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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 30, 2010

New England Beauty

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket!  The sun rise this morning at Dowses Beach was pure, without any influence from moisture suspended in the sky, with temperatures expected in the upper 50’s to near 60 today…book your tickets NOW!  I’m so grateful, sometimes, that I am not a Senator in Washington D.C. these days, as the ugliness continues with two major influences showing their ugly heads on this Friday, the thirtieth day of April, 2010–namely, greed and hate.  When you boil it down to these two of the lowest emotional states the human being endures on this little blue rock called earth, everything becomes perfectly clear and manageable.  Wall Street has become a cliche for the former, as business as it once was done has now become a wild west show, where the quickest survive and the hell with the rest.  It has become so hard wired, the system has taken over most minds and hearts who work on that dark street.  The pressure from the industry, peers and the bosses that control the gambling, forces unsuspecting pawns to fall prey to the will of the master, thus, continuing the fleecing of the American tax payer.  The latter emotion, hate, is represented in the successful campaign of the strategists, who work for the P.O.N. and Casino bosses, to employ the downturn in the economy as a weapon against anyone who disagrees with their positions.  This is embodied quite well in the state of Arizona, and soon to be Utah, Ohio and Texas, where an outrageous law has been implemented that is nothing short of racial profiling, regardless of what the mentally challenged P.O.N. dresses it up as…  These two strong emotions of greed and hate have been employed throughout mankind’s existence on planet earth and the sad thing is, that the people who are the most worked up about it are angry at the wrong people– exactly as the Republican strategists planned.  Like a chess game, the evil geniuses at work here are at least 5 steps ahead of the “talking points” of both the right and the left, although the talking points on the left are merely mirrors to the truth on the ground, and, thus, “banking” on the short attention span of the electorate.  Their ability to manipulate the angriest of mobs much better than their “socialist” counterparts, the P.O.N. has placed themselves in a position to solidify these emotions for at least the short term, with the ultimate prize being the destruction of the real America and replacing it with a poultry barter system, steeped in the tradition of plutocracy and modeled after the Oligarchies of old.  Don’t believe me?  Take a hard look at the amount of money that funnels into the coffers of the P.O.N., not directly, but through carefully set up channels that the general public would be hard pressed to see the inherent CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Make no mistake, the P.O.N. is not of the spirit of the United States of America, rather a virus that has infected it…  Stay tuned, a distant light will shine on the horizon…  Have a wonderful week end folks!         Peace~ M

April 29, 2010

Clear Blue

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of sun drenched Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  With abundant sunshine expected today and cool 50 degree temperatures, the season is just starting to pick up steam…Come on down and visit this most treasured spot on planet earth!  The weather in Washington D.C., however, is quite stormy.  With two huge issues effecting the country, and indeed the world, about to be played out even as I write this commentary– with the lobbyists, politicians, aides, journalists and power brokers showering and getting ready for their day, a day of fighting the truth or attempting to relay the same, many will look back at this period and either shake their heads or smile…  The first and most pressing issue is, of course, the reform of the crooked, dark streets of capitalism at its most mutated state.  Wall Street and the “firms” that make up that little stretch of land on the lower part of the island of Manhattan, have held the American public hostage.  Moreover, this has turned into a true “Stockholm Syndrome”, where the common man is fearful of his “captors” and thus, will do anything to keep the apple cart from being disturbed.  The sophisticated methods used in this psychological trick are professional and proven, much like the methods of Nazi Germany in the early 1930’s… Chris Mathews, of “Hardball with Chris Mathews”, stated on his show yesterday that we should not use the analogy of Nazi Germany and apply it to the situation that not only the Wall Street fiasco represents, but also the bizarre law that was recently passed in Arizona, requiring anyone who “looks like an alien”, to produce his “papers” to prove he, or she, has a right to be in the United States of America… I disagree.  To put it in context, we must look at the actual history of Germany, prior to World War II, and see how Adolph Hitler used the SS (gestapo/secret police) to do his ultimate bidding of creating a “master race”.  When you have rogue states like Arizona, and possibly Utah, Ohio and Texas, creating laws that are contrary to our way of life, our philosophy of being a citizen here in the United States, opening up interpretations to the “law” by representatives who are hired to “keep the peace” and thus, introducing all kinds of abuses that will only fuel the fire of racial division– you have the makings of a restriction of freedom, human rights and, dare I say, possible violence directed at those who don’t “look” like Ward Cleaver or Lucille Ball.  The reason, Chris, that we are making this analogy is simple–to wake people up to the possibility of things going south in America, whereupon our very rights as citizens are threatened by true racists, fear mongers, and advocates of hate and violence towards anyone who does not look like them, act like them, or think like them…sound familiar?  When you apply this to Wall Street, and the Stockholm Syndrome that has become a reality for many Americans, you have a subtler form of class warfare, where most of the country is poor and in fear of the banks/corporate entities, and, therefore, willing to do almost anything just to put food on their table.  Sixty five percent of our Gross National Product is now the big banks, i.e. Wall Street Casinos, with the number only going north.  Twenty years ago, that number was seventeen percent.  The goal, of course, is to gain as much financial power over the people, rig the Supreme Court with activist Justices who will carry the water for the corporations (as evidenced by the recent Citizens United case, where corporations now have the same rights as individuals, and thus, can donate as much money as they wish to “candidates” who will do their bidding) and ultimately be in the position to dictate, much like Nazi Germany, its demands and “laws” designed to keep the wealthiest of us, wealthier, and the poorest of us, poorer.  Keeping the people down, keeping the people down.  Is this what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote one of the most inspirational documents ever known to mankind?  Are we going to let mice, strike that, rats, like Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell hoodwink 300 million people as to the merits of “protecting” Wall Street from the “socialist” agenda of President Barack Obama?  All in the name of “the invisible hand of the market?”  The invisible hand of the market is wanted for grand larceny to the tune of trillions of dollars in credit default swaps and the mother’s and father’s who have lost all of their money that they so trustingly put into “money market” are waiting for answers from you Mitch (R-KY), who has no problem with his secret trips to New York and his back room deals with the scum of the earth–Wall Street executives.  The clear blue waters of Nantucket Sound have no mud in them– they are clean and pure.  Can you say that about the true intentions of the P.O.N.?  Quite the opposite is true of course, and soon the American public will awaken to that very clear fact, break the chains of a Stockholm Syndrome that they have found themselves in and take stock in the fact that we are a nation of pioneers, poets and preachers– who lend a hand as opposed to striking with one.  Have a great Thursday everybody!  Peace~ M

