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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 30, 2010

East Bay Dory

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The air has changed here on Cape, as I just arrived home from Dowses Beach here in Osterville after watching the sun rise, offering up a spectacular display of the purples transposed onto the higher cirrus clouds of ice crystals floating amongst a sea of blue.  As I passed by my sail boat “Ti amo”, I noticed an Osprey sitting atop the mast…not something I see every day.  The hearings for the next Supreme Court Justice, front and center Elena Kagan, have proven once again that the rightwingnuts take no days off, or prisoners for that matter, as we see first hand the platform for talking points exercising their constitutional right to make a jackass out of themselves.  A former General, William Boykin once claimed in 2003, “my God is bigger than your God,” and thus, “Senator” Jeff, “what century is this,” Sessions (R-AL) is now the lead attack dog of the week for the p.o.h.n..  This showcase of nonsensical rhetoric by the p.o.h.n. will be on display all summer, so get your seats while they are still available–visa, mastercard and discover are accepted…  Al Franken (D-MN) stated in the hearings this rather remarkable statement, allowing for a breeze of fresh air to fill the chamber.  I remember having lunch with Al and his son at the Red Lion in Vail, Colorado in 2000, along with my Mastiff, Jake, and thinking to myself, as much as I like my friend as an author and comedian, writer and speaker of the truth, I believe this man would make a great Senator.  I will let his words speak for themselves.  “There is such a thing as judicial activism, there is such a thing as legislating from the bench, and it is practiced repeatedly by the Roberts court.  And it has cut in only one direction–in favor of powerful corporate interests, and against rights of individual Americans.  My state has been victim to the third largest ponzi scheme in history, and yet in 2008, in a case called “stoneridge”, the Roberts court made it harder for investors to get their money back from people who defrauded them.  The Twin Cities have more older workers, per capita, than almost any other city in the nation.  And yet in 2009, in the case called “gross”, the Roberts courts made it easier for corporations to fire older Americans, and get away with it.  There is a pattern here.  Each of these decisions was won with 5 votes. And each of these decisions that bare majority used its power to side with big business.”  God Bless you Al Franken. Sheldon Whitehouse, a member of the judicial committee and democratic Senator from the great state of Rhode Island, put it another way, as the left attempts to even the playing field and expose the conflicts of interests that are now so obvious in the highest court in the land.  I quote Mr. Whitehouse, “The Citizens United decision, yet another 5-4 decision, created a constitutional right for corporations to spend unlimited money on American elections, opening our democratic system to a massive new threat of corruption and corporate control.  There is an unmistakable pattern, for all the talk of umpires and balls and strikes, at the Supreme Court, the strike zone for corporations gets better everyday.”  He then went on to say, “It is a great constitution we have inherited, and you will be a great Justice (Kagan), if you interpret our constitution in the Light of it’s founding purpose, rather than according to the preferences of today’s most powerful interests.”  These two men said what I and many others like me have been saying ever since this horrible decision was passed down from the highest court in the land.  The invisible money laundering that is now rampant in Washington D.C., will play itself out in the 2010 mid-term elections, via the fake grass roots organizations who prey on ignorance and fear, the fuel that has run this machine called the p.o.h.n., created when Obama was elected in 2008.  Of Kagan, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), also on the judiciary committee, stated, “she does bring people together, as she is a consensus builder and might tilt the ever present split in the court (the 5-4 split) the other way and with real world experience she may be able to say–what are you guys thinking?”  We can only hope.  The reality is that to the court that is now in place, the Constitution may as well have a advertisement attached it, awarded, of course, to the highest bidder–as an example of days to come… “The U.S. Constitution, brought to you buy, Exxon Mobile–when you really want the highest grade of oil destroying your oceans…”  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein–may you have a better day soon! Have a nice day folks.  Peace~M

June 29, 2010

On High

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this Tuesday morning, a very humid morning, as we greet another summer day here in the little seaside village of Osterville.  The sunrise at Dowses Beach was, to quote a tired old cliche used and created by myself, extraordinary.  The whole of the sky was a deep pink, and as the sun illuminated other worldly “clouds”, it was as if I were looking up at a Monet…  Extending my comments from yesterday regarding the lack of coverage now from the U.S media “news” outlets, I found it ironic that the lead story in yesterday’s broadcast of “BBC’s World News America” was in fact, the environmental disaster in the Gulf.  As Hurricane season kicks into full gear, with a tropical storm forecasted for the Texas coast, churning up waves to the north where the ill fated Deep Water Horizon “city” continues to “attempt” to stop the gusher, cleanup response may be halted due to seas rising to 6-8 feet.  This is what most experts in the environmental field worry the most about.  Storm surges from Hurricanes can devastate coastal communities, but when the water is laden with oil and dispersant, the situation could be much worse.  Let us all keep our fingers crossed that the relief wells work and stop the gushing flow of oil that is destroying the south land.  Other stories have taken hold of the media’s attention as of Sunday, with Afghanistan, the confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan regarding her bid to become the new United States Supreme Court Justice, the joke of financial reform and the stalling tactics of the “party of hell no,” and the ever increasing hatred towards those who have not, while those who “have” rub more salt in the wounds of the downtrodden–all due to the economic policies of the previous administration.  Congress has decided to block the extension of unemployment benefits, again, but this time it is not just one as#$le Senator doing the dirty work–it is the entire “p.o.h.n.”.  This is akin to someone stealing your wallet and then, instead of helping you “find it”, they call you names like, “hobo”, prompting the high and mighty claim that, “they should just go out and find a job,” when there are no jobs to be found–as they were all outsourced by the corporations that pull the strings of the mouthpieces aforementioned.  Just ask the guys at “C Street”, they’ll tell YA! It has become clear that a deep division has taken over this torn country of ours, where hate, ignorance and fear rule the day.  People are hurting in so many parts of this great nation of ours and we all seem to be asleep at the switch.  We have not waken up to the fact that because of globalization, many citizens of the world face similar or even worse scenarios, where plutocracy tries to crush the will of the people and thus, creates chaos, a friend to the corporate owned America.  For by keeping the people in that state of fear, nothing is accomplished, save the bottom line for the most successful wolves raiding the hen house.  Look around you, take a good look around you.  Not since the Great Depression have we had so much misery, from sea to shining sea.  Take California as an example.  Having lived in both southern and northern Cal, I don’t recall seeing any tent cities, massive school closings, the laying off of police and fire fighters, food banks taking the space of businesses that once thrived, and the overall mood of people who just had no clue that things could get this bad.  Our “True Compass” as a nation seems to have been misplaced, although it can never be lost completely, but must be retrieved, cleaned, polished and put back to use, as we have little  time before the next election in 2012, where we could see a giant change in the United States of America–with men like John, “pass me some of that tint,” Boehner (R-OH), who “acts” as the minority leader of the House of Representatives, repeating the same old tired lines spun by word doctors.com and mandated by his corporate overlords, the “party lines”, or “talking points”, “I think we know what THE AMERICAN PEOPLE want…” Horses#$t.  You know nothing of what “the American people want”, nor do you care.  So spare us your bulls#$t slick, we are so on to you and your crony capitalism that amounts to the real “shakedown” of the American people.  How dare you!  You and the rest of the cockroaches in the p.o.h.n. will be remembered in the annuls of history for what and who you really are…and for that illumination I must call on and quote the late, great Graham Chapman of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “you are nothing more than tiny minded wipers of other people’s bottoms…” Creative intelligence created you, my friend, and “What you do unto the least of me, said Jesus, you do unto me.” Remember that at your next “Bible study.”    GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein…may a miracle happen soon! Enjoy your Tuesday folks.   Peace~M

June 28, 2010

Ocean’s Innocence

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  A rather humid morning here on the Cape, as I just returned from Nantucket Sound and Dowses Beach, where the golden sand will be filled today with little ones, like the two you see above–the innocence of their being reflected in every wave, bird and dolphin swimming in the big, blue sea…  I pray you had a good week end, and with Monday arriving right “on time”, I thought I might share my experience yesterday combing through the Sunday news shows for information, any information, that may be worth writing down as it pertains to TRUTH and the reality of what is really going on in this crazy world of ours.  After watching, agonizingly watching, “This Week”, with Jake Tapper, slogging through the whole Afghanistan “issue”, as it has reached the level of “longest American war” and is now front and center in light of the recent McChrystal firing, with General Petraeus taking the reigns in what appears to be an unwinnable war.  Most of the show was dedicated to an interview with Leon Panetta, Director of the CIA, who tried to put the war in the “best light”, but failed to convince, selling a path that has no direction, unless lost is a direction.  Not one word was added during the show, with arch-conservative “pundit” George Will, giving his opinion on everything, but offering nothing (save on baseball and good grooming habits), about the horrific environmental crime of the millennium–the Deep Water Horizon (bp) explosion, sinking and subsequent gushing of millions of barrels of oil into one of the most pristine and fragile wet lands on planet earth… When Panetta was asked what is the most threatening, or biggest threat to the U.S., the CIA chief responded with, “nuclear proliferation and cyber attacks”–credible, but missing the real mark completely.  The biggest threat to mankind, his stewardship and responsibility, caring for MOTHER EARTH, is encapsulated in two little words that no one wants to utter–GLOBAL WARMING.  Just ask the folks at Virginia Beach, VA this past week end, they’ll tell YA!  Three straight days of 100 plus degree temperatures, too hot for even the beach.  Our vision in this country has become limited and foggy.  As special interests, i.e., multi-national corporations, gain even more foothold over common decency, common sense, a real protection of the common good, along with a common goal for all of mankind, you will begin to witness more “plutocratic” control over the “small” and insignificant “rabble” (credit to Mr. Potter-”It’s a wonderful Life”).  These scenes will play out and echo the sentiments of George Orwell, from his visionary film and cult classic, “1984″, where “citizens” live in constant fear of “big brother”, that increasingly is made up of a brutal corporate plutocracy fueled by eternal war, mind control, torture and the darkest of mankind’s intentions.  Again, not one word on the Gulf spill, not ONE WORD. Tuning to NBC around 10:30 a.m., EST, I turned on “Meet the Press”, as I always do on a lazy Sunday morning, hoping David Gregory would at least mention the Gulf “spill”–nothing to see here folks, only more talk about the war in Afghanistan with power brokers from the right including Tom Ricks, senior fellow at the “Center for a New American Security.”  Mr. Ricks was asked by Gregory, “when does the war in Afghanistan end?”  He responded, “I don’t think it does, we have landed in the middle of the middle east, for better or worse, like no one expected us to do (except Dick Cheney of course).  I think the war in Afghanistan was made much worse by the distracting war in Iraq that should have never happened.  But, ah, er, we are dealing with a phenomenon in the middle east that is going to be crucial to this country as long as we are dependent on middle east oil, so the best exit strategy I can think of is emphasize alternative fuels.”  He then received an Amen, literally, from the rest of the round table.  A first I assure you.  Now, if he can only get the rest of his right wing buddies to go along with that empirical common sense statement.  Ironic, is it not, that after watching 2 hours of prime time wrap up of the week’s news events, adding some critical thinking, along with a healthy dose of ego, we learned that the national (corporate owned) media is consumed by an illogical debate over a useless war (where we are putting our young men and women at risk), a war that was designed to begin with–KEEPING us in the middle east, strategically, for the grand chess game to come–a game called “peak oil”.  A deadly game, to be sure, of possession and defense of the dwindling supply of the world’s favorite source of energy–fossil fuel.  This fact is far more relevant to the discussion, if we are discussing the TRUTH.  It is more relevant than “fighting Al Qaida” (a tired old cliche based on less than one hundred, according to Panetta, members living in that country), and my favorite, “maintaining our national security”–at least for the politicians who are only interested in big oil.  This proven by their (p.o.h.n., “the party of hell no”, with the emphasis on “hell”) actions in the Gulf and the insanity of drilling before we know what we are doing to “The American People”, as they so often like to hear themselves say, and so really could care less about the “small people” that could be “attacked” by a country of cave dwellers who call themselves “Al Qaida”.  This is a smoke screen for the real reason we are in Afghanistan, for if we truly cared about our own people, we would sh#t can this war, pull our men and women out of harms way and place them on the Gulf where we could truly tackle this very real national emergency called the Deep Water Horizon oil “spill”, that is destroying the south land.  As even our “news” outlets fail to mention, NOT ONE SENTENCE, about this environmental catastrophe that big oil has inflicted upon our country, at least the TRUTH is out there… along with the Knowledge that something much greater than “man” is watching this on some “universal remote”–offering us clues through creative intelligence to save us from ourselves before it’s too late.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein….. May you have a blessed week!   Peace~M

