whale 2010 January | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 31, 2010

One Star

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As the snow gently fell on the dunes and rocks of Dowses Beach here in Osterville, Massachusetts a few minutes ago, I was struck by the silence of the pre-dawn hour.  Have you ever noticed how peaceful your mind and body can become in the company of silence?  Every sound is born and dies from this silent premise, and if one is inclined to sit with “it” for a moment, you can feel the difference in your whole being as the sounds of the ocean come in and out of your consciousness, bringing about a real sense of who you are beyond the clutter of noise that collects like moss on a stone.  “Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence.”  unknown author…  Have a blissful Sunday.  Peace
~ M

January 30, 2010

Olive Branch

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On a cold 9 degree morning here in Osterville, Massachusetts, I bid you a fair adieu.  Yesterday was a unique day in politics, as 140 republican members of the House of Representatives gathered for a question and answer session with the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  If you have followed any of the party of NO and the talking points therein, (this live exchange that took place in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday was aired live by most news stations), you will see why this was either a day of celebration or a day of soul searching…  I say most, for FOX news aired it live for only a portion of the full “debate”, as they quickly realized that it was not in their best interest to do so.  The “Lion’s Den” was filled with questions that were not based in fact and as the President schooled these children, it was clear that the republican leaders, like Mike Pence, who made the decision to bring attention, national attention, to the ignorance and non-yielding essence of the “core-values” the republicans offer the American people, made a mistake and as the discussion continued, this fact became as clear as the light of day…For example, when one of the members of the House began complaining about the national debt and the deficit, Obama was quick to point out that not only did he come into office with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit, but was also saddled with an 8 trillion dollar debt that came from unfunded pet projects like the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and the prescription drug bill.  These debts and deficits were already in existence before the President took the oath of office.  Further, the stimulus bill of roughly 1.2 trillion dollars was mostly put into place by the previous administration to keep this country from going over a cliff and was adopted by President Obama.  The fact of the matter is this, republicans do not deal in facts, they will continue to operate on phantom talking points that are not based in reality.  Moreover, the real players in this sick game have absolutely no desire of helping the American people, in fact the policies that Obama has put forth in good faith to do exactly that, are met with cynicism, scorn, repudiation, and the real fear that if these new ideals, American ideals, are put into place, it may undermine the “vision” that they truly have for America– let the richest of the rich continue to pillage this great country of ours, on the backs of the working poor, and to hell with the rest of them!  If the “Christian” right wing in this country really wanted to be Christian, they would start by the first fundamental–honesty.  Be honest that you abhor the poor, that you don’t care about regular Americans getting the health care they deserve, that you are oblivious to what we are doing to the environment, that you want the big banks to continue creating the boom and bust cycle, thus, insuring that the one’s who are on the “inside” will continue to benefit and gain more wealth and power, while the rest of America, roughly 90 percent, can continue to suffer and die.  What’s the matter?   ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE TRUTH?  Have a nice Saturday!  Peace~ M

