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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 28, 2009

East Bay freeze

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Winter’s Path

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sunrise soaring

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The days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer, so come on down and visit us here on Cape Cod!  The calendar says February 28th, but the weather outside says go play some disk, and that is what I intend to do.  Disk is another word for Frisbee.  I can’t wait for summer, as the Cape is really at it’s glory in the summer months, as every kind of flower and plant and bird and person, seems to look marvelous, as Billy Crystal used to say, and their is an extra step in people’s stride.  This seagull neither cares nor knows what summer is, save for the parking lot filled with tourists who feed them; perhaps that is how they distinguish the seasons.  I pray that wherever you are, the sun is shining today and that you get a chance to get out there and be with mother earth.  Plant a tree, make it personal.  As the Indians who lived in this region of North America believed and acted as if they were not only stewards of the land, but a part of it, remember that fences and words on a signpost cannot keep out the spirit or the imagination.  So soar today and breath–for fear is an illusion and love the only “thing” there is.  Peace M

February 27, 2009

No Dogs Allowed

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The late great Charles Schultz made dogs even more lovable than they already are when he drew an animated special on Snoopy’s trip somewhere North, to the Yukon say, when he was looking for food and shelter.  The menacing sign looming in large black lettering above the door said, “No Dogs Allowed.”  I think about Charles all the time now, as I’m working with several publishers on my first novel, “Fog Happened–Nantucket”, coming soon to an independent book store in the New England area–perhaps even all the way to the west coast, who knows?  The characters in his comic strip the “Peanuts”, gives rise to all of the doubts and fears we all face as little children in this big bad world.  However, via dialogue that occurs between the characters like Linus and Charlie Brown seem to get through the red tape, that we adults have so much difficulty with, and find a common solution.  Schultz admitted that all of the characters in his comic strip were him, to some degree, and perhaps it was that honesty and humanNESS, that made him such a beloved artist. I know that’s why I loved him as a kid and still do.  I look at the challenges facing this country and I wonder what Charlie Brown would have done?  He Probably would have appointed Linus as the “decision maker”, although he would have undoubtedly felt uncomfortable with a title like that. Linus and the word ego were never synonymous. Snoopy would have been a good defense secretary, Lucy in state and Schroeder as the VP, a Bach playing VP.  The warring party, or the party that is in need of a good scrubbing, would attempt to slow down the progress of essential elements to a decent society, such as Health care and Education–the 2 most vital aspects of our nation,  The same people who exploit the uneducated, poor and ignorant and entice them to go to a foreign land to kill people that they have not even met and told that they are the “Enemy”, yes those same people want to deny even the poor boys and girls who fought that insane war the decent medical care that they deserve more than anyone in this country!  They also do not seem to think that anyone else who makes under a certain amount of money should have access to the most sophisticated and life saving medicine on the planet, leaving over 50 million of your neighbors without any kind of health care insurance.  I was inside the health care industry, for 17 years, at an executive level.  I worked in the John Hancock Tower for the largest brokerage firms in the world, the largest Marsh, Inc.  I got out in 2003 and yet I still feel the effects of the sickness that prevailed in most HMO’s, or health care maintenance organizations, or profit centers as I like to call them.  “Pre-existing conditions” is a list of any ailment that would put you on a denial list for health care and is standard for most insurance companies.  According to this list, no one would be covered, almost no one as the list continues to grow.  What puzzles me, with all of this dirty money passing hands in Washington DC, is why we must give another 20 billion on top of the 140 billion that we already gave one of these corrupt insurance companies, AIG.  AIG was one of the “insurance carriers” I used for my clients, ABC company, etc., and the one thing I noticed in my tenure with the industry was this constant fact–the promise that the premium would not go up would inevitably be followed up the next year with a 25% increase in their overall premiums.  With the financial industry being bailed out first, does it not follow that the help from said industry would begin to change it’s tune on univeral health care?  Who are these monsters in Washington who would put out an elderly woman on the streets of LA, after she was booted out of the UCLA medical center, one of the richest hospitals in the country, and leave her there in her hospital gown wandering around because she was so doped up, she was confused as to where she was…Before the English attained universal health care, they had some problems, but nothing like ours in the US.  This very bright man stated the obvious, “a dictatorship like the one in the US was built on 3 factors to make that so, number 1, keep the masses poor, the poorer the better, 2. Keep them in fear, use terrorism and other tactics to maintain a psychological threat, such as “terror alerts” and a constant bombardment of bad news by the corporate media, like my buddy Brian Williams who does the Spam commercials on NBC, and the final nail in the coffin is demoralization.  If you can effectively keep a country or a person for that matter, demoralized, in fear and poor, they will be so grateful for any minimum wage job and will not rock the boat with alot of free thinking, free thinking unfettered from the likes of Carl Rove and Dick Chenney, who dictated the agenda in this country for 8 long horrible years.  There is no denying the FACT that if the election had not been stolen by thugs and corrupt men at the top and Al Gore would have been our President for the past 8 years, there would have been no 911, no global financial meltdown and no one’s mom out on the street in Los Angeles, looking for someone to take her home.  If this country does nothing about healthcare, it is no longer a country, it is a company whose writing is already on the “Subway” walls.  Peace M

