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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 30, 2011

Hyannis Port Garden

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this blustery, somewhat overcast day here on Cape, Osterville, to be precise, however, yesterday, was beautiful, as I was at my favorite place on the Cape, ‘the top of Hyannis Port’, home, once again, if I have not said this enough, but, really, cannot enough, to the late, great President Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife Jackie, and all of their extraordinary family, one of which I saw on the television machine yesterday, “John Kennedy Jr.”, who spoke at length, 15 years ago with my buddy and yours, Chris Mathews, of “Hardball”, only on MSNBC airing every week night at 5, 7 p.m., EDT, where he spoke for at least ten minutes to yet another person of greatness who left before his time.  I have also had the privilege of seeing Caroline Kennedy on “The Colbert Report”, where she read poetry to a man who may be Catholic, but has a difficult time translating the words Jesus himself spoke so many moons ago.  John Jr. was killed in a plane crash over a decade ago in a twin prop 402 Cessna, flying in fog and rather ugly weather conditions on his way from New York to Martha’s Vineyard, although I believe they stopped in New Bedford first.  As they attempted to land in the foggy airfields of Tisbury airport, the Martha’s Vineyard equivalent of Laguardia, something went terribly wrong, and we lost a great voice of reason, gentility and grace that day, not to mention his beautiful girlfriend who was also on board.  I bring this up not to be morbid, rather, to demand attention to the traits we still carry (out of honor) to this day of people, like “John John” as the press liked to call him, and Princess Diana, who gave the world so much more than they asked back from it.  I am humbled to be attending Saint Andrews in Hyannis Port tomorrow, for the 9 a.m. service, and invite US all to share in a humble prayer that the better angels of the politicians ‘in power’ in Washington D.C., come to realize that this is not a game, this is not the “end all be all”, this short life we live on this little blue rock we all share for the moment–a planet named ‘earth’, a planet that we often times use as a garbage can– it goes on, and, moreover, the FACT that we can all rest assured that something much more powerful than the likes of a Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco”, Ryan is at work here, as he parrots the constant talking points (#’s 501, 777, 999, among others) of ALL the other lockstep puppets who do the bidding of their corporate overlords (the ‘coming’ Plutocracy)–people like “The Brother’s Koch”, again, not to be confused with “The Brother’s Grim”, for, as I reiterate for the thousandth time, are much more frightening than any fairy tale the Grim brother’s could have written up…and far grimmer.  The central argument and, more importantly, GOAL of the republican establishment is to turn the clock back to at least the early part of the 20th century, and not re-electing a man, who walks in the shadow of a man who really DID change everything, a President named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose vision of a social contract, such as Social Security, and then Medicare and Medicaid, passing in 1965 by then President Lyndon B. Johnson, cannot be ignored.  For with rampant racism, hate, and fear (with tomorrow’s blog bringing an actual letter I received from the great George McGovern himself), seemingly ruling the day at present, a man, who’s letter spoke to all of that hate and subsequent hate groups that have sprung up all over this great land of ours–fueled, of course, by a radical right wing agenda that is hell bent on crumbling this country forever–yes, as all of the haters out there are assuming that tree huggin’ liberals like me and seacapecod.net will bend and break–here’s a warning, we are greater in number than you can possibly fathom in your junior high school educated minds.  Let me tell you something McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, and the likes of Paul, “call me Bronco”, Ryan, this fight is far from over, and there will be a grass roots movement in this nation that will take DOWN your corrupt casinos of Wall Street, radically change the equally corrupt tax code in this country–where the likes of GE and Exxon/Mobile pay nothing in the way of taxes, corporate or otherwise, and this country will change back, or forwards, as the case will be, to a place of honor, dignity and JUSTICE for ALL, a place we recognize not so much for the color of our skins… “but for the content of our character” (credit Martin Luther King Jr.)–for we all know, the CEO’s have most of their money in Dubai, the Cayman Islands or Switzerland.  WE will discover who SHOULD go to jail for borrowing money from China so that we can still give HUGE tax breaks for the wealthy, while we tell our grandparent’s they will just have to do without that life saving operation, because the procedure costs upwards of 100,000 dollars, far out of the reach of the new, as Paul, “Bronco”, Ryan calls it, “premium enhancements” (a LIE!!! really, a lousy 15,000 dollar voucher), effectively destroying promises we made to each other as a nation, a nation that is looking more savage, mean spirited and, quite frankly evil by the day.  The beltway press is, for the most part, a JOKE, and your chances of finding a story worth your time reading or watching on the typical stations, such as FOX NEWS, is akin to drinking Jim Jones’ Kool Aid.  If you want real reporting, go to “The Nation Magazine”, “Mother Jones Magazine”, or shows on the 8, 9, 10 p.m. time slots, EDT, all on MSNBC, such as, “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, or the toughest of them all, “The ED SHOW”, where real MEN (and women) like Ed Schultz stand up to the bullies and is not afraid to give them a bloody nose.  We need DEMOCRATS to grow that spine and attack these insane proposals, that are so far out of the main stream of public opinion, such as the number 80 percent, the number of Americans who are OPPOSED to touching medicare, medicaid or Social Security.  The reason why the republicans are so successful, is due to Madison Avenue ad wizards, huge amounts of money streaming in now via the shameful Citizens United case, and the evil intentions of a small group of “men” who meet in secret locations, such as my old stomping ground of Aspen, Colorado, where they ’strategize’, via, very smart members of very well funded ‘think tanks’ that have sprung up in every state in this ‘union’.  Make no mistake about it folks, these people think you are not only stupid, but will also feel sorry for them, as they toot away in their 1.5 billion dollar yacht, flipping America the bird and laughing all the way to the bank.  If someone tries to tell you differently, you can have them email me at any time, or better yet, I would be happy to meet one of you lard asses (I’m talking to you “Bronco!”) in a boxing ring, legal of course, and see just how “tough” you really are.  I guess my Ire is up today, as I am, after all, 90 percent Irish, and miss the Kennedy family with all of my heart. There will be a great awakening, however, in this world soon, mark my words.   So rejoice! the good news is this–it will favor the weak, the meek, the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, the sick, the poor, and those beautiful animals that cannot fend for themselves, not to mention the trees, flowers and plants of the wilderness at large, as we blow up one mountain at a time, in say, West Virginia, so that some schmuck from Massey Energy can get filthy rich off of other people’s backs and sometimes lives.  May GOD be with the poor people who lost their lives in those horrific tornadoes that touched down all across the south, Alabama in particular, and of course, to their loved ones. Buildings and shopping malls can be rebuilt, but shattered dreams and the touch of a loved one cannot.  Global warming is a very real phenomenon, and as the public slowly realizes the severity of the storms that have just happened, let us all be quite aware that more are to come, much stronger and much more dangerous, as we blindly and criminally continue to spew those green house gasses (carbon dioxide and now methane, as the permafrost begins to melt) into the atmosphere, now at an alarming rate, that coincides, directly, with the rising of the earth’s temperatures in the past ten to fifteen years.  Science and numbers, unlike pundits and politicians, do not LIE. Have a wonderful Saturday folks and we’ll see you, God Willing, tomorrow.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 29, 2011

Royal Sea Flower

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this glorious day here in the little town of Osterville, 3000 miles away from perhaps the most beautiful weddings I have ever witnessed, a wedding between Catherine and William, Prince and Princess, Kate and William, held at Westminster Abbey, in what could be called the most perfect display of everything that is GOOD about humanity.  The Queen of England, dressed in a sunny yellow, followed, graciously, in a beautifully understated closed carriage, the open carriage of Kate and William’s horse drawn entourage of a horse laden Calvary of Royal Guards, dressed in their best reds and shining golden helmets, bringing the carriage to a stop, only moments ago, to Buckingham Palace, where the Royal couple presumably kissed by now, in front of the adoring fans gathered below in Trafalgar Square, with ancient lions of bronze looking on, as if to bow in salute to what man can still accomplish, a day where there was nothing but LOVE in the air, coupled with an equally fresh air of celebration–a fate that William’s mother, the late, GREAT Princess Diana must have looked down upon, what was supposed to be a cloudy, rainy day, and shown a bright shot of sunlight, that even took the whole of the ceremony by surprise.  For it was at that moment, that the crowd erupted in a chorus of cheer, sending out that gift of LOVE, for not only the Royal couple, and may GOD BLESS them and keep them, but perhaps for themselves (Great Britain), the world, and for a general PEACE, a peace that Diana would have most likely wished to champion upon the world we currently live in today.  From these humble shores of seacapecod.net, and the images you see above you, flowers from Armstrong-Kelly park here in Osterville, and the sand bars of Chatham, both right here on Cape Cod proper, and from the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, I want to wish this new couple all of the best for this day, tomorrow and beyond, as well as the country I lived in–England, for so long. God Bless you everyone.   Have a nice week end folks and may God bless the people here in this country as well, may we find the solidarity of peace so honorably exemplified by a country much older, and perhaps wiser than our own. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 28, 2011

Salty Water

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great, as always, to be with you and yours on this misty, foggy morning here on Cape, wait, “Great boys, you’re playing the same tape as yesterday…” (credit Bill Murray and in Andie Macdowell from the classic film “Ground Hog Day”), at least I mixed up the order so you know for sure that it is, indeed, not the twenty seventh of April 2011 any longer, it is April 28th, 2011, a full twenty four hours after we finally can breathe a sigh of relief that, indeed, our GREAT President, Barack Obama, was, in FACT, born in the United States of America, did receive high honors at Columbia and Harvard Law and has achieved more with less than Donald “Duck” Trump could ever have if he would have been born into similar circumstances as our best President since the days of President Kennedy, simply by virtue of what he has accomplished via his brave legislative LAWS, now, of the land, and that, my friends, along with race, is the reason some on the “right” side of the aisle despise him so.  Pity that.  For in forgiving those dull souls, such as, and I won’t even utter the word, of the head “birther”, the “interesting” woman who appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word”, this past evening, we somehow forgive ourselves, agape, indeed.  I was going to write a bit about the state of the Louisiana fisherman, especially those in Placard Parish today, I hope I spelled that right, lest I be told I was “lucky” enough to get into the University of Vermont, although, truth be told, if it were not for a great mother and father, I would not have–yes, in one of the poorest areas of Louisiana, the head man there, who runs the show, and, again, I apologize for not recalling his name off the top of my head, showed us a video of him attempting to visit and attend to HIS lease on some Oyster beds that were being trespassed upon by bp “men”, or were they Blackwater thugs, I’m not sure, ooops, I meant to use the kinder, gentler machine gun hand new name for those trained killers–of Xe.  And as the man approached, with a camera crew, into the area that is essentially his, by right of LAW, a boat, headed by the “Coast Guard”, he presumed, ordered him 150 feet away from the area, as men, he did not even know, combed through the area, making a bad situation worse.  God Speed to you sir! Louisiana fisherman are in a fight for their life, who are all complaining of the cozy relationship the Coast Guard has with the likes of oil giant bp, whose “spill”, that killed eleven men, a little over a year ago, dumped, along with the highly (banned for the past ten years in the U.K.) toxic dispersant, Corexit 3500, along with the oil in droves, and not the 206 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico the corporate owned media would have you believe, but rather 500 million barrels. The official estimates are bogus and should be exposed as such. This oil disaster, a rather redundant statement if I do say so myself, has destroyed the lives of millions of people in that region–from fisherman, to restaurant and hotel owners, to the tourist trade, and to every person who owns property in the area, not to mention the moral cost of rocketing cases of PTSD–with domestic abuse, drug abuse and alcohol abuse on the rise, more in the way of crime and desperation, well, you name it, and you can see the ugly picture for yourself.  This does not even touch the environmental impact of such an abhorrent ACT and RESPONSE from the fourth largest corporation in the world, despite the “costs” of the spill, most of which, were picked up by the re-insurance giant Lloyd’s of London.  When I think of the images of those dying Brown Pelicans, majestic birds, covered in thick, suffocating oil, and then think of the monsters whom bp hired to keep the journalists away from the TRUTH of what this oil did to not only them, but to the whales, the sharks, the dolphins, the sea turtles, the sea bass, and the tiniest of creatures on the bottom of the sea, who are the beginning of the food chain–who, by the way, cannot live, (for the oil and dispersant killed all the oxygen in what are known as ‘dead zones’) or are dead now, because the oil, mixed with the designed intention of the dispersant Corexit 3500, which effectively “sweeps” the oil under the rug, you know, out of sight out of mind, and thus, sinks, yes, that 500 million barrels that we ALL watched in horror for 87 days, LIVE 24/7, spilling into our beloved Gulf, yes, as that sunk to the bottom of literally thousands of square miles of sea bed, 5000 feet below our “vision”–I became incensed, and when you add that to our insistence on continuing to GIVE 4 billion dollars in SUBSIDIES to the oil industry to do the same thing all over again, I am now ready to move to Finland, however, I will still broadcast LIVE from seacapecod.net, for I will just be on location, from time to time, from the moronic, evil, maniacal, greedy, hypocritical, spiritually bereft political environment that this country is turning into….  Forgiveness is one thing–but, telling the TRUE AMERICAN people, with no sponsors, no advertisers, no “Angle”, just the TRUTH, so they can make up their own minds about what is REALLY going on, is not only an honor, and a privilege, but an OBLIGATION.  For my favorite writers of all time, the one’s I hold dear to my heart, the one’s who got me through my darkest days, are my real heroes, for they inspire US all to go on, to be better people and for GOD’S sakes, make this world a better place.  So, on that note, I thought I might offer something from an author who will remain unknown for the moment, for quite frankly, I am not sure most of “America” is ready for this–but, then again, I should never, ever assume anything.   The text is from the writings of a book written long ago, words, to some of you, may ring true, for others, not…I just hope some may ‘hear’.  For I, as I have said before, believe that religion is for those who are afraid of HELL, and spirituality is for those, who have already been there. So, bear with me as I write the words written by the unknown author, and please do not think I am trying to convert anyone to anything, only express my deep LOVE for this beautiful earth we all share, it’s people, the animal kingdom, the plant realm, and the country we all dearly LOVE, can save and make great again.  Remember, the words that are in quotations are those of Him, the others are of my own creation. 


“The Other Voice” (an excerpt)

“Greetings again, I am Jeshua.  I have come once again to further, with you, my discussion of a “A Course in Miracles.” I have recently been discussing with you, your innocence, and also your perception.  You will recall that your innocence is based on the REALIZATION that you HAVE, and that you ARE, everything.  Just as God itself has, and is, EVERYTHING, because you are the son of God, because you are ONE with God.”

“There is but one sense in which you are not completely the same as God.  God is the creator.  You, I, we are the son of God.  And as God’s son, we do not have the power to change what God has created.  In our completeness as the Son of God, we are absolutely free, FREE to CO-CREATE anything that is.”

“The word “co-create” is very easy to understand.  It simply means that we are absolutely free.  To be, and to create, anything we desire, except for the fact that we cannot BE God, who and must remain, the First Cause of ALL That Is.  Our creative power extends outwards,  but cannot reverse direction and alter our Source.  We cannot alter our Source.  We cannot alter our Source.  In other words, we cannot create of ourselves something which we are not.  For that would be able to change God, which is, and shall always be, impossible.  To co-create, then, is to participate freely in the outward flow of creation, but to be unable to alter the Source.  And what that Source has created.  And what the Source has created, must include our Self.  Hear me well.  Perception ALWAYS arises from the belief that you ARE something which you ARE NOT.  Indeed, the summation of this Course could lie in the next sentence or two.  Your belief that you are something which you ARE NOT, Is always the belief that somehow you don’t have everything, and that somehow you are not everything.  Your perception also stems from the belief, which is synonymous with it, that somehow you are separate from God Itself, from your Source, and from all Creation.”

“When you, within your being, beyond your thoughts, Truly perceive, and experience, To the fullness that time space allow, the realization that you have everything, and are everything, and not separate, and cannot be otherwise, when you truly perceive that TRUTH, you will be free of this Course, free to move beyond this world of illusion, any time you wish, including in the next instant, and in the twinkling of an eye…” Instead of taking energy from each other, you GIVE it.  Therefore, those don’t feel pressure to compete, judge, or control–which leads to LOVE…which is what we are all here for to begin with.   ~Jeshua, or otherwise “unknown” at this moment in “time”, this illusion we call LIFE.