April 28, 2010

Faith Hill’s Steps

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Greetings from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The sun is out in full force this morning, as the sun did rise once again just a few minutes ago at Dowses Beach here in Osterville.  The temperatures will peak at 50 degrees Fahrenheit today, and as the sun warms the earth’s surface, the flowers and birds that share Cape Cod with us will once again celebrate this thing we call LIFE!  The same cannot be said for our good friends on Wall Street…  Yesterday, the cloture vote to BEGIN the “debate” over whether or not we should adopt real financial reform, or more to the point, reforming the monstrosity that Wall Street has become, fell short by 3 votes.  That’s right, the Senate has once again, (because of the 60 votes needed to pass anything in the United States Senate, even if it means reforming a corrupt system that almost took down the U.S. and world economies) shot down the notion of starting the actual open air debate over this issue because the Republicans’ bosses on Wall Street told them to do so…  Why are we so afraid to tell it like it is? Washington D.C. has become so entwined with the casino’s of Wall Street (giving the word “casino” a bad name) that they cannot see the forest for the trees.  Blind greed has taken hold of our most precious of commodities in this nation–the right to be heard.  Not drowned out by the white noise of propaganda machines like Fox News.  The complexity of the system and the powerful forces that protect it, have made it virtually impossible to correct an obviously hijacked way of doing business in the United States of America.  The strategists who work for said international corporate interests, the P.O.N. themselves, and the dark visionaries who wield the power at the moment, will throw as much mud into the clear water as possible.  They will be “banking” on the common man’s rather limited and sometimes ignorant views of the whole, (only parts being revealed with specific false talking points aired 24/7 across this great land) and thus, feel that they have the upper hand in this epic battle between what is RIGHT and what is wrong.  I was impressed with Senator Levin yesterday, as he asked penetrating questions to executive members of Goldman Sachs who were being grilled by the Senate ethics committee.  When he asked about the “big short” (the fraudulent actions taken by Goldman during the housing crisis, where they “bet” on the housing market going south, first losing money in 2008, roughly 1.2 billion dollars, and then making it up handsomely to the tune of 8 billion dollars, as planned, when the insurance policies paid off on those doomed mortgage backed securities that failed right on cue) and an email that was discovered describing the “Timber Wolf” deal as, and I quote, “a sh_tty deal”…, all the Senator got was a smug look you might get from a kid who just stole some candy from a convenience store seeming to say, “prove it”…  Wolves in the hen house should not call their fraud by the same name.  Double speak, denial, and diabolical are the phrases and words that describe these most vile men of “commerce”.  Lloyd Blankfein (CEO-Goldman Sachs) is a criminal whose main intent is to gain as much as he can from the system and give nothing back to society at large, all while his “leadership” in this way of life is emulated by his subordinates and competitors alike–the true fraudulent Wall Street business model. These are the men we are protecting?  It is clear that the system is wired and needs to be completely torn down and rebuilt, right down to the custodians who empty the trash.  On second thought, keep the custodians and just take out the trash.  Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody and pray for a Miracle, for the poor in this country are counting on the good in all of us to come shining through…that is the first step.  Peace~ M

April 27, 2010

Pink Spring!

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a wet and windy day here in Osterville, I hope you are well and safe wherever you may be this morning…  Yesterday, as predicted by many, the cloture vote to begin debate on the obvious question of financial reform in this country was shot down by the P.O.N..  The sticking points were as follows–one, the gangsters do not want any oversight on derivatives or, more to the point, the 600 trillion dollars being traded in the dark via “credit default swaps”.  Two, the Republicans do not want the big banks to be split up, or reduced in size, thus, maintaining the status quo of “too big to fail”.  Three, the “party of no” does not want a minimum capital requirement put in place for these large institutions.  To sum up, the Republican party in the year 2010, does not want ANY real reform, just like the health care debate, as programmed and commanded by the “powers that be” such as Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.  The leader and CEO of the most celebrated casino on Wall Street contended yesterday that his firm did not mislead, strike that, LIE to investors that the “BIG SHORT” was on–the FACT that these criminal institutions bet on the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and early on in 2008.  With 63-65 percent of the GDP in this country, the large banks have power over the political machine of Washington D.C. and even after the near collapse of the world economy, we don’t seem to have leaders in our nation’s Capitol to stand up to these thieves and demand justice.  The strategists, the powers themselves and the crooked P.O.N. puppets have no desire to share in the hard work of rebuilding this great country, they have no concern that the planet is on the brink of natural disasters of true biblical proportions, nor do they care that violent rhetoric can bloom into fruition–they designed it that way!  We have gone beyond giving them the benefit of the doubt.  It is time for the citizens in this country to become enlightened as to the reality on the ground, before this country turns into a Nazi Germany police state.  The recent outrage over the passage of a bill demanding “papers” from human beings who are walking inside the boarders of Arizona, has brought to light the real agenda of the P.O.N… bringing the country back to Medieval times.  Soon we will see pitch forks and torches, the seas will rage and the Spirit will find another home.  Is this what we want?  Are we going to let a few well dressed wolves destroy what our forefathers fought and died for–the true United States of America, once known for it’s compassion and Love for its fellow man?  Compassion is now a four letter word to the P.O.N. and the racists who follow them under the guise of a “tea party movement” have finally found a voice for all the hatred that has been resonating in their hearts for so long…  WAKE UP AMERICA! For the Love of God, your fellow man and the planet as a whole–WAKE UP! Have a blessed Tuesday folks!  Peace~ M

April 26, 2010

On the Prowl

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The showers continue today, although the rains are of the mild, gentle sort, doing the job rain was supposed to do– bring water to the plants, people, and animals that we share this most beautiful planet with…  Today, in Washington D.C., we will once again be witnesses to the game being played that is not a game at all–the “reform of Wall Street”, rather, the banking casinos that have dominated this country for two decades with fraud, deceit, greed and a sick lust for power at the expense of our fellow countrymen, not to say anything about the world in general.  The old standard questions apply here– Who, What, Where, Why and How?  “Who” is causing this affliction to persist, looming like a monster under the bed?  To answer that we must look at some numbers.  At present, it is estimated that 600 TRILLION dollars of various derivatives are being traded in the dark–that means your pension, your mother’s pension and indeed the country’s pension.  Twenty years ago, the “banking” industry made up roughly 17 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product) in the United States of America.  Today, it is estimated to be 65 percent of GDP!  This of course, means that Wall Street, to a large degree, calls many of the shots and that is evidenced by the fact that many of the Bush appointees assigned to Wall Street in the 00’s combined with lack regulations through agencies like the SEC, are still in place in the Obama administration.  Can someone say “conflict of interest?” The “What”, is answered by a little word called derivatives or credit default swaps, that are likened to a bomb that could go off at any minute, throwing the world into yet another fiscal tail spin.  The “Where” is everywhere, for as we now live in a global economy, these criminal bets that are designed to fool investors actually can take down whole nations, such as the recent case involving the insolvency of Greece who was bailed out by the European Union.  The “Why” is fairly self explanatory, for knowing that the root of all evil is not money per se, but rather in the LUST for it.  Wall Street was once a proud pillar of American society, bringing capital to businesses of all kinds, investing in America to build a better country, bringing prosperity to all.  Now, Wall Street is a haven for sociopaths whose main goal is to profit at all costs.  Damn the nation, damn the poor, damn ideology, ethics, morality and social justice.  These “investors” give nothing back to society, with the common goal of Wall Street being one of untouchable status, using the American people as a back stop to all of the incredible risk taking that happens on that dark street everyday.  The “How” is answered by looking back at the previous administration and realizing that we have all been had.  This is a joke.  “W” was no more in control of Wall Street than Obama is now, and when we look even further back to the days of Ronald Reagan, we see how deregulation, the de-teething of financial cops on the beat like the SEC, has effectively taken the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the American public out of the equation all together.  The wolves have taken over the hen house.  Just ask my pal Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), whose recent trips up to New York only solidified what we all ready knew–Wall Street executives run the show and use politicians, Justices and sometimes even Presidents as their own personal drug mules– pulling the strings that attach to their arms, feet, hands, legs and most importantly their heads.  I can’t speak for their hearts and souls, but I should think they must be getting rather tired, for the weight of being a scoundrel is heavy and redemption only begins when one is honest with oneself–asking something much greater than you for help to change into something more human– something perhaps, even Divine.  We will see, most assuredly, what transpires in the coming days– for without financial reform, it is only a matter of time before the bomb goes off and the masses are scrambling for chickens to pay for their Comcast bill.  Do cable companies take poultry or do their prefer beef?  Have a wonderful Monday folks and good luck to all of the participants in today’s cloture vote in D.C., for you will most assuradely need it!         Peace~ M