January 29, 2010

Lone Bird

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Studying the recent “State of the Union” speech by President Obama, that he gave to the joint session of the United States Senate, the United States Congress, and the American people, I have to give him high marks for content and extra credit for humor.  For who could not add some “tongue in cheek” to the avenues afforded him by an unprecedented right wing obstructionist philosophy?  There is little doubt in my mind to the intentions of men, or mice as it were, like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and John McCain who sat in their comfortable seats for this historic speech by the first African-American to hold the title of President of the United States.  Feeling confident that the ruling the Supreme Court recently gave on “corporate campaign donations unlimited”, these men of little to no moral code sat on their hands while the President outlined a path out of the destructiveness that has become Washington D.C..  Lip readers read aloud McCain’s grumpy attitude for us all to hear loud and clear, “Blame it on Bush”, as President Obama stated the obvious fact that he was handed a financial crisis created by the former administration– wars that were unfunded to the tune of 1.5 trillion dollars, a “health care” cartel that is holding the citizens of this country hostage, a corrupt banking system that is literally stealing money from the American tax payer, a legislative body that is blind to satellite views that show one’s eyes the fact that Greenland, as well as the Polar ice cap, are almost 50 percent gone all due to human activity and the emitting of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and, if left unchecked, will doom the world as we now know it, devious and derelict lobbyists who are like cock roaches in our collective kitchens, and the corporate owned media, that has deceived 50 percent of the American public into believing everything they read, hear, or think via mice like Limbaugh, Beck and O’Reilly…not to mention record unemployment that has no real end in sight, as the “jobs” of the past were built upon systems, like the automobile industry, that are going the way of the Dodo bird.  This does not begin to touch on “Peak Oil”, the phenomenon where oil will reach it’s peak supply and begin it’s descent, while demand for the most efficient of all energy (or at least the way our infrastructure is set up now) oil, continues to go up, as developing countries like China and India demand more and more fuel.  These monumental problems facing the United States of America are daunting, and as the President asked the simple question, “if you have a better solution to issues like health care, please let me know, let me know, let me know,” you could see the cynicism, cruelty, and dare I say hatred in the eyes of the party that just says NO.  These are not leaders.  They represent a small minority of wealthy, white men who live in secret fraternity houses like “C Street” in Washington D.C., and think that sex scandals are a big joke.  They are a group of politicians who hide behind the word of God (not being anywhere near the Creator) and manipulate the words of Christ himself in order to scare people into a line that they set up themselves.  One representative said this of the poor, “don’t feed stray animals”…the poor are now animals?  Jesus said many moons ago, “what you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me.“  Can it be any clearer than that?  Or do they take the St. James version of the Bible and manipulate the words to fit into their short term, narcissistic grand plan for man kind? (25% unemployment, a barter economy, no regulation and a strong military)  What do these so called leaders know of God?  What do these men of “power” Know of generosity, kindness and love of your fellow man?  Nothing.  And that is what they amount to–NOTHING.  If a member of congress or the United States Supreme Court are elected or appointed via the new bribery system that the afore mentioned “court” just put into place, then they should be forced to wear the company logo, such as ADM or Exxon Mobile, on their $5000 dollar suits and admit, in public, who and what they really represent–GREED.  Have a nice week end!  Peace~ M

January 28, 2010


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On this Thursday morning here on Cape Cod, I thought I might offer a poem that was written by a local poet, a Pulitzer Prize winning poet by the name of Mary Oliver…the title is called “Something”...

Something fashioned this yellow-white lace-mass that the sea has brought to the shore and left–

like popcorn stuck to itself, or a string of lace rolled up tight, or a handful of fingering shells pasted together, each with a tear where something escaped into the sea.  I brought it home out of the uncombed morning and consulted among my books.  I do not know what to call this sharpest desire

to discover a name, but there it is, suddenly, clearly

illustrated on the page, offering my heart

another singular

moment of happiness:  to know that it is the egg case of an ocean shell, the whelk, which, in its proper season, spews forth its progeny in such glutenous and faintly glimmering fashion, each one chewing and tearing itself free

While what is left rides to shore, one more sweet-as honey answer for the wanderer whose tongue is agile, whose mind, in the world’s riotous plenty,

wants syntax, connections, lists, and most of all names to set beside the multitudinous stars, flowers, sea creatures, rocks, trees. The egg case of the whelk

sits on my shelf in front of, as it happens, Blake.  Something I dream that everything in the world is here, in my room, in a great closet, named and orderly,

and I am here too, in front of it,

hardly able to see for the flash and brightness–

and sometimes I am that madcap person clapping my hands and singing;

and sometimes I am that quiet person down on my knees.

Have a wonderful Thursday!  Peace~ M

January 27, 2010

East Bay

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On the other side of Dowses Beach, which looks to the south and Nantucket Sound, is East Bay– a small inlet that acts as a harbor for many boats during the summer season.  I have a mooring out on this small body of water, where I sail in and out of, and for that I am grateful.  Hiding among the marsh grass, is a Great Blue Heron, one of the many species of birds that call East Bay their home.  We are fortunate here on Cape Cod and the Islands, as there are plenty of good folks who actually care about the environment and go to great lengths to save little things like the Common Terns and their nesting grounds on the hallowed dunes of Dowses.  No one dumps garbage into the ocean here, and their is a real sense of community when it comes to anything resembling a stewardship to the sea.  The great sadness I feel today is due to the crumbling of a moral fabric that this country was built upon, admired throughout the world, and the blindness of it’s citizens to stand up and fight for what is rightfully theirs, their children’s and their grandchildren’s.  It is like someone stealing your wallet and helping you look for it, all the while telling you that one should be more careful with one’s belongings.  With the invisible hand of a “person that does not exist” (the corporation), the politicians of the future will resemble pit bosses in a Vegas casino.  Armed with mindless followers and policies of profit, the destruction of democracy will come in the form of mind numbing commercials that lull the public to sleep, keeping them just “happy” enough to get up and go to work for sub-poverty wages and maintaining enough fear to propel the “powers that be” into a stronger position as the landlords in a “Stockholm Syndrome” that keeps the general public in chains, never being able to see the forest for the trees.  I do not enjoy writing these truths anymore than you, possibly, not wanting to hear them.  However, it is paramount that the truth be known. Paramount.  Global warming will become our biggest problem in the United States of America if something is not done about it soon.  Top scientists from all corners of the earth have concluded that we are near the “tipping point”, the point of no return, where the world, THE WORLD, will not be able to recover and balance itself out to promote LIFE.  Is that really what the far right agenda wants?  IS IT?  Of course, there could be a change of heart in this country, and I pray for that on a daily basis.  I am not ashamed to say that.  Rally around the truth, rally around people who do not have an ulterior motive.  Vote for the individuals courageous enough to tell the truth.  George Washington, our first President in this grand United States of America, said, “I cannot tell a lie”… the same cannot be said in Washington D.C., and if these men and women who were elected “by the people” had any moral fiber, they would at least admit to their shortcomings and stand on the right side of not only history, but of what makes us human BEINGS–Love of our fellow man.  Have a nice Wednesday!  Peace~ M