February 25, 2009

Yellow Boat

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Down at Crosby’s Yachts there are plenty of boats for sale.  Yellow ones, blue ones, red ones, you name it.  There is something about sailing that is perhaps the closest you can get to being part of the ocean without getting wet, you really feel it.  The weather back east is still cold, as it has been a real winter this year with plenty of snow and below average temperatures.  The sun is gaining altitude, however, and on my walk this morning on the hills and dales of Wianno, I think I broke a sweat for the first time this new year.  So, despite what the headlines say, it is going to be a great day!  Attitude is more important than fact, as my honey always says, and I’ll add something I read above the kitchen area of “Charlie Street” in Costa Mesa, California, a rehabilitation center for indigent men in the Orange County area, “Happy people are grateful people, those who aren’t, aren’t.”  Gratitude is an attitude that if found in your heart and applied to any given situation, will bring a peace and joy that transcends time, space and heals the heartaches of old.  Peace M

February 24, 2009

The Oyster Shanty

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Years ago, a small building that you see here served the community of Osterville fresh oysters farmed right below their sailboats.  The sea has always provided many things to the natives of the Cape, and it is as much a part of them as the smiles on their faces.  The wind and the sea.  The wind and the sea.  If you take the time, you can almost feel the ease with which the boat sails through the cut into the harbor, and as this was a simpler time, judging from the early 70’s station wagon, Roland Marsan, a beloved artist and Patty’s father, probably took this photograph during that era.  The Oyster Shanty is a McDonald’s now, I’m just kidding, but it has faded into history and like the buildings that adorn this magical place called Cape Cod, it behooves one to look a little closer at the structures that housed our history, and in doing so, uncovering the intentions of the time, perhaps even discovering reasons to preserve and persevere through troubled waters of late and realize that in coming together we can accomplish anything.  Peace M

