whale 2009 March | Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

March 31, 2009


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This little tug boat is doing some work on the “inner coastal” here in Osterville’s entrance to Oyster Harbors…making it deep for the bigger boats.  Sampson’s island is in the foreground, a popular spot for sailboats to anchor down and have lunch.  I must have walked 3 or 4 miles this morning, from Wianno to Nantucket Sound and Dowses Beach, where all kinds of people from this little village are out and about on an almost spring like day, with the sun shining and winds calm–temperatures in the upper 40’s.  Have a good day.  Peace M

March 30, 2009


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After watching the Sunday news shows, as I punish myself weekly with “This Week with George Stephenopolous” or Bill Moyers “journal” , the repeat is on Sunday, along with “Face the Nation” with David Gregory who is doing a fine job, although no one could replace Tim Russert, God Bless his soul.  Yes, indeed, what can I say?  What can anyone say?  When one looks at the staggering amount of greed that is truly in charge here, or has the illusion that it is, let us take a step back in history and see why this is all happening.  I like what Gary Renard, an outstanding independent author, said this to what is really going on…”The government of the United States has become famous around the world in the last hundred years for propping up any government (look at Pakistan) that will watch out for the best interests not of the local people, but of the American-based or U.S. dominated international corporations.”  Terrorists hate us for their own psychotic reasons, but our country is hated in the Middle East by average people not because we stand for freedom and democracy, but because we don’t stand for freedom and democracy.  The way most of the world’s educated people see us as standing for whatever is best for American money.  Let us be honest, we care about the oil, or at least the previous administration did, to the demise of it’s own people and in this example the Iraqi people.  But let us not pick on just Iraq as an example.  There are many other countries that suffered under the Cheney administration and are still suffering today.  The Bottom line that few realize, few American citizens realize, is that the people at the top–the CEO’s of major international corporations (the real problem) only real function is to find the most efficient way, either at home or on foreign soil, to make as much money as possible, leaving democracy dying on the side of the road.  Most of the people in the world know this, but not the American people, who have been brainwashed by television propaganda for the last half a century into believing that America can only do right.  Since the mid-1970’s, the big corporations, through acquisition, have completely sewn up their editorial control over the news media.  In the meantime, their agenda for the Middle East has been anything but altruistic.  Our country has been a positive force in the world, however, with a hidden agenda.  We all remember the Marshall Plan?  You know the plan to rebuild Europe after WWII.  The plan was designed to promote our capitalist interests just as much as it was, perhaps moreso, than for humanitarian aid.   The greed of the corporations has grown exponentially since then.  There has always been the element of an empire based on money underneath the surface.  Do you recall the United States “acquiring” Hawaii in 1893?   The citizens of the world are not as stupid as our politicians, henchmen and mobsters who run these crooked corporations would like them to be.  They do not have control of mass media around the world–yet.  Most of the world sees us as perfectly willing to steal anything the US government can get, just as “we” stole our vast country from the Indians.  The fact that we pay for oil doesn’t change how the people of other regions perceive you, through the lens of their own unconscious guilt.  When President Eisenhower left office, he warned our nation about the power of what he called a “military-industrial complex”.  While there is nothing new in our Constitution about captialism, America is not a democracy–it is now a moneyocracy.  The banks, their legal loan shark credit card companies, the insurance companies and the multinational corporations seek to ultimately become above the law and own the world.  They own America and its political process, I hate to say, and if something from on high such as a miracle should happen so as  to stop these monsters from owning our water, dictating the kind of genetically engineered foods we eat and telling us what to think, say or do–we may not end up with a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich shall not perish from the earth.  I was saddened by yesterday’s shows, as they began to resemble the players of old–especially Geitner, our Treasury Secretary.  When he speaks of giving back all of the power to the Federal Reserve, an elite circle that is “too big to fail”.  It reminds me of what Geider, Bill Geider, another great author, who spoke of the Fed yesterday on “Face the Nation” said of this same warning.  This old Washington Post old school man of principal summed it up with this simple sentiment–we need a new system, “we need deeper more fundamental change.”  Why are we giving the hen house back to the wolves?  I ask you a simple question, how much more can the American people take?  Peace M