April 25, 2010

New England Cathedral

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On a beautiful foggy morning here on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, I bid you a fair adieu.  We are expecting some rain here, although not as severe as the storms that hit the south yesterday with tornadoes touching down across a wide swath.  It is only April, we should not be experiencing tornadoes this early in the year–can you say, “Global warming is a hoax?”…  On this Sunday, we have a whole host of issues, none more prominent in the short or long term than the very fabric of our nation–the right to BE.  In Arizona, a state that I have visited many times, the Governor decided Friday to sign into law the toughest “immigration” bill ever to see the light of day. The light of day it will see, through the eyes of the world.  Police have been given carte blanche to, dare I say, interrogate anyone who may “look” like an illegal immigrant.  LOOK LIKE AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, or as the “powers that be” like to put it, an illegal alien.  Yes, those dangerous illegal aliens!  Yes, by all means, let us put our “law enforcement” team together and stomp out the people who pick our food, pay taxes as consumers, and generally follow the letter of the law as they try, just like you and me, to raise their children in a better place from which they came from.  Law enforcement officers are not necessarily the sharpest tools in the shed, and to give them the authority to “look” for people who may not belong in the great state of Arizona is folly.  The good Governor was asked the simple question on Friday, “what does an illegal alien look like?”  She had no response to that question, other than to laugh out loud at the absurdity that she created–for no one in their right mind would have a real answer to that question.  It begs yet another question, if the “powers that be” do not know what an illegal alien looks like, then how can a dim witted municipal officer of the “law” know, and further, what will he do about it when his immense mental faculties decide that, yes, that grouping of men who are looking for work on the side of a street corner are indeed, dangerous illegal aliens?  This new absurdity, that has left yet another mark of intolerance on our national psyche, will offer more problems than solutions and act as a platform for which racism can become the norm once again, as opposed to an isolated problem of exception.  In the state of Arizona, 25 percent of the population is Hispanic.  25 percent!  The good Governor was quick to point out that racial profiling is illegal in the United States of America, and this new law is only designed to keep the true illegals out.  Bulls%$t!  This is another example of muddying the waters with lies and fear, mixed in with intrinsic hate and racism.  Battle lines are being drawn in this country at a time when we should be coming together in gratitude and grace, tackling the real problems that we face– climate change, real financial reform, creating new sources of energy (non-fossil fuel energy), true immigration reform, and re-booting the economy of our hobbled country.  The P.O.N.’s strategy is to bring down the United States as we know it today, limit speech to keep the masses in line, create a barter system (that may or may not involve chicken McNuggets), and most of all to keep the current trend towards corporate plutocracy alive and well.  Oligarchies come and go, as we saw with Russia in 1918 and the fall of the Russian Czars, who had created an oligarchy to themselves.  The very nature of an oligarchy was the premise for the Revolutionary War to begin with–the struggle against a foreign oppressor, the struggle against TYRANNY! In this instance, however, the oppressor is the very powerful “party of no”, who, along with their corporate masters, have designed smoke and mirrors, much like the “Wizard of Oz”, who shouted at Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion– “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” In the case of the United States of America in the year 2010, at least half of the electorate has complied with this wish, be it out of ignorant loyalty to a cause that does not exist for them in reality, or out of a general fear of these forces, or worse yet, out of a backwards way of thinking that has been passed down to them through their own genetic connections–ignorance breeding ignorance.  The way the P.O.N. has accomplished this is through the air waves, the corporate owed air waves, who censor anything that may look like the truth and thus, preserve the lies that are told on behalf of the corporate puppet masters.  The second, and perhaps, most sadistic method has been through the systematic take down of the financial sector, where fraud has become the “way of doing business”– with firms like Goldman Sachs getting in bed with scum bags like John Paulson (the “king” of hedge funds) and creating mortgage backed securities that were designed to fail.  This all happening while Goldman’s stooge rating agencies, like Moody’s (once a respected ratings agency), giving these dogs a triple A rating, thus, manipulating investors into a false sense of security about their investment, having no idea that the whole thing was a big scam, a deliberate scam–hence the word FRAUD! The Obama administration is not using the word fraud and that is unfortunate, for without repercussions for these acts of clear criminality, there will be further financial meltdowns that will affect not only this county, but the world.  It is not clear to me why so many of Bush’s point men in this area are still on the pay roll at the White House– is it to keep the current system of corruption in place?  More on that later, but for now, be assured that the only difference between a poor immigrant from the burros of Mexico and a top flight crook from Wall Street is smell–one smells of honesty and one smells of the devil himself.  Have a blessed Sunday everybody!  Peace~ M