“It has been said that we will become like children again, as innocent as the children of God, who we really are.  This is a covenant of God, a bond, that, like a perfect circle, can never, ever be broken–If you have the FAITH and that what you “think” you are, effectively taking it out of the equation`gives the greatest gift to God you possibly could and then, by turning around and giving that LOVE to your fellow man, who, after all, is, like ALL of Us, part of God himself–all that IS, all that was, and ALL that will ever be~ This again, is the greatest way to honor and LOVE GOD, (a grand slam, if you will)–”For he so much Loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son for our sins.” And what are those sins you might ask?–the fact we don’t LOVE each other, when in reality that is rejecting GOD himself, the greatest arrogant sin of ALL.”  Michael Mosier

“The guidance within, evolves the world to a Heaven that is already here…to KNOW this, is to KNOW our destiny.” Celestine Prophesy (insight number 9)

I was blind, but now I can see, for no longer is there any doubt that the Source of ALL that IS will come in the end, and war, hunger, thirst and tears will be no more.  I believe that IS the tenth insight and I just wish to thank God and a guy named Roland Marsan for allowing me, just a simple ‘reporter’ from a little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, to wish the readers all around the world the very best in the years to come, with LOVE and PEACE forever.  Thank you for your kind words to me and I promise you this, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, will be coming out soon, and I will add some more in the way of pictures and videos to a “blog” I have been writing straight out now for 2.5 years.  Thank you for the priviledge of listening to my words.


April 27, 2011

Hyannis Port’s Nantucket Sound

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-seventh day of April, 2011, a foggy, misty morning here in Osterville, as you peer out onto Dowses Beach, via “Faith Hill”, looking east towards Hyannis Port, the home to the Thirty-Fifth President of the United States of America, the late, great Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife Jackie, their children, his great brother’s Teddy and Bobby, his mom and dad, Rose and Joe Senior, his sister Eunice, as well as his other great sisters, and the rest of that extraordinary family, who, as I have mentioned countless times on seacapecod.net, have GIVEN so much to this country, a debt that can never really be repaid, save by OUR efforts to keep those VALUES alive and well–creating a more perfect UNION that is devoid of greed and unfair play by one party in particular, as they attempt to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of the American people.  On July 8th, of this year, the deadline for raising the 14.2 trillion dollar debt ceiling, much of which, if not all, has been created by the last administration, by a man who now has been proven to have lost that election to a Mr. Al Gore in the year of our Lord 2000–will be upon us, and, if not raised, will, cause catastrophic economic implications all over the planet, “can someone say Stockholm Syndrome 2.0?, sure, I knew that you could…” (credit the late, great Fred Rogers, PBS and NPR).  According to most experts, credible economists not in the back pocket of the lobbyists or FOX NEWS, the real fight will come in June, as the likes of ‘our’ Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner caved once again to the will of the puppets of Republicorp, employees of ‘the brother’s KOCH’, which is deriving most of their power via the ballot box and the FACT that republican strategists like Rove and Luntz are making it impossible for new voters to register to vote, as the ‘McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform’ is now dead in the water.  Corporate monsters like ‘the brother’s KOCH’ are the architects behind this new attempt to not only make states demand a birth certificate and passport to register, but will not allow those who have moved, or have changed their marital status to vote, even though they are already registered to do so–something stinks in Denmark indeed. The system has been held hostage once again by big corporate interests (the coming Plutocracy) that is now widely seen as the biggest “Stockholm Syndrome” of all, something I have spoken about extensively on this little news station on a little sand bar far out in the Atlantic Ocean, with the republican spin doctors brainwashing the “American people” into feeling sorry for their captors, the very captors who want to throw grandma and grandpa to the wolves, who work, parenthetically, for the top one tenth of the top one percent, who want to see this nation crumble and be ‘rebuilt’ in the likeness of Ronald Reagan or God Forbid, the likes of a Donald “Duck” Trump.  The republicans goal is to stop voter registration, or the process therein, via new laws passed by republican held states where the governors of said states, scumbags like Walker, Scott, Snyder and Kasich, will make intimidation their catch phrase and modus operandi–making it next to impossible for minority voters, young voters and the poor, disenfranchised voters, who have no voice whatsoever, to be squeezed out of the political process, the DEMOCRATIC process of electing leaders fairly and equitably.  It is like a Bush era, circa 2000, scenario all over again, where records have now PROVEN that Al Gore did, indeed, WIN the election in that year, as it was turned over to 9 people on the Supreme Court, highly partisan, where they, of course, voted in a man who increased the national debt by trillions of dollars, not to mention wasting the lives of our young men and women in uniform in a pointless, strike that, two pointless and unpaid for wars, while giving HUGE tax breaks for the wealthy and their corporate friends like bp, Exxon/Mobile, and Goldman Sachs.  Stay tuned for that big LIE.  These people, for the most part, have lost their moral compass and could not spell the word FAIRNESS and define TRUE American way–as they attempt to strong arm the weak and those without a voice, yet once again, in voting in fair and HONEST elections– and this, my dear friends, is coming home to roost.  What is this Syria?  Saudi Arabia?  Nazi Germany?  On a note of good news, the Governor of my favorite state, next to Massachusetts, Vermont, Mr. Peter Shumlin, presided over a 29-9 vote in the state senate of Vermont recently to turn that state’s health care system into a single payer system as they have in almost every other progressive country in the world, bringing down health care costs while improving care for EVERYONE, not just those who pay to subsidize the insurance industries’ “bottom line”, the business they are really in to begin with.  GO CATAMOUNTS! The good Governor of Vermont may just show that the waivers, that are spelled out in “the affordable health care law”, passed into LAW by President Obama last year, can be used, as they require that states offer health care that works with the new legislative language, as they opt out of the ‘national system’ just as long as they meet the requirements set by a very good piece of legislation, bringing down health care costs over the long haul.  The waivers WILL be met, and I truly believe that Vermont, one of the smallest states in the nation, will lead a revolt that will be heard like the shots in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, all over the world, as people are beginning to wake up to the fact that big insurance is a scam and the republican party is in bed with these “free marketers” who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing (my apologies to real wolves everywhere in the world).  Insurance companies, whom I was an executive, for over 17 years, quite high up the food chain, in several different cities across this nation, such as New York, Boston, Denver, Detroit and San Francisco, are only in the business of “health care” for PROFIT–just like the oil companies, the coal companies, the “natural gas” companies (”frack you KOCH!”), and the nuclear companies, not to mention others, whose only goal, as in their connection with Wall Street investors, is for that PROFIT to continue, and it will continue as it comes at the expense of the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Teddy Kennedy once said, “Health care is a RIGHT, not a privilege”… and he was RIGHT as rain.  Vermont, thank GOD, is not beholden to lobbyists, or big insurance carriers, thus, this WILL happen, (God willing) and will prove that this country still has some fight left, as it faces a challenge not so unlike what our forefathers faced 236 years ago when they fought a Revolution against a tyrannical King 3000 miles away in a country that is about to have yet another Royal Wedding, (good luck to both Kate and William, you are both gentle people who have the LOVE that must be shining down from the beautiful Diana, who was taken from us before her time, may God always be with her).  In town halls recently, all over the country, as republicans take (as their new “work ethic” practice takes hold-one week off, two weeks on) yet another vacation to visit with their ‘constituents’, you know, the real “American People” they speak so often of and presumably for–are now seeing the anger and, dare I say, hostility that has erupted over the Paul Ryan (congressman, budget committee chairman, from Wisconsin) plan, erupting in places like Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and the like, where everyday Americans are finally calling out these “insurance salesmen” for who and what they really are–snake oil salesmen… calling them out on their LIES with regard to the recently revealed Paul Ryan’s “Pathway to Prosperity”, or rather, TRUTH be told, “Pathway to poverty”, as he, and his fellow republicans plan to throw grandma and grandpa under the proverbial bus, only to be eaten alive by the insurance companies, who just pose that way, for they are really being eaten by wolves, (my apologies to real wolves everywhere in the wilderness, all over the world). Thrown under that bus with intolerance, ignorance, inhumanity and ingenuous innuendo that borders on the sociopath.  Intolerance for anyone who is not part of their exclusive country club run by lobbyists who work for the “men behind the curtain”, “men”, like “the brother’s KOCH”, who are far scarier than anything “the brother’s Grim” could have dreamed up in their sometimes frightening fairy tales.  Moreover, “the brother’s Grim”, in their brilliant writings, told these scary tales not to frighten or intimidate, rather, to provide a moral, a moral most can agree on, as they end their stories, one by one–something the republicans, when it comes to morality, you know, what’s right and what’s wrong, and, moreover, again, what it’s like to be a TRUE CHRISTIAN, is now gone with the wind.  As we recall during this Easter week, what a man who walked this earth over 2000 years said in peace–“LOVE one another, as I have loved you.” May God be not only with the good people of Japan today and always, but also with the good folks in Louisiana, who have gotten the shaft from bp and the coast guard, a topic I will discuss in tomorrow’s blog.  Have a wonderful day folks and remember to not take any of those wooden nickles, especially one’s with Donald “Duck” Trump’s arrogant face on them.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 26, 2011

Boardwalk Bounty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning here in the fine seaside village of Osterville, the twenty sixth day of April, 2011…a cool, breezy, somewhat foggy day here in ‘this neck of the woods’, and I bid you and yours a very fine adieu.  I hope you had a peaceful Easter week end, as we all now turn our attention to the GIANT LIES created by the republican party in the form of congressman Paul Ryan’s proposal named, ‘the pathway to prosperity’, when in actuality should have been called, ‘the pathway to poverty’, as Republicorp (credit moveon.org) is making it’s best effort to make the largest transfer of wealth in this nation from the poor and the elderly a reality–gunning for what’s left of the middle class and those just struggling to make ends meet, by DESTROYING medicare and medicaid, by turning it into a VOUCHER program that gives a measly 15,000 dollars to seniors already on the most popular social program EVER in this great country of ours, a bill signed into LAW way back in the year I was born, 1965, signed by the great President Lyndon B. Johnson, who told the people of this nation that ‘no longer will seniors be left out in the cold’, creating a social contract that affects every citizen of this land, whether you are a young person or whether you are in your senior years.  It is a JOKE and a LIE, as they use their confusing jargon of ‘premium support’, as opposed to what it really is–and that being a complete dismantling of what your grandparent’s count on to provide them with humane and caring medical care as they reach their latter years.  Combine this with the Ryan’s proposal to equally dismantle medicaid, a program for the ‘least of us’ in this nation, by giving states ‘block grants’ that would, in a JUST world, be doled out appropriately to those in the greatest need–you know, those who did not have all of the advantages that you or I enjoy–a good education, a job, if you are lucky enough to have one, and a roof over your head.  This draconian move on behalf of the Republicorp ‘men behind the curtain’, the real power in D.C. right now, goes against everything that Jesus, whom most republicans identify themselves with, stood for, when he said these words–‘what you do to the least of me, you do UNTO ME…” Talk about the highest order of hypocrisy this country has ever seen, all while they are busy at work, strategists like Karl Rove and Frank Luntz, who are muddying the waters with these concepts that are intended, another LIE, to balance the budget, something the Paul Ryan’s bill would not do until the year 2040.  Meanwhile, extension of tax breaks for the top one tenth of the top one percent will be dramatically increased, begging the question, ‘are these folks for real?  ‘Are they actually Americans?’  ‘Who do they really work for?’  We all know the answer to that one, as it is that top tenth of the top one percent who are steering the ship, with freshman congressman, mostly republicans, the puppets as I like to refer to them as, continue with yet another LIE that this is what “the American people” voted for when they elected these snake oil salesmen into office in November of last year.  With rallies at ‘tea party’ events now trickling down to a barren river, devoid of any water, this argument that the republicans are using as one of their many, corporate approved talking points, the bogus statement that they are doing what ‘the American people’ want them to do, based on last year’s election results, is horse $hit.  Over 80 percent of the ‘American people’ do not approve of this monstrous plan that will only hurt our grandparent’s and the poor, while reducing the tax rates even further for the wealthiest Americans, the top two percent, which will further the distance represented in my ‘Grand Canyon’ metaphor, the growing gap between the have’s and the have nots, making it impossible to see the other side of the Canyon unless you own a pair of high powered binoculars.  Their hope is that by muddying the waters in this reverse Robin Hood move by some pretty sleazy politicians, a statement I made only a few days ago on seacapecod.net, the American people will lose interest and just go along with the flow of that greedy, un-American stand of ‘WE THE PEOPLE’, as they make their best move to turn this nation into a true PLUTOCRACY, or rule by the wealthy, taking away rights, such as union collective bargaining rights, and making it harder for new voters to register to vote, taking away the voice of those who need it more than ever, while we all wait for the onslaught of Madison Avenue ads that will be pouring in and polluting the corporate owned airwaves–via the monies that are now available through the folly of the Supreme Court’s 2009 decision to allow corporations, (Citizens United) both foreign and domestic, to give unlimited monies to the puppets, I’m sorry, candidates of their choice, the employees of Republicorp if you will.  This all on the heals of the very dangerous ground those same republican tea baggers are walking in the way of considering not raising the U.S. debt ceiling, that will make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a walk in the park–affecting world markets, and destroying the fragile recovery that this very good President, Barack Obama, has pulled off, bringing us back from the depths of reckless spending by the Bush administration, the two unfunded wars, now three, the prescription drug give away to large pharmaceutical companies, called medicare part b, again, not paid for, and finally the HUGE tax breaks for the wealthy themselves, who received those GIANT tax breaks in 2001, and 2003, again, none of it paid for, while they literally let Wall Street go all casino on us, making bets with people’s mortgages, and their pensions, bundled pieces of crap, via complicated financial instruments called derivatives or credit default swaps, where the big banks, because they are “too big to fail”, and after they all went broke, simply went to the FED, the Federal Reserve Bank, and borrowed billions at 0 interest, and then turned around and lent it out to you and me at say, 20-30 percent (creating giant profits of Wall Street firms), such as in a credit card or the like, sometimes upwards of 440 percent if you look at the shady business of “pay day loans” that prey on the poor in this nation, who live hand to mouth, and are then stuck in a cycle of debt that they cannot dig themselves out of. Is this the America we want folks? I don’t think so.  The defense budget is a dinosaur and the elephant in the room, and because we live in an eternal war, with our young men and women, hundreds of thousands of them, stationed all over the world, “to keep it safe”, from what, I have no idea, keeping what President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us of in the 1950’s, that we are creating a monster in the way of an eternal military industrial complex, a big business for contractors and the like, as we start wars–such as Iraq, or the one in Afghanistan, that is now America’s longest and most pointless war, leaving out the insanity of Vietnam for a moment, that was equally useless, pointless and one of the bloodiest wars this nation has ever fought–starting these wars to MAKE MONEY for corporations like Hallibuton.  We lost that war, and we will “lose” the war in Afghanistan, that serves no real purpose any longer, as President Karzai and his corrupt government takes OUR tax dollars and moves those funds to places such as Dubai, where the wealthy, like the off shore tax sheltering countries of say, the Grand Cayman islands, hoard their money and continue to take, take, and take from the poor, hard working AMERICAN PEOPLE, who do the majority of the living and dying in this nation.  The congress is off on vacation this week, but rest assured, this fight will not go away any time soon.  The real deal is that this country does not have a ’spending’ problem, rather a REVENUE problem, where the rich and corporations have found ways to not chip in their fair share for a country that they all claim to LOVE so much, much like the profession of their LOVE for a man who walked this earth over 2000 years ago and said, as was quoted so well by my good friend from Boston, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell, of “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell,” airing every week night at 8 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC, when he chased down the lies of our pal and rodeo clown Rush Limbaugh, where he said, “what would Jesus do?”, well, really, “what he said was what would Jesus take?”  Lawrence, and I greatly appreciate what he has done lately in calling out these buffoons, said this in response to Rush, as he quoted Jesus and his words that have stood the test of “time”–words stated by a man who many believe to be the son of GOD.  “It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Heaven.” The translation of the phrase ‘eye of a needle’ is not what you may think it is, it is actually a practical metaphor for what was then, in the days of Jesus, narrow passage ways in ancient buildings or structures all over the Middle East at the time, where it would be impossible to negotiate a giant 2000 plus pound animal like a camel (representing all of the wealth some carry around with them) through such a narrow passageway, thus, not allowing that individual to pass into the Kingdom of GOD.  “What you do to the least of me, you do unto me…” This is a very powerful truism that the republicans cannot ‘talk’, or, rather, LIE their way out of.  Especially when it is the religion they all speak and spout about with such arrogance, and a ‘holier than though’ attitude.  The country is catching on to who these THIEVES really are, as they attempt to “throw (grand) momma from the train”(credit the film of the same name, starring Billy Crystal and Danny Devito)… a great guy I met when I was up at the Sundance Film festival in 2004, whose movies, such as “the Big Kahuna” gave us all pause to reflect on just how important ‘getting to the top’ no matter the damage one causes in doing so, really is, and how, perhaps, this country has truly moved away from it’s core moral values-with one of those being a promise that was born out of the “NEW DEAL” and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who passed another highly popular government program into LAW in the 1930’s–Social Security, that is not only solvent, but should not be put into the hands of the thieves of Wall Street who will only turn that horrible idea of privatizing it, into yet another money maker for the coming PLUTOCRACY, which, in a large part, is already upon us.  However, having said that, people like, as ED Shultz said on his show last night when interviewing my favorite Senator, the great Independent Bernie Sanders from the great state of Vermont, a state I call home as well, as that is where I attended college and can see the wisdom of their approach to not only health care, but to many other social issues facing the country today, issues that are not met with hate, fear and violence, but with compassion, grace, humility and fiscal and social responsibility, from everybody, not just those who are in power and in that position, for the moment, to gain the system.  The number one solution is to dismantle the corrupt tax code that must be overhauled in order to get revenue in the door and start living like we all live TOGETHER in a civil society, devoid of the demonetization and LIES promulgated mostly, if not exclusively, by those on the ‘right’ side of the aisle.   Stay tuned, same bat station, same bat time, again, not to be confused with the bat$hit station over at FOX NEWS, now all over the country, as they poison the well, night after night, with the LIES that are handed down to them, from on high, by the likes of ‘the brother’s KOCH’, again, not to be confused with the ‘brother’s GRIM’, although, even in those sometimes frightening fairy tales, do not even come close to just how scary these moguls, these ‘captains of industry’ really are and where they want to take this nation.  Have a wonderful day folks and please say a prayer, if you wish, for the good people of Japan, who are still struggling with the massive radiation leak that gets little in the way of press these days. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this foggy Easter morning here in Osterville, and may this day of rebirth and redemption bring you and yours JOY, LOVE and PEACE today and always.  As the once almost extinct Right wales move off the shores of Cape Cod and the islands this morning, let us all remember the importance of all creatures, both great, and small–for our environment is the only one WE have and should not be treated lightly.  Really not much to report today, other than the usual Sunday morning talk show subjects that you will hear, should you choose to, that will discuss everything from the dangers of not raising OUR national debt ceiling, to the upcoming Royal wedding that will be taking place next Friday in Great Britain.  I had the good fortune of living in that island nation during my high school years and my first year of college.  Buckingham Palace will be all a glow on that day, in the not too far off future, and we will all be watching.  May GOD continue to watch over the good people of Japan on this Easter morning and may creative intelligence find some solution to the crippled nuclear reactors that are still emitting such high levels of radiation. Again, have a wonderful Easter, or Sunday if you prefer, and may GOD, creative intelligence or whatever you wish to call the universal power that truly steers the ship, guide, protect and be with you today, tomorrow and beyond…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 22, 2011