March 29, 2009

Power Beauty

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Sometimes beauty is so stunning that it stops you in your tracks.  I am always amazed when I walk Cape Cod with my Nikon and see what my body’s eyes see and yet there are times that I see with a completely different set of eyes.  It is a rainy Sunday morning here in Osterville with a washout expected.  Yet within that washout are so many things to be grateful for.  Grateful people are happy people, those who aren’t, aren’t.  If your not in a grateful mood, as I was not yesterday, that old quote that I quote here on Cape Cod all the time was actually from “Charlie Street” in Costa Mesa, California.  The messages are more difficult to pick up on out in California because there are so many people.  So many, that you can miss the real answers to problems right there under your nose.  Here on the Cape, you see messages of hope wherever you look–assuming your eyes are open.  Be it a sunset like this one, or a chance encounter with a Great Blue Heron, the result is the same–an opening, a ray of spirit that gets through all of the haze, confusion and endless chatter from all of the “communication devices” we human beings endure over the course of a day.  The television being the biggest culprit.  Literally screaming at us, especially the commercials, to buy into whatever it is they are selling.  The awakening America is going through right now, the yearning question is, how much is enough?  What is it that we really need?  That hunger is what drives the sales at Macy’s and Bloomingdales, as the need to fill that hole becomes ever more urgent.  What is worse are the strong minds of Madison Avenue in New York, taking advantage of young and old minds alike, who may not have all of the ammunition and thus fall prey to their suggestive selling.  I recall moments out in California and Arizona, when I drove across the country with my father (for the first time), just the two of us, where those moments of clarity and pure peace rang through clear as a bell.  Seeing the painted desert, with the pink and blue literally painting the desert’s seemingly lifeless brown landscape with something not of this world–seeing through the veil of doubt and cynicism and releasing the beauty that is within us all.  I thank my father for that and for many things that he has tried to show me over the years.  Sometimes my problems stemmed from my lack of gratitude and when I shed that attitude, things began to change.  My Dad is in the desert as I write this from my little loft here on little Cape Cod–if you can see my smoke signal, I love you and miss you.  You don’t need a painted desert or a sunset from Cape Cod to fill you up with God’s love, all you have to do is throw someone a smile, out of the blue, and tell them with your eyes that you love them–that is beauty.  Peace M

March 28, 2009

Dowses Faith

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“Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence.”  unknown.  This is where I find that silence and peace sometimes, more often than not.  Today is one of those days.  Confusing times with everyone’s demands that are much more in focus as the more important becomes less focused.  Cause and effect thing I suppose, as I write this before my walk out into the mean streets of Osterville and beyond to the Nantucket Sound where today, I would like to rip off my clothes and jump into the water and swim at least a mile.  The temperatures are still around 45 though, so perhaps I can channel my energy into a long prayer of forgiveness and one of patience and kindness, traits I know I have somewhere around here…Peace M

March 27, 2009

morning melt

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Fear is not real.  Just as the ice in this picture is no longer real, as it has melted away and become water again, liquid.  Fear is like that, it freezes up and paralyzes my actions and with the power of thought, comes the overwhelming feelings, usually “bad”.  This is a cycle that can be broken with the knowledge of reality–that fear based thoughts are not real, cannot hurt you and have no basis in the “illusion” that we are all living in.  Someone separate  thoughts and the feelings associated with them are often shared and sometimes expected to be agreed with and “felt” just as intensely as the other feels them.  In fact, if it is not, often the person afflicted with the negative emotions will feel offended that more “outrage” is not being shown by the recipient of the thoughts that created the phantom fear in the first place.  We are so often times governed by our emotions, and tied to the addictive thinking that is so rampant in this country, adding to the stress and seeming discontent that you see on the faces of the people who are discouraged by our leaders in Washington, who have effectively lied for profit for  the past 30 years at least, that we all “feel” weary from the constant fight of a negative thought system.  The cumulative effect this has on a society can be devastating.  The best thing is to look at the thought pattern that perhaps has been getting in your way, adjusting it and realizing that fear, your fear, his fear, her fear, “their” fear, is all really just an illusion and not a part of God.  God does not punish.  Man does.  Man’s ego does.  Man’s ego many times proclaims itself above God and his plan.  The past administration did a fine job of illustrating that point.  I have always had to literally give the fear thought away to a power that cannot be named but most call him or her God.  Fear thoughts can culminate into a mountain that is seemingly impossible to get over.  I assure you that once you are over the mountain, you will see with “real eyes”, as the author Michael Brown puts it in his book the “Presence Process”, that the fear that seemed so real yesterday, is only a distant memory that might even get a chuckle if you are honest enought with yourself about the origin of the fear to begin with.     Peace M