April 24, 2010

Above Board

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I pray the weather is stable wherever you may find yourself this morning…  Washington D.C. will once again be center stage as we get ready to, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”, for the second time this young year…  Predictably, the P.O.N. is busy doing the bidding of their puppet masters as we all listen to the double speak of the now famous “party of no”.  The Party, Das Parte, will go down in history as one of the worst examples of modern day “democracy”, chalk full of hate, fear, greed and lust for power.  The transparency of these so called “leaders” is astonishingly clear to the trained eye, and yet they hold a great deal of power over the general electorate with the misinformation, strike that, lies that spill over their lips on a daily basis.  The corporate agenda is heating up, and with the Citizens United case under their belts (allowing corporations to give unlimited amounts of money to candidates who will do their masters bidding), the P.O.N. has two big fights on their docket–first, filibuster any “liberal” candidate for the Supreme Court vacancy left by the outgoing Justice Stevens who will be retiring soon.  Second, to water down the financial reform bill to the point where the largest banks remain untouched, keeping the culprit of the financial meltdown (derivatives/credit default swaps) largely unregulated and still in the dark.  Accomplishing these two goals will result in a smoother sail through the tumultuous waters of the 2010 elections.  The main goal of the P.O.N. is to use the “tea party” (a loose organization of mostly white males from the south who are not poor, with many retired and whose sole contributors are corporations like Koch industries, a big oil conglomeration) for muscle and intimidation–all while keeping the waters as muddy as possible, so as to pick up as many seats in the House and Senate as possible.  This will result in more log jams in congress, and the hope is that most of Obama’s agenda will be weaker as a result, paving the way for a takeover of the White House in 2012.  The problem with this strategy, Mr. Frank Luntz (one of the “physicians” in the group known as “the word doctors”– a republican strategy group), is that you are NOT THE MAJORITY, and your white supremacist groups will fail for that very reason.  Make no mistake about it, however, these folks are vicious professionals, who will stop at nothing to accomplish their sick agenda–all based on the doctrine–PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! The sad part of this story is that most Americans are good, hard working, honest people, who simply want to live in peace and have the opportunity to earn a living wage.  They wish to raise their families without any fear or hate, yet have been thrown into that mind set by irresponsible men like Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch (AAARRRGGHHHH, MATTIE!).  These creators of FOX NEWS, a subsidiary of the neo-Nazi party itself, have successfully created a world of misinformation that has created a cloud of fog over the entire nation.  It is like a circus.  On the one hand you have the freak show called the “Glenn Beck show”, whose soul contributor (who belongs in a straight jacket) speaks in jiberish and writes on his magic blackboard where he spells out what he really is–a NAZI.  This is, of course, psychology 101, whereupon the individual projects what he fears and most often is himself… How many times have you heard stories of Glenn Beck calling our President a Nazi?  Where do you think the idea to put a Hitler mustache on President Obama came from?  A NAZI!  I have said it once, and I will say it again, the bigger the bullhorn, the muddier the waters.  In essence, the problem lies within the airwaves themselves and, moreover, who owns the rights to them.  When you have a company called “Clear Channel” owning hundreds of radio stations across the country and can manipulate the programming therein, you have the makings of a propaganda machine that is hard to stop.  This is the core problem with communication in this country.  Heavy on the “conservative nonsense” and light on PBS.  Well, it should, if nothing else, be interesting political theater.  Have a wonderful week end folks!  Peace~ M

April 23, 2010

Before the Dawn

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Another beautiful day on tap here on Cape, built by Mother Nature and the Last Great Ice Age, 11,500 years ago.  Loopholes, like pot holes are a problem.  That is what came out yesterday regarding one of the largest health care “providers” (oxymoron) in this country, “Wellpoint”, or as they are known in the industry, “The insurance company that will gladly take your money and when you are diagnosed with something like breast cancer, you will be canceled.  All thanks to technology in the form of software that alerts the good folks in the home office that you are sick, and thus, are quick to cancel your coverage…”  The sickness continues in this country of thieves, be it in the financial casino’s of Wall Street, where, even after President Obama’s address to the largest banks in the world yesterday in New York, stock prices rose as if he were talking about candy canes and whiskers on kittens.  The “powers that be” have spokespeople who seem to be grooming the general public as to methods of payment to doctors (or any other need for that matter) for services rendered–a system of poultry bartering.  The P.O.N. has been, and always will be, the puppets for their masters who own these corrupt systems.  Add to that a progressive caucus who is afraid of these bullies who are only interested in one thing–complete domination of the working poor, creating a caste system where bartering replaces the dollar for goods and services, reducing the government to a corporate plutocracy that cares nothing for the suffering of its own people, the melting planet, or the simple fact that we are ALL part of the same stuff–“WHAT YOU DO TO THE LEAST OF ME, YOU DO UNTO ME.” This so called Christian soldier crap is the stuff of cowards who would not know valor if it struck them in the face.  Using fear, brain washing (via commercialized television programming on neo-Nazi stations like FOX News), and most of all tapping into the anger that most Americans cannot put a finger on but is well known to the puppeteers (racism), the one percent will, as Dick Cheney put it, “stay in this fight, (for they are in it for the glory of world domination, the war machine and black gold), until the end…”  Dick showed his face in Florida yesterday, showing his true colors, while he spelled out the party’s real agenda, white supremacy.  Hitler mustaches for all!  Without a real reform on Wall Street, where insiders rape the American public, we will see a sharp decline in the United States of America.  A country that was based upon goodness, not badness.  What happened to this country of ours, where we have to beg for honest brokers in the world of politics and public service?  What happened to the words of Jack Kennedy when he asked the immortal question, “Ask not what this country can do for you, ask what you can do for this country.” This is so far off the agenda of men, strike that, mice, like Mitch, say it with me, ” the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) who is not now, not then, nor ever will be worthy enough to carry that former great President’s jock strap.  WAKE UP AMERICA!  These men who spell out the P.O.N., the puppets, are the real enemy…make no mistake about it.  However, keep this in mind…it is always darkest right before the dawn…   Have a nice day everybody!  Peace~ M

April 22, 2010

Yellow Daffodils

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Today, the temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60’s with sporadic showers, with sun tomorrow.  The flowers are alive and well at Armstrong-Kelly Park here in Osterville.  Hope the weather is reasonable wherever you may be today…  The tables have turned, or at least seem to be headed in that direction, regarding financial reform in the United States of America.  In a stunning turn of events, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY) reversed the contradiction of himself yesterday, with news he now “supports” Wall Street reform.  Whether or not this is a total transformation of the human spirit into the sunlight is yet to be determined, for the only real form of “reform” is to dismantle the existing system and return it to the regulatory environment that began in this country when Franklin Delano Roosevelt placed restrictions on banks after the Great Depression in the early 1930’s.  For almost 60 years, the markets were relatively stable, with no “creative financial instruments”, namely derivatives or credit default swaps, or bets, clouding the judgement of otherwise responsible fiscal conservatives.  When the line between Wall Street and Capitol Hill became blurred, greed took over politics and it became infinitely more important than serving the needs of the people for whom they were elected.  These “derivatives” must be placed in the open, on open exchanges, so that investors KNOW what is going on and are not taken down by back room deals that serve the hedge fund managers, a few select “executives” and a castle like environment that firms like Goldman Sachs have become.  The system that we have now is badly broken, for it is wired to keep the status quo in place, including the right wing political machine, the henchmen (Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) who do the bidding of the “one percent corporate pyramid scheme”, and the banking industry in general, who have relied on lax regulatory agencies, especially in the past 10 years, to turn the other way when crooked deals are going down.  This form of “banking” has brought the country to its knees once in 2008, let alone the world, and could do so again if some real reform with teeth is not implemented soon.  This is beyond anti-trust laws, it gets to the very heart of right vs. wrong.  Is it wrong for top executives to pretend they are in Vegas, drunk on power and greed, all the while gambling with your mother and father’s pensions?  Is it wrong that we the tax payer must bail out these mammoth institutions when the piper must be paid and all the money has disappeared down a rat hole?  The P.O.N., the executives at Goldman Sachs, and now the American people, know what is really going on and it is high time we put an end to this charade of over the top greed, lust for power, and down right criminal behavior.  Buck up and be a man!  You mice of Capitol Hill– you have no shame, no moral fiber and no future in a decent society.  To you, Mitch, I say this, “How are the poor in your state of Kentucky doing?  How is your portfolio doing?  Do you really believe that Wall Street offers this great country of ours anything of value?  DO YOU??? Have a nice day folks!  Peace~ M