January 26, 2010


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Good morning to all on a rather warm start to the day here in Osterville, Massachusetts on Cape Cod!  The weather has been cooperating the past few days, and the forecast is for a few showers, with abundant sunshine tomorrow.  There is very little going on at 5 a.m. when I make my way to the ocean in the morning, the little village of Osterville is dark and silent, peaceful and oblivious to the outside world.  In fact, by the time you are on the water, you seem to be in a wholly different world than the one of t.v.’s, radios, ipods, blackberries, computers, and other distractions that take one out of the moment.  That is primarily why I spend so much “time” on Nantucket Sound.  Perhaps it is true too, that having lived out west, both California and Colorado, traveling through the deserts of Utah and Nevada, where water is in such short supply, being around such an abundant supply of H20 propels me to a place of peace that one only finds on the open seas.  I know I am not the only one who feels the way I do about this country.  How much I love it and care so deeply about it’s future.  Moreover, I also know I am not alone in my concern about the climate we are leaving to future generations.  As the bull____ begins in earnest, with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding campaign contributions, i.e. corporate bribery, the truth will be harder and harder to find.  Independent voices will be few and far between, and the truth will be hard to discern from the false.  I went through the five stages of grieving lately in regard to both of these issues, climate change and the first ammendment fiasco, and I have to tell you I might accept the fact that “Justice” John Roberts sold out his fellow countrymen for a big check from big oil, but I don’t have to like it, nor be silent about it.  Mark these words that are written now– in the coming months you will see an avalanche of subtle seed money from big corporate entities, disguised in sheep’s clothing, and, from said monies, will arise dirty politicians whose only aim is improving the bottom line of the corporation who put them into the United States Senate, the United States House of Representatives or God forbid, the White House itself.  I know I am not the only one who feels this is a dangerous time for the country that we all love.  I know I am not the only one who prays that this country wakes up.  I know I am not alone on this.  Writing in the dark, before the sun has risen sometimes brings doubts.  However, when I dig down deep, I find the courage that comes from a source unmanifested and within that source, that we all share, is the Love and Joy that make us who we truly ARE.  Somehow, I pray that someone gets the message.  Have a nice Tuesday!  Peace~ M

January 25, 2010

Tough Guy

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On a warm January morning here on Cape Cod, with temperatures expected to reach the 60 degree mark on the Fahrenheit scale, I wish you a good morning.  I feel like I have a hangover after watching all of the Sunday news programs, that I do religiously, but after viewing men like George Will, whom I used to respect and think of as an intellectual with some solid information to consider, I now feel sick to my stomach and I haven’t had alcohol in over five years.  Mr. Will, who you can now catch on the “Cartoon Network”, actually said this of the land mark decision to allow corporations to donate as much money as they wish to federal officials, thereby destroying the very fabric of democracy all, ironically, in the name of the first amendment.  His words, and I paraphrase, are essentially these… When asked what corporations would do now with such a low brow scheme, bribery for lack of a better term, he stated that it was more likely that organizations like THE SIERRA CLUB, would be the benefactors.  Not big oil, the insurance cartel, the big banks, power companies, defense contractors, and the casino royale on Wall Street…the Sierra Club would be the big “winners”, whose members eat rice, wear Birkenstocks and attend peace rallies all while attending to our crumbling environment.  The saddest thing about this is the fact that 90 percent of the people watching these shows would at least consider that to be a fact…when it is just another sophisticated talking point by a man, now by definition, who is in bed with the crazies like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.  The Sierra Club will issue a press conference later on this morning and will put forth a statement saying, “although we used to think George Will had some sense left in that small frame of his, we now know what a charlatan he truly is.  His words fall like acid rain and we don’t need his help in this epic battle for the survival of the United States of America, and planet earth for that matter.”  Or something to that effect.  Have a nice Monday!  Peace~ M

