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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

April 30, 2009


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The term “the blues” came from the music created in New Orleans many years ago, with jazz and other instrumental groups of kinds that sprang up from the earth and started to sing.  Just like these beautiful flowers that I cannot name for even though they have a name, to me it is simpler to just call them blues.  I used to go to Blues Bars and listen to the musicians who played in those normally less than desirable venues and when I would go and really listen to the sounds that came from those saxophones and trumpets and steel guitars and six strings, it would invoke some deep longing within me to let go of old pain and hurt.  Letting it go by going through it and coming out the other side.  You know the old saying, you cannot sing the blues unless you have been there.  Truer still, you may empathize and even identify with the lyrics, however, the pain and sadness that is usually expressed within the musicians tool box is his own, his own journey to work through, for he knows that when he does, he will feel the power of redemption.  Peace M

April 29, 2009

Liam’s Love

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Armstrong-Kelly Park in Osterville is an extraordinary place.  The boardwalks that wind like a river around the park, filled with trees that had been planted here from exotic places such as Norway and Japan, each have a person’s name or sentiment written on them.  In one spot, as you can make out from the image I took yesterday, is “Liam’s Train”.  There is a poem that is on a placard that sits above the wooden choo choo where children from all ages play, or sit and drink their coffee.  The poem is called “The song of the track”, and it goes something like this, clickety clack, clickety clack everyone hears the sound of the track, over the split and over the crack, clickety clickety clickety clack…everyone hears the sound of the track.”  There is another placard honoring Liam’s memory, as he must have been a much loved man who gave as much love as he also must have assuredly received, for it reads, “To Liam, for his love of laughter and play”.  A wooden teddy bear sits guard over the words that were so carefully placed at this shine of love.  In a world that is full of hate and fear, this park has no place or desire to be any part of that.  For fear and Love cannot coexist, and if love and joy are indeed one and, moreover, is the natural state of the human being, i.e. all of us, then it would stand to reason that we could all take a ride on Liam’s train and listen, if only for a moment, to the sound of the track and just enjoy the ride.  Peace is sometimes more than just a word that I put at the end of my blogs, it is also a board on the far end of one of the walks in this enchanted place.    Peace and Joy  Michael

April 28, 2009


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Yellow is a color that is rarely defined with courage.  The very song that Kenny Rogers sang years ago called, “The Coward of the County”, I heard this past summer at the Melody Tent, a summer concert series in Hyannis, brings back memories of how old Tommy taught a few of the old boys just how “yellow” he was.  As the years have rolled on by however, the meaning of yellow, as expressed in the awesome beauty of this daffodil in Armstrong-Kelly Park here in Osterville, has changed.  My perspective has changed.  I no longer look at fear as real.  Instead, I “fight” through the fear of old thought patterns and outdated belief systems and simply see the beauty that is all around me.  Everywhere.  No where on God’s green earth is that more evident than right here on Cape Cod.  If you have any extra gas money, or the pedal power to move you, why not come on down and visit.  There is enough beauty in the world for everyone to share.  Peace M

