as the Bradly’s, the Coor’s, and the Scathe’s, all corporate private entities who come together, answer to NO ONE, assemble, and create legislative play lists, if you will, that become the puppet string that is used to move the puppet’s (congressman and Senators, as well as state officials, such as Governors and the like) arms and legs, mouths and hands, thus moving the pens, spilling ink on dead trees, and thereby creating the desired legislation in D.C.–an incredibly powerful organization that has, in many ways, flown under the radar for decades now.  The 2010 election cycle provided this group with over 700 newly elected puppets and is now affecting immigration legislation, public employee unions, collective bargaining rights (teachers, firemen, etc.) all while it, “ALEC, serves the 300 plus corporate membership well, but it does not serve the average worker in the United States of America.”  So says Andrew Gillum of “People for the American Way”, and so do I, for that, my dear friends, is the basis, the engine that defines the PLUTOCRACY that could have been, save for the FIRST AMENDMENT! Have a nice day folks and GOD’S SPEED to the poor folks in the spill way zone of the Mississippi River in the great state of Louisiana, who have known more heartache than they deserve. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 17, 2011

Windy Whale

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this wet and wild Tuesday morning, the seventeenth day of May, 2011, here in Osterville, a mere football toss from Hyannis Port, former home to the late, great thirty fifth President of the United States, Jack Kennedy, and his beautiful wife, Jackie.  Soon, we will know who attempt to make an argument for himself, or herself, as a viable alternative to President Barack Obama, who has proven himself to be one of the great ones, and he is not even finished with his first term yet.  As we watch the rodeo clowns fall off the wagon one by one, the republican wagon that is, with the likes of Donald Duck, “your fired”, Trump leading the way as predicted by Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell, host of “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, airing every week night at 8 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC, who said on his shows over the course of the last few weeks, that as soon as NBC came out with their fall lineup, which they did yesterday, May 16th, the day Lawrence predicted “The Donald” would bow out, he did.  Well done sir.  Mike Huckabee, Huckawho gives a $hit, the over the top evangelical weirdo, to whom everyone thinks is such a great guy, I have my sincere doubts, bowed out after his FOX NEWS show ended, thankfully with no one getting seriously injured.  There is the rest of the crew, whom I do not have the time to go into right now, save to say that Newt, ’she turned me into one’, Gingrich, and his crazy looking wife, don’t have a snow balls chance in hell of taking the nomination, leaving poor Mitt Romney in the driver’s seat with Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and possibly Mitch Daniels, the frightening Planned Parenthood slayer from Indiana, remaining as the “Last Man Standing”, a role that would be better suited for Bruce Willis than these panty waists, all three look as if a strong Northeasterly wind could blow them right over, taking out what’s left of their moral compass and basic human decency.  For we all know what this upcoming election is really all about–a referendum on how many stupid people did the brain washers over at the various think tanks, such as the “Mackinaw Group”, get on board their crazy wagon?  How many people drank the Kool Aid?  Is it really worth all of that money that will be funneling in from the “construction sight over yonder” (credit the film classic Caddyshack) by way of the Citizens United case of 2009, where unlimited amounts of money can now be spent by corporations, who are now considered to be human beings, legally, thus, have a “voice”, that now, via the billions and billions of dollars advantage, drown out the voices of the common American citizen, to whom, these corporations see as numbers, consumers, not really “people” at all–kind of ironic, no?  Yes, these companies of such high moral value will weigh whether or not they believe that their “man”, their main puppet, can win against the more middle of the road Obama, who, for the most part, is pro-business as evidenced by a rare decision of folly, to allow big oil to drill in the Gulf and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with the same equipment that an independent Norwegian firm, by way of an exhaustive study, concluded that the blowout preventer, that caused some estimate 500 million barrels of crude oil, mixed with a deadly dispersant Corexit, to be spilled out into the Gulf of Mexico, causing untold yet damage to our environment, it’s people and mostly it’s animals, was not only to blame for the disaster, but concluded this equipment is not safe and a similar accident will happen again, for the blowout preventer does not work if the pressure gets too high, in fact, it fails in normal circumstances 50 percent of the time.  However, the Obama administration, obviously being pushed by big oil, has now given out more permits, all under the guise that this will ease the pain at the pump, when any credible economist will tell you that it would take decades for it to reduce the price by even a few cents, and that this oil will be put on an international market, like all oil is now a days, and thus, will not ease prices at all, in fact, the only way to ease the prices is to take out the speculators on Wall Street out of the picture, but that won’t happen because, like the NRA, they too have a huge powerful lobby and thus, can do, say or act any way they wish.  Well, at least some one is eating well at South Street Seaport.  Have a great day folks and GOD’S SPEED to the roughly 25,000 people that are being flooded out via the levies on the Mississippi River in the state of Louisiana, your sacrifice is duly noted. Keep the FAITH.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 16, 2011