February 23, 2009

Winter’s Path

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The winter air is sometimes still and I remember what peace there is in stillness.  “Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there is in silence.”  I read that a long time ago from Desiderata, as I am sure that the spelling is off–I don’t think “spell check” goes back to the 15th century, or I am too lazy to get up, walk down the stairs of my loft, go into my living room to my extensive “library” and find the unknown author’s one page of wisdom that, if applied, can answer all of your many questions about how one might cope with what is going on in this grand illusion called life.  There really is nothing wrong with Life and the creation therein.  God created us with perfect Love and Joy, our natural states of being, and whether or not that is clear to you is the truly good news that you won’t find on the television.  You have as much right to that which you are as the people you see on television getting awards and being congratulated for being themselves.  If that is what you aspire to then more power to you, for on Oscar night, you will need a little extra ego to fit in the door, and that is understandable.  I love the movies, as they are an escape from the realities of the world that we see around us.  Most would agree that movies are not made with the same craftsmanship and love that they once were.  The same thing that brought down Wall Street seems to be taking the tinsel out of Tinseltown, and selling it for scrap.  Some of the actors and actresses are really solid in their craft, like Dustin Hoffman in “W.”, the film by Oliver Stone depicting a bumbling, semi-bright (rote memorization smart) oldest son whose Dad is into politics and is surrounded by snakes and should have stayed with the Texas Rangers and kept old Roger Clemmens out of trouble.  Dustin Hoffman plays Dick Cheney, and the mannerisms must have scared even Hoffman.  The manipulation of the highest office in the land was clear without the movie and even boasted about by you know who right up to the end of the Bush Whitehouse.  The level of deceipt and corruption that lined the walls of the White House for 8 years was disgraceful and should be investigated fully–unless you like your conversations being listened in on by the federal government.  Wiretaps, illegal wars, corrupt contrators, blackwater, yeah, if you have any doubts as to why you voted for our President Barak Obama, who showed more courage in his first month in office then George “W” Bush ever showed, think about this…The failing of the banking system happened on George W. Bush’s watch, so logic would dictate that the likes of Paulson the ex-Golman Sachs CEO lined as many pockets on his way out of Washinton as he could, companies who didn’t even need the money like Haliburton.  Most of the Republicans in the House wouldn’t bail out there own grandmother, so the lack of human decency is not that shocking, nor is the racism that emanates from the former.  Thank God above for right mindedness, coming from a source other than ego.  The country, although in a deep hole, is not only resilient enough, smart enough and has the heart to stand up for what is really right–education, healthcare, social security, all of the entitlement programs, food for all of our people to eat and warm  homes for our people to live, but it has God on our side.  Did you really ever ask the question, why did the Soviet Union fail?  Godlessness is the answer.  Say what you will about the United States, but one thing is clear–our belief in a being greater than ourselves is what will pull us out of the ditch we are in and allowing some devine order to clean out the lies and deceipt of a failed administration.  What are we doing calling ourselves a nation, if we don’t pick up the ones who need help the most?  Why don’t we just call ourselves a quasi-corporate-entity whose metamorphosis is not complete yet.  Who have we become if buying the next “thing” at Best Buy, supersedes feeding the homeless?  As President Obama stated, “the climb will be steep”, but is it not time for us to really and truly live those words that still echo from the Capitol building in Washington D.C over 49 years ago by our late President Jack Kennedy, whose words still ring true today, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”   Making that climb with a brother and sister and lending a hand along the way will make all of the difference… Peace M

February 22, 2009

Sunday stroll

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This Sandling is out for a stroll along Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, Massachusetts.  The Sandling, like many of the shore birds of their stature, the Tern comes to mind, lay their eggs in the sea grass during certain times of the year. The good people of the Cape Cod Audubon Society take great care of our winged friends.  During part of the summer, a large area of Dowses Beach is cordoned off, so as to allow the Terns and Sand lings to raise their chicks in peace, allowing them to grow to become such a mighty fellow as you see before you.  His buddies are close behind, as they are incredibly fast runners, moving with the crashing waves to gain whatever breakfast may surface.  The wetlands are an important barometer of our planet’s well being, as I am sure you are aware that everything man does to the planet has a direct effect upon it.  Taking care of our natural wetlands is as important as keeping toxins out of your body.  The air that we breathe, the water that we enjoy and the blue sky that we all take comfort in, is too precious to wait for next year.  Save Planet Earth, NOW!  This is not a commercial plea from a politician, nor is it an outrageous concept for you to relegate to the “recycle bin” on your computer.  The time for action is now, and if DC does not get some of these environmental issues solved, this term, it may be too late.  If there is no environment, does the Dow Jones really matter?  Doing something for the environment every day, consistently, and telling someone that you care about that you did it, will have a snow ball effect and force the politicians, corrupt businessmen and lobbyists to listen to the people who pay their salaries.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, and this mess that the human race has promulgated on a very innocent planet cannot stand.  This aggression to our environment cannot stand. The generation that was born after 1982, the “millennium’s”, as they are referred to, just as I am at the very tail end of the “baby boom”, babies born in the 50’s and early 60’s.  The problem with generations is that they tend to not “get each others” groove and thus, communication falls by the wayside.  We, not only as a nation, but as a world community, need to put aside our egos and get down to the business of cleaning up our planet and cease the ever increasing level of carbon emmissions into our beloved atmosphere. This is not a joke.  Are we crazy not to see the devastating consequences this will have on our kids, NOW, not to mention their kids, our grandchildren?  Do you want to explain why we were to “busy” to stand up to corporations like Exxon-Mobile and Chevron, who have documented human rights abuse cases around the globe?  Are we really afraid of these monsters who are privatizing our natural birthright, our water?  Please, listen to my words.  These are not the words of an uneducated tree hugger with an ax to grind or some other ulterior motive.  I am asking for some help!  Write your congressman or congresswoman and get involved, before it is too late.  Make a stand for the Polar Bear!  For it his fate that will determine your own.   Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Question Authority, and hold your elected officials feet to the fire!  The good people in Washington, especially the lobbyists and anyone interested in making money off of the green grass that you and I walk on every day, those are the true villains here, and the big question you have to ask yourself is this, “am I going to let the few wealthy powerful lobbyists in Washington DC, build an oil rig less than a mile away from the Grand Canyon?  Am I going to tell my son or daughter that I was too afraid of the big bad criminals who sold Yosemite to the Chinese so we could go to war again.  Not this cowboy.  Peace M

