whale 2009 May | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

May 31, 2009

Hang Ten

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The waves at Dowses Beach were over ten feet today as you can clearly see with this massive wave about to pound the shoreline with it’s intense energy.  Just kidding.  This little wave is probably only 7 inches tall and could not hurt a toddler.  On an incredible day here on the Cape, I’m babysitting a golden retriever, Gibson, and along with my black lab Allie, we are going for a walk around Joshua’s Pond–the woods.  A trail where dogs can run free and be dogs.  There is nothing like the sight of a dog in full throttle, with a smile as wide as the sun, hair flowing in the wind and the smell of EVERYTHING a part of him.  Just watching, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting and being–that is what all of “my” dogs have taught me.  For having and being are one and the same.  Have a blessed Sunday.        Peace M

May 30, 2009

Light, take two

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At the risk of repeating myself, this shot was taken, again, during the filming of the “Light Keepers”, at 6 am about one week ago.  As the sun has finally made it’s triumphant return to the Cape, on this beautiful late spring day, and I pray that you are doing well at this moment in “time”.  The Cape explodes with people after the Memorial Day weekend, and judging from all of the people at Fancy’s Market here in Osterville, the snowbirds, the tourists and every local who has endured yet another tough winter on this little sand bar, are out in shirt sleeves and short pants soaking in the 70 degree temperatures under clear blue skies and gentle winds.  Have a good Saturday!       Peace M

May 29, 2009


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This image was taken about a week ago, when the set was still up, as you can see in the distance, for the “Light Keepers”.  A purple cloud formed one sunrise with yet another view of the same view.  Perception coming from Truth is a universal longing, that we seem to catch glimpses of when immersed in nature.  This Oneness with all that is, creates a peace that cannot, as I have repeated over and over again, be described in words, a poor form of communication to begin with.  True communication is a communion of that Oneness, looking beyond the words or sign posts, to the essence of the Knowledge there in.  Have a nice week end.  Peace M

May 28, 2009

The Cart

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Putting the previously displayed metaphor on yesterday’s blog in front of today’s image had been a struggle until I remembered some of the KNOWLEDGE that we all possess.  How often I put the loud, repetitive noises and hence feelings, in front of the horse of truth, the oneness of spirit that we all share.  How often does the “cart” get in the way or block the sunlight of that spirit?  Even if it is only for a moment, it is too often.  Joy and Love are our natural states of being and are represented in this metaphorical example of the horse.  The horse drives the cart, not the other way around.  I am ever mindful of this fact, or should I say, when I remember, I am, for that is all it really is.  It is not a struggle, but a letting go of old thought patterns of doubt, projection and fear that are but an illusion anyway.  Have a great Thursday.            Peace M

May 27, 2009

Horse Power

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This beautiful horse was on set the other day and I thought I might put it in my daily “blog” as my father was and is a horse man.  Growing up in Kansas, my father, and my grandfather, Chet Ball, who owned a farm near Hayes, Kansas, threw bails of hay and worked long days that I’m sure were filled with all kinds of animals, none so close to my Dad’s heart than the Equine.  Having made the jump from western riding to Equestrian, complete with dressage, jumping and cross-country, his journey like many of us, involved the connection with these massive, yet gentle creatures of God, who in their trusting and faithful ways, empower us to do the same–to see beyond error and realize truth.  What truth?  The connection.  What is that connection?  Love.  Have a blessed Wednesday.    Peace M

May 25, 2009


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Spring Sunrise

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Red Dorey

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This beautiful Dorey was used on the set of “The Light keepers”, as back in the day when lighthouses were still operated by men, the Dorey was a common form of transportation.  The final day of filming of this very intriguing movie will be on Tuesday, somewhere in Hyannisport, where, undoubtedly, the lore of the Kennedy compound will make it’s presence known.  Some 30 miles to the southeast, sits a little lighthouse called Brandt Point.  Small, white and back in the day when lighthouses were essential for vessels to navigate the treacherous shoreline of New England, Brandt Point was named after the Brandt Geese that frequent these waters during winter months.  Although the lighthouse had been blown down by forces of nature such as hurricanes during it’s 200 plus year existence, hence it’s nickname–the lighthouse with nine lives–it shines as bright as ever at the entrance to Nantucket Harbor.  Mariners would always breathe a sigh of relief when catching a glimpse of it’s small, yet powerful light.  Peace M