Cape Cod Green

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Monday morning, a little late, but hey, at least I can look at myself in the mirror in the morning, as opposed to a whole host of other people I could mention, but not only would that not be the “Christian” thing to do, but would be rather passe at this “juncture”, for the good Christian soldiers have already made their beds and will end up sleeping in them, you know, those who believe so much in Jesus and his words, yet also believe in cherry picking those words around their schedule, and, look at that, is this not what I’m talking about, always being interrupted when making an important point, OK, we get it, it’s time for more torture, right Republicorp? Personally, I think that organization is doing a hell of a job, snowing the general American public into believing that water boarding was not really, “torture”, and that it provided action worthy intelligence, yet, forgets, I believe, that there is a long shelf life to people’s memories, and unlike here in America, the world will not forget your words, Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush, for you have admitted on a world stage to war crimes, and that, is a precedent that will be noticed in the future.  I liked what Bill Maher had to say on this “matter of FAITH”, or the complete hypocritical lack therein, when he said of the republicans and their inability to actually walk Jesus’ words, “they (the republicans and their “love” of Jesus and his real gospel of “love thy neighbor as thyself”, and “love thine enemies”) are like the newest members of Greenpeace who hate whales.”  Love thy neighbor, just as long as that does not preclude me from putting up “natural gas” wells, that, per the “fracking” process of pouring 596 deadly chemicals into the ground, seeping into the clean water supplies of our people, making wildlife sick with death, as well as real Americans, all in the name of profit over people, will systematically destroy our fresh, clean drinking water supply in the next 10 years if some real legislation with teeth is not put in place soon to stop the monstrous corporations that are destroying our land, one “fracking” well head at a time, coming to you now in 37 states, via KOCH industries, Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, among others, who again, don’t give a damn about you or your family, rather, only the international stock holders meeting in Davos, Switzerland, taking place right after the world economic forum, where you can see the profits without seeing the pain that afforded those profits, pain coming in the forms of disease, famine, abuse, and death.  Make no mistake about it, the new corporate mongrel that has taken over our country, “capitalism on crack,” cares nothing for what may happen to the U.S. or world economy on whole, as republicans play around, via their invisible puppet string, with the possibility of not raising the debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion dollars, a ceiling that has already been met and surpassed, with the proverbial $hit not hitting the fan until August 2, 2011, as Republicorp continues to play with the American people and her sanity, literally holding the country HOSTAGE, via the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME, releasing little pieces of “time” for every social program that is slashed and burned.  The EPA, Planned Parenthood, the Department of Education, the IRS, the SEC, MMS, Medicare and Medicaid and eventually Social Security are all on the table, but if you ask for “shared sacrifice” from the super rich, forget about it, and you can forget about cutting national security, like all of the nonsensical “Top Secret America” (please google), 33 new agencies, many larger than the staff at the Pentagon, while we continue to spend on weapons we don’t need for wars that don’t really exist any longer.  The idea of cutting 2-4 trillion dollars from the Federal budget without re-hauling the completely unfair and corrupt U.S. tax code, as well as forcing corporations to pay their fair share of taxes in the first place, i.e. ANY, is preposterous and just proves that you cannot argue with a crazy person(s).  So, here we all are, one big, happy, fu@#ing family living’ in the good ‘ole US of A, a country that is being ripped apart at the seams, with global warming proving it’s reality once again, this time to the poor folks living to the west of the Mississippi River, who know that you can run, but you cannot hide from the realities of Mother Nature.  God’s speed to them this morning and going forward in the future. Have a nice day folks and remember, things can turn around, for one match LIGHTS a thousand candles.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 15, 2011

High Water

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, the fifteenth day of May, 2011, a raw one here on Cape, as the region gets ready for another soak-er.  Today marks the day of our Sunday talk shows, as I explained at length yesterday, sorry about that, I guess I am just being the only one who seems to get this thing, or at least one of the only people who is saying anything about it, you know, the whole corporate owned airwaves “thing” that is poisoning the minds of the population with the never ending talking points that go on for hours and hours, day upon day, year upon year, decade upon decade, until, finally, at last, you surrender to the much more powerful force of popular conformity that is born out of ignorance to our past, the mistakes we made, the corrections we endured, giving us the power to mover forward with no one EVER being in the position to tell us what TRULY IS while simultaneously lying to our face for their own benefit!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it Sunday morning talk show guests, all eight, count them, eight out of nine, who are all, you guessed it, republican, there to spout the republican talking points that have been put together by REPUBLICORP, “always changing, so you don’t have to”… the men behind the curtain who are really running the show, let’s just be honest, and thus, control most of the minds in this country to one degree or another.  Just ask yourself the fair question, how many people do I know that think for themselves and are not afraid, do not live in fear, and have a sense of purpose in their lives?  I think that is a fair question to ask one self, about not only the people you know, but of ourselves as well, when we listen to the constant “Stockholm Syndrome” occurring right before our eyes, coming in the form of oil executives who are complaining that they are being shackled by regulatory agencies demanding that proper safety measures be adhered to (i.e. the independently, by a Norwegian firm, obtained conclusion that the “blowout preventer”, the cause of this past year’s tragic “Deep Water Horizon” disaster, will not work if the pressure gets too high, and fails 50 percent of the time) before they can resume drilling in the Gulf and parts of Alaska.  This all while they are crying about the fact that they need those tax payer subsidies while they pull in profits never before seen by modern civilization.  Something stinks in Denmark indeed.  GOD’S SPEED to the people in Louisiana, who are getting pounded by the waters that are draining in from the Mississippi River, as the swollen stream continues it’s path of destruction all the way to New Orleans. Have a nice day folks and please don’t take any more wooden nickels from the likes Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly or, well, really anything on the FOX NEWS channel, unless you enjoy being fed bull$hit.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 14, 2011