February 21, 2009

Saturday sunrise

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The fog from yesterday has cleared, and at the weather station in Mashpee, the temperature reads 25 degrees F.  I wonder how much really has cleared though, as we all know meteorological fog differs from the fog in Washington DC.  Every day large rolling fog banks fill the Capitol building and out of that fog, appears men and women dressed in fancy suits of Armani, filling the spaces of our nation’s business with lies and deceit.  Special Interests that are window dressed as something else.  Did no one here the call for everyone to do their part?  To pull this country back from the precipice?  The stimulus package should be twice that size and to really get the economy going these banks that sucked out the 350 Billion from the T.A.R.P. (most of which is unaccounted for) should explain to the American public where that money went, why and how it is going to induce credit here or abroad….To have a blowhard like Rush Limbaugh, or as Kieth Olberman calls him “comedian Rush Limbaugh”, is dangerously close to treason and the people who filtrate money to keep him on the air is nothing less than war against the people of the United States.  Rush has a demographic of U.S. citizens who would jump off a cliff for you in a heartbeat…those are the people we, as a nation, should be afraid of…Rush Limbaugh, if that is your real name, gets on his radio and spouts hate, day after day, and no one stops him.  He says, in no uncertain terms that he wishes President Obama to fail–what kind of a sick profiteering narcissist would wish for such a thing?  Who?  A big fat idiot like Rush Limbaugh, as Al Franken put it so well in his book so many moons ago.  I am still a little upset about the cartoon from the Post, and I hope Rupert Murdoch enters the Holy Church today and prays for God’s forgiveness.  What we need now,  for the decent citizens of this country,  is to step forward and do something about the secrecy and lies of the last administration–restore the public trust in the air-waves, regulate them, so as there is a fair ratio of folks like PBS and Link TV.  You know, shows that tell the truth!  Is that not what we are all about!  The monopoly on the airwaves, effectively brainwashing the public, is not really a free society.  Investigate advertising a little closer.  These are our children we are talking about, the government is counting on us to do little or nothing about it, it treats the masses, more or less like sheep, that will follow the voice of it’s master, and in this scenario that puppeteer is Rush, who’s sponsors do not care if your kids have a hot meal in their belly this morning.  Don’t allow big business to continue riding roughshod over you and your family, do the research on your own and then let your elected officials know what your group thinks, and maybe this grassroots effort that President Obama started 2 years ago in Chicago, will bear fruit in DC.  I pray to God.   Peace M