Good Friday in Osterville

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  On a solemn day, for some, I bid you and yours and very fine and fair adieu, to you and yours always, coming to you LIVE from the sandy shores of Dowses Beach here in the little, tiny, tiny town of Osterville, Massachusetts, a mere football toss from Hyannis Port, the HOME to the thirty-fifth President of the United States, Jack Kennedy, his beautiful and wonderful wife Jackie, and their amazing family, who the more I come to understand, moreover, truly comprehend, the more I in awe I  become–for they represented what a man who died over 2000 years ago LIVED.  Putting action and protection to the words he spoke of so many moons ago–“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth, and WILL see the face of GOD”, are beginning to ring true even in this late hour of April 22, 2011, where we can still, and WILL, turn the tide of greed, hate and fear.  We face a tough battle ahead in this great land, however, and as this “eleventh” hour approaches, the ‘raising of the U.S. debt ceiling’, that is paramount in keeping our credit rating, in a now global economy, stable and remain the strongest in the world, as U.S. treasury bonds are still considered the best investment on this blue rock we all call home for the moment–earth.  Alice Rivelin, the President’s fiscal commissioner, said this on the venerable Lawrence O’Donnell’s, “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, airing every weeknight at 8 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC, “No one, in their right mind (and that is a big assumption) would not vote to raise the debt ceiling…”  You have to ask yourself, if you wish, as an American, who has every right to do, ask yourself the question about the puppets who are protecting the BUSH era tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent, (really the top one tenth of the top one percent), when most individuals I know would have no problem giving more when they have so much…who are they really protecting?  “Can someone say ‘the brother’s KOCH?’ (not to be confused with the ‘brother’s Grim’)”  (credit Fred Rogers and PBS stations all over the United States of America, as well as NPR)  To answer the question posed only a few moments ago, regarding the majority of republicans wishing to increase the tax rates on the rich, Lawrence O’Donnell, Happy Easter by the way buddy, gave us ALL some very sage advice, when he uncovers the actions and words of some of the republican puppets on the Hill, “what’s up with that?”, (credit SNL)… AND ACTION! “We can’t tax the very people that we expect to re-invest in our country”, (LIE #1), create jobs (LIE #2), and the clincher, wait for it, drum roll please, “Washington has a spending problem, not a REVENUE problem…” (LIE #3 and the Republicorp’s talking point #501).  I contend, the real problem we have in Washington D.C., is our inability to tell the TRUTH, as someone once said, on this day over 2000 years ago, “you will deny me (the TRUTH) three times by the time the cock crows three times at midnight”…  Right Judas? “Hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack!” (credit Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro and the classic film “Midnight Run”).  Yes sir, that was OUR Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner of, again, OUR House of Representatives, “give it up folks, he’ll be here all week at the Capitol Hill Comedy Club, here in beautiful downtown Washington D.C.–drive safe home folks and don’t forget to tip your waitresses!” When Paul Ryan, at a recent town hall meeting, “raised” yet another LIE that the ‘trickle down’, voodoo economics works, stating, “we do tax the rich”, he was shouted down and humiliated for his efforts.  A recent Washington Post/ABC poll revealed that 54 percent of republicans who make over 100,000 dollars a year or more, FAVOR raising taxes on the rich, with 68 percent of independents feeling the same way, along with 72 percent of democrats.  Paul, oh Paul, you, above all people, should know this truism better than anyone, “numbers”, unlike people, “don’t LIE.” I can’t say the same for you, even in this Holy week of Forgiveness and Redemption.  Your “Pathway to Prosperity” is not really true at all is it?  As you put grandma and grandpa out in the street, alone, with a 15,000 dollar ‘voucher’ to pay for what medicare used to cover fully, a program that was established in 1965 by a much greater man than you–President Lyndon B. Johnson–created by a much saner nation of politicians, with LBJ saying these immortal words…“no longer will the elderly have to fend for themselves in their later years, no longer will they be left out in the cold…” (I paraphrase a bit, but the statement is FACTUAL).  A better name for your plan, Mr. Ryan, is, “pathway to poverty.”  You should be ashamed of yourself and your move to make the rich corporations richer, while you pull the rug out from under the feet of those who put you here on planet earth to begin with.  “Hello, McFly?  Is this thing on?“  (credit Michael J. Fox and the classic film, “Back to the Future”).  Can someone just say puppet?  Can someone say starve the ‘beast’ (the federal government, mostly there “For the PEOPLE”), thereby creating a government that has no REVENUE and thus, can continue to spin the talking point #501 of REPUBLICORP, “Washington has a ’spending problem’, not a REVENUE problem’…??? The greatest LIE of all.  I rest my case. Have a wonderful Easter, Passover, and week end in general folks, be safe and remember to LOVE one another, for that is really our wealth…each other.  May GOD also continue to be with the good people of Japan, for they are in need of ALL of our prayers, especially this week end….. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 21, 2011

Osprey’s Nest–Welcome Home!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  I cannot express how good it is to be with you today in words, so, I won’t try.  The day here in Osterville, proper, a mere football toss away from their HOME of Hyannis Port, the thirty-fifth President of the United States, Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife, Jackie, along with their incredible family that includes the likes of Bobby, Teddy, Eunice, Sargent Shriver, Maria Shriver… just to name a few–is, in a word, stellar. People who have made REAL differences in people’s lives from one shining sea to the next, true inspirations, as well as inspiring the rest of the world at large-forever. Having said that I must say a few words on this Holy day, in my book, Thursday, the twenty first day of April, 2011, the eve of Good Friday, where it may not mean much to some, but does to a whole lot of good folks out here.  It means, as a good friend of mine(s) from the great state of Michigan once said, very recently I might add, and for that, I am ever grateful–that Easter is the season of FORGIVENESS and a whole new rebirth on what this whole little exercise was all about to begin with.   I also wish to make a BIG shout out to the friends I left behind a long time ago, for whatever the reasons, from the great state of New Jersey, Beach Haven to be specific, who I pray write and come up to this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago (we’ll leave the Light on for ya!)–a little unknown, perhaps not so unknown these days, Cape Cod and the islands of Nantucket, an old gray lady living the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and Martha’s Vineyard, named from an old English explorer who dedicated that island to his daughter, Martha.  As much as I would like to “launch” into beltway politics, you may have all come to know while reading seacapecod.net, provided by only one guy… this liberal, tree huggin’, environmentalist who will not quit slamming the lies, greed and social injustice so prevalent in the world “at this juncture”–I thought today, on this HOLY day, I might offer a prayer, for not only those I love now, loved then, and really love all one in the same, now and forever–I thought I might think about some much less fortunate than US….. for the people in Japan, who are suffering with mankind’s inability to understand his own limitations…  It is a song written and produced, not to mentioned performed and beautified by my favorite artist in the world, Mr. John Denver, and Placido Domingo, who sing a song about the definition, or perhaps, the mysteriousness of what LOVE really IS, as definitions abound, we have all experienced, and to that, and on this day, I wish a guy like John Belushi the same, who rests not to far from where I write this blog every day.  Have a beautiful day, mirrored by the 50 degree temperatures outside, pure, blue azure sky and a calm wind that moves the white, puffy, fair weather cumulus clouds above this little blue rock we all SHARE!   …enjoy…. and GOD BLESS US ALL!

LOVE (a song by John Denver and Placido Domingo)

“Perhaps LOVE is like a resting place, a shelter from the storm, it exists to give you comfort, it is there to keep you warm…and even in those time of trouble, when you are most alone, the memory of LOVE will bring you home…”

“Perhaps LOVE is like a window, perhaps and open door, it invites you to come closer, it wants to show you more…and even if you lose yourself and don’t know what to do….. the memory of LOVE will see you through.”

“For LOVE it, for some, it’s like a cloud, and some as strong as steel, for some a way of living, for some to way to FEEL…..”

“And some say LOVE is holding on and some say letting go, and some say LOVE is everything, and some they don’t KNOW…..”

“Perhaps LOVE is like the ocean, full of conflict, full of pain, like a fire when it’s cold outside, or thunder when it rains… If I should live forever, and all my dreams come true, my memories of LOVE will be of you…..”

“And some say LOVE is holding on and some say letting go, and some say LOVE is everything, and some they don’t know.  Perhaps LOVE is like the ocean, full of conflict, full of pain, like a fire when it’s cold outside, thunder when it rains, if I should live forever, and all my dreams come true, my memories of LOVE will be of YOU…”


April 20, 2011

Sea Bass II

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be back with you after taking a few days off from the insanity of politics, politicians and the beltway pundits that cover them.  Well, that is not entirely true, as I watched one of my favorite ‘pudits’, a real one, who speaks for the average American worker and for the middle class with the style of a great football coach, Mr. Ed Shultz, of the venerable “ED SHOW”, airing every weeknight, save Friday, at 10 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC.  Ed was on my other favorite ‘pundit’ show this past Friday night, that I was remiss in seeing, as I do “religiously”, please excuse the pun Bill, every Friday night on HBO, where he has the best guests, a dynamite panel every week and normally some very good artists of all stripes who weigh in, such as Ellen Page, a bright and upcoming voice, a humble, yet powerful voice that brings some semblance of reason and urgency to our very real problem of OUR environment and what is happening to it all over the world.  She spoke of the bees and the fact, as Einstein once said, if the bees go, honey bees that pollinate our food, are to disappear from the face of the earth, mankind has about four years left.  Deaf ears, from the beltway media press, offered NO coverage of a massive rally in D.C. over the week end, calling for states to begin standing up to the likes of polluter monsters like the KOCH brothers, Halliburton and yes, the big oil companies who are now going to be drilling once again in the Gulf of Mexico only one year today after the country’s, and some would argue the world’s largest oil spill in mankind’s historic love affair with oil, moreover, it’s greedy lust for the money it makes from drilling it, on our coasts, in the name of ‘domestic consumption’, when we all know that oil is placed on an international market, with that oil going to the highest bidder.  More about the Deep Horizon oil anniversary in a moment, however, I would like to say this about what ED spoke to on “Real Time, with Bill Maher”, just this past Friday.  He went head to head with former head of the GOP, Michael Steele, who tried his best insurance salesmanship on Paul Ryan’s JOKE of balancing the budget on the backs of the seniors and poor.  His plan to get rid of medicare and medicaid, by providing a “voucher” system (vouchers worth 15,000 dollars) would not pay for two months in an assisted living community, nor would it pay for a bottle of Advil, God forbid any of those seniors get sick.  This is all one aspect of the tearing down of the 1965 Medicare and Medicaid bill, signed into LAW by then President Lyndon B. Johnson, where he said, and I partially quote, “no longer will seniors be left out in the cold, wondering how they will pay for their medical care in their golden years…”  I paraphrase, but the courage it took to pass such a successful and efficient government program, aside from social security, this country has ever seen…born out of the concepts and values of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that pulled this country out of the Great Depression of the 1930’s, only a few moons ago–is what a REAL American President DOES.  Adding to this insanity, is the tea party, which too, is a JOKE, as rallies around the country have shriveled to almost nothing in their turnouts around the nation, and yet the beltway press continues to speak of them as if they are this rapid crowd that the “tea party” republicans need to appease.  It is, again, a JOKE, and would be funny if it were not so sad.  The tea party is a ruse to get what “they” (REPUBLICORP, or “the man behind the curtain”) want–which is to lower the taxes for richest among us, their tax rates, from the already 80 year low of 35 percent, thanks to the Bush tax cuts of 2001, 2003, while bringing those rates down even further, to historic levels of 25 percent.  While we know that the real reason there is now little to no revenue coming into our federal coffers, is not due to the outrageous salaries of teachers, firemen and policemen, rather it is the sick relationship D.C. has, via the powerful corporate lobbyists who own most of these puppets on Capitol Hill, with Wall Street, where speculators are driving up the gas prices, food and other commodities, along with the unrest in the Middle East, a place we should have been to begin with where we should not have spent, (estimated by any economist worth his or her salt) the projected costs of the now two and a half wars being waged in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where most say it will end up costing American tax payers 5-8 trillion dollars.  That one ‘mistake’ of Bush, launching into an illegal war with Iraq, became a snow ball of spending that has brought this 14.2 trillion dollar deficit to the brink of disaster, as the republican morons in Washington, like the insane bag lady Bachmann, suggests, we play with fire, by not raising the debt ceiling, that would make, in the words of Tim Geithner, the President’s chief economic advisor, the 2008 financial disaster look like a walk in the park.  For if the Standard and Poor’s ratings, as they already are starting to, lower our credit standing around the world, as most of our debt is bought in the way of U.S. Treasury bonds, the safest investment in the world, the world’s economy could fall into chaos, creating problems that I don’t believe any of us can truly predict.  This all in the name of EGO and those on Washington’s most prestigious address, Capitol Hill, and the insistence, for whatever insane reason, yes, the insistence that they pin this all on Obama, and take back the White House so that they can begin the transition from the United States of America into the United States of the Corporate Milieu–a PLUTOCRACY! Stay tuned to that one. Getting back to the Gulf coast and this under covered story of the devastation that is still so visible in that region, people like Joe Scarborough, who I must say, has become a little more in line with his own soul, say, ‘hey, the beaches, say in the Emerald Coast, where I concur are the finest beaches in the world, don’t have any oil, so, the oil must have just disappeared.’  Wrong again Joe, the oil and the dispersant Corexit 3500 that bp used, in a machiavellian kind of way, knowing that this highly toxic ‘dispersant’ would sink the real estimate of over 500 million gallons of oil that gushed into the Gulf, is now sitting at the bottom of the Gulf’s sea bed, in five inches of thick, life choking muck, for thousands of square miles, killing every living organism that begins with the smallest, one celled animals (building blocks to the food chain we ALL share) and works it’s way up to the animals that feed off of small brine shrimp and such, animals like the Whale, the Dolphin and the sea turtle, not to mention the fish, like the sea bass, that you see above you, that is food for the beautiful Brown Pelican that adorns that wonderful national treasure.  The oil and gas industry own Washington and thus, has received at least 7 new permits to drill even deeper than the Deep Water Horizon, that exploded one year ago today, killing eleven crew members and putting the fishing industry of the whole Gulf region out of business, along with the businesses that depend on those fisherman, out of commission for generations to come.  SHAME ON YOU! These monsters must be stopped, especially when you consider they are still using the SAME “blowout preventer technology” that was meant to be the ‘fail safe’ that would stop a disaster like this from happening in the first place.  An independent study by a Norwegian firm, who knows a thing or two about deep water drilling, concluded, as reported widely, not only here on seacapecod.net, but everyone else who gives a damn, these blowout ‘preventer’s work about half the time, and if the pressure, which it always does, gets too high, they don’t work at all, giving us the same result we were all horrified to witness 24/7–over one year ago on this day, the twentieth day of April, 2011. Meanwhile, in Japan, the poor people of that region need your fervent prayers in a nuclear disaster that is a 7 out of 7, on par with the then Soviet Union’s Chernobyl nuclear accident, that, if you go there, is now a ghost town, where no people live, no birds live and no living creature of any kind lives…  YOU GO REPUBLICORP! I am sure you are doing all of this for your “kids and grand-kids!” Again, GOD’S continued speed to the great people of Japan, we here at seacapecod.net are with you and yours in our prayers. Have a nice day folks and please, for God’s sakes, do not take any nickels from the likes of Paul Ryan, FOX NEWS, or a clown like Donald Duck Trump--’your fired’…    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday Peace

