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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 31, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Halloween morning here on Cape Cod, with a spooky, crescent moon presenting itself on this dark and foggy 5 am morning here in Osterville.  The wind is warm and the day looks dry for all of the little trick or treaters, and I hope that you and yours have a safe and fun Halloween holiday, far away from the more spooky aspects of our sometimes crazy society here in the good ‘ole US of A.  Yesterday, John Stewart, of “THE DAILY SHOW, with John Stewart,” held a rally on the Washington Mall in Washington D.C. with over 200,000 souls in attendance.  I watched the entire show, from beginning to end, and it was, in a word, fabulous.  Stephen Colbert, along with some very talented musical guests, added a great deal of fun to the mix, as the topics of “SANITY” and the restoration thereof, along with the preservation of “FEAR”, were the polar opposites that John and Stephen built upon during the 2.5 hour rally and WE were not disappointed.  Perhaps the greatest part of the show was at the very end, when Stewart spoke to the crowd about something that is so sadly missing in our national discussion, the restoration of REASON into the equation, along with civility, inclusion and grace–not to mention LOVE, Forgiveness and JOY.  Watching the huge paper mache puppet of Stephen Colbert (while Stephen jumped a few feet off the ground to high five his “larger self”), as the real Colbert made his case for FEAR with an exhaustive montage of media clips from all walks of the media life–FOX NEWS clips to MSNBC clips, seemingly fighting for your very soul–invoking the fear that is so sadly displayed every waking hour of every waking day on the 24/7 cable news channels.  Stewart made the point, regarding the remote control, that WE have the power, and always did, and always will, and can choose to turn off the NOISE and return oneself to a better sense of what it is to be human–remembering the better Angles of our nature, OUR REAL SELVES.  To witness the event from the “Angle” of the big picture, looking out at all of those diverse and rich individuals who are ALL different, yet all the same, struck a deep chord with me, for that IS what makes this country the great, good and wonderful nation it IS.  Perhaps we need a little reminder every once in a while that WE all have the power to THINK for ourselves, to draw upon our past experiences and, without all of the mental chatter going on in the background, can find our true calling, forget about FEAR, something that some “other” individual, no more important than me or you, is telling you to FEAR, and realize that the past is dead and buried, with no power whatsoever, save the power we give it by thinking about it, and knowing that the “future” is simply a mental projection of events to come (usually based on our past experiences or someone else’s), or moments of present moment experiences to come, that may or may not be how we envision them at this very moment, leaving us with the PRESENT, this moment, a moment that will never come again.  When we see that WE have the POWER and let go of that silly notion that “someone” else does, we find that peace that we were searching for all along within our own being, and thus, ARE at peace with the world and everything in it, bringing one into alignment with creative intelligence that can only expand, and bring PEACE to others–the whole point of this little existence on this little blue rock called earth.  Bravo, John Stewart, you have, regardless of what ANYONE “says”, broken a barrier of sorts, to many, and, perhaps, restored some sanity, planted a seed if you will, to this tattered nation that has been hijacked by a few rotten apples.  But, as John Lennon once said, “time wounds all heals.”  Have a wonderful Halloween everybody and be safe out there amongst the English!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 30, 2010

Race Point

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this very early Saturday morning here in Osterville, as we ease on in to a week end that represents the eve of “all hallows”–our national obsession with witches, warlocks and goblins, much like the tea party representatives who don’t need to go in costume this year… Yes, Halloween is right around the corner and for some, it is just another chance to show the world who they really are–money laundering thieves that act as, and indeed ARE, puppets of a much larger conspiracy brought to you buy, Halliburton…”for when you really want to f$ck up a whole eco-system”–bringing you misery since 1995, the day “Dick” Cheney took over control of the government contractor…  fine print:  the republican tea party is completely responsible for this advertisement, any refinement, authenticity, or redistribution of this material is, and always will be, considered a felony, punishable by eternal confinement in one of Halliburton’s secret prisons scattered all over the earth, or wherever Halliburton, INC., does it’s nasty “businesses”…  It turns out that “Dick” and the rest of Halliburton/bp has some ‘esplainin’ to do, as independent, CREDIBLE reports have proven that said company used inferior cement, mixed with “nitrate concrete”, used in the Deep Water Horizon well that, as we all know, dumped over 500 million gallons of oil and the deadly dispersant COREXIT 3500 into the Gulf of Mexico after it exploded in April of this year.  This all because of bp’s horrible track record of “cost cutting” starting with “chairman Brown”, prior to Tony, “Gone Sailin’ ” Hayward, who is still deeply sorry, (see Texas City, Texas, the subsequent explosion and the dumping of thousands of pounds of deadly chemicals into the air, resulting in millions of dollars in fines, amounting to five cents on the dollar for bp’s profit models)–and by using that inferior cement, along with bp’s cost cutting measures to not sufficiently test the blowout preventers that have a 45 percent chance of failing, CAUSED the explosion that took 11 lives and resulted in the greatest environmental disaster in United States history… yes, they have some ‘esplainin’ to do, but come November 2, after the republicans take over the House of Representatives, and thus, the Legislative branch of the United States government, causing even more gridlock that IS the fault of the republican/corporate agenda, this country will never see JUSTICE in the Gulf, for we will, inadvertently, have elected Joe Barton (R-TX) to head up the ‘energy committee’– you know the same guy who APOLOGIZED to Tony Hayward when he testified in front of congress this past summer…  That is just a small example of the ghosts and goblins, orcs and ogres that will be taking the place of reason and grace after the blood bath of the 2010 mid-term elections, brought to you buy, the KOCH brothers, bringing misery to millions of Americans by way of their toxic “natural gas wells” that pour 596 chemicals into the ground during their “fracking” process… that’s right folks, the Koch brothers, those crazy guys, bringing you exploding faucets since 1956… (lighters and hair restoration not included).  The fun never stops with the tea party and we are going to miss them when they are gone, when is that anyway?  Oh yeah, never, for the Supreme Court has the final say, and we all know how corrupt that institution has turned out to be with the full on application of CITIZENS UNITED coming home to roost, via the channels of Karl Rove’s secret slush fund known as “Crossroads/GPS”, or the money laundering operations of the US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, whose secret foreign monies have hoodwinked the “American People”, through misleading and vicious Madison Avenue quality ads, into believing just about any crap they put on the tube.  I leave the final judgement to you, however, so if you would indulge me and keep this simple story in mind when you go to the polls on November 2… remembering Sharron “Angle’s” last interview before All Hallows Eve, when a reporter caught up with her yesterday at the Vegas airport and asked her a simple question regarding the two wars we are in, and after an exhausting effort, the reporter looked surprised when the nasty politician turned to him and said, “well, we are in two wars and that’s just the where we are…”  Well spoken Ms. “Angle”, you really hit the nail on the head with that one, I suppose if the whole county were on a plane and it was going down, your response would be, “you know, Michael, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say let ‘em crash.”  What ever happened to the first George Bush’s words, “a kinder gentler America”? Of course what Bush senior really meant to say was a kinder, gentler media that would stop asking such infernal questions that involve critical thinking, compassion, intelligence and AN ANSWER!  Today is John Stewart’s “RALLY TO RESTORE SANITY” on the Washington Mall, in D.C., with some pretty heavy duty guests expected to be in attendance.  Perhaps it will bring some back to the fold before they to drink the Kool Aid, put on their purple running shoes (Nike’s) and convene with the Almighty in a mass suicide pact–astutely coined “the Lemon Pledge with America” (credit Keith Olbermann), and brought to you by, Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs, United Healthcare, Massey Energy and the rest of the lunatic fringe, a.k.a., the “party of hell no”, now known as Republicorp (credit moveon.org), bringing fake tea to your tea pot since January 2009.  Have a great day everybody and PLEASE VOTE on November 2–do it for the next generation!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 29, 2010

One Nation

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning here in Osterville, as the stars put on quite a show a few hours ago, with purity normally only reserved for the GOP’s test of said ‘purity’ that is stoking this Civil War 2.0 being waged in vicious Madison Avenue ad campaigns via the estimated 3 billion dollars (secret foreign money) that is being funneled into races that shouldn’t even be close, such as the Sharron “Angle”/ Harry Reid race in Nevada, where a clearly disturbed woman, who has proven herself unworthy of the high office of Senator for no other reason than the fact she is afraid to come out from behind “the man behind the curtain’s” curtain and tell us WHO the hell she really is and what she stands for, can now call for “second amendment remedies” from sea to shining sea…  Now, I know who she is and what she stands for, as do most Americans who have witnessed a virtual psychological re-enactment of the Civil War culminating in the mid-term elections that will take place on November 2, 2010…  But, why go all the way back to the Civil War when you can, like our “pal” and all round “good guy”, and soon to be the next Speaker of the House, John, “Billy Bob”, Boehner (R-OH), simply go to the great state of Ohio, contact the Iott campaign for ‘young Nazi’s for the House of Representatives’, and prance around the forests of that fair state in the ecstasy of knowing you are one of the few, the proud, the living Nazi party, alive and well in the hearts, minds and souls of Republicorp, a sick puppet show that draws it’s strength from ignorance, fear and hate–systematically stealing the countries’ wallet, while helping it look for it.  Make no mistakes about this election folks, it is the most pivotal election since the days of Theodore Roosevelt, where he had to take back this same country from the corporate monopoly that has now been reborn, I assume reborn in the name of Jesus Christ himself, and is poised to strip the citizens of the United States of every basic right we have fought for 235 years to preserve.  I watched an interview with Michael Moore, a great film maker, whose recent work included the very accurate and well written documentary named “Capitalism, a love story”, a real historical view from the shores of Michigan, where Michael is from, and giving us the real sense of what we as a nation are really up against here–CORRUPTION and the basic breakdown of the wisdom imparted to ALL of us from our Founding Fathers, none so important as Thomas Jefferson himself.  He, Michael Moore, who was on the Rachel Maddow Show, airing every weeknight at 9 and midnight, only on MSNBC, spoke to the sad tale of Lauren Valle, whose head was stomped on by a man who is now demanding that she be the one to offer an apology, to him, personally, for being in the way of his foot as he put all of his tubby, flabby weight of over 220 pounds on her thin, 110 pound frame, and more to the point her HEAD, giving her a concussion, when he could have broken her neck, and as Michael spoke of this blind eye to the way this country is headed, seemingly away from LOVE, LIGHT and FROGS, I could not help but think about my own experience with “men”, such as Sergeant Chretian of the Nantucket Police Department, who almost killed me in 2003, with two witnesses he did not know were watching, only 20 feet away in a restaurant window who WERE, while they watched in horror as this “police officer”, while I offered no resistance according to the witnesses, handcuffed me and with my hands behind my back, tripped me on purpose and with his full weight of, I am not sure of his weight but I am sure we will attain that information soon, perhaps 230 pounds put his knee on my back and forced my head, with his hand on my head, into the cement below–in the words of one of the witnesses, “Slam Dunking my head into the pavement”…and all went black.  I was in a coma for 24 hours, lost a lot of blood and it has taken me, personally, years to recover from that assault, for it it not so much the pain that I still have in my head that I carry around, but the fear that I live with every day, psychologically diagnosed with PTSD, or ‘post traumatic stress disorder’, severe delayed onset, for I did not know I had this disorder until the year 2007 when the fear became overwhelming, dysfunctional and debilitating.  I bring this up, not for sympathy, but rather for enlightenment to what men with a little power can do to another human being, and, moreover, the way this election is going–taking a hard look at “candidates” such as Rand Paul in Kentucky, ironically where “my” witness hails from, Ken Buck in my home state of Colorado, who thinks that being gay is a “choice” rather than something that you were born with, and finally back full circle to our great friend Sharron “Angle” who is a little unsure about the high school students she recently visited, mostly Latino, when she said, “I don’t know, some of you look a little Asian to me…”  I bet they do, Sharron, I bet they do…  We have the clearest choice, perhaps since the days of the elections prior to the Civil War, this election cycle of who we want in our country’s highest offices, to lead our country out of the cave we have found ourselves in via the policies of George W. Bush and more to the point the policies of the republican party for the past 30 years under the auspices of Ronald Reagan, via his boss Donald Regan of Merrill Lynch, the beginning of the de-regulatory process that has brought this country to where it stand right NOW.  Keep this in mind when voting on November 2–the average income for the top two percent in this country, under George W. Bush’s reign alone, has risen 278 percent, 278 percent!  While the average wage for the common worker has remained stagnate, at 0 percent, and recently has actually dropped, that is if you are lucky enough to find employment as the corporate tea party has shipped most jobs overseas, with the help of crooked campaign money launderers such as the US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, who is more than happy to take money from India, China, Bahrain, or even Russia if it boosts the overall strategy of the “man behind the curtain…” Please remember to VOTE on November 2, 2010, call your friends, family and co-workers aside and explain to them that these “titans of industry” disguised as the tea party, are not on your side and would just as soon kick you in the head as look at you…  Have a wonderful week end anyway and keep the FAITH!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 28, 2010