Brewster Tulips

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Saturday morning, the fourteenth day of May, 2011, and with the dawning of a new day, I felt an obligation to send out this post card, as sometimes it feels like “Postcards from the Edge”, a classic film by Meryl Streep–from the little sand bar created 11,500 years ago during the Last Great Ice Age–Cape Cod being on the “edge of the world”, while we do our best to report on that world that truly IS on the edge, the edge of sanity, as we look forward to the upcoming onslaught of punditry and poetry from the, count them, eight republican leaning politicians, with a few pundits thrown in for good measure, that are slated to appear on the Sunday morning talk shows in a little over than 24 hours from now.  Yes, for every eight members of Republicorp, the corporate owned airwaves felt that they should at least have one democrat on, and that will be Senator Dick Durbin, who will be by his lonesome tomorrow, on former venerable political shows that once stood for something other than posturing, and as we watch these fools, such as Newt, “she turned me into one”, Gingrich, speak out of both sides of their mouths, offering up one hypocritical stance after another, most will be spell bound and as the collective audience’s eyes glaze over, the networks, in their infinite wisdom, will sell more pharmaceuticals than they did the week prior, making Sunday morning the place to go for pain relief, and if you can’t afford your medication, Astra Zeneca might be able to help… full disclosure, Astra Pharmaceuticals was once a client of mine when I worked as a consultant for the world’s largest brokerage firm, Marsh Inc., working in the Boston office, housed in the John Hancock Tower, so I thought I would bring that up, you know, like Brian Williams brings up the fact the GE is the parent company of NBC/Universal, which means what to me exactly?  It is just one big happy family is it not?  The corporations own the pundits and politicians, as well as the networks, or the right to that “air” time, thus, can push whatever agenda is on their plate at the moment.  These people are going on the air to promote the “ideas” of less taxes for themselves and their buddies, while sticking it to the poor and the elderly in this nation, make no mistake about it.  Getting back to the oil subsidies we were discussing yesterday, not to mention the firm statement, made by both Speaker of the House and Senate minority leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who have both said emphatically, “that tax increases are off the table…”, I think we can all see a pattern here, a pattern of abuse and greed, moves that will harm the “American People”, as they like to say so often and so shallowly, to the tune of 4.1 trillion dollars added to the debt (tax breaks for the top two percent) as well as the gravy of the estimated 20 billion dollars saved from eliminating the oil and gas subsidies to monstrous corporations that take EVERYTHING from society and GIVE nothing back, save Brown Pelicans covered in thick, toxic oil mixed with a deadly dispersant that sits at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, 5 inches deep, (in case you were wondering where all of the oil went) as the dispersant did it’s job in taking that oil that was spilled over a year ago now by bp and Transocean, back in business by the way and doing just fine thank you very much, yes, in taking that oil and taking it, as it is combined with the Corexit 3500, a substance that was banned in the U.K. over ten years ago, for this very reason, to the bottom of the sea, where it stifles LIFE itself, robbing those thousands of square miles under the Gulf of Mexico, of vital oxygen and thus food for the basic building blocks of LIFE as we know it on planet earth, creating dead zones that go on for thousands of square miles, thus, taking out the fish, that takes out the whale, that eventually takes out the man.  I am so happy that we have these eight, count them eight, pseudo intellectuals, who are really money grubbing thieves who care nothing for the fate of the American people, rather the fate of the corporations they do business with, I am so happy they will be on tomorrow to soil my television set, I will be sure to send them the cleaning bill, or should I just send it to bp?   We all watched in horror this past week the five CEO’s who were paraded out to be grilled by a joint session, a hearing with both members of the Senate and House, an ‘ethics’ committee if you will, a stretch, anytime you combine the words ethics and congress, sad, but true, although not always true, for this particular group of law makers was quite impressive, especially one Senator, I believe from West Virginia, Senator Jay Rockefeller, who spoke both loud and true to these losers from the oil and gas industry, all there to lay claim to the GIANT subsidies we give them, while this country, and more importantly, it’s people, struggle to put food on the table.  There was one exchange I must share with you this morning that pretty much sums up what we are talking about here, from a macro level.  Senator Rockefeller asked one of the clown CEO’s, “…how much profit (p.s. ask yourself who is making the profit on now $100 barrel oil, when in reality it still only costs $20 dollars to produce, the price it was only a few years ago) on a barrel of oil do you have to create to not be needful of those subsidies?  That you don’t need, yet you say your very life depends on them?  And at some point you won’t need the subsidies, I say you are there already, so at what point do you think you won’t need those subsidies?”  Oil CEO number one, (refusing to use his name because they don’t deserve any recognition) “I don’t think the American people (he did not just say that, oh, and parenthetically, that is the source, not the original source, but close to it, where the famous talking points come from, the ones used ad nauseum by the right wing politicians who are really just puppets on a string) want shared sacrifice, I think they want shared prosperity.”  You bet they do as$hole!  Who the heck do you think you are?  Yes, we all want prosperity, but don’t you see that it is the corporations, at large, that are robbing the true AMERICAN PEOPLE of that dream becoming a reality?  But don’t let me tell you good folks that, please allow Senator Rockefeller to continue… “That’s a lovely statement, but do you understand how out of touch that IS?  I think you’re out of touch, deeply and profoundly out of touch (it happens, forgive yourself) and deeply committed, deeply and profoundly committed to SHARING NOTHING!”  Awesome statement SIR!  Five little lonely CEO’s wandering around the hallowed halls of D.C., where they had to face the Ire of the likes of a Senator Rockefeller or a Senator Chuck Schumer of New York who were ready to have these lads for lunch.  Senator Schumer nailed another of the CEO scum bags from the oil and gas industry when he asked what he would do in the tough choices between say, continuing to give out oil subsidies, tax payer subsidies, to an industry that is seeing the highest recorded profit margins and over all profit numbers in the history of mankind, or giving that money to people in this country who really need it, say the millions of college students in the form of Pell grants, or home heating oil for the elderly and the poor, with a response, a milk toast, weak kneed response of, ‘well those are two different things, two different things you have to weigh…’ and then the  Senator responding with steely eyes that seemed to burn right through the pale and weak looking CEO, “we do have to weigh those things, Sir.” That is the rub here, the republican puppet show hopes to dim the American people’s LIGHT, by offering up horse$hit misinformation, that they are betting the public will buy, because the corporate owned airwaves have them covered by way of Sunday morning talk shows that appear to be on the up and up, but, in reality, are on the ‘down low’, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and don’t give a rat’s ass about the majority of the ‘American people’–for to them, they are just another number that buys their collective products because they have no other choice.  As the politicians like McConnell exercise their puppet arms and legs, via the strong puppet strings of their corporate masters, their hand is now quite transparent for all the world to see.  These “men” are in bed, literally and figuratively (see MMS sex/drug scandal with the oil industry they were supposed to be regulating) with the oil industry, as well as the “natural gas” industry (frack you ‘brother’s KOCH!) while the public pays these clowns salaries, like the 11.26 million dollars given every year to the guy who said, “I think the American people want shared prosperity.”  Great, let’s start with you sir, please fill out these forms so that we can apply your former salary to building those homeless shelters you have been dreaming of, you know that dream of GIVING BACK to your fellow man?  Rachel Maddow, the great reporter from my favorite station on television, MSNBC, whose show, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, airing every week night at 9 p.m. and midnight, EDT, only on MSNBC, is a must watch if you want the truth exposed in an effective and meaningful way, eliciting emotion as well as producing results in the way of waking people up to what is really going on in the dirty world of Washington politics, just ask Mr. Ensign, ‘he’ll tell ya’, yes, whose show this past week also gave us the lone Senator from the great state of Utah, a Fred Rogers stunt double, Orin Hatch, who backed up the oil and gas industry much like Joe Barton did a year ago when he apologized to bp for the mean old President of the United States, who dared call bp out and demand they set up a 20 billion dollar fund to help in the clean up and financial damage caused by the massive oil ’spill’, and begs all sorts of questions that Rachel put out there to an absent Orin, whose appearance on TRMS is as likely as his appearing in a Salt Lake City GAY PRIDE parade, with Orin being the keynote dancer, dancin’ his little heart out to his favorite rendition of “The Village People’s”, YMCA, yes, Orin Hatch, of Utah, a red meat state, dancin’ to the oldies on the Rachel Maddow show and afterwards going out for some drinks at the local gay bar…  Oh, the humanity! One of the questions Rachel would have liked to ask Orin, what kind of name is Orin anyway?, “when will oil profits equal jobs”, as the profits continue to soar, yet jobs are continuing to be shed in that industry, and two, “when will oil profits lead to lower gas prices?”  Three, “why did oil industry reverse itself in ‘05″ (at a similar hearing where oil and gas execs stated they no longer needed subsidies, when they were not making nearly what they are making now), and fourth, “why do we need to incentivize the industry at all?”  Especially when the combined REVENUES of the big five oil giants, just last year, was a whopping 1.5 Trillion dollars.  That is TRILLION with a capital “T”.  The oil industry is the most profitable industry in the history of mankind, and are directly responsible for the untold inhumane and criminal environmental damage to the GULF of Mexico– to the animals, plants and birds, to the people, the businesses and the lure of the beautiful Gulf waters…  It is so shameful and disgusting, that protocol prohibits producing any more further evidence today.  The human mind and soul can only take so much in the form of deception and run away greed that is destroying this nation from the inside out, the definition of the republican party, or, as it is known for posterity’s sake–REPUBLICORP–something stinks in Denmark indeed. I believe the definition of insanity is giving the oil and gas industry another red nickle for their damaging “work” that is so out of touch with the realities of global warming, they would need a lobotomy to see the LIGHT and change their ways.  These “men” of the oil and gas industry are merely drug pushers, the drug of choice, oil, for most American consumers, and they know it.  They also know that the American public has a short attention span and that they will believe almost anything they see, a good majority of them, on FOX NEWS. Therefore, the game is pretty easy and when the gig is up, and peak oil is upon us, after raping and pillaging our lands, it’s people and it’s wildlife, they, the corporate shark fest, will be long gone (my apologies to real sharks everywhere in the waters of the seven seas today), drinking daiquiris on the beaches of the British Caribbean, having known full well that they LIED to the American people–that is who you are subsidizing my friends. Have a great day and please check out the Sunday republican talk shows, see through them and beyond them, for it is keeping our enemies close that opens up the doors to Truth, KNOWLEDGE and the real American WAY.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 13, 2011