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So great to be with on this Palm Sunday morning here in the little, tiny, tiny town of Osterville, a mere football toss away from the equally fine hamlet of Hyannis Port, the former home to President Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife Jackie and the rest of that extraordinary American family, who changed the lives of so many through self LESS actions, striving for the high ideals that this beautiful country was founded upon over 236 years ago.  The weather outside is frightful today, as the entire country has endured some pretty violent storms, starting with the tornadoes in Oklahoma, with the system moving through North Carolina last night, and now on top of the New England region.  Powerful winds and driving rains will not dampen the spirit of the day, however, as we all know this is Palm Sunday and a happy one to all who celebrate this day, a day that is both mysterious and joyful, hopeful and optimistic, when so much heartache is happening all around us, 24/7.  The reality of the day is marked with some who will look forward to hunting for Easter eggs that are hidden amongst the flowers and the trees. For others, that day will be of quite reflection of what really happened over 2000 years ago, and how the words of one man, have transformed this world forever.  Words and deeds that were more powerful than any bullet, bomb or blast, and certainly not forgotten as we are all hard pressed to remember the generals of war that came from that same era.  Those men are long forgotten, but a man who walked in PEACE lives on forever.  I believe we can all take some comfort in that.  So as we all enjoy this day, whatever your religious affiliation, or lack of one, is, for religion and spirituality are not really one and the same, let us remember our brothers and sisters in Japan, who are struggling with a major mess, a month after the horrific earthquake and tsunami that struck that area.  So many still missing, so much radiation still leaking out into our precious environment, and so many still mourning the loss of loved ones, who, “but for the GRACE of GOD go I”. I have always been of the mindset that religion is for people who are afraid of hell, and spirituality is for those who have already been there.  May you and yours be safe and well on this day that begins the representation of the rebirth of flowers, whales, dolphins and people–for is that not what SPRING really is?  Many blessings and much abundant LOVE! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 15, 2011

Osterville Blue chip

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So great to be with ‘ya’ll’ on this Friday morning, the fifteenth day of April, 2011, coming to you LIVE from the beaches of Dowses here in the little, tiny, tiny town of Osterville, only a football toss away from the equally great hamlet of Hyannis Port, the former home to the thirty-fifth President of these here United States of America, Mr. Jack Kennedy and his beautiful wife Jackie, that WE are all a part of, whether Republicorp likes it or not.  A spectacular day I might add, as the weather–if you may notice in the image above, taken in the beautiful and magical park called “Armstrong-Kelly Park”, cared for by the good people of the Cape Cod Horticultural society and volunteers who are residents of this very fine town, a land, seemingly “lost in time”, as the old world spirits of what this country used to be all about still hang heavy in the air, with every white steep-led church and every Dorey that trolls the bays and rivers for Oysters on a daily basis–is making a turn for the better.  Spring is definitely in the air! One of my other occupations, aside from being a very grateful author and photographer, out of the corporate world FOREVER, thank GOD, is my dog sitting company, and this week, I have, along with my own Black Lab, another Black Lab, named “Brady”, named, of course, for the great quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady.  He is truly a big baby, as he looks strikingly like Rachel Maddow’s “big baby” who also happens to be a Black Lab.  Are we getting the connection here?  Seriously, Mackinac Group, put that in your pipe and smoke it!  Speaking of MSNBC, I just finished watching the great show, taped of course, because 8 p.m. is now way past my bedtime, “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, airing every weeknight at 8 p.m., EDT, followed by the “Rachel Maddow Show”, airing at 9 p.m., and then followed up with the venerable “ED SHOW” with my favorite football coach of the real American people, Ed Shultz, airing at 10 p.m., all must watch television if you wish to have some semblance of KNOWLEDGE and a handle on the TRUTH as to what is really going on in this great  country of ours…I must also say that my good friend Chris Mathews, of “Hardball”, is on that list of must see, airing every week night at 5 and 7 p.m., EDT, for his work is unparalleled and his LOVE for the Kennedy legacy matches my own.  So, as I was watching Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell, a fellow that I have great affection for, who once pinch hit for the GREAT Keith Olbermann on his ground breaking, and most excellent show, “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, and took over that time slot at 8 p.m., EDT, when Keith was cruelly taken off the air, by what I can only describe as a Comcast/GE upper management power move, who I pray will return one day to the airwaves and even visit US up here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age–Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, “we’ll leave the LIGHT on for you my friend!” Yes, when watching Lawrence’s show from last night only a few moments ago, a man who hails from my adopted home state of Massachusetts, I was struck by one of his classic segments called “Tonight’s Re-Write”, a segment a writer like myself can really sink his teeth into.  He spoke to his so called ‘breakdown’, a moment of humanity in what he stated very clearly you never really see in the ‘tv box’ we, as Americans, are so engrossed in.  During a ‘rewrite’ from a few days ago, Lawrence was speaking of a woman who needed PLANNED PARENTHOOD for simple medical care, as it has been demonized so radically by the likes of John Kyle, the most excellent Senator from the great state of Arizona, (not meant to be a factual statement) who is now famous for telling the world that 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions, when, in fact, that number is only 3 percent.  Lawrence broke down at the end of that segment when he read the words of that woman who simply pleaded in her written statement regarding the cruel and sickening attitude of some rather inhumane individuals, such as talk show host, and rodeo clown, Glenn Beck, pleading the words, “will somebody please talk some SENSE into these people.” Lawrence was mocked by the ‘professor’ of “Beck University”, hello, are you kidding me?, the ‘professor of nonesense’, Mr. Glenn Beck, whose emotional marbles are always in question, and who will thankfully be off the air soon.  I, for one, was moved deeply by Lawrence’s so called ‘breakdown’ where he teared up while reading those woman’s words, showing true HUMAN emotions at the pain this woman was trying to express and share with someone who might just give a $hit.  I wish we had more MEN like Mr. O’Donnell, a good Irish man from East Boston, for if we did have more MEN like him on television, perhaps this world would not be such a mean spirited place–with networks like FOX NEWS that only serves up HATE, FEAR and horse$hit.  Crap that only serves to poison our airwaves and our minds akin to the bp oil spill that will have it’s one year anniversary next week.  We ALL need to learn how to share, care for and LOVE this planet and it’s people, animals and plants, for if we don’t we are most certainly doomed.  This country not only has a REVENUE problem, due to the rich not paying their FAIR share, but we, more importantly, have a COMPASSION problem, where the mean junior high school bullies you once knew, get away with mocking the very real thing that makes us human beings to begin with–our deep emotional connection to our fellow man, and that, my dear friends, is the definition of LOVE itself–a commodity, as the old song says so well, “we just have to little of…” Please donate a portion of your time to checking out Lawrence’s K.I.N.D. program, ‘kids in need of desks’, as his work with the country of Malawi in Africa, where children sit on dirt for eight hours a day in the classroom of learning.  He has launched a great program to put those children in desks so that they may to, learn without being in pain.  You can call 1-800-FOR-KIDS, or dial into Lastworddesks.MSNBC.com if you want to change a child’s life forever.  God Bless you Lawrence O’Donnell for changing the lives of those poor children in Malawi, as well as opening up the eyes of our own children in this country, who, as you presented on your show last night, are MOVED to help those less fortunate than they… But, for the Grace of God, go I indeed. May GOD continue to be with the good people of Japan today and may that now horrific nuclear category 7 out of 7 disaster come to a solution soon.  Have a wonderful week end and may GOD also be with you and yours, today and always.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 14, 2011

Peace out!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you, as always, and I sincerely mean that, for after being on the great “Jordan Rich Show” this past Friday night–on WBZ/CBS radio out of Boston, (broad-casted in 38 states and five countries) a show that I would HIGHLY recommend, for Jordan is not only a great interviewer, but an extraordinary man, whom I consider to be a good friend–I feel a deep sense of gratitude to all I have reached in this daily commentary.  I want to again thank him for inviting me on his most excellent show, and look forward, knock on wood, to speak with him again soon.  The reason I bring that up, again, is to also say a BIG thank you to all of you who have been reading this daily “message in a bottle”, born out of the need to send a postcard from Cape Cod and the Islands, a place I love so much, and share, without commercial interruptions, and without any Madison Avenue advertising, the Knowledge I have and try and make this world a better place for ALL…because, as President Obama said only yesterday in a stellar speech I will get to in a minute, “There but for the GRACE of GOD go I.” “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, my novel that will be coming out in May or June of this year, speaks to that notion of gratitude and the very fact that I am alive again, after almost losing my own life through the violent actions of another, the violent actions of one who is supposed to “protect and serve”, a member of the Nantucket Police Department. Bullies are all around us, and that is exactly what Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” represents.  A path that will transform medicare and medicaid into a voucher program, that will line the pockets of the wealthy, who have seen their incomes go up by 278 percent in the past ten years alone, while the average “American people’s” wages have actually decreased.  Yet, Paul, “Captain Courageous”, or “Bronco” as his friends call him, wants even more in the way of tax cuts for the already wealthiest members of our caste like society.  President Barack Obama explained Ryan’s “plan” and if it sounds like an attack, then so be it.  Ryan’s plan, and make no mistake about it, is all about the rich–taking away medicare and medicaid from the elderly and the poor–a FACT no matter how one of these republican puppets wishes to spin it.  Transforming medicare into a ‘voucher’ program that gives seniors 15,000 dollars to spend on medical expenses that would not cover the cost of a bottle of Advil at any U.S. hospital.  Ryan’s plan, independent studies conclude, will take 75 years to ‘balance’ the budget, the whole premise they are basing their ill fated logic on.  This is not about the budget and never was about the budget, nor was it about ‘balancing it’.  This is a transfer of wealth that will attempt to insure a coming plutocracy, where the poor, the elderly, and the disenfranchised have no VOICE, as their vote is drowned out via the Citizens United monies that will be pouring in from special interests groups such as the ‘brother’s KOCH’ and their brethren, a fraternity of thieves and liars, who are hell bent on hijacking this great nation of ours, at the expense of our grandmother’s and grandfather’s…and that’s just for starters.  I was proud to watch and listen to our President yesterday and call these hooligans out for who and what they really are.  He spoke to the TRUTH about Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco!”, Ryan (again, credit Bill Murray and the classic film “Groundhog Day”) and this sham of a “plan” called “path to prosperity”–a path you can only walk on if you make over 1 million dollars a year or more.  His plan will throw grandma and grandpa out into the streets, as they take their average annual income of 19,000 dollars a year and attempt to purchase health care in the corrupt private insurance industry, an industry I know all too well.  The simple math is this:  If the republicans get their way, and they won’t, demanding an additional tax break for the top two percent, say 200,000 dollars, and in order to ‘balance’ that ‘math’, 33 seniors will have to shell out $6,000 dollars EACH in order to pay for it.  And, as President Obama stated quite clearly, “that is not going to happen while I’m President.” This is a transference of resources, and this plan does nothing to reduce the deficit.  It is transferring money from poor people to people who already have more money than GOD.  I, for one, am PROUD of our President, for he is a good man, something I cannot say about the likes of Paul, “Gosh darn it, I told you to call me Bronco!”, Ryan, a puppet congressman from the great state of Wisconsin.  Here are some other quotes from the President’s speech yesterday, “We cannot afford a 1 trillion dollar tax cut for the millionaires and billionaires in our society, we can’t afford it, and I refuse to renew them again.”  “I will preserve the health care programs as a promise we made to ourselves in this society.  I will not allow medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the “mercy” (as if the insurance industry could even comprehend that word, let alone put it into action) of the insurance industry.” (an evil element consistent with the runaway GREED of the dark caves of Wall Street).  He went on to say, “A 70 percent cut in clean energy (EPA), a 25 percent cut in education, and a 30 percent cut in transportation.  Cuts in college Pell grants that will amount to more than $1000. a year.  That’s the proposal.  These aren’t the kind of cuts you make when you are trying to find some waste, or find extra savings in the budget.  These are the kind of cuts that tell us we can’t afford the America I believe in, and I think you believe in as well.”  “I believe it paints a picture of our future that is deeply pessimistic.” Thank you Mr. President for finally standing up to these clowns, for it was never about the budget, just as in Wisconsin, nor was it about a ‘runaway spending problem’.  It has always been about a REVENUE problem, where we are doing the polar opposite of what Robin Hood would have done, stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.  It is about hijacking this country that we all know and LOVE.  So, in the immortal words of Michael Mosier and seacapecod.net, “Mr. Ryan, or Bronco if you prefer, go f$ck yourself!”  May GOD’s grace continue to be with the good people of Japan, as I implore all to say a little prayer for that island nation that has endured such tragic losses over the past two months. Have a wonderful day folks and keep the FAITH! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 13, 2011