June 27, 2010

Bumble Bee

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Just arriving home from Dowses Beach after witnessing yet another gorgeous sunrise, the rays of our star shining out through the pink and purple clouds, and as a song sparrow perched on the “No Dogs Allowed from May 15-September 15″ sign amongst the lush growth of Rugosa roses, I thought to myself, music doesn’t get any better than that… Turning our attention to the disaster that is now synonymous with the Gulf states, we see the evil inherent within the oil industry and their eternal push to destroy what is left of Mother Earth.  It has already been pointed out the level to which the p.o.h.n. would stoop for their corporate masters, apologizing to them for polluting an entire eco-system for generations to come.  But, looking deeper, we find it much more insidious than that–if that is even possible.  Blackrock, the investment firm of choice for Judge, “Marty”, Feldman (seemingly taken from a scene right out of the classic film “Young Frankenstein”, it’s alive!), who is the one man, ONE MAN, who made the decision recently to overturn the moratorium on deep water drilling in the United States of America (until we at least get a handle on why the Deep Water Horizon blew up, and time to inspect other rigs for possible safety violations).  Blackrock is the investment firm that the “judge” uses exclusively, according to financial disclosure reports, and surprise, surprise, surprise, Blackrock is the largest shareholder of bp stock, at 1,113,000,000 shares!  That’s right, 1.1 billion shares of the oily stock, or 5.9 percent of total stocks held.  Let us wrap our heads around that one.  The Louisiana district court judge who is mysteriously “in charge” of making this critical decision, is heavily and exclusively invested in the investment company Blackrock, again making the decision on whether or not we should continue to drill in deep water when we have no idea what we are doing, when his buddies at bp and Blackrock, along with him personally, are losing millions of dollars a day because their “vessels” are not up and running-well, 33 out of 3600.  This judge is heavily invested in various divisions of Blackrock (therefore bp), along with Transocean (the owner of the ill fated rig) and a company called Noble Corporation, who owns 2 other rigs currently drilling in deep water in the Gulf.  Every day the rigs are not operating, the company and therefore investors, again, like our pal “Judge” Feldman, loses, $450,000, quite an incentive to keep on doing dangerous activities that effect the whole of a nation.  To quote the late, great Fred Rogers, from the television show, “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood,” “Can you say conflict of interest?  Sure, I knew that you could.”  Eight other companies as well, cement the connections to the oil industry for this “judge”, and therefore his ruling.  On the day the moratorium was overturned, therefore as of Tuesday of this past week, the “judge” owned stock in Exxon Mobile, making a special note on the sale of the stock and I quote, “…the Exxon stock…was sold at the opening the stock market on June 22, 2010, prior to a court hearing on the oil spill moratorium case.”  Again, this was the same day the “Judge” made that land mark “decision” that was most likely already made for him by big oil, in the form of a pay off of some kind.  The district court in Louisiana supposedly has systems in place to keep “conflicts of interests” at bay.  However, to quote my friend Rachel Maddow, “those systems work as well as the blowout preventers on deep water rigs…”  Kate Gordon, from the Center for American Progress, states, “this is incredible, we have a judge whose dividend checks depend on the case that he is deciding, and that doesn’t seem to be a problem for him, it’s sort of INCREDIBLE.  He held Exxon stock while he held hearings on this case.”  The sad truth about this revelation is the fact that most news outlets these days did not even bring this fact up.  It was a side note on shows, even news programs as somewhat truthful as the PBS Newshour, whose “underwriters” most likely do most of the editing, along with main stream media such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and of course, FOX NEWS, who does not edit so much as they, (like the oil executives writing their own inspection reports in pencil, only to have the regulators, MMS, trace over that “number two information” with a pen), gain their “talking points” from the corporations themselves, thus, eliminating any mistakes.  And so, on day 69 of this horrific environmental man made criminal act of greed and power, we have it all very clear.  From the financials to the regulators to the cover up by bp, to the “cleanup effort”, to the patronizing words of the chairman, who is deeply concerned with the “small people”– we now know just how corrupt the oil and gas industry truly IS.  May GOD bring about JUSTICE!    GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein… Have a blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~M

June 26, 2010

Cape Cod Skies

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Another beautiful sunrise this morning at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, as we ease on into another week end here in this spectacular region of the country that we all hold so dear.  I wonder if the people in Washington D.C. have ever spent a moment by themselves on the ocean (apart from the Late Great Last Lion of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy of Hyannis Port, Massachusetts), perhaps then they might realize just how precious this world and all of the creatures that inhabit it truly IS. The bp oil “spill” is entering it’s 68th day and may be heading into a “worst case” scenario.  For the oil that is now “gushing”, words spoken by John Hofmeister, (colleague of Herr Burgermeister from “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, who despised fun and toys of any kind), former Shell Oil CEO, added that, “the whole casing, the whole casing system is deteriorating.  The fact that more oil, rather than less oil suggests that the construction within the pipe is offering no resistance whatsoever, and so we’re getting a gusher.”  The question was then put to the CEO, “what if the relief wells don’t work due to the fact that there is no longer a pipe to plug?”  More words to that question in the form of an “answer” (in an interview with Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC), were provided by Ed Markey (D-MA), who serves on the natural resources committee, as he responded, “If that doesn’t work, we are going into a “worst case scenario.”  As we get deeper into the Hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico, this could prove to be catastrophic, “beyond the petroleum” that is already inundating our shorelines on the beaches and wet lands of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida–still part of the United States right?  Hello!  Is this thing ON? The question of “skimmers” (the shrimp boats converted, by bp, into small vessels collecting oil, millions of barrels of oil, from the Gulf–akin to putting out a forest fire with a garden hose) came up in that same interview and after hearing that many of the workers and captains on those skimmers were getting extremely sick from the toxic fumes emanating from a combination of the toxic and banned “dispersant” (corexit-3500), along with the oil itself–it is clear that the government, nor bp and the rest of the oil industry, have any clue as to how to save our precious coasts of the South–a write off for the wealthy and a heartbreak for the poor men and women who are fighting a true war, not to mention the most innocent of victims whose lives were cut short by mankind’s eternal greed and lust for power.  With each lie that comes from the corporate mouths of big oil, a piece of rock salt is forced into the open wound that is the Gulf of Mexico.  Just for a moment, if you can, imagine being one of those shrimp boat captains, owning a home, caring for a family, having heavy responsibility.  Along comes a foreign “corporation”–a faceless, heartless corporation who cares nothing for human life, let alone wild life–who has been given the power (through previous corrupt U.S. Executive administrations) to do what they want at will, to take the risk, that they actually don’t take.  Drilling a mile down with no safety net whatsoever, save a forty year old cookie cutter “plan” that even our friend from Shell Oil admits is used by the whole of the oil industry, sounds like plutocracy to me.  Imagine that you are the one facing this challenge, a mountain of red tape in your way and no one to turn to, as your neighbors are in the same boat as you.  Imagine having to tell your children why the birds, the beloved Pelicans, are drenched in a thick, toxic, death grip of oil.  Imagine knowing that this company bp, destroyed your life, along with your families lives, the memories of the generations that came before you, your friend’s lives, your neighbors and colleagues lives, and the lives of every person in your state, not to mention your state of mind, heart and soul?  Just for a second, Imagine that.  The p.o.h.n. (the party of hell no) and the corporate puppeteers who pull their strings, would have a tough time doing that– for compassion and empathy are not in their vocabulary, and the people who promote and protect these evil entities that are ripping apart our country at the seems are no better than the executives that caused this disaster to begin with–via cost cutting, time saving, a complete lack of safety as a priority, and the modus operandi of them all–PROFIT OVER PEOPLE!    GOD’S SPEED to the GULF!  and all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein. Have a wonderful Saturday folks.  Peace~M