March 26, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

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That leads to your door…I’m not sure if Paul McCartney wrote that or George Harrison, either way it is a great song.  The long and winding road of East Bay here leads you to Dowses Beach and in a few weeks, the Buffleheads and Brandt Point Geese will head North and be replaced by the Osprey and Piping Plovers–the boys and girls of summer if you will.  The Osprey are excellent fishermen, as their keen eyesight and powerful wings allow them to hover thousands of feet in the air, spy a fish below and grab it with it’s incredibly strong talons.  The males arrive first and begin building the nest, usually in the same spot it was the year before, and much like their human counterparts, need to do some spring cleaning of the nest after a long and windy winter.  So, they spend their days looking for that perfect stick that fits into the whole “round stick” concept of a nest.  So, if it has been a long and winding road this winter, take heart for Spring arrived a couple of days before my birthday and it will only be a few weeks before we are swimming in the balmy waters of the gulf stream.  Peace M

March 25, 2009

Nantucket Sound

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The gentle waves break on shore once afar and haunted with summer’s past, now close and familiar with warmth known from on high.

How does the seagull cry in the night so fair and warm? Does he anticipate the coming dawn with hope and good will?

Questions not of a bird’s mind, as the constant glow of our star gives rise to another day, so does the answer to all of life’s riddles.  The beauty of the here and now, the present moment, captures even the most cynical of hearts and renders them anew, giving the gift that was meant for all to share in, for there is more than enough to share…always.  So stop ye not from giving of the heart and sing your song with grace and conviction, filling you up with the love that can only come from above.  May God’s Peace and Love always be with you.  Peace M

March 24, 2009


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A very cold walk this morning on the Wianno.  The wind chill is in the lower teens and I saw not a soul, save the passing cars on the Main Street of Osterville.  Forgiveness is hard to do.  The bitterness of the wind today, felt particularly cold for some reason and gave rise to doubt and confusion.  This is where FAITH comes in and where I usually fail.  I am normally duped into reacting to a certain situation, as opposed to sitting back and and least writing about it honestly and then digesting the fact that nothing unreal exists and therefore cannot hurt me, by then forgiving “it”–whatever “it” is, I can move on with my day and my life.  I was always under the impression that I could control people, places and things.  That unconcious habit never brings joy.  Aside from putting up healthy boundaries that are supported and cared for, there is no need to fear others, for deep down inside “they” are full of fear as well.  Armed with the knowledge of these facts, why not just smile and throw a warm wave at someone, even if you are in a bad mood…it might just change your mind and thus perception on the entire day.  Let me know how it turns out.   Peace M

March 23, 2009

Jessie of Cape Cod

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Many of us feel a little like Jessie, one of the best yellow labs to ever grace this sand bar, some days.  What is the point of going through this water again?  Oh yeah, maybe Jessie isn’t thinking along the lines we are in the first place.  Maybe he just is.  That is what I am trying, no trying, that is what I am doing now, or undoing now as the case may be.  Being.  Accepting certain things that do not fit in with “my” agenda can be painful. You have to work through that to the other side.  I find that whatever is on my mind or if something is bothering me, creating resistance and a feeling of discomfort, an easy way to rid myself of that is to project how I feel onto something else and assume that Jessie here is feeling the same way I am about the water and the mendacity of the “whole thing”, thus not feeling so alone and in fear.  Taking that step back and realizing that the dog is having fun and in tune with nature and not all caught up in man made thinking, addictive thinking at that, makes the day seems to go a lot smoother.  Peace M