Animal Magnetism

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  How good it is to be with you on this Friday morning here on Cape, as you look out onto a fortunate, or unfortunate land owner who seems to get all of the seagulls over, well, all the time, as evidenced by the white stains on his roof, a roof, I should think, must be cleaned on a fairly regular basis.  Much like our congress, speaking of the devil, who wants at least 2 trillion dollars in spending cuts if they are going to play ball on raising the debt ceiling, all while they now state very clearly and vigorously that  raising taxes on the top 2 percent is, “off the table”, according to Speaker of the House, John Boehner. with no talk of eliminating oil subsidies for the extremely profitable, yet embarrassingly in bed with, oil and gas industry.  A move that would save 20 billion dollars in the next ten years, while eliminating the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy would add or save, as the it were, 4.1 trillion we would BORROW from foreign nationals to pay for the continuation of those temporary cuts way back in 2001 and 2003, beginning to move this country in the right direction, a direction that involves ALL the people, not just a lucky few.  The republican joke puppets, their A list, McConnell (R-KY) for example, are now denying that 36 billion in subsidies collectively, according to notable and independent thinking world class economists, undermine and undercut our overall economy, don’t reduce prices at the pump and keep politicians in the pocket of big oil, a sickening codependent relationship if I have ever seen one.  I wrote another three or four pages worth of good stuff today, but I tell you what, I am in just too good a mood this morning, a beautiful one out there, to really care today, although it is a very important topic and I will be happy to discuss it with you tomorrow.  So, have a good one, and ENJOY the week end! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 12, 2011

