whale 2009 June | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

June 30, 2009

Chatham Sand

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The sands of Chatham and most of the lower Cape are white.  These beautiful sand bars you see in front of you have been around for 11,500 years, the era of the last Great Ice Age.  I wonder what was happening here, then…no buildings, no stores, no boutiques, no cars, no traffic.  “Away from the things of man”… as was stated by Tom Hank one of his first movies, “Joe versus the Volcano”…it was his answer to Meg Ryan’s question of where are we to go from here.  Away from the things of man.  Here’s to you finding that place, even if it is for only a moment in “time”, for when you are there you are not “here”, and you realize that the completeness that you seek is really within you right NOW.  Here in the present moment.  Have a nice Tuesday!   Peace M

June 29, 2009

A Rose By any other name

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As the rains continue unabated here on the Cape, I’m offering a rose in sun.  Yes, a rose by any other name is not a rose.  President Obama’s agenda to straighten out a crooked path that was set a foot by the previous administration got plenty of talk on the Sunday news programs.  The environment is not that important, nor is health care, nor our children’s education, nor our system that rewards the “players” and punishes the down trodden, nor the fact that we don’t make anything in this country anymore besides hot air, nor the growing number of homeless, none of it matters, none of it…according to the blowhards of the Republican Party.  A rose by any other name…it is a shame that the country that we all love, the real one, the one our forefather’s died in battle for, is coming apart at the seams.  The belt way elite, whose pockets are lined with dirty money from the lobbyists of every interest group known to man, are bargaining with the future of this country and our only residence–Mother Earth.  Cap and Trade too much of a compromise for the unenlightened powers that be?  Telling lies on national television– explaining how a public option in health care would be a disaster for this country, as opposed to the lie they would have you believe, that if health care were passed, a bureaucrat would be getting in between you and your doctor.  In truth, the opposite is the case, that is why the insurance companies are lobbying so hard against it.  The way the system is set up now, the private insurance companies’ bureacrats are actually the ones getting in between you and your doctor–that is the TRUTH.  The bigger the bullhorn, the louder the bullhorn, the frequency of the bullhorn’s false message being sent into millions upon millions of homes, spread as truth and filled with fear, is the real problem.  Billionaires who own the airwaves are the culprits.  What would happen if the truth really got out there?  Not the “truth” you hear on the daily Spam commercial called the “NBC National News with Brian Williams,” but the truth told in documentaries that you can find on little known channels such as Link TV or “The Nation” magazine.  Those mediums are so small and their voices so tiny, it is as if Horton heard a Who and turned it over to the Nazis.  The late great Dr. Suess and his tale of an Elephant named Horton whose giant ears heard the voice, however weak, spoke volumes of truth.  His nemesis, the Kangaroo, ordered it, the speck that was actually a real world filled with real people, boiled in oil, because you see, it did not fit in with her own illusions and anything contrary to those illusions filled her with fear and thus, had to be destroyed.  Thus, we find ourselves.  We have the opportunity to have our voices heard, above the bullhorn of lies, hate and fear, we have the ability to yell, “Yop!” from the tallest roof tops, breaking through previous barriers and recreating this country in the image our founders intended.  Why are we all so afraid to stand up to the system that is not only failing us, but robbing us of our dignity, creativity and collective joy?  Yes, a rose by any other name is not a rose, and I ask you this one question today,,, is not the rose, not the rhetoric, worth saving?     Have a nice Monday.                 Peace M

June 28, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

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“Here comes the sun, da na na na, here comes the sun, I say, it’s all right,” sang one of the Beatles for the first time sometime back in the 1960’s, a British band changed America forever.  Peace through music is nothing new, and as I write this after just getting out of 7 am Mass at “Our Lady of the Assumption” here in Osterville, Massachusetts with temperatures in the lower 60’s and more rain in the forecast, perhaps this tune will change your mood and uplift your spirit.  The choir that I am lucky enough to be apart of, takes it’s summer break until August, and the vacuum is felt.  So, to make up for it on this cloudy, London fog kind of day, I’ll sing on my walk around Joshua’s Pond and realize that the clouds only obscure the sun, which sits only several thousand feet above them, never setting, always Present and forever another example of God’s Creation, His Awesome Creation.  Have a blessed Sunday and upcoming week.  Peace M

June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

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Marcus Cabot Mosier was born on this day in 1974 and he is my brother.  What was happening in 1974?  As I was only 9, and “growing up” in Simsbury, Connecticut, a town where my brother spent most of his youth, the world seemed a simpler place.  Marcus moved to Jackson, Wyoming recently to pursue his own dreams that will come to fruition in the great Rocky Mountains that stretch from the New Mexico border of Colorado upwards into Canada creating the Continental Divide– geologically separating the North American continent.  From those rocky peaks, most notably the mammoth boulders jetting into the sky like an ancient city whose only residence of the high tower condos to the sky are Eagles and Hawks, exists a serenity that is beyond the symbols of communication in its orthodox form.  It is the genesis where these lofty snow capped heights produce the water, snow melting in the June sun, creating a river that naturally flows in the path of least resistance, endlessly to the sea.  The power of that flow, the energy it exudes, is awesome and where my brother will navigate a different kind of boat, bringing people along this natural wonder, the mountain river, to a place where they have never been before–a place where the destination does not matter…where journey is king and the present moment is realized.  As Yellowstone National Park symbolizes what is still great about this country, where a President Theodore Roosevelt had the foresight to “zone” this portion of the United States off into it’s own protected sanctuary for wildlife ranging from Elk to Black Bear, I want to wish my brother a most happy birthday and know that he is never, ever alone and always loved unconditionally.  Happy Birthday Marcus!     Peace M