January 24, 2010

Winter Lifeguard

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At the bottom of “Faith Hill” here in Osterville, sits a lifeguard stand awaiting the warm summer sun.  Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I hope you and yours are doing fine on this star filled morning.  The small specks of light were out in full force this morning at Dowses Beach and Nantucket Sound was calm.  I left before the sun rose, as it is still dark outside, but I was told by someone, somewhere, the sun will rise again.  It was a tough week.  Many people in Haiti will be helped by the artists, musicians and people of good will, who aired a telethon, televised by all of the major networks this past week, and from early estimates, a whole lot of money was raised to help those poor souls in desperate need for some real help in rebuilding what was once their home.  More than 100,000 people are living in tent cities now on the island nation of Haiti, with the need growing every day.  However, evidence proves that there is still heart and soul still left in this torn country of ours, even though the outlook upon this country’s future is still littered with an epic battle of it’s own–the battle of the have’s and have nots.  The main stream media will not tell you the impact that the “Supreme Court” had on this country in it’s tragic decision to allow corporations, who are worth more than 23 trillion dollars (Obama spent 800 million on his presidential campaign), to give unlimited monies to campaigns and will use the power of that money to buy and sell policy makers like apples and oranges at a market.  Like an Ostrich who puts his head in the sand, the “powers that be” hope the average American citizen will sprout flightless wings and stay in the ignorant darkness that is gathering.   But, on this Sunday morning, I pray that we will somehow fly above, that the better hearts, minds and souls of this beautiful nation will rise above this mistake of monumental proportions and place it’s people once again beyond the prophecies of profit and “power”, see these individuals for who they really are and take back the country that is and always will be– “By the people, for the people and most importantly of all–OF THE PEOPLE”…  Have a blessed Sunday!  Peace~ M

January 23, 2010

Clarity’s Dawn

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With temperatures in the upper 20’s this morning at Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, Massachusetts, with the wind whipping up the waves looking out to “Sunset Hill” in Hyannisport, I bid you and yours a fair adieu.  I spend most of my mornings on the water, as that is where I find the clarity I’m searching for that sustains me for the day.  I wish I could say the same for Washington D.C..  The lack of clarity on so many vital issues that are facing this country and indeed, the world, is so obvious that it defies reason.  Clarity is something that you cannot buy, it is a gift that is given when one looks deep into one’s “self” and discovers the Joy and Love that we ALL are and more importantly share with all of our brothers and sisters.  I want to send out a special hello to Father D’avignon, who was hit by a car on Thursday evening, and he is still in ICU at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  He is the priest at “Our Lady of Assumption”, my parish, here in Osterville.  My best wishes go out to him on this Saturday morning, as well as all of the suffering people on the island nation of Haiti.  With all that is happening on this little blue rock I call earth, the clarity of gratitude comes in loud and clear for me.  I am grateful that there are still some good leaders in our nation’s Capitol and, moreover, I pray that the collective good can overcome the blindness that the highest court in the land presented to an already over extended public– who need leadership, devoid of special interest, NOW more than ever.  Have a nice Saturday!  Peace~ M