March 22, 2009

Grey Lady 2

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The Hyline Ferry is operational 365 days of the year with services to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, weather permitting of course.  As you can see from this image I took on a February day, the catamaran (2 hull) vessel sailed right through this particular storm with relative ease.  I have crossed over to Nantucket on the original Grey Lady and the new one at least 8 times round trip.  I have yet to take the Hyline from Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard, as it is much faster to drive to Falmouth and take the Steamship Authority, fast or slow boat, and you will be there in a wink of an eye.  Both islands have their individual charm.  Nantucket is a grey island, with all of the houses a uniform grey/white and the architecture classic cape.  Albeit BIG classic cape.  The island itself is so beautiful in all of the seasons, as I have had the privilege of photographing the most unique island in the world in 3 out of the 4 seasons.  I have yet to live there  through the winter and into the spring, although our geography here in Osterville is so close to Nantucket, which is only 30 miles to the Northwest (nautically), that it feels almost like you are living on the island.  However, being out that far in the Atlantic, gives one a much better feel for the power of the ocean and the weather that stirs it.  So the next time you are thinking of going over to one of my favorite places on planet earth, Nantucket, check out the Grey Lady and the luxury passage that Hyline provides.  The trip only takes 45 minutes!  Peace M

March 21, 2009


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I don’t often think of the sun as a star, but it is.  The sun never really sets either, it always is as it is.  That is the TRUTH.  It is in our perspective.  Somewhere someone is experiencing the same sunrise I am capturing on my Nikon halfway around the world as a sunset.  Sunsets used to make me sad, although that was only for a brief period of time because of circumstances.  I always knew this, but had never really taken it to heart.  We human beings share this planet with our animal and plant brethren, although 90% of us do not think that we “share” anything with anyone.  We own, we don’t steward.  When I think about this financial crisis and Obama’s comments on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno, a bold move, or better yet the gentleman who wrote, “House of Cards” when he said one of the power Senator’s played a lot of Bridge, the card game, I realize the game these politicians have been playing with the American people’s “perspective” and their talent in hiding the TRUTH.  He played a lot of cards with our money and the result of these tiny dealings that happened in DC with a finite number of greedy little men was a collapse of the world’s trust that our “Banking system” was honest–when it was just the opposite.  So two tiny specks on this giant blue rock, so to speak, one of whom was teaching Bridge to these “power brokers” who in turn took down the whole house of cards.  In effect, you had two sources, the hedge funds making the bets and the people who were financing the bets.  The crisis came when one did not want to fund the other.  At that point, Paulson went to the American people in his “crisis mode” and although spooked, was able to milk 350 Billion dollars from you and me.  Where did it go?   As Sarah Palin might have said, oh wait, that was about Putin of Russia.  Sorry, I just am so happy that the gift that keeps on giving–Sarah Palin–did not stay put up in Alaska.  I digress, just imagine if you will, Hank Paulson, our former Treasury Secretary and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, another investment bank that was in trouble and probably still is, coming forward on say 60 Minutes so that he can save his soul and tell the American people exactly what happened to their 401 (K) and why all of the executives at specific investment firms and insurance companies like AIG deserve to remain in business.  The whole system needs to be realigned with the reality on the ground here in the United States of America.  People are going without food, shelter and medical care!  Are we in Uganda?  I say this and I say it loud and clear–the people at the top who have been served by the people at the bottom is over.  There is an accountability that will not be served with a “bailout” to a failed insurance company who is now part of the federal government.  More will be written about the executive compensations that were contracts and a part of the way executives get paid.  When I was in the employee benefits world at Marsh, AON, Prudential and so forth, I was paid a bonus of 2 million dollars for doing nothing!  I am just kidding.  I put together benefit programs for small, medium and large businesses.  I had an adequate salary and a bonus stucture built into my “compensation package”, so at the end of the year if I made some sales, in other words brought on new clients and maintained the accounts I had, I would get some kind of a bonus.  It could be upwards of 70% above and beyond your salary.  This was just straight insurance.  AIG was one of my “carriers” that I used for the disability portion of the benefits packages I was putting together.  I had no idea that AIG was involved legally in hedge funds, which are those “bets” that people make on what commodity will do well this day to that–a house of cards.  These “bets” are referred to in the industry as “default swaps” and there are 670,000,000,000. of them out there–I think that is how you write 670 trillion!  That’s alot of 0’s.  So, the administration is a bit in between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand you could argue that they should just let AIG, Citi, Bank of America and all of the rest that are taking on water go under.  We could do that, however the world’s reaction to that would be dire.  Our financial fingers have reached into every one’s pie and because the focus has been on “fault” and not solution, we are where we are.  It will be interesting to hear what the folks on “This Week” say, for this is a crisis that as the author Tom Friedman stated, as a reference to the movie “Jaws” and the crisis, “we are going to need a bigger boat.”  Keep informed of the truth and question authority, for who are “they” really looking out for?   Peace M