June 26, 2009

Wianno Pier

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Oyster Shanty

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Flying Home

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This Osprey went to the market and caught a big fish and is flying all the way home…well, perhaps not a market, but the Nantucket Sound will do quite nicely.  The tower in the background is his home, as I have mentioned in a previous blog.  The rain has held off long enough this morning that some gardening was accomplished… with a dear friend of mine, Joanne. Having the ears to hear has always been something that “I” have had difficulty with, well, somewhat difficulty with, but today I heard a message that was beyond the words that my physical ears heard, and I want to thank her for that. May the blessings of the Osprey and Swan be with you NOW and always. For what is more noble than the acceptance of the TRUTH? Perhaps having the ears to hear it.   Have a blessed week end!           Peace M

June 25, 2009

Drying out

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Not the Rugosa Roses, as seen in a shot it took about a week ago on Dowses Beach.  No the huge puddles and rain drops that feed said puddles are ones finally drying out and with that the sun made it’s triuphant return today around 1 pm.  The month of June was the wettest on record here on Cape Cod, and although our beautiful plant life appreciates the rain, it is summer afterall.  I hope the weather is calm where you sit today, and your outlook is good.  Mine is, despite what my rants and disappointments our “leaders” provide from time to time.  I will say this, I wish the best for the State of California and their budgetary crisis, as I was a resident in the Bay area as well as Newport Beach in Orange County.  California has it tough, earthquakes, fires, floods and a budget that is drying out with no jobs to tax in order to refill the tank of the budget so desperately needed for the millions who depend on some kind of social assistance, especially women and children.  May God’s blessings be upon anyone who is suffering, especially those in despair in California.  Peace M

June 23, 2009


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East Bay, as shown here on the little bridge that takes you into Dowses Beach here in Osterville, reminds me of Dillon Reservoir up in Summit County, Colorado.  At least it looks like it did, when I lived there 10 years ago.  The water was full up to the brim, as it were, and deep, and is used by many, including people who live in California. The last report that I heard, was that the resevoir out west has lost much of it’s water due to draught and over utilization by man.  Too many people, not enough water.  That is just one relatively small example of what is going on globally in response to climate change due, as a direct result, to the release of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere from not only our favorite mode of transportation, the car, but from coal.  Whether or not Washington DC wants to admit it or not, the reality of climate change is upon us.  For the past two days, a deep storm has sat off the coast here in New England and left torrential rains, high winds and rough seas.  Although hurricane season is not upon us until the latter part of the summer, this “storm” is not normal for this time of year and is part of the overall change in weather patterns across the globe.  Why is it that we as a nation cannot get our priorities in line?  Bailing out businesses that got us into this mess to begin with is not the logical answer to our growing list of problems.  Caring for our brothers is.  If you consider yourself a leader, be it a Congressman, Governor, or Senator, be a leader and stand up to the lobbyists whose sole purpose is to make money for their particular secret interest groups.  Brainwashing the public can only last for so long and if you want to tell a mother and her child that she can’t eat because the money for that food program has been cut in order to pay more into the system that feeds the top 1 percent of this country, then you are not only not a leader, you are a pathetic follower with no courage, no integrity and no soul.    Rise up and question the will of our “leaders”.    Peace M

June 22, 2009


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Amidst the back drop of the driving rain today in Osterville, is the opening up of hundreds of Rhododendrons in Armstrong-Kelly Park.  This one brings a light to a very dark and stormy day.  “It was a dark and stormy night…”, Snoopy, Charles Schultz’s creation, once said atop his dog house, fitted with a typewriter and his yellow friend flying about.  I often wonder what the late great Charles Schultz would have made of this “modern world”, how the innocence of the “Peanuts” characters would have been translated, how their problems would have been solved.  Snoopy did not seem to fear “the dark and stormy night”, he only feared cats.  On this Monday morning I want to send out a beam of light to all that are looking out and “seeing” a storm, when afterall it is only a meterological event.  Have a good week!          Peace M