April 27, 2009

Nantucket Sound

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The water temperature is still 45 degrees as of 6 am this morning, but the sky could not have been clearer and as the song indicates, “on a clear day you can see forever…’  I hope you had a nice weekend and that this monday morning is bringing you a sense of peace that occurs with breathing, putting one foot in front of the other and simply knowing that the present moment is all we have.  EVER.  Getting in touch with that reality and then applying some knowledge, not opinion, can really make a difference in one’s life.  For example, I tried out for an extra spot in the upcoming movie, another one, being filmed here on the cape, and as a writer who has completed his own first novel called Fog Happened–Nantucket, coming to a movie theater to you soon, this one is about a lighthouse keeper.  It is truly serendipitous, as the picture for the front of Fog Happened is me sitting in front of the Brant Point Lighthouse on a couple of bails of hay on a foggy, snowy, rainy raw day back in November of 2007 and the book was completed, submitted to the library of congress or copywritten and sat for a while until I began sending it out to literary agents.  While I find the gratitude to express how I feel about the whole thing, and when I do you will be the first to feel it’s expression, I am just awestruck at the fact that the universe is not conspiring against me, this country or even this world.  Fear was a manufactured product that made alot of people very rich.   Halliburton Corporation and sponsors of fear mongering being the first to come to mind.  Anyway, it is such a nice day, why waste it talking of such foul things and even fouler people.  The point is that there are two kinds of emotions, Love and fear.  I have said before Love not an emotion per say, but a state of being–your natural state of being…a feeling like when you are on vacation with your family.  That is the feeling I wish for each and every one of you today and always…Love of the purest form and remember that love is real and that nothing real can be threatened.  It may be fogged over for awhile, but by allowing the sun to burn off the illusion of what that fog represented as a thought in your head, some fear that was not even real sets you free… you are home free.  Peace M

April 26, 2009

Tilling the Fairways

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It has been an awesome Sunday here on Cape Cod, with the temperatures soaring into the 80’s!  To the rough and tumble cape codders, any warmth this time of year is a blessing indeed.  I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to take pictures of these hallowed grounds of Cape Cod, for they are indeed chalk full of history.  Osprey’s, Whales, Swans who could ask for more.  Gratitude is something that should be put into the water like flouride once was to prevent cavities, except this shift in attitude heals wounds too deep for mankind’s magic.  So, a wonderful Sunday to you and yours and remember that every day is a new day to begin again.  For real.  Peace M

April 23, 2009

Spring Cat

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As the Obama family enjoys their new Portuguese Water dog, this little guy was just born a few weeks ago.  As a Maine Coon Cat he can hold his own.  Parenthetically, my friend the breeder states that these rascals are hypo-algergenic as well, so perhaps someday the White House will have dogs and cats living under the same roof…to quote Bill Murray from “Ghost Busters”–mass hysteria!  Have a great day.     Peace M

April 22, 2009

Rainy day people

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There was a song written many years ago about rainy day people.  More songs have been written about the weather than perhaps any other subject, save friends and love itself.  I believe that a friend is the one who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you forget the words.     Peace M

April 17, 2009

On Top

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The weather vanes that adorn the tops of these wonderful houses are as unique as the landscaping.   The whale is a popular one, sitting atop a home here in Osterville, telling us all which way the wind blows.   Peace M

April 15, 2009


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This is going out to all of my friends in Norway!  I had a great time in Lillehamer and I hope all is well with your country.  Peace M

April 13, 2009

No title

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A day after the Masters deserves no title.  I jest.  Peace M

April 12, 2009

Easter Joy

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Happy Easter from Cape Cod!  May today and all days be filled with the love, peace and joy that is Easter.  God Bless us all.  Peace M

April 11, 2009


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I just finished watching the semi-documentary of Bobby Kennedy’s life in the film called “Bobby”.  One of the reasons I moved to Cape Cod was for the inspiration that was afforded me through the writings of our best Attorney Generals, for he spoke of truth to powers that we all know…fear of our brother.  When we give into that fear, it brings about the very thing we wish to abolish–fear itself.  Easter vigil is today’s physical date.  However, what Bobby Kennedy was really trying to say in that speech 41 years ago in California stands as true to time as timelessness itself…we are here to love each other, indeed we are love itself that forgot the very source from which we all come from.   We are all so quick to judge and condemn, as Pontius Pilate did so well for us all yesterday.  But, yesterday is gone.  Today is all we have.  So I say, embrace the differences in us, celebrate our diversity and experience.  Know that we are all one and the measure for which we pour out, will be poured out unto us…  Peace M

April 10, 2009


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The blue of the blue, the wind wispering, the clarity of spring.  New England’s hope eternal is what makes this idea of a country great…      Peace M