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  As I sit up in my loft here in the tiny seaside village of Osterville, I can hear the rain pouring down with authority, having turned my computer off this morning as a flash of LIGHT was followed by an equally impressive BOOM!  Being 11 a.m., EDT, I thought it was finally safe to come on up and add some FACTS to an otherwise fact-less media world, where pundits and politicians alike, save a few, spin their ‘view’ as to what is really happening in this here U.S. of A.  God help us! As we all know, the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget, in the 38 billion dollar deal with the devil, that was recently passed, avoiding a government shutdown, was slashed by 1.6 billion dollars, as well as the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, who saw their misley budget cut by 142 million, which, in reality, takes out the ‘climate services’ portion of the equation, thus, leaving US all in the dark as to when the next tornado, earthquake, tsunami, flood, wildfire, or hurricane may threaten our PEOPLE…Kudos Republicorp, you are both gentlemen and scholars of the highest order!  Howard Dean, along with the great Bill Maher, host of the venerable and most excellent show on HBO, “Real Time, with Bill Maher”, airing most Friday nights, were guests recently on the equally excellent show, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, airing every weeknight at 9 p.m., EDT, only on MSNBC–and I say that with trepidation, not really, as I know that Rachel’s name is on the hit list of the republican “think” tank, “the Mackinac Group”, out of the great state of Michigan, where I once lived, actually was married there in Birmingham, and, if it makes Rachel feel any better, I too pronounced the word “Mackinac”, (mackinaw), just as it is spelled, “Mackinac”, prompting laughter from my former mother and father in law–as well as the town of Petoskey, which I called “Petowski”, as opposed to the proper pronunciation, “petoeski”–if you catch my drift.  The hit list goes much deeper and much more sinister than that however, as professors in that great state that I love so much, Michigan, now have their emails probed whenever the word, Walker or Maddow appear in any of their email correspondences–prestigious schools like Michigan State University, the University of Michigan or Wayne State in Detroit–can someone say big brother? or George Orwell, or 1984 all over again? (Sure, I knew that you could…credit the late, great Fred Rogers of PBS).  Putting all of that aside for the moment, one of my personal heroes, Howard Dean, a physician and former Governor of the great state of Vermont, where I attended college, said this on TRMS regarding Paul Ryan’s budget JOKE, a bad one at that, when it came to his fuzzy, horse$hit math, proposing cutting 5 to 6 trillion dollars from the federal debt–all on the backs of the poor, the elderly and the disenfranchised--”I hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack” (credit Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro from the classic film, “Midnight Run”).  Said Mr. Dean, “Republicans are bought and paid for by corporations in this country, like the Koch brothers, who gave all of this money to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Ryan plan takes money from seniors and gives it to insurance companies.  That’s essentially what it does.”  They lied to the middle class, the “American people”, some of whom, voted these thieves into office, all in the name of “getting a handle on that runaway Washington spending”, (Republicorp talking point # 5509), when an actual real, non-partisan economic study proves that the “Ryan Plan” does not only NOT save money, but will actually not really take effect until the year 2040.  I suppose it is no coincidence that yesterday was the 150th anniversary of this nation’s worst and bloodiest wars, the CIVIL WAR, that began on April 12, 1861, taking over 600,000 lives.  It all began in South Carolina and it begs the question, “has anything changed?”, when we see constant ‘reinactments’ of that horrible war, seeming to not champion the fact that we rid ourselves of slavery, but, rather, romanticizing the concept of white supremacy in this very confused country.  As the cry for succession from the ‘union’ continues to ramp up in volume, you now hear, “your Yankee dollars are no good here.” Again, it is a banner day when one of my favorite comedian/political commentators/film makers and all round good guy Bill Maher appears on TRMS, as they discussed the busting of public sector unions and the ever growing strength of the folly of the 2009 “Citizens United case” where the Supreme Court in this great nation ‘decided’ to allow corporations to act as real people, committing all of the capital they wish to the puppets, I’m sorry, candidates of their choice–turning national elections in this country into a laughing stock, that is noticed by every other intelligent and progressive nation on this planet earth.  Thankfully, some of the real American People have woken up to this fact, and “men” like Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio, have put themselves in a proverbial box, painted in, via their hypocritical lies and corrupt dealings with the “man behind the curtain”, a.k.a. David Koch, the ‘grand master’ himself.  Ryan keeps speaking of the ‘fact’ that we don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem in this nation right now, which is, simply put, complete and utter horse$hit.  We have a BIG revenue problem in this country where corporations pay little, as in the case of GE, who payed nothing in 2009 or 2010 in the way of federal corporate taxes, while the poor and the elderly are slated to ‘pick up the slack’ as in the upcoming battle with medicare and medicaid.  This is all due, in large part, to a very corrupt tax code that favors that richest top one tenth of the top one percent, via rules that were written by the lobbyists who work for the same men who own the corporations we are speaking of here.  The budget slashes have taken away the teeth of the IRS, responsible for collecting taxes from tax cheats who have ripped off the people of this country to the tune of 350 billion dollars!  That is called REVENUE Mr. Ryan, and in case you haven’t heard, your boyish good looks and stellar work out routine will not get you out of this one.  “Revenue” that could help fund the fledgling EPA, NOAA and the National Weather Service–VITAL to our national safety as the weather patterns continue to worsen via the ‘hoax’ of GLOBAL WARMING that will be worse than anything these morons can possibly fathom.  Bill Maher said this just last night, “The republican trick is to state a position so far to the right, that when you come back to the middle, it’s not really the middle any more (the phenomenon of moving the goal posts).  And that is what they did with this Paul Ryan’s budget plan, that is all over the IDIOT media, talking about “how brave he is”, you know, I hear commentators say, “you know he was the first one to put anything on the table,” no, he didn’t put everything on the table, he didn’t put DEFENSE on the table–where is the real coverage of this ‘plan’ of his?  This is where the discussion starts, this fantasy budget, that funnels more money to the rich people, taking money from the elderly and the poor, and everyone else for that matter, and so when we have an Obama response, you know that it is going to be way center right. There is nothing for TRULY progressive, (and I might add human) people to latch onto.  I want to present a budget on my show, Friday night, (HBO), that includes cutting the defense budget in half, as it has almost doubled since 2001, go back to the tax rates of Clinton for the rich and everybody else.  We would save 7.5 trillion dollar, over the next ten years, without taking food out of the mouths of starving children, many of which are homeless on the streets of Orange County this morning.  How about that “Captain Courageous?” (or Bronco, as he likes to be called by his buddies, “the young guns” of Republicorp’s puppet show).  The thought of privatizing medicare and medicaid is akin to a real death panel, and that, my friends, is a FACT.  Bill, then went on to say, “It’s not hard for democrats to win these battles, it’s a very popular program, it’s not hard to stand up for some these things, I mean, they can win harder ones than this, this is an easy one, as people who are in their elder years do not like change, and this insane ‘idea’ that Paul Ryan has (“I told you to call me Bronco”, credit Bill Murray of the classic film, “Groundhog Day”) that you know, says, in essence, we, the members of the puppet show owned and operated by REPUBLICORP, will give seniors 15,000 dollars, money the government used to give to the seniors, yes, we are going to give you that whopping 15 grand and give it directly to the insurance companies-for they will have no CHOICE.  You can see how that’s “freedom” instead of socialism.  Oh, and by the way, if that huge dollar amount is not enough to pay for your grandmother’s hip replacement, TOUGH!  That will be the republican response to that very real reality to come.”  (I told you to call me Bronco!).  As Bill explains the very real fact that assisted living facilities cost much more than 15,000 dollars a year, and also points out that older people are not going to spend their time shopping for a better insurance plan, not when Madison Avenue wizards confuse them to the point where they don’t even know how to spell health care anymore, makes it all the more sad and SICK.  I for one, based on my extensive experience in the high world of being an insurance executive for the largest insurance consulting companies and insurance carriers in the world, KNOW the real deal, and I can tell you this, as I have no ax to grind, save getting the TRUTH out there, Paul Ryan is a snake, not just a “snake oil salesman”, as he, Ryan, is simply a puppet for the likes of the brother’s KOCH, or the like, who pull his tiny, tiny strings that move his mouth, his hands, his arms, his legs, and sadly, his heart, as he speaks about his “all star” workout routine that he is so proud of.  It is a disgrace to our grandmother’s, grandfather’s, great Aunts, great Uncles, and the whole concept that is, last time I checked, one of THE commandments from the GOD they all claim to know and LOVE, “Honor thy Mother and Father”–the very people who took care of us when we were all ‘growing up’, and this, tragically, is the way “they” plan to repay them. Republicorp’s plan is just to let them die, not in an honorable way, but with no LOVE, no compassion and no human decency.  All so that we can continue funding the richest Americans in this so called democracy.  It is the most shameful, abhorrent, and dare I say, Machiavellian move these clowns have pulled thus far.  The wizards of Madison Avenue, funded by the likes of David and Charles KOCH, have hoodwinked ignorant American citizens who have voted against their own best interests, making them feel sorry for those snakes of Wall Street, via a sick Stockholm Syndrome, that is about to take down the greatest country planet earth has ever seen.  Give us all a break from your criminal, corrupt, cruel and unusual crooked hypocrisy.  When Rachel asked Bill about the Planned Parenthood fuzzy math that our ‘friend’ from the great state of Arizona, John Kyle, a republican of course, offered the world, when he stated that 90 percent of the monies from said program goes towards abortions, when the real number is less than 3 percent, proves just how cruel and dishonest these scumbag monsters really are.  They force, according to Bill and me, poor people to have children, for they cannot get abortion services, abortions they may need for they don’t have the money to care for a new born baby.  They not only force them to carry the child to term, but then, adding that salt to an already gaping open wound, cut funding for things like pre-natel care, proper nutrition and head start to give those poor souls a fighting chance in this ever crumbling country–forcing those children into a cold and heartless world with virtually no chance of success. Controlling not only reproductive rights, but contraception, for in doing so, can control the amount of slaves they will have to work for their companies at pennies a day.  Our pals over at FOX and FRIENDS, a horrible show if I have ever seen one, gave us some good news for those poor souls recently–”Walgreen’s is now a one-stop shopping place for the downtrodden, where poor women can get their pap smears, breast exams, and STD screenings, with Glenn Beck adding this about Planned Parenthood, “the only people that need Planned Parenthood are hookers.”  WOW.  What an A$$hole! Finally, Bill said this of FOX NEWS, “How can you get information into people’s heads?, so many people live in that FOX NEWS bubble, this is why a guy like John Kyle can take a little poetic license with the FACTS, you know, 3% or 90%, I mean if he were off by 5 percent, I might be able to understand that, but when his ’spokespeople’ go on the national airwaves and say, “that number, the 90 percent he claimed as to what Planned Parenthood does, that number was not MEANT as a FACTUAL number.”  Well, at least they are consistent.  The republican party does not deal in FACTS, it deals in LIES and deceit.  Again, to quote Bill, “WOW, this guy takes the crown, he has hit an 8 run home run, with that one, and I don’t know what to say about these people, I hate them as much as you do.”  God Bless you Bill, and be safe out there amongst the English.  I don’t hate anyone, but I do hate their values, and, moreover, their egos, that run the show of greed, corruption and a complete lack of common human compassion, decency and decorum.  GOD’S SPEED be with the good people of Japan, we, at least here at seacapecod.net have not forgotten you or your loss.  May that rising sun become a reality of LOVE, JOY and PEACE once again. Have a wonderful Wednesday folks and may you never take any of those wooden nickles that Benjamin Franklin warned us of so many moons ago… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 12, 2011

Black Labs in Kettle pond

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  It is so good to be with you on this blustery day here in Osterville, a football toss away from what was once known, and in my heart, still is, Camelot, the home to the late, great Thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, and his beautiful wife, Jack and Jackie Kennedy, who made a real mark in this nation, along with his siblings, Bobby, Teddy, Eunice, and all of the other members of that wonderful family, including the Shriver’s, notably the late, great Sargent Shriver, who created and championed the PEACE CORP, perhaps the greatest achievement this country has ever attained, taken up now, by his son, Robert Shriver, who also is a champion in his efforts to bring Light to the mentally challenged, the ‘other’ people who are left out of the society we all live in, much like the homeless, the addicted, and those who have lost all faith.  This country would not be the country it is today if it were not for people like these, whom I feel so grateful to live only that football toss away from, on the hallowed grounds that represent Hyannis Port, my adopted home, even though I live in Osterville.  In the words of an old “Eagles” song, where Don Henley spoke of a girl from Providence, Rhode Island, the lyrics ring true for me everyday, for if, as history dictates, we don’t know where we are going, unless we know where we have been… and I quote Mr. Henley…”she came from Providence, the one in Rhode Island, where the old world shadows hang, heavy in the air…” That is Hyannis Port, and most of New England, and it is something that we must somehow find the strength in our collective arms to embrace once again, for this country, with all of it’s beauty and grace, has seemed to have lost it’s way, for the time being, and found itself embroiled in a world of greed and hate, of fear and mistrust–as it, temporarily falls from grace that was bestowed upon it through a power much greater than mortal man can comprehend.  We have found ourselves in a mountain of debt, 14.2 trillion dollars worth, and today’s “blog” is not going to go into the specifics of why or who is to blame, for I think we all know the answer to that one.  This “raising of the debt ceiling” is a political football now, and thus, will be the possible undoing of what was once a great nation, that had manners, civility and a touch of grace that could not be tainted by those lesser elements of the human spirit, elements that I don’t believe are actually part of our collective soul, nor ever will be.  There seems to be a sickness that resides now in this country as the voices of reason and common sense are drowned out by the short term sightedness of politicians whose only goal is that ‘15 minutes of fame’, a phenomenon that has now gripped the country from “Real Housewives of Orange County”, to the the shenanigans of self promoters like Donald Duck Trump, p.s. “you’re fired!” So, instead of talking politics this day of yet another miracle on this little planet spinning in a small solar system that will come into direct alignment with the Milky Way Galaxy, of which we are a part of, on December 21, 2012, I want to share a simple story of my introduction to a great sports writer, author and humanitarian, Mitch Albom, who still works for a real newspaper called the Detroit Free Press, a town I called home for two years, when I was married to a wonderful girl from a wonderful family from the town of Sterling Heights, Michigan.  Before I was married, I read an article in that paper about a black man, a boxer, who struggled to make it in the world of sports. His story inspired me to write Mitch at the paper, and when I received a letter back from him thanking me for my kind words, it, in turn, planted the seed to write myself.  It took many years for that to come into fruition, as I too, followed the corporate dream of ‘making it big’, in the “insurance industry”, “acting”, as an insurance executive, when all I really wanted to do was to write…to write stories that meant something to the human condition, the human heart.  Mitch appeared, briefly, on “Morning Joe” recently, and, I might add, I was sad that Joe and the crew only gave him perhaps 10 minutes or so on that very important topic, a topic, if people LISTENED, might learn a thing or two…but to see his face again, bright and cheerful as ever, made my heart soar with HOPE again.  He was there promoting his new book, “Have a Little Faith”, a eulogy about a 84 year old Rabbi.  He spoke about FAITH and the FACT that we are, the lucky one’s, being brought back into the fold, into the care of GOD himself.  It speaks to the former Rabbi of Mitch, who grew up in Detroit, Albert L. Lewis, who asked Mitch to give the eulogy at his funeral.  Mitch, the author of great books such as “Tuesday’s with Morrie”, and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”, agreed to do so, under the caveat that he would come to know the man, not just the rabbi, through the unlikely auspices of a protestant preacher from the tough streets of Detroit, Pastor Henry Covington, an African American preacher at “I am my brother’s keeper’s church” in downtown Detroit.  A man who stuggled with drug addiction and pain.  Two men, from two different Faiths, being brought together in the words of the great Mitch Albom, who deserved a whole lot more coverage than old “Joe” could give him–probably not his fault, as he was being pushed by the “powers that be” in the control room. I am sorry for that comment, but I believe that Mitch Albom deserves a whole lot more the 15 second ’sound byte” that he got.  Albom writes about the difference FAITH can make in the world.  Albom, “This is a story about believing in something and the two very different men who taught me how.  It took a long time to write.  It took me to churches and synagogues, to the suburbs and the city, to the “US” versus “THEM”–that divides FAITH around the world.  And finally, it took me home, to a sanctuary filled with people, to a casket made of pine, to a pulpit that was empty.  In the beginning, there was a question.  It became a last request. “Will you do my eulogy?”  And, as often is the case with faith, I thought I was being asked a favor, when in fact, I was being given one.” Albom included a number of Lewis’ many stories, which were used as mini-sermons for his congregation in his book.  One example is this story in 1981.  “A soldier’s little girl, whose father was being moved to a different post, was sitting at the airport, among her family’s meager belongings. The girl was sleepy.  She leaned against the packs and duffel bags.  A lady came by, stopped, and patted her on the head. “Poor child”, she said, “you haven’t a home.” The child looked up in surprise. “But we do have a home”, she said, “we just don’t have a house to put it in.” When we look around at all the wealth, and the insane “need” for more of it, at the expense of others, some of us, who do have a bed to sleep in tonight, may think twice, and, as Mitch said so well, REALIZE that our HOME is in our hearts–for that is where the real GOD lives, a living GOD, who will never forsake us, even in our darkest hour of need, a place where only the eternal resides.  I wish to extend that LOVE to the people of Japan and to the friends I have met along the way, especially those in Michigan, whom I miss and wish the very best.  Mostly, I want to thank a man who gave me the courage to write my work, for if it were not for those kind words he offered me, in a simple thank you letter for a letter I wrote him back in 1989, seacapecod.net would not be a reality, and nor would my FAITH in something far greater than “myself”.  Thank you Mitch Albom, and thank you ALL, all of you wonderful people from all over the world who have written your kind words to me, regarding this humble “blog” with no Madison Avenue advertisements whatsoever.  I will respond to each and every one, I PROMISE. I just have to get this book out, coming in May, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”– before I can tackle that most enjoyable of gifts of meeting new people who still believe this world is worth saving!  Blessings and Peace to all. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 11, 2011