March 20, 2009

Japanese White Pine

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This is an example of many of the imported trees that adorn the lawns of Cape Cod.  The indigenous plants that thrive on the Cape are not as popular with many of the land owners, as Japan seems to have the “in” with most people who are interested in gardening.  From the Hydrangea to the Japanese White Pine, the far east has won the hearts and imagination of many people who love to garden.  I planted this little “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree for Patty this past Fall and I hope that this Spring it thrives as well as it’s brother native the “scrub pine” towering over him.  Peace M

March 19, 2009

Polar Bear

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This is Chamois, one of my clients, who is actually a Standard Poodle.  The Standard Poodle is on par with a Border Collie in regard to intelligence, with a 350 word vocabulary, I have better conversations with Shammy here than most people.  I am sure a lot of folks out there agree.  Anyone who owns a dog or cat knows this–unconditional love.  There is no substitute for love and of all the dogs and cats I have had thus far, 3 Golden Retrievers, one Newfoundland, one Mastiff and one Great Dane and now a black lab, 2 Maine Coon Cats and a yellow tabby I am thinking about an Alpaca Farm–I am serious, I met some when I lived out in Colorado and they behaved much like a dog or a well trained cat.  A big shout out to California and my Grandma who is 103!  She got a chance to read this fascinating “blog” that I write every day and I am so grateful to my cousin Pam and my Aunt Marilyn who live in southern California and visit her in San Pedro, California where the “Little Sisters of the Poor”, an order of the Catholic church, take such excellent care of her.  There is nothing in the world I get more heated up about than elder care and the way this country should be taking care of her aging citizens.  More about that later.  My grandma wanted a picture of my dog, so I better get a hard copy in the mail to her…Have a great day and to anyone who has a birthday today–Happy Birthday and God Bless.  Peace M

March 18, 2009

Winter Solace

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I get a little sad when the 22 of March rolls around, not because my birthday is 3 days after the official end of winter, but because winter is over for another year.  Don’t get me wrong, I love spring and summer and fall just as much as winter, however, there is something about the clarity of a cold, clear winter day, like today’s walk on the Wianno–just cold enough outside at 6 am that no one really wants to be out there, if you are a skier, you know what I mean.  The only sound that breaks up the silence are the callings of the birds that are now preparing for mating season.  So, I thought I would offer an image of my bench that sits in my front yard here in Osterville.  I may have taken this a few weeks ago, and as the spring approaches with great enthusiasm, we say goodbye to the winter of 2008 and I thank the elements and the clarity of the cold for another year of beauty.  Peace M

March 17, 2009


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With temperatures in the 30’s today, on this Tuesday in America, I took a walk.  Nothing unusual about that except that even though my heart was in pain and my feelings hurt, I denied the scowl and offered a smile to the passing car or the fellow dog walker on the golf course.  I noticed how quickly the anger and “suffering” that someone “out there” was causing me, disappeared.  Even if only for that brief moment there was no you or I but a common we.  That feeling of belonging cannot be more important in these confusing times.  It is not so much how the American dream is coming apart at the seams, but our response to it.  For what is more important than a shared smile, hug or even tearful goodbye?  What is more important than the love that is the “human element”.  Dig deep and even as the storms rage around you, smile and give it away to your neighbor, friend, colleague, wife, and even those who look as if they are an “enemy”.  I usually get 90% wave numbers.  You would be surprised how far that simple act of kindness will go.  Peace M

