whale 2009 July | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

July 31, 2009

402 Cessna

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Island Air, Cape Air along with a whole bunch of private jets keep the air space above my home in Osterville filled during the summer, as many choose to visit the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket via plane as opposed to boat for their mode of transport.  The 402 Cessna is most common, as it seats 10 with the pilot and can carry quite a load of luggage, and with weather cooperating, like today, summer temperatures in the humid 80’s and pure blue azure sky, a trip over to Nantucket seems like a good idea.  To be honest, I love the stormy days as well, so any trip to one of the most beautiful places on planet earth is a good one for me.  So on this Friday, I want to wish you a wonderful week end, filled with the peace and joy that we all are, especially when soaring high above Nantucket Sound, looking down upon the land that was carved by the last great ice age, 11,500 years ago…   Peace M

July 29, 2009

Sandy Path

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Our paths are always changing, seemingly, and yet when you take a closer look at your own individual path, you may find that you are always going in one direction.  Moreover, that you may even consider, just for a moment, that the path you are on is not the path that YOU would choose.  Knowing what path to go down is not something that should be left to chance or to be given over to those who might not want what your better interests have in mind for you.  That is where faith and knowledge help, especially in sorting out the false from the true.  When you reach a point in your life when falsehoods cannot hurt you anymore, then you are free.  When you do not live in fear of power, even when it has hurt you in the past unjustly, and embrace the good even in a bad situation, when you forgive even those who have physically, mentally or even spiritually wounded you, and move through any resentment with only love and light in your heart, really feeling it and letting it go without fear of the future–then you have reached another level of being on this small, significant planet.  Have a nice Wednesday!  Peace M

July 28, 2009

Summer Flight

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The “Greater Black Back” is a fairly  common seagull here on the Cape, but what is typical on Cape Cod is not anywhere else in the world.  For some inexplicable reason, when you take in the magnificence of this particular bird, taking flight on a summer morning, heading for “Sandy Neck” in the foreground of this image, you cannot help but feel the freedom yourself.  This is, perhaps, the reason why these birds and, indeed, all birds on the Cape bring forward some sense of belonging–a sense of being part of something much greater than one’s singular “self”.  With that sense of freedom and belonging comes forward a real interest in sharing this gift, which is to say the extension of the love that one may have for such a magnificent geographical point on a map written long ago, and named for the fish so common and plentiful, that you are blessed to witness “summer flight” everywhere you look.  Have a great Tuesday!  Peace M

July 27, 2009


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As you look upon the field of never, ever ending Rugosa Roses here at Dowses Beach in Osterville, you may feel abundant, as if the world just gave you a flower.  Maybe, flowers aren’t your thing, maybe health is…as we all sat and listened to the pundits speak of what they thought an “overhauled” healthcare system might look like, let’s look at the facts.  As an ex-executive of the largest brokerage firm in the world, Marsh, Inc. out of New York, I do have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to this sordid matter that, whether you like it or not, affects every person living in this country.  The real problem is motivation.  Why would the lawmakers change their tune for morality’s sake, when the snake oil lobbies of the private insurance industry consistently tell them lies that they take down with a grain of brainwashing fluid, along with a steady diet of talking points like, “a single payer system would get in the way of you and your doctor,” when the truth is the insurance companies have always been in between you and your doctor with the long laundry list of “pre-existing” conditions that they simply won’t pay for…if you don’t believe that, ask your insurance carrier for a list of them, in writing, the entire list, and you will KNOW THE TRUTH.  The insurance industry is not interested in health care, just care for profit.  If they are not making a profit, do you honestly believe  they are interested in your health, let alone the care for what ails you?  Words like “preventive care” are thrown about like kites on the wind, ever changing direction and leaving one with the sinking feeling that no one is really in charge and with 1 out of every 6 dollars being spent on health care moving quickly to 1 out of every 3 dollars if nothing is done during Obama’s first term, the cry out from the American people will grow louder…especially as the baby boomers begin to retire in the next 5 years.  Wealth does not matter if you don’t have your health.  My prayer is simple, wake up America!  Write your congressman or woman, write your senator and ask him or her what, exactly, their stand is on this critical issue.  A country is only as strong as it’s citizens.  Are we really going to let some bully in Washington line his pockets on the backs of hard working  American moms and dads, sisters and brothers, neighbors and colleagues?  No, we are not.  Have a great Monday.  Peace M