Birds of a feather…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Monday morning, the eleventh day of April, 2011, a rather foggy morning here on the Cape and Islands, as we await the violent weather that struck the Midwest over the week end, proving once again, that GLOBAL WARMING, despite, James, “she’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes”, Inhofe (R-OK) says when remembering his famous quote, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American People”…tell that to the people who were hit by tornado after tornado, expected to continue today, devastating town after town, in a season that normally does not see anything like this volatile weather, not now, not ever, at least not at this magnitude.  The government shutdown was averted, thank god, at that eleventh hour on Friday night, however, the battle for America’s Seniors in the way of Medicare is just beginning, as “Bronco”, as his friends like to call him, congressman Paul Ryan, is now demanding 6 trillion dollars in cuts “to balance the budget’, aimed directly at our nation’s seniors who make, on average 19,000 dollars a year.  Shameful is a word that does not really cut it, does it?  The other issue at hand is raising the debt ceiling, which stands, the national debt, at 14.2 trillion dollars, and if that debt ceiling is not raised, the whole of the world’s economy will be at risk, adding more fuel to an already out of control fire. Just for yukes, let us go back to the 2010 elections that launched the corporate manufactured ‘tea party’ into existence, when they all cried, in unison, like some out of key choir from hell, “Keep you damn, dirty hands of of my medicare!”  Medicare that IS, after all, one of the most successful social programs, adopted in 1965, the United States has ever seen.  Taking the notion and definition of hypocrisy to a whole new level.  Now, flash forward to April of 2011 and the new “young gun” (issues?) approach to Republicorp’s newest strategy to effectively destroy the nation we all love and cherish so much.  Paul Ryan’s proposal, a real hostage situation again (see definition of Stockholm Syndrome), akin to a  really bad movie sequel, such as Transformers II, where his party and his masters in the big glass towers of Wall Street, now want to “trim” 6 trillion dollars from a debt that was created by the past administration, (as explained in detail in former blogs on seacapecod.net) by way of eliminating medicare for seniors by way of “vouchers” that they can take down to their friendly Cigna Insurance Company, who will be more than happy to give them a great deal that might pay for one aspirin, or perhaps even an I.V., with the caveat, of course, of getting the hell out of their hospital because they need the beds, to ring in even more PROFIT!  Seniors, in this country, make, on average 19,000 dollars a year, with the average health insurance programs costing upwards of 10,000 dollars or more, annually, and that is being very conservative, many of which, do not even cover the basics of preventative care.  Now, I am no math genius, but I would say I do know Shakespeare, and I believe what he said over 500 years ago still rings true today–“something stinks in Denmark!” The insurance industry, in this country, is as corrupt and greedy as the oil and ‘natural gas companies’, (not to mention the horrible coal industry) and is only interested in the business of “health care” for PROFIT, as opposed to actual health care, real health care, and with a ‘voucher’ that will not even pay for an aspirin, you might as well give them a gift certificate to McDonald’s and a free ‘happy meal’, for it may be the last meal they have on planet earth.  This all on top of the fact that Ryan, and his handlers, want to eliminate medicaid, a program designed to help the poor, the ever increasing poor in this nation, with what they call “block grants”, that they will give to the states to divvy up in the manner in which they see fit...the states? Are you kidding me?  (Please see seacapecod.net from a few days ago regarding the specifics on this whopper).  The states are now as corrupt as Washington D.C., with the likes of Scott Walker, Rick Snyder and Rick Scott, of Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida respectively, stripping basic human rights, while giving away billions in tax breaks for corporations they ‘lure’ into their caves, I mean states.  Millions of people in this country, due to the fact that our government gives tax BREAKS to corporations to ship jobs overseas, have no jobs, and thus, are falling, by the, again, millions, under the poverty line, and with food stamp funding drying up, we may see the same food lines we saw in the 1930’s during the  GREAT DEPRESSION, where it took the leadership of one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of our greatest Presidents, to stand up to these thieving banks and corporations to lend that gracious hand of HOPE to our PEOPLE, the people who do most of the living and dying in this great, fair land–The Land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. We have seen, in the past thirty years, the average wage for the top two percent, never mind, the top one tenth of the top one percent, rise by 278 percent, while the average worker, those lucky enough to have a job, wages remain stagnant, not even being able to keep pace with ever growing food prices, gas prices, and other goods and services--does that sound like a democracy to you or something out of Bahrain? You can almost hear the voices of of our FOREFATHER’S as they whisper, “foul ball!” The transparency of the GOP, and their handlers, the multinationals, is painfully clear for all to see as the push for a true PLUTOCRACY looms ever greater in this land where our children all sing, “Our country ’tis of thee, sweet land of LIBERTY, of the I sing, land where my father’s died, land of the pilgrims pride, from every mountain side, LET FREEDOM RING!” Come on folks, we can do better than this!  Stand up and be counted, for this is your future and your children’s future, as well as the generations to come after we are gone.  Stand up to the criminal polluters like the brother’s KOCH, Halliburton, bp, and the all of the subsidies they receive from YOUR tax dollars that go, not into the betterment of our nation as a whole, but to the coffers of people like a “Donald Duck Trump”, who embodies the narcissistic nature of our nation as a whole.  When we cut education, we cut our future, for countries like China are number one in test scores in both math and reading, while we are slipping, by the hour, from 25 and 19 respectively, and, as any credible economist will tell you, education is the key to a successful nation.  No, our nation’s “leaders”, coming in the form of a perverted Muppet show of puppets who bend to the will of anything their masters, the “man behind the curtain” order them to do, are only interested in the continued raping and pillaging of MOTHER EARTH, taking all they can from it, putting it in a bank they own, well protected by the likes of private contractors like Blackwater, sorry, the softer side of that mercenary army of thugs, Xe, while they talk out of the other side of their mouths about our poor children’s and grand children’s futures.  Whose kids and grand kids are we speaking of Donald?  Oh, and by the way, “YOUR FIRED!” Let us be clear about these multinationals, they are sociopaths and madmen who will stop at nothing to discredit a very good and honorable President, Barack Obama, who is doing the very best he can with the cards he was dealt.  This is a big, diverse nation, and the old guard, praying at the alter of the lore and myth of Ronald Reagan, will, if I could borrow a lyric from the great band of the 1970’s, “Kansas”, sooner than later, be just be “Dust in the wind”.  The tax code is so corrupt and the lobbyists in Washington are so powerful, that as this debt ceiling fight looms, paramount to the global economy, we must take our collective heads out of the sand, (no offense to Ostriches anywhere in the world) and reject Paul Ryan’s wish to throw our senior citizens, our grandmother’s, our grandfather’s, our great Aunts, and our great Uncles, under the proverbial bus, while they snicker, “good luck with buying insurance from an industry that is in bed with the devil himself.” The rich must pay their fair share or find another word for calling themselves Americans, for they are not patriots, they are VULTURES who prey on the weak and sick, the poor and the disenfranchised, the down and the out.  Mostly invisible to the major corporate owned networks whose main stories these days are about “snooky’ and her new book, along with all of the shenanigans going on over at the “Jersey Shore”.  Politicians like Boehner, Cantor, Pence, McConnell and the rest of the lunatics that were recently sworn in, all 87 of them, the freshman puppets who serve that “man behind the curtain”, have lost their privilege to speak about and for “the American People”, for they have thrown them under that bus and run them over, leaving them in a pool of blood, with no one coming to save them, care for them or mourn them, as they were, after all just COLLATERAL DAMAGE in this horrible hijacking of the United States of America. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me again, well, you just can’t get fooled again.” I thank you for those wise words, George W. Bush, for, as you may, or may not know, words have a way of coming back to haunt you.  VOUCHERS for Senior citizens? Go F%^k yourself you rotten sell outs to the real American people!  “You are nothing more than tiny minded wipers of other people’s bottoms, now go away or I will taunt you for a second time!” (credit John Cleese and the film “The Holy Grail”, a Monty Python production).  GOD’S continued speed to the good people of Japan and may their healing begin in earnest soon! Have a nice week folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 10, 2011

Camelot’s Grace

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you and yours on this beautifully, seasonably cool afternoon on Cape Cod and the the little, tiny, tiny town of Osterville, Massachusetts.  On this Sunday I thought I might offer a poem, written by some liberal tree huggin’ guy from Cape Cod, his adopted HOME, in a world that might need a little LOVE, for in the end, is that not what we ALL want, cherish, and hold as dear to our heart–the only thing we take with us, really  take with us into the next journey, wherever that journey may be leading…my guess to a place where all is forgiven and all is bright and beautiful, for that is what GOD intended–to begin with…  May peace and blessings be upon you all, the world, the animals that share this world with us, and all of the trees, that are, after all, only reflections of the stars above…

A seagull’s wish

And so it goes, this thing, this illusion we are on this little blue rock I call earth.

something called LIFE.

What is this thing we call LIFE anyway?

Is it meant to be striving for material gain and prominence?

Or, is it to be spent in the pursuit of LOVE?

For is not Love that satisfies?

Is it not that element that GIVES?

Is it not LOVE that caresses?

Is it not LOVE that conquers ALL of your darkest fears, as it bears upon it’s mighty wings a fierce LIGHT,

dispelling the darkness forever?

Dispelling those fears that were not real to begin with?

as they are labled, one by one, as the frauds they always were and always will be?

The forgeries, the fiends that are only designed to harm and destroy?

Why would you embrace hate, when it brings nothing but the bitter herbs?

Rendering the minds, created by GOD, blinded, unable to SEE the beauty all around you?

Blind to the beauty of a single flower in the spring, or in a summer wind/

Or a lovely woman bathing in the golden LIGHT of a perfect sound…

With it’s shimmering heavenly LIGHT reflected by the deep blue, blue sea below…

Or the innocent smile of a child he offers you a glance, a twinkling in his eye,

of an ancient KNOWLEDGE mirrored in his eyes, the same eyes that reflect the green and blue,

of an ocean that is as new to him as it is to the Whale, the Dolphin or the Polar Bear?

No, in the end, LOVE wins the day, “time” after time, as it comes

into the Spring, is warmed in the summer, colorized in the fall, and then blanketed

in the whiteness of a warm winter blanket of snow

in the winter

only to return again, reborn and renewed…

in a NEW spring–thus, completing the circle of LIFE

that reflects what it’s definition demands…

that all comes from LOVE,

from which we were ALL born from

yes, that all comes from that LOVE and that eternal bond

comprised of a perfect circle

that will never, ever be broken–

the TRUE gift and covenant of GOD himself, or herself, really one in the same.


April 9, 2011

The Gray Lady II

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Thank you for being with me on this cool, gorgeous day here in Osterville, the tiny, tiny outpost on little old Cape Cod, where the sun is always bright, the snow always flies and the nor’easter’s never fail to arrive.  However, on this spring day, the first flowers are beginning to emerge and the sentiment of ‘hope springs eternal’ once again makes it’s way into all of our collective hearts–I pray that is the case for you and yours on this ninth day of April, 2011.  The government shutdown did, in fact, as predicted right here on seacapecod.net, although I, of course, take no credit for that prediction, was averted, and it was sad how it came to that resolution, but a resolution none the less.  At stake–blocking it with a cultural sticking point in the way of a ryder attached to what was supposed to be a FISCAL bill–was the federal funding, or the desire of the republican party to defund the very important program of Planned Parenthood, a program that served over 11.5 million medical procedures in last year alone, procedures for American women, and some men, that saved many of their lives, with an annual budget of only 363 million dollars, or .008 percent of the overall national national budget.  But, boy, does that money go far and to good use, more than we can say for other government programs.  As I was traveling up to Boston to the WBZ studios, next to Harvard’s football stadium, Soldier’s Field, around 10 p.m. EDT,  also home to CBS television and radio, to meet with the venerable talk show host, gracious as the day is long, Jordan Rich, of the “Jordan Rich Show”, broadcasting in over 38 states across this great land, as well as several countries abroad, the looming government shutdown was t-minus three hours away from becoming a reality–even though the numbers, the final number, being 38 billion dollars cut from discretionary spending forced by the tea party, was not really the sticking point at all–it was the original 67 ryders, social and cultural ryders, that proved to be the stumbling block that almost led this country into a shutdown of vital public services that could have damaged an already damaged economy, barely recovering from at least three decades of corruption by our “leaders” in D.C.  Only 3 percent of what Planned Parenthood does revolves around abortion services, none of which come from federal funding, via the Hyde amendment passed years ago, which prohibits federal funding for abortions, while the remaining 97 percent is spent going towards women’s health services such as mammograms, breast cancer screenings, blood pressure checks, birth control and basic human kindness, a commodity rare in this day and age of “show me the money!” Helping poor and needy women who have no where else to go, with one woman saying these good people at Planned Parenthood are the only doctors and nurses she sees for years at a time, helping those poor women with cancer screenings, mostly in the form of cervical cancer and STD’s, that again, have nothing to do with what some in Washington D.C., for political ends would have you believe, with one Senator, John Kyle (R-AZ), of Arizona stated a whopper lately spouting that 90 percent of what goes on in those “Planned Parenthood” places involves abortion, when the polar opposite is the case.  Tom Shadyac, a brilliant filmmaker, will be airing his new documentary called “I am”, which deals with a traumatic head injury that perhaps woke him up as well as to what is really important in this thing called LIFE.  And as I arrived at my first interview, a late night one, 1 a.m. to 2 a.m., I knew that I was in some pretty heavy company.  We spoke about my upcoming book, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, hopefully, knock on wood, coming out in May or June at the latest, where we spoke of the ‘incident’ that occurred to me personally on one of my favorite places on planet earth–Nantucket Island. We spoke of the brutality of one police officer in particular on that otherwise, I’m sure, very fine police force, one in particular.  However, I did not have it in my heart to reveal his name, his superior, or trash the department in general.  We spoke about the horrors of PTSD, or ‘post traumatic stress disorder’, a silent, invisible disease or disability, where it renders one paralyzed in a constant state of fear, living in a constant state of vigilance, something I had never experienced before, and felt as it something was really quite wrong with me, a fear that to some degree or another, all of us must feel to one degree or another.  We spoke to the ‘flight or fight’ syndrome that grips the victim, as I left New England, once again, ‘running’ from an invisible ‘enemy’, all the way back to Denver in 2003, where I subsequently went on a journey to Salt Lake City, Utah, only to end up at the Sundance Film Festival in February of 2004, competely out of it, suffering from the pure hell that any veteran coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan can truly understand, for if you don’t suffer from PTSD, you cannot even begin to fathom the depths of the very profound and seemingly very real threat, mostly in one’s mind, all around you–like the veteran still ‘dreaming of the fight’, as one song writer wrote and sang about so many moons ago, (Neil Young?), or was that some other great artist, sorry, I am going on only a few hours of sleep, as Boston is a long way from my little home here in Osterville, mid-cape.  We spoke of what it was like to be homeless in the streets of Boston, Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake, Park City, and Cape Cod itself, right up until 2005, two full years of being without “home”, when someone actually took the time to listen to my horrific story, of that giant fall from grace, and onto the cold, hard streets of Boston and the Pine Street Inn, a homeless shelter in Boston’s China town district…, not a a pretty sight.  I was not diagnosed with PTSD, severe delayed onset, until I began writing my book, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, in the year of 2007, and it has taken much in the way of work, mostly on my part, via books, therapy, music in a choir, and the love of the family here in Osterville, that brought me back from the depths of hell, a hell I would not wish on anyone.  I believe that the only way out of this condition is to face it head on, look squarely in the eyes of the beast and bring with you the spirit that is still you, although clouded in a fog of fear that sometimes is so profound and deep, it would take a team of scientists, much more qualified than myself, to unravel.  That is partially why I wrote this book, for it helped me, as in the sentiment of the great author, E.M. Forrester, when he said, “why is it that the words we write for ourselves, are so much better than those we write for others?” The final “product” if you will, “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, had another purpose however, as I had no idea that it would become a book, let alone launch this website that is dedicated to helping–as best I can, in my flawed and sometimes crude and rude ways–the world understand itself a little better, and, as in the book, help people who struggle with alcohol or addiction at large, but moreover, veterans or ordinary citizens who suffer from the same paralyzing fear that PTSD represents, something I am in the process of “getting over”, while knowing that in helping others, you, truly do HELP one another.  A sentiment stated a long time ago by a man who walked this earth over 2000 years ago–“Love one another as I have loved you.” I want to thank all of the people who have written comments to me regarding this daily “blog”, for it is not born out of my ego, nor is it sponsored by any commercial enterprise, in fact, I write it, again, for myself first, as it has helped me find my way out of that fog bank of fear that I was in, see the sunlight again, even if for brief moments during the day, and perhaps, help someone else along the path they may be struggling on, throwing back one star fish into the ocean at a time, after a brutal a devastating storm–especially the men and women in uniform who have no place to go, with many of them living under bridges, homeless, feeling shunned by a country that sent them into wars that not only made no sense, but were never about the soldier to begin with, rather the ‘agenda’s” of the “powers that be”.  I want to again thank Jordan Rich for his hospitality, his kindness and his LOVE, for it came across loud and clear and as I drove back south to Osterville at 3 a.m., down that lonely road, this time of year anyway, of route 3 heading for the Sagamore bridge that takes one over to the little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age, I was reminded of one thing, and one thing only–my eternal GRATITUDE that I am alive, I am loved and I am still human–with a new pair of glasses to see how I can empathize, no, better yet, HELP those in need with solutions that I learned, painfully, as it was all an internal job, through the workings of some of the books I read along the way, books such as Michael Brown’s “The Presence Process”, or Eckhart Tolley’s many books, notably “The Power of NOW”, and “A New Earth“, not to mention Deepak Chopra’s work that helped break down this typical Americana corporate shell that was disguising a pretty good guy underneath all of the hullabaloo.  My blessings and peace be with you and your family Jordan and thank you again, you have an open invitation to my home in Osterville, any time you care to come on down, for, again, “We’ll leave the LIGHT on for ya!” May God continue to be with the good people of Japan and the good people of this country who are struggling with a very tumultuous and sometimes cruel world–there is HOPE out there, trust me, I am living proof of that. Have a wonderful week end!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 8, 2011