June 25, 2010

Sail On

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The sunrise was spectacular again this morning at Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, as we ease on into the week end here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  I went sailing yesterday on my boat, “Ti amo”, as seen above, and as I sailed through the clear waters of East Bay, a deep sense of peace came over me, such as I have not experienced in quite some time…so come on down and visit us!  We will leave the LIGHT on for ya!  Yesterday, I caught a little of Dylan Ratigan’s show on MSNBC, a little known station that holds some very dear people to me.  His guest was NBC’s Science and Environmental correspondent, Jeff Corwin, who just returned from the Gulf region and gave some real examples of just how bad it really is in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, not to mention the actual Gulf itself.  Thus far, 738 birds, 353 turtles and 41 mammals have lost their innocent lives in the poisoned water.  Corwin, “The first thing you sense is the heat coming off the oil, as it radiates through the plastic of your boots.  The oil is tenacious and sticks to everything.”  With the heat index for the workers, effectively trying to put a finger in a dyke that is gushing millions of gallons of water, but in this case oil, being 106-110 degrees Fahrenheit and with the hazmat suits, rubber gloves, gas masks (if they are allowed by the goons at bp) and other protective gear, the job of cleaning and saving these magnificent animals is torturous.  These heroes of conservation, from the U.S. Wildlife, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fishery, the tri-state bird rescue, International bird rescue, the World Wildlife Fund, among others, these true heroes of the preservation of LIFE should be held high–deserving our esteem and gratitude.  Corwin, “this is like a war, go to Queen Bess Island, a rookery for the Brown Pelican, an animal just taken OFF the endangered species list, and home to over 3000 of this most magnificent of sea birds.”  In 1963 this bird became extinct in the region, and through a herculean effort, they came back–50,000 strong.  Now, their future is unknown.  People have to look at this whole disaster as effecting the food web on whole–the entire eco-system.  From the most simplistic one celled animal, that is food for another animal, and so on, this oil has destroyed the food chain for over 400 species who live and love in the Gulf of Mexico.  70 percent of our shellfish come from Gulf waters.  According to Dr. Herrick Hoffmeir, a scientist from the University of Southern Mississippi, (Gulf Coast Research Lab) every Tuna, from Nova Scotia on down the Atlantic, breeds only a few miles from where the spill occurred, “it could effect an entire generation of Tuna.”  Corexit 9500, the “dispersant” that is being deployed to make people “feel” better about the oil spill, because it breaks the oil up and thus, looks less bad for the villain bp, is actually a highly toxic banned substance that will cause much more damage than just the oil alone, as it effects those most delicate of animals on said food chain, and thus, WILL EFFECT man.  We turn now, to the BBC and Matt Frei, who interviewed the devil himself last night, a man who personifies the attitude and behavior of big oil–Todd Hornbeck, CEO of Hornbeck offshore “services”… Mr. Hornbeck let us all know, under no uncertain terms, just how stupid, arrogant and creepy these “men” really are.  These “men” of big oil.  I wonder what Teddy Roosevelt would have done to bp?  I will let Mr. Hornbeck’s words speak for themselves, for I don’t think they need any explanations, save the truth as it is preserved in the parentheses forthcoming…and ACTION: BBC:  “You seem to be taking on a pretty big enemy and winning at the moment (speaking to an injunction of the moratorium on drilling in deep water), how does that make you feel?”  Horbeck:  “Well, uh, er, we just want to get back to work (I’m personally losing $1,000,000. a day), we think (i.e. me and the rest of the giant monster called the oil industry), we think that the moratorium (the moratorium designed to take a good hard look at the 33 out of 3500 wells in the Gulf, making sure that they are safe and have procedures in place that are not 40 years old, thereby being able to handle a spill like deep water, shutting down wells that have similar problems to the one’s deep water experienced, such as the “Atlantis”, 80 miles south of the deep water horizon explosion, and thus, have just as much of a chance sinking, a 45 percent chance according to credible experts testing the blowout preventers, causing yet another oil “spill”) is wrong, for stalling the oil fields for this “incident” is the not the right course of action (as Brown Pelicans lay dying, in a suffocating, burning oil coat, by the hundreds–oil soaked innocent victims of your arrogant negligence), we need to move forward (in making billions), get all our vessels back to work and the drilling rigs back to work (so go f#$k yourself people of the Gulf, who side with environmentalists, common sense, and decent people who love animals too much! We don’t care about Pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins or whales– f#$k you whale!).”  BBC:  “The reason Obama put this moratorium in place was because of safety concerns.  You don’t think there are any safety concerns?”  Hornbeck:  “Well, er, ah, Norbet (crooked, bought and sold judge who overturned the moratorium) the judge and the thousands of constituents in the south (forced at gunpoint) said the moratorium is not the way to deal with safety concerns (more drilling is, and, as one of my colleagues said a few weeks ago, we need more oil spills to have the urgency of NOW to come up with better ways of cleaning up oil spills), we need to be working (so that I can add a couple of new pools to my home in Maui) so that we can work on the processes (?) (of spinning this whole idea of regulation out the window along with the pink communist government now in power), and come the fall, I…”  BBC:  “Sorry, Mr. Hornbeck, we had to cut you off.”  That was an actual interview with the devil, vampire or whatever you want to call him– but don’t call him soft on Pelicans, no sir, those Pelicans have had a free lunch for too long now.  What a scumbag.  Rick Steiner, another great man and marine conservationist, spoke on Keith Olberman’s show last night, regarding the drilling that is planned for ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, perhaps the most holy place on planet earth.  We are going to let this same company drill on a fake man made island, so that it is not considered to be deep water drilling, and go with the same crappy “bp response plans” that were in place when the Deep Water rig blew sky high only 67 days ago.  Put together in the dark room of Dick Cheney’s heart and mind (soul optional) three years ago, bp plans to drill 2 miles down, and then horizontally 6 to 8 miles, again, with no updates on safety and wisdom that they, God forbid, might have learned from their previous and current disaster in the Gulf.  According to Rick Steiner, there can be severe “gas kicks” that could lead to an even bigger explosion and spill, as this rig is bigger and far more dangerous than the Deep Water was.  “It is insane that we lifted the moratorium”, and as I agree with Mr. Steiner, I would take it a step further… Who the hell is running this country anyway?  GOD’S SPEED to the Gulf–all of the men and women who live, love and work there, the birds, especially the Brown Pelican and their young, the sea turtles and dolphins, whales and manatees, and the delicate marsh lands, may you truly see a miracle designed by creative intelligence! Have a good week end folks.  Peace~M

June 24, 2010

Dowses Roses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Just stepping out onto my deck here in Osterville at 4 a.m. and looking up, I see countless stars blanketing the night sky with brilliant small light, duplicated again and again.  With no city lights of any kind to block their radiance, the stars twinkle brighter and remind us of the infinite nature of the universe, how small mankind really is and how important every living creature on this fragile, abused planet IS–hoping I’m not the only one who feels that way… I did not believe that on day 65 anything could trump the news in the Gulf, but I would be wrong, although the two are connected by one of the six degrees of separation.  Yesterday, President Obama accepted General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation as the leader of the “effort” in Afghanistan.  What that effort still is, remains the big question.  Several years ago, Bob Gates (Secretary of Defense) was asked by a previous general of the Bush era whether he agreed with the tactics that were being deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He responded if the affirmative, so the general made it clear that he, Gates, must appoint generals who are of that same mind set, who will “stay in line” with the Cheney doctrine, the author of the “Bush Doctrine”, i.e. preemptive war, plagiarizers of the “military industrial complex,” whose concept born of George Orwell’s 1984 and the ‘dream’ of perpetual war–now a reality.  This is all based upon the fact that the military was owned and operated by the overlords of this insanity, the most profitable and powerful organizations in the world–BIG OIL.  Presto, we have McChrystal, a Bush man to be sure, who was quoted in the great periodical “Rolling Stone Magazine”, by author (Michael Hastings), in a blistering article of that man who found the administration to be a joke.  He thought it would be funny to make fun of the President and the effort in general, by disparaging it, and him, in a humiliating way via the writings of a man who was not their puppet–using the word “clown” when describing the National Security Advisor.  It was not just one comment in a magazine or this being the first time that McChrystal has shunned the “idea” of civil leaders being above their military subordinates, a tradition that has kept this country alive and well as a true democracy for 234 years, as opposed to succumbing to military fascism such as Germany and Japan experienced, along with the rest of the world, only 70 years ago.  Do you recall what happened then?  “A war is bigger than one man,” Obama stated yesterday around 1:25 pm in a press conference in the Rose Garden.  When we, as a nation, are spending roughly 100 billion dollars a year on a war that many consider to be folly at this juncture, in a country with an estimated GDP of 14 billion dollars, questions of why we are there, for what purpose and for how long abound.  This says nothing of our brave men and women who fight blindly for a cause that is not clear to even the general who was leading the “cause”, a cause that the mighty Soviet army could not conquer, and nor have we in the 9 years that we have been at “war” with a group of countless tribes scattered across a desolate, rugged landscape akin to the surface of the moon.  Is the reason we are spending our blood and treasure on this exercise in futility because of the “dangerous” Al Qaida presence of 5 or 6 guys in a cave?  No, the reasons are far more dubious than that.  It, the war in Afghanistan, an un-winable war, an untenable war,  “it” is a “positioning” for the grand chess match to come, a global war over the most precious commodity on planet earth–fossil fuel, oil, black gold, Texas Tea… Every corporation, to some degree, has a stake in big oil–the production of it, the consumption of it, but most importantly ACCESS to it.  Who cares for the environment or the poor bayou folk when there is literally trillions of dollars to be made with little to no government interference (just as Transocean, a “Swiss company”, whose ill fated Deep Water Horizon rig hailed from, and was inspected by, drum roll please, the Marshall Islands!, a half a world away from the Gulf of Mexico) and the little that there is, can be easily shewed away by big oil money lobbyists who own most of the politicians in Washington.  Just ask Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, she’ll tell ya’!  If that doesn’t work for big oil, there are two backup plans to get what they want.  First, the “Supreme Court,” where for a few dollars, you too can get a favorable ruling for your non-inspected oil rig, because, gosh darnit, oil rig companies are “people too,” thanks Citizens United! Finally, if all else fails, there is the military, and based on the fact that the Executive is out gunned by the grand military brass, a pawn of big corporate interests, that are amazingly aligned with, and I quote my favorite member of the p.o.h.n., pawn (party of hell no) Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), “what the American people want” (always knowing what the “American People” want–simply uncanny), the McChrystal’s of the world can cry “martyrdom” and thus, the p.o.h.n. can use that as yet another “platform of regression”–back to the stone ages of the 19th century.  Thank you Rolling Stone and Michael Hastings for making this all too horribly clear for us. To quote Mr. Hastings, “There was even things that were said to me “off the record” that I didn’t print–that they were even more inflammatory if people want to call the comments inflammatory.”  Oh, I don’t know, if I were the national security advisor and some ego maniac general from the Bush era of regressive thought and action called me, “a clown stuck back in the year 1985,” I guess I might consider that, during a time of war, well, er, uh, in a word, inflammatory.  The connection to all of this and the disaster in the Gulf is only a matter of degree.  We are heading the wrong way in a car going 75 miles per hour down a free way going no where.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF…all of the men and women who live in the region and most importantly, the innocent birds and sea creatures along with their habitat, the marsh lands–may creative intelligence pull us out of the fire that has become ourselves… Have a nice day folks.  Peace~M