Faith Hill Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  On another warm, unusually warm, October morning here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu, and I pray you and yours are warm and safe wherever you may be finding yourself this a.m…  Looking out across Nantucket Sound, as seen above from the vantage point of a little hill at Dowses Beach, I named “Faith Hill” many moons ago, a literal lifeguard station, 17 feet above sea level, serving the families and friends who gather at this public beach every summer, I often take some solace from the world of insane motives, intentions and power struggles that are consuming this grand national experiment called the United States of America.  Here on Cape Cod, a stone’s throw away, here in Osterville, from the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport, where the spirit of Jack and Bobby, Jackie and Eunice still bring the hairs on the back of my neck to full attention, we are, some of us at least, keenly aware of what is about to go down only a few short days from NOW…most of us, however, are not.  The reality of this election is not about whether or not you are a republican or a democrat, not about whether you are white or black, gay or straight, man or woman, rich or poor, healthy or unhealthy, God ‘fearing’ or agnostic…it is about the words of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine…it is about the integrity and preservation of our Constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA pure and simple, to not allow soul-less, multi-national corporations to literally BUY our DEMOCRACY, through a fake astro-turf “tea party” that was concocted by billionaire criminals such as the KOCH BROTHERS, David and Charles, who are hell bent on putting a ‘fracking’ natural gas well on every piece of property from sea to shining sea, chalk full of 596 chemicals that are killing off our population, wildlife and land in over 37 states… one “natural gas” well at a time, the  virtual “writing on the wall” if you did not pay close enough attention to the Deep Water Horizon disaster coming to us from our “friends” at bp, who you can learn all about if you turn off your blackberry for just a moment and study the PBS FRONTLINE special, “the spill”, highlighting the history of that sad, sick OIL company.  Of course, exploitation of natural resources to the detriment of our own planet is only the tip of the ice burg, for Republicorp (credit moveon.org) has much more in mind for the complete and utter destruction of the United States of America, it’s people and it’s wonderful natural environment.  We have, as Keith Olbermann explained in a virtual “who’s who” of tea party extremists and their resumes, on last night’s “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann,” airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m. only on MSNBC, a wave of rather insane “candidates” who will come in droves to the nation’s capitol, armed with instructions and their “employees” (lobbyists) who are the front men and women for the “men behind the curtain,” their overlord puppeteers, who pull their strings now just for fun, such as Sharron “Angle”, perhaps the craziest of them all, whose “man up Harry Reid” comments, along with her literal call to arms, makes one cringe with disgust and horror, for this is not a person you would want to spend more than a few seconds with, before realizing that she and her pungent body odor, ripe with indignant idolatry, might just be contagious, thus making it of paramount importance to get the hell out of there before she turns you into a “NEWT”…or was that Christine O’Donnell’s job?  We have a simple choice, a no brainer really, on November 2, 2010, to vote for the democratic ticket to keep moving forward and rebuild from the wreckage of George W. Bush’s horrible reign, or to vote republican and go backwards to 1964, or 1950 or back to the days leading up to the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln struggled with a letter to the South, a soul full letter, asking for some equation that would solve the problem that faced the country then and seems to be facing the country now, a clear lack of REASON and GRACE, coupled with a lack of humility and human decency– in the image of the GOD they pray to, paving a path that goes beyond the corporate “bottom line” and to the heart of what really matters, “LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”  This for all of our brothers and sisters, for all of our brothers and sisters, in an equal light, as shown by GOD himself when he sent his only son to die for OUR sins…  Please remember to VOTE on November 2, and keep in mind what is at stake–the very democracy that this nation was built upon, as we remember the primary reason the first Pilgrims landed off of Coast Guard Beach in Chatham, here on Cape, over 350 years ago, in search for water, freedom from tyranny and the oppression that we are seeing now from the Corporations who have hijacked this country from it’s citizens, the very ones whose fathers and grandfathers defended from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC, throughout the turbulent violent history this country owns as it’s legacy.  Have a wonderful day everybody.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 27, 2010

Cape Cod Door

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So great, as always, to be with you on another warm October morning here in Osterville, and as I opened up my front door, as seen above, to this extraordinary day, I realized how lucky I am to be writing this commentary.  Yesterday, I witnessed yet another act of brutality that struck home with me in, ironically, the great state of Kentucky, involving Lauren Valle, a ‘moveon.org’ supporter, about as threatening as a church mouse, and communicator of the very real reality of the merger of the republican party and multi-national corporations (she was at a Rand Paul rally exercising her First Amendment rights, protesting, satirically and peaceably) when she was ‘marked’ by Paul supporters, rabid supporters, who, caught on video tape, surrounded her, as they recognized her, and proceeded, one man in particular, Timothy Proffitt, to bring her to the ground, violently, and stomp on her head, injuring her and the integrity of the whole process of elections in this great country of ours.  It hit home with me, for, as you may know, I too had my head bashed in, although I lost consciousness and alot of blood, on Nantucket, via a criminal cop who is now the Sergeant of the Nantucket Police Department, during the summer of  2003, as I too was an unwelcome guest in an otherwise ‘police state’ that Nantucket has unfortunately become.  That is the rub here, for we all know that money buys muscle, votes and most of all people’s loyalty, misguided as it may be, and when taken to a grand scale, such as the election of ‘representatives’ who will ‘lead’ this country out of the darkness it finds itself in, well, ‘we’ve got a problem Houston!’… With 6 days left until the mid-term elections that will determine the direction this country will go in the next two years, i.e., backwards, forwards or remaining in neutral, please keep in mind that it is still all up to YOU, your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who may or may not know what is really going on in the big world of money laundering (’US’ Chamber of ‘Commerce’), crooked Supreme Court decisions (Citizens United) and the literal ‘buying American’, the systematic corporate takeover moveon.org so rightly and astutely communicates in some of its’ most recent ads depicting a woman in a bomb shelter in fear of ‘Republicorp’, an Orwellian nightmare scenario where the military industrial complex meets the Godzilla of the ever thirsty, blood thirsty, corporate modus operandi of “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE…”  Let us take a stroll down memory lane shall we?  Let us look only as far back as most Americans can go, historically, at this juncture, and revisit what President Obama was trying to say recently about how the republican party “drove the car into a ditch, while they watched US pull them out of it, complaining, in the process of pulling the car out of said ditch, about the scratch on the bumper, and if there was anything we could do about that…”  Al Franken, the esteemed Senator from the great state of Minnesota and personal friend of mine whom I last saw in Vail, Colorado at the Red Lion, where I had lunch with the former writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’ and his son, along with my Mastiff, ‘Jake’, prior to his win in that heated Senate race in Minnesota, while he told me he appreciated my kind words regarding our pal Rush Limbaugh, the “Tokyo Rose” of the republican “cause”, as I lauded his classic book, “Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot“…, I had no idea at that time he would be rewriting Obama’s very astute concept of why we are in the mess, economically (as well as a host of other issues as a nation), we are in today and as I present his words, verbatim, I would ask you to consider what the “republican tea party”, “republicorp” or just plain old PLUTOCRACY has in mind for this nation should they regain power in the House of Representatives come November 2, 2010… for, and I use Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell’s words here against him when he said, “our number one goal, as republicans, is to make sure that Obama is a one term President,” with no mention of solving problems that are Paramount to our very survival as a nation.  For if these “men” and women are elected to act as the puppets for said corporations, we will not only go backwards, but ‘they’ will finally get the job done and, in the immortal words of Jeff Bridges from the classic film, “The Big Lebowski”, … “well, they finally did it man, they killed my car.”  With no further adieu, I bring you Senator Franken, and a recent speech with the President of the United States of America somewhere in “America”, home of the brave and land of the free, or is it the other way around?  AND ACTION:  “When the President came to office, not only had the car gone in the ditch, but had flipped over and was rolling down a steep embankment.  We, the “American People” were in the backseat, but the current administration had removed all the seat belts, so we were all flying around the interior of this car; as it was rolling, flipping and careening down this steep embankment heading to a 2000 foot cliff, and at the bottom of that cliff were jagged rocks, and alligators.  Now at noon, on January 20, 2009, as the car careened towards the cliff, George W. Bush JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR, and President Obama somehow managed to dive in, take the wheel and take control of the vehicle just in time, inches before it went off the precipice, and he and congress, started inching this wrecked car back up the embankment– now you can’t push a car up an embankment as fast as it careened down an embankment, but we got it going in the RIGHT DIRECTION and slowly we’ve gotten ourselves up that embankment, past the ditch, upon the shoulder of the road…that’s what happened and that’s where we ARE.”  Thank you Al Franken and thank you Lawrence O’Donnell for making that the “Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, airing every week, save Friday’s, at 10 p.m. or 1 a.m., only on MSNBC, for we all need to KNOW and remember where the republican philosophy, PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, has taken us in just the past ten years alone, not to mention the past thirty, where we all seem to hover around the shrine of actor, comedian Ronald Reagan, who was not a saint, far from it, and began this whole thing with the systematic dismantling of the regulatory checks and balances, via Donald Regan and companies like Merrill Lynch, that has kept this country safe from thieving wolves everywhere (my apologies to real, natural wolves all around the world, no offense was intended).  Please remember to VOTE on NOVEMBER 2, 2010…your car will thank you for it, not to mention your health and sanity.  Have a wonderful day everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 26, 2010