July 26, 2009

Sunday Morning

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Wishing all of you out there a safe and blessed Sunday morning on a humid, foggy start to the day here in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Cape Cod has more than it’s share of good folks coming from all over  today and that includes me, as I venture out of the mid-cape, up to the “lower cape”, which is due east and then north to the Cape Cod National Seashore.  One of my favorite places on planet earth is the lower cape, as the timeless sands of the last Great Ice Age move like a ghost across the highway 6…these white sands can be enjoyed at Nausett Beach, Coast Guard Beach as we call it, featuring “Chatham Light” a little further down the coast line to the Nausett Lighthouse that sits off to the north of Chatham on it’s way to Truro, where yet another lighthouse stands guard over the eastern half of the arm of Cape Cod.  Enjoy the day.  Peace M

July 24, 2009

Bird’s Eye

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“Watching your every move, with the sharp eye of truth”, says the seagull to the Herring…what is the truth?  Well, in this case, it is very simple–seagulls just love fish!  Have a nice week end.  Peace M

July 22, 2009


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Greetings from Osterville, with temperatures in the mid 70’s and bright blue sun, HERE’S TO YOUR HEALTH!  Peace M

July 21, 2009

Sail on

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Hello there and warm greetings from Cape Cod.  As this day begins anew with scattered thunderstorms breaking through the humid morning mist here in Osterville, I thought you might like to see a duck’s point of view as he mightily paddles his way to the marsh that is right in front of him.  The passing of Walter Cronkite this past week end, saddened me only for a brief moment, as I know he is in a better place and I honor his work as “The most trusted man in America”.  I met Mr. Cronkite when I was a kid working at the Edgartown Yacht club after graduating from college in 1987.  I remember working behind the bar at this very dignified, understated building that sits on the little harbor in between the island of Martha’s Vineyard itself and Chappaquitick (and my apologies for most likely mispelling the smaller lesser known island, where you can still take the “On time 1″ 4 car ferry back and forth across the small body of water that defines beauty) and serving a man I watched with my parents… the monumental moments, captured in a timelessness that cannot be matched,  such as the lunar landing in 1969… a “planter’s punch” and thinking to myself, “my God, what a gentleman and an honor to witness his humanity”.  If there was a man that I admired more since my birth on this small, precious planet called Earth, I cannot think of one.  He brought a calm voice of reason and confidence and above all Trust that brought us all together as one, tragedy or victory, did not matter, as he was somehow above the fray, calming our collective fears that even as I child I could feel across that VH channel with a palpablility that brought hope and Love loud and clear.  On this misty tuesday morning here on the Cape, a place where he called HOME, I want to wish him the fondest of farewells and God’s speed.  We all miss you and I am not ashamed to say “I love you”.  Have a blessed day Walter!   Peace M

July 16, 2009

Polar Bear

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What it is to be a Polar Bear…alone, free in the arctic tundra, being one with all that IS and all that will be.  Polar ice and ice cream gives the children a smile on a sunny, summer day…how are the lucky ones who know the Polar Bear?  How lucky indeed.  For be it a symbol of the LOVE that surrounds this magnificent resident of a local gift shop here on Cape Cod, or the visual of a massive 2000 pound, 12 foot high bear that has paws the size of basketballs, matters not.  The LOVE that surrounds the thought and hence. the FEELING of a Polar Bear is all that really matters, For God created that magnificent animal, just as he did the stars and the moon, the gentle zephyr that blows on a small but powerful July morning, so small that it makes the world itself seem to be less than a grain of sand on a beach somewhere ON NANTUCKET.  What is it to be a Polar Bear?  Alone, afraid and not knowing the future and what it may hold?   Perhaps, it is answered in the surrender and peace that is represented in this picture of the symbol of one of God’s greatest gifts to US ALL–The Polar Bear, holding on to no fear, embracing only LOVE.    See you on Sunday.   Peace M

July 15, 2009

Sea Fountain

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On this beautiful day here on one of the most beloved places on planet earth, Cape Cod, a point in geopgraphy that we who live here often take for granted, I thought I might share this shot I took at St. Mary’s in Barnstable recently…hidden in the back lies a garden that few know about.  At the southwest quadrant of the church lies that garden, and if visited with the RIGHT frame of mind can transform even your worst day.  The church is located on route 6A heading out of the village of Barnstable and the parking is free, as is the peace offered therin.  Here’s wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and rest of the week, as I will be out of town for the next 5 days.  So, have a great week end coming up and remember the latin words written so long ago when watching the nightly spam commercials posing as news,,, Illegitimi Carborundum,,, “don’t let the bastards get you down.”    Peace M

