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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

January 31, 2009

No Dogs Allowed

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Lab’s World

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The town of Osterville has no grocery store per say, but you can get a great cup of green mountain coffee at Fancy’s Market, a small mom and pop store that covers all of the basic needs of the people of this quaint village of Barnstable, the once largest town on the Cape.  The towns of Osterville, Centerville, Craigville Beach, Hyannis, and Hyannisport, are all apart of the metropolis that is Barnstable.  I kid because the towns all look exactly the same as they did when this part of the country was “settled” in the mid 1600’s.  The only real difference between then and now are the roads, but even those were, as with route 6A (the northern east/west route) which was created from the original Indian trail itself.  Many people, myself included, are drawn to the Cape because it reminds them of what America once was and could be again. Peace M

January 30, 2009

Full Steam Ahead

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Romp in Marshes

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Baby Bear

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Now it is no secret that I love Polar Bears.  This kitten, a photo taken by Patricia, was probably only 3 weeks old when this photo shoot occured and, as with all of Patty’s photoshoots, they turn out to be priceless to the people who own the cat or dog.  When you see yourself in a photo with an animal that you love, it takes you to another place, one that cannot be touched by the mundane.  There is nothing like the love of an animal and for all of you who have those creatures in your care, I salute you.  Cape Cod, California and Colorado seem to have more dog and cat lovers than anywhere I have ever traveled, other than England where they are really dog crazy…  The concept of kennels have been replaced by doggie day care centers like the one here on the Cape and what an awesome job they do for their clients.  Treating them like the children that they are!  Happy Trails!  Peace and Paws M

January 29, 2009

Puppy Love

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Jessie of Cape Cod

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Happy Valentine!

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New Growth

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At the risk of sounding anything like the author of Walden Woods, I noticed the Eastern White Pine saplings on my walk the other day around Joshua’s Pond. The new growth that springs from the decay of the fallen “trees” of the economy, according to the newest numbers from leading world economists, will spring up, despite negative sentiments to the contrary. The evidence is there right in the forest. The growing process is never an easy one and it is only human to feel loss and sadness when an old tree falls in the forest, but the sound of it falling is silenced by the observance of all of the new trees that are just beginning to see the light of day. Peace M

January 28, 2009

A light in the distance

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When things look their darkest and it seems that there is no way out, know that there is a light in the distance that can lead you to joy and safety.  Sometimes that light is obscured by fog or circumstances that baffle and attempt to change the natural state of things, of ourselves.  I was going through my files for today’s blog and I came across this picture as seen through the car.  I had no idea where the light was glowing from and as I discovered later, the light is from “Faith Hill”, a spot at Dowses Beach here in Osterville that is perhaps 10 feet above the dunes, but a hill nonetheless, that guard the golden sands of this awesome little known beach here on Cape Cod.  I named it Faith Hill because I know my own faith was tested several years ago and it was on this very spot that I remembered.  Perhaps it is in the remembering, that we allow ourselves to know salvation.  Whatever salvation means to you.  So, that light in the distance can really be anything you choose, but know that nothing real can be threatened and that nothing unreal exists.  Peace M

January 27, 2009


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That’s right, I’m walking the golf course in the middle of winter and wishing someone was yelling that number on a much warmer day. It is roughly 0 or minus numbers with the wind chill. Not a good day for golf, although I golf 20 times, on average during a winter season. On a good day, as you can tell by this photo, the greens are green and the fairways fast, very fast. The ball just keeps rolling… Peace M

January 26, 2009

Winter Cardinal

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While I have always been a Patriot football fan, as well as a Denver Broncos fan and a San Francisco 49er’s fan, having lived significant clock time in those regions of the country, New England, the Rocky Mountain west and the bay area, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the once St. Louis Cardinals that are now the Arizona Cardinals.  Cardinals are spectaculor birds that are abudant here on Cape Cod.  I spotted this guy on a walk I took this morning on the frozen Wianno Golf course here in Osterville.  Spectacular sun and cold temps in the high 20’s.  We are expecting another blizzard on Wednesday and before the upcoming American Spectacular–the Super Bowl starring those Arizona Cardinals, I will do my best to get another cardinal on the blog!  Peace M

January 25, 2009

New Perspective

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I am often introduced to the concept of a fresh perspective when taking photographs of God’s creation and adding some thoughts about how I feel about a particular image that is captured by my Nikon.  A shift in perception occurs by moving several feet down the road and offering oneself another view of the situation or object that seems to will you to take it’s picture, as with this pier on the East Bay here in Osterville.  When viewed from an angle with no written signs of warning and of said object, the simple pier seems less threatening and more in line with it’s purpose, to welcome boats of all sizes to rest and renew.  Peace M

January 24, 2009

Winter Pier

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Dog Heaven on earth

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Joshua’s and Mike’s Ponds, a short walk from my home here in Osterville, are a good example of Kettle ponds, because they are kettle ponds so that works out well and as I have been talking about them, I might as well show you what they look like.  I walk here everyday and as we are experiencing a winter thaw, as we do every winter, the gentle undulation of the paths are covered with a thick coat of ice, so as I attempted to balance my camera and shooting my friend Andrew Fone’s English black lab and his parent’s English Sheepdogs, all named Mack, Dunkin and Willow.  It works out because they are from England.  I also included my black lab, Allie, who provides contrast as she looks out onto the frozen pond.  Peace M

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