Autumn Berries

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this windy, warm Tuesday morning here in Osterville, as I prepare for the Cape Cod Writers Conference’s annual business meeting at the Paddock Restaurant in Hyannis.  In attendance will be some notable authors, as always, and the costumes should be fun and full of imagination.  Going as Batman, again, I anticipate there will be a few Sharron “Angles” in the crowd with a few witches dressed like Christine O’Donnell, or is it the other way around?  The costume party on Capitol Hill, however, is far scarier, as we inch our way to this election that will, thankfully, be over on November 2 with the results most likely being devastating for the “American People” should the likes of Boehner, McConnell, Barton, Cantor and some other “leaders” of the republican party gain power in the House and Senate.  What is at stake is the honesty that is so lacking in our elected officials, as they spin their way through allegations that they are not really puppets for the big businesses that are putting them in power, they are ‘for’ the ‘American people’–tell me another LIE.  OK, I will, yesterday the full scope of the “Wikileaks” came to bear great fruit regarding the second biggest casualty of the Iraq War, the TRUTH. It seems that our friend Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary under George W. Bush, sold his lies whole sale as over 66,000 Iraqi citizens, innocent civilians, lost their lives, while many were tortured under the same policies that the Americans were using against these same Iraqi “terrorists”.  Further, the whole “surge” was a LIE, as Cheney/Bush ordered ‘death squads’ to ethnically cleanse the Sunni’s from Baghdad, so as to allow the Shiites to take control of the Capitol, making it appear the offensive was successful.  Americans soldiers, under orders from Rumsfeld himself, idly sat by and watched as Iraqi’s tortured and killed prisoners in the ’sovereign state’, while Americans were doing the same in secret prisons in many locations around the world–the common place practice of the BUSH regime, can you say WAR CRIMES! Further, the mercenary company whose name is now Xe, ’strong enough for a man, but made for a woman’, formerly known as ‘Blackwater’, the major player in the new American military policy or method of outsourcing military might to private contractors who are answerable to NO ONE, was sighted as a major protagonist in the killing of innocent Iraqi people, most notably massacring 17 innocent people in a fire fight, in broad daylight, during the height of the “surge” in the war.  These ‘mercenaries’ are now an integral part of the military industrial complex of the United States, as they are embedded in Afghanistan as I write these words, a kind of ‘private army’ that has no allegiance other than to the highest bidder on the ‘free market’.  Sends chills down your spine, no?  With the words of McConnell coming forth loud and clear that his “number one goal” in the next two years is to make sure that President Obama only has one term as Commander in Chief, with all of the problems facing this country and indeed world right now, you might say that Mitch, “the mouse” has shown his hand, proving he is in bed with the big businesses that create these eternal wars, whether they be wars with bullets or wars with words–for the most glaring example of that came from the new stooge they replaced Tony, ‘gone sailin’ ” Hayward, of bp, who stated recently, as 3 inches of oil/Corexit 3500 mixtures, covering a 145 square mile area underneath the Gulf of Mexico, sits, effectively killing ALL LIFE (our food chain in the ocean) in the area forever, concerning the Deep Water Horizon gusher, “it was the fault of the media for causing all of the fear and anxiety, confusion and depression.”  Yes, Mr. CEO of a mulit-national corporation that destroyed our Gulf Coast fisheries, families by the score and businesses forever, not to mention the wildlife and prestine wonder of the marshes, yes sir, you are so right about that, as you LIED about how much oil was coming out of that faulty blow out ‘preventer’ from the very beginning… remember?… you said it was around 5,000 barrels a day?  When in reality, at the end, conservative government estimates had it at 61,000 barrels a day, with many scientists thinking 80-100 thousand a day…what a scumbag.  And that, in a nutshell is what you will be electing if you vote for the republican ticket this November.  A scumbag, who will most assuredly hurt this country, fiscally, physically and spiritually, more than it is already, for the republicans have no plan, let me repeat that, they have no plans at all, save to continue to make shady deals with big corporations, who own them, as they continue to ship our few remaining jobs overseas.  They will repeal any kind of legislation designed to protect the “American People”, such as health care, Wall Street reform, that includes the new consumer protection agency, you know the one where they put a stop to banks ripping you off with hidden fees and outrageous bank overdraft charges, they will attempt to hurt seniors with privatizing Social Security, where we could all lose big when entering the Casino environment of Wall Street, not to mention cutting medicare and medicaid, while doing nothing to help the poor, save to humiliate them further for not having a job, that doesn’t exist anymore thanks to the US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, your friendly money laundering operation accepting secret foreign funds that helped put these as$hole$ in charge to begin with…and then finally  taking out any of the last barriers to the big oil, coal, and gas companies, as they continue to rape and pillage our environment, to the point of no return, leaving it soiled and brown for our grand kids, if they can go outside, for the temperatures will be so high it may not be sustainable for life 100 years from now, as the GLOBAL ‘hoax’ called global warming becomes a reality for even those too ignorant to KNOW it’s very real existence. So there you have it folks, your choice in the fall elections this year are easy, TRUTH or LIES.  Obama has done more to help this country dig itself out of a massive hole than anyone since Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and if you are any kind of a student of history, you would know that he, FDR, was not well liked by the ‘robber barrons’ of his day.  So, take heart America, this fight is far from over, and when the American People do WAKE UP and smell the proverbial coffee, or tea as it were, they will rebel and take a hard look at each and every corporation and decide for themselves who is ethical and who is not, for without the consumer, the corporation is just an idea on a piece of paper, and if the many who practice in the art of “profit over people” continue, the backlash will be sudden and forever.  Have a great day everybody!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 25, 2010

Chatham Sand

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Monday morning, it seems like I just wrote that a few moments ago, on a foggy, rather warm early start to the day here in Osterville with darkness being the major weather phenomenon happening at present.  The week ahead should be full of fun for the whole family, as we all gear up for an historic election that will occur in this nation a little more than a week from today.  At stake, is the very soul of America and the direction it will take in the coming year.  On the one hand, we have a group who is determined to “take America back”, translation, bring it back to the thieves of Wall Street, big oil, big insurance, big coal and big ‘fill in the blank’ multi-national corporations whose only goal is to maximize profits in a rich non-regulatory environment designed to reward the game (players) and take from the people who elected them into office, i.e. the misguided sheep of the tea party movement, who obviously have no idea what these corporate puppeteers have in store for said, “American People” that they cling to so for their own political and economic ends.  On the other side, we have “the right stuff”, men and women who were brave enough to pass a monumental health care LAW into existence, risking their own political futures on a vision for America that includes the poor and downtrodden, men and women who passed Wall Street reform, taking away “privileges” that previous administrations gave, that allowed companies like Goldman Sachs to rape and pillage our grandparents 401 (k) accounts, to the tune of trillions of dollars lost and literally given to a few now very wealthy “hedge fund managers” who make, more ‘managers’ than you think, over a billion dollars a year, proposing real environmental safeguards such as drilling regulations on deep water exercises so that we don’t have another “deep water oil spill”, not to mention stopping the Koch brothers from systematically killing our people, wildlife and plant life, not to mention our water supply, for the extraction of “natural gas” via the “fracking” process of hydraulically pumping water down into shale rock in over 37 states laced with 596 chemicals.  This is only the tip of the iceberg of course, with the repercussions being dire at best.  For the reality is this, if you are so inclined to KNOW the  Truth, the RTP has no illusions about being a puppet for the big businesses that are trying to BUY our Democracy. They, people like “joe miller time”, Senate hopeful from the great state of Alaska, refuse to answer questions about the policies they endorse, for if they did, they would surely not be elected.  They are committed to their puppet masters who have already set in motion this grand coup of our government, with “second amendment remedies”, i.e. a violent armed insurrection of the United States government, being, as one ‘pastor from Dallas’ said recently, “on the table”. This all began with the systematic fleecing of the honest interpretation of the United States Constitution, starting with the Citizens United case in January, allowing these “men behind the curtain”, straight out of Frank L. Baum’s first book about OZ and the wizard who promulgated the ruse, to do whatever they want, with no repercussions for they KNOW their history of what works and what does not.  What works is keeping the masses in the dark, not allowing them to see the LIGHT and thus, keep them from thinking for themselves, while feeding them plenty of sugar coated processed food stuffs and presenting all sorts of crap on television/movies/video games, the “circuses” the Romans used in days of yore.  Plato wrote about this in a book he created long before Christ was born, called “The Republic”, a virtual odyssey that takes one deep into the cave of ignorance and visits the people who are stuck within that cave.  They fear the unknown (the shadows coming from the LIGHT), and therefore are easily manipulated and, as President Obama very astutely stated a few days ago, “people do not think clearly when they are in fear.”  In this sick game, the republicans are banking, so to speak, on that shallow human trait continuing unabated, for they know that most Americans do not have an historical perspective outside of the box, or cave as it were, that they inhabit, and thus, are prime to be captured by the fear mongering rhetoric of white men in blue suits who look and talk a good game, but are nothing more than the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, who dresses in Grandma’s pj’s and ‘acts’ as if he is only interested in the offering of a picnic basket Red brought with her to sooth her ailing relative.  We KNOW what is going on and I pray to GOD the rest of the, as Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) likes to put it, “American People”, WAKE UP and realize they are being had by a small group of greedy men with beady eyes who have about as much integrity as the campaigns of Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell and Sharron ‘Angle’–NONE. Stay tuned and remember to ask yourself this simple question–if the RTP has nothing to hide regarding all of the secret foreign money that is being released into the money laundering facilities of the “US” Chamber of Commerce, Crossroads/GPS and the like, and then transformed into misleading and vicious Madison Avenue ads designed to brainwash the “American People”, then why are they so DEFENSIVE about it?  Food for thought while you chew on the question of why would India be so interested in giving money to the US Chamber?  OUTSOURCING perhaps?  Have a wonderful day everybody, and don’t forget to vote your conscience on November 2, 2010!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 24, 2010