Howdy Pilgrim!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this windy, yet dry and cool Thursday, a very windy day indeed with quite a lot in the way of overcast skies, giving it that real energy feeling of the ocean, as I just returned from a walk on the kettle ponds in the woods of Joshua’s and Mike’s…ah, Cape Cod, anytime, anyplace.  Well, I have to admit I am in a better mood than I was in yesterday, perhaps it had something to do with quitting smoking, a filthy habit I picked up after my marriage fell apart in my latish 20’s and I moved from Newburyport, Massachusetts to Boston proper, where I lived for several years on Beacon Hill.  I was 28 at the time.  Over a decade or so of smoking those horrible filthy energy takers.  I was shocked at the amount of energy I have once again.  Sorry about that, I felt as though you needed some explanation as to my grumpy outlook yesterday.  Catholic guilt, perhaps above all, makes for great writers.  So, looking back at yesterday’s work, I noticed I inflated the Exxon Mobile profit number a little bit, mostly on purpose, and for that, I am deeply sorry, and lack of taxes, in fact a purported refund from our Internal REVENUE service of several hundred million dollars that can now be added to that 19 plus BILLION dollars that Exxon reported on their 2009 Annual Report, giving them the number one slot in “The Biggest A$$hole Corporation of Year Award” that will be given out at the end of this year.  This will be the first of many, hopefully, awards of this nature given out by seacapecod.net, as I, and the dedicated staff here, made up mostly of my Black Lab, the many dogs that come by for a walk, and a small herd of Maine Coon cats, feel the public should be aware of the nature of the beast, this out-of-line and inhuman corporate takeover of not only people’s lives, financially, but their bodies as well, as Newt, “she turned me into one”, Gingrich gets back on his morally corrupt high horse and speaks loudly and carries no stick, rather a large gut with no guts inside of it, as the right goes on a witch hunt regarding abortion, and anyone who has anything to do with it…  So, REPUBLICORP of America, the filthy bastards, as filthy as a cigarette habit, plan to not only continue to widen the GRAND CANYON gap between the haves and the the have nots, a gap that only continues to grow, while they play around with the thought of not raising the debt ceiling on OUR 14.2 trillion dollar debt, mostly to China and other foreign countries who have continued to invest in the most stable and somewhat profitable (a good ratio-safety vs. rate of return) investment in the world, U.S. Treasury Bonds, considered to be among the safest bets on not only Wall Street, but every market in the modern world today.  Should, for the first time in our history as a nation, should we default on that commitment to a now very global economy, and thus, the countries therein, and all of their citizens–that default would send shock waves out that would be, according to one Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, a very wise journalist and all round good guy, “one thousand times worse than the meltdown in 2008,” where in that crisis, the markets simply froze when Lehman Brothers went down, for no one really knew who had money and who did not, and no one wanted to be the one without a seat when the music stopped.  So, in this scenario, the world at large would be looking at, as another real pundit put it, “it would be like cutting off your own head to lose some weight…”  No thanks.  The debt ceiling has nothing to do with the current debt, it has nothing to do with legislation and the like that can either increase or decrease the current debt level in this country.  However, if those commitments are not met, especially when the world counts on the U.S. to lead the way in the form of those treasury bonds, AAA rated, like many, if not all of those bundled mortgages that went belly up, with a good chunk of this country taking a bath in their 401(k) and pension plans, as the hedge fund managers and a few others made out big in the crisis’ after math, yes, if those commitments are not met, the world is going to see a calamity that can all be blamed on Republicorp and their insistence that we continue to play their wicked end game of world domination via the “Stockholm Syndrome”, where the captors, the corporations, hold the world hostage, and make dummies in this country feel sorry for them–in other words, pure unadulterated horse$hit at it’s state-of-the-art level. Add to this the continued culture wars being waged against the middle class and it is really no wonder why a pale white republican is afraid to throw his hat in the ring with a winner and a class act such as our current and 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who just concluded the ninth annual Hispanic prayer breakfast a few moments ago, stating to all that the “country cannot get amnesia when we remember how many of our forefathers got here, the strength of our country is in our diversity.” I paraphrased a little bit there, but I believe I captured what he was trying to impart to the heavily republican audience, who have had some kind of epiphany, and joined forces, sold all of their belongings and now are committed to sane, progressive ideas that move this country forward, not backwards into the dark ages of racism, homophobia, sexism, fear mongering, and just regular old bullying, that, in the end, gets a nation NO WHERE!  Look no further than Afghanistan and you will see what I mean, and with rampant corruption in that country’s “leadership”, mirroring the equally disturbing corruption in neighboring Pakistan, I believe this may be a good time to start slimming down our budget, starting, for the first time, with the military, and with our complete withdrawal from that 4th century nation, we will be saving 2 billion dollars a week, money that could go to rebuilding our own country, or is that too off the table Mr. Speaker?  Rebuilding THIS COUNTRY?!!  God’s continued speed to the people affected by the rising water along the Mississippi River and may you and yours receive GOD’S LOVEfor who we LOVE defines who we are, not who loves us back.  Have a wonderful day. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 11, 2011