January 22, 2010

Conflict of Interest

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Lost in the corporate owned headlines yesterday, was the single biggest set back to happen to the United States of America since Dred Scott vs. Sanford ( a decision denying slaves equal rights and bringing about the Civil War)– brought to you by the “jurisprudence” of the United States Supreme Court.  Lead by Justices Kennedy and Roberts, five members of the nine arguably most powerful people in America today, made the landmark decision to lift the ban that denied corporations the right to donate monies to candidates for public office.  In the Supreme Court decision that gave us George W. Bush, Dick, “I’m not a war criminal”, Cheney, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the housing crisis, illegal wiretapping, torture, the financial meltdown, the obliteration of health care, a failing educational system, ever increasing pollution effectively destroying planet earth and perhaps the worst of all–fear mongering that keeps it’s citizens in a “Stockholm Syndrome” (Gore vs. Bush, circa 2000), we at least had to only endure eight long years of hell…  Now, with this landmark mistake, made by questionable integrity that once existed in the highest court in the land, we have a mad rush of special interests that will literally, legally, be able to buy and sell “elected” representatives from sea to shining sea.  How has it come to this?  What has happened?  That answer lies within the history of said “corporation”.  The concept of the corporation came into existence in 1886, where face less entities could act as real individuals, retaining all of the rights therein.  As the industrial revolution came and went, these giant beasts became ever more powerful, as the began swallowing other corporations whole, just as a shark eats a fish in the ocean.  And, like the predator that defines a “shark”, corporations are not interested in anything other than the bottom line.  The American people have become slaves to these monoliths of money and are captives in an never ending game of profit over people.  Today, in Washington D.C., mice like Mitch McConnell, one of the puppets in place as one of the “minority” party leaders, will give yet another giddy press conference speech as to the victory “we” all share in this decision that holds up and “protects” the first amendment– the right to free speech.  This, of course, is a ruse, a cover up, a lie.  The far right wingnut insanity has taken it to a new level, or a lower level if you wish, hiding behind the first amendment (as the previous administration destroyed so much of the Constitution already, such as Habeas Corpus, among others) and giving the whole of the United States of America to organizations that are only interested in making money… In other words, yesterday, the Supreme Court has given the wolves the keys to the hen house.  In the elections to come, like the 2010 mid-term elections, you might as well watch a Nascar race, with the rest of the morons hypnotized by a five hour commercial of cars painted in fancy “Home Depot”, “Verizon”, “Bank of America” colors, flying around an oval of burning fossil fuels… the “election” has been brought to you by Budweiser, the “king of beers”… for that is all it is now, a big commercial devoid of substance, humanity and the core values that brought this country into existence to begin with.  Sad is not the right word.  Tragic is.  These bright men and women who hold the country’s fate in their collective hands have made a grave mistake.  Greed has taken hold of the better wisdom of our forefathers.  We have seemingly lost the ability as a nation to discern the true from the false.  One need look only as far back as Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking system in the early 1980’s, “morning in America”, (with a little napalm) to see what is happening right NOW to the integrity of this beautiful country.  Justice Kennedy, ironically named, has taken what Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, and most recently, the Last Lion of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy fought for their whole life, equal rights, and given them directly to Microsoft, AT&T, Exxon Mobile, Goldman Sachs, ADM, and the like with his blessing and all in the name of the first ammendment to the United States Constitution.  What did this learned man think would happen?  Did he truly believe that these sharks would suddenly become benevolent and kind, altruistic and just?  Did he think that his weak argument would not fall apart like the garbage pail that it is?  There is no excuse for Gore vs. Bush, we all know that election was stolen.  This is far worse.  This flippant decision will effect the whole of this country for decades to come and might just be it’s undoing.  I am sorry to have to say that, but the truth is a rare commodity these days and it is better to know– for in knowledge lies all power. Have a great week end!  Peace~ M

January 21, 2010

Blue Bird

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In the Centerville river that runs along East Bay Road here in Osterville, Massachusetts, a Great Blue Heron takes a moment to reflect on his image reflected in the body of water beneath him…or maybe he is still just stunned over the special election that transformed the legislative agenda in the United States Senate for at least the next eleven months before the 2010 mid-term elections in November.  Perhaps he has it right and is not “thinking” at all.  As a collective, we human beings are addicted to thinking, and hence, have little time to reflect on anything that really matters.  This addiction to thinking, whatever it may be, blocks our ability to express Love that is within us ALL, even our so called “enemies”.  It is this insistence that we are right about “things” that leads us into the world of trouble we are in as a species on whole.  This is the basis of our society, a consumer based society, that needs to continue, or should I say, “thinks” it needs to continue on in the same general path that has lead to it’s destruction.  Destruction of values, morals, and a way of living that makes us internally happy.  When I look out at this magnificent animal, I often wonder what it may be thinking.  I can assure you of one thing, he is not concerned about the “special election” that happened yesterday in the great state of Massachusetts.  Apart from his desire to feed his form with a fish, he most likely is just BEING and is perfectly content with the NOW and therefore, does not “need” anything other than what has already been provided him by creative intelligence.  My sincere hope is that we all can become more like this blue bird, not so much in form, but rather in essence and connectivity.  Have a wonderful Thursday!  Peace~ M