June 23, 2010

Deep Water

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Thunderstorms rolled through the region overnight, along with a steady rain, and Dowses Beach had a whole different feel to it this morning, with grey clouds flying by at a steady clip–a good day to be one with nature…  The creator of the new docu-film “Gasland” (now playing on HBO) appeared on “The Daily Show” with John Stewart Monday night, bringing forth a new revelation on how the petroleum industry has taken this country, poisoned it, profited from it, and left it twisting in the wind… Leaving the whole Gulf issue aside for a moment, we turn our attention to natural gas and the wondrous benefits of this “non-polluting” form of energy that is not regulated in the slightest, and is causing much misery across this country of ours.  The good folks at energyindepth.com (a PR firm dedicated to hiding the truth about the industries activities and the consequences therein), will be happy to feed you as much horses#$t as your palate will allow.  You may have heard of these gas wells that are set up in 34 states across the country now, on private land, where the natural gas company will approach it’s unsuspecting victims, lease the property, then drill down to the shale below the surface with high pressure water and 596 chemicals, shattering the rock, or shale where the gas is trapped, extracting said gas, and profiting from the whole affair.  Sounds like a win-win right?  WRONG.  This “safe” natural gas is anything but, as the boom in this unregulated industry goes on unabated.  The wells (for drinking water) on countless properties that have been affected by this drilling, have become contaminated to the point where household pets are losing hair, children are getting sick and the land upon which the extraction was taking place is now condemned, leaving the land owner with a worthless piece of property, poisonous water and a house no one wants to live in–while the company that did this to them is no where to be found.  According to the natural gas industry, they only use 12 chemicals to extract the natural gas–another lie by the petroleum industry.  It was wonderful to see courage in an independent film maker in this day and age of sell outs, as we watch footage of a man living in say, Texas, running his water at his kitchen sink with a lit match next to the faucet, and BOOM!, an explosion from the faucet that is 5 feet long and 3 feet high.  Nice.  “Nothing says lovin’ like a home cooked meal, oh my God I’m on fire…”  Welcome to the new America, where your kitchen sink has now replaced Al Qaida as your biggest fear.  Congratulations Natural Gas industry, you are our new American heroes, in good company with big oil, big coal, big banks, big insurance, and bigger military industrial complex!  The natural gas industry is exempt from the safe water drinking act, the clean water act, the clean air act, and any action by the Environmental Protection agency.  This all thanks to “Dick”, “where did I leave my heart,” Cheney whose pen created the 2005 “Energy” bill passed by 74 percent of congress, including, then, Senator Obama.  To insiders, this bill is called the “Halliburton loophole,” and for good reason.  The move made billionaires out the executives in this field, who are akin to marauding invaders, destroying whatever is in their path.  The only difference being that it is perfectly legal.  Thanks Dick!  This problem is rampant in 34 states in the U.S., and could begin to affect drinking water in metropolitan areas such as New York City, where the “drilling” is so wide spread in upstate New York it is a certainty.  With the 596 chemicals embedded in the poisoned water, the H20 makes its way into the streams and estuaries that feed into major rivers like the Hudson, eventually leading to reservoirs and yes, your kitchen sink.  There are 15,000 gas wells in Fort Worth, Texas alone, which is more than enough food for thought as to how much the Cheney/Bush administration took from this great country of ours–2 unfunded wars–cost to the tax payer, 3 trillion thus far, a banking industry that owns America and will not open up credit to small businesses, thus stifling the economic recovery, an insurance industry that fleeces doctors, hospitals, and patients daily for profit, and the worst of all, an oil industry (along with a smaller, yet growing, natural gas industry) that because of oil owned government agencies like the MMS (mineral management services), we now have the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history…with no end in sight.  Why no end in sight?  Because the Obama administration does not have the power, it seems, to stop them from continuing to drill in deep water in the Gulf of Mexico.  A place already choking from black oil plumes as far as the eye can see and moreover, when we know now, that the “blowout preventers” have a 45 percent chance of failing–allowing for another, perhaps worse, oil spill that would destroy that region and perhaps the world’s fishing for hundreds of years to come…  Yes, by all means, Mary, “I’m not really a bimbo”, Landrieu (D-LA), let us definitely allow these lying, cheating killers to continue to drill in deep water when they have proven that they cannot handle any kind of spill, but can certainly handle the spin.  Mary claims that “jobs” would be lost, and I say SO WHAT!  Why are those jobs any more sacred than the millions of jobs that were lost due to George W. Bush’s policies in the 00’s?  Oh, the oil industry is different, they are God fearing Christians–you know, “our kind of folks”… when Jesus does come back, and hears all that was said in his name, he may never stop throwing up.  There are only a few thousand jobs that we are talking about here, as there are only 33 wells in question, as opposed to 3500 (non-deep water) that continue to drill as of RIGHT NOW.  These 33 wells are only 1/100 of the production that is going on in the Gulf, and in light of the death that the Cheney administration brought on the Pelicans of the Parishes, I think a six month moratorium is not only appropriate, but does not go far enough.  According several experts in this arena, six months is not enough time to weed out all of the corruption that is embedded in MMS, along with the shady relationships that senators and congressman have with the oil industry…you crazy dancin’ puppets on a string!  Some clown judge overturned the moratorium yesterday, and the Obama administration appealed it immediately.  But, should this go to the Supreme Court, we know that “Justice” John, “corporations are people too,” Roberts will save the day–for the corporations.  His blatant lust for the corporate entity above common law and sense is now legendary, and the “small” people should not be afraid.  For these good men and women on the Supreme Court could never be bought and sold, like so much cattle.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF– all of the men and women, beautiful birds, sea creatures and marsh lands therein, may you have a BETTER DAY SOON. Have a nice one folks!  Peace~ M

June 22, 2010

Sunrise at Dowses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a beautiful morning here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  The cool winds were evidence that the air has shifted out of the hot and humid variety for the more seasonable temperatures we here on the Cape enjoy all year round–as long as the word “seasonable” remains in the Oxford Dictionary.  Yesterday’s news from the Gulf offered a wealth of information, with New York Times reporter James Glanz stating on PBS that the faulty “blowout preventer” on the Deep Water Horizon, and any other rig for that matter, had a 45 percent chance of failing, and, moreover, two key components within the blowout preventer failed as well–namely, the “blind sheer ram” and a smaller component called a “shuttle valve”.  The blind steer ram is a sophisticated piece of equipment that acts as the “last finger in the dike”.  It effectively cuts the pipe in two, if the blowout preventer fails, stopping any flow of oil all together.  In order to prevent the tragedy that we are witnessing live every day, most companies opt to have 2 of these vital components on their rigs, thus preventing a spill to begin with.  Looking deeper, bp has had numerous (700 plus in the past ten years) safety violations, that have been reported by workers dating back to 2001, whereby they were reprimanded by management for their whistle blowing ways, including everything from said blowout preventer problems, to basic safety and maintenance issues involving gas detectors that, if installed on that ill fated rig, most likely WOULD have prevented the colossal environmental disaster like what we are seeing right now in the Gulf of Mexico.  So, the 9 separate investigations that are transpiring at this very moment, point to human errors (such as greed, although they were not quite that specific) and more to the point, time saving procedures that superseded safety concerns raised by said workers along with a lack of equipment designed to prevent these kinds of disasters.  Bp was well known in the industry for this philosophy of profit over the safety of it’s own work force, putting it in the words of one bp worker (as he describes his experience aboard the Deep Water rig when he noticed a leak in one of the pods), “we should have stopped the well at that point.”  With all of this in mind, let us look at what bp has in store for our country next.  They are planning, and I quote their executives on this one, “the greatest challenge ever for an oil company,” which seems rather redundant at this point, to drill the deepest well by man ever–in one of the most holy of spots on planet earth–the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.  Having duped the government, although not really, as these plans were laid before MMS was called out on who and what they really were, into believing that they were drilling a “land well” because it lays on a small 5 mile island.  Yet if a blowout happened (45 percent chance that it would), the oil would go directly into the most pristine wild life refuge in the world.  The well would be 2 miles deep and then 68 miles horizontal, extending well into the Arctic Ocean.  According to internal memos from bp and other oil experts, “it would be the drilling for oil in one of the harshest environments in the world.”  With, I might add, no support, no plan for an emergency, and no clue as to what they are doing, as evidenced by the “spill” in the Gulf.  Tim Dickerson, of Rolling Stone magazine, as he appeared on Keith Olberman’s “Countdown”, airing every week night at 8 p.m., wrote a piece recently appearing in the most current issue of Rolling Stone, where he broke this story.  He contended that if Obama does not grow a backbone and stand up to these out of control sociopathic, oil drenched corporations, keeping the moratorium in place, (stopping the drilling for oil in deep water until we get a handle on the safety issue(s)), we will have another, perhaps worse, oil spill on our shores.  It is astounding to me that it is even a question, and defines the word insanity, whereby doing the same thing expecting different results shines brighter every passing day.  If another blowout preventer fails in another rig, at least bp’s “oil spill response plan for the Gulf of Mexico” will be accurate in ANWR–for that geographical point on the map does include Walruses, as listed on the aforementioned “plan” put together by our friends beyond petroleum, bp.  As Keith put it, “who is on the side of the Angels and common sense on this one?” Ed Markey (D-MA), who is doing fine work setting the record straight, should go a step further, in asking the White House why he is not standing up to these oil giants.  A few years ago, a few oil companies such as Chevron (in the business of human energy) and Shell Oil (another British firm) destroyed the pristine rain forests of Ecuador, leaving huge pools of toxic oil dumps in the rivers that the people who live there bathe their children in.  This, along with Shell destroying the rivers and lands of Nigeria during the Chen, I mean Bush administration.  When these poor people stood up and revolted, as they lay dying in a toxic mess created by said corporations, the Chen, I mean Bush administration sent in armed militia’s or “death squads” that killed hundreds of protesters.  These policies of big oil have destroyed lives across the globe.  Are we as a nation that thick, or afraid, to not see that they are doing that to US right NOW?  Robert Redford appeared on Keith’s show last night as well, live from Park City, Utah, hello!, and proceeded to speak to the choir, and it was music to my ears.  His statement about the “greening up” of the oil industry via the misleading and transparently compassionate ads that imply the powerful destroyers of the earth are actually FOR GREEN energy is, and I quote Mr. Redford, “enough to make me want to throw up.”  Mr. Redford’s environmental charge, NRDC.org, is based in TRUTH, thank GOD, and he contends that the politics of the right are predictable, such as Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell’s (R-KY) rather transparent “scolding” of Joe Barton’s collective GOBP’s voice offering an apology to Mr. Tony, “Gas up the Lear and get me the hell out of here,” Hayward (CEO, bp).  We all know that the right wingnut puppet show supports big oil big time, so spare us your bulls@$t slick.  His main message was that we must recognize the collusion between congress, the executive and big oil, connecting the dots back to the Cheney administration, whereby big oil WAS the government, not the other way around, and backing that one down will take real leadership with no time to blink or be afraid.  The small voices of the right, who support small ideas and ideals, will not change, so WE have to change that policy for them– before they destroy planet earth.  To quote Mr. Redford again, “we must pass a comprehensive energy bill, that steers away from a limited resource (that 97 percent of, is out of our “drilling” jurisdiction), and into the clean renewable sources of energy that ARE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE…whether “they” believe that or not.  It breaks my heart to see people’s health affected by these “accidents”, while being fed LIES.  It’s crap, give the people the information, the knowledge, the truth.”  Redford then spoke of his own father, and their disagreements over the years, as Redford’s father was involved with the oil business.  He spoke of working with his father in the oil industry and seeing for himself the damage caused by the oil leaking into the ground, knowing that it was harmful to every living thing.  To quote, Robert Redford again, “I can see how my father had to sing the company song, and I respected that, but I did not share it– for I know that the company song, was wrong.”  I thank both Keith and Mr. Redford for that inspiring interview, for I know that I am not alone– you are both gentlemen and scholars.  The logic of the p.o.h.n. is tragically flawed as we hear our friends such as Mitch McConnell, when he speaks on the one side of his mouth, claiming that bp was at fault and they should pay to clean it up and yet on the other side of his mouth, he contends that government should not be involved in the private sector and thus, should not regulate the industry that has just destroyed half of America’s wet lands…  A colossal meltdown of basic logic 101. Congratulations, “party of hell no”, you have just become history’s laughing stock for all of eternity!  The truth is, this “anti-logic” has made, or transformed, the abstract to into a concrete thought pattern (with obvious thanks to “fall guy” Joe Barton (R-TX)) and his embarrassing apology to Tony, “gone sailin’,” Hayward and bp in general.  As it appeared he was about to cry when looking deep into the troubled psyche of the GOBP’s (credit Keith Olberman) real voice that speaks not to the American people, but to their friends at big oil.  This apology crystallized the p.o.h.n.’s philosophy, modus operandi, and drug mulin’ bidding of their corporate overlords–that never ending chant, “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE!” Those are your choices in the November, folks.  You can either side with a politician who speaks for the corporation that just ruined a third of your country’s pristine wetlands for their own political and financial gain, or you can side with someone who is FOR THE PEOPLE.  It is a pretty easy choice to spot out, when you ask the simple question of these men, dancin’ on a string, “where do you stand on the environment, where do you stand on LIFE itself?”  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the good people who live there, and all of the beautiful sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein… Have a wonderful day everybody!  Peace~M