Chatham’s Strong Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you all on this beautiful, bright morning here in Osterville, the little sea village of Cape Cod proper.  I hope you and yours are well this fair day, for despite what the Sunday morning talk shows present in one hour from right NOW, take solace in this FACT, we are all great despite the pundits doom and gloom…  Speaking of the Sunday talk shows, my personal recommendation is NBC and ABC, for those two moderators, so to speak, Christiane Amanpour and David Gregory, are treasures in this world of media insanity. I will let you guess who works for what media outlet, as we will witness the last of the final stretch in the mid-term fall elections of November 2, 2010…who will win, who will “lose” and who will put out the most profound statement that sort of wraps this whole thing up.  We have good evidence that the “enthusiasm gap”, offered up by the pollsters out there, has been reduced significantly, thanks to many people, such as our former President, Bill Clinton, who has come up big, explaining where he was in 1994 when the likes of “she turned me into a “Newt” Gingrich turned the lights off in every government office from sea to shining sea, all for the bravado of his “oversized” ego.  The glee that shines from the faces of people who have slipped from the “big picture” recently, such as Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) or John, “billy bob’s got a tan”, Boehner (R-OH), is notable, for they are most likely cringing from the “not ready for prime time players” like Christine, “I turned him into a newt”, O’Donnell or Joe, “I support Xe (formerly Blackwater), strong enough for a man but made for a woman”, Miller ‘time’ as they open their mouths and reveal the moronic, low class, bravado normally only reserved for the clowns in the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  We will listen to baseball experts like George Will, who used to hold a mark of respect in my heart for his intelligent writing, go on and on about nonsensical horsesh$t, such as the credibility of extending the Bush tax cuts of 2001, 2003 to the tune of 4.1 billion dollars added to the national deficit in the next ten years, all paid for by you, the downtrodden “American People”, who have had sand thrown in their face for the past ten years, borrowed from China and India, the very places where the secret money comes from to create all of those mind numbing ads you have endured for the past few months in order to steal our Democracy, as well as the destination of all of the jobs that have been stolen from you–that have permanently left our shores…yes, we will listen to these “pundits” speak to the values of a corporate PLUTOCRACY, and all of the wonderful benefits it will render, such as a caste system and plenty of government cheese (credit Chris Farley, SNL).  What some of these good, misguided republicans fail to understand is that there is no honor in thieves.  Pretty soon, they will be eating there own and only the most ruthless of corporate monsters will survive, as we melt as a planet, peak oil comes upon us, droughts and famine are common place and the whole of the world cries out for a Savior to save us from ourselves.  Have you ever looked out at the Rocky Mountains all by yourself, with no agenda, simply taking it all in and thanking GOD, however you wish to define him or her, for everything that is still beautiful on this little blue rock we all share and cherish?  Have you looked out into the Atlantic or Pacific, on a mighty vessel and lost yourself, not knowing where you start and the ocean ends?  Have you ever looked into a child’s eyes and made a promise that this world will improve, no matter what you have to do?  Regardless of your bank account amount or the number on your credit score–you count, big time.  Jesus once said, “look at the lilies in field, they do not toil or spin,” we are, according to the symbol of the Christian Faith, Jesus Christ himself, infinitely more important to our creator than those flowers that he loves so.  Every one of us, has the choice to accept this, that each of needs to KNOW that we, individually and indeed collectively, MATTER, and we must learn to THINK for ourselves, breaking away from the conformity of someone Else’s agenda, screamed out from the bullhorns of the modern day multimedia mantra, devoid of quiet reflection and grace.  We all have an individual choice to step away from the madness beyond the mountains and regain our natural state of being–JOY, LOVE and KNOWLEDGE.  Have a blessed Sunday everyone, and if no one told you they Love you today, I just did.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 23, 2010

October Sky

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Saturday morning, hope all is well with you and yours as we all batten down the hatches for what should prove to be one of the most hotly contested mid-term elections in recent history–for what is at stake is literally the Democracy that we all hold so dear as “the American People” in the good ‘ole US of A.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the most recent investigative reporting provided by the New York Times or our good friend Keith Olbermann, founder of “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann“, airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EST, only on MSNBC, who has broken, as far as the secretive nature of the story will allow it to be, broken a story about the one man who recently donated 600,000 dollars, Mr. Rickets, to a “super PAC”, political action committee, whose sole intention is to get as many puppets elected to both the US Senate and House of Representatives this fall as they can, effectively buying those politicians and the policies they will render–representing only a fraction of the hundreds of millions of dollars that are coming in secretly to the money laundering facilities of the ‘U.S.’ Chamber of Commerce, Crossroads/GPS, and some other ’super PAC’s’ that are almost impossible to nail down, via the Citizens United case, courtesy of the John Roberts’ rather suspect Supreme Court.  Nancy Pelosi, the much maligned Speaker of the House, whose work has been extraordinary in the House these past two years, for her efforts not only in the passage of the new Health care LAW, but going to bat for the American People on a daily basis regarding so many issues, said on Keith’s show two nights ago, that big oil, big finance and big insurance are on the verge of “Buying America”, giving a whole new definition of “Buy American”… We all know this, however, the problem still remains that the “American People” don’t, and moreover, have been duped into believing their captor’s LIES, i.e. corporations from all over the world, when they say, “Obama is a Nazi and wishes to take “America”, as it once was, away from them,” when we ALL know that projection 101 would tell the real tale–that being, again in the words of Nancy Pelosi, “they are going to turn this country into a PLUTOCRACY,” or rule by the wealthy, subjecting our citizens to third world conditions that continue to reward perhaps a thousand “Americans” while sending the rest of the 299 plus million Americans under the bus, using said bus as shelter from the upcoming violent weather patterns we will be facing in the coming years as GLOBAL WARMING takes no prisoners.  Speaking of violence, a ‘pastor’ from the state of Texas by the name of Stephan Brodan, out of Dallas, has taken Sharron “Angle’s” ’second amendment remedies’ comments a step further.  He has become a regular on the “Glenn Beck” show and promoted this insanity, while stating, “we will not take a violent takeover of the government off the table…” This is what we are all up against here folks, a criminal far right wing (nut) try at taking over this young country, if not by violence, then by financial genocide, that will bring this country to it’s collective knees, wreaking havoc on millions of families from sea to shining sea.  Make no mistake about the importance of these upcoming elections, on November 2, 2010, for they mark the most dangerous position this country has ever been in, domestically, since the first days of the Civil War, more than 150 years ago.  We have seen the bigotry, we have seen the fear mongering, we have seen the lies and bullying, we have seen the misinformation provided by the communication arm of the RTP, FOX NEWS, a propaganda machine designed to keep the masses in the dark, not allowing them to think for themselves, for they are given bogus information, and then stirring up the primordial anger every human being has to fight to the death for the cause of the “Corporation” that has shipped their jobs overseas, cut their pensions, brought about environmental disasters like bp’s “spill”, and pushing this counties real “agenda” (from the plutocrats viewpoint) towards tyranny, plain and simple.  There is no easy way to say all of this other than the fact people who write daily commentaries, in order to get the TRUTH out there, do it because they LOVE this country, and do not want the multi-national corporate milieu to destroy what so many great Americans that went before us sacrificed to the point of their own death, to make it so…GREAT.  Have we gone that soft in the head as a nation that we don’t see a snake oil salesman when we actually see one?  Have we lost our common sense to the degree where we can’t see that it is WRONG that these huge companies, along with some shady billionaires, intend to rape and pillage our country all under the false premise that our very fine President is a Nazi?  Me thinks thou protesteth too much, Mr. ‘Billy Bob’ Boehner.  Your ruse is so transparent that in your efforts to thwart said ‘transparency’, you have actually gone full circle, thereby showing the whole world your hand, proving that you are all dirt balls of the highest order!  Please vote on November 2 and remember that big business, or CROOKED CAPITALISM is juxtaposed to our very clear and defined DEMOCRACY, as written in the Constitution of the United States of America, by men, like Thomas Jefferson, whose spirit, I believe, still hovers over this great nation and will not be broken by men of ill will.   Have a nice week end everybody!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 22, 2010

Cape Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, very early at 5:37 a.m., with damp conditions being presented on Cape in the form of some low fog and cool temperatures…  The Romans and, more importantly, the emperors had it “right”–to control the masses, you must keep them from THINKING and feed them plenty of bread (processed foods) and circuses (crack like entertainment, such as the ‘WWE’, courtesy of Linda McMahon).  As we move closer to the November 2nd elections, we know that long gone are the clear waters of reason and logic…where calm, sane minds meet to discuss what the SOLUTIONS are, what they will cost and how they will be implemented, ending this never ending debate over who is “right” and who is WRONG.  The days of standing on the sacred grounds where we all agree (the welfare of “the American People”), agreeing on the most basic structural beams of this young nation, born on the wings of a sacred document called the Constitution of the United States of America, beams designed to hold the weight of all our disagreements, doubts and fears of the unknown, are over.  The unknown we did not know then is the very real and threatening change the corporate plutocracy has for the vision of Thomas Jefferson.  We see that in name of loyalty to the “American People”, corporate tycoons have hijacked our political system, buying politicians with the lure of Judas’ gold, putting the ‘morality’ they used to preach and evangelize about aside, to rust and decay, as it washes down a dirty river of shame and disgust.  For how can you live in the LIGHT of Jesus if you are wrapped in a blanket, experiencing only the darker angels of our human condition?  We may see a big change, but the change that this ‘party of no’ has in mind involves the complete and utter destruction of the middle class, proven already, time and time again by the actions of that same party shipping US jobs overseas for the greater good of their corporate master–the bottom line, whose nature is one that does not see the “American People”, nor does it hear, feel, taste or smell them, for “they” merely represent the collateral damage that will be done to this nation when the unwitting ‘republican tea party’ gives the keys back to a maniac, hell bent on taking this “car” over the cliff for good…  Please remember to follow the money, comprehending the real mission and discovering who is funding all of these attack ads you have endured for the past few months, with only a little less than two weeks to go, for they emanate from the very countries that have taken your job, your neighbors job and soon, our countries job–that being “taking CARE of our own”.  Have a great week end folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 21, 2010