January 20, 2010

Nantucket Winter

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Perhaps the only thing I can say today, on a rather gloomy Wednesday morning here on Cape Cod and the Islands, is this–congratulations to the corporate strategists who put this election together here in the state of Massachusetts.  Scott Brown was elected to the United States Senate yesterday in a special election that took everyone by surprise.  This victory for the republican party is a loss for the country as a whole, with the super majority being literally destroyed by the one vote that will give the republican party 41 votes in the Senate, thereby setting health care reform back a few centuries, unless reconciliation can come back into it’s constitutional form…it is a very sad day indeed.  Only a few months ago, Martha Coakley (D), had a substantial lead, roughly 20 points, over the former Cosmopolitan nude model, Scott, “I wish I had a dime for every time someone said I was good looking”, Brown, and that lead disappeared via the large amounts of corporate money that flowed into the Bay state, as members of elite corporate money machines began to “help” the truck drivin’, “man’s man”, Brown to slip under the radar and gain this crucial vote in the United States Senate.  What can Brown do for you?  Let me spell it out for the whole world to understand… First, Brown will kill health care reform for a country that is working off a system that rewards the insurance cartel.  Second, Brown will fight for tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans.  Third, he will oppose any real regulation to change the oligarchy that IS banking in the United States of America.  Fourth, he will shoot down any legislation put forth to curb carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere that is destroying planet earth. Fifth, he will endorse the “fear policy” of Cheney/Bush regarding terrorism and conflict around the globe, keeping the military industrial complex alive and well, ringing in record profits for defense contractors while children in West Virginia die of malnutrition.  Sixth, he will be the stooge, that we all know he is, for whatever special interests of the day are feeding his arrogant face.  He is a James, “I know I’m a mountain”, Inhofe, what-to-be, entering a chamber that has done nothing to better this struggling country of ours, and to his shame has advocated violence against women.  His win, here in this beautiful state of Massachusetts, has proven that with money and enough bull____, anyone can win a seat in the U.S. Senate.  It is a sad day for this country on so many different levels.  Teddy Kennedy’s passing has seemingly taken the heart out of our elected officials, who act more as servants to the ever growing corporate interests around the world, while this country goes for a ride in a broken down truck owned by Scott Brown, who is driving it straight to New York City, where he will park it in front of the New York Stock Exchange, rob a homeless man on the street for a quarter, feed the meter, walk inside and ring that “victory bell”, just like “they” always wanted to… Make no mistake, this is a huge step backwards for the greatest country on earth, at least in concept, a concept that is being sold, bit by bit, to the highest bidder.  Perhaps Brown and Rush, “I’m not a Nazi” , Limbaugh can get together for an oxycontin, a shot of whiskey and a cigar down at the South Street Seaport in New York and have a good laugh at all of our expense…because that is exactly what they are doing right now.  So, congratulations to the man they call Brown–what can Brown do for you?  He can rob you at fiscal gun point and somehow in his pea size brain, legislate it into your fault.  Have a nice Wednesday everybody.  Peace~ M

January 19, 2010

Winter Light

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On a cold January morning here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts gears up for yet another election, a special election, to fill the United States Senate seat that has been vacant for some time now, as Teddy Kennedy, the “Last Lion” of the Senate passed away last year.  Martha Coakley is the democratic choice, and indeed the choice for anyone who is interested in fair health care reform, regulations on the greedy banks and accountability from the Senate as a whole as the filibuster routine is getting old, and so are the Senators,  lazily holding on to their seats.  Scott Brown is the republican who looks like a ken doll and speaks with a thick Massachusetts accent.  Of Brown, President Obama, who was at a rally in Boston yesterday for Coakley, said this of the cookie cutter obstructionist, “Scott Brown has a truck (his attempt to appeal to the “common man”) , but I would not take a ride in Scott’s truck, because you know he will be parking that truck on Wall Street.”  How true, how true…let us pray that he won’t get any further than the Massachusetts Turnpike and his rhetoric will fall away like a wave crashing onto a rock.  Please say a prayer for this special election, as it is paramount to keeping the 60-40 majority in the United States Senate!  Health care reform and many other items on the agenda hang in the balance.  Have a nice Tuesday!  Peace~ M

January 18, 2010

Freedom Riders

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Back in the early 1960’s, a group of black and white individuals set out to change the status quo of how we treat one another in this country.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was called in on one dark night in Alabama, where a group, mob really, began setting cars on fire and burning crosses outside of a small black church.  As the church was literally surrounded, Dr. King called Bobby Kennedy in Washington D.C., the White House, where Mr. Kennedy ordered the town shut down and martial law was proclaimed.  A small victory for black America at the time.  Dr. King would go on to lead the march for equal rights, or “civil rights”, for all men or women regardless of race, creed, social status…”that all men are created equal”.  Perhaps one of the bravest men to ever walk the face of the planet and today, sir, I humbly honor your birthday.  God Speed!  Peace~ M

