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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 18, 2014

100 percent chance of snow…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool and cloudy, soon to be snowy once again, island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Tuesday morning, February 18th, 2014, waking up to a cloudy day that has overtaken the clear, cold, windless blue skied day of yesterday, where the region looked just like the image you SEA above, as we here on the Cape and Islands experienced yet another major snow event Sunday night, blizzard II, leaving a foot of snow and many without power, although it is turned back on by now I’m sure.  Yes, the ice shimmering on the tree branches looked like so many diamonds dancing in the azure sky, a weather pattern that I am sure our friends in Sochi, Russia wish they had about right now, with fog and rain prevailing today.

That’s right, the Winter Olympics Games, XXII, are well under way and what a gift it has been to view these events even if the weather has not been up to par.  The medal count has Russia and the U.S. with 19, followed by the Netherlands, 17, and Norway now with 18 baby! who could not capture gold in the men’s 4X10 Relay (Nordic skiing) this past Sunday, with 70 percent of Norway’s population looking on, many blaming the skis.  I remember Lillehammer in 1994 with 200,000 plus Norwegians camping out in the giant snows of Norway to watch this event…tell me Norwegians don’t take their Nordic skiing seriously.

So many stories coming out of Sochi, good or bad.  Take women’s ice hockey.  The U.S. will be playing Canada for the gold Thursday, not to mention the talk of the town, T.J. Oshie from the men’s squad, who dazzled the world with four goals in the epic shootout, eight rounds, when Russia and the U.S. skated to a 2-2 tie on Sunday.  I watched the game reel to reel LIVE at seven that morning and boy was it worth it…we shall see what happens in the next round.

Curling has been fun to turn on for a moment, just for the Norwegian pants, but I must say the ice dancing Gold win by the Americans yesterday was inspiring, a couple that has been together for 17 years, dancing when they were just little kids…  The U.S. Bobsledding Team also won by breaking a 62 year drought, winning bronze in the 2 man bobsled run yesterday, while Bode Miller, U.S. men’s skiing, also took the bronze in the giant slalom, which was, at the age of 36, making Bode the oldest man to win a medal in that event, bringing tears to his eyes and closing a circle for this reporter.  So much emotion at these games, with story after story forcing one to forget about dirty politics and rogue autocratic leaders who at least take some interest in the games, personally, even if many in the world still question the overall human rights question hanging around the neck of Mother Russia…

With a giant fog bank hovering over the mountains and sea in Sochi, Russia, some of the events from yesterday will be played out today, with many medals yet to be claimed…  So tune in and watch Al, Matt, Savannah and the rest of the crew at NBC, including Bob Costas, who returns after taking a few days off, as he was suffering from some kind of eye infection, feel better Bob!, and enjoy the games, they will bring a smile to your face.  All in all, the coverage has been very good, especially the field work, i.e. hockey and mountain reporting, so keep up the good work and GO USA! (and Norway!)…

Of course, Sochi, Russia and Cape Cod, Massachusetts are not the only places GLOBAL WARMING is reeking havoc.  Take California for example, they’ll tell ya!  Facing the most severe drought on record, much of California is in deep, deep trouble, which will equate to higher food prices, among other things, for the rest of US. The republican party will stay on “Obamacare” for the foreseeable future, therefore keeping the status quo alive and well, a.k.a. “sticking their heads in the sand like so many Ostriches…”, a line John Kerry stole from seacapecod.net a long time ago…that’s OK Mr. Secretary, you are welcome to that line anytime!  For to tackle this mind blowing problem–global mass emissions of green house gasses (like carbon dioxide/methane) into the fragile atmosphere (warming it), increasing the level of say carbon to 400 parts per million, effectively raising, some estimates predict, the earth’s surface temperature by four degrees, spelling doom for many if not all inhabitants of this green earth we all adore so–we all, the entire world, must work in concert together, as it is all interconnected and we don’t have that much ‘time’…

The republican party is, as earlier stated, completely blind to these scientific FACTS. Global warming is not a hoax or a phase.  It is being caused by MAN and if not impeded soon, will spell disaster in the way of stronger and stronger storms, rising sea levels, fatally higher temperatures, droughts as bad if not worse than the one currently gripping California, wild fires that take on new meaning of WILD and the creation of ‘the new normal’ where one would need a vast wardrobe (and a good boat), never knowing what to wear from one day to the next…living in weather patterns that no longer follow a natural path, nor a natural rhyme.  It is so heartbreaking to know that so many of our beautiful species will no longer be with us in that WILD and it makes this reporter very angry.  No one likes ignorant, greedy, mean spirited people–bullies–and that is exactly what the tea party wing of the republican party has become and I pray that they go away soon.  It is so sad to watch these ‘men’ make fools of themselves on national television, like Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina, avoiding a real answer on the epic issue.

Of course, North Carolina’s coal industry is not hurting for money, with Duke Energy, a 50 billion dollar monster, continuing to use the state’s rivers as open sewers– tons of coal ash killing fish and alerting the world to their sins on US all, even if the good people of that coal producing state are too afraid to say anything about it, just like the people in West Virginia.  McCrory worked for Duke Energy for decades and recently was forced to stop law suits against his former employer, doing them a favor, while he slapped a token fine of 99,111 dollars on the water poisoning behemoth…  But what struck me as poster boy material for the republican politicians in this country (hell bent on destroying it for their plutocratic overlords) were his comments on ABC’s “This Week”, with George Stephenopolous, Sunday as he spoke of ‘cleaning up the environment’, right?  Right.  Take it away Governor!  “…I, ah, concentrate on cleaning the environment.  I think that’s where the argument should be…cleaning our air, cleaning our water and cleaning the ground…and ah, …, we cleaned up ‘Old Brownsfield’ and now we have great new developments…, but I think the whole issue of cleaning the environment is the issue we ‘ought to talk about, rather than getting into a debate, on the left or the right, about climate change or global warming … it’s all about  cleaning our environment and have a good quality of life for not only now, but for future generations…, the big ‘debate’ is how much is man made and how much just ‘naturally’ happens, as earth, er, ah, ‘evolves’ and ah, the question is what should we do about it and how much will it cost the consumer.”  Fabulous.

Couple that ignorance and sloth with congresswoman Marcia Blackburn, another republican who appeared this past Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press”, with David Gregory–joining Bill Nye, ‘the science guy’, a science educator of the highest order as he battles ignorance and greed everyday, in a “debate” about climate change.  I highly recommend watching the interview, for it was like watching a Great Horned Owl debate with a tiny mouse, therefore leaving little to the concept of ‘debate’, as the science guy literally ate the congresswoman for breakfast.  He explained that 97 percent of the legitimate global scientific community agrees without question in this FACT that the earth is warming exponentially (the other 3 percent is bought and paid for by Exxon-Mobil/Koch Industries or the like) and if we do not do something about it, mankind will go by the way of the Polar Bear, as one more bee hive and bear go by the wayside.  When will the majority of the American people, the real ’stock holders’ of this great nation, when will WE wake up and rally around leaders who speak out against these big time polluting bastards?  Speaking out against these “free market” criminals who are taking your kids and grand kids futures away…one Gulf, one national park, one clean, pristine river, one forest, one seashore at a time, until those God given miracles are drained of all ‘resources’, leaving a muddy puddle that will offer no relief for the soaring temperatures, rising seas and vanishing wildlife…  WAKE UP HOUSTON, We have a problem! Have a nice week folks and keep it tuned to NBC’s coverage of the XXII Winter Olympic Games–this is not a paid advertisement–it’s just a friendly reminder that the spirit of these games–LOVE–is what truly makes this world go round…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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