Far Away Island

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, a little late, and for that, I am deeply sorry.  I just felt like sleeping in today before I head on over to the great ‘far away island’, as the true native Americans called what the whole world now calls Nantucket.  30 nautically south, southeast of Hyannis Harbor, as seen above, while we watch the “Gray Lady II” steam out into Nantucket Sound, Nantucket has many natural wonders to enjoy along with plenty of world class shopping–so come on down and visit the grand island, and if you really want an ‘out of this world’, and time for that matter, experience, directly out of a Dickens novel, painted in broad brush strokes by Norman Rockwell, Nantucket’s brilliant Christmas stroll, with a ten thousand lights a shinin’, in early December is a must see for anyone with a soft spot in their heart for the way America once looked and felt, even in these troubling times…  The news from the center of the political world in Washington D.C. could be summed up in three words–‘conflict of interest’. When the whole world heard the news of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife receiving 500,000 dollars from a special, secret interest group a few weeks past, it raised a few eyebrows, but when she made the now infamous phone call to Anita Hill, a victim of sexual harassment via Ms. Thomas’ husband, and the subsequent witch hunt in the early 1990’s, asking her to “apologize for what you did to my husband”, 19 years ago, we here at seacapecod.net along with the rest of the sane media world watched as our collective jaws dropped.  Keith Olberman, of “Countdown, with Keith Olberman,” airing every week night at 8 and 11 p.m., EST, only on MSNBC, gave a long list of people who might follow suit, such as George W. Bush, Tony “gone ’sailin” Hayward of bp, and Dick Cheney, who gave, on Keith’s show, their best college effort to get people who had wronged them, such as “Dick’s” hunting buddy whom Keith mused should have apologized once again for getting in the way of Dick’s buckshot, to apologize to their over sized and disgusting egos.  I thought we might add a few to that list.  “Hi, this is David Koch, of the billionaire Koch brothers oil and gas company, bringing you poisonous gas wells, containing 596 chemicals in the “fracking” process, the hydraulic fracturing of shale rock in 37 states right now, that is effectively killing off our population, animal life and plant life, due to the ‘Halliburton Loophole’, whereby the EPA lost it’s regulatory teeth in 2005, thereby allowing these monstrous companies to continue to pollute our rivers and streams, our bays and our Gulfs, our oceans and our land, to the tune of billions upon billions of highly toxic particles being emitted through both the water and the air daily, again, destroying our environment, perhaps forever–all for the sake of the short term profit, and I would like Michael Mosier and the rest of the left wing, socially progressive tree huggers to stop making fun of me and my older brother Charles, who is deeply sensitive, and, moreover, we want an apology for all of the Truths (gleaned from FACTS) you have put out there and if you don’t, after the November 2 elections we may take “second amendment” remedies to ‘fix the situation’.  We also don’t like you making fun of Blackwater, now with the more sensitive name of Xe, “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”, oh, wait a minute, that doesn’t make any sense, strike that, yes, we want you to stop saying that the world’s largest private security firm is corrupt to the core, violent and lawless, answering to no one, and filled with the lowest common denominators on earth (mercenaries), for they are just regular American folks who walk around this country and indeed the world, thinking they are above the law, oh, um, wait a scosh, I meant to say that they are just regular folks like me or you who just happen to have the highest security clearances and carry semi-automatic weapons, who take in SS Nazi reenactments in Ohio for R&R on occasion… what could be wrong with that?  I also want an apology for the inference that we would ever harm our country’s (the Plutocrats country, via the RTP puppets employed by them) environment for political or monetary gain.  We, here at Koch industries, considered by the IRS to be a ’small business’ making billions of dollars a year and holding secret ‘meetings’ in Aspen, for example, with other plutocrats, um, I mean ’small businesses’ like Bechtel Industries and the Chicago Tribune’, and the occasional Supreme Court Justices such as Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia (criminal conflict of interest?), have nothing to hide, for the US Chamber of Commerce, who we command, um, I mean, is responsible for the actions they take (bribing counties like India to give money to “men” like Karl Rove and “American Crossroads/GPS” who facilitate shady deals to ship jobs overseas) and just because they are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars, that will exceed over 3 billion by the time this election is over, from secret sources that don’t want their identity revealed, does not mean we have anything to hide, nor for that matter is it any of the “Amerian People’s” business, because after all, don’t they have enough to worry about, like digging through a dumpster for lunch?  So, again, we would like you and your kind to stop with the “writing” and stop with the accusations that we are a horrible example of what is WRONG with this country, we are just good ‘ole white boys who don’t like black people, um, I mean, we love black people, we just don’t like them in the White House or anywhere near our gated communities. Thank you and oh, yeah, have a great day!”  Yes, there he is folks, one of the “men behind the curtain” who are the very ones responsible for shipping your job overseas, foreclosing your house via crooked banking rules, taking away a woman’s right to her own body, condemning gay people for who they really ARE, destroying our environment one Gulf at a time while the world melts and the seas rise 20-30 feet above present sea levels, and brainwashing you into feeling “sorry” for them, via the same tactics used by the Cheney administration to convince y’all that we somehow needed to spend upwards of 3 trillion dollars to go to war with a sovereign nation that posed absolutely NO threat to the United States of America, oh, and by the way, the same people who also want you to believe that by adding 4.1 trillion extra dollars to the US debt by extending the BUSH tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, borrowing that money from the same counties that stole your jobs, China and India, we will create jobs in this country, via Ronald Reagan’s ‘trickle down’ theory employed in 1982 that was the beginning of this mess to begin with and created NO jobs and only served to widen the gap between the haves’ and the have nots’…yes, if you would only believe in the grand vision of Plutocracy, all will be right with the world.  Their world maybe.  Please remember that your vote still counts, even if Blackwater is out at your local voting stations, called upon to literally intimidate the minorities in this nation and thus, keeping them home in a state of fear.  Of course, they won’t look like Blackwater, they will be well dressed goons like the as$holes who arrested the editor of the Alaska Dispatch (.com) Tony Hopfinger, who, as many journalist have demanded with authority, “you should SUE those guys!” Have a wonderful day folks!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 20, 2010

October Brilliance

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this stunning morning here in Osterville, as we all get used to the cooler weather with “Indian Summer” behind us for the rest of this year at least.  Here’s an idea, if you are listening Mr. “joe miller time” of Alaska, republican Senate hopeful, why don’t you ask your unlicensed “security firm”, who employs active duty soldiers who don’t have permission from their base to work for you, called “Drop Zone”, or should we call it by it’s real name, Xe, formerly known as Blackwater, why don’t you ask this security firm of yours to call up the Ohio candidate for the House of Representatives, Iot, or Idiot, whatever his name is, who was busted recently for his Nazi fetish of “dress up”, prancing around the fields of Ohio with all his best buddies doing God knows what, complete with authentic, vintage SS uniforms from WW II, have them ask him if you could borrow some of those threads for your goon squad…that way we can recognize you and your “men” as you march your way backwards into history, showing the world who you really are, a bigoted monster who wishes ill upon minorities, the poor and the downtrodden in this country who you would just as soon see in handcuffs, metaphorical handcuffs of poverty and despair, while you “do the country’s business” with your hands and feet ironically tied to the strings that move you via the corporate plutocracy that made you.  To harsh?   Dennis Kucinich put it best on the “ED Show”, airing every week night at 6 p.m. on MSNBC, when he said, “the only thing worse than government controlling big business is big business controlling government.”  For if you believe for one second that big businesses like Goldman Sachs, bp, Wallmart, United Healthcare, and Koch Industries give a damn about you or your family, then you should visit the nearest mental health facility, for you have clearly lost your mind.  The insanity that is going on right now is remarkable, but could not be summed up any better than the correlation between two red necks, one that I will present verbatim from the classic film, Stripes, circa 1978, starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis, where the boys, the soldiers were getting to know one another in the barracks.  The other, coming directly from the mouth of Senate hopeful and former witch enthusiast Christine O’Donnell, fighting it out with an intelligent adult, Chris Coons, who explained the concept of the mystical wall Thomas Jefferson built in the FIRST AMENDMENT to the Constitution of the United States of America, and her complete denial of it’s existence, or rather her lack of KNOWLEDGE of it’s existence and, moreover, the interpretation agreed upon by Justices, scholars and intellectuals alike for the past 225 years.  The correlation is in the connection of the dots, from one dim wit to another… enjoy.  AND ACTION: “My name is Howard J. Terkstra, I’m from Kansas City, um, my hobbies are fast cars and fast woman, ’cause, ahhh, that’s why I, guy’s in my car club call me the ‘Cruiser.”  John Candy:  “Should have called him the dork.”  Sgt. Hulka:  “Knock it off!”  “Go ahead son.”  Terkstra:  “I joined the army ’cause my brother and father were in the army, thought I’d better join before I got drafted…”  Sgt. Hulka:  “Son, there ‘ain’t no draft no more…”  Terkstra:  “There was one?”   and cut, print and wrap… Well, there you have it folks, it was as if Christine was in that barracks with those young men, but she was not.  She was at a debate yesterday morning in Delaware and when Chris Coons was explaining this, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,”  her reaction was this, “where in the Constitution does it say there is a separation of church and state?”  Whether this is a new plot by the far right wing (nut) group of Karl Rove and his handlers to begin a fresh debate on the words and meaning of Thomas Jefferson or a revelation into the minds of some of these tea party candidates such as Christine, “she turned me into a Newt”, O’Donnell, revealing the stupidity and arrogance therein, I am just not sure.  Be sure of one fact though, these people are making up the rules as they go along, perverting the Constitution all in the name of the plutocratic battle cry–PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! Please vote on November 2, remembering what the RTP really represents, or rather who they represent–big business and the abolition of the United States of America, the core of the democratic principals established by much greater men and women than they.  Have a nice day everybody! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 19, 2010

Sons of Liberty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this Tuesday morning here in Osterville, with yet another beautiful sunrise to be thankful for.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the First Amendment in this ‘here US of A’…  Yesterday, a major story broke from Alaska and the ‘joe miller time’ campaign of Joe Miller, Senate hopeful from that same state.  It seems that a reporter, a blogger much like myself, was arrested on public (a public school where an event was being held for Joe Miller) property for asking some simple questions, defining our job as reporters, of Joe Miller by a private ’security firm’ he hired to keep ‘liberal’ truth seekers from embarrassing an obviously paranoid candidate such as “joe miller time.”  This story of Tony Hopfinger, from the Alaska Dispatch (.com), hits home for me in a big way, as I endured something similar to what Tony felt as he was wrongfully handcuffed and held in custody for over 25 minutes, all because he was a reporter who was doing what reporters do, telling the story that involves the FACTS.  On Nantucket, in 2003, I was arrested and brutally beaten by a member of the Nantucket Police Department, an officer whose name will be coming out in my upcoming book, “Taking Fog to Nantucket,” that touches on the very real FACT that this country is becoming a police state, protected by private goons who mark people that they don’t like and then, as in my case, slam dunk their head into the cobblestones of a quiet Nantucket street, leaving me in a pool of my own blood for 15 minutes, before I was helped because of a kind witness who had seen the officer put me in handcuffs, noting that I was not resisting in any way, and then deliberately, in her words, ‘trip me and with all his force on the back of my head, slam dunk it into the hard cement six feet below our feet.’  I had lost consciousness that day, August 2, 2003 for over 18 hours, with the NPD taking great measures to sweep me under the rug and cover their as$, and because of that incident, I have been afflicted with PSTD for seemingly ever, and so, I decided to write a book on the subject, the epidemic of PTSD in this country.  There is a huge law suit going on right now regarding this incident as I write these words, so stay tuned, Social Justice has it’s way of coming to the top just like cream.  It has been widely reported, or maybe not so widely as I think, that private “police forces” in this country are taking power and subjugating the meek and mild citizens of this great land to brutal techniques of control and coercion, allowing them to do whatever they wish, at whatever time they wish to do it.  Make no mistake about this story, for it will be repeated again and again, as the plutocracy begins in earnest, starting with the take over of the House of Representatives in the mid-term fall election, only two weeks from today.  The bullies are taking over the playground, what’s left of it, and making the claim that because they don’t believe in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution when someone disagrees with their bat shi% philosophy of it, they still claim the high ground of calling themselves ‘Constitutional Conservatives’ when duping suckers into voting for them…what a crock of sh$t!  The reason all of this is going down shows just how insidious and wrong these puppeteers, the multi-national corporations, and hence their puppets, the politicians really ARE and as you pull the lever to vote this coming November 2, please keep that in mind, for there is no honor in their actions, no heart in their words and no soul in their intentions.  We are at war with ourselves, if you haven’t noticed, and giving the keys back to these wolves (my apologies to actual real wolves everywhere on planet earth) is the greatest FOLLY of all.   Keep on writing Mr. Hopfinger, we here at seacapecod.net and good people everywhere are with you and we won’t let this aggression stand…  To quote Mr. Jeff Bridges in the classic film The Big Lebowski, “This aggression won’t stand, MAN!”    Have a great day folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 18, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Monday morning, a cool, bright one here on Cape, and after a long week end of travel, from Nantucket to Boston and back, it is good to be back on land.  The week ahead will be sizzling with hundreds of millions of dollars crowding the airwaves with advertisements paid for by people in India that you will never meet (but they are grateful to all the republicans who have shipped our jobs to their shores), nor will they know the pain of what you or someone you might know is going through.  Nor, for that matter, will the republican party, or RTP, the ‘republican tea party’, know, for they don’t really care what happens to this country, in fact, what IS happening to this country right now is by design, making it even more horrible.  There is no doubt that Karl Rove, former aid to George W. Bush and lead point guard on bringing in foreign money from multi-national corporations, has earned his spot in American history and, more to the point, what he and his handlers have done and plan to do with what is left of our floundering democracy.  It is no longer a democracy when big business demands an 800 billion dollar bailout, most of it going to banks and insurance companies, all the while paying it’s puppets to vilify the TARP/stimulus that kept this country from going off a cliff in the first place, that was, after all, established by our former President and his Secretary of the Treasury and former Goldman Sachs executive, Hank Paulson.  Now, the very same people have hidden their real agenda (Plutocracy), which is to raise as much money from outside “sources” as they possibly can this cycle, disguised through the “US” Chamber of Commerce, in order to buy elections and thus policy makers, all beginning from the US Supreme Court ruling in January, “Citizens United”, an ironic case name if I have ever heard one, that allows corporations to donate as much money as they wish, being deemed as “private citizens”, to the candidate of their choice.  This opening of the flood gates (secret foreign monies) has nullified the very notion of one person equals one vote and thus, there goes the democracy that we have fought and defended with our lives, for over 235 years.  When are we going to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee, or tea if you prefer.  With less than two weeks before the mid-term elections, please vote on November 2, the American public has a clear and distinct choice facing it and, more importantly, it’s future.  Do we as a country want to go back to that failed policy that rewards the rich and subjugates the poor to humiliation and despair, through no fault of their own?  Or do we want to stay the course, although tough, and come out the other end of the tunnel, being stronger for something (the BUSH years) that did not kill us?  The choice is yours and the lack of transparency on behalf of the right wing (nut) puppetry is sickening, for these are the same people who speak of fiscal responsibility, loving thy neighbor as thyself and the constant (fake cry) of jingoism that echoes from sea to shining sea.  Food for thought.  Have a beautiful day everybody and pray for a miracle, for these times, these drastic times, call for drastic measures, and if voting amidst a sea of pessimism counts for that drastic definition, then so be it.   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 17, 2010