May 24, 2009


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On this Sunday morning at Faith Hill, on Dowses Beach in Osterville, Massachusetts, in the early morning fog, the “Lightning” trucks that carry all of the equipment used yesterday during the filming of “The Light keepers” pulled away along with the “High Output” generator that brings the necessary lighting that the entertainment industry needs to create what nature already provides.  Cape Cod has one of the most unique lighting in all of the world, and one feels a sense of gratitude when witnessing a sunrise like you see before you, such as I experienced yesterday at about the same “time”.  Sometimes that light comes in different forms, such as a chance meeting with a brother from my fraternity at University of Vermont, whom I have not seen in 22 years.  I was down at Dowses about 9 am and my car needed a jump, I asked the gentleman in the Audi next to me if he could provide that jump and as I was retrieving the cables from the back of my car, he said, “Michael Mosier?”, to which I responded in the affirmative and the recognition of Scott Myers was instantaneous and a great joy came over me.  Seeing the light in my brother as he headed of for a yoga class on the beach, put me on a high that cannot be described in words, much like the  word spectacular cannot really encapsulate the beauty of this sunrise provided by  the creator of this world.  I pray your Sunday is filled with the light of the spirit this day and always.     Peace M

May 23, 2009

The Lightkeeper

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I thought I might give the men and women who are filming the movie “The Light keepers” down at Dowses Beach a sunrise that is perhaps “overexposed” on my blog, but what the heck, anything for Hollywood right?  Am I right?  I had an opportunity to view the set and actually introduce myself to some of the lighting guys and such, and because I am not a column gossip and that is not the function of this “blog”, I will not say who I bumped into and yet am honored to meet, as his work has inspired a lot of the passion in me about many of issues facing this world and the people who are living IN IT.  Not just one loud mouth who is putting this country in danger because of his FEAR mongering, and again I will not name any names, but we all know of whom I speak.  Putting it in perspective, say Dowses Beach for example. there is an area of roughly 9 billion grains of sand.  Lets say each of those rocks of sand is a person.  Take one of the pieces out and separate it from the rest.  How powerful is that single sand?  So, have a great day at Dowses crew, cast, villagers, residents, fisherman, and all of the wildlife, and to all Happy Memorial Day to all!  Have a blessed day.   Peace M

May 22, 2009


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This little Maine Coon Cat Kitty is perhaps wondering what all the fuss is all about, the strange giant with this device called a “camera” with a very bright light that keeps flashing, is apparently taking my picture, so I guess I will just give no resistance, give up my judgement and offer up no attachment to “anything”,  I just sit in bliss, taking it all in.  Is this not what we are all striving for in this world of space and time?  Bliss?  One could ask, “how can anyone achieve such a notion?, especially in a world so full of misery, scarcity and injustice, not to mention confusion, chaos and the illogical and dangerous conclusions of men in “power”?”  That answer has already been given in the form of a picture that tells a thousand words that do not need to be reiterated by my pen.  Thoughts and Thought systems that are not of truth will see the light of day and be dis spelled  for what they are–illusions.  Nothing real can be threatened, such as the feeling you may get when you look at this little kitten.  Some one’s “opinion” of what you think or feel when you perceive this image is an illusion that is not real.  Therefore, NOTHING UNREAL EXISTS.  Therein lies the peace of God.  Have a great week end.  Peace M

May 21, 2009

Dawn A Breakin’

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This shot was taken at Dowses Beach in Osterville, Massachusetts at 5:16 a.m.  I’m not sure I have ever seen such a beautiful sunrise in my life .   I’m still a little stunned at witnessing the sun as it rose into the heavens above, as it is nearing noon, now,  and the temperature in Osterville is 72 degrees with the purest of blue sky above.  I took a walk on this beach this morning and my ears heard the Terns, as they have a nesting area that the Massachusetts Audubon Society ropes off to allow them space to nest.  There are literally hundreds of them in the dunes that you see to the left of the picture you are looking at.  Every year these Terns fly down from Canada and choose Dowses to have their offspring.  Good choice, really, as the fishing is plentiful and the good people at the Audubon Society really bring their whole heart into their job in protecting these smallest of shore birds.  Have a blessed day.    Peace M

May 20, 2009

“Our Lady of the Assumption”

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On the green grass of the little chapel by the sea, sits a statue of the blessed Virgin Mary.  On this day, a beautiful one here on Cape Cod, a Mass is being held for some youngsters who will be confirmed in the Catholic Church.  What is confirmation?  When I was confirmed in England, around the age of 17, I studied some basic Catholic and universal truths that gave me the confidence that I was part of something much greater than myself.  In other words, I felt part of something.  Somewhere along the way, I lost that feeling of closeness with the almighty.  I was always looking for it “out there”, as I’m sure that I was not alone in that illusory adventure.  As I rocketed through my twenties, thirties and even early forties I seemed to drift further and further from that feeling of oneness, with doubt, fear, anger and guilt.  However, as luck would have it, I began going back to Mass again, in a more earnest way, and as I let go of my old worn out collection of outdated thoughts and thought systems that were an illusion to begin with, for they were born mostly out of my own fear, I began to realize that I was not alone–THAT I NEVER WAS.  That is what I pray today, check that, sing in hope for today for these young men and women who, like me at that age, are looking past the ceremony to the dinner afterward.  But maybe, just maybe, some will take the moment that they have every right to, and reflect on what it means not just to be a “good Catholic”, but moreover a good steward and light in this world so desperately in need of the good news that IS them, you and me.  Peace M