June 21, 2010

Birds of a feather

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are fairing well this Monday morning.  The weather today on this sand bar should be rather hot and humid, with clear skies and calm seas…a good day to be in the water.  The week end news cycle brought no relief to the people on the Gulf, with little in the way of good news for the residents and animals, to say nothing of the poor marsh lands that are being inundated with thick, brownish gunk–highly toxic and devastating to the delicate balance established by creative intelligence.  Sharon Alfonsi, of ABC News, gave us one of the most beautiful stories, however, I have seen in a long time.  Her story revolved around the release of a pair of Brown Pelicans, who were rescued from certain death on one of their nesting grounds off of Louisiana’s coast line.  Seeing these magnificent creatures freed to live LIFE brought me to the point of wanting to cry, to get some release from how I have been feeling watching my wild life die a slow and agonizing death, due to mankind’s ignorance, greed and sloth.  No one was in the room, so I did.  As the level of oil, the real level, being now closer to the 84,000 barrels lost to the sea daily, a number I reported a few weeks ago, the days of Tony, “I rather fancy the sea”, Hayward’s (Tony enjoying some R&R off the Isle of White in the U.K., partaking in a Yacht race aboard his million dollar boat) smug facial gestures, (implying he was lying the whole time with a hint of enjoyment) while he told the world that it was only 5000 barrels (starting from no oil leak, to 1000 barrels, etc.) that were escaping from the man made environmental crime scene of the century–are apparently here to stay.  Tony has not stepped down from the day to day operations of this “cleanup” “effort”, as previously reported, and so his nonsense and patronizing ways will continue and be met with the grim reality of what he and his company did to a big part of my country, your country, your kids country, and your grand kids country–scarring it for generations to come.  A crude awakening indeed.  For even as I feel my blood pressure rise when I think of the religious right backing big oil in the name of Jesus, there is hope.  For not all “Christians” see their faith in the same light as some members of the p.o.h.n.  Some have begun to see the LIGHT of charity to our brothers in need.  Fulfilling that need is reward enough and by the grace that is bestowed in us all, that distant LIGHT seems to grow a little closer every day.  Keep the Faith Gulf residents, and may GOD’S SPEED be with the whole Gulf region, and all of the beautiful sea creatures, Pelicans and marsh lands therein…  Have a great week folks! Peace~ M

June 20, 2010

Love to the Sea

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  A pink and purple sunrise of extraordinary beauty greeted me this morning at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, with only a handful of people awake at this hour.  Spinning by “Our Lady of the Assumption”, the six a.m. Mass was getting under way, and another day on Cape begins in earnest…  “Where’s Harry?”, seems to be the battle cry of the republican nominee for Senate in the great state of Nevada when faced with reporters like Nathan Baca, of the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas.  Sharon “Angle” is that nominee and she is pitted against Harry Reid, the democratic Senator whose boxing abilities made the “theory” of Health Care in this country a reality for millions of folks who have slipped through the cracks of American society–a true man of the people.  Ms. “Angle” met her match a few days ago when this responsible journalist dared to ask the TRUTH regarding HER very vocal “wish list” of dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency (along with social security, medicare, the IRS, and a handful of other vital federal government agencies, designed to help our citizens), during the most devastating man made environmental disaster the world has ever seen–EVER. Baca asked “Angles” a direct question in regard to her desire to see the EPA go by the way of the Dodo bird.  He was greeted by, “where are you getting these questions?” and “where is Harry Reid, you will not put Harry’s words in my mouth, where is Harry?  where is Harry?  Where is Harry…”  To the reporter’s surprise, after he told her that those were actually her words, not Harry’s, she launched, or rather descended into, a psychological meltdown that propelled her to get the hell out, muttering under her breath, and making a b-line for the exit.  The reporter followed her and as he repeatedly asked “Angles” about her position and basic threat of the right wingnut “tea party”– a threat that borders, hell, crosses the line into the criminal, as she consistently employs the word–“remedy” in relation to the second amendment married to the p.o.h.n., “party of hell no,” or pawn if you will.  Stating very clearly that a “remedy” (of the second ammendment variety) will be employed upon Harry Ried if she is not elected in the fall.  To quote “Angles”, “we need to take Harry Reid out.” Let us look up that word, “remedy”, shall we.  Taking out my new Webster’s “pocket dictionary”, it is defined as thus–remedy n., pl.–dies  thing that corrects, etc. –v.–died, dying to cure, correct, etc.   To the common man, a remedy is a solution, but to the pawns of the world like Sharon Angle, it may mean something much more than that.  Again, I will use her words and you can draw your own conclusion, “we need to take Harry Reid out.” To some madman with a gun, with a sixth grade education, remedy is a ten dollar word, like mayonnaise, ending violently with a gun shot, or worse–another Oklahoma City.  Remember Oklahoma City?  Are we that thick as a nation that we cannot remember a little over a decade ago and look back at our own historical tragedies?  Do you not remember mourning as a nation, as to the senseless violence unleashed upon our own innocent citizens?  How we ALL cried those collective tears of shame and disbelief?  How we wondered how this could happen to our own brothers and sisters in this nation such as OURS?  Did we learn nothing?  To quote Jeff Bridges, a great actor and musician, friend to seacapecod.net, in the cult film classic, “The Big Lebowski”, “This aggression won’t stand, MAN!” So heads up oil men of the world, with your crazy puppets dancing on a string, you days of fear mongering are OVER!  We are on to you, and if you want to come and take my gun, you’re too late.  I left them in New York long ago.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the men and women who live there, and the beautiful sea creatures and marsh lands therein… Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

June 19, 2010

East Bay Serenity

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a beautiful morning here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  The Sunday talk shows will be lighting up tommorow morning with hyperbole coming from both sides of the “party of hell no’s” mouth.  It will be a delight to watch what the “pundits” have to say about the true voice of the republican party.  That voice was represented by Joe Barton of Texas (a congressman who has plenty of ties to the oil industry), at a House Oversight Committee addressing Tony, “I hate to spill oil and run”, Hayward.  In his embarrassing apology to Tony and bp in general, stating that he was “sorry” that the White House demanded a large sum of money be put aside for the people of the Gulf who are enduring the most devastating man made environmental disasters in modern day history, Joe spoke the truth about how he, and his caucus really feel.  Who are these people?  That answer has already been given.  This is the new right, a group of men and women who see the poor in this country as the problem, not the large multi-national corporations that believe they can destroy what GOD created and get away with it.  The reality of the situation is this, anyone who is interested in the people, sea creatures and marsh lands raise their hands, anyone who is on the side of greedy corporations (who are not really your friends) and believe that they have the right to dump millions of barrels of toxic oil into our oceans and make YOU pay for it, raise your hands… It is that simple.  We all have to make a decision FOR OURSELVES about our future and who we want to be as a nation.  We have to face facts about these corporations that have no one’s interest in mind except their own, along the people who give them money in the way of investments– keeping the shark swimming.  Hearing more about the gestapo techniques employed by bp to keep journalists away from the beaches affected by the sea of oil coming ashore, makes me want to throw up.  Is this what it is coming down to?  A small group of men scurrying about to keep a lid on the truth?  The men and women who died to keep this country pristine in the LIBERTY that it was born with deserve more than this.  We are one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL.  What part of that don’t you understand?  May GOD’S SPEED be with the men and women of the Gulf region, and all of the sea creatures and marsh lands therein… Have a great Saturday folks!  Peace~ M

June 18, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are well and safe wherever you are this morning, as, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the sun did rise once again, in spectacular fashion, a big orange ball of light coming up over Hyannisport and the Nantucket Sound…one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth–along with Dowses Beach, Osterville, Massachusetts.  Yesterday in Washington D.C., at a House oversight hearing, the grilling of Tony, “I am the Walrus,” Hayward, of bp fame, took place.  Much to his surprise, he found a fond follower of the oil industry–a friend, a groupie if you will.  Joe Barton, a congressman from Texas, made an ass out of himself in the hearing when his turn to speak to the CEO came about.  Instead of transcribing what was actually said, I thought we could take another take on it, read between the lines, making it better and more accurate for everyone involved.  and action: Barton:  It is so wonderful to speak with you today Mr. Hayward, can I call you Tony?  Any hootski, I was just going to tell you how awful I felt about the way the President of the United States, who represents the none of “our” people, treated you and your chairman–shaking you down for billions of dollars to clean up a mess that was probably not even your fault.  Perhaps it was an act of God, and therefore, the private company should not have to pay the poor fisherman who have lost their ability to fish because the water is now a poisonous glob of goo– I think we all agree the tax payer should pick up a big portion of the cleanup costs.  I agree with my friend Rush Limbaugh who claims that this is a “slush fund” created by Obama and his henchmen.  Further, my colleague and dear friend Michelle Bachman agrees with that premise, and further to that, this acts as just another “government takeover” of the oil industry, an industry that has given so much back to the world on whole, destroying other natural wonders as well, such as Chevron’s rape of the pristine and ancient rain forests of Ecuador.  I hope you received my resume and I look forward to fleecing America with you in the coming years.  Again, I am so sorry about our President and his uppity ways.  We are embarrassed for him. The “party of hell no” stands by you 110 percent, and like an elephant, we are faithful to ignorance, hate, fear and violence by that same percentage point.  Would you care for a scone?” Tony Hayard’s response:  While I thank you for that kind statement, I must insist that we were in the wrong and for that, “I am deeply sorry.” Your friends in the republican party have been so good to us in the past 10 years, with caring and fun agencies like the MMS ( wink, wink-nudge, nudge), not to mention President Chen, I mean, Bush, as it was a pleasure working with you on these important projects that have no safety net, or technology available to the clean up a mess, as we were never asked to provide that “know how” to begin with.  Thanks again to all of my buddies at Halliburton as well, we could not have done it without you!” Even after apologizing to the body and the American people for this off the charts insane  collection of ill guided words, the strategists got what they were after, and so did the “man behind the curtain”, whom they all work for. For this was better staged than a 5 star movie, with the “party of hell no” about to go off the deep end, relinquishing what may have been left of their common decency, moral fiber and soul.  GOD’S SPEED to the Gulf, all of the good people, sea creatures and marsh lands therein. Have a nice week end folks!   Peace~ M