June 21, 2009

Father’s Day

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In this country, we celebrate “Father’s Day”, a time to reflect on how much our fathers mean to us, a time to communicate that sentiment.  Many people have their father with them now, in the physical form, perhaps so close that you are preparing a BBQ or a party of some kind in honor of him.  Some, have lost their father due to an illness that took him before you were ready to let him go.  Further, there are some who never knew their father, as he may have died in a war overseas, and you were only a baby.  Then, there are those who have their father in their hearts–these are the lucky ones.  For “Honoring thy Father…” simply means that–keeping him alive in your TRUE thoughts of Love.  I love my father with all of my heart and I can say that I miss him.  He is with us, living and walking on this planet earth and I am grateful for that.  He is in my memory, not so much in what he did or said, but in the Knowledge that he loved me for who I am.  He used to take me for walks in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco when I was knee high to a grasshopper, in search of the “big, bad wolf”, he paid for my college tuition, he provided beautiful homes that we lived in throughout this country and another, he tried to heal my own wounds even if his own were not healed.  For that, I will always love him and impress upon God to watch over him and guide him through this illusion of time and space.  He introduced me to Cape Cod so many years ago, 36 to be precise, as my little family drove our little red Volvo along route 6A heading east towards Provincetown, Race Point and the Cape Cod National Seashore.  My love for animals was consecrated when he took the family to Kenya on a safari for 18 days in the Masai Mara game reserve, where wilderness is still preserved. Thank you for that Dad and I wish you peace and joy on this day of honoring the father–you.  So, on this rather rainy day on Cape Cod, I want to again wish my father, to all of your fathers and especially, Roland, who is no longer with us on this plane, but who has given to me something that I SEEMED to have lost, the permission to LOVE again, a day of celebration and Joy and an overabudance of Peace.  The Love that he gave to his daughters and to Cape Cod in general, not to mention the world of photography is unparalleled. He gave to me the simplest, most profound statement ever written, giving me courage to allow something as infinitely abundant as Love to flow freely once again, without reservations from the “past”. That statement is this–”Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God.”  Happy Father’s Day Roland!    May you have a blessed Sunday and Father’s Day!               Peace M

June 20, 2009

On a clear day

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It was once written that on a clear day you can see forever…as I have probably already stated in one of the observations that are electronically thrown out to the universe in, according to the “retired”  Senator from Alaska, “a series of tubes”–an accurate description of the Internet.  Perhaps the leaders in Iran, the great supreme leader, have that same misconception of technology and how it has revolutionized communication.  With lightning speed, the written word, or some derivation therein, is distributed to billions of people around the world.  How much Knowledge is being presented and, moreover, how much is being absorbed?  Control over  the will of a sovereign nation, any nation, is a tall order indeed, and if mind control is the ultimate aim of such tyrants, they will have to factor in the series of tubes called the Internet, as the TRUTH has a way of finding it’s way to the light…just as a river finds its way to the sea.  Have a blessed Saturday.           Peace M

June 19, 2009

Springer Spaniel

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Morning Star

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Private Dock

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A dock is like an extension of oneself, into Life itself.  Extension of of our consciousness, or what our mind projects onto a screen and what most consider reality, is sometimes coming from a place that is not of Love and therefore, an illusion.  When we finally SEE that LOVE is ALL, when we share that extension of which we all are–the stuff we are made of–unconditionally, we remove the blocks like fear, the seeming polar opposite of love.  Fear is not really the opposite of Love, for that which is all has, by definition, no opposite.  Fear may SEEM real, as advertised if you will, but it is only a thought and thoughts who you are. You and I are not our thoughts and although it may be hard to fathom, the anger and other emotions that bubble up to the surface are really only a call for Love.  This need not be kept “private”, this extension of who we really are, it is meant to be shared and in that sharing, comes the dawning of a realization that giving and receiving are really one and the same.  Have a great week end!      Peace M

June 18, 2009

Tree for the Forest

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Many times in “my life” I have not been able to see the forest for the trees that were obstructing my view.  Better yet, my position or perception was askew and thus, prevented me from Seeing the truth of the forest.  Manicured lawns and perfect landscaping are not uncommon here in Osterville, in fact it is a passion.  I am the first to admit I love my lawn to look spectacular, devoid of any imperfections.  However, when you take a walk in the woods, and immerse yourself in the chaos of dead wood, leaves, randomly placed trees, new growth, and the biological wonder of Life as it lives and breathes another day, you find a center that the “perfection” of that tenth hole fairway like lawn lacks.  You lose yourself, if you are willing to do so, in a world that is not subject to the laws of man, but the laws of nature.  This works out well, for you and I are as much a part of the wilderness as the trees and animals.  We are part of our environment, of Life, not seperate from it.  Perhaps that is the dilemma facing mankind today, as we “search for alternative sources for fuel”, i.e. more of the same.  We do not get out there and SEE the importance of it ALL.  With all of the powerful lobbyists busy in Washington, seeing only the tree and denying the existence of the forest, strong arming our elected officials who were hired to do the right thing… I humbly ask only this GOD, please help us!   When Thomas Paine wrote “Common Sense” around the turn of the 18th century, his words albeit “progressive”, rang true and are no less valid today.  He just had fewer smoke and mirrors to deal with.  Have a nice Thursday.      Peace M

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