March 16, 2009

Chamois at Dowses

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Ghostly Docks

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With the orbs in full view at about 4 pm on this day in February where on such a beautiful day like this one, it is sometimes hard to believe that was just last month.  Woke up early to drive to Logan Airport, Boston, and have already gone on my 5 mile loop around Wianno Golf course.  I am feeling good!  Exercise!  Get out there and play some hoop, football, tennis, ski, water polo, whatever it is that you do–because Spring is in the air!  At least here on Cape Cod!  I have a good friend who has a Kayaking Tour that I help out with occasionally as a guide/naturalist.  Bobby Wilds is the gentleman’s name and the very informative, relaxing trip takes place at “Great Marsh Kayaking Tours”–located on route 28 in South Yarmouth.  The waterfowl that you see are spectacular–Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Cranes, Hawks, and as the season for birding is coming up, according to my friend at the Mass Audubon society, the Piping Plovers will be the first to arrive.  Have a great Monday!  Peace M

March 15, 2009


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I woke up very early this morning and purchased two coffees and proceeded to early Mass at 7 am.  The little statue that sits outside of the side door of “Our Lady of the Assumption” is a symbol of the peace that the man represented.  “I leave you peace, my peace I give you.  May the peace of the Lord be with you”, and the congregation responds, “and also with you”, then the priest says, “then offer your brother some sign of God’s peace.”  You can say what you like about the Catholic religion, but these words that are offered up every Mass in every corner of the world mean something.  Of all of the wars that have been fought on this planet through out history and all of the rhetoric that went along with those wars, no other words have been remembered and revered than those spoken by Jesus over 2000 years ago–”I leave you peace, my peace I give you…”  Is not that what we all want–rich, poor, black, white, gay, straight.  Is that not what we all really want deep down for our brother?  Even those we hate?  Even those who are our “enemy”?  Have a wonderful Sunday.  Peace M

March 13, 2009

Solar Light

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The power of the sun is something that we have all talked about, with exception of the big oil companies.  The light is on though, and I wonder if anyone has the eyes to see.  Perhaps that was one of the “earmarks” one of the 9000 or so that were included in the recent stimulus bill.  By the way, only 2% of the budget is considered “earmarks”, the rest is for the 2 wars that Bush started, and clearly failed in one or both depending on how you are realistically looking at it, let’s see the wars, health care, the banking system (caused by conservatives–the greedy ones and they know who they are–GLOBAL WARMING, entitlement programs and the failing economy in general.  What is America to do?  Gone are the manufacturing jobs of old.  We are not going back to the horse and buggy days, although some of us might, putting up factories that employ almost the entire town and those companies shipping off product to places like China, Russia and the like.  Our manufacturing in the fourth quarter of this year was almost non-existent.  We do not make anything here.  Goods and services is what makes an economy run, when all you have left are the services, don’t you just become a service oriented country?  If we want the leadership role again here on planet earth, we need innovation, creativity, team playing, no nonsense politics, responsible informed eager to lend a hand citizenship, and most of all what we are doing all of this for to begin with–Love.  We need an education system in this county as well as a word from the dogma that has become most organized religions to speak up about what Love is–define Love.  In this particular instance, we need to define love as a nation and really be at one with what that means.  Most people give it no thought.  Some give it a shrug and say, “What are ya gonna do?”, and then there are the young people of this fairly young country who are saying–”I do love this country, and if some power-crazed administration screwed up our economy, our environment (by not doing anything for 8 years and allowing more C02 to release into the atmosphere that kills more and more of our planet’s wildlife and generally giving the planet earth and all of the creatures that live on it one of it’s old knarly middle fingers), stealing the pensions of our retiring baby boomers, and widening the gap between the haves and the have nots…yeah, they say, we are going to do something about it with the help of a good man in the White House and hopefully some older folks–you know people in their early 40’s who are mad as hell and will not take it anymore.  Just for your information, the real deal that is going on with the polar ice caps is too much for my heart to write about on the blog today, but I will save a polar bear, somehow, someway,  Peace M

March 12, 2009

Snow Walk

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If you keep walking on this path deep with snow, you will run into the Nantucket Sound.  The Mashpee weather station that gives me the local weather on Firefox, tells me that it is 31F and the sun is out for the first time in a week.  Cape Cod is much like the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard in the beauty that explodes in a couple of weeks.  The forsythia bushes that are all over the place bloom first, giving endless splashes of yellow–the first sign of spring’s arrival.  If this summer is anything like the previous one, there will be alot of visitors to the Cape as it is a fairly easy destination for most people in New England.  For the people in the Lear jets, Gulfstreams and the newer planes–I’m sure it’s not a problem either way.  Have a great Thursday!  Peace M

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