Cape Cod Bay

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the eleventh day of May, 2011, a beautiful morning here on Cape, if you like rain and wind, as I do.  A good day to either stay indoors and watch old movies or venture out and either walk in the woods by the kettle ponds, Joshua’s and Mike’s, that are right out my front door, or bike it on down to Dowses where the real action is, the energy that is the wide open ocean…although Dowses Beach looks out onto Nantucket Sound, which is not quite as dramatic as say, being on Nantucket, a place I once lived and worked, in the year 1998, attempting to make that move out of the corporate world and into the world of art, and art, for me, has always come in the form of photography and writing, with a little music thrown in for good measure.  However, that ’sabatical’ was not meant to be, at that “time”, therefore, it would not be until the fateful year of 2003, the year that my upcoming novel, (coming out in June) “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, explores in depth, giving me not only a great story, that I took quite a lump for, but gave me insight into all sorts of stuff I had no real idea existed.  On Nantucket, on a day like today, looking out from my old residence on Surfside Beach, a little neighborhood that sits a few miles from the center of town, if you had a really strong telescope, one could see Antarctica…which, of course, implies that, like Sarah Palin, I too, at one juncture, could see a foreign cold country from my house, or, as the case may be, continent, that, by the way, is melting faster than you can say, “retired talk show host and mother of five”.   As much as I would love to comment on the belligerence of the republican party and they’re playing Russian roulette with the imperative raising of the national debt ceiling, that, if not accomplished by August, will send interest rates through the roof, causing a global meltdown of confidence in the American dollar, that will only add to our very real problem of finding countries to keep lending us money to give back to the wealthiest among us by way of tax breaks, some say, dropping the already historic low of 35 percent, for the top two percent, to 25 percent, all while giving corporations GIANT tax breaks, while republican governors all over the country, like Florida’s Rick Scott, continue to stick it to the poor and elderly, making this a cultural war that is only now being understood by the public at large.  This has been going on, of course, for the past thirty years, much more subtly, since the initial days of Ronald Reagan, and, more importantly, his boss at the time of his inauguration, Donald Regan, former head of Merrill Lynch, the investment banking firm in New York, a monster of a company, and also President Reagan’s Treasury Secretary, who called the shots of Wall Street deregulation, that, combined with our military industrial complex and the continued tax payer subsidies for companies involved in the oil and gas industry, such as Exxon Mobile, who raked in record profits, I believe the number was 19 billion dollars of profit for 2009 alone, and yet received a portion of the billions of dollars that you and I add to their Profit bottom line every year, in the way of subsidies, for at least the past thirty, with a few breaks in between, but a general and very easily followed path of money nonetheless, nothing to shake a “big stick” at–as much as I would like to say something, I feel like hey, yeah, I am just not in the mood today, as we see the flooding in the Mississippi River basin, from Illinois, south to Memphis, Tennessee that will make it’s way south all the way to New Orleans, where they could see record flooding as well… However, I will say that the good news is this–I believe that America IS finally WAKING up and smelling the proverbial coffee, when the hear the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, say these words just yesterday to Today Show host Matt Lauer, “…raising taxes (on the rich) is off the table”, hey, but billy bob, you said only a few weeks ago that everything is on the table, what gives home boy?  People are going to start talking about you, don’t want to make you paranoid or nutn’, but didn’t your mama tell you that you can’t serve two masters?  One being the insane, corporate sponsored, via Charles Koch, (frack you KOCH BROTHERS!, see “fracking” via “Gas Land”, an HBO documentary) policies of the fake grass roots “tea party”, orchestrated by hedge fund groups (criminals) like ‘Americans for prosperity’, (theirs), where they are much more interested in a woman’s right to choose than they are in getting Americans back to work.  The other being that of your saner, older and more established traditional conservative viewpoints, where you actually promote real ’smaller’ government, in areas where we should have smaller government, such as in our over-bloated military, that has no real mission now, other than to “keep us safe”, a task that, of course, never ends, and therefore, keeps us in the never ending war zone former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of back in the late 1950’s–the military industrial complex, a perpetual war machine that keeps companies like “Blackwater”, or, if you prefer, the sexier and more feminine, Xe, Blackwater’s (the world’s most powerful mercenary army, accountable to NO one) new name, but still with the same old scary, insane full metal jacket types, that are ready to go off and kill innocent civilians at the drop of a hat, in business, while the rest of this beautiful nation starves to death, both physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.  Yes, I am just not in the mood to talk about that today, so I will leave you this morning of the image you see above you, a gentle spring rain I saw only a few days ago in Brewster, at the elbow of Cape Cod, and as you look out north onto Cape Cod Bay, you can see a spring time rain storm out on the water, bringing in some moisture for all of the beautiful flowers that are just now coming in to full bloom.  So come on down and visit US, we’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!  God’s speed to all those affected by the floods and may you and yours have a wonderful day. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 10, 2011