April 21, 2010

Bird Song

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are well and safe this morning, this 21st of April, 2010.  Yesterday was, perhaps, the prettiest day of the year thus far, with abundant sunshine, temperatures in the mid 50’s and large cumulus clouds above… bringing hundreds of people to Dowses Beach here in Osterville– spring has arrived!  What can we all say about the crooked ways of Wall Street?  The best analogy I heard yesterday during my exhausting search for the truth, was a gentleman on Chris Mathews show, “Hardball, with Chris Mathews”, who likened the recent “trips” that Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell took from his home state of Kentucky to Wall Street, where he met with the biggest “banking” institutions in the world, (Mitch “serves” as one of the Senators and “acts” as the minority “leader” in the United States Senate) to taking out an insurance policy on his neighbor’s house and then burning it to the ground. His visits to the dark side raised eyebrows, for he has gone on record with misinformation, strike that, down right lies, about the financial reform that is being considered in congress even as I write this commentary, and has pretended to be on the side of the average angry American citizen.  He states that the new proposed legislation would act as another bailout for the firms that are “too big to fail”… Nothing could be further from the truth.  The new legislation brings about tougher regulations on these crooked casinos and lessens the possibility that the tax payers in this country would need to come forward again to give money to people who have taken the upside for all of these years and left the downside to the average working family.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, nothing more.  The recent scandal involving Goldman Sachs who, along with a shady hedge fund manager, designed complicated mortgage backed securities that both the hedge fund and the investment bank knew would fail, all the while telling it’s own customers that they were AAA rated by Moody’s rating agency (who is owned by the big banks and represents a huge conflict of interest) and moreover, guided them into buying them.  “Shana, they bought their tickets, they knew what they were getting into, I say, let ‘em crash,” (SNL 1975 point-counter point).  In other words, selling fire insurance to your neighbor and then lighting a match to burn the whole thing down.  Quite a gentleman.  Good for you Mitch, we need more of your kind in Washington D.C., for those poor people who don’t have enough to eat  and desperately need your lies to fill their empty stomachs.  You are a disgrace to your state, your profession and your God… Oh, wait a moment, Wall Street is your God, never mind… The P.O.N. is a poisonous viral infection that seems to be spreading like wild fire in this battered country.  The puppets that “play” Senator are only outmatched by the puppets that play game show hosts on Nazi like programs airing 24/7 on the FOX News channel, whose blind ambition and brain washed minds are funnier than the comedy channel.  I don’t enjoy writing commentary about these “tiny minded wipers of other people’s bottoms” (credit:  Monty Python’s Flying Circus), yet in order to heal, the muck must be brought into the sunlight of the Truth. I would much rather write about great women in our history that offered sage advice on how we should live our lives, not bowing to fear and hate, rather living out loud in Joy and Love.  One of those women is Audrey Hepburn, one of my favorite people to ever grace planet earth.  She rose, as we all know, as a star on the silver screen.  Her beauty was breathtaking and her heart was a big as a whale, for after an all too brief career as an actress, starring in iconic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, she left the glitz of Hollywood and spent her remaining days in Africa, where she worked for the great cause, UNICEF, and helped thousands upon thousands of children who had no one else to care for them.  Imagine that happening today.  I want to share a poem that was read at her funeral, written long before her death.  She was asked to share her beauty tips and this is what she wrote…”For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.  For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.  For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.  For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.  For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.  People even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone. Remember, if you need a helping hand you will find one at the end of each of your arms.  As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.”  She was a Saint…  As for Mitch McConnell, I must not throw him out, nor anyone else on the “party of no”, for even though they are not awake, they are just as worthy of Love as anyone else–McConnell defines the word forgiveness.  Have a great day folks!  Peace~ M

April 20, 2010

April Sunrise

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Another beautiful day on tap here on Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket–Greetings to all!  On East Bay this morning I witnessed one of the most spectacular sights on the Cape, wild Swans swimming in peace.  When I first looked out of my Saab this morning, I noticed some large seagulls swimming 200 yards out.  After focusing on the large white birds, I could clearly see that they were actually Swans who moments later, met up with three more.  They greeted one another in silence, reverance and grace, and just like that, they lifted their giant wings and took off in flight, heading west towards East Bay Drive, destination unknown…  These are the moments I treasure, the moments that make it all worth it.  There is a ray of sunshine that is making it’s way through the fog and muck that blurs the line between what is right and what is wrong.  Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank in the United States of America, “got some esplainin’ to do…”  How can “banks” pretend that smart people will not understand what they have been up to?  Bilking their own customers out of billions of dollars in true “back room deals” that have systematically raped the American tax payer, not to mention entire countries, out of billions upon billions of dollars.  This recent scandal is a microcosm of what happened a year and a half ago, when Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush, came to congress and asked for three quarters of a trillion dollars to keep these monstrosities called “banks” afloat–or else.  His proposal was written in crayon and consisted of three pages–THREE PAGES!  When you think about it, under the former President, we were on a crash course to oblivion in this country.  We had two unfunded wars, two huge tax breaks for the wealthy, an out of control banking system that gave nothing back to the economy, low moral, fear by the truckload, and a general angst in the country that could not be pinned down in words of the English kind, or any language for that matter.  What has happened since President Obama took over?  Historic health care LAW was passed, a beginning to the end of nuclear proliferation and loose nukes, an attempt to tackle climate change, true work in the Middle East to promote peace, and an economy that is beginning to show signs of life.  The P.O.N. does not want this, nor do their corporate masters, and have painted themselves as a radical, even dangerous alternative to common sense solutions in an ever changing world, an exponentially changing world.  The small minds that make up the P.O.N. are highlighted by personalities like Sarah Palin, who fits in perfectly with the “American Idol” mentality that at least half of America has become.  Check it out, in Washington D.C. the majority of the politicians are white males who are mostly in their 60’s and do not represent the majority of people in this country.  Denial is a strong player in this struggle for the soul of America, as these folks just don’t get it, and perhaps they never will.  It is a fundamental difference between the progressive mind and the mind of a junior high school bully who sings the lyrics of “Glory Days”, by Bruce Springsteen, thinking back to the “good times” when the stock market seemed to have no ceiling and bad deals were just a part of doing business.  So take heart America, Ronald Reagan did not own “Morning in America”–I do, and so do YOU!  Have a blessed Tuesday folks!  Peace~ M