July 12, 2009

Saint Mary

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Another view of St. Mary’s Episcopal church in Barnstable.  Have a blessed Sunday.  Peace M

July 11, 2009


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The marshes of Cape Cod are extraordinary in so many ways that in order to really know them you have to sit with them for a while.  The hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife that make them their home, makes it imperative that we keep them pristine and devoid of human interference.  The shore birds that migrate here from either the South or the North, such as the Great Blue Heron, can be seen wandering around from time to time, fishing for the various fish that swim with the tides in and out of Cape Cod Bay.  This partiuclar shot is from Barnstable Harbor, where it covers lands that thankfully have been protected by Presidents of the past, such as Theodore Roosevelt, who perhaps did not deem this marsh as a national park, but inspired others to set aside wetlands and other natural treasures–blocking the development of new condos and shopping malls… giving children from 2 to 103 and beyond the opportunity to enjoy and BE a part of, as opposed to apart from.  Here on the Cape and Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, there are many such inspiring, breathtaking venues that are free, as nature intended them to BE.   I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and visit our national treasure that IS Cape Cod!      Peace M

July 6, 2009


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Another beautiful day here on Cape Cod, as the July 4th festivities settle down into the serene landscape of summer.  Have a great week!   Peace M

July 5, 2009

St. Mary’s–Barnstable

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At one thirty six, 5 hours after watching the longest tennis match in Wimbledon history with Roger Federer winning his sixth Wimbledon title, I’m wishing you all a peaceful Sunday afternoon from Osterville, Massachusetts.  Watching that tennis match, in a place where I spent my last high school year, was simply timeless.  Sporting events of that magnitude are often that way–suspending “time” and placing one at a point in geography where borders are as meaningless as the notion of winning or losing is–realizing that simply BEING there is the win…transcending everything into the JOY of living once again.  When you are there you are the winner.   Have a blessed Sunday and upcoming week.   Peace M

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

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Greetings from the north shore of Cape Cod!  These great black backs are just kicking back and enjoying the unseasonable weather on Cape Cod, sun and warm temperatures.  As I walked the entire town of Osterville today, stopping at Dowses Beach to see a line of 25 cars waiting to get in, it could not be a more pristine day…here’s to your fourth and the celebration therein…the gift it is to be part of a democracy that hears its’ own voice once again.  Peace M

July 1, 2009

Gone Sailing

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There is nothing that compares to sailing on the open water.  With the sails at full capacity and the craft moving forward through the water with surprising speed, the elements take on a new meaning.  The air seems purer, the sky’s pinks and purples appear more vivid and the thoughts that come to mind just wash away as the illusions that they truly are.  We get to caught up in our thought patterns, belief systems and the traditions of old that have been passed down through the generations to be accomplished– driven by some sense of “duty” to whatever the tradition demands and whoever is demanding it.  Have you ever asked yourself, why?  Why would I continue to think thoughts that only make me feel guilty, fearful and suspicious of my fellow man?   The answer is obvious.  Just turn on your television set.  We have been programmed as a society to “believe” that the truth is being told to US by the powers who “own” the airwaves, bending our collective will toward their goal…whatever goal that might be for the day.  Be it to buy the next brand of pain reliever that you get plenty of chances to see on the daily Spam commercial known as the “NBC National News with Brian Williams”, or to relish the delicious delicacy that is Spam.  Now, in fairness to Brian, he may truly believe that Spam is a healthy food source for low income families.  However, until I see Brian on the “View” whipping up a recipe for Spam stew or Spam and eggs, or as the  Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit mocked back in the 70’s, “Do you have anything without Spam?” asks the innocent patron of the faux restaurant in London…”No, but we do have Spam, eggs, Spam, Spam, eggs and Spam, that doesn’t have too much Spam in it.”  At the end of the skit, the Monty Python players all sing to the glory of Spam, “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spamedie Spam! Spamedie Spam, Spamadie Spam! etc., ad naseum (literally). Yes, Spam is a nemesis for our computers, but is more prevelent in the seemingly innocent programs that pass as news casts these days, an unbridled march into limiting the public’s ability to think on it’s own, to make it’s own judgements and form it’s own opinions.  It is as if the airwaves have become a foster parent, making us feel safe and secure, even when watching the TRUTH of what is happening in this world, albeit for a 20 second sound bite, and why?  Because no matter how bad the economy gets, we always have Spam, and plenty of it.    Have a great Wednesday!    Peace M

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