April 9, 2009


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Are we on the right path?  I have often wondered this myself in just about every situation you can imagine.  On Holy Thursday of last year, I quit smoking cigarettes, a habit that I thought I would never, ever be free of.  The Catholic church had nothing to do with the date of this milestone in my life, but and I always say that to put a but in the back end of a declarative statement, negates everything that was presented…  So, I will say, however, in so far as my “journey” has been filled with contradictions and beliefs that sometimes defy reason.  This is one of them.  My faith in a power greater than this man writing on a computer in the 21st century of mankind super cedes any naysayer that would serve the ill will of mankind’s overwrought ego.  I thank God every day for the gifts he has afforded me.  I hope the same is true for you.         Peace  M

April 8, 2009

Spring Light

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Sometimes it is hard to know the right from all of the horse-hockey you hear on television, the Internet and every other source of information that invades your very privacy as a human being on planet EARTH.  Have we all lost sight of the importance of the simple things that make life worth living to begin with?  Looking around at the beauty that is Cape Cod and the islands, I am happy to say that the buds of the flowers are blooming, as evidenced by these Rhododendrons outside of my front window.  Looking at how the rest of the world viewed our President’s 8 day trip, I am encouraged, for we are no longer in the grip of lies promulgated by the irresponsible “owners” of what America hears, feels, tastes, sees, smells and thinks–corporate multi-media–their time has passed.                  Peace M

April 7, 2009

Magnolia’s Magnificence

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Armstrong–Kelly Park

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I just spent the past two hours enjoying the beginning of spring, with all of the incredible trees and flowers that adorn this very special park in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Armstrong and Kelly, for whom the park are named, and their families, did a wonderful thing by putting this park together, as walk way after walk way, with names of families past and present, “Liam’s View”, being one of them–a walk way, boardwalks like in the old days, that runs through the forest walls of Eastern Pines and maples intermingled with transplanted trees from other worlds such as Japan and Norway–a California Redwood not excluded…I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to be here in the great beauty that is New England…and to know it is spring once again.  To know it.  KNOW.   I pray that spring comes to you fully and that the gift that is nature is not a forbidden place that is never known.  For nature preserved is the source from which we all seek–the raw essence of Good.       Peace M

April 5, 2009


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This Dorey is probably a lot older than the motor that powers this little boat to where it needs to be.  Happy Sunday morning to you, wherever you may be, and greetings and salutations from Cape Cod.  The weather is slowly improving from the very cold and wet March, like today for example, with the temperatures expected in the 50’s and sun in the forecast.  The water temperature of Nantucket Sound is still in the upper 40’s so when the air temperature is higher, you get fog.  We sing today at “Our Lady of the Assumption”.  When I say we I am referring to the rest of the choir who are a fine group of musicians in their own right, some in their 70’s and 80’s (still young), singing some of the beautiful choral music from the likes of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and as the Easter concerts come up in the next week I will be praying for all of the families out there who are struggling with this downturn in the economy–for in reality, we are all one big family.   Peace M

April 3, 2009


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The G-20 summit concluded yesterday in London, with many considering it a success.  The “clams” that were discussed are significant and with protesters in the streets, perhaps the world’s financial leaders will now begin to view the world’s population, especially the poor, with the concern of a citizen of the world who is more interested in the plight of the human race and the environment we live in than with short term profit and personal gain.  Peace M

April 2, 2009

Great Spirit

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As the soft drizzle fell on the cedars of East Bay Drive here in Osterville, Massachusetts, I spotted the same male Osprey on his “perch”, a man-made structure that is common on the cape made specifically for the Osprey who need a 360 degree view and an elevation of at least 10 feet off the ground.  This particular nest at Dowses Beach is at least 30 feet off the ground has a great viewing of East Bay that is a rich feeding spot for birds of all feathers.  As the world leaders sit for another day of “talks” that are presumably designed to solve the economic crisis that is affecting billions of people all over the world.  My prayers are that the egos are somehow left at the hotel rooms of London and the better angels of the purpose align themselves with reason, compassion and love of their fellow man.   Peace M

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