Ti amo, Italian for Love

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Sunday morning, a very cool Sunday morning at that, as we here in New England are beginning to feel the effects of fall, as we all put our boats away for the summer season once again.  The trip up to Boston yesterday was amazingly beautiful, with the sunny skies, mixed with some fair weather clouds and a tremendous amount of wind.  When we arrived in the Back Bay, a section of Boston proper, I parked right off of Huntington Avenue, not to far from where I worked for Marsh Inc., in the famous John Hancock Tower, an all glass building 60 stories high that sports a blue hue, and on a day like yesterday, the clouds reflect off of the building giving it an out of this world look, looking less like a building but a work of art.  The crowds for the Obama rally, that also included James Taylor and then a big rally with Elton John and Jeff Bridges, were huge and the lines were long, but the energy was electric with no “enthusiasm gap” noticeable by anyone except some crazy guy walking up and down the line screaming, “do you want higher taxes, then vote democrat!”, or something to that effect, and when I asked him what he was doing, he handed me his notes that included all of the republican “talking points” that we have all heard ad nauseum for the past 20 months…it was as if John Boehner and Mitch McConnell were working the crowd disguised as drunken college students from Harvard’s young republican group.  Yes, the elections are a little less than a month and a half away and if you haven’t heard, this election IS pivotal for the working class, the poor, and the disappearing middle class, while the richest individuals in this fair nation continue to get richer and richer–for the mandate of the RTP, or rather their creators (perhaps there is something to creationism after all), the mult-national corporations and their shareholders, is to abolish social programs in this country forever, bringing us BACKWARDS to the days of Donald Regan, former Treasury Secretary under the Reagan Administration, and the philosophy he brought from Meryl Lynch and the rest of the plutocratic global society–profit over people. In the past week we witnessed a miracle in Chile, where humans really cared enough to go all out to save 33 poor miners trapped in the depths of a gold and silver mine.  Where is the disconnect in the obvious metaphor with our own nation and it’s people who are trapped in a financial shell game that rewards those who are already in the “game” and leaves the rest to starve in the darkness of uncertainty and shame, wondering to themselves, “what the hell happened?”  Millions and millions of people in this country have been fooled into believing the republicans when they say they have the “American people’s” best interest in mind, a real life Stockholm Syndrome where the prisoners (the American people) feel sorry for their captors (the RTP and their handlers, the multi-national corporations) to the point where they are going to ignore real history (being rewritten in a dark basement of the Texas Board of ‘Education’ right NOW, somewhere deep within the heart of Texas)…history that only happened a few years ago under the “leadership” of George W. Bush, the reason we are in this mess to begin with, the subsequent damage that occurred and who was really to blame for it, and therefore, ultimately siding with these wolves in sheep’s clothing, giving them, as President Obama said yesterday, “the keys back to the car that THEY drove into the ditch.”  Logic 101 would dictate that to be FOLLY. Have we turned into a masochistic nation who has become easy prey for the republican strategists, like Karl Rove, who can sit on the Sunday talk shows and LIE directly to our faces when he claims that no foreign money is being poured into republican coffers, creating these nasty attack ads that you all have seen on the television screen–outspending the democrats 20-1?  All this bent on reclaiming the sacred honor of serving the “American people” under the guise of the ‘United States’ Chamber of Commerce, not to be confused with it’s sister company, the United States/Indian Chamber of Commerce, who will gladly accept the millions of jobs we have sent them in our “going out of business sale” here in the good ‘ole USA via a little known word called OUTSOURCING!  We have been fooled again, by design, via the right wing’s real agenda, hidden very deeply within the sick mix, which is to bring this country to it’s collective knees, serving the new GOD of America, the almighty dollar.  Communist Russia, or the old Soviet Union fell, as understood by most scholars, not because of Ronald Reagan’s tough words to Mikael Gorbachev in the mid 1980’s, but rather because their was no sense of GOD in the lives of the leadership of that communist regime, a corrupt and brutal regime that took no prisoners.  We have the makings of that same phenomenon here, as we have most assuredly lost our way as a nation when we have a small country like Chile showing the entire world the importance of human life, while we allow a foreign company like bp to spill over 500 million barrels of oil into one of our most pristine wildernesses in all of America, literally apologizing to them for getting in the way of their toxic, black, tar like substance that has killed more wildlife than anyone really knows, for all of that oil lies at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, 2-5 inches deep, effectively eliminating the oxygen and thus, LIFE itself, breaking down the food chain from it’s most basic beginnings or forms of life, thereby destroying an entire fishing industry, along with all of the wild life and marshes that live there, for generations to come.  I’m sorry, did my head damage the cobblestones as you slam dunked it into the ground with your overwhelming force, leaving me for dead?  We apologized, rather House representative Joe Barton (R-TX) apologized to Tony, “gone sailin’ ” Hayward in early summer, for the audacity of President Obama to insist on a twenty billion dollar fund to help with the mending of the criminal environmental disaster, proving the republican party is in bed with big business, not with the Almighty Himself.  If the republicans gain control of the House of Representatives in the November 2nd mid-term elections, Joe Barton, the man who apologized to the company bp (Stockholm Syndrome), who turned Brown Pelicans black with toxic, deadly oil mixed with another highly toxic substance, the dispersant Corexit 3500, banned in the U.K., will become the new power broker for the Energy Committee in congress and we all know what that means.  It means that the gloves are off and this country, it’s environment and it’s people are in big trouble.  For the RTP, by observing their ACTIONS, do not care about 98 percent of “the American People” and if Teddy Kennedy were alive today, I would bet he might ask Mr. Boehner to step outside, for his Irish temper could not have handled what these monsters plan to do to our beloved nation.  May GOD HELP US! Have a wonderful day and remember, when in doubt, do your own research by following the money, and you may come to realize that these “men” with an “r” next to their name are not in this race for you, they are in it for “them”, the multi-national corporations who are funding this grift.    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 16, 2010