June 17, 2010

Grey Lady II

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope this message is finding you safe and warm wherever you may be finding yourself this morning.  Just returning home from Dowses Beach here in Osterville, looking out at Nantucket Sound’s fog filled presence…quite a sight to behold.  Yesterday, President Obama met with bp chairman Karl-henric Svansberg, a Swede who runs the show at the fourth largest corporate entity in the world.  The news was good for a change however, as 20 billion dollars was put into an escrow account for the victims of the Gulf disaster.  He held a brief press conference on the subject after meeting with Obama and stated that he WAS interested in the “small people”, which says nothing of course of the medium and large people to whom I’m not sure how he feels, and the fact that their lives have been shattered by this horrific environmental catastrophe.  Many questions remain, however, such as the dispersants that were laid down in the Gulf to make the oil “appear” as if it were not as bad as it really is.  The fact that this chemical, that bp claims is as safe as dish soap and is now banned in the country from which the chairman’s company hails from (U.K.), is suspect at best.  Independent scientists have confirmed that the mixture of the oil and dispersant is actually CAUSING more environmental problems than it is fixing– raising the red flags.  This leads us logically to the conclusion that bp does NOT care about the real little, or small, living sea creatures that call the Gulf their home–and have for EONS.  Ah, the arrogance of man. The “small” people will survive, albeit in an oil soaked coast with poisonous water.  But, the most innocent of victims will perish, along with the building blocks of our food chain, and then where will we be, bp?  Shakespeare once wrote, “The truth shall set you free”– Believe that. I remind my good friends in Nantucket of that FACT.  GOD’S SPEED TO THE GULF, and all of the good people, sea creatures and marsh lands therein…  Have a wonderful day folks.  Peace~ M

June 16, 2010

June Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Wonderful to be with you on a spectacular morning here on Cape, with the sun rising in awesome fashion over Nantucket Sound, a golden glow reflecting off East Bay.  Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 60’s without a hint of cloud, fog or rain drop…not too shabby.  President Obama gave a mild speech in the Oval Office of the White House last night, and the reality of his speech left out the meat and potatoes, not to mention any dessert.  The anger is growing in the Republic, especially among environmentalists like myself.  I am particularly upset about two specific issues that have not been addressed as of this date.  First, the cover up itself.  Bp has literally taken hold of this problem of the oil “spill”, by hiring goons to keep photographers out of the areas where so many sea creatures have lost their lives, along with barring good people whose real mission is only to save as many birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other wild life as they can (except Walruses of course).  This is not only an outrage, but it goes a long way into understanding just how far corporate “America” has taken us…holding the residents of the Gulf hostage, a baby “Stockholm Syndrome” if you will.  Add to that unbelievable gall the fact that bp has threatened the workers (by firing them), who have been hired to clean up the oil, now everywhere, on the beaches, marshes and bays across the south land.  These workers have been told that they are not allowed to wear the proper safety equipment, i.e., proper gas masks, and as a result, there have been hundreds of cases of workers getting very sick.  T.I.L.T. is the dis-order that is a now considered to be the leading symptom of these workers getting sick, due to the high toxicity of the “Dispersant” (banned from the U.K. over ten years ago) that has mixed with the oil and acts as powerful  double toxin, getting into the blood stream, creating all sorts of problems for its victims. The reason for not allowing the workers to wear the protective masks is simple–IMAGE.  Bp from the beginning has down played this tragedy on the Gulf, based solely on its desire to keep the LIABILITY to a minimum, therefore being in the position to pay as little as they can in claims that should be in the 20 billion dollar range (at least).  Bp is an organization that is based on a LIE. They offer the world nothing of value, for their single purpose is to make money.  Making money, as a goal, is benign enough, but when you destroy an entire eco-system and economy of one of the greatest nations on planet earth, then deny the most simple humane acts of helping innocent victims of this “oil spill”, i.e. the little animals, and then, double down and deny the people that you wounded with your act, as they work to clean up your mess, the most basic of safety equipment to do their job–based on the fact that you don’t want the world to see gas masks due to the highly toxic dispersant you laid down–you have defined yourself as one of the greatest corporate monsters of all time.  It would be an understatement to say that I was disappointed with Obama’s 17 minute “speech” last night.  It sounded like a movie script, lacking in emotion from the beginning, although he did add a little punch at the end.  I know that President Obama is going against a tide of discontent in this country, and the other side is using every opportunity to bring him down.  The lack of insight, let alone foresight, on the behalf of the republican far right is obvious to anyone with half a brain.  However, this President must realize by now that these corporations do not view him with any power, for the ground work done by the MMS and the fact that even as the oil continues to gush out of a broken well, the “party of no” wants to lift the moratorium on deep water drilling–for, as Doug Suttles of bp stated a few days ago, “the only way research and development (to deal with a massive oil spill) will catch up to the technology for said deep water drilling is for MORE oil spills to occur.”  This backwards and INSANE logic brings it all to the light, and defines what we are up against here.  Stupidity. We have put the cart in front of the horse for so long now in this country, that many Americans feel that what was once right is now wrong, and what was wrong is now right.  Misinformation is partly to blame for this, but more to the point, a lack of leadership and courage to stand up and fight these “titans” of industry is the real culprit.  Obama mentioned the fact that we need to strive towards a clean energy future.  Nice sentiment, but that is so vague and lacking in any concrete legislative solution, it offers us nothing but an empty pipe dream. As we see a rise in fatalistic politics, where men like Dick, “where the hell did I put my heart,” Cheney stand by their words of war, such as Dick’s answer to a simple question regarding Iraq before it was a war…  and action: Colin Powell: “What is our exit strategy in Iraq, Dick?”  Cheney: “There is no exit strategy,” we will see more of this insanity in the days and months to come.  Trying to convince men like Dick that global warming is real, is akin to teaching a duck algebra.  The only difference being, the duck would learn algebra, while Dick would busy himself with trying to blow his head off.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, and all of the wonderful people, sea creatures and marsh lands therein… May you have a beautiful day everybody!  Peace~M

June 15, 2010

Sea of Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  It is good to be with you on this 15th day of June, 2010, as I just spun back from my morning sojourn to Dowses Beach here in Osterville where I witnessed yet another incredible sunrise a few moments ago.  The air is light and cool today, with fair skies and seasonable temperatures, so come on down!  We will leave the LIGHT on for ya!  I was disturbed to no end yesterday when I heard the news from Keith Olberman, on the venerable show, “Countdown, with Keith Olberman”, airing on MSNBC week nights at 8 p.m., that bp and the goons that they have hired are keeping photo journalists away from areas of the Gulf where dead sea creatures are being discovered at alarming rates.  This confirms what I had suspected and begs the question, “Who the hell gave a foreign company the right to stop our own citizens from taking photos of the carnage caused by that same company?”  WHO?! It has been widely reported that bp has taken not only the livelihood of the fisherman, hotel owners, residents and restaurants away for generations to come, but has literally hired, (most likely “Blackwater” or “Xe”, the mercenaries or “independent contractors” who were infamous in Iraq for gunning down innocent civilians and were on sight during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) armed thugs to prevent the TRUTH from coming out as to the criminality of this horrible oil disaster.  President Obama has the opportunity to correct this stripping of our rights as citizens and report the collateral damage caused by bp’s criminal behavior, as he continues today with his visit of the Gulf torn region.  His meeting with the bp “Chairman”, who is not even an oil man and is above our friend Tony, “can somebody just pass me a bloody scone?”, Hayward (CEO, bp), should make everything OK and all will be well soon.  He will tell our president that the 2, count them 2, extra tankers that are being brought in to suck out the now, 50,000 barrels of oil daily from the well sight, (which should go a long way in telling us that they were lying all along as to how much oil is really gushing out of the debunked oil head) will solve the problem, a “solution” that should have been in place the moment the oil rig blew up.  This of course, is more of the same rhetoric that we have heard from this monster corporation, solving nothing and reinforcing the fact that bp has more clout than the Executive branch of the United States of America.  I feel sorry for President Obama, for this is a problem that was inherited by this administration, an industry so corrupt, the oil sloshing around in the Gulf pales in comparison to the grease balls who run the British company known as “bp”…  On Wednesday, the President will give an address in the Oval Office to the American people, as he has gathered information in these 57 days, presumably, and must offer some solutions to the epic problems facing the people, animals and plants of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.  The problem with this whole thing boils down to a simple concept that has yet to be implemented–establishing a local command and control center, coordinated with FEDERAL, not bp, agents who are transparent and not part of the Nazi corporate movement.  The oil that we “retrieve” from the thousands of oil platforms polluting our Gulf accounts for roughly 3 percent of the oil we use in this country…further, that oil is not “given” to the good people who live in that region or the United States as a whole, but is placed on an international market where the oil goes to the highest bidder.  Therefore, the whole premise or argument over “drill, baby, drill” is a false choice, for the elements of that argument are based on a lie to begin with.  The only people who make out are the ones who OWN the wells.  This “chairman” cares nothing for the people, the beautiful sea creatures and pristine wet lands the Gulf defines.  His loyalty is to his stockholders and the modus operandi of–profit over people. It is that simple.  Obama has an opportunity to call them out on that fact, showing true courage and leadership when it is needed the most–making what is wrong, right.  Blocking members of the press from taking images from the Gulf of the true devastation to OUR country should not even be in this conversation.  Why are we as a nation not more fired up about this second “invasion” of the British?  The complexity of the situation plays right into the hands of bp, for they know that the republican party in this country, and the sheep that follow it to the tune of Glenn Beck singing a creepy lullaby, will stand by big oil, and demand that we keep on drilling  with these extremely dangerous deep water practices–all for the glory of the almighty dollar, or pound as it were.  Where in the King James Bible does Jesus say, “blessed are those who drill into the earth for an energy source that is slowly destroying what OUR FATHER has created?”  WHERE? These hypocritical, sociopathic monsters who call themselves “corporations” are just another form of tyrannical history, playing out in another place and time.  The players might have changed, but the song remains the same.  Why sugar coat it?  Why not make a stand and call it like it is?  Change we can BELIEVE in starts with YOU Mr. President.  It starts when you stop the madness and bring the country back to reality, a reality we all share on this very fragile planet, a little blue rock in an infinite universe, called EARTH!  May GOD’S SPEED be with the very good men and women of the Gulf, all of the wonderful sea creatures, and marsh lands therein… May you have a blessed Tuesday everybody!  Peace~ M