May 19, 2009

Herring Run

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Every May, the Herring run from the Bay of Cape Cod up a little river towards the Mill Stone Pond in Brewster off of route 6A.  At the top of the hill, sits a pond that exists because of a dam that was built over a century and a half ago.  The Herring, like salmon in Alaska, swim up stream to spawn.  As they do, the seagulls feast.  Like the Grizzly Bear in the west, they literally catch them in mid-air creating a sight rarely seen in nature.  Hundreds of screaming seagulls feed on the Herring, like this fellow, who will eat as much as he can and still manage to fly.  The little wheel of the ancient mill was powered by the water flowing down about 26 vertical feet, providing food, clothing and other essentials for the early pioneers of this blessed area of the world.  It is a sight to behold.    Peace M

May 18, 2009

Chatham Light

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A different view of my original “Chatham Light” that I coined a long time ago, an image that can be seen on the front page of my website.  This image was taken a week ago when I was in Chatham and as you can see from the blue on white, the contrast is quite striking.  Happy Monday to all and having said that, I’m reminded of the movie “Office Space”, a comedy about a young man who did not like working at “Innatech”.  At the beginning of the movie, the central character walks into one of the local restaurants adjacent to the office park in which he works, where the waiter asks if he would like to try some “extreme fajitas” or “chicken pop poppers” or something to that effect.  “Coffee, just coffee,” explains the young man.  The waiter who is dressed with suspenders and little buttons covering his uniform with annoying bumper sticker like sayings, aggravates him by saying, “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays”, only adding to his gloom and doom attitude towards his work, his life and his purpose.  I hope this light will add a little brightness to your day, reminding me, you, “them” that it is not the circumstance that we find ourselves in–often the “mundane”–but our perception of it, thus providing a new insight into everyday ordinary life and hopefully creating a new attitude of gratitude that supercedes and melts away the feelings often associated with something like, “Looks like someone is having a case of the Mondays.”     Peace M

May 17, 2009

Sunday Shine

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This magnificent church in Barnstable, a town on the northern side of Cape Cod, dates back to the early settlers who were fond of white steep led, simple buildings of worship.  As you travel up route 6A heading due East, you will find many similar churches that offer a deep sense of peace even if you are not a religious person.  There is something about the test of “time”, the purity of white and the all inclusiveness of knowing that irregardless of what is going on with the world at the moment, these monuments to our own heritage as a nation offer a testimony that is almost palpable as you drive, bike, fly or walk by–allowing one to drift back in time and believe once again that we live in one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known.  The Constitution of the United States breathes again a sigh of relief as you come to understand that all men are created equal and that hope is never, ever lost as long as Faith is remembered as represented by the little white steep led church.    Peace M

May 16, 2009

Labrador Lifeguard

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The Lifeguard stands are out again on Dowses Beach here in Osterville as Allie, my English Black Lab, enjoys a day at the beach searching for stray tennis balls and completely oblivious to the rather large sign that Charles Schultz  would find amusing–”No Dogs Allowed”–September 15-May 15.  The water temperature is still hovering around 50 degrees F, so their is little need for a lifeguard at the moment.  I want to wish my brother Marcus success in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as he recently left Connecticut for that beauty that is the Rocky Mountain West.  Moreover, if no one told you they love you today–I do.  Peace M

May 14, 2009


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Yes, this is what May looks like on Main Street in downtown Chatham.  I was there on Tuesday, when I took this snapshot and I have to tell you, there is no other place on earth like the elbow of Cape Cod.  Walking the 2 miles or so from the round-about, or rotary as it is called in the US, I made my way to the “Chatham Light” and sat for a while.  The day could not have been clearer and the air sweeter, with the strong salt stinging the nostrils, as the easterly winds whipping off the Atlantic Ocean made for a brisk morning.  May you have a blessed day.  Peace M

May 13, 2009


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These two nesting pair of common ducks are all alone in this green marsh next to East Bay in Osterville.  The salt marshes that line all of Cape Cod and the islands, are home to hundreds of species of shore birds.  The beauty of a salt marsh is hard to describe save one word–peaceful.  With the coming and going of the tides, the size of the marsh enlarges and contracts with the consistency of swiss timing.  Like the tidal pools, the kettle ponds and the sound itself, the salt marsh needs protection from man and his activities that pollute these pristine and vital sanctuaries.  However, these ducks don’t have to worry about that today…they are just happy being themselves…     Peace M

May 11, 2009

Flying High

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This Cormorant, one of our local shore birds, is flying high above the sandy beaches of Cape Cod below.  The Cormorant is an all black duck who spreads his wings in the sun while sitting on a rock to allow them to dry in the sun, then they can flap those wings and presto–lift off!  It’s kind of like watching a 747 taking off from Logan, it takes awhile to gain altitude.  Have a nice Monday!  Peace M

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