February 20, 2009


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I took a ride with my good friend and lawyer Mr. Joseph Gargon yesterday to Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Over the next few weeks, I will be writing more about the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, perhaps the best school in the country for marine biology and oceanography. Rivals include the Scripts Institute in La Jolla, California, another fine institution of higher learning.  However, yesterdays trip, in an unusually deep fog bank for this time of year, involved a great discussion of yesteryear with Jack, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, as he grew up with all of them–he is their first cousin.  I found out that “community organizations” were created via Joe Kennedy, in the early 50’s, to help get Jack Kennedy elected to the Senate in 1952.  Women played a big role in these “teas”, where one person would invite one and so on.  These organizations of women were very powerful and shows just how important grass roots politics can be.  I will be sitting down with Joe to talk about his experiences growing up in Hyannisport, playing his freshman year of football at Notre Dame in 1950, as WWII was winding down, his first days at a law firm that hired him as one of the first Irish-Americans, a group that was treated with disdain in certain parts of the country, just as the blacks were during the 50’s and 60’s.  Certainly not to compare the two, but to empathize with how a black man today still feels the inequality that is just underneath the surface, as exposed  by the shocking and disturbing behaviour of one Rupert Murdoch, a true pirate and the owner of the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal.  The cartoon, if you missed it, was of two “police officers” who gunned down a chimpanzee in the middle of the street and said in a very maniacal way, “I guess they are going to have to find someone else to write the next stimulus package”…you would have and IQ of 50 or below to think anything differently, as to the inference of this horrible cartoon.  Rupert Murdoch is a sad example of what is wrong with the United States of America. Here is a man whose sole aim is to provide misinformation to the people who are stupid enough to give him there money. The lies and manipulation of the public, via these privately owned and ever growing “media centers” is becoming a scary proposition and should be noted that the true written word is fighting for it’s very survival.  Like the “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams, whose job descriptions now include selling dog food to people (those like Brian need not watch this or listen) to consume via the product SPAM, whose slimy “meat-like” product has now been given at least 5 minutes of air time (it’s a commercial on the broadcast). I wonder how old Brian likes his spam? Fried? Sauteed? Monty Python’s Flying Circus from England did a big thing on spam when the British tried to do the same thing to the British public, after WWII, except with Monty Python, you could not have anything without spam in it, just with less of the gnarly meat like substance on your dinner plate. Thanks Brian!  Wake up America and take back your country from the thieves that are still trying to steal it right from under your Eggo.  The Wall Street Journal is not scripture.  It is careful organization of lies and deceipt that, just because it looks like one of Bernie Madoff’s annual financial review’s, does not make it credible and the advice that may be “shaping” your mind, may in fact be warping it.  The corporate media, periodicals, television, cable, newspapers and much of the web (MSN), provides the masses with the fluff they “need” to get through the day. I will say that again, with just enough humor and tragedy for the morning shows– for a good balance and a solid feeling of doom so that you don’t get to feeling to good about yourself.  No thanks honey, I have enough doom on my breakfast cereal for this morning thank you anyway!…Here’s a suggestion, if you have any hate in your heart, you cannot work for a news station, you cannot write for a newspaper, magazine or even a cheap dime store “novel”.  I am sick and tired of listening to my good friends listen to what they hear on television and believe that Jesus himself must have said it, because it came from some corrupt “ministiry” that takes that persons money, that they got from cashing in their last paycheck at the plant that just closed in Ohio, giving it to a “preacher” of “God” and telling him not to “sin” anymore.  So, you might say that I am a little fired up at what is really going on with all of the hate I hear on the radio, people like Danny Mckeg who is like the little toe of Rush Limbaughuuuuggg (my fiance grew up with that guy and thinks he is an idiot). How morons like “Danny” and “Rush” get on the air is simple, $.  If you have some deep pockets and you have a need to spin lies, you can put anyone on the air to express your viewpoints, your ego.  The more people who buy into your ego, the better your ratings, the higher the pricetag for advertisers to peddle their products on your show.  It is a win-win, but a lose-lose for the hapless listener, who knows no better.  Thank God there are still people like Joe Gargon around, who see the light and lend a helping hand with the heart of a lion.  Peace M