One boat, One Nation

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this very early Saturday morning, with cool temperatures and clear skies, shaping up to be a great day to go up to Boston and see the President of the United States!  When we think of politics these days, we can’t seem to get away from the fact that religion is an integral part of the equation, as it has been “bred” into us at a very early age, for it has a storied relationship with our past and the struggles our forefathers had with the very notion of GOD and how he should be introduced in our public school systems.  John Hughes, an Irish Bishop from New York, was one of the first to stand up to that notion and the majority Evangelical protestant control over that public school system.  In America, Hughes once said, “No one religion should be above any other.”  The Catholics built their own schools, parochial schools, and therefore, if the Constitution would be upheld, the federal government should stop funding protestant schools as well.  In 1841 he asked for his parishioners help to see that, “they were worthy sons and daughters of this country and that they belong.”  The whole “American project” of the “new Evangelical Heaven on Earth” threatened the New York Catholics, who were beginning to arrive by the tens of thousands now to the ‘new world’, Hughes standing up for the poor and oppressed, and it paid off.  In April 1842, the state passed the McClay bill wherein the New York Senate voted to end religious instruction in New York public schools, a decision that the New York protestant majority found hard to stomach.  John Hughes, by demanding religious Liberty, for newly arriving immigrants in this country, again, by the hundreds of thousands, effectively had expanded the idea of what it was to be an American.  We do, of course, have Thomas Jefferson, one of our ‘founding fathers’ and former President, to THANK for the “Bill of Rights” in our nation’s framework that puts not a concrete wall between church and state, but rather a transcendent dimensional boundary between the two, one being of this world and one being of quite another, recognizing the importance of not allowing man’s ego (politics) and other worldly concerns to interfere with the people’s GOD given, obviously, right to think and therefore choose the faith, or even lack of faith, that best suits them personally, bringing about the eternal wish Jefferson spoke of when creating the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, “…that we hold these truths to be self evident, that ALL men are created equal.”  That each of us has the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The original ‘revivals’, that began in Kentucky, as the American population continued to grow and expand south and westward, were not constrained by the same boundaries seen today or even at the inception of this nation (see Texas Board of Education and the rewriting of United States history), but rather by the original concept of freedom from religious tyranny (from the Puritans and Anglican faiths of pre-revolutionary America), and were spurred on, not by a vengeful God, but rather a Loving God who demands not that we harm each other, but ‘Love one another, as I have loved you.’  Civil Rights had the sparks left from the original revivals of the first days of the Evangelical movement that began in the great state of Kentucky.  Black ministries found their voice through Martin Luther King Jr. and in 1955, inspired by the actions of Rosa Parks, famous for refusing to go to the ‘back of the bus’, he settled in Montgomery, Alabama, ground zero in the push for Civil Rights that would take a decade in coming to fruition, and embraced the ideals entrenched in our democratic code along with the spiritual truisms of the real Evangelical LIGHT–Justice, Peace and Equality. God and the Declaration of Independence say this in the same vein.  Death threats plagued King’s efforts however, but, as King recalls, he prayed about it and, in his words, “heard an inner voice saying to me, Martin Luther, stand up for righteousness, stand up for Justice, and lo I heard the voice of Jesus saying still to fight on.  He promised never to leave me, never to leave me alone, no, never alone.”  It was at that moment, according to King, that he KNEW that God was with him in that epic struggle, and he was at peace with whatever was going to happen.  King, after a bombing at his home, told his armed supporters, just back from the war, to go home, that “we needed to find another way to change America without violence.”  He sent them home with their guns, he sent them home with their guns, he sent them home with their guns.  “We still have the attitude of Love, we still have the method of passive resistance, and we are still insisting, emphatically, that violence is self defeating, that he who lives by the sword, will perish by the sword.”  A year later the Supreme Court ruled that Montgomery segregated public school buses were illegal, a real victory for King’s non-violent resistance.  As the Civil Rights movement linked faith with political dialogue, the candidacy of John F. Kennedy in the 1960 Presidential campaign refocused the struggle of the separation between church and state.  Jack Kennedy’s Presidency brought an honor to that mystical “wall” between church (divine) and state (of mankind), and although always connected, never will we allow the latter to dominate the grace and holiness of the former.  Billy Graham, along with presidential hopeful Richard Nixon met in Montrose, Switzerland, prior to the election of Kennedy in November 1960, to discuss this very notion of that separation and raised many alarms bells for their own political ends regarding Kennedy’s religious loyalty and his relationship to the Pope, whom they saw as a threat, much like our protestant brothers of the 19th century did–history repeating itself once again.  Kennedy, in Houston Texas, circa 1960, just before the elections, met with 300 protestant ministers to set the record straight, “So, apparently it is necessary for me to state this once again.  It’s not what kind of church I believe in, for that should only matter to me, but what kind of America I believe in.  I believe in an America, where the separation of church and state is absolute.  Where no Catholic fellow, could tell the President, should he be Catholic, how to act, and no protestant minister would tell his parishioners how to vote.”  The Civil Rights movement “assumed” that the opponents held the same moral objectives that they did, and they were, of course, wrong.  Even though he lost his life on this earthly plane, Martin Luther King Jr.’s strength, just like that of Christ himself, rages on, infinitely more powerful NOW than the petty, ugly words of hate, anger and bigotry, all representing the lower aspects of the human condition, and of course, both men, Martin Luther and Jack Kennedy represent the one message and thus, the one LIGHT. “God always wins in the end”, Martin Luther might have said in today’s insane world that has become so lost that it cannot recognize the Light that IS and always will be shining in the eyes of our brothers and sisters we meet every day, be them friend or foe, for as Christ himself said, “Love thine enemies” and we will, “as a people, get to the promised land.”  Martin Luther spoke the words of Exodus, a book from the Bible, equating the Civil Rights struggle with that of Moses in ancient Egypt who struggled to free his people, who knew of discrimination and the epic battle fought by both heroic figures crying out with authority, “Let my people go…” The sense of America as a providential nation has been with us for a long time.  In the 17th century, you had John Winthrop’s notion of a ‘city on a hill’, a beacon for the rest of the world to see.  In the 18th century, you had the sacred cause of Liberty, the 19th century, manifest destiny, in the 20th century, making the world safe for democracy, and in the 21st century, who knows, for it has not emerged yet.  But, Americans have a sense of destiny as a nation.  They have a sense of their destiny occupying a unique niche in the divine economy, and I don’t see that abating any time soon.  Have a wonderful Saturday folks and remember to VOTE on November 2, 2010, we all live on the leading edge of thought, bringing the lessons of the past with us, and it is not only our right as citizens to exercise our individual and collective voices, deciding who our elected officials should and will be, but a reasonable obligation to all of the men and women who have gone before us, in this epic struggle, an experiment called the United States of America.    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 15, 2010

John Birch Tree

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, a wet and wild one here on Cape Cod and the islands, as a ‘Nor easter works it’s way up from the south, wrapping around the Cape and bringing those fierce northeasterly winds that come whipping off the Atlantic Ocean, quite a sight out on Nantucket Sound at this moment.  The winds of Washington D.C. are whipping up controversy daily, as we visit, perhaps, the most glaring example of what I have been talking about of late, a “Stockholm Syndrome” and “the American People”… Stockholm Syndrome is a phenomenon where the captors of prisoners, of all stripes, somehow get inside their heads and convince them that “they”, the captors, are the “righteous” ones, so to speak, and their prisoners are somehow “less than” and must bow down to the common wisdom of the “party” and code of behavior, i.e. the Christian faith taken to extreme, never questioning “it’s” authority and to walk, talk, think, act and speak in lock step with said “party” (run by “the man behind the curtain”, David and Charles Koch), all while feeling sorry for said party for all of the mud the opposing ‘dangerous’ force of Social Justice is throwing their way, by way of ‘questioning’ the little things, like their demands that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, along with Karl Rove’s secret billionaire group called “American Crossroads/GPS”, reveal their sources of, what is now reported by THINK PROGRESS, 80 countries, thus far, and 885,000 dollars, thus far, being donated by these foreign ‘interests’–used directly for attack ads against democrats who stand in the way of a plutocratic hijacking of the United States of America.  Thomas Donahue, the President of the US Chamber, not to be confused with local chambers of commerce that are completely separate from their national ‘leader’ who takes it’s cues from multi-national corporate monsters who are using the chamber to OUTSOURCE jobs overseas to the very countries that are sending them the money (conflict of interest? Perhaps call it the Indian Chamber of Commerce?), has some ‘esplainin to do…  Why?  So they can explain the benefit to the “American People” from say, the 102,000 jobs that were recently sent to a foreign country, say India, directly from the great state of Missouri, or, as another example, take the great state of Connecticut, who has just shipped 80,000 jobs overseas, brokered by our ‘friends’ at the US Chamber of commerce.  Said Donahue on Thursday, “the American people should stop WHINING about these jobs sent overseas, they bring in jobs and revenue.”  FOR WHO? The corporations in India, who you are secretly getting money from, to line the coffers of the US Chamber, so as to do the bidding of the corporate milieu, so that they can continue to ship these precious jobs overseas (creating record profits via the SLAVE wages you and your pals at the Yacht club want ALL of the “American People” to feel by way of the abolition of the minimum wage) all while putting out ads like the one in Connecticut, where Richard Blumenthal (running for Senate) is accused of “killing American jobs”, when he is trying to SAVE American jobs, is the real story Mr. Donahue and you bloody well know it.  You are a fraud and a great example of a turn coat, a real snake, a real louse.  The influence of foreign money is bad enough, but the likes of Karl Rove and his handlers have now revealed what they (RTP/PLUTOCRATS) are really interested in, and that is keeping the “American People” lockstep, in the mind, with their intentions, of which they don’t know, and thus, by brainwashing them into feeling ’sorry’ for them, as with the case of Glenn Beck spouting off about the ‘poor’ Chamber and how he is going to pledge 10,000 dollars to it and wants you to do the same, you will feel invested in the ’cause’ and follow them right off a cliff of which they never had any intention of going off to begin with!  That’s right, ‘we’ want you to send money to the very people who are helping and administering the process of selling YOUR job to a person in India and while we’re at it, why don’t we give him your house, your wife and your kids, because that is what these monsters on the right wing (nut) side of GOD’S equation are doing–fooling the American public into a real life and all consuming Stockholm Syndrome, where they are literally stealing your wallet and helping you look for it, all while telling you a sad story about their dying  grandmother in India who needs a heart transplant–could you make a donation?  I think NOT.  Have a wonderful day everyone and a great week end.  Remember to get out the word to VOTE on November 2, 2010–the wolves are at the door!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 14, 2010