May Tulip

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this tenth day of May, 2011, a windy, wet and wild affair out here on the old sand bar of Cape Cod, as you stare at an example of the beauty that surrounds US all here on the Cape and Islands every day, every spring, right here on a piece of land mass that was ironically created by the Last Great Ice age, and when global warming comes a knockin’, which it will, whether you believe in concrete science, or, are one of those who still believe in the tooth fairy, yes, when it does, sadly, this little sand bar, much of it anyway, will no longer be here, it will, like the glaciers and the polar bear, be gone forever, due to man’s ignorance, his stubbornness, and his never ending GREED.  Rachel Maddow had a great piece on the other night, I guess it was last night’s, “TRMS”, or “The Rachel Maddow Show”, a great show, airing every week night at 9 p.m., EDT, that speaks to the TRUTH as much as seacapecod.net does, only difference being the mode in which the empirical truth is received.  Principals above personalities, should always be the motto of a good news organization, although, because we are all human and have, other than my dear friend George Will, baseball expert, emotions, some, even good ones, thus, are sometimes prone to expostulate that truth with a little more than just a little passion… Yes, on her show last night, at the very tail end, burying the lead if you will, she pointed out the obvious insanity presented to US all via the corporate owned airwaves, i.e. GE>=NBC, the insanity of the BUSH, the former, I might vigorously add, administration.  Choosing not to concentrate on the FACT that we have finally put an END to that horrible decade, the most horrible decade this country has had to endure in GOD knows how long, a decade that revolved 24/7 around the concepts of introducing FEAR, en masse, to the masses, as the quality of GREED began to soar ever higher heights, all on behalf of the top one tenth of the top one percent, not all, the very top of the economic food chain, a group loosely forged out of that ‘need for greed’, a vicious cycle that depends upon the TRUTH never seeing the LIGHT of day, or, if it is seen, seen by only a few.  Putting a muzzle on say, a professor of history at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, whose truth is quickly snuffed out, and is, in a way, shackled to the corporate will, for if he texts or emails the word, ‘Maddow’, will be flagged by our ever growing, as Rachel puts it so well, “really, really, really BIG government”, a government that Republicorp would like to keep in the style of that era–paranoid, delusional and in many ways schizophrenic.  For was it not only a year or so ago that the republicans were crying out in vain that the new affordable health care LAW would hurt medicare, a program that they recently, via the “Ryan” plan, “I told you to call me Bronco”, wanted ‘dead or alive’, more on the dead side, with vouchers of 15,000 dollars replacing a priceless program established in 1965?  It was last night’s show that made me feel not so all alone and out there in the wilderness of the TRUTH, isolated in an increasingly misinformed world, as I have been speaking to this “Sunday Morning Talk Show” syndrome for well over two years now, and I am finally happy that someone else is too!  The “Sunday Morning” political talk shows, where the pundits and politicians all mix in together with a moderator/interviewer, with Christiane Amanpour and David Gregory, of ABC and NBC respectively, being the best in the business, offering up the questions, sort of like a volley ball game, sometimes seemingly set ups, or ’softballs’, but, as in the case with David or Christaine, sometimes hard, real questions that are, of course, rarely answered with an honest, forthright answer, no real surprise there.  Answering said questions with the nauseating spouting of endless talking points, that seem to go on for days and days, talking points that are loosely, or closely tied, as the case may be, literally, with puppet string, forever attached to their corporate masters’ will, forcing them to say, and promote everything from their very narrow and dangerous viewpoints on, as Rachel puts it, “Really, really, really, really BIG” government intrusions, such as their first three house bill proposals, first three of this 112th congress, with all of the nation’s problems, nice, that deal exclusively with a woman’s right to choose, or the lack therein, making abortions harder and harder to get, sometimes with violent outcomes, such as in the horrible assassination of Dr. Tiller, God rest his soul, in Kansas, not too long ago.  Nice work barbarians, that must be the work of GOD indeed.  Or their insane views on carbon dioxide emissions (greenhouse gases that induce global warming) and how that will, in the end, be our demise as a species.  But putting that minor point aside for a moment, on this past “Sunday morning talk show” shows, Republicorp of America, trade mark, sent 10 people to the airwaves to pitch that idea (s) that ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ (or torture, that most official government interrogators, both former and current, would say, and have said publicly, don’t work, and should not be called “enhancement”, rather, “devolvement’, for they set the system of collecting information back on it’s heals, and incite new violence, more in the way of increasing various “revenge” motives for extremists, taking US backwards, not forwards) were critical in the capture and killing of Bin Laden…therefore, with no further adieu, here is the dishonor roll of said retirees of the FORMER Bush administration, with one current republican Senator, Indiana’s pride and joy, Dick Lugar–former mayor and presidential candidate and Mr. “9/11″ himself, Mr. Rudy Giuliani, former republican congressman, Todd Davis, Former CIA director, all of these folks employed during the BUSH era of 2000-2008, Michael Hayden, former Secretary of State, give it up for Condi, “don’t you just love her”, Rice, former director of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, former Defense Secretary Donald, “what are you lookin’ at?”, Rumsfeld, or “rummy” as ‘W” liked to call ‘em, former Vice President Dick Cheney, and last, but certainly not least, the Vice President’s daughter, ’cause no one likes nepotism as much as GE, Liz Cheney, who brings her vast experience of, what, we are still analyzing, to the table, and rounding out the really, really, really big round table of unicorns who are about to become a part of the past.  Oh wait, they ARE the past! The corporate owned airwaves, in their infinite wisdom, did all of this the week Obama took out Osama, or as Rachel put it so well, “that’s the guest list to go on the Sunday morning political talk shows to talk about it.  The Sunday morning talk shows are supposed to be the apex of debate, the pulsing, throbbing, heart of what’s going on in politics.  So is the biggest story  in American politics right now–retirees from the Bush administration and how they feel about stuff?   plus Dick Lugar?  Honestly, this is the roster?  This is Sunday morning and all of it’s thundering seriousness?  Now, among those nine former Bush administration officials and other republican politicians, there were three outliers, Senator John Kerry (D-MA), former White House communications director Anita Dunn, and current White House National Security Advisor Tom Donlin, to there were those three, but the week the Obama administration announces that bin Laden is dead, the invitees to the ‘adult’s table’, the measure of seriousness and importance in Washington, is 3-1, former BUSH administration and republican officials.  Why is that?” Why indeed, Rachel, why indeed.  Could it be to brain wash the few remaining Americans that are really paying attention to this stuff, and ARE in a position of intellectual authority and acumen to affect change–to wash the brain so as to elicit one to begin to scratch one’s collective head, heads that seem to have a short term memory problem as they mutter to themselves, “yeah, you know, I bet that mean old Condi is right, that torture is a good thing, and George W. Bush deserves all the credit in the world for capturing and killing Bin Laden…,” and as the puppet masters tell the airwaves who they can, and cannot have on the air that particular week, such as the monumental one we just had, we can all rest assured that the “men behind the curtain” (the wizard (s) of OZ, who, in actuality, are mere mortals and have no real lasting power at all, and that scares the living $hit out of them, for their so called ‘power’ is illusory and always fades, for it comes not from the connection to true source, but rather from the fragile, hostile, anti-social and sometimes dangerously sociopathic ego, that feeds off of other people’s suffering., (see the life and times of Adolph Hitler).  You are 100 percent correct Rachel, this really IS the story and, of course, is highly UNDER reported, because either a) you work for said corporation, e.g. an employee of GE, the parent company of NBC, or b) You don’t have a vehicle to express the TRUTH, a way of ‘getting it out there’, i.e. 500,000 watts of power coming to you LIVE from seacapecod.net, just kidding, but one can dream, can one not?, or c) you are one of them and will most likely live in your ignorance until your final days expire here on planet earth.  Yes, this IS the real story, behind the story and tells us volumes as to what is really going on behind the curtains aforementioned, and although highly under reported, it is kind of fun to take a step back from it all and just laugh at the absurdity of “it”, and that “it”, as in “it” from the classic novel, “A Wrinkle in Time”, is merely just a collective ego, that is not really real, but can cause damage (see Iraq War) nonetheless, moreover, is also hell bent on it’s own short term profits, coming at the great expense of our people, our resources, and our planet as a whole–all while the earth continues to warm and we lose one species after another to our insatiable appetite for MORE.  Have a wonderful day folks and GOD’S SPEED to the people living on the banks of the mighty Mississippi!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Meetings