January 17, 2010

World’s Light

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On this Sunday morning here on Cape Cod, I bid you a fair adieu.  I hope that you are well and safe wherever you may find yourself this a.m…  The weather has improved on the Cape and Islands, as temperatures are expected to be in the forties again today with no snow in the forecast.  The same cannot be said for the poor souls on the island nation of Haiti.  With the death toll rising and hundreds of thousands of people without the basic stuff of Life–water, food, shelter, medical care and Love–it is easy to forget our brothers and sisters in need and tune it out… However, to mankind’s credit, the nations of the world are rallying around the small country in the Atlantic Ocean, the second poorest nation on planet earth, and bringing in these vital forms of life sustaining nutrients as quickly as they can.  Moreover, the prayers and thoughts that have been offered for the country of Haiti have not been ignored.  There is a palpable light that is shining on these victims of a natural disaster of biblical proportions, albeit having nothing to do with “the vengeance of God” as some would have you believe.  Perhaps those souls are in need of saving too.  I am not the judge of that.  Our country, the United States of America, has a proud tradition of helping the world in it’s time of need…not all of them being in times of war.  The dedication of people like Kate Conradt, of “Save the Children”, is an example of what I am talking about.  Watching her interviewed by Keith Olberman, of MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olberman”, on Friday night’s show, brings a new perspective on just how wonderful some people are on this little blue rock I call earth.  She brought to light a story of a little girl named “Whinney” who was rescued from the rubble and is probably sleeping as I write this short narrative.  Her bright eyes and innocence brings one to tears and her life is a symbol of the hope that is still out there for so many still trapped under gigantic slabs of concrete brought to a heap of rock in a white cloud of dust by the 7.0 quake.  The frantic search and rescue teams from places like Turkey, Israel, Finland and China, who have experience with earthquakes and other natural disasters, have descended upon the island and have undoubtedly brought about rescues similar to Whinney’s.  The light that exists not only in the United States, but around the globe, has shown us all that mankind is not doomed, nor will he ever be.  The instinctual need and desire to save people that we “don’t know” is growing stronger by the minute and it is my fervent prayer that after the initial reckoning of this crisis, that we, the United States of America, will help to rebuild this country from the ground up–offering it as a model of what the world can do without bombs or bullets.  The light of the world is within us all.  It is our choice whether we want to exercise this rarely used muscle.  The need is great, but the supply is powerful and infinite.  God Bless the poorest of the poor and may his light shine upon your heart this day and always.  Peace~ M

January 16, 2010

Frozen Bay

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Little East Bay, seen in the photograph above, is located here at Dowses Beach in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Although understated when compared to the Nantucket Sound just to the left of the image, it is still home to the Great Blue Heron, Cormorants, Buffleheads, Osprey, Cardinal, Blue Jay, Black Back Seagulls and a countless variety of Life that is just as precious as the Life that lives in the deep blue sea.  We cannot ignore the smaller “less significant” bodies of water any more than we can disregard what is happening in Haiti right NOW.  Everything is connected whether we choose to believe it or not.  The Great Blue Heron needs this small sanctuary next to the Sound, just as much as the whale needs the breath of the Atlantic, open and free, in order to live it’s life as it was creatively designed to do.  As the port of Port-of-Prince begins the arduous task of cleaning up after a catastrophic earthquake that occurred on Tuesday at 4:53 p.m. in the second poorest nation on planet earth, we would be well served to de-frost our hearts and wallets and help these people, our brothers and sisters, with whatever we have to give.  Have a great Saturday.  Peace~ M

January 15, 2010

Dawn at Faith Hill

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As the temperatures moderate on this 15th day of January on Cape Cod, I am reminded of just how important Osterville, Massachusetts is to me.  The humanitarian effort that is going on in the island nation of Haiti is a tremendous statement about us, as a species, helping the poorest of the poor regain some balance of life on this little blue rock called earth.  Rescue teams from Russia, China, all of Europe, the United States, along with many Latin American countries who, until men like former President Bill Clinton, who spent many days on the side of Haiti and it’s people, have now seen the value in helping a neighbor and have descended on an almost impossible task of getting just the basic supplies into the area.  An area that was pancaked by a 7.0 earthquake originating only six miles below the capital city of Port-of-Prince.  To put this into perspective, the earthquake that shook this country has taken everything from a people who had nothing to give to begin with.  The basic stuff of Life–water, food, clothing, shelter, medical care–are in such demand for the roughly 3 million displaced children, women and men who are just as human and a part of God as you or I, have been heard by the world community, and for that I am grateful.  Grateful that there may be hope yet for mankind, seemingly bent on his own destruction.  Seeing what this living organism called Earth can do, albeit a tragedy like this horrific earthquake, and then witnessing the response from countries that seemed so much more “foreign” only 18 months ago, brings Light back into the big picture.  Is there anything more important than helping those in need?  Can there be a higher calling?  Can anything in this world be more rewarding?  The tired old cliche of “the Lord works in mysterious ways” could not be more true than it is right NOW.  May creative intelligence, far beyond the concepts of man, be with all of the suffering people of Haiti today and into the future.  If there is heart, there is Hope.  Have a wonderful week end!  Peace~ M

