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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 21, 2013

1.5 percent?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cool, crystal clear island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the 21st of November, 2013, around 10 a.m., looking out onto Hyannis Harbor and the calmness of the waters, waters shimmering in gold as it reflects off of the bows of the many ships that call this harbor home all year round, taking in the seasons, one by one, with spring’s beautiful song of rebirth and growth, summer’s beckoning playful love and carefree attitude, fall’s reflection and turn, not only of the temperature and tone of the ‘times’, but of the year and years gone by, like so many leaves from a tree. And, of course, winter’s bountiful silence and deep sense of self; clear, cold nights with nothing above but stars, infinity and imagination, leaving one free to create, appreciate and admire, crushing negativity aside as in a spent ember from the fireplace… Oh, where am I?  Cape Cod, I remember, yes, this is a great place to recall those tides of yesteryear, casting aside that which was negative and holding onto the LOVE ever present in everything we touch, taste, hear, smell and SEA! It is a choice after all (love and fear/hate), for we are not bound to some “pledge” some dictate from Washington D.C. tries to force down our throats via the ever polluted “leaders” and airwaves, supported by the big polluting billionaires who own most of this country now, including the way that it ‘thinks’, save the FACT that it is still a democracy, by GOD!  And this health care law proves that FACT!  The shameless right wing noise machines–radio, television, papers, magazines and other periodicals–are busy at work trying to get you to buy into the hate, the nonsense that these bullies, lying bullies are spouting 24/7 to the sheep that listen and if that statement offends you, then you may be a lamb.  But there is hope for you, you can wake up and keep big business out of people’s lives and allow good government, “Of the people, By the People and For the People” to flourish and evolve into something even better than the Founders could possibly have imagined.  Social values does not make this a socialist country, as it is obviously very, very far from that.  However, what is true is that this nation is slowly becoming a nation ruled by an elite few, such as the Koch Brothers, whose Ad campaigns have stained this country for far too long, and it is all due to the fatal Citizens United decision of 2010 by the highest court in the land allowing corporations to basically buy elections, buying politicians who will do their bidding…yes, an elite few who feel that they can poison our water and our air, tell us who to love, tell women what we can and can’t do with our own bodies, impede the right to vote, flood the country with guns, deny health care to the poor, many of whom are children they supposedly cherish and rig the system so that someone small cannot stand up and call these cowards out for who and what they truly are–thieves, hypocrites, cowards and, in many cases, true morons and yes men, empty suits, who believe that the sky is the color David Koch believes it is today.  Last night on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”, weeknights at ten eastern only on MSNBC, except Friday when you can see Alec Baldwin do a great job of being a host on a ‘talk show’), he had a segment on “who will pay more under ‘Obamacare’?” Ever remembering who is behind the curtain in regard to trying to repeal the law, fanning the flames of the right wing extremists regarding those who “got their (junk) plan cancelled”, using the one percent for the one percent…  Here are the numbers– 80% unaffected, 15% uninsured, 2.5% can get similar plan, 1.5% must buy better plan with subsidies and 1.5% must buy a better plan with no subsidies.  Couple those numbers (source: Jonathon Gruber, MIT, Brookings Institute) with the new Council of Economic Advisers’ numbers and you will see medical costs dropping significantly, one of the goals of the Affordable Care Act, easing the strain of the ever increasing cost of medical care (prior now to “Obamacare“), the FOR PROFIT insurance “delivery” system right here in the good ‘ole US of A.  My, my, my, you would think these idiots on the right would be proud of the plan they hatched over two decades ago, thanks Heritage Foundation for giving up on the idea that we now take credit for!  For this plan–this act, this gift for 40 million Americans–can now boast that, for the first time EVER, health care spending growth is now the lowest EVER recorded at 1.3 percent!  Health care price inflation is at it’s lowest rate in 50 years at 1 percent!  Hello, McFly, is this thing on?  Think McFly think! This has forced the Congressional Budget Office to reduce it’s projections of future Medicare and Medicaid spending substantially, representing about a 10 percent reduction in projected spending on the government’s biggest health care programs.  What is the age old question round this time of year?  Is it better to receive or to give?  Well, if you are an old billionaire sitting atop a hill in a mansion, needing nothing but perhaps LOVE, why not consider stoking the fires of good will to those in need of receiving, such as food and affordable health care at the holidays?  Like all of those Walmart employees, not to mention the homeless in the streets whose voices were gobbled up many years ago by ‘the powers that be’ (at the moment).  Food for the soul, my brother, food for soul…ya know? PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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