April 19, 2010

Dock by the Bay

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“Sitting on a dock by the bay, wastin’ time…”  Greetings and salutations from the sand and surf of Cape Cod and the grand islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The sunrise this morning was something to observe, with deep purple clouds to the east and clear sky above, the stars still shining although blended into the blue, as a sharp yellow light rose above and bathed Dowses in a golden orange glow…  I sat in silence for a spell, with the sea crows cawing and the seagulls fishing, and took in all of the beauty that surrounded me.  To be one with nature is the ultimate healing from the shrapnel of this world.  Being one with nature requires no watch, no concept of “time”.  For time is but an illusion we as humans seem to be chained to.  Hurrying from point A to point B and back again, a virtual treadmill that so few get off and realize just how precious this LIFE is–both your life and everyone else’s, be they man or mouse.  Speaking of mice, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell has provided all the material I need this morning.  The “leader” of the Senate minority and a citizen of the great state of Kentucky, old Mitch just doesn’t get it.  He seems oblivious to the fact that we live in a 24 hour news cycle.  On Friday, Mitch told his flock of corporate owned “reporters” that the financial reform bill that is being proposed by President Obama would lead to more bank bail outs–another lie by the P.O.N..  Later in the week end, it was revealed that Mitch has been hitting up the big hedge fund firms for cash for his campaign for the upcoming Fall elections.  Can you say conflict of interest?  I knew that you could… The facts are clear, Wall Street has taken over Washington D.C. to the degree that it is now seemingly impossible to liquidate these monstrosities called “banks”, with the line between traditional banking institutions and investment banks being dissolved.  Moreover, the Citizens United case in the Supreme Court has virtually wiped out any chance for real reform (or electing anyone who doesn’t work for a corporation and is on the take), for the new “leaders” of the next congress will be bought and sold by the “powers that be” in the corporate milieu.  They are banking, so to speak, on the American publics’ ignorance.  Reforming Wall Street is as complicated as the derivatives that got us into this mess to begin with.  The one ray of hope is the recent civil fraud case brought against Goldman Sachs, an A list Wall Street casino, whose criminal actions brought the whole of the banking industry into question once again…(although this is redundant).  The question is this, will the Democratic party take hold of this latest egregious action taken by the casino industry and turn it into some kind of a safety net for the American people, let alone the world economy.  So few are making it in America.  So many are at the brink of terror.  I truly feel for these people, for I can understand not having a voice.  What strikes me as the most hypocritical, however, is the backstop these criminals use for their own defense and indeed, offense–Jesus Christ himself.  If I could offer Mitch a little advice it would be this–what would Jesus do? Would Jesus ever consider being part of the “Party of NO?”  Would Jesus consider any of this nonsense to begin with?  It seems to me, one of the central stories in whatever version of the Bible you may read, is his final trip to Jerusalem and the visit to the holiest of Temples.  Looking around at all of the “business” that was being conducted on the temple grounds, a holy place of worship and quiet reflection, Jesus lost his temper and took it out on the “money changers”–striking the tables that held gold and silver, spilling it all to the ground…  It is “Patriots Day” here in Massachusetts, whereupon the Boston Marathon takes place every year starting in Hopkinton (roughly 26 miles to the west of Boston proper) and ending at the John Hancock Tower in the Back Bay.  We celebrate this day to remember the reason this country came into existence to begin with–freedom from tyranny. The P.O.N. has twisted this pure truth and manipulated it for political gain, nothing more.  The irony of the “tea party movement” is blind ignorance to fact and mission.  The P.O.N. fuels the fire of discontent with their strategists and corporate sponsors, who, like King George, are only interested in profit and power, control and coercion.  The tea party movement has been fooled by people who are not interested in them per se, but in regressing this country back to the 19th century.  Not a country of the people, by the people and for the people, but a country of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy.  Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell meet King George and all of his outdated, political nonsense, that has nothing to do with the “God” you claim to worship, but everything to do with the God you do worship–the almighty dollar!  Have a great day folks!  Peace~ M

April 18, 2010

Polar Bear Play

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From the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, I bid you a fair adieu!  The sporadic showers continue today, with the lighting mirroring the image posted above you.  It seems we don’t get enough “play time” in this country, although don’t ask the good folks at Goldman Sachs for any sympathy.  The “investment bank” was rocked less than 48 hours ago by a fraud case that involved a hedge fund manger by the name of Paulson, no relation to the former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson (or is there?), and the top executives at the firm.  It seems that the honest brokers were involved with making bets on securities that both the hedge fund and the firm knew would fail, resulting in billions of dollars lost, effecting investors, 401(K)’s, and a complete melt down of trust that may have still existed within the casino like environment that Wall Street has become.  Add to this the P.O.N., who has gathered 41 of it’s bravest Senators to fight any form of Wall Street/Banking reform, even under the damning light that has just shined down on the shady business of ripping off Main Street to keep the status quo in place.  Boom, Bust and Bailout is alive and well, with the President in the unenviable position of explaining his position to the American people.  Therefore, he will have to battle the war of words that are spun from dark caves like “word doctors” and key players like Frank Luntz, who will muddy the waters with lies and propaganda with the aim of maintaining a shell game system of legalized gambling that rewards the wealthiest… while leaving the 95 percent of Americans without access to the “game”–high and dry.  It amazes me how effective the strategists have become, bending truth like Superman bends steel, helping the typical American find his wallet, when all along having stolen it to begin with.  The P.O.N. is a scam, a joke, a criminal organization that is only interested in the “mission” of getting America back to where it once was–a segregated, homophobic society that serves the corporation and the almighty dollar (a history that only goes back to the era of Ronald Reagan and his deregulation of the financial industry).  We, collectively, must take a stand against such tyranny, hiding behind a pin stripped suit, and pass substantial financial reform before the seeds of plutocracy take root.  The history that these clowns quote is dead wrong, made up and then packaged for republican Senators and congressman alike.  They are then encouraged to “speak their minds”, or rather talk to the “talking points” with thousands of cameras paying attention, and thus, pulling the wool over the eyes of the typical American citizen.  This is a well oiled machine that is highly dedicated, well financed, organized and full of power, for it has tapped into the central theme that so few seem to talk about these days–pure, unadulterated racism.  The P.O.N. has tapped into the anger and deep rooted fear of black America that still exists today in the United States of America.  How is it that 45 years after the words of Martin Luther King Jr., raining down like gospel in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, that we are still a racist society?  Education.  Or rather, the lack therein.  If fifty percent of Americans get their news from sources as slimy as FOX News, then we as a nation have taken a big step backwards in regard to how we treat each other–let alone true social justice, basic human rights and an even playing field that the “American Dream” was based on to begin with.  Goldman Sachs is the purest example of what is wrong with America, in that it represents the very wealthiest clientele in the world and yet feels that “it” does not have to play by the same rules as everybody else.  This is kindergarten stuff.  This is child’s play.  But, it is not Polar Bear play… Have a blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