February 19, 2009

Scrub Pines

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One of the things I also love about Cape Cod are the trees.  There are so many varieties of pines, Eastern White Pine, Norway Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, and of course the scrub pine.  Indigenous, as most of the trees that live here are not, to the region, the hearty scrub pine endure the wild swings in temperatures, bend with the wicked winds that blow from every direction seemingly all day long and growing where many trees cannot, in the porous, sandy soil that is Cape Cod–a big sand bar out in the ocean.  This is one of my scrub pines in my front yard, looking up at them on a cold February azure sky kind of day, gives you a great feeling of serenity–give it a try sometime.  Peace M

February 18, 2009


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Making a trip to Chatham this morning, as it is 9 degrees and clear, so it should be smooth sailing.  The month of February has been cold, and yet the trip to one of the furthest points east in the United States is always a pleasure.  The town is so warm and inviting that you don’t want to leave.  The lighthouse, as I have come to call it in my work, “Chatham Light”, is a museum now, as it was a working part of the US Coastguard, but has it’s most noble history came during the Revolutionary War, as it’s beacon warned sailors of the dangerous sand bars that have taken many a vessel down to the sandy bottom of the Nantucket Sound.  Lighthouses are like the truth, indisputable and incorruptible.  Peace M

February 17, 2009

Dowses Frozen Assets

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Take a walk today, wherever you are, if you are able, and marvel at the beauty this world has to offer.  If for even a brief minute, you can turn off the addictive thinking that we all have been afflicted with and be at peace.  If it helps, look at something like the image above, a soothing picture of somewhere you would like to be very soon, blocking out the blocks that keep you from getting to that place in the being, the one of peace, serenity, harmony and a grace I challenge that you have not felt in a long while.  We all work on vibrational frequencies, the lower the frequency, the more of the negative feelings enter the being that is you, whether you acknowledge it or not, it is a universal law.  The higher the frequency, the more feelings of Love, Joy and Peace enter your human experience.  It is a universal law.  Oh, and you can change your thoughts, thoughts being more powerful than anything when it comes to dictating how you “feel”.  Most people want to “feel good”, and you have the power to feel good at any moment of the day, to start anew, to see that by thawing out our old rigid thinking “patterns” and dismantling or unlearning all of the defense mechanisms that seemed serve us, but now only act as barriers or blocks to the joy that is your birthright and an intergral part of you.  The assets are there, only frozen by circumstance and bad weather, the sun will rise again and if you allow it, will melt the things you hold onto and show the beauty and real assets beneath the ice and snow.  Peace M

February 16, 2009


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Another beautiful walk on Wianno’s very private golf course, I keep waiting for Ted Knight, as he played his character in “Caddyshack”, to stop his Bentley on the 15th fairway, calling  me McFiddish and hassling me about the “gopher problem tunnelin’ in from the constructions sight over yonder.”  Although, I do not look like a greenskeeper anymore.  I had a lot to talk about, one of them was the talk shows, the few that do not have that “corporatate bias” that the corporations  call “media bias” or the TRUTH, if is involves the integrity’s  like Bill Moyers and some of the folks of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, not to mention Keith Olberman, who had the courage and strength to stand up and say what needed to be said regarding torture and eavesdropping by the few elite corrupt individuals who WERE running the White House.  It is sad when the richest people in this country would rather sit by idly and let a few corrupt oil men take this country down the sewer, for a short term profit?  I hope it was worth it, in this life and the next.  I know that my grandchildren are not going to see a Polar Bear in the wild, and that makes me sad.  If it doesn’t make you sad, then mabye this blog is not for you, nor is anything of goodness and purity, because the real fight, the real WAR we should be waging is not in the middle east, it is with our national policy on energy and the infrastructure that supports it. Until that is HONESTLY tackled, nothing will change and the oil tycoons will take every last profit from me and you and your kids: for they are not family men, they are not patriots, they are not “men of God”, and they are not environmentalists–they are something else alltogether.  I wonder what Bobby Kennedy, who used to play touch football on that field that you are looking at right now, I wonder what he would have really done about this fiasco of the environment?  Would he have made a better case to the world that CO2 admissions must be stopped and are the cause beyond a shadow of a doubt of the polar ice caps melting at such an alarming rate?  Would he have stated that clean coal is a joke in this fiscal environment and that we must spend our time and effort for long term profits and long term growth in solar and wind, hydrogen cells and highspeed rail?  Why in the midst of our worst crisis in this country do we cling to our backwards policies of the 1980’s and deregulation and GREED?  No, I am sure as rain that he would have really made the push for a complete green revolution, like in Voxjo, Sweden, where they will be fossil fuel free by the year 2020.  The American people do love Obama, as I do, and my prayer is this–the environment does not take a back seat to the lobbyists of oil, coal and anything else that will further damage mother earth, or the good citizens of the United States of America.  I was told that is sunset hill, in Hyannisport, and the ghosts of the past must be pleading the same thing–Stop Global Warming NOW!!!                                          Peace M