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So great to be with you on this glorious Monday morning, the ninth day of May, 2011, you know, you don’t hear that word that often in the press these days, Glorious, and I, for one, think people should use the words afforded to them in the English language more often, with less inhibition, and more certitude and authority, for when you speak from the gut, the TRUTH, that resides therein, has a tendency to come out, and play for a while, as it was locked away and not allowed to see the light, let alone feel Justice again, and LOVE, that is often times stolen  from a victim when traumatized, and, like the survivor Pear tree in the area of Ground Zero in New York City, an area where a memorial park will be presented in September on the tenth anniversary of that horrible attack that took the lives of 3000 people on both the streets of New York, but in Washington D.C., as well as a field in the countryside of another state, Pennsylvania, as heroes on that plane, our own citizens, brought it to the ground, yes and so, like  the survivor Pear tree, that was the only living thing that survived when the towers fell bringing a wall of soot and ash, down the Avenues and streets, clogging not only lungs, but our lives with that gray fog of terror that cannot be named and does not have a face, for ten long years, yes again, and so, like that pear tree, as it was nursed back to health and then replanted in the area we have already known, bridging that gap, and closing the circle, and finally letting it go.  That, at least, is what I believe a memorial to be, a place where we feel connected to what we once knew, such as something as simple as a dining experience at a world class restaurant 110 stories in the air, called “Windows on the World”, to something as horrible as reliving the nightmare of losing a loved one, via the tortured logic of terrorizing innocent people, who never did anything to you personally.  Really true genocide, which is almost impossible to perceive unless you have been victimized yourself and can relate, or, you are a truly good person and has the capacity to show COMPASSION and reach out to those who are in NEED.  When one thinks of the horror that took place in World War II, the concentration camps in Germany and other parts of Europe, and what took place there is almost too much for words at this early morning hour, yet, it would equally be a bad time at perhaps, 9:30, or even a lunch…this afternoon is bad, say, how about drinks with the ghosts at Tavern on the Green at 4, 4:30?  Monday morning meetings indeed, there is, and there never will be a good time to talk about the horrors of mankind’s worst behaviour just during the 20th century alone, not to mention this past decades long ‘war on terror’, that was all built on bull$hit, that ended up costing over 6000 American lives, 4.1 trillion dollars and an even more unstable world.  Thanks George!  You want credit?  In the immortal words of OUR new President, “you ought to go and get your head examined.”  This country is so much worse off because of your major malfunction as a “President” in name only.  Finally, there is some accountability in the White House and some actual RESULTS.  Positive results, such as, well, everything, from Wall Street reform, at least a step in that general direction, to Health care AFFORDABLE reform, moving, eventually, away from the for profit model of the insurance industry to more of what the state of Vermont is adopting, a universal health care, for all it’s citizens, because health care is a right, not a privilege, given to those who already have, those in the top one tenth of one percent, everything, and are commanding more of the GDP everyday, health insurance, and if say, need a liver transplant, because they have money, go to the top of the list at say, the Mayo Clinic, that, although a great medical institution such as the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, California, does not take American Express, let alone charity cases, so I think, although I should never assume, you get, or “catch” my drift.   This President is doing a hell of a job and we should thank our lucky stars he is in charge in stead of McCain, who would most likely have blown up the planet by now.   That concludes our Monday Morning Meeting, thank you for attending and I appreciate, truly, your patronage and comments, as I am just a simple historian, author, as well as photographer, who wants to get the world at large out to the world at large, to come together, as opposed to splitting apart, for that is the direction of the arc, an arc towards justice and peace, harmony and cooperation.  The complete and polar opposite of the past ten years of terror, war, and manufactured FEAR!  I blame one man and one man only for that, after the fact, for if he were still so gung ho to go after the villain with the bullhorn in the midst of the rubble, then why after only six months was he quoted as saying, “I’m just not that concerned about where he is…(referring to bin Laden, of course)”.  Nice.  Add to that the fact that the bin Laden ‘task force’, that was put together in the weeks right after invading Afghanistan in 2001, was $hit canned in 2005, “coincidentally” the exact same time that bin Laden’s McMansion was built in Abbottabad, Pakistan.  I would not go as far as to say that the Bush “team”, don’t you just love that Condi Rice?, set up the volleyball for bin Laden, but it sure did make it a whole lot easier for him to find a safe haven in a country that we, or I should say, his ‘leadership’ gave the corrupt Pakistani military/government  over 18 billion dollars in the past decade alone, all know is as corrupt as the next quasi military/corrupt dictatorship regime that has elements of terror groups within her own borders.  So, it is not surprising, that when Bush dropped the ball in 2005, Bin Laden was able to simply build a house and find some peace, right next to Pakistan’s version of West Point, with neighbors who are retired generals and the like–can someone say, Bingo?  So, that is, again, all for today, I guess I already said that, have a good one, don’t take any of those wooden nickels from the likes of FOX NEWS, please see SNL take on that one from this past week end’s LIVE show, and, if you get the chance, say a prayer for the people who live along the Mississippi, who are now inundated with record flood stage of 47 and a half feet above that “stage” where you are either in a flood or not in a flood.  I am just so grateful today that my home is not underwater.  God Bless US everyone! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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