Nantucket’s Eagle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you this Thursday morning, the eighth day of April, a calm and promising morning here in Osterville on Cape, and I bid you and yours a fair and fine adieu.  A big shout out to Jenny Lambert and her fellow classmates at Cape Fear community college in Wilmington, North Carolina, who are busy with their studies and an assignment on this epic (possible) government shutdown looming today, that will become a reality at midnight, tonight, if a compromise is not reached by democrats and republicans on Capitol Hill–not so much in the dollar amounts of the cuts, as the democrats have gone more than half way, 33 billion dollars worth of discretionary cuts to vital social programs such as Planned Parenthood, affordable home heating oil for the poor and elderly, and head start programs for kids, no, it has come down to the 67 different social and cultural ‘ryders’ that have no place in a bill that presumably deals with the “run away spending” in Washington D.C..  Putting aside, for a moment, everything I have said in the past week here at seacapecod.net regarding the REASON we are in such debt, the republican party, or rather the ‘tea party’, the fake grass roots party of the corporations, now, taking on a life of it’s own, has put forth 67 different “ryders” to the 2011 ‘budget’, a full three months into this year–starting with the fine congressman from Indiana, Mike Pence (r), and his demand that the congress defund Planned Parenthood, or any of it’s affiliates (making it difficult for women to find help with many issues, the least of which is abortion, where, despite the false rhetoric, no federal funding exists today to provide those services), and then moving quickly to “redefine” greenhouse gases (making up science as they go along), as they attempt to put a stop to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability in regulating greenhouse gases (this all from the man, congressman Joe Barton, who apologized to bp for our government’s response to the horrible bp oil disaster in the Gulf only a year ago, and now committee head of the Energy committee, Lord help us) via two amendments that would bar funding for the EPA, thus, prohibiting the EPA from monitoring the pollution that is emitted from stationary sources like power plants or factories–two amendments that would bar funding for the EPA to regulate fossil fuel waste or their ability to revoke permits for water polluters.  According to democratic Senator Chuck Schumer from the great state of New York (who said that if these criminally insane ‘ryders’ were part of this over reaching ‘budget’ deal, he would vote against this already outrageous discretionary spending cut bonanza fueled by the tea party base of the republican party, a party, as I have written about extensively in the past week, prove the puppets on the right are in bed with big oil, big coal, and big “natural gas”.  Said Schumer on the 7th of April, 2011, only a day ago, “…the bottom line is that if whether it’s Planned Parenthood or the EPA, we will not accept those ryders and any thought to the contrary is wrong.”  Listening to freshman congressman representative Tom Graves of Georgia, who seemed almost giddy to be on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night, a republican congressman (front man) from the ninth district of that great state of Georgia, on the eve of this epic possible shutdown slated for midnight tonight, the eighth day of April, 2011, I felt a little sick to my stomach, as he spoke on that great show, “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, although I felt better when listening to the much smarter and saner friend to this show, seacapecod.net, Mr. Lawrence O’Donnell, who you can see every week night, only on MSNBC at 8 p.m., EDT.  Mr. Graves, “Here we are on the eve of the night of the ‘democratic’ shutdown of the federal government (corporate talking point #501) and we’re still going at it (huh?), still fighting on behalf of the “American People” (I think I am going to be violently ill)”.  Lawrence then asks, “Sounds like you are looking forward to a government shutdown?”  Puppet: “I wouldn’t say we’re looking forward to a shutdown, we’re looking forward to a “win” for the “American People”, (excuse me, I must now take a break and throw up my breakfast, there, that’s better).  Of course, what the fine puppet meant to say was “win” for corporate America, right congressman?  Graves goes on to spout, “they (the American people) sent a strong message in November (and that, really being not allowing these medieval corporations to pollute OUR land, sea and air with their filthy industrialized business practices for THEIR profits, not the “American people’s, a$$hole!), you’ve got to (wait for the most popular of all corporate talking points coming up here) stop this “wasteful, runaway spending in Washington” (talking point #1145, if you are keeping score at home), that’s exactly what the House of Representatives has been fighting for, sent to the Senate, and you know the process, you know, all they had to do was vote on it, pass it, and we’ll be out of this mess, but, you know, the democrats failed to lead last year (as they, the 111th congress, passed, via extortion, an extension of the Bush era tax cuts of 2001, 2003 adding 700 billion dollars, 4.1 trillion if kept in place for the next ten years, to our national debt, money we borrowed from China), they didn’t.  It’s clearly their crisis and we’re doing everything we can (what a guy!) to keep the government running (bull$hit!), but we’ve got to save the “tax payers” money (the biggest LIE of them all).”  How are you doing that congressman?  By laying off teachers, firemen, policemen and many other vital government programs that keep this country safe and running efficiently?  By allowing big monstrous corporations to continue polluting our environment by destroying any regulation designed to preserve it from those nasty corporations in the first place, who have no interest in said, the “American People”, other than to use them as slaves in their factories, mines, oil rigs and nuclear facilities?  Or serve their rich children fries at McDonald’s?  This all in the name of increasing THEIR bottom line profits, by the billions, all while receiving government subsidies (oil, farming, natural gas) that the “American people” pay for by way of their taxes, bringing in record profits for their corporate masters, people like David and Charles KOCH, of Koch Industries, who are widely considered, along with bp and Halliburton, to be the largest polluters in the history of the United States of America. The freshman congressman, one of many in a recent meeting with “Speaker” of the House, John Boehner, who is a box of his own, was present in said meeting as they all chanted in unison, akin to a scene from the book, “Lord of the Flies”, for these are adult children we are dealing with here, “shut it down, shut it down, shut it down~!” and yet he LIED to Lawrence when he stated that he knew of no such outbursts, and then continued on with his party’s cliched, ad nauseum, talking points, one after the other, of “runaway spending” (talking point #333) and “doing the job of the American People” (talking point #1129), whom he has been well fed by the billionaires like David and Charles Koch, who pull the little strings of his little puppet mouth, opening that mouth wide enough to shove, like a zoo keeper feeding a hungry tiger, large pieces of raw meat, giving him the strength to carry on with his monumental hypocrisy and out right LIES.  Please read seacapecod.net’s recent posts on this issue of ‘runaway spending’ and where this 14 trillion dollar national debt originated from, I believe it has been the past two blogs or so, where it spells out the FACTS of how this nation arrived at this destination–a destination that now parades around CLOWNS like the freshman congressman Tom Graves of the great state of Georgia, as he explains to US why this government shutdown is the fault of democrats who actually have a conscience when it comes to our children’s and grand children’s futures, and why WE will NOT allow criminally intentioned ‘ryders’, these social/culture WAR ryders, that have nothing to do with the budget at all, to DESTROY our environment, an environment on the edge, that will, if the republicans have their way, GOD FORBID, WILL be destroyed by the likes of criminal corporations like Halliburton, KOCH Industries, and the big oil and coal companies, like bp or Massey Energy, who continue blowing up mountain top after mountain top in the Appalachian mountain states of West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, mining for cheap coal, while polluting the rivers and streams below, bringing with it many other environmental problems down the road.  How quickly we forget about the bp disaster that spilled over 500 million barrels of oil into the Gulf (the real number), only to be mixed with the deadly, banned in the U.K., dispersant Corexit 9500, that all now all sits at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, five inches deep, for thousands upon thousands of square miles, killing all of the oxygen and therefore, creating ‘dead zones’ that do not allow the single cell organisms that make up the building blocks of our food chain to survive, starving the sea life of vital nutrients, that will eventually make it’s way up said food chain to man himself.  Oil that killed thousands of species of animal life that is near and dear to not only my heart, but many others as well, species like the Brown Pelican, the sea turtle, the dolphin, the whale, the shark, the sea bass, the tuna, the Marlin, and the beautiful marsh lands that are home to the oysters and nesting grounds for the very young, innocent victims of this horrible modus operandi promulgated by pawns like Tom Graves--”PROFIT OVER PEOPLE”.  These ryders will allow monsters like bp, Chevron, Shell, Exxon, and the like, to continue using outdated (2009 safety procedures, and the faulty blowout preventers), with their newly approved plans, in the continuation of deep water drilling in over 7000 feet of water in both the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR–’blowout preventers’ that have been proven, by an independent Norwegian firm, to not work when pressure in those drilling rigs gets too high, the whole purpose for their existence to begin with, and the REASON for the Deep Water Horizon disaster that killed eleven crew members which resulted, again, in the ’spilling’ of over 500 million barrels of oil into the sea.  That being the REAL number concluded by CREDIBLE scientists, not the department of energy headed up by that a$$hole Joe Barton, who actually, again, apologized to Tony, ‘gone sailin’, Hayward, (former CEO of bp) for Obama demanding 20 billion dollars in the cleanup effort, a drop in the bucket, if you will, that did not even come close to really cleaning up the mess, and did little to help all of the poor fisherman who lost their livelihood for generations, if not forever.  This does not even touch the ‘fracking’ (of Koch and Halliburton, again, you can read the detail on previous seacapecod.net blogs, mostly KOCH INDUSTRIES) process that pumps high pressured water, chalk full of 596 deadly chemicals into the  ground in order to break up the shale where the “natural gas” is stored.  In this process, the well heads, who spew out toxic airborne chemicals far and wide, after gaining all they can from one piece of land, move on, leaving a pool of what the industry calls, “processed water”, still full of those chemicals that have led to wide spread death of animals and fish, plants and now people, and, what is even worse, is that these companies, who have no safety plan whatsoever, allow that processed water to seep into the ground, flowing into streams, estuaries, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, the sources of OUR clean drinking water, (in 37 states now) sources that will eventually find their way into YOUR faucet, in your home, even though that ‘fracking’ may be hundreds of miles away.  Think about it for a moment, why else would billionaires David and Charles Koch, of KOCH INDUSTRIES (who you can read all about by independent film maker Robert Greenwald’s documentary kochbrothersexposed.com, or watch the HBO documentary “Gas Land”) why else would these billionaires create this fake grass roots product named, “Americans for Prosperity”, for their prosperity, not yours,” in the first place?  Why would they want all of these ‘ryders’ in this minor budget battle of discretionary spending, a drop in the bucket compared to the monumental debt of 14 trillion dollars?  Discretionary spending on ridiculous programs, in their view, such as affordable home heating oil for the poor or the elderly, head start for kids, Pell grants for struggling college students, meals on wheels for seniors, Planned Parenthood, or any social program that helps the 99.9 percent of the real American people does not mean all that much to these guys–but REGULATION does!  They want the same green light our former “Vice President” Dick Cheney, afforded himself, known as the “Halliburton Loophole”, of 2005, where he opened up PUBLIC lands for his own private drilling for said “natural gas”, starting in his home state of Wyoming, with NO interference at all from the EPA, in fact, they, the EPA, was barred from testing the chemicals, all 596 of them, at all, and had no say to the airborne contaminants either, in fact, had no regulatory power over that industry at all, hence the explosion of profits from the tens of thousands of these wells all over the nation–15,000 plus in the Dallas/Fort Worth area alone, creating air that is more unhealthy on a daily basis than the worst ’smog’ days in the basin of Los Angeles.  These monsters have made billions upon billions of dollars at the expense of say, a cattle rancher in Rifle, Colorado, whose five generation old farm is toast, ruined by the chemicals that have destroyed the vegetation that feeds his cows, made those cows sick and made his family sick, all sitting on land that is WORTHLESS now–all in the name of the top one tenth of the top one percent in this “democracy” we all delude ourselves into believing we live in.  One last word from our idiot congressman ‘friend’ from the great state of Georgia that I think pretty much sums it all up–“Let’s empower the tax payer and not the federal government.” WOW.  You sir, are a brave man.  Are you sure you want to be a night club comic?   Let us be clear, this is NOT about “saving or maximizing savings for the tax payer, it is about maximizing PROFITS for the CORPORATIONS! (who own congressmen like Graves).  Corporations that are systematically, brutally and deviously raping and pillaging our land, sea and air, along with it’s people, plants and animal kingdom–the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE! These men are cowards and crooks, mentally disturbed and need to be STOPPED before it is too late.  I will say this about billionaire’s David and Charles Koch, you sure know how to pick your puppets, because these wind up dolls are better than Hollywood movie stars at getting their “lines” down, and memorizing YOUR talking points, nailing them one after the other, all on national television, and do a great job of duping at least 50 percent of the U.S. population, who don’t realize that you care nothing about the other 99.9 percent of the “American People”, all while doing their best ‘used-car-dealership-shtick’ on the corporate owned bat $hit stations like FOX NEWS or the like on radio, who only serve to promote the LIES and innuendo, muddying the waters so that most cannot SEE the criminal intentions of this very real corporate hijacking or our beloved country.  May GOD’S SPEED still be with the good people of Japan and, may that sun rise for you soon. Have a nice day folks and good luck to all of the students in college all over this country, please question “authority”, for it is most often not what you think it is.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 7, 2011