June 14, 2010

Sea Flag

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a foggy morning at Dowses Beach here in Osterville, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  I hope you had a nice week end, and your Monday morning is not as limited as the visibility is here on Cape…  The fog of real answers to the epic problem facing the Gulf right NOW is on the minds of everyone this a.m., well, at least those with a heart.  While listening to the “pundits” speak on yesterday’s Sunday morning “talk” shows, I was so pleased to see Tony, “I told you to get the Lear gassed up so we can get the hell out of here,” Hayward (CEO, bp) on his many “tv” spots, where he speaks to the “American people” explaining how bp is going to “make it right”…  and action: “Hello, my name is Tony Hayward (picture of untainted Pelicans, safe atop a hill, overlooking the Gulf with oil seeming to be far away, implying that the Pelicans are safe, as the men in the yellow hazmat suits are busy cleaning up the “modest” amount of oil on the pristine sandy white beaches), before I get into this whole “spill” thing, I was wondering if you might find it in your heart to lend me a few quid, as I am taking up a collection from the locals to gain some petrol for my jet so that, as I said before, I can get the hell out of here!” “Oh, and by the way, we all feel your pain, you people who have lost your livelihood, perhaps for generations to come, for we live and work on the Gulf as well and are suffering as much, if not more, no, definitely more than you, and, I, oh, f#$k it, I was going to apologize for creating one of the most devastating environmental disasters mankind has ever witnessed, but now I am not–because I don’t like you.  I believe that you, the American “people” are partially to blame for this “accident”.  I have told you that there are no “oil plumes”, that the damage to the wild life and the marsh lands would be “modest” and you just would not hear of it.  The mean spirited blogs from journalists from around this country of yours are hurting my feelings, and thus, I am going to pay our shareholders their money first, and to hell with you, your families, your businesses, your hotels, your tourists season, your Pelicans and your precious wet lands– to hell with you all.  I always hated Americans anyway…”  This, of course, was the rough cut of the commercial you have all seen now on the “tv” and it goes a long way in understanding the workings of a big oil executive’s mind, his heart and his soul.  We owe quite a bit to Tony, for he has truly exemplified the attitude of big corporations in the world today–F#$k the people, continue on with maximizing the profits. This week, we are going to witness a political side show that will go far in muddying the waters, the oil soaked waters, of this catastrophe, this sick, tragic catastrophe that no one has the guts to say just how bad it really is.  There have been reports that this oil/dispersant “globs of death spill”, will destroy fishing in the Gulf for 100 years, and if that does not make your blood boil, than you might not be alive to begin with.  What makes this wound ever more painful, is the LYING that is going on regarding the reasons why it happened (BUSH/CHENEY/BIG OIL/MMS/IGNORANT PUBLIC), how much oil was being emitted, what clean up effort would be best to minimize the damage to the shoreline (liability=$), and the complete lack of control the government showed in taking the reigns on this one–leaving the decisions on how to spruce up the hen house to the salivating wolves holding the keys.  The soft, slick voice of Tony, “my mother said I should be a shoe salesman,” Hayward is a sickening reminder of the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear.  The difference being the snake oil salesman did not have the capacity to dump his product into one of the most pristine wild life refuges in the world, effectively destroying a way of life for millions of Americans for generations to come.  This is an OUTRAGE and no amount of hyperbole in a message from the Oval Office will appease the dying dolphins who have made their home on the Gulf for hundreds of thousands of years.  We will hear the same old rhetoric we have heard now for 56 days, “we” are doing our best to bring every resource available to bring the Gulf back to wholeness once again…Bulls#$T!  I would have so much more respect for the President if he simply took bp into receivership, which he has the power to do, and bring together every supertanker in the world  to begin a giant Zamboni mission of sucking up the oil soaked water, filtering it and spitting it back to where it came from-clean once again.  Bp’s claim that there are “too many boats out there” is another big lie.  Again, who is making these decisions, bp?  If bp did not have a “plan” to tackle a giant oil explosion, allowing over 100,000 barells (a conservative number) to gush into the Gulf from the very beginning, why would we believe them now, and moreover, why would we allow them control over the situation?  This is all very secretive and highly suspect…for they are not telling us everything, and have not, from the very beginning (the real salt in the wound)– when their executives were writing their own inspection/disaster response reports in pencil (you know, the one’s that deal with disaster like scenarios that would never happen) and giving those reports to the men and women (that they were literally doing meth on toaster ovens with, before sleeping with them) who worked for George W. Bush’s MMS (an arm of the oil industry). Then taking out their BIC pens, following the lines of that number 2 pencil with the fine ink afforded and submitting them with no guilty conscience, for this was just a game right?  It was just a matter of time before one of these monolithic oil rigs blew up and began to “turn the sea red”…as described in the Book of Revelation.  I would submit, that for a group of people who take the Bible so literally, like the evangelical right wingnut jobs that are attempting to run this county back into the ditch we just got it out of, you might think they would take another gander at that statement in the Bible,  “the seas will burn and turn a blood red…”  To take that point a little further down the road, you might also think that, being such good Christians, they would realize their own “sins” and repent…for if the “end of days” is upon us, which it is not, would they not want to cleanse their souls?  Or are they so wrapped up in their collective and individual egos that they cannot see the forest for the trees?  I would bet on the latter.  GOD’S SPEED TO THE GULF–all of the good people, sea creatures and plant LIFE therein….. May you also have a pleasant Monday and week ahead, for the TRUTH will shine away the darkness and realize the folly of man.  Peace~ M

June 13, 2010

In Flight

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The rains came overnight, with plenty of puddles on Wianno Avenue at 5 a.m., and as I spun back home from Dowses Beach where I watched a pair of Osprey hovering over the narrow entrance to East Bay, fishing for Blue fish, “Stripers”, and crabs, I was struck by how quiet Osterville really is at that time of morning.  Earlier in the day, the little seaside village was packed with people, enjoying a triathlon and the beauty of Cape Cod on a summer day…what a difference a few hours make….  On day 55 of the Gulf oil disaster that seems to get worse by the hour, I’m not sure I have any good news to offer you, other than the fact that the world is watching now, for this monumental f-up on the behalf of the corporate monster called “bp” will most likely affect Europe in the days and months to come.  Queen Noor (Jordan) was on Bill Maher’s HBO show “Real Time, with Bill Maher”, the season finale, taped from Friday’s airing, and I was struck by a few of the statements she made.  With all of this horrible news from the Gulf, not to mention nuclear proliferation, GLOBAL WARMING (that 60 percent of Americans don’t believe is real, very real), a financial system that is unstable at best, the lack of good jobs in this country, the high drop out rate among high school children, and the overall mood that things just seem like they are going to, well, you know, her words echoed what I have felt for some time now–“I’m encouraged by the younger generation.” For some odd reason, the youth in this country have a different take on the whole “crisis of the week”, scenario.  Because of globalization, the Internet, and a shift in the global consciousness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Perhaps anyone over the age of 5 cannot see it, but the reality is that they seem to be getting it.  Noor is the founder of “Global Zero”, and you can visit those ideas at globalzero.com (or another sight worth looking into is takebart.com/0, producers of the movie, “An Inconvenient Truth”).  Agreeing with Noor that the two most pressing and threatening issues facing mankind today are nuclear war and GLOBAL WARMING, we must look upon this as our wake up call.  Taking the first, the threat of nuclear war is much greater than during the “Cold War”, as there is now no rhyme or reason to the hostility represented by rogue nations– delegitimized by their human rights history and tyrannical rule, attempting to gain nuclear materials that could be used in a bomb.  The only way to fight this threat is to bring the world into alignment with the idea of NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS.  Wipe them from the face of the earth.  The issue of GLOBAL WARMING however, seems to have already taken a back seat in this country, the back seat of someone else’s car.  Our man James, “Let’s tear down another mountain for oil shale,” Inhofe (R-OK), who is again famous for stating that, “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on the American people,” is still resigned to his position in the bp oil “spill” of limiting their liability to 75 million dollars, as he, and he alone, has blocked the push for increasing that liability to 10 billion dollars, a more reasonable amount. This is what I’m talking about.  You have some ignorant blowhard bully making statements made out of nonsense, pretending in his own warped mind that they are indeed fact, creating the confusion amongst the American people, and ultimately more money in his pocket.  As the Polar Ice caps continue to melt, the oil companies will continue to get richer and the earth that we live upon will become so toxic that life itself cannot be maintained, we will see the old “mountain man” slip into some gated retirement community and cry out, “why was I such an idiot?”  “Why did I allow the collective ego (corporations) to take my very soul?  What could I have possibly done as a Senator of Oklahoma to stop the now unstoppable ocean from taking New York City, Tokyo, and most of the state of Florida?  What could I have possibly done differently..?”  Now this is assuming, of course, that Mr. Inhofe would have grown a conscience by then…highly unlikely, but miracles do happen every day.  The truth of the matter is this, we are coming to the “tipping point”, a place of no return in regard to the warming of the earth.  Our emissions of Carbon Dioxide and soon to be Methane into the atmosphere thus, changing the earth forever, is now to the point where big business is more important than LIFE itself.  Gone will be winter as we know it.  Gone will be millions of species of animals and plants that sustain our very lives as human beings.  Gone will be fresh drinking water, for the glaciers that feed rivers all over the world will have already disappeared, taking their water with them.  This epic disaster should WAKE US UP! As it was stated on Bill’s show last night, we should treat this tragedy like the Kennedy assassination, turning a tragedy into good, whereby the Civil Rights Act was passed into LAW by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964–turning that tragedy into Triumph for the overall good.  It seems the only persons that have this highest goal in mind are the children we have brought into this world, and maybe, just maybe, they will show us the way out of our addiction to fossil fuels, the folly of the greatest “sin”, the lust of money, and the importance of cherishing every form of life on this fragile planet we all share and we all call EARTH.  May GOD’S SPEED be with the men and women of the GULF region, and all of the beautiful sea creatures and marsh lands therein… Have a blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