April 17, 2010

Dowses’ Sanderling

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The rains have left a few puddles on Wianno Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in Osterville, and they continue this morning, although not as intense as the storms we have already experienced on Cape this past winter.  Hats off to the “Tea Party” for the triumphant rallies held across the nation yesterday and the day before, parroting the true voice of the P.O.N.–the strategists who make it all happen.  Men like Frank Luntz, one of the authors of “Word Doctors” (google this site) who put out a bulletin, or memo if you please, to be read by ranking members of congress who may go in front of the camera, i.e., Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), and thus, have the opportunity to speak to the “talking points” of the day…Later in the day, FOX News (Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch), the handlers at the “Rush Limbaugh children’s hour”, and rogue agents like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck, echo these “words” written by the farthest thing to a doctor in modern day civilization.  These “words” written by individuals who are employed by the richest one percent of the national economy of “status quo”, are poisonous.  There should be a label on FOX News, similar to musical albums that are marked with a warning label as to the lyrical content not being suitable for children or anyone for that matter, that states– “Your brain may become washed.” Then in very small font, the fine print… “Other side effects include stupidity, ignorance, bigotry, self-delusion, anger, rage, hate, fear and discouragement.  Do not take Fox News with any other television stations, as you may become unstable, angrier and catatonic.  Fox news is not responsible for any outbursts of anger when taking as prescribed by crooked politicians.  Sporadic lying may occur.  Consult your local KKK office if you experience any thoughts of compassion, empathy or a state of grace, as these may be signs that you are growing a global conscience.  Do not stop watching Fox News, for sudden symptoms may occur such as panic, urges to build a bomb shelter, or joining a militia group.  However, if approached to join one, just say, “Sarah sent me”, and present your secret decoder ring.  I wonder what they are doing in Sweden right now?…       Have a nice day folks!      Peace~ M

April 16, 2010

Morning Has Broken…

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Good morning and Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On this Friday morning, we wake up to a volcano erupting in Iceland.  The air traffic throughout Europe, including the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, has been brought to a stand still.  Engines cannot fly through the volcanic rocks that although microscopic, can shut down a 777’s Rolls Royce engines and render a giant plane useless in the sky.  Moreover, the razor sharp sentiments in the air can cut the windshield of the cockpit, blinding the pilots’ ability to manage the large flying machines.  It’s funny how we truly have become a global society, as natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires and even volcanoes can interrupt global travel and commerce.  We should take note of this fact, for if the current program of emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere continues, we will see the seas rise 3 feet in our lifetimes, spelling out disasters on a biblical scale all across the planet.  Nuclear proliferation is no longer a real threat, but loose nukes are, as we learned from the “Nuclear Security Summit–Washington 2010″.  However, loose nukes are child’s play compared to the devastation this planet will endure if climate change is not taken seriously in the upcoming years.  Mother Nature is far more powerful than we give her credit for, and although we don’t think about it on a 24/7 basis, many noted scientists do and their results are not up for debate.  Numbers don’t lie. The melting of the ice will continue even as we arrogant humans ignore the crystal clear science of FACT.  Food for thought.  Have a great week end everybody and have hope in your heart, for I know I am not alone on this one.  Peace~ M

April 15, 2010

Lush Beauty

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The flowers at Armstrong-Kelly park in Osterville shine bright on this April day, no matter what the pundits say…  Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  Sun and calm seas are expected on the Cape and islands today, with temperatures in the mid 50’s–a perfect day to celebrate “Daffodil Day” on Nantucket!  The Fugawi sailboat race kicks off the summer sailing season as well, and I pray that Sir Lion, Teddy Kennedy, is watching from a luxury box in the sky, perhaps pondering what a miracle it is that we passed health care into law only a short few weeks ago…  My city of Boston received one of my favorite game show hosts, Sarah, “give me a helicopter, a thirty odd six and some innocent wolves”, Palin, for her most recent assault on honesty, good will and the working poor.  Her “speech” at the Boston Common, only a few short steps from where I used to live on Spruce Place, tucked away in the narrow gas lamp streets of Beacon Hill, commanded about 5000 people who listened to her squeaky voice screeching, “How’s that , hopey, changey thing goin’ for ya?”…  The deep wells of compassion and grace filled the Boston air, as Sarah explained the conspiracy of the Obama administration–how constantly stating the word, “reload”, is not a call for violence.  Her eloquence, as always, was only outmatched by her wisdom and kindness.  I was moved to tears when she had to leave, for I would not know when she was to return.  I count the days.  After her speech, it was reported that she took in a visit at the New England Aquarium, one of my favorite places in Boston next to Faneuil Hall.  While there she asked if she could bring her gun in and rid the aquarium of any unwanted fish.  For, and I quote her, “only dead fish go with the tide…”  According to A.P. reports, she was escorted from the property and banned for life.  The clarity and horse sense of the republicans is so clear and right as rain– the good folks at FOX News see this, why can’t you?  The era of great men like Teddy Kennedy seems to be waning in politics these days, as the five minute attention span of Americans tends to favor the game show host variety as the world slowly melts.  I pray that the trend is reversed.  Have a wonderful day folks, you betcha!  Peace~ M

April 14, 2010

Spring Waves

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Dowses Beach was a glow in soft, warm sunshine this morning, as Spring strolls on in… Although it is still April, the warmth of our star is clear when one steps out into the wilderness and breaths in the salty air, observing Osprey in mid flight as they dive into East Bay retrieving fish and completing the circle of LIFE.  Washington D.C. is active in this pursuit as well, with 47 nations in our country’s Capitol as I write this, an historic occasion called “the Nuclear

Security Summit–Washington 2010″…  President Obama has brought these leaders together to end the problem of “loose nukes” and bring this world a little closer to sanity–a planet with no nuclear weapons of any kind.  Ronald Reagan proclaimed this goal in the mid 1980’s and as we listen to more of the same from the “party of heck no”, I am pleased to report that the GOP has painted themselves into a corner of ignorance once again.  Going back and forth on positions that were once sacred to a political party that once stood for something, the republicans are becoming more transparent every day.  “I’m not a maverick,” stated John McCain recently and as I ponder this absurdity after looking at the title to his book that included the word “maverick” on the cover page, I started thinking about all the other yahoos that make up the P.O.N….  Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R–minority leader of the Senate) stated recently that regulating the casino’s that call themselves banks would be another “government takeover”.  This, of course, is just as absurd.  Mitchy boy recently stated that bank regulation is paramount to keeping the Bush bailout from happening again…  Trust is not a word I would associate with the “party of NO”.  Lying, hypocritical, criminals is more like it.  Yet, half of the American public is enamored with these Cretans and believe in people like Sarah Palin, who should be tested for anabolic steroid use–as her testosterone levels are highly elevated.  I wonder what the protocol on that is over at FOX News, if it is piped in from a nearby steroid dealer and if indeed Shaun Hannity is behind the whole thing.  Oh, I forgot, Shaun has the intellectual capacity of a small soap dish.  One FACT is certain however, when Washington D.C. is underwater, the “party of NO” will fade away into the night and we will be left to clean up their mess.  Have a wonderful day folks!  Peace~ M