January 14, 2010

January Sun

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Not a cloud in the star filled sky this morning here in Osterville, Massachusetts at 5 a.m., and as the star that serves our planet rose this morning in the East, another dawn on this blessed planet happened.  After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti two days ago, I feel a particular gratitude even being here.  My deepest prayers go out to that country that has already been hit by a recent hurricane and struggles with poverty and hopelessness every day.  Based on the world reaction, from countries such as Finland and Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, the people of Haiti will receive the help they so desperately need.  Please say a prayer for those poor brothers and sisters of that ravaged country and send a message with your heart that although “they” might not work into your normal routine of living in a country as wonderful as the one we are privileged to be citizens of, remember that we are all ONE and even though the January Sun is cold, it brings it’s LOVE none the less.  Have a blissful Thursday!  Peace~ M

January 13, 2010

One Sail

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One lone sail boat adorns the Nantucket Harbor on a cold January morning.  Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I pray that you are well on this 13th day of January and that the frost has thawed wherever you may be reading this.  The vast oceans of the world offer some idea of the significance of our own place on this little blue rock I call earth.  Like the earth, we too are over eighty percent water, and it would not be an overstatement to say that what we do collectively as a race, the human species, to our oceans– we do to ourselves.  Here on Cape Cod, I am privileged to witness the beauty and truth that we share with our brother the whale and our sister the seagull.  There is a relationship that cannot be ignored when all is said and done.  Like the sail that offers itself to the wind, we too must offer ourselves to a higher source, from which we all came, and see things from a different perspective.  Propelling our craft forward into a future that need not be as dark as some would have you think–a retraining of the hard wiring that has been infused into our society’s “thinking” that there is only one way, when in reality there are infinite ways and it would be arrogant to “think” otherwise.  One world, One race, One Creator.  The sooner we all accept that, just imagine what this world will be.  Have a great Wednesday!  Peace~ M

January 12, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

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Another example here on Cape Cod of Life imitating art, or is it the other way around?  This is a shot of Dowses Beach when the camera crew was filming, “The Lightkeepers” starring Mr. Richard Dreyfuss, coming out this Spring.  The other example I wanted to share with you is the lighting that Cape Cod has ALL the time.  It is an incredible place to photograph, as each day brings on a new vision that seemingly was better than the one prior.  The camera will be focused more accurately on what matters, and that is ALL in the eye of the beholder– and NOWHERE  else.  What happens on Wall Street in the end, matters less than this sunset taken by a Nikon 200 D camera, spreading a little sunshine on an otherwise, they would have you believe, bleak world… that if you want to be happy and secure, just don’t let the “too big to fail” banking casino system fail the top one percent in this country…and everything will be alright.  There is a word for that, and on the day this picture was taken there was a horse on set, big white one, and out of the back side of this animal, is the noun I was looking for…good luck to all of the insurance executives as well on this “bonus season”, as they and Wall Street execs alike will all be receiving record bonuses this year, while the real unemployment rate stands at, conservatively, 17.3 percent.  The country can barely feed itself and these clowns that have bought Washington D.C. to the tune of billions spent in lobbying the representatives that write all of the legislative loop holing that is slowly, fiscally, bleeding this county to death, can literally laugh all the way to the bank, if you will pardon the tired old cliche.  For a decade we have not manufactured anything in this country–0 percent.  Think about that for a moment.  Meanwhile, we have a “Stockholm Syndrome” occurring right now in the United States of America, with big banks and bigger corporations making the rules and destroying the very fabric of our nation.  This is the truth.  You need not go anywhere else.  If you don’t believe me, believe the last Bill Moyers show, “Bill Moyers Journal”, and you will know the truth from writers writing in the periodical, “Mother Jones Magazine”, for example.  People who have nothing to hide can bring the truth with ease and elegance, thereby making the truth shine through the fog–much like a lighthouse shines a light in the darkness.  Have a great Tuesday!  Peace~ M

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