February 15, 2009

Baptist Church

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After a brisk walk of about 5 miles this morning, I went off to church at my parish, “Our Lady of the Assumption”, and yet I felt compelled to offer this image of our Baptist church in Osterville.  The “white steepled churches” of New England are awe inspiring and give so much meaning to towns that begin in the south of Connecticut, up through Rhode Island, around the corner to Massachusetts, to the rocky shores of Maine, west into the white mountains of New Hampshire and into the most beautiful of all of the states–Vermont, and my personal favorite “white steepled church” on Mountain Road in Stowe, Vermont.  I have been in touch with an old friend, someone I have known for 28 years, who now lives in Sun Valley, Idaho, but grew up in that little hamlet nestled in the Green Mountains.  I lived there for a summer when I was a kid, and I never really left.  So, please enjoy this beautiful landmark of New England and have a wonderful day.  Peace M

February 14, 2009

Saint Valentine

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I’m not sure how much thought goes into the saint that inspired such an important day here in the United States, as I don’t remember England or any other part of Europe celebrating this particular day in such a particluar fashion, and fashion it is…or is it Love?  Of course it is love, a word as misunderstood as any other, but not today.  For Love is never loud, or rude or needing anything.  Love is kind and soft, like a pillow that is as familiar as the back of your hand.  Love is generous.  Love is never boastful, or angry or spiteful.  Love shines through doubt and is like a soothing balm that heals even the deepest wound.  Love offers encouragement rather than criticism.  Love needs no validation and does not manipulate with guilt and shame.  Love listens.  Love needs nothing and is everlasting.  Love is all and all is Love.  Love is not an emotion, rather a state of being–the essense of who you are…who we all are.  We are all Love, and the more we deny it, the more we are aware of the lack of it, or the illusion of lack.  For it is not “out there” that Love lies in wait, it is within your own heart, right here, right now and regardless of your situation and “status” in life, the most powerful, all encompassing truth about who you are is within your own being–for how can you deny that which is the very core of what makes you up?  You can love, you can give yourself permission to love, regardless of the economy, world politics and the environment.  Love superceedes all of that manmade stuff of ego, breaks it all down into the primodial ooze of the human soul and recreates anew a Love that you thought was gone forever, yet was simply misplaced, looked over or forgotten, for when we remember, even the meanest flower can give rise to a tear of forgiveness, offered in the sanctity of his holy and everlasting Love…Happy St. Valentine’s Day!  Peace M

February 13, 2009

Main Street Osterville

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This image of Main Street Osterville was taken a few days ago after the snow we received.  Although the town was originally named for the Oysters that are still dug right out of the bottom of the sea, the y was dropped from the name to what it is today–Osterville.  The “Oyster Emporium” is a typical store on the strip, as high end customers still shop for treasures from local and world artists alike.  As it is the “off season”, Main Street is fairly quiet on most mornings and that is just the way I like it.  When summer comes, the population triples, as do the populations of many of the towns on the Cape, as well as the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.  The energy of the town changes and with it, you must get up even earlier to find that peace that I equate with Cape Cod.  So, on these winter mornings, I savor every moment, as spring will be here before you know it–with the vibrant colors of the Cape changing once again to the cobalt blue of the Hydraga’s that adorn the landscape of this blessed place.  Peace M

February 12, 2009

Morning Jessie

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Winter Light

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Dowses Glacier

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