April 12, 2010

Cape Cod Home

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Top of the morning to you, from the sand and surf of Cape Cod and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The weather at Dowses Beach this morning, here in Osterville, was clear and calm, as the sun rose just a few minutes ago over the far away island of Nantucket–27 nautical miles south southeast.  The agenda that President Obama set for the past week was steep, with 40 plus nations coming to America for a summit on nuclear weapons and of course, this stirred up fierce opposition from the party of “heck no”.  This is a G rated blog, so I’ll leave the hell to the republican “leaders”…  It was really good to see Sarah Palin get over her shyness and speak to her followers on “Face Book” and give a inspirational speech about the qualities of her deep grasp of the issues, her compassion for the common man and her delicate way she has to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I can’t get enough of Sarah.  She is a talk show host, a rabid den mother, and dangerous owner of many fire arms… all wrapped up in a walking talking, “talking point”, that defies reason, decency, respect for living things, Carma and creative intelligence itself.  Twenty years ago, Sarah, “will you sign my yearbook”, Palin would have been laughed off the stage.  Her comic sty lings are unmatched in today’s political arena, with quick one liners that hold as much substance as a box of Fruit Loops.  Which makes perfect sense when you listen to Levi Johnston tell it (her ex-son in law), for even though Sarah is a fearless big game hunter, filled with the courage to jump into a helicopter and shoot innocent wolves with a thirty odd six, Levi stated a while back that they never “hunted” for their food.  Sarah would normally have one of the kids skip on down to the local “Taco Hell” and order up some “Chalupas” and some diet coke.  You know, diet, because somebody has got to look good in that Ralph Lauren outfit that was just purchased with your hard earned tax dollars.  By all means, let’s donate more money to the RNC, so that Sarah, Michael Steele and countless lobbyists can stay at a posh Beverly Hills hotel, enjoy some live entertainment at “Voyeur” and give speeches about the fundamental platform of the republican party–fiscal responsibility.  Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, as stated by Keith Olberman a long time ago, and yet, at the same time, her dangerous rhetoric is deeply dividing this country.  Of course, she is not really in control of the situation.  She too is a puppet for big corporations who will use the recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision, allowing corporations the same rights as citizens of this great country–giving as much money as they wish towards campaigns for positions in the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and even the Presidential election in 2012…  Gee, I wonder what will happen?  Well, that is a blog for another day.  Meanwhile, stay tuned, keep your ear to the grindstone, as Sarah would say, and have a nice day!  For today is really all we have.  Peace~ M

April 11, 2010

Osterville Light

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Greetings on this Sunday morning from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket! The weather is clear and the seas are calm here in Osterville and as we all enjoy this Sunday, I am reminded of just how big the universe really is…  The light that we all take for granted, our sun, is one of billions upon billions of stars that make up the galaxy we call the “Milky Way”.  The Milky Way was discovered by ancient astronomers who noticed that the sky had a white streak running through it’s center and thus, coined the phrase “milky circle” in ancient Greek.  Through the years, scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, perfected the telescope using mirrors that allow for a more focused view of the heavens, as opposed to a fuzzier picture like the one you see above.  The light particles, however, can be seen quite clearly, and to this end, Newton perfected the first modern day images of our night sky.  When you think about the magnitude of the Milky Way galaxy alone, the fact that the Milky Way is only one of billions upon even more billions of galaxies just like it, well, you get the idea.  We are very small in the grand scheme of things.  Space is infinite and while we compete for non-essentials like power and control over others just like us on this temporary earth plane, we lose a part of why we are all here to begin with.  Even as you look about you today, notice the amount of space that is between yourself and your loved ones, your neighbors, the people in your town, the people in your state, the people in your country and indeed, the people in your world, you will realize just how precious your life, as well as your fellow brothers and sisters, really is.  You see how vulnerable and fragile we humans really are.  The big talk of war, the lies that unfortunate humans tell to promote fear and hate, the blindness that exists towards suffering and hunger, and the complete missing of the point of WHY we are all here is heartbreaking.  Why is it that so many, who have so much, are so miserable?  Why is it?  Could it be that the collective ego has taken hold of so many unsuspecting victims?  That the fear card has been used time and time again to manipulate our brethren to the point that they cannot see the forest for the trees?  I’d call that a big yes.  So when looking through the metaphorical telescope of “every day life”, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “why am I feeling this way, why am I thinking this way, why am I acting this way..?”  The answers will astonish you if you are true to yourself, chalk full of honest assessment.  William Shakespeare stated over 500 years ago six simple words, “To thine known self be true.”  That is the key to opening of the window to the JOY, LOVE and PEACE that you already are–you just forgot along the way.  Have a wonderful Sunday!  Peace~ M

April 10, 2010


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Greetings and a good morning to you from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The winds are whipping up the sand and surf as I write this in my little loft at my home here in Osterville.  I just returned from Nantucket Sound, and as the sun rose over Hyannis Port, I noticed that the weather was actually seasonable for this time of year…I wonder how much longer we will be able to use the word “seasonable”…  It seems that Saturday is only day of the week where geo-political games take a day off.  Sunday is set aside for the various “news” programs that are designed to take a look back at the week that has just passed us by, review the various proposals on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives, take a critical look at what our President is trying to accomplish to make the world a better and safer place to live in and how we as citizens of this great country can add a voice of reason, calm and constructive solutions to the mounting problems we face as a nation as well as the world at large.  Oh wait, that is a parallel universe where adults rule the day and children, especially juvenile delinquent children are either ignored or called out for their ignorance, hate and violent rhetoric.  My bad.  The reality of the situation is this, corporate owned media, the monster that is “on” 24/7, is an instrument that takes “reason” completely out of the picture and replaces it with the tool of 21st century politics (control and power), namely fear and more fear.  Fear is irrational and dangerous.  To keep the masses down, one needs only look to FOX News and the “powers that be” that use that medium to do exactly what I just described.  The talking points are transparent, to the trained eye, and these weapons of mass destruction only inhibit the growth of a nation, much like high fructose corn syrup impedes the natural growth of an innocent child–changing his body chemistry, rendering him overweight, unambitious and despondent, a perfect soil to grow America’s new favorite crop–FEAR and hate.  Just watch ABC’s “This Week” and watch big hitters like Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal.  She is a piece of work.  She sits at the round table with a smirk on her face as wide as the Grand Canyon and when she speaks, her verbs and nouns, as well as her adjectives, define the word patronizing.  The sad point to this ray of light is that she represents the moderate speak of the right wingnut/tea party coalition of morons.  It has been said by individuals as famous as Newt Gingrich (former Speaker of the House (R) and possible Presidential candidate in 2012) who said of America recently, “I don’t think I have seen this division in my lifetime, it is as bad as it was in the 1850’s…” the height of the Civil War.  It is clear that bigotry and hate have overtaken the souls of many American citizens who have been hood winked into believing the whoppers that puppets like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh throw out on a daily basis–the talking points of hate.  The talking points of hate. The colors of a rainbow are not white.  They are a myriad of colors all blended together to create such a beautiful display of creative intelligence.  Diversity, like in the animal kingdom, breeds PROGRESS, evolution and a movement upwards, not backwards.  The fear that exists within the hearts of people who are so afraid that they might lose their power is so clear a five year old could see it.  And yet, nearly half of the American electorate would rather follow, as Keith Olberman put it, an IDIOT like Sarah, “I’m a coward who shoots wolves from a helicopter”, Palin, and her mindless rhetoric not fit for a junior high school basketball court.  So watch the televison shows of the corporate revived Rome and make up your own mind, for that is what it is going to take–a whole lot of people standing up and saying, “wait a minute, I’m not going to listen to you anymore.  You are a liar and an idiot; who stands on exclusion, hate, bigotry and fear.  Have a nice day folks!  Peace~ M

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