Wing and a Prayer

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Thursday morning, another nice one on Cape today, here in little old Osterville, a mere football toss from the fabled town of Hyannis Port, the home to the late, great thirty-fifth President of the United States of America, Jack Kennedy, and his beautiful wife, Jackie.  Well, today is the day when we finally find out what Republicorp’s, ooops, I mean the republican party, specifically the puppets who were manufactured by said Republicorp in the form of tea party freshman, real goal is here–to shut down the federal government, that could undermine this fragile recovery as it leads “men”, I’m sorry, Mr. “young gun” himself, or “Bronco” if you prefer, congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the point man in this vicious attack on medicare and medicaid, not to mention the EPA, public education, planned parenthood, and any other social program that helps the majority of “the American People” in this great land of ours.  Mike Pence, another clown representative from the great state of Indiana, republican of course, has the same insane position of possibly holding up passing either another continuing resolution, keeping the government afloat, and open for business, or actually passing the more than half way compromise by the democrats, offer of cutting $33 billion from the federal budget, yes, our pal and fellow humanitarian Mike Pence, a virtual clone of Scott Walker, looks as if he is going to stick by his Glock in that position held by almost every republican in the union–stripping everything from Planned Parenthood, a vital resource for poor and middle class women to seek mostly help with women’s issues, as he continues to contend that Planned Parenthood is actually the largest provider of abortions in the country.  He is LYING through his teeth, as he claims, once again, without any  FACTS to back him up, that tax dollars, by the truckloads, are funneled into this organization to fund the countless abortions that happen right there on the doorstep of that important resource for women all over the country.  That is what the republican party IS, a bunch of cheats and liars who wipe the bottoms of their overlord corporate masters, better known as “the man behind the curtain”.  Planned Parenthood is, again, a vital resource for women all over this country, mostly poor and sometimes abused women, who really do not have any where else to go, in the gathering darkness of a cold and heartless world–headed up by “men” like Pence, who offers the cold coming from his dead heart.  Joan Walsh, from Salon.com appeared on the most excellent ‘Hardball, with Chris Mathews’, only on MSNBC, who showed a clip of Savannah Guthrie, co-host of another fine MSNBC show, airing every weekday at 9 a.m., EDT, “The Daily Rundown”, a much wiser choice than anything you may see on FOX NEWS, including the infomercials, who was speaking to, or rather attempting to have a conversation with ‘the crazy lady in the attic’, Michelle Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, who could not answer a straight forward question of what her major malfunction was when sticking to the FACTS.  Her brain has been thoroughly washed, scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected, as she launched into one of her many nonsensical and childish talking points the republican strategists like Frank Luntz put out there for her.  When I look deep into her eyes, I swear I can see Russia…there is no one home…it is like talking to a robot from an episode of ‘Lost in Space’. Bravo, Savannah! You are an excellent reporter and interviewer for not bowing down to these playground bullies who are figuratively, and more importantly literally stealing the American people’s lunch money.  Joan Walsh was also on the show with Chris yesterday and basically said this in response to planned parenthood and it’s demise, and I paraphrase here, “It is horrible what the republican party is attempting to do in order to have jurisdiction over women’s bodies.”  OK, she did not say those exact words, but the sentiment is there, for truth be told, anyone who knows anything about politics KNOWS that abortion procedures do not define the ‘mission statement’ of this noble group and their great work with women all over the United States–again, in a cold, mean, uncaring United States, where poor working women have no where else to go.  Many of these women are out of a job, or out of a home, or lack a good education, and are therefore at the whim of sick and seditious politicians like Mike Pence of Indiana.  What a dirt ball.  This issue represents one of the “riders”, jargon  used when describing language that is not familiar to the average bear, such as the jargon spoken in my former life as an insurance executive, where we would place a ‘ryder’, called ‘policy ryders’ on insurance products, that are attached to insurance policies for our group clients, not the whole of the American culture to which they are most clearly going after, a culture we all signed up to live in via our voting power of “one man equals one vote.” However, as stated in yesterday’s very long narrative, this has become a culture war much more so than a ‘concern’ about our kids and grand kids futures in the way of long term deficits.  The main goal is to take over the country, and turn back the cultural clock to the early part of the 19th century.  Another ‘ryder’ is one that attempts to kill any attempts to curb GLOBAL WARMING, as that  was once tried and it failed miserably by way of the ‘cap and trade’ bill, laughed at really, by the big polluters out there, such as Halliburton and Koch Industries, whose main goal is to glean as much profit as they can from our natural resources, by way of ‘fracking’, the process of attaining ‘natural gas’, via 596 deadly chemicals that are seeping into our clean water drinking source (a commodity that will be worth more than oil or gold in a little less than fifty years), as they give nothing back to our society at large, in fact, they are killing it, one cancer victim at a time.  These ryders that are attached to a BUDGET bill, where a social ryder has no business being, especially at this critical mass, go even further, in their war against equality for gays, minorities, women in the workplace and the evil condemnation of an entire FAITH, namely the Muslim faith, where over 1 billion people call home, home in their heart.  99 percent of which are peaceful, honorable people who are far more intelligent than the likes of anchor personalities over at FOX NEWS.  And finally, of course, it is the unions that they wish to break the backs of, (although with the recent win in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Justice race, where the republican was leading, prior to the whole Scott Walker fiasco, by 30 points over a Ms. Joanne Kloppenberg, the democrats claimed victory, as Kloppenberg WON by 204 votes late last night, a tremendous backlash to the corporate sponsored plan to destroy public unions and their ability to collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions and a VOICE in the democracy, via organizing to collect money to go up against the Goliath named ‘Citizens United’) and they believe, by doing so, in such a devious way, using the disguise of “balancing the budget” while they turn around and give huge tax breaks to corporations that set up shop in their state, while they take away programs for the poor, the elderly, cut teachers, cut firemen, cut policemen, and cut anything that does not help the bottom line of REPUBLICORP, they can break this democracy, and simply call it a democracy that is not worth the paper that it is printed upon.  That sacred 236 year old document, made of paper, called the Constitution of the United States of America, spelled out quite clearly the importance of ‘checks and balances’, especially when it came to the Supreme Court, a court that was not meant to legislate from the bench, rather interpret the laws in an impartial and wise manner, bringing all of our experience as a nation, in previous Supreme Court decisions with it, not bringing a tan from the recent ‘all expenses’ paid trip to the KOCH brother’s retreat in Palm Springs, California, where one of our “justices”, Clarence Thomas spent four days and nights with the sponsors of said event, you guessed it, “the brother’s koch(can you say ‘conflict of interest? Sure, I knew that you could…’ credit the late, great Fred Rogers of PBS).  With Citizens United now on firm bedrock with no one, seemingly, being able to do anything about it, as billions of dollars will find their way into the pockets of nincompoops like our newly elected manufactured tea party freshman, who could not find Afghanistan on a map, the people of this country must be educated somehow to what is really going on, thus, VOTE accordingly, while hopefully not, as in the rampant Stockholm Syndrome that I spoke of yesterday, against their own best interests.  This is why I say our country has been hijacked by big business, evil business interests, who don’t give a damn about what the republican puppets keep referring to i.e., “The American People” WAKE UP AMERICA! These policy riders did not just appear out of thin air, nor were they the ‘idea’ of freshman republican morons, no, these are the a direct result of sophisticated republican think tanks, such as the Mackinac Group, out of Michigan, who use actuaries, accountants, creative, albeit evil, intellectuals, like Rove and Luntz, and consultants to determine the best course of action to attain their ultimate goal of really, really BIG government for the masses, and really, really small government for the Plutocracy, that will one day run the government, hell, what am I saying, there won’t really be a government, nor a United States any longer, only on paper, paper, again, not worth the ink it is printed on.  The powers that be at the moment wish to buy every politician in D.C., every Supreme court judge in every state in the union, not to mention the highest court in the land, every congressman, every Senator, every governor and every state and local district judgeships, for then, they will be in the position to say, “it’s legal.”  If scumbag governors, like Rick Snyder or Rick Scott of Michigan and Florida respectively, get their way, they will bankrupt their states, and, in Snyder’s case, will just dissolve say, Michael Moore’s hometown of Flint, Michigan, turning it into dust, after it takes everything of value from it.  This again, all being done in the name of the ‘budget’, which is a smoke screen, a ruse, all while saying, “we have to think of our kids and our grand kids”, whose kids and grand kids do you speak of sir?  We will see all of this go down in a pile of ashes, this great country of ours, if someone does not stand up and break this mold, this rut we have found ourselves, collectively as a nation in, while we watch our cities, towns, roads, bridges, schools and churches, fall into disrepair and crumble into the sea–much like our collective spirit, while the extremely wealthy, want even more, and that, being to destroy mother earth, in all of her glory–all for the glory of the Almighty dollar, spurred on by ‘men’ like Donald Trump, whom everyone seems to look up to.  How sad is that? We will have no one to blame but ourselves if we allow this trend to continue.  So don’t just sit there and think you can do nothing about it.  I am here to say you can. This is still a FREE COUNTRY, and it is up to us to stop the bullies on the playground and bloody their nose for a change, for that is the only way to deal with bullies, shame them into submission.  God’s continued speed to the great people of Japan, we here at seacapecod.net and all of Cape Cod and the Islands are still and always will be with you.  Have a wonderful day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

April 6, 2011

Path to Prosperity

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this gorgeous spring day here on Cape.  The skies are a deep, deep blue and the temperatures are in the low 50’s, with little to no wind.  Not too shabby.  I hope the weather is not too severe wherever this message in a bottle may be reaching you.  Well, as we all know, besides the turmoil in the Middle East, the insanity that IS the Afghanistan war, and the fact that millions of Americans are out of work, the congress is busy getting ready to shut the government down, as the rabid fake grass roots tea party, now with a life of it’s own, populated by crazy followers of “God”–the ‘captains’ of industry like David and Charles Koch, who are hell bent in making this country a plutocracy–the many new freshman puppets elected to congress, are demanding more than the already outrageous 33 billion dollars the democrats have already agreed to–you know, cutting affordable heating oil for seniors, cutting NPR, and taking out head start for kids, basically sticking it to the poor, besides all of that, Paul Ryan’s (congressman/henchman from the great state of Wisconsin) proposals in the upcoming ‘Let’s make a constitutional amendment regarding a balanced Federal budget’ budget talks are viciously going after medicare and medicaid for seniors and the poor in order to trim 4 billion dollars from the current U.S. Federal debt now standing at over 14 trillion dollars, largely, if not exclusively a direct result of the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy in 2001 and 2003, the medicare part D sham during that same period, a ‘law’ that basically put large amounts of CASH into the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies, the two unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (Iraq alone is estimated to cost when all is said and done, well over 3 trillion dollars) now three if you consider all of the covert operations going on in say, Libya, where, after bombing them with Tomahawk missiles, is estimated to have already cost US 2 billion dollars, the same amount of money we spend every week in Afghanistan, what a bargain!, begging the question of course, why Libya, besides the humanitarian thing?, could it be OIL?, and finally, the huge debt problem, and the reason for it, all due to the REVENUE problem that Washington D.C. now really has–as corporation after corporation places yet another shingle up, symbolizing their “World Headquarters”, in places like Zug, Switzerland, usually just a simple mailbox, with no employees residing  in the Alps, certainly not any of the officers of ‘fill in the blank corporation’, thus, avoiding any corporate federal income taxes.  This FACT combined with the equally disturbing tax code, corrupt as the day is long, that favors the rich of course, who have accountants and lawyers who comb through the complicated said tax code, chalk full of loopholes you could drive a Mack truck through, working full time to ensure they find those holes in the code, a skewed code, (a laser like result from the directives of high priced lobbyists whose bosses OWN the politicians, via campaign contributions, thus, treating them like one of their “employees”, the politicians, or slaves if you prefer, the very politicians who WRITE THE LAWS, especially the laws regarding taxes), and thus, there is your revenue problem in a nut shell, as well as the overall REASON why we are in so much debt in the first place…then again, maybe it is the fault of all of those overpaid teachers, firemen and custodians who collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions, and a voice in the game?  Yeah, in a pig’s eye.  Now, if you take this big $hit sandwich and add a little sauce, and that, of course, being this insane social/culture war being waged by an aging, often racist, group of white Anglo Saxon males, who are hell bent on passing everything from the abolishment of the Environmental PROTECTION agency and the Department of Education, or public schools as we now know them, to gutting the Internal Revenue Service (the gatherers of REVENUE for Federal, state and local services) and laying off thousands of teachers, firemen and policemen, along with many other public sector service jobs, to finally dismantling, by way of cutting funding, the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration and the National Weather Service, programs that are VITAL in warning us of the ever growing threat of violent weather, thereby constraining our ability as a nation to predict the very bad weather to come, and it WILL come, as the direct result, sorry to keep using that term, but it is just so easy, as a DIRECT result of our disgusting amount of carbon emissions we pour every year into our fragile and most precious atmosphere, causing, of course, the sun’s heat to be trapped in, what is known as ‘inversion’, a ten dollar word for the tea baggin’ folk out there, akin to the word you may be familiar with, “mayonnaise”, the earth’s surface atmosphere, therefore, causing the polar ice caps to melt, which, as they shrink, limit their ability to deflect the sun’s rays, creating a vicious cycle to occur, and as that cycle continues, with the ice continuing to melt all over the world, the seas will begin to rise, with some estimates being twenty feet by the year 2080.  You do the math tough guy. That is not up for debate, unless you still believe that the world is flat, the sun is at the center of the Universe and Donald Trump is a humanitarian.  “Your fired!” Your ‘pals’ at the GOP, a party that Ronald Reagan himself would have been ashamed of, want you to believe that because we are in so much debt, debt CAUSED by  crooked capitalism on a cocktail of crack and steroids in the first place, a trend that has been continued now, unabated for the most part, for at least the past thirty years, yes, these puppets of REPUBLICORP wish you to believe that the solution to the debt issue must be taken not from the corporation’s billions of dollars in government subsidies to wealthy farmers or the oil industry, no, or indirectly through corporate tax breaks like our pal Scott Walker from Wisconsin recently did, while simultaneously crying that his state was ‘broke’, nor should it be taken from those poor rich folk, who already pay too much as it is, and, if the puppets have their way, may see that rate go all the way down to 25 percent, no, and it should never, ever be taken from the over bloated defense budget, a budget of over 700 billion dollars, the same amount we borrowed from China to give the top two percent an extension on those Bush era tax breaks of a decade ago, tax breaks that were meant to be temporary, a Defense that is less about ‘keeping America safe’ than it is about keeping those crooked localized defense contracts in play for their corporate friends over at Lockheed Martin or Boeing, no, alas, their solution is to go after FDR’s “New Deal” concepts like medicare and medicaid, passed in 1965 to help the elderly and the poor.  Taking away this program that has worked so well for so long, with administrative costs at only 6 percent, from those poor and elderly and giving ‘vouchers’ to seniors, who make, on average, 19,000 dollars a year, give them f’cking vouchers??!, give them vouchers to go out and purchase insurance in an industry where the word ethical was replaced with the words, ‘go fu@k yourself’, is one of the worst things I have ever heard.  Having worked in the private insurance field for almost two decades, as an executive, let me tell you something, those vouchers will be worth less than a happy meal at McDonald’s.  Adding insult to injury, the fine Paul Ryan proposed giving state block grants to ‘deal’ with medicaid, a program that serves the poor and indigent.  Leaving those life or death decisions up to the states discretion.  The states?  You mean states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana?  Not to mention New Jersey, Maine, Florida and Michigan?  The states where newly elected rabidly right of center republican governors–let’s see here, how is my memory this morning, governors like Walker, Kasich, Daniels, Christie, LePage, Scott and Synder–have made it quite clear that they could give two $hits about the common man, let alone the poor or the elderly, you mean those states?  Where do I sign up?  Golly, that sounds great Mr. Ryan, can I have your autograph?  These are the very governors who are in BED with the likes of David Koch, who is pulling levers in an attempt to pull the plug on those very successful, and, may I add, very popular programs the United States has ever enjoyed.  How much money do you think they will give the poor?  How much rationing will we see on the streets of Detroit, Boston, New York, Chicago, or L.A.?  Talk about your death panels.  When you have seniors trying to decide between food and medicine that keeps them alive and mobile, you sir, have crossed a big line, a line that you can never go back and recross.  You are not only treading on thin ice, but you have a giant polar bear who is chasing you.  This speaks nothing to the poor in this nation, ever growing, that, truth be told, will be the big losers in the end, for theirs is an invisible lot, with no media coverage to speak of at all, therefore, for most people, they don’t really exist at all, save one lone reporter from FOX NEWS recently who poked fun of the homeless with her cameraman and her microphone as she went from person to person asking if they could sing a note for her, fooling them into thinking they could win a contest of some sort.  A fine filler story fit for that God awful ‘Fox and Friends’.  Paul Ryan’s, his friend’s call him “young gun”, or, if you don’t like that, he also likes “Bronco”, recent mandate from his bosses over at REPUBLICORP’s world headquarters, I believe they are located in Zug, states their position with chrystal clear clarity–F#$K the poor and the elderly, reduce corporate income taxes, eliminate ALL regulation, and keep the military industrial complex going full steam ahead, as they gear up for the coming of ‘peak oil’, a very real issue I would be happy to discuss with “ya’ll” later, and all of the wars that will go along with it.  We, at least all of us here at seacapecod.net, would have so much more respect for you if you were just HONEST about the whole thing.  Admitting you are scum sucking vampires is the first step to healing.  That you don’t give a damn about the spirit, the TRUE spirit of this country, it’s proud history, it’s deep connection with established common sense LAWS, designed to protect the PEOPLE from people like you, or PROTECT it’s beautiful environment, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, all of which is quite clear, clear and simple enough that any five year old could conceptualize it.  So why not cut the crap and just come out and admit you have no problem throwing Grandma under the bus!  Just know this Ryan, the AMERICAN PEOPLE are NOT with you! A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll recently revealed this when it asked people the question, “what top three actions by the ‘leaders’ in congress would you deem unacceptable in balancing the budget?”  Answer?  a) cutting medicare–76%  b) cutting medicaid–67%  c) taxing millionaires–17%.  The problem according to Wendell Potter, a former insurance executive like myself who worked for a carrier I know very well, Cigna, said recently on the ED SHOW, only on MSNBC, “the problem is, (regarding the democrats using these numbers against the republican puppets in this fight or the coming election in 2012) the special interests (corporate lobbyists from all walks of industry) have a pretty good track record of engaging in propaganda campaigns that get people off of where they are right now.” (Stockholm Syndrome–defined as, captives (the 99 percent of Americans out there) feeling sorry for their captors (big corporations and their owners) and thus, voting against their best interests, therein, tricked or brainwashed, more appropriately (see FOX NEWS, oh, on second thought, DON’T), into doing their ‘masters’ bidding.  Potter goes on to say, “We saw the support for the health care bill decline after the debate, that’s what they’re counting on.”  Republicorp has all of the weapons it needs at it’s disposal for this ongoing slow and painful coup, or hijacking of America, the America we once knew and truly were proud of.  The monster is not counting on, however, the American spirit, that has been reignited and will grow ever stronger, that COLLECTIVE VOICE of that American spirit will drown out the poisonous airwaves, corporate owned and directed, that blast hate and vitriol, lies and innuendo, in their ever present goal of dumbing down American citizens–filling their heads with hor$hit 24/7/365.  A technique that has worked for the past ten years or so, as the nation’s short term memory is constantly being distracted by the never ending ‘carnivals’ ‘they’ offer, (see NFL, Wrestle mania, Real Housewives or Transformers 10) and, moreover, the constant drum beat that gets at the very heartbeat of human psychology, the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, a response mechanism that is constantly stoked by Republicorp’s favorite weapon–FEAR!  Ryan’s “path to prosperity”, as they have named this atrocity of a “balancing the federal budget by way of giving tax breaks to corporations who ship jobs overseas, among OTHER things”, is a path to more prosperity for the wealthy, the multinational corporations and the insurance carriers, who will make out like a bandit on the deal.  Well, done congressman, you are a fine representative of the United States of America!  Have a wonderful day folks and May GOD continue to be with the good people of Japan, may your days become warmer and brighter! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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