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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

Coming soon: Link to Waterfront Photography, in historic downtown Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Cod, USA 02651

February 13, 2021


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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the grey, cold, callous, cocooned island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a rather dull Saturday afternoon, The Thirteenth Day of February, 2021, broadcasting LIVE from a chilly Ocean Street on a perfectly lovely Winter’s day on picture postcard Cape Cod, where there isn’t a season that’s out of place, indeed, where, to quote our old pal from the great state of Utah, “…and the trees are all the right height!’, the Black Rock king of comedy himself, give it up for my dear friend, Wholly R.I.N.O. sell out Mitt, “corporations are people too God Dammit!”, Romney who also enjoys this arctic feel, sitting high up in the Wasatch Mountains, sipping some hot cocoa in Park City, a town eerily similar to Davos, Switzerland, but let’s not wake ‘ole Schwabby (Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town”, WEF Chairman Herr Klaus Schwab), up today;

shan’t we?

It seems anyone W.H.O. does not tow the official CCP NWO narrative will be treated like a terrorist soon, just like back in the good ‘ole days of 2003, where the ironic “Patriot Act” just started a hummin’! Yep, you got your Brian, “I got shot down in Iraq”, Williams screaming at ya, ‘terror threat level’ red, alert, alert, alert!

“Come on Man!”

Remember when ‘W’ read about a pet G.O.A.T. to a bunch of children as ‘planes’ hit the Twin Towers in New York City and similar ‘planes’ hit the Pentagon and some field in Pennsylvania? Uh huh.  Said official 9/11 Commission report claiming ‘box wielding’ ‘Islamic Terrorists’, or ‘violent extremists’ as Obama likens them to, yes, “they” are the enemy, an invisible enemy (like Agenda 21/30 UN sustainable development goals, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”), that wants to blow up ice cone making machines in Des Moines, Iowa, by gum, them terrorists, like them WMD’s (’vaccines’);

are out there some where’s!

Try your local CVS or Walgreens dummy!

“You’re either with us, or your with the ‘terrorists’.

“Fool me once, ah, shame on you? Ah, fool me twice, ah, you can’t get fooled again!”

(credit: 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush, circa 2003?)


There is only irrefutable?


Like Hollywood, it’s another bloody sequel, except this ‘time’, they plan to turn that incredibly powerful military intelligence operation created after the false flag attacks of 9/11 in 2001against it’s own citizens–against anyone who dares to question the validity of say, a high tech, nanobot sized and inserted medical device calling itself a ‘vaccine’ to not prevent ‘catching’ the never isolated ‘COVID-19(84), but to do what, exactly, oh yeah,

kill ya!

Yet that pesky little fact still is and will stay unclear, yet, what is clear is the urgency to get 90 percent ‘herd’ immunity for a ‘virus’ that has a 99.97 percent recovery rate, yet this ‘vaccine’ has already, in just 30 days, caused over 40,000 ADR’s, or ‘adverse drug reactions’ (only 10 percent of those victimized by the ‘vaccine’ report side effects or death, with AGI gobbling up much of the rest…),

with none of this mentioned on any corporate media outlet, platform or personality, not a one…

They OWN them ALL!

It is also said that those W.H.O. took both shots of the Moderna or Pfizer lethal injections, those who have not yet experienced side effects, won’t for 42 days to 18 months out, as the whole point of the mRNA, the Trojan Horse ADE backdoor to the immunity system, is to program the body to create it’s own little vaccine factory, with literal three dee printing programmed in so they keep replicating and replicating with no off button. These dangerous spike protein (seven), anti-bodies being produced nefariously within all of our own very cells, so when an ‘inoculated’ person comes in contact with the wild virus, a real corona virus, all seven of them,

game over.


So, this new ‘terror’ law being passed by an old man the kids call Beijing Biden, will include mother’s, father’s, son’s and daughter’s, anyone who speaks up against what is clearly a mission of mass genocide.


by the Elite.

Irony can be so god damned ironic can’t it Joe?

“Hello, Domestic Violent Extremist, or D.V.E. Hotline, how may WE assist you today?

“This call may be (will be), recorded or monitored for training, or quality CONTROL purposes…”

“Hi, I would like to report my wife, I caught her looking at a website called seacapecod.net…”


…your evening!


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