Blue Sky

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you very early on this Thursday morning, 4:37 AM, with mild temperatures expected on Cape as we wait for the leaves to really begin changing in earnest… Change is the only constant in Life, as we all know but often deny, but to the formerly trapped miners in Copiapo, Chile, all “33″ of them, change represents a good thing.  The whole world watched yesterday, with over 1700 journalists descending upon the isolated desert town where the ill fated mine stood, as rescuers from “plan B” took center stage and credit for creating an Apollo 11 like capsule that brought the men, one by one, 2040 feet straight up to the surface of planet earth, away from the darkness of the “cave” they were trapped in for over 68 days and nights, although to them, every moment must have seemed like the darkest night eternal.  I witnessed the eighth, eleventh, twenty seventh, eighth and ninth as they slowly made there way out of the pod and into the arms of their loved ones, three of whom could be on hand to witness history, bringing the whole world to a collective cry of relief, gratitude and love… I believe that anyone watching this epic event unfold, assuming they have a heart, cried a little bit, while they comprehended the magnitude of such a miracle–from the original loss of hope for 17 days, when the tragedy first struck, as no one knew if the miners were alive or not, to the ghostly image of one of the miners that proved someone was alive down there, to the now famous note that one of the miners scribbled on a napkin of some sort telling the outside world that they were all alive and well, to the mad scramble of man power and know how from around the globe, setting up sophisticated equipment and technology beyond the average bear, drilling for a little less than a month to finally reach the men below, then sending down supplies as the plan (s) A, B and C continued to drill until fated “plan B” reached the men in what they described as a “thousand helicopters flying overhead”, for the sound of the drill coming through the roof of the cave was deafening.  No where else on earth has a human being been trapped underground for that long a period of time and survived, let alone “33″ of them.  When was the last time the whole of the world banded together for a cause that did not involve bullets or bombs, money or fame, controversy or constipation?  Never, well at least it seems like never as we all got to take a short break from the distraction of politics in this country, the United States of America, and as we witnessed the beauty that IS mankind when he is at his best, perhaps some of us took a pause and gained some insight into what is really important in this LIFE and what is not.  When I think of the tea party candidates now, I must smile and forgive them, for they truly do not know what they do–the puppeteers, their handlers, the multi-national heads of corporate entities that employ these miners all over the world do, however, at least to some degree, and wish to abolish regulations, in this country, that keep this from happening in the first place, along with regulations on banks so they don’t rob the whole of the world’s pocket book, regulation on food, so we all don’t die of salmonella poisoning, regulations on the insurance industry, so they don’t deny coverage to our children and adult citizens to promote their bottom line, regulations on the horrible practices of “hydraulic fracturing” of shale rock for the extraction of “natural gas”, pouring 596  chemicals into the earth, affecting water supplies in 37 states now, regulations on campaign fund raising, as former Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Conner said yesterday on the PBS NEWS HOUR, regarding the controversy surrounding Karl Rove and David Gillespie, former Bush advisers, who head up the shadowy “American Crossroads/GPS”, a sophisticated money laundering operation, along with the US Chamber of Commerce, who now take foreign monies to fuel their vicious attack ads, “I am very concerned, highly concerned about this practice…”, and finally to the abolition of regulations on the emissions of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere (and soon to be Methane as the earth warms and the deadly gas begins to release from the frozen tundras of the north and the ocean itself), which IS, regardless of the idiots who deny it by sticking their head, literally, in the sand, very real, for we are now at the tipping point, the point of no return, with a window of perhaps ten years or so before we see the ocean levels begin to rise significantly with almost all of the world’s glaciers gone, along with the ice of Greenland, the polar ice caps and much of Antarctica melted away, pushing those world wide ocean water levels up by 20 to 30 feet.  Of course the “party of hell no” (a bunch of five years olds), as they were formerly known as, now the “RTP”, the “republican tea party”, that sports a ‘really big tent’ of followers and, ironically, their captors, the big corporations that will be happy to employ them all at 40 cents a day, as they abolish the minimum wage so that you (the proud member of ‘freedom works’) will be unable to afford the paint for all of your crazy signs, that, admittedly, are, as Bill Murray said in the classic film STRIPES, circa 1978, “so fun and full of imagination.”  Who also went on to say in that film, “you, lee harvey (Carl Paladino) you’re a madman, when you took that cow out and tried to make it with the cow, I gotta party with you cowboy, you and me together, forget (foget) about it…”  It is like a bad b rated film about a junior high school in some parallel universe, with all of the players being real as$holes, kids like Bachmann, Palin, Beck, O’Reilly, Cantor, O’Donnell, “Angle”, “joe miller time”, Buck, Art, “I’m a fine scientist”, Robinson, and that jackass running against Senator Feingold, a very fine man from the great state of Wisconsin.  Yes, if I didn’t have a heart I would say the best plan would be to replace the now freed miners with these folks and see how they like living in darkness and despair, for that is where the “American People” are right NOW, in a state of panic, living in a cave of despair and most certainly in the dark, as the corrupt banks foreclose on their houses via “robo signings” of documents, deceiving and destroying more American families, and as the plutocrats push the American worker into third world status, by abolishing the ‘dignity’ of 7.25 cents an hour, knocking it down to 40 cents a day, you will hear a loud and caring voice from deep below the surface of the earth crying out, “we are sorry, we were wrong, we did not mean to sell the United States of America, akin to Judas selling Jesus out for a few pieces of gold.”  By then, however, it will be too late, the damage done.  However, we do still have a choice in this country, one person, one vote, and until they pull out their SS uniforms for real, let us take a moment to pause and reflect on the past 30 years and see exactly what the republican party has done to this country of ours–follow the money and you will have your answer.  May GOD have great plans for those brave souls who are now in the arms of their loved ones, may he continue to bless them and theirs now and for all eternity.  Have a nice day folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 13, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  It is, as always, great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, a stunningly beautiful one here on Cape, and I pray that you are warm and safe wherever this message may be reaching you and yours.  The world received what could be considered by some to be a miracle late last night, as the first of 33 trapped miners reached the surface for the first time in 68 days, in a remote desert town in the country of Chile called “Copiapo”. The miners have received world wide attention for this human ordeal that acts as a metaphor for the resiliency and hope that will always be an integral part of the human spirit.  If one has ever felt like they were trapped, abandoned, or left for dead by everyone and anyone they ever knew, stranded in darkness and despair…they can identify with the boundless joy that is now emanating from that little desert town miles and miles away from where these images are being transmitted to.  We have witnessed the best in the human condition and it serves as a reminder of what is really important–the preservation of life, a life that could just as easily been yours or mine.  I wonder if the strategists, corporate moguls, or republican politicians received any of that grace that was so clear to the rest of the world?  As we delve deeper in to the final lap of the 2010 mid-term elections, witnessing all of the misinformation, shady campaign contributions effectively swaying the popular opinion of who is RIGHT and who is wrong when it comes to what this country really needs right now, it is clear that the answer to that question is a big NO.  We have seen it all this election cycle–witchcraft, “second amendment remedies”, bigotry, blatant lies and greed–all while the “American People” in the mix get lost in it.  This election is not about the “little guy”, it is a blatant and rather obvious attempt by the right wing philosophy to hijack what is left of America, by giving it to the mindless sharks called multi-national corporations (my apologies to real sharks of the world everywhere) who will not be of the same mind set that the President of Chile IS, as they systematically take down all of the good that exists in a very fragile and vulnerable democracy that is headed for third world status if “things” continue along the path we are on.  The denial of the existence of foreign funds (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars secretly coming into republican coffers) , with Karl Rove being the head cheerleader and point guard of gathering the money, that the members of the RTP now use as one of their “talking points”, all being “laundered” by the US Chamber of Commerce and groups such as “American Crossroads” and GPS, has not gathered as much public outrage as the democrats and most scholars would like, and therefore it serves as just another reminder that most of the “American People” are stuck in a make shift “Stockholm Syndrome” where they, (the middle class and working poor) the prisoners of the “system” feel sorry for their “captors”, i.e. the corporate milieu, who have waged a culture war against said “American People” (most of whom don’t even realize what is going on) and made it “seem” like it is the fault of the current administration and thus, have lead the sheep to slaughter.  I am sure that after some of the “American People” read some history books years from now as to what really happened to the nation, they will come to see that big banks, big insurance companies, big oil, big gas, and big conglomerates of all stripes, bought the House of Representatives, the United States Senate and thus, all of the “good government agencies” out there, and turned the whole concept of this country into one where the “almighty dollar” replaces the hallowed statement, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, each having an unalienable right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Written by Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, who brought the concept over from France where he worked with General Lafayette, an unsung hero of the American Revolution.  The game that the republican party is playing is a losing hand, for in the end, they will not be remembered in the same LIGHT as the triumph occurring right now in Chile, but as stooges who sold out to the highest bidder and sent “the American People” down the river without an oar.  God’s continued speed to those brave men 2000 plus feet below the surface of the earth, and may their days ahead be filled with the promises Jefferson gave this nation, the United States of America, so many moons ago…  Have a wonderful day everybody!   PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

October 11, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  I just returned from the star filled skies of Osterville’s very early morning, at 4:29 a.m. on this Monday, and as I walked up to my loft where I write every day, here in my little “Cape” home, I was filled with a real peace from what I just experienced, for there is nothing better than taking in the infinite nature of the Universe, coupled with the deafening silence that a small village in New England can offer, in a place, a region of the country, that you have and always will consider “home”.  I pray that you are safe and warm in your home, wherever that may be.  Many people are wondering this morning, however, what this circus like atmosphere of the mid-term elections may mean to them and their families, especially when it comes to the economy–the number one issue facing the “American People”, Main Street and indeed, to some degree or another, the rest of the world.  Would you like to know the what’s and why’s the economy is in the terrible shape that it is in?  Look no further than the analogy, the myth, the lore or the metaphor of Benjamin, “Bugsy”, Segal, the famous gangster who established “The Flamingo”, giving birth to the rise of ’sin city’, or Las Vegas, Nevada.  Even though he was murdered for his vision of an oasis blooming in the desert, his initial investment, with the help of some other ‘good fellas’, of 6 million dollars, by 1991, was worth over 100 billion dollars…you do the math.  If you took that same investment that multi-national conglomerates, i.e. corporations, have invested in Washington D.C. lobbyists, high priced lawyers and other ’strong men’ for the purpose of de-regulating Wall Street–from the mergers and acquisitions, to the savings and loan scandal, to the sub-prime mortgage feeding frenzy, a real predatory targeting of the poor, and finally to the quantum physics needed degree from MIT, minoring in math, creation of complicated synthetic derivatives, or ‘credit default swaps’, of which there are 670,000,000,000 of them, and presumably still are out there, along with the left over toxicity from the housing bubble that burst–you will come to see it all began 30 years ago with a republican victory in 1980 (headed by men like Meryl Lynch’s Donald Regan, going on to become Treasury Secretary), who had found their pr guy, Ronald Reagan, the actor, as their perfect pitch man.  If you took that same investment, that was most likely relatively the same as the 6 million that ‘Bugsy’ invested in what he saw as a ‘gold mine’ in ‘Vegas’, a yawn in the middle of the Mojave desert, you might see how those measly millions recently spent on politicians like McConnell, Boehner and the like, invested in their campaign advertisement costs, etc., would amount to a drop in the bucket when it compared to the literal trillions of dollars that could and will be made in the rigged stock market of 2010’s Wall Street, a real live Casino, where the wealthiest of clients’ from Goldman Sachs reap the rewards of destroying the middle class, along with the working poor in this country, a country headed for third world status in a few decades if the trend continues.  Why do you think the republicans have killed every job creating bill, small business tax relief bills, and a factory/research and development 100 percent (write off) bill that has come up in congress this year alone?  Why do they want to borrow 700 billion dollars from the Chinese or Saudis, all while saying it will help “create” jobs, when in the past, (just look at “W” ’s job creation, which was seven times less than Clinton’s, with the lower tax brackets for the top 2 percent put in place that Bush signed into law, as a temporary measure, to do just that, create jobs, when we all know that was just a smoke screen–for numbers don’t lie), it has been proven that “trickle down economics” just don’t work?  WHY?  Because this is a coup, a takeover of the United States government by a radical fringe of the republican party fueled by multi-national corporate interests, that will effectively destroy what we once called the United States of America.  Don’t believe me?  Look at the motives behind the “party of hell no”, now the “republican tea party”, where once proud and arrogant members of such a group, like our pal from ABC’s “This Week”, with Christiane Amanpour, who did an excellent job on Sunday by the way, George Will, baseball expert, who used to become uncomfortable when being equated with the “hill billy” aspect of some of the tea party members, such as witches, “angles” and “joe miller” times, yet now embraces these clowns on the far right and talks to their “energy”, proving that they are all three dollar hookers who don’t give a damn about the real big problems facing our nation–like hunger, a crumbling education system, jobs, the environment, health care, and, jobs…did I mention jobs?  The republicans are not interested in job creation (only shipping more overseas), or the “American People”– they are interested in the coup that is now about to take place on the shores of Delaware, Alaska and California.  Make no mistake about it, this “tea party” will make the tea party of Boston, that took place over 235 years ago, look like a tempest in a teapot, for the strategists and puppeteers, i.e. the corporations who are financing this fake grass roots effort, “guys” like billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, of Koch Industries, also one of those “small businesses” like Bechtel Industries, another  multi-billion dollar “small business”, “bringing 596 chemicals to your homestead everyday”, have no interest in saving the millions of real people who live, work, raise families and have built this fine country, rather, they wish to tear it apart, limb from limb and sell it off to the highest bidder…that is why it looks like a coup, and with the added benefit of these Cretans fooling the American public into feeling sorry for them, a classic case of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and moreover, fighting their dirty fight to the end, keeping them locked away in a cave of ignorance and bondage,  unwittingly, the typical American will be asking themselves, years from now, what the hell happened?  Please VOTE on November 2, 2010 and please remind a friend… the little guy needs your help!   Have a wonderful day folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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