June 12, 2010

Puppy Paddle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are fairing well this Saturday morning, as I just returned from Dowses Beach here in Osterville after witnessing yet another beautiful sunrise–offering brilliant purples and pinks at 4:50 a.m. with a sense of peace in the air…a nice way to start the day.  Obviously, the news in the Gulf is not so good.  Case in point, Orange Beach, Alabama.  As the news stations slack off and offer the same old tired rhetoric that we are supposed to believe, i.e. the initial 1000 barrels a day being spilled into the Gulf, when it could be as high as 120,000 barrels, we delve a little deeper and discover a gentleman who is begging for help regarding the oil that has reached pools and rivers 3 miles inland from the Gulf, destroying everything in it’s path.  Rick Steiner, a marine conservationist and marine adviser during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, stated yesterday that, “the number of failures by bp in this ecological crisis of monumental proportions is astounding.”  He went on to say without any hesitation, “the booms have failed.” Continuing on to describe yet another case in point, where, in Arnaca Bay, 20 female dolphins and their calves are in danger of being poisoned by the encroaching oil slick.  His suggestion was to not fight the current of 7 m.p.h. with ineffective booms, and more ineffective workers who are not maintaining the booms, but to “go with the flow”, following it, corralling it with absorbent booms and mechanical skimmers–doing some actual WORK.  These goons at bp have been in charge now for 54 days and have basically been waiting and watching the oil come ashore, with their “main job” being that of keeping the environmentalists out– along with anyone with half a brain, thus, allowing the BIG LIE to remain alive. This is the rub of it.  There is no local command. Steiner stated that the reason why the Exxon Valdez cleanup was a relative success was the fact that they had “local command.”  Local fisherman, town leaders, etc., were at the table making decisions about the cleanup, as they were the ones who not only lived and fished there, but knew the area better than anyone else.  Who better to head up a cleanup than the ones who KNOW it best? This, of course, was unacceptable to bp, for it would leave them open to questions about a whole host of issues, mainly the amount of oil (hence, the liability of bp) being gushed out into the Gulf of Mexico.  SAVE THOSE DOLPHINS and their young! The President of the United States seems to be afraid of these goons, and it begs the question, “who is running this country anyway?”  Big Corporations?  That, of course, was a rhetorical question… Scumbags like Tony, “is the Lear Jet ready to get me the hell out of here?”, Hayward (CEO, bp), will sleep just fine tonight.  He will not think of a mother and baby dolphin, as they try to avoid the 25 mile long, 6 mile wide oil plume (s)  that “doesn’t exist.” We are at war with a perverted plutocracy, and if you do not believe me, take a good look from the air at the devastation that, according to bp and the White House, is not really happening.  Some clown congressman in, where else, Alaska, drinking the same Kool-Aid as “Saint Sarah” Palin, stated that oil naturally leaks from the ocean floor and therefore the people of the Gulf should just stop whining about something that did not happen.  In other words, a politician that someone actually voted for, or he wouldn’t be in public office, made that insane statement and I would hazard a guess that 50 percent of his “followers” believed him.  The more I investigate this epic disaster, the more I am inclined to believe it was sabotage, a form of environmental terrorism.  Take a good look at what is going on in the country that parallels this disaster, take a good look at the, “man behind the curtain…”  Jonathon Humbert, an investigative reporter for KLAS, out of Las Vegas, began investigating the nomination of Sharron “Angle”, now pitted against Harry Reid for Nevada’s remaining Senate seat.  She was a virtual nobody a few months ago, with 12 people showing up for a “rally” to get her into office.  According to Humbert, a tremendous amount of “outside, out-of-state money” has been funneled into her account and, presto, she is now a household name.  Nominate idiots that can be easily manipulated is now the P.O.N. strategy for the upcoming elections in the Fall.  Another case in point, South Carolina, where Alvin Greene, a man who seems out of place for the United States Senate, has mysteriously become the Democratic nominee to go against our buddy, Jim De mint, an aggressive republican Senator famous for saying that, “Healthcare would be Obama’s Waterloo.”  This rather obvious mole, planted by the republican party is just another example of how these monsters who are trained and controlled by the plutocracy forthcoming, are literally stealing the country from right underneath our feet.  The question is, will we fight?  YES! When a big corporation like bp takes over control of a Gulf that does not belong to them, as no land belongs to anyone (for we are merely stewards of an earth that was created by a being, infinitely greater than man, whom he also created, along with the Pelicans we are killing with our greed), destroys it with a criminal act, and then dis-allows the poor people who live, love, laugh and and work in the area (for generations) to clean up the mess, (pay for the cleanup with taxes, proposed by “Senate minority leader of the house” Boehner) or at least have a voice in the cleanup effort, starting by telling the truth as to how much oil is really out there, we have a big problem Houston! There is no longer any intelligent life down here on Earth–beam me up Scottie!  Could you sleep at night, knowing that you have lied about the amount of oil you dumped into one of the most pristine wild life areas in the world?  If you were Tony, YOU BETCHA!  If I see Sarah, “someone hand me a gun so I can shoot myself,” Palin speak one more time, I feel as though I am going to be physically sick to my stomach.  Her tone, her hate, her ignorance and her stupidity is only outmatched by the huge gaping hole in her chest, a spot where a soul once resided.  “Drill, baby, drill…”  what a tragic set of non-sensical words, that serve only to destroy what our CREATOR created–we have collectively, as a species, gone over the edge and into the abyss of madness.  GOD’S SPEED to the Gulf–the people, plants and sea creatures therein…for they are truly GOD’S children... May you have a nice Saturday everybody.  Peace~ M

June 11, 2010

Life Savers

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  What a morning here in Osterville, with a combination at Dowses Beach of a spectacular sunrise and then, looking north from the Jetty onto East Bay, I spotted 9 Swans flying in the most awesome spectacle of nature I have ever witnessed.  There is nothing like the sight of swans flying.  Their wing spans are at least five feet and their long necks make them appear as if they are from another world altogether…screaming peace in silence, and bringing one to another place in “time”, where one may realize that “time” is but an illusion and all we really have is the HERE and NOW… As I have said before, and I will say it again, come on down and visit us!  We will leave the LIGHT on for you!  We are all quite aware of what is going on now in regard to the “accident” aboard the Deep Water Horizon where 11 men lost their lives, the subsequent loss of life via “the most innocent victims” and the loss of a “way of life” for so many who live, fish and love in the Gulf region.  As Bp utilizes their lawyers to pay out “dividends” to stockholders before the company goes belly up, we all know that the federal government must step in and TAKE THE MONEY from bp before there is none left to clean up this massive environmental act of criminality that cannot be measured in the written or spoken word–proving once again that words are indeed, a befuddled form of communication.  I have been very impressed with Chris Mathews lately, however, the host of the very good political show called, “Hardball, with Chris Mathews,” airing on MSNBC at 5 p.m. daily.  The reason I say this is simple, he is showing some emotion on the “tv”, encouraging those who may not feel they can get angry at this horrible situation in the Gulf.  Bringing up the fact that every restaurant, hotel, fisherman, property owner, lovers of animals, etc., will never be repaid fully, or, as Tony, “how did you like that last commercial I shot, do you think they bought it?”, Hayward (CEO, bp), whose hurt feelings have prompted him to say he would, “cut a deal”, delaying the payments of dividends to stockholders if, “the media, the Executive and the people in general would just tone down the anger and heat regarding the spill and just be nice…”  ARE YOU SH#$TING ME?  Here is a guy who comes from the upper classes of England, a place I am very familiar with (having attended high school and my first year of college in that beautiful country), and could not care less about the plight of the poor folks who live on the Gulf coast in the United States of America.  The large oil companies look upon that region of the country as a work place, a large mine of sorts, to plunder and rape at will.  They care nothing for the dead dolphins, pelicans, sea turtles, fish of all kinds, precious marsh lands (the building blocks of our entire eco-system) and quite frankly, the United States of America in general.  The “powers that be”, the infant plutocracy that was being developed during the Cheney/Bush administration of 2000-2008, (who held secret meetings with bp in the White House, giving these multi-national corporations the keys to the hen house) were busy putting together a design to make billions upon billions, in various industries, while the average wage for the average American remained stagnant– with manufacturing and anything of value being stifled by the rule of Wall Street and the famous motto, modus operandi, method of operation, remaining–PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! The average American is now waking up to this fact, albeit in a perverted way, as most are poisoned by the fabrications on “fair and balanced” networks of brainwashing such as FOX NEWS–hence, the “tea party movement”.  Progressive, or as I like to put it, common sense philosophy has become a dirty word to many Americans for this reason alone–brainwashing the ignorant, using fear and hate, or more to the point, “the unknown.”  Case in point, Sharron Angle, an ironic name if I have ever heard one, for her “angle” is precisely what I just described–fear, hate and ignorance, along with some good old fashioned sloth.  In the great state of Nevada, Ms. “Angle” will challenge Harry Reid, from the silver mining town of “Searchlight” for his Senate seat and she will use every arrow of “bad idea jeans” in her quiver to unseat him.  Her choice of the John Birch Society should give us pause, for this movement represents regression at its worst.  Back from the dead and formed in 1958, the John Birch society’s “ideas” were too far out for even the most conservative of republicans, thus, the society fell away and seemed to vanish along with any doubt about the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  But, leave it to these crazy people on the far right extreme to dig up the grave, dust Mr. Birch off and bring his message to the frontal lobe of American Society once again.  Let’s take a look at some of Ms. “Angles” positions and you may see the trend that is happening RIGHT NOW in the “state of fragility” our nation has become.  A little background on the “Birchers” and just how insane they really are, the group truly believed that one of our greatest Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower, “Ike”, was a communist plant for the former Soviet Union.  The paranoia went even further, attacking innocent “fluoride” and the fluoridation of water, linked, somehow, to Communism and the plot to turn the United States of America into a pawn of the Kremlin.  At a recent CPAC convention, the John Birch society was out in full force, bringing back the paranoia in a big way, explaining the fluoridation is a “prerequisite to putting birth control in the water”…this, like Anne Elke’s (Monty Python) theory on the Brontosaurus, is just the tip of the iceberg, for like Anne, “Angle” has a “theory number two”, which she will gladly share with you, if you’ve got the time… “Angle” has publicly stated her opposition to the U.N., treaties of any kind, and fraudulent “theories” like Global Warming (Ms. Anne Elke concurs).  When asked about oil drilling in light of the bp disaster, she exclaimed, “we should de-regulate the industry even more,” then added that she would do away with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, Medicare and welfare in general.  This is a fine example of what we should now expect to see in the way of “candidates” for “public” office in the 2010 elections in the Fall.  With Citizens United (Justice Roberts “leadership move” allowing corporations to give unlimited monies to candidates of their choice) beginning to show what a landmark case it really was, is and will be, the corporations are falling all over themselves as they try to get in on the action.  Now that corporations, multinational corporations, can buy elections, and thus, policy, the only weapon against this tyranny is the Truth. Calling these baby monsters out on who and what they are–leaving the final vote to the American public.  This will not be easy, as we all know that the media is owned by the corporations, and thus, the truth will have a more difficult time getting to the average American citizen who does not realize the power he or she has in this “Land of the Free”.  It is ironic that the John Birch Society is based on the defense and maintenance of the Constitution of the United States– well, parts of it anyway.  I wonder what Al Walter of the World Wildlife Fund would have to say about Ms. “Angle” and the LIES that become her.  He is the only person, to date, to actually get in the oil stained Gulf of Mexico (yesterday), describing the scene as “giant globs of death…”  His thoughtful prose of what these poor animals of God are going through, breaks the heart in two and leaves us with the hollow words emanating from the mouths of “news anchors” from the likes of corporate owned networks such as CBS, FOX, ABC, and even NBC’s flagship station–all corporate stooges who shovel the horsesh@#t into America’s mouth every night.  Cover that you windbag machines of hot air, wedged in between the Spam and erectile dysfunction commercials…God Help us! Much more importantly, may GODS SPEED reach the people, plants and sea creatures therein…for they are truly innocent victims of mankind’s eternal folly– when following a vicious collective corporate egoic mindset…   Have a good week